Shots Fired, Large Fights Terrorize Kansas City Zoo Goers

DeAnn Smith and Jamie Oberg, KCTV (Kansas City), March 19, 2014

As police continue on Wednesday to investigate Tuesday’s violence at the Kansas City Zoo, city leaders are looking at changes to the zoo’s free admission days for residents of Jackson and Clay counties.

Kansas City Zoo goers described Tuesday afternoon running for their lives after hundreds of teens were involved in fights inside the zoo and shots were fired in a zoo parking lot.

“It was very scary,” Liberty resident Jaimi Heckadon said. “All hell broke loose.”

As she and her group bolted for the exit, Heckadon said she heard people screaming about officers using pepper spray.

“The problem was these teenagers. None of them were escorted by an adult,” she said.

Extra security was already on hand, but dozens of Kansas City police officers responded to the zoo after the issues erupted about 3:30 p.m. The zoo closed at 4 p.m. as scheduled.

No serious injuries were reported because of the issues. Authorities said Tuesday that 6 arrests were made and a gun was found on top of a fire pit in Swope Park, which surrounds the zoo.

No one has been arrested for firing the shots. One person was arrested for outstanding warrants, two females were arrested for non-violent assault and three were arrested for their roles in the chaos.

On Wednesday, police said “numerous arrests were made for fighting in public and assault.”

The zoo has put on hold its free zoo-admission days until the issues are resolved.


One zoo goer told KCTV5 that he saw 20 police cars. He said he was at the zoo with his toddler and felt unsafe. He said he saw multiple fights involving individuals and large groups break out inside the zoo and in the parking lots.

Heckadon, who is a season ticket holder, said she had gone to the zoo with her 9-year-old son, a friend and her friend’s 10-year-old son. They were in the Africa section about 3:30 p.m. headed toward the tram when they saw four teen girls get into an argument.

“They were screaming. They were yelling. One threw a punch,” she recalled. “Their boyfriends came around and ended up in it. Then there was about 20 kids.”

She said the closest worker sprinted to the area and yelled into her walkie talkie for help.

“That’s when all hell broke loose,” Heckadon said. “A stampede of teens came storming toward us. We had to shield the boys with our own bodies. It was that tense. Hundreds of teens were flying down there.”


She had parked on the grass near Starlight Theatre. She said as they were heading to their vehicle that they heard shots ring out. They got to the vehicle as quickly as they could, and got ready to leave.

“My 9-year-old said, ‘We were just in a riot.’ And my friend and I were still speechless at that point,” Heckadon said.

She said she immediately thought of the issues at the Country Club Plaza where large groups of unsupervised teens and young adults have been involved in fights and shootings.


Jimmie Todd was leaving the zoo amidst the gunfire and screaming.

“Everybody got scared when they started firing shots,” he said. “A bunch of fights and a lot of arguing and the cops tackling the kids. They tackled them on the ground. They sprayed mace.”

Marc Hoefer was at the zoo with his wife, and 11 and 8-year-old children. An 11-year-old friend joined them.

“It was crowded. It was a different crowd. There was not a lot of courtesy. It was very packed and very tense,” he said. “There was a strong police presence. There were a lot of pockets of youth. You could see there was a lot of tension. I didn’t expect to walk about and see what I saw, but I wasn’t surprised.”


Issues with a previous free admission day on a Sunday in April 2013 had prompted changes, including moving from weekends. The changes had seemed to prevent subsequent issues in 2013.


According to a Kansas City police report, a large number of teens arrived between 2 and 3:30 p.m., and began to cause problems.

“At that time, at least 500 to 600 teams and adults were observed standing outside the main gate to the zoo. Officers were contacted and attempted to start moving people from the front gates,” the police report says. “At that time, it was decided to immediately close the zoo for the day instead of at 4 p.m. A short time later, numerous fights began to break out at the entrance to the zoo and front parking lot.”


The last free zoo day had been Dec. 30. There are four free zoo days per year.

The next free zoo days in 2014 were scheduled for June 24, July 15 and Aug. 5.

[Zoo Director Randy] Wisthoff said he doesn’t want to eliminate free days or only have them in the dead of winter.


“It just got a little bit out of control and young kids were pushing and shoving,” Wisthoff said. “It’s hormones. It’s spring. We’ll have to figure out how to fix the problem.”


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  • DaveMed

    Oh, boy. The jokes practically write themselves.

    • Fathercoughlin

      Yes…yes…the Africa section. Calling Captain Obvious!

      • Chris Granzow XI

        They were just acting out their natural behavior while in their natural habitat.

        • Born to be wild, aggressive in capture, and difficult to train. Are we talking about Black or Apes here?

    • AndrewInterrupted

      The joke is on America, unfortunately.

      • The joke is on us, but we are not laughing.

        • evilsandmich

          Sorry I was laughing; gallows humor ya’ know.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      The black race is a walking punch line.

  • Max

    You can take them out of the jungle but…never mind.

    • The Verdict of History


      I mean… are you not impressed that this “mayor” at least called the (likely black) gunmen “idiots”…

      A faint glimmer of hope in the midst of an epic wasteland.

      A fragment of sanity in an obviously troubled mind.

      • Max

        So faint a glimmer as to require the Hubble scope to see it. This mayor only mentions the one discharging a gun as “an idiot”. The rest of the rioters -which of course have nothing in common with any previous incidents are “youth misbehaving badly”.

        The take-away message: the ONLY discernable pattern in any of these events is that there was a gun.

        Blacks cannot rule their own households which is why even a village cannot raise a black child.

        • My retort to Shrillary and “It takes a village to raise a child” was:

          It takes a family to raise a child.

          • IKE

            The point of conservatism is not that it prevents movement forward and upward, but that it prevents movement backward and downward, into chaotic darkness and a return to a primitive state. . . . . . .v.p.

  • MekongDelta69

    “Some families were in the Africa section when ‘a stampede of teens came storming toward us.'”

    I think this pretty much says it all!

    • silviosilver

      Crowds at the zoo that day were treated to spectacular displays of African wildlife.

  • thomas edward

    “Sly” – We are in deep dodo

    • You would be referring to Kansas City Mayor Sly James.

      The mayor before him, a white named Mark Funkhouser, actually came out and said that people who have adult felony convictions should be allowed to be KCPD officers.

      And they wonder why I have a special category on my blog called “Kansas City LOL.”

      • NotTooSwift


  • Sounds similar to my last visit to the Johannesburg Zoo.

    • itdoesnotmatter

      Free weekends at Alameda County Fair have the same “teen” scenarios with rival gangs engaging in shoot out
      free-for-alls. One year they cancelled the “free” days;
      do not know if they have reinstituted it.
      They also had to close down the very popular gun show because “teens” brought their guns to the fair to shoot other “teens,” not to sell or display.
      I would not go to that fair for if paid cash money.
      The word “free” should not be displayed within a hundred miles of a black neighborhood.

  • negrolocaust

    two black “teens” just beat up a 41 year old white man in Kansas city and filmed it with a cell phone. knockout assault. they had attacked another white man earlier in the day but he did not report it.

    • David Ashton

      Animals couldn’t do that.

      • The Verdict of History


    • Lt. Greyman, NVA

      There are a huge number of Knockout attacks out there that are not reported, that are listed as “fights” or “robberies gone wrong”. We Whites get reduced numbers on crime, but trend continues to be bad.

  • Jesse James

    “It just got a little bit out of control and young kids were pushing and
    shoving,” Wisthoff said. “It’s hormones. It’s spring. We’ll have to
    figure out how to fix the problem.”

    I have an idea, segregated zoo days. Then everyone can be themselves and everyone (except the zoo employees and animals) will be happy. Problem solved.

    • So CAL Snowman

      I LOVE how blacks and liberals blame the weather or the season for insane black behavior. For some curious reason, Spring doesn’t seem to make White and Asian kids start fighting and shooting at each other.

    • Johnny Clay

      If they bring back segregation, it’ll be for public safety reasons.

      • Jesse James

        That is why segregation existed in the first place. The South knew that blacks and whites are very different sorts of people, each need their own space to be themselves.

  • David Ashton

    No questions about the monkey house latch, please folks. This is a civilized site!!

  • sbuffalonative

    “It just got a little bit out of control and young kids were pushing and
    shoving,” Wisthoff said. “It’s hormones. It’s spring. We’ll have to
    figure out how to fix the problem.”

    Just kids being kids.

    • bubo

      Did he imply it was mating season and the bucks were engaged in shows of dominance?

  • So CAL Snowman

    Thank goodness the zoo animals were placed in cages for their own protection.

    • JSS

      Actually it would have been nice if someone had released some polar bears or lions to help with the pest control.

  • DaveMed

    “It just got a little bit out of control and young kids were pushing and shoving,” Wisthoff said. “It’s hormones. It’s spring. We’ll have to figure out how to fix the problem.”


    You left something out, Mr. Wisthoff. It’s genes.

    • nativist

      And there is a way to “fix the problem”, but the Wisthoffs will always shy away from it.

  • So CAL Snowman

    You see Michael Scott King, this is why your kids couldn’t go to Funtown.

  • IstvanIN

    The wrong creatures are outside the cages.

    • Don’t worry, they’ll be in “cages” soon enough, if they haven’t been caged already.

      Then again, they do pretty well in captivity, better than they do in the wild.

    • Extropico

      We can take the chimp out of the jungle, but we can never take the jungle out of the chimp.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      Then we’re going to have to support the savages with taxpayer dollars. They should be shipped back to the wild savannas of Africa where they belong.

    • NotTooSwift

      About 40 years ago I was at a zoo. I was watching a black man and a gorilla staring at one another. This went on for quite awhile.

      I was imagining to myself that the gorilla was thinking to itself “WTF is he doing out there and I’m in this f**king cage.”

  • Ed

    Yet NR fired Derbyshire for “the Talk”, SMH.

  • dd121

    Lock down the primates!

  • WR_the_realist

    The mayor refuses to link the “Plaza” violence with the zoo violence. I’ll make the link for him: Black feral teenagers, raised by their baby momas.

  • Bunky

    What’s not connected is sly’s nuerons.

    • Sweep_the_leg_11590


  • Tim_in_Indiana

    “Toto, I’m afraid we’re not in he Kansas we once knew anymore.”

    At least it sounds like a teachable moment for the children of the white parents were there that day.

  • JDInSanD

    One New Years Eve in the 80’s, to curb drunk driving, the public was allowed free transit for the night in New York and New Jersey. All of the teens (most ages 12 to 48) got on the busses and subways and trains and robbed passengers, broke windows and slashed seats. It was never offered again.

  • John W Weaver

    And you thought Planet of the Apes was sci fi. Turns out to be prophecy if we aren’t careful. Rhodesia found out. So did South Africa. Read what the famed Dr. Albert Schweitzer had to say about them. Detroit is just a preview of coming attractions. In my best, most honest assessment, blacks are not human. They are something close, but definitely not the same. With an average IQ of 85 (just fact- not racism), they are incapable of civilized life in large concentrations. The sooner we as a collective group are willing to violently confront them as the sub-human menace they are, the better off we’ll all be. I don’t just mean white folks either. It will be better for whites, Hispanics, Asians, and other humans to be rid of this breed.

  • bubo

    They just do this because they’re poor. /s

  • exlib93

    We grew up relatively poor in the Bronx…but we would always pay admission to go to the Bronx Zoo, rather than go on a free day. That was to avoid the real animals.

  • John W Weaver

    I would like to thoroughly and sincerely thank the moderators for allowing what appears to be uncensored discussion. Sometimes conversations get lively, not to mention controversial. How some other websites call themselves liberty loving while they commit the same crime on their readers as the government commits on us all is beyond me. Good job!

  • Charles W.

    Clearly the cause of all this violence and mayhem around the nation’s inner cities is simple, right?

    Lax gun laws.

  • JohnEngelman

    “It just got a little bit out of control and young kids were pushing and shoving,” Wisthoff said. “It’s hormones. It’s spring. We’ll have to figure out how to fix the problem.”

    – DeAnn Smith and Jamie Oberg, KCTV (Kansas City), March 19, 2014

    I propose more, longer, and harsher prison sentences.

    • Tarczan

      I have a slightly different solution. Instead of gun buy backs, there should be gun giveaways in urban areas. It would serve two purposes: 1) protect the few lawful people there, and 2) cull the violent darkie population. Give them guns, bullets and stand back and enjoy.

      • It won’t cull the violent darkie population.

        Because it will be men and boys killing other men and boys. The way to real population reduction is through the women of reproductive age.

        • r j p

          I think he means giving out guns only to those legitimately allowed to possess, to a people who could get concealed carry permit.

          • Even so, all it means is that I have to kill N’Keyshawn in self-defense, Shitavious is still alive and kicking to kick it with Aquanetta.

      • r j p

        Will they give out free popcorn and a thousand rounds of ammo too?

    • Evette Coutier

      Then we have to pay for them in jail at 35 thousand dollars a year. Send them back to Africa. It’s a one time cost.

      • JohnEngelman

        We can reduce or eliminate the cost of incarceration through the thorough exploitation of prison labor, the frequent use of capital and corporeal punishment, and the end to educational and recreational opportunities.

        A harsher prison system would also serve as a deterrent to aspiring criminals.

        • Worked under Porfirio Diaz, President of Mexico 1876-1911. Bandits were executed and hung up on telephone poles. Mexico had 35 years of peace & progress under him.

        • curri

          Nothing can be done until the current hostile ruling elites are overthrown. Can anyone think of a way that this can be done peacefully?

          • JohnEngelman

            Now you sound like a revolutionary Marxist.

            When I was young I heard real Marxists talk that way, not imaginary “cultural Marxists” who do not really exist.

            That kind of thinking comes from a fundamental unhappiness about the status quo, and the belief that most Americans share one’s fundamental values, but cannot advance them because of a small, but powerful “ruling class.”

            The problem, is that most people do not share your values and concerns, curri. The did not share the values and concerns of the new left “revolutionaries” during the late 1960’s and early 1970’s either.

            The United States is a very free and a very democratic country. The way the United States is is the way most Americans want it to be. Most would like to be richer, but they do not desire fundamental changes in any direction.

            If you look at public opinion polls curri, you will find little support or virtually none for any of the changes you desire.

        • Evette Coutier

          That’s fine in theory but it will not happen in reality. I see my post was deleted. But the principle is reasonable to address. We should we bear the cost of this kind of behavior?

    • I propose more “shall-issue” CCW states and more lenient “stand your ground” laws.

  • John W Weaver

    Is anyone really surprised?

  • Ella

    Did the zoo staff pull out the tranquilizer guns and aim at the buttocks with a firm warning? I would have paid to the see this for crowd control!

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    My local zoo is so boring.

    Charging admission serves a purpose. An admission fee of a dollar would have kept these uncaged “animals” out of the zoo.

    I first read about this in the Kansas City RED Star: “Comments are disabled for this story.” Same for the Channel 5 zoo report in the article link above.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Mainstream press is learning that people are disgusted about black behavior. They can’t stop the flow. Whites are speaking up.

      • Evette Coutier

        Exposure to black behavior is good therapy for many whites who live in racial fantasyland.

    • r j p

      Yes, charging admission does serve a purpose.
      “A Taste of Chicago”, a food festival, has been destroyed because the city won’t institute such a practice. They, yoofs, don’t go there to spend money, they go there to create “mischief”. Think the last time i was there was in 2004 and I will never go back, looks like “da club” letting out at closing time.

      • MBlanc46

        We went to the ToC regularly until last year. It was swarming with Negroes, of course, but, fortunately, we never encountered any disturbances.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles had $2.00 game night which attracted every Mexican gang member in town. Eventually, they took over the stadium and drove off fans with their thug behavior.

        After the Brian Stowe beating, Dodger Stadium emptied out and was in danger of going out of business. First thing to go was $2.00 night.

        Disneyland in Anaheim is surrounded by 3rd world Mexico — bullets have even landed in the park from nearby neighborhoods. To keep the 3rd world out and maintain Disneyland as a “family friendly” place (read WHITE), admission has been raised to $92 for ages 10 and up, tickets for ages 3-9 cost $86.00.

        That’s per person and that’s just to walk in the gate. I’m 100% convinced the price of tickets was hiked up to keep out blacks and browns.

        • LACountyRedneck

          Dodgers games are not only not worth the risk for the price of admission but I wouldn’t go to a game if they paid for my gas, parking, and ticket.

        • For us, that would cost $370. My next order for shop tools will cost a bit over half that! I don’t need to watch someone throw a ball around.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Outrageous, isn’t it? Years ago the grassy area and picnic tables were taken out discouraging people from bringing in their own food. The food inside Disneyland is awful and very expensive and adds to the cost of admission.

            Walt Disney said one of the biggest mistakes he ever made was not buying up all the land around Disneyland when he had the chance. He never dreamed Southern California would turn into a 3rd world dump with the area around Disneyland filled with cheap hotels that attract the homeless, prostitution and crime.

            He made sure, when he bought land for DisneyWorld in Central Florida, to buy up massive amounts of land surrounding the actual theme park, with a lot of the purchasing done surreptitiously, most likely to keep land prices from being driven up if the owners knew Disney was interested.

            When I visited DisneyWorld two years ago, we had to take a bus in from the airport to our hotel that was right next to the actual amusement park. It was a 1/2 hour bus ride from the point where we entered the boundary of the park to when we got to the hotel, I was shocked by how much land Disney owned surrounding the actual amusement park — with 99% of the land undeveloped.

            According to a film I was forced to watch and listen to on the bus, there was going to be a planned community inside but that fell apart as all things do that are centrally planned.

            Thanks again for all your support, I really appreciate it.

          • ATBOTL

            “Walt Disney said one of the biggest mistakes he ever made was not buying up all the land around Disneyland when he had the chance. ”

            The biggest mistake he made was hiring Jews to work for him. They took over his movie studio and used it to make anti-white cultural Marxist faith. Science then, every leader of Disney has been Jewish.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            He had problems with Jews far before he hired the first one.

            http //www rense com/general91/walt htm

            http //www stormfront org/forum/t95978/

          • You’re welcome. Even I once fell into despair, and it made me really bloody angry. I did not much enjoy the consequences.

        • evilsandmich

          Making things prohibitively expensive seems to be the only self-defense that we have at our disposal as a group.

        • Katherine McChesney

          Boy, the years have certainly flown since I paid $19.00 for E tickets at Disneyland.

    • St. Louis Zoo is totally free. And yet, spontaneous blackness has never broken out there, at least not to this degree. Probably because it is always free.

      A Zoo or some such attraction will have to charge all the time or be free all the time in order to be undertow-resistant.

    • “My local zoo is so boring.”

      Isn’t a zoo – for adults – supposed to be a place for quiet reflection about life and our place in the world? They’re supposed to be tranquil (boring). I liked the Sydney aquarium better than any zoo because of the quiet. There was a big male eagle ray there, probably eight feet across I loved watching flap around the inside of its huge tank like some sort of giant, aquatic bat. How could I tell it was male? They have two (!) members.

      Boring is sometimes good..

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Michael, I was being sarcastic.

        That, plus my original post was edited which changed what I was trying to say.


  • r j p

    Lincoln Park Zoo is free all the time as well. I have to go up to the Northside usually one day per weekend. In spring, summer, or autumn, if it is a nice day I generally get off the bus at the first Zoo stop and walk the remaining 16 blocks home. I refuse to ride with them and their unruly brood.

  • MBlanc46

    Just another outbreak of spontaneous blackness.

    • BonV.Vant

      The wheels on that bus just keep going round and round.

      • r j p

        That’s funny because tires are black.

  • Johnny Clay

    It’s becoming a Day-After-Easter tradition at the DC zoo.

  • Ron Cheaters

    “The problem was these teenagers. None of them were escorted by an adult,” she said

    As if that would have made any difference in the outcome. The irony of this happening at a zoo did not pass me.. I wonder if the caged animals enjoyed the show.

    • evilsandmich

      My thought exactly. Such “adults” would have just added to the mayhem.

  • Garrett Brown

    Rather fitting this happened a a zoo, no?

  • John R

    Whenever there is a riot, it seems, you are always in the “Africa section.”

    • IstvanIN

      The whole country is becoming the “Africa section”.

      • We still have our freedom. To move to the Mexican section, the Muslim section, the gay section . . .

  • IKE

    The only difference between young AA and real Africans
    is just a few thousand miles..

  • LACountyRedneck

    Those zoo animals were saying to themselves, “Get these black folks outta here.”

  • An African rhino must have watched the commotion outside its cage and said to itself, ‘I thought I moved away from all of this.’

  • gemjunior

    “There was not a lot of courtesy”. These people will take a lot longer to wake up than I thought and even that was late.

  • Mahound

    “teens” hey?

    • Perhaps they were “yoofs” or “babies”. Maybe “infants”. The way the mainstream media keeps adulterating normal terminology with their politically-correct nonsense, I sometimes lose track.

      • Who Me?

        They are calling this bunch “young kids”. I recall young kids used to mean the under 12 age group…

  • benvad

    Maybe the animals should be free to roam, so we’ll have space to lock up the youfs and observe them in their natural habitat.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    “It was crowded. It was a different crowd. There was not a lot of courtesy. It was very packed and very tense.”
    Say it! Say what made the crowd different and who created the tension. Say it!

  • Frank_DeScushin

    “[Zoo Director Randy] Wisthoff said he doesn’t want to eliminate free days or only have them in the dead of winter.”

    Simple solution — No black people under the age of 25 allowed in.

    • capnmorgan5150

      More like no black people under the age of 125.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Issues with a previous free admission day on a Sunday in April 2013 had prompted changes, including moving from weekends. The changes had seemed to prevent subsequent issues in 2013.

    What PAST “issues” could there have been that the zoo had to change its “free” policy? And what sort of “issues” were subsequently “prevented” by the change?

    If the free admission policy is stopped, do the taxpayers get back the $$ they paid to keep admission free at the zoo?

    Inquiring minds would like to know.

    ‘It just got a little bit out of control and young kids were pushing and shoving, Wisthoff said. ‘It’s hormones. It’s spring. We’ll have to figure out how to fix the problem.’

    I’m sure that’s exactly what it was Mr. Wistoff, just a little pushing and shoving that merited a heavy police presence, not like there was gunfire or anything like that.

    I have some suggestions as to how to fix the problem:

    Those thugs just need a little love, is all! St. Louis needs to implement the Philadelphia “hug a thug” policy that worked so well and brought down black crime rates in that city.

    Or maybe they could try the Chicago method and send letters and officers to the thugs’ homes to remind them that bad behavior “will simply NOT be tolerated in the future!”

    I can’t see how that wouldn’t work.

    Or better yet, a special tax could be raised on the citizens of St. Louis to enhance security at the zoo and keep admission free to all at all times.

    It’s only fair.

    • kikz

      i guess KC will have to do what Rahm has done in Chicago, selectively close certain train routes or public transport/buses, so they don’t run to the zoo.. in Chicago, ‘some’ train routes frm the worst parts of town to the more expensive parts of town are simply closed off. it was ruining tourism, don’cha know…..just google it.

    • “It’s hormones. It’s spring.”.


  • M&S

    ‘Idiots with guns’ = excuse to blame the guns, not the idiots.
    Not a joke people. If you were packing and someone started shooting, you had the option to put them down or keep your hand in your pocket as you herded your family out the nearest exit.
    If their shooting removes your right to CC, you now no longer can defend yourself against so much as a raised fist, broken bottle or box cutter while their access to the gun was criminal to begin with _IF THEY ARE TEENS_.
    Smart people would see this. Leftist libtards in pursuit of ever greater power and driven by Their Masters will only see an opportunity to grab more control. If they didn’t engineer it themselves.
    The mayor is your typical political moron without a sign, though it’s frankly difficult for me to ascertain whether it’s because he’s black or because it goes with the job description. So much of leadership outside a survival mode is display driven and blacks are such good clowns.
    Bluntly then: if the police have the gun and if the police have arrested prior offenders from the Plaza, they have their prints. Ergo, if the Cops say they don’t have clue one who the shooter is and you have done a print match on the gun (yes, I know, but do these ‘youths’ look that smart?), _you have no way to exclude someone from having participated in both events_.
    Ruling out the one when the cops say they haven’t got a suspect from either is beneath ducks-in-a-row stupid. It is a black improvisationally covering for black misbehavior, badly.
    A white man would have kicked that cognitive door down in a heartbeat, rather than be caught in a lie and try to bull his way through.
    What you are seeing here is the confluence of two very dangerous events:
    1. A black in a monkey suit and bow tie, looking like a low rent door to door salesman, trying to act ‘official’ when his narrow skull and dominant bluff over substance act do not suggest why he should be in charge at all.
    Such a politician will ‘do anything’ to avoid the appearance of incompetence and a pinkslip on power.
    2. Multiple incidents of ‘idiots with guns’ being pushed by a directed Press into starting a snowball effect of panic that /certain idiots/ can only be prevented from having lethal weapons by making the general ownership of firearms by the rest of humanity illegal too.
    Which of course reeks of Eskimo strategic think as having made it socially unacceptable to identify the race with the bad behavior, now trying to make whites feel it is ‘necessary’ to protect themselves from that race by making it impossible for them to own guns.
    And of course, the only way you can assuredly do that is to make it impossible for whites to have weapons as well.
    Anything else would be Racist.
    When this starts to happen on a nation wide basis, you can guess that it’s organized. Just like I suspect that the KOMLK and Flash Rioting is organized. To engender panic and create a sense of hopelessness, vulnerable to suggestion.
    Which is why it is _seriously_ not a good idea to be around other races when you cannot punish people as individuals for different and disparate levels of criminal social conduct across an explicitly racial driven divide.
    We need to pull back. We need to isolate the offenders and let them eat each other as well as the leftist hypocrites who drive them like a herd against us. If we don’t, we will be pushed off a cliff together as an end to the responsible right own the means of _I Said No_ ultimate refusal when Big Government comes knocking.
    It’s always the small things which people ignore as the initiating trigger effect.

  • Richard Johnston

    But it is okay to use phrases such as “institutional racism” and “institutional sexism” and suggest they both exist if you tie separate incidents together. Political correctness is a cancer. When we witness cities deteriorating, it is a fair question to ask “who elected the people who are contributing to the deterioration?”

    • me

      It’s time to bring back segregation laws.

      • I can actually read that, because I am nearsighted.

        “A FAST-FOOD restaurant plagued by violence…”

        A fast-food restaurant plagued by blacks… Fixed it!

  • scutum

    “They were at the zoo” and some of the Chimpanzees got out of their cages.

  • Earl Turner

    Watching all of this, the animals were remarking to each other, “oh but we’re the ones in cages!”

  • kikz

    …posted the other day on another thread… just another at the zoo….

  • Tom_in_Miami

    ““It just got a little bit out of control and young kids were pushing and
    shoving,” Wisthoff said. “It’s hormones. It’s spring. We’ll have to
    figure out how to fix the problem.”

    The mayor evidently thinks this is simply good natured fun and nothing to worry about. Meanwhile, whites with any sense avoid the droids as much as they can while they are shelling out tax dollars to support the zoo. How much further can this black plague go on before whites decide they have had enough of it?

    • These ‘droids are not the ones you’re looking for. They can go about their business.

      Move along.

  • Sloppo

    My donkey could too.

  • NoMosqueHere

    They were in the Africa section about 3:30 p.m. headed toward the tram when they saw four teen girls get into an argument.

    “They were screaming.”


    Must be something about being in the Africa section that spurs the “youth” on.

    • DiversityIsDeath

      You mean “da youf”.

  • NotTooSwift

    I posted this on another site, but wanted to share it with you folks:

    Baltimore was known to have one of the finest zoos in the US. It is located within Druid Hill Park, which was named one of the most beautiful city parks in the nation.

    Until the 1960’s, there was no fence around the zoo nor was there an admission charge. However, that rapidly changed when a certain ethnic group discovered a new game. They would wander the zoo grounds at night, killing and torturing smaller animals. A favorite activity was breaking the legs of pink flamingos. I mean, who would’nt do that, given the opportunity?

    Regarding the park, the city’s Park Concert Band would play music on Sundays. White families would bring chairs and picnic lunches to enjoy the activities.

    Well, a certain ethnic group would deliberately set up a group with bongo drums playing African music immediately adjacent to the Park Concert Band. It’s noise would drown out the music. Eventually, the whites stopped attending. I recall the Baltimore Sun, the local rag, published a rather tongue-in-cheek article about the confrontation and how the “Africans” overcame the situation.

    Remember, this occurred 45 years ago.

  • Wham, wham, wham, and that was the white that guy Afritard thought was supposed to be afraid of him.

    • BonV.Vant

      He tried to walk away at the very beginning but the negro started after him. Then the two white guys made it to the sidewalk and the negro went after them again and threw a punch. After that it was, as they say in the ghetto, “on”. Shortly after it “was on’, the negro’s lights were punched out and as it was coming to it did a bobble head cobra imitation.

  • nignogger

    I was wondering what the baboon told the gorilla in the ape house during the rukus. Im sure he told the gorilla that “I cant believe how our close cousins are acting, they are worse than animals.” The gorilla replied, “yeah, the folly is that we’re the ones charged here; I hope they (the civilized homo sapien caucasiods) don’t stick these wild and violent homo sapien negroids in this cage with us.”

    • DiversityIsDeath

      North American pavement apes

  • DiversityIsDeath

    The negro-defenders are grabbing at any flimsy excuse to cover up the truth– hormones, springtime, no escort, blah, blah. Pretty sick.

  • With his “spring” and “hormones” excuse, zoo manager Mr. Wisthoff is accidentally admitting that the perps here are not really people, and that their brains have no higher executive functions. Isn’t it great when a liberal dingbat makes our argument for us?

  • BonV.Vant

    This is such a great video. It is great to live vicariously through the guy who gave this creature the beating it needed. The only bad part is that he got negro stank all over his hands.

  • BuPrang

    Kansas City gets the type of government and policing that they demand. You want “wilding” in public places,then vote D and support and elect progressive politicians and judges. All of this boils down to cause and effect.

  • Fantaman

    The problem is that the media refuse to aknowledge the elephant in the room. These “teens” are feral blacks. This seriously pisses me off because in 5 years, the word “teen” will be indissociable from blacks.

  • De’Marquise Elkins

    Yep, they are “teenagers” !!