Finding College Segregation Remedies Likely to Be Complicated, Expensive

Carrie Wells, Baltimore Sun, March 19, 2014

After a federal judge found that Maryland’s historically black colleges face unfair and unconstitutional competition from the state’s predominantly white universities, the parties headed into negotiations this month to work it out.

But even with the far-reaching court decision, some worried the rights of black institutions wouldn’t be protected and tried to put the judge’s ruling on the books as state law.

“I’m normally not a Doubting Thomas,” said state Sen. Joan Carter Conway, a Baltimore Democrat and member of the Legislative Black Caucus who introduced the legislation. “I just don’t see them coming to an agreement.”

While Carter’s effort has likely failed in this year’s General Assembly session—opponents argued it could have scuttled mediation and led to more lawsuits—it underscored deep misgivings about the ability of the long-feuding sides to come to a resolution.

That unease is one of many hurdles the parties will have to overcome to resolve a 2006 lawsuit filed against the state by some of the alumni and students at the four public historically black colleges and universities—Morgan State, Bowie State, Coppin State and the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore.

U.S. District Judge Catherine C. Blake ruled in October that the state hadn’t done enough to stop traditionally white universities from offering the same sought-after academic programs as HBCUs, thereby encouraging segregation among campuses.

The “dual system” of programs makes it difficult for the state’s HBCUs to attract nonblack students, Blake found. Decades after desegregation of the state’s universities began, about 91 percent of students at Maryland’s HBCUs are black.

The parties began meeting with a mediation judge in late January, and this month began face-to-face negotiations. The process is expected to be lengthy, expensive and potentially contentious.

The state’s universities could wind up pitted against one another in competition for new programs in growing fields like computer science. {snip}


Maryland’s HBCUs are hoping for a future in which new unique, programs draw in a larger and more diverse student body to boost declining enrollments, professors are paid on par with their counterparts at state universities and the institutions become regional economic hubs.


The University System of Maryland, which was not a defendant in the lawsuit but will be affected by its outcome, is trying to find a delicate balance between addressing Blake’s ruling and ensuring the traditionally white universities aren’t harmed by being denied the chance to create competitive new programs, said Joann A. Boughman, USM’s senior vice chancellor for academic affairs.


Conway is among those who are not confident the mediation will succeed.

For the time being, she has withdrawn her bill, which she called the “most contentious” in this year’s General Assembly session. Besides mandating that traditionally white institutions could not unfairly duplicate programs at HBCUs, the bill would have made it easier for institutions to sue over the issue.

Too many lawmakers were opposed to the bill, Conway said, because they thought it would introduce new conflicts into the middle of the mediation. P.J. Hogan, the vice chancellor of government relations for USM, said at a recent Board of Regents meeting that the system was “concerned about institutions suing each other in Circuit Court” if the bill passed.

Conway said she removed the language in her bill that would have made it easier for universities to sue and hopes to reintroduce it. She reiterated her doubts about mediation, saying traditionally white institutions are “not willing to give the programs back.” She said, “They haven’t agreed to give anything back.”

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  • D.B. Cooper

    This is what happens when affirmative action judges are appointed.
    Judge Catherine C. Blake, no mention of a husband or kids.
    No republicans interested in getting her removed? And you wonder why I now vote democrat.

    • kjh64

      Why would husband or kids be mentioned? That’s her personal life and that kind of thing usually isn’t mentioned when talking in a professional sense. They don’t mention the wife or kids of males usually. Anyways, not every man/woman wants marriage and/or kids, nothing wrong with that either. What matters is what kind of decisions a judge makes.

      • D.B. Cooper

        Oh yes they do mention family if they have one. Husbands, wives, kids, grandchildren, etc.
        How long have you been reading this site? You should be able to tell what they are by looking at them most of the time.
        Come on, kjh64!! Can’t you tell what it is just by looking at it?!?

        • APaige

          Just like with Janet Reno-no “nanny” problems there. Remember that one, Bill Clinton wanted a female Attorney General and the first two had issues with not paying their nannies taxes or social security-which is against the law. So the position for the highest ranking legal officer in the U.S came down to a female with no kids. (lesbian)

          • IstvanIN

            Maybe the problem is a lesbian so awful she has NO partner and is even more bitter? Janet “I hate America”, “Shoot Whitey”, “Burn Whitey”, Reno seems to have no one, yet Barbara,”I warned you about immigration” Jordon, did. Just a passing thought.

        • NM156

          Well, maybe she’s just demonstrating her love of The Ramones with a Johnny Ramone haircut. However, the likeness stops there. JR campaigned for Nixon as a youth and was a lifelong conservative. I will surmise that any working class white male growing up in ’60s-’70s NYC would also be a race realist. No doubt about that.

          • LHathaway

            There is JRamone and the very conservative singer for Black Flag, who is on TV a lot these days, but the majority of punk music being marketed to ‘poor whites’ featured Very left wing lyrics. It all seemed to be about being ‘authentic’.

        • Max

          Indeed, it is like when they avoid mentioning the race of a perpetrator in a crime report. That is usually all one needs to know to fill in the blanks.

      • Geo1metric

        ” What matters is what kind of decisions a judge makes.”

        And you don’t think that life experiences affect how/what decisions a person makes?

    • I could see third party or abstaining, but why do you vote democrat? Hasten the end?

    • puffdaddy

      And voting Democrat is an improvement because…they elect judges like this?

  • MekongDelta69

    Get back to me with your whining, when they institute Historically White Colleges.

    • Jesse James

      Sometimes I wish I could get back to about 1950 with just one weeks newsstand magazines like Time, Newsweek, The Atlantic and about a dozen daily newspapers from around the country. If you could somehow get back with just that evidence and show it to the white people of 1950 we would never have ended up where we are today.

  • So CAL Snowman

    “The “dual system” of programs makes it difficult for the state’s HBCUs to attract nonblack students, Blake found.”

    University of Maryland or Coppin State? Do I want to get a job, or do I want my perspective employer to throw my application in the trash can? Gee, what a tough decision.

    • Ed

      Coppin State’s graduation rate is in the teens.

      • So CAL Snowman

        That high?

      • r j p

        About 4 or so years ago, the USDeptEdu wanted to go after for profit colleges with 30-40% graduation rates and cut them off from financial aid. At the time I said it would never happen because it would force them to hold HBCUs with 10-20% graduation rates to the same standard.

      • Max

        And that, almost surely, largely in goofy degree programs. Now we will have to enforce bussing to universities.

    • APaige

      ‘the state hadn’t done enough to stop traditionally white universities from offering the same sought-after academic programs as HBCUs, thereby encouraging segregation among campuses.” So we need the power of the state to force universities from offering popular (“sought-after”) programs because Blacks want to go to historically Black colleges and Whites do not and prefer the better and majority White universities? Now will the Black colleges grant even MORE special treatment for Blacks? They will now have to compete with other races that want certain programs.

  • negrolocaust

    last night michael savage reported on the story that was on here the other day about the prosecutor – kane, a “teen” in philly who dropped the prosecution of the state delegates – also “teens” who were caught taking bribes.

  • IstvanIN

    What majors are they “sharing”? My solution would be to let the blacks colleges have exclusive rights to African, Afro-American, Women’s, Latino, LGBTQ, Trans, Carribean, and Beyonce studies programs and let the normal colleges offer Engineering, Chemistry, Life Sciences, Economics, Accounting, Nursing and Language programs. That should do the trick.

    • Max

      No, we will still be stuck with the whining that whites are paid more for “equivalent” qualifications. You know, like a white man with a degree in petroleum engineering or accounting who is unfairly paid more than a black woman with a degree in cultural studies or public administration.

    • The Verdict of History

      Fraud Studies…

  • I love to see diversity-loving white liberal university bigwigs get handed their head on a post. They now have to sit down with a bunch of ignorant black bigwigs and listen to the demands that the white campuses vomit up students, profs, and money. Have fun, guys. You deserve to be transferred to work under one of the Amos n’ Andy jive talkin’ Negro college presidents you so claim to love.

  • D.B. Cooper

    Go on ahead and get one. I know you want one.

    • evilsandmich

      I’ll stick to Charmin thank you very much.

    • Max

      “with all the honors, rights, and privileges thereto pertaining”

      Let your imagination go!

      • kikz

        one eye’d/once over……..can’t be black in origin… the tenses and spelling are correct and there is proper use of plural nouns.

  • Anonymous

    Top tier universities have all the answers relating to STEM
    degrees so let them show us how to graduate more African-Americans.

    The following stats from show the per cent of their degrees that are STEM.

    Let Princeton, MIT, et al show us how to solve the problem without lowering educating standards by one and one half standard deviations.

    Rank School (Stem Degrees)

    1 Princeton University (NJ) (37%)

    6 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (86%)

    6 Stanford University (CA) (54%)

    8 Duke University (NC) (36%)

    10 California Institute of Technology (98%)

    13 Johns Hopkins University (MD) (38%)

    15 Cornell University (NY) (45%)

    15 Brown University (RI) (35%)

    17 Rice University (TX) (44%)

    21 University of California—Berkeley (39%)

    23 Carnegie Mellon University (PA) (62%)

    24 University of California—Los Angeles (35%)

    29 University of Michigan—Ann Arbor (43%)

    33 University of Rochester (NY) (39%)

    36 Georgia Institute of Technology (76%)

    37 Case Western Reserve University (OH) (53%)

    38 University of California—San Diego (49%)

    38 Lehigh University (PA) (39%)

    38 University of California—Davis (38%)

    41 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (NY) (84%)

  • Rhialto

    Rule #1: Nothing White men do, will satisfy their enemies.
    Rule #2: White male evil is the sole cause of Black failure.

    • ejXinMI

      So true. I am so confused about what Negroes want. One day they are having a fit about ‘blacks should be taught by blacks’, and the racism of standard English grammar, spelling, and punctuation. The next day, other Negroes start litigation because the “dual system of programs makes it difficult for the state’s HCBUs to attract nonblack students”. At best, they are incoherent. More generally, and fundamentally, they want our land, our wealth, and our extinction. Otherwise, they would simply return to Africa… nobody’s stopping them. Yet they stay, and agitate for ‘gimmes’.

      • gemjunior

        Agreed. They are like fickle babies who have no sense of permanence. If they look away, it’s gone and they forgot what it was they wanted. Then someone comes along talking about something else, so they start on that route whilst in the middle of the other. Idiots. One minute they want one thing then another minute they want something else. It’s amazing how childish these “grownups” can be.

      • Max

        The simple answer is because as a group, they are incapable of making anything except offspring. They can never leave for their genetic homelands; they are obligate parasites. They have to feed off of a ready-made society where they can appropriate the wealth and labor of others. The BEST that they could hope for if every single one of them -including ALL of their scientists, philosophers, artists, craftsmen, theologians, politicians, laborers, craftspersons, engineers, lawyers, etc. were exported to a virgin area of the universe would be something that looks like Haiti. They know it in their soul and will never stop blaming us for their own inadequacies.

  • JDInSanD

    I think I need a roadmap to understand this one.

    They want to have historically black colleges but not all black students and not too many whites or whites that perform better.
    And they want the state to “stop traditionally white universities from offering the same sought-after academic programs as HBCUs” even though virtually no non-blacks want to go to a black college no matter what programs it offers.

    And it’s now unfair and unconstitutional for a college with white students to be better than a black college.
    And two of the reasons given for dismantling the white colleges: to boost declining enrollments and become regional economic hubs are not reasons that colleges exist.

    • Tarczan

      I was a little confused also. Nobody worthwhile wants to go to the darkies schools so pass some rules to make them attend.

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        It’s completely ridiculous, and it won’t work, anyway. Most young whites would simply not attend college before they’d attend an HBCU.

        • Max

          C’mon, the only reason a white would attend one of these HBCU’s is to get a degree in some frivolous cultural studies area or because the standards are lower than a “predominantly white” school with a similar program. Apparently, the problem is that the “white” schools are doing a better job of teaching “black” subjects than even the black schools so again, they can’t compete and want to “level the playing field” by legally hampering whites.

          They should just stick to baksabawl degrees where they can excel on their own merit.

  • JohnEngelman

    Whether they make decisions considered to be liberal or conservative, I dislike the power of judges and courts in the United States. Decisions like this should be made by elected officials who have to face the voters after making them.

    • paul marchand

      NOBODY should make decisions to FORCIBLY integrate.
      ONLY personal free will should do that.
      NOT societal manipulation / experimentation.
      The whole federal government revolves around which ways to better accommodate minorities, and which ways to screw (predominately white) taxpayers.

    • Max

      The decisions should be made by the people spending the money to attend these places. Courts are there to enforce contracts, not break them or re-write the terms.

  • r j p

    This is all about money. HBCU profs aren’t making what other school profs make.
    If they force negroes to get their degrees in Darkie Studies at a HBCU, they will have more students and thus more funds for salaries.

  • libertarian1234

    “Academic programs at white universities in Maryland must be sacrificed for “diversity.”

    This is just part of the ongoing societal degeneration of this country, and it extends into every avenue.

    There is no legitimate reason for these miscreants in academia to depart from teaching anything but education.

    They truly need to be defunded down to the bare minimum necessary to maintain basic educational requirements.

    It won’t happen though until this economy hits bottom.

    • paul marchand

      or revolt

  • JSS

    How about we just let Whites have freedom from association with diversity again? That will be cheaper and less complicated by far.

  • MBlanc46

    I’m all for voluntary segregation, but since that’s anathema in 21st century America, the whole idea of a “historically black college” is politically incorrect.

  • Regenz

    Certainly they should go the route of Title IX: “Between 1981 and 1999 university athletic departments cut 171 men’s wrestling teams, 84 men’s tennis teams, 56 men’s gymnastics teams, 27 men’s track teams, and 25 men’s swimming teams”

  • paul marchand

    The writers of the US Constitution in NO WAY would have thought it to be a PROPER FUNCTION OF GOVERNMENT that BLACKS AND WHITES BE FORCED ( F.O.R.C.E.D.) to intermingle.
    Given the FREEDOM to….yes. But FORCED? They would have regurgitated.

  • Jenkem Huffington

    A briefcase full of cash wouldn’t “attract” me to go within 30 miles of a “historically black college”. In fact, anybody with any sense whatsoever will avoid large concentrations of mud people at all costs.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    This lawsuit cracks me up. In an attempt to be inclusive and promote diversity, college administrators across the country (overwhelmingly Liberals) created African-American studies programs to appeal to black students and make them feel welcome. The Liberal administrators apparently did too good of a job, this is affecting enrollment at HBCUs, and now another set of black agitators are arguing in the opposite direction because black students no longer want to attend their inferior colleges. College administrators are walking a tightrope, and Liberal judges are shaking it.

    This is similar to the arc of business in the black community. When there we’re segregated neighborhoods there were more black owned businesses in those communities, and more jobs as a result. When segregation was outlawed the industrious black people said, “I’m getting out of this black hell hole”, and they took there skills to better areas leaving the least competent blacks behind. No black people argue about no black owned business in the black community and no jobs, but that was a logical end result of the desegregation they demanded.

    Blacks demanded desegregation of America’s colleges and universities. The logical result would be that blacks would begin attending the desegregated schools and far fewer blacks would attend the inferior HBCUs. This was an obvious end result. Now that it has come to pass, like the lack of jobs in the black community, black agitators are complaining.

    White people are always to blame even if the only thing that whites did was to give in to black demands.

    • Max

      “black community”, “logical result; you’re talking gibberish.

  • John R

    We’re spending time and money trying to eliminate segregation, but we have “black” colleges? Whatever.

    • Dale McNamee

      It’s insane, isn’t it ?

      I thought that “seperate but equal” was eliminated…

  • M&S

    In _Wired For War_ it’s ‘causally mentioned’ that while the U.S. graduates some 10,000 STEM specialists per year, China does 50,000.

    It’s also stated that an even greater crisis is arising because the East Asians who come here are finding fewer and fewer new professorial tenurings (only 6 in the time frame the book was written) who can anchor STEM research programs that challenge these foreign prodigies to remain in the U.S. and contribute their career acheivements to U.S. patentable processes which make life possible.

    R&D is additionally migrating overseas as China increasingly demands that ‘no longer is manufacturing enough, we want to know how you think it up’ and companies like GM and Dell and others are all obeying the Siren Call to continue their access to cheap labor.
    All this atop the 3-4 generations of existing, Western Trained, college graduates has created an environment in which there are sufficient ‘old grey hairs’ in countries that formerly came to the U.S. or Europe to learn the higher arts that they can and are choosing to create a university system of their own.

    This is critically important because, in the U.S. only about 30% of defense R&D is done through certified military labs like Sandia, Ames Dryden, Lawrence Livermore and so on.
    Some 70% comes from the universities.

    Now imagine you have Eskimos like Fed Chairman Greenspan telling us to disestablish our industrial capacity ‘because we pay too much for engineering in this country’, and H-1b Indians, Chinese and the like would be /so much better/ than white rule of white productivity in the venial exchange of moneys.

    This destroyed a generation of white engineering talent which grew up with no jobs because those self same companies (Boeing, Dell, etc.) had hiring policy rules which proscribed human resources from presenting the CVs of white male graduates as a justification for ‘a crisis of capacity’ that was the pushing of industry offshore.

    Now, having diversified stupidity into all the campus’ and found it’s dropout rate too high to keep whites from achieving /some/ success, to keep us from getting back on our feet as foreign ethnies no longer come to us for their college education, the New Strategy is reverse diversity: If you can’t send blacks and Hispanics to ruin higher education for whites, send the /courses/ to blacks and let them stagnate because whites simply have _zero_ desire to be associated with black dominance psychology or stupidity on their own ground.

    It’s a great technique for keeping yet another generation of whites from getting anywhere as engineers and scientists able to compete our economy on the global stage, no?

    Indeed, with evidence of such ‘a cunning plan’ (yes Baldric) one need not ask whether Judge Blake is a lesbian but whether Blake is a recent surname change for the family as a whole from something like, ohhhh, I dunno: Blaskey?

  • Max

    There is no defense for being born white.

  • Dale McNamee

    From the article : ” U.S. District Judge Catherine C. Blake ruled in October that the state hadn’t done enough to stop traditionally white universities from offering the same sought-after academic programs as HBCUs, thereby encouraging segregation among campuses.

    The “dual system” of programs makes it difficult for the state’s HBCUs to attract nonblack students, Blake found. Decades after desegregation of the state’s universities began, about 91 percent of students at Maryland’s HBCUs are black.”

    Huh ?

    Why should ANY college be forbidden from offering similar courses to HCBU’s ?
    It looks like the HCBU’s want to be favored over other colloges/universities… With judges like Blake…
    I thought that the prospective student had a choice in where to attend… And why should any “non-black” student want to attend a HBCU ? But, if they do, fine…

    The same goes for a male student attending Hood College, a college for women…
    Why put up with the harassment and suspicion ? Same for HCBU’s…

  • NotTooSwift

    HBCU offer some terrific programs, African-American Studies, African Studies, Black Studies, Social Work, Black-American Studies, Sociology, Algonquin J. Calhoun Law Studies, Colored Studies, Negro-American Studies, African-Negro Studies, ….

    HWCU offer Astro-Physics, Chemical Engineering, Business Administration, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, etc.

    So what’s the big deal?

  • Engelman is beating the same old drum. He’s got no other argument other than to never miss an opportunity to tell us how Jews and NE Asians have (marginal) higher IQs than White Gentiles. It’s so petty and pathetic. White Gentiles are overall the most competent
    race with several superior characteristics to their name. All we need is for the Jewish Zionists and non-Whites to go away and stop sinking us under through their malice and envy.

  • LHathaway

    The first sentence is just too funny. . . . This historically black college is facing unfair discrimination. . . hello. . there are no colleges just for whites. . . .