Paul Ryan: Immigration a Question of ‘When’

Seung Min Kim, Politico, March 26, 2014

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) pressed the economic case for overhauling the nation’s immigration system on Wednesday, saying that reform is inevitable and necessary to boost growth in the United States.


“To me, it’s not a question of ‘if’ we fix our broken immigration laws,” Ryan said Wednesday at a breakfast hosted by the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. “It’s really a question of ‘when.’”

Ryan called the nation’s immigration laws “chief” among the problems that are curbing economic growth. Noting the rate of retirement among baby boomers, Ryan said reforming the immigration system is necessary to fill future jobs.

“Please know that we understand the value of immigration,” Ryan told the crowd. “We know its importance; we know its roots, its history here in America; and we have ideas on how to make this go forward and make it work so that we do have the rule of law, so that we do have reform, so that we’re not in the same position 15 years down the road.”


Ryan recently indicated in an interview with his hometown paper, the Janesville Gazette, that GOP leaders do not yet have the votes to pass immigration reform, but “we’re working hard to find where that consensus lies.”


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  • MekongDelta69

    Thanks Ryan – just what we need. Somebody on OUR side…

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    Violent revolution on the part of whites WILL be inevitable thanks to everyone who has been pushing for open borders against their will. Even many non-white Americans do not want open borders. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce apparently practices genocide in the guise of business. Did it ever occur to them that their profits are going to take a serious hit when the U.S. goes the way of Yugoslavia?

  • Well a little bit of good news is that there is not a majority in the House to pass something like the Senate Gang Bangers of Eight bill. So all my worries about Boehner breaking the Hastert Rule in the middle of the night some time between Election Day and Christmas during the lame duck session to pass the GBof8 as written turn out to be unfounded.

    But any bill that Boehner, Cantor, McCarthy, Paul Ryan, Goodlatte, etc. would push for and pass, even if it’s not as horrible as GBof8, will still be bad.

    • Pro_Whitey

      Can we get anyone to primary Boehner and Ryan?

  • Dave4088

    I think he means the genocide and race replacement of European descended whites is only a matter of when, not if. It’s clear Paul Rinoyan has elected to be the useful idiot of La Raza, The Chamber of Commerce and Obama and the Democrats in this existential struggle.

    • Olorin

      In Wisconsin in the ’80s he was the designated canape carrier for the GOP at its various functions. Little brownnose Petey Ryan, sniffing out power and with an eye for the main chance. So it is not at all surprising he has matured into big brownnose Sen. Ryan…with an eye on the White House.

      He has no interest in “European descended whites” or whites who have been here for 300+ years. He is interested in Paul Ryan’s career. Always has been.

      The idea that importing millions more low IQ high fecundity semiliterate Mexicans is somehow going to magically lead to Economic Growth is bat crazy. The only reason this has remotely worked in the past is that there has been a white middle and upper middle class to milk for tax dollars to prop up the profits of the businesses benefitting from that welfare (passed through the Mexicans).

      Petey, being from Wisconsin, knows how to milk a cash cow.

  • So CAL Snowman

    “Ryan called the nation’s immigration laws “chief” among the problems that are curbing economic growth.”

    Right, not making every freeloading, uneducated, third world mexican a U.S. citizen is curbing economic growth. These people are insanely evil because they are deliberately pursuing a race to the bottom. Has Paul Ryan ever looked at California’s $18 BILLION dollar debt? I mean according to Paul Ryan CA should have the hottest economy in the world with all the “immigrants” pouring into this state. Instead we are nothing more than Mexico North.

    • me

      Paul Ryan is an eeediot. Most of our ‘elected officials’–I mean, PUBLIC SERVANTS ARE IDIOTS. Any person with any integrity at all would not go into politics, and therein lies our problem….

  • Luca

    I don’t believe anything ANY politician says. What a person does, speaks louder than what they say. Anything remotely called “Immigration Reform” better have border enforcement, e-verify and wholesale deportation at the top of the list.

  • Fed Up

    The only “fix” needed is to secure the Border so no further illegal immigrants can come here! Doesn’t take rocket-scientist intelligence to grasp that.

    We have more than enough people needing public assistance such as welfare checks, food stamps, free health care, etc. We sure as hell don’t need to take in another million or more yearly to inflate the welfare rolls.

  • JohnEngelman

    More immigrants mean more consumers and more job applicants. By the law of supply and demand this means higher prices, lower wages, and higher profits.

    Why am I not surprised that Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) want more immigrants?

    • Martel

      I don’t know why you are not surprised, perhaps it fits your myopic view of the world, perhaps you read about Paul Ryan a short time ago and you managed to recall a faint memory of his earlier statements, which may indicate some improvement on your side. The democrats would have passed amnesty a long time ago if they had the chance.

      • JohnEngelman

        What Republicans want is amnesty without voting rights. Many are open about it.

    • Diversity Fatigue

      The particular type of immigrants we’re getting means an ever expanding welfare state. When the mostly white taxpayers can no longer afford it the fun will start. Stocks in Remington, Winchester, Colt, and Glock should pay handsomely as we approach that time.

      These are not immigrants or descendants from NW Europe as the vast majority of American whites are. We can expect a very different worldview from them.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        The more of these darkie, welfare parasite immigrants admitted into the country, the more totalitarian it will become. They can only be ruled by violence and they have no use for individual rights either. It’s only a matter of time before either whites are massacred by these invaders and their puppet masters in the halls of power, whites massacre them, or most likely BOTH. That will be the legacy of “immigration reform,” which really is about betraying then exterminating white Americans.

  • JSS

    “Please know that we understand the value of immigration,” Ryan told the crowd”

    I admit that Im no rocket surgeon but I fail to see the value of 3rd world immigration. I also fail to see the value of a federal government that represents 3rd world invaders at the expense of my races economic and physical security. So the only “when” question as far as Im concerned is when do people like Ryan start hanging from poles? This is why nobody will ever convince voting is anything other then a waste of time.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Maybe the “value” of massive 3rd world immigration is to make Whites minorities in White homelands like the U.S., England, Europe and Australia.

      Really, is there any other possible reason?

      • JSS

        I would say that’s the objective, but 3rd world I immigration doesn’t add value to anything what so ever. But I know what you mean, it just make me want to pull my hair out of my head sometimes when well meaning Whites think that this countries political system can be saved or reformed when traitors like Ryan are the best we are offered to vote for.

  • David Ashton

    Not when. Who?

  • Immigration reform = the new code words for white genocide

  • obama4amerika

    90,000,000 Americans not working now.
    What does this dimwit not inderstand?

    • OnGuard

      And robotics will soon replace many workers as the science becomes more adept!

  • Max

    US Hispanic fyqklmg Chamber of Commerce?! The USCC itself is already Amnesty Inc. and there is another Hispanic version?!

    What a big, parasite laden, steaming pile of stuff that is.

  • dd121

    And the next question is, just when will Paul Ryan become the Republican president. Never.

  • dave

    It’s just a matter of time before Ryan is exposed as a traitor and sellout.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      He’s already proved that he is…TARP, NCLB, Patriot Act, bank and auto bailouts, ethanol subsidies, cuts to military veterans, supporter of massive 3rd world non-White immigration.

      What more proof do you need, dave?

      • dave

        I am very aware of ryan being a traitor. It was meant as sarcasm.

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          dave, I read over an article earlier today, on a conservative site, where folks from Wisconsin in the comment section were ruthlessly DEFENDING Ryan with everything they’ve got. These people were deadly serious and claimed to be republicans and Ryan voters. I thought it was sarcasm at first (who would defend this idiot except a lefty?), but it wasn’t.

          I have no way of knowing whether a comment is sarcasm or not unless it has a //sarc tag on it.

    • Greg Thomas

      That train already left the station. Ryan is yet another treasonous scum bag.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    How much are the Chamber of Commerce and Americans for Prosperity paying Ryan to be their pimp in enabling 3rd world colonization of the U.S.?

    Ryan voted for TARP, NCLB, ethanol subsidies, cuts to retired veterans, TARP, bank and auto bailouts and the Patriot Act.

    We’ve learned over the past 40 years that there will NEVER ben an increase in border security. GOP-E frauds like Ryan (and Marco Rubio and Rand Paul) believe that by supporting amnesty, which in reality is national suicide, the Republicans will win Hispanic voters. If amnesty passes, it will be a final death blow for a dying nation already on life support.

    Really, who is more dangerous and a bigger enemy to the U.S., Ryan or Putin?

    • Rhialto

      Referring to Ryan as a pimp is defamation of pimps. Pimps are hard working men, who provide a beneficial service for their communities.

      Ryan is a very destructive parasite.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Is that some kind of a lame, childish attempt at humor?

        You obviously suck at it.

        What do you think the thousands of readers who come here and read your post think about you, if all you can come up with is personal attacks, harassment and total lack of respect? Do you even care about that?

        Go back and reread my post or have someone read it to you and then maybe you’ll get it

      • Black Swan

        What are you the hall monitor?

      • Katherine McChesney

        Interesting comment considering that pimps abuse their prostitutes. It isn’t even a funny comment at all.

    • DudeWheresMyCountry?

      How is Putin dangerous or an enemy of the US? If there is any upcoming conflicts between Russia and the US it will be because of our self righteousness and meddling in affairs that should not be our concern. If Putin and our beloved leader were in a wrestling match where the winner stood over the loser and burned the flag of the country the defeated represents I would still root for Vlad!

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Putin is dangerous to the marxist, NWO leaders of the U.S. because he opposes US/NATO hegemony and one-world government, especially when it’s on his doorstep.

        Putin refuses to join The New World Order, will not allow Syria and Iran to be attacked and is a part of the independent BRICS trading bloc. The EU has backed off b/c Russia provides most of their fuel supplies and know Putin will cut them off.

        Putin also stands up for his people even when they’re abroad, protects his borders, and puts the interests of his country first.

        That’s why he’s a dangerous criminal in the eyes of the one-wolders who control the levers of power in the U.S.

        I’d rather have the likes of Vlad than the marxist, anti-white, UN puppet, poseur and pretender to the throne that sits in the White Hut.

  • Rhialto

    Consider that Romney chose this fine specimen as his Veep candidate. This is another reason that I gave up on the Repubs.

  • Marc Zuckurburg

    I knew all that money I gave him would pay off.

    He thought it was a lot of money, at least. To me, it was my pocket change’s pocket change.

    • me

      Marc, you’re back! OMG, I thought that you were still in DC, working on that whole ‘security’ thingy with the NSA and Facebook. BTW, if I say nice things about you, could you throw me a few geld, plox?

      • Marc Zuckurburg

        I was working on that whole security thing. Barry and I were synchronizing our databases.

  • OhWow

    Whites are the first majority founding race of a country to actively aim to replace ourselves. Unreal.

    • Black Swan

      “We” didn’t actively aim to replace ourselves, this was done TO us.

      I don’t recall a vote on allowing massive flooding of the U.S. with the scum of the 3rd world, do you?

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    The government claims that immigration-fueled population growth is supposed to increase economic prosperity. However, the realities of massive 3rd world immigration handily refute the prevailing neoliberal orthodoxy espoused by the transnational elites, the self-appointed high priests of globalism. Instead, massive 3rd world immigration puts downward pressure on wages and living standards. It also means more crime and corruption, more poverty, more congestion and overcrowding, loss of biodiversity and valuable agricultural farmland, more pollution and environmental degradation, loss of social cohesion and national identity, and more ethnic and racial hatred.

    America and Europe don’t even have immigration policies any more; they’re running state-sanctioned ethnic cleansing and population replacement programs. Interestingly enough, whites are foolishly using their own taxpayer dollars to subsidize their own genocide. I use the term “genocide” because mass 3rd world immigration puts downward pressure on wages and living standards and puts inflationary pressure on housing prices. This decreases native fertility by forcing whites to delay marriage and put off starting families. Because any demarcated territory has a maximum carrying capacity, mass 3rd world immigration into a territory monopolized by whites reduces the potential ceiling of white population growth by taking up available space reserved for future generations of white people.

    As the west commits demographic suicide, I can see no future for America and Europe, except as Muslim theocracies and banana republics, where whites hide from the black and brown masses in armed compounds. In the next 20 or 30 years, when all of the western democracies find themselves totally submerged in 3rd world feces, white refugees will flee these western hellholes and start new lives in the nations of eastern Europe, which have remained largely untouched by massive 3rd world immigration and the destruction it brings.

  • MBlanc46

    I see a lot comments here calling Ryan a “sell out” and a “traitor”. As if he secretly opposed mass immigration, but was only supporting it because he’s being paid off. Wake up, folks. This is who the guy is.

  • “Immigration reform” is always and everywhere a euphemism for “opening the gates wider”. Which, if you think about it, is slightly ridiculous since the gates are already wide open and have been for decades.

    This is political posturing, nothing more. The trashing of the USA will continue apace, whether Tweedledum or Tweedledee is in office.

    • JohnEngelman

      Whenever anyone uses the word “reform” you need to ask more questions. During a stagnant economy one of those questions should be, “Will I benefit from this ‘reform’?’

  • Black Swan

    The only “boost” to growth will be of the welfare population with an “inevitable” raise in taxes to pay for it.

  • jackryanvb

    Only one thing worse than an open borders Lib Democrat – that’s a n open border Lib Libertarian.

    Paul Ryan, Rand Paul – Jack Kemp clones.

    • me

      They’re not really ‘Libertarians’….they just play one on t.v. They’re Plutocratic Socialists.

      • Grantland

        Profound. That “normal” people can be persuaded to accept this evil sickness tells me that “normal” people are nothing less than two-legged animals, not human at all.

  • BonV.Vant

    really? we are in the midst of a depression and there is up to 30% true unemployment. WTF?!!!

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    We need an official blacklist. When Republicans advocate for our destruction through immigration “reform” they need to be put on a list that will cause activist groups to publicize and lobby against these individuals permanently until they are out of politics altogether. The list can be the catalyst to let Republican voters know who to never vote for. These Republican cretins need to know if you even entertain the agenda of the enemies of America that immediately they will lose core voters and will be targets of conservative activist groups with the sole intent of informing the only people who will ever vote for them to never vote for them again! Once you cross the line you can’t get off the list… ever. Such a reality would change how they interact with America’s enemies.

  • Shawn_thefemale

    Are you freakin’ kidding me – “foster growth”?? We’re standing on top of each other NOW. We don’t need growth – especially that kind.

  • Marc Zuckurburg

    Oh no, they won’t be coming for me. Not in my extradition free tax haven.

  • JohnEngelman

    Third world immigration is good for the economy of the people Paul Ryan cares about. It enables those people to raise prices while cutting wages.

    • ShermanTMcCoy

      Exactly. And he is too stupid to realize that he’s cutting his own party’s throat by doing so. Hey! Maybe that’s why they call us “The Stupid Party!”

      • JohnEngelman

        The ideal solution for the GOP is something some Republicans are talking openly about: allow more immigrants; don’t allow them to become American citizens. That means lower wages for American citizens, but no more Democratic voters.

  • BonV.Vant

    Growth of what? The welfare roles? The republicans are past it, big time past it. They are not relevant anymore, they are disconnected with the current reality. Most of them are stuck in some bizarre eighties world that only exists in their collective consciousness. That world will have a cataclysmic collision with reality.

  • What a spineless, pandering idiot. “Ryan called the nation’s immigration laws ‘chief’ among the problems that are curbing economic growth.” We have tons of unemployed and discouraged workers and immigration laws didn’t make it that way.

    • BonV.Vant

      It is no accident that so many “republicans” are religious people. They have the vanity to think that they have “the secret” to salvation and the are the same way about “economic growth”. They believe about both issues equally blind and unquestioning. They are idiots

      • Then why are the “religious” (read: Christian evangelical) Republicans (not counting their noxious leadership) the people most likely to want nothing to do with amnesty and open borders legislation?

      • I’m not sure this is a fair characterization of most Christians. In my experience, Christians, especially Protestants, tend to believe very, very strongly in personal responsibility, from which comes their alliance with free market economics and their hatred of welfare systems. It would be difficult to reconcile a strong belief in personal responsibility with the manifestly irresponsible behavior of illegal immigrants.

        • Max

          You are right but as one of those religious “sheer blind idiots” there is some truth to Mr. Vivant’s claim. I think that political opportunists have steered the Gospel message into either “You owe it to the world to die so someone else may live”or “We must be selfless to the degree that heathen outsiders are welcome to live in our homes, use our toothbrushes and rape our children so that they might be converted to the Gospel and saved”.

          We were commanded by the Lord to bring the truth to people but there is NO command to bring them back with us or put them on permanent life support. It is selective reading of the bible and not everyone is guilty just as not all whites are like Ted Kennedy.

  • Puggg
  • Martel

    Engelman actually wants you to be replaced by Asians, he has told his audience at Amren several times how it humors him to see inferior whites being replaced by the ”superior races” of Jews and Asians as he specifically calls them. Regular readers are aware of his distaste for whites who he likes to see become only 40% of the US population, as he recently shared with me in my debates with him.

  • BonV.Vant


    Let’s call the republicans “The airplane scammers”. I am referring to a pyramid scheme that I was “invited” to participate in at some time during the latter 1980s. The operation went like this. A drawing of a seating chart of a small airplane was presented and I was offered the “chance” to purchase a seat in the cabin section for $5,000.00. When the plane(roster) became “full” then it would “take off”, the copilots would take and split the money and run .Then, each passenger would become a copilot in a new plane arrangement. Each new arrangement would consist of two “copilots and empty seats to be filled. “, WE would then have the “chance” to find a certain umber of passengers (suckers). I can not remember the actual number, something like ten, or twenty.
    I was “invited” to a seminar type of meeting which was kind of like a “success therapy” group, where we were given a hype type of speech by the copilots and told to all open up and describe how we would spend the money. The person that invited me was my landlady, a young dental student at the time, and her latest boyfriend who got her into this. No questions about the wisdom of this scheme were allowed, we were cajoled and pressured into going along with this nonsense. I was incredulous and kept giving the two people who brought me there dirty looks. I understood that these people were basically asking me for $5,000.00, money that I had no intention at all of parting with. On the ride home I voiced my belief that the scheme was doomed to failure , that they were crooks, that they would not, despite all assurances to the contrary, help me “find [passengers” and that even if they did, at some point in time the scheme would run it’s course and eventually some people would be left holding the bag. I was told that it was unbelievable that I could say such a thing or make such charges, that my behavior at the meeting was horrible and that I was extremely rude for saying such things at the meeting and later ( at the meeting I refused to fantasize about having money- I wouldn’t play their game)
    I was told that these were all professional people, all educated with degrees, all smart, all honest.

    WE have the same game being played on us right now. The republicans believe they can import hordes of workers, disposes Americans from their jobs and their communities, and that those who “don’t get on board” will just have to take it. I see the chamber of commerce and the big business owners as the very same type of people, thinking the very same way, as these “airplane people”. They do not care that what they are doing is fundamentally wrong. They do not care to look down the road and see an America where the hordes decide to rise up and take what they want, like they have done all over the world. They are thinking of short term gains, “economic success man”! They think they are smart , educated etc.

    The “epilogue” to the whole airplane story was that the sister of my landlady sheepishly told me a few months later that all of the so called “pilots” were arrested and charged, and told to give money back to all of their “passengers”. Some people sat in on these meetings and took the bait, and then were left holding the bag, and they were not happy about it.

    • I like the allegory, but I don’t think it’s that complicated.

      I think it’s simply a matter of the RINO establishment figuring that they can have their cake (push an enact some sort of amnesty) and eat it too (continue to get the votes of white people who oppose it by peddling less important hobby horse issues).

      And considering recent history, that we have not yet developed the habit of turning supporting amnesty and open borders into a Social Security style third rail, their calculus is pretty much justified.

      • BonV.Vant

        IT’s only not as complicated yet because the end result has not happened , That end result would be when we have type of Chavisimo in this country, where all of the private capital and private enterprise is seized by the satiate, and everything is redistributed to the hordes. You see, they can fill the plane with “passengers”, but there will come a time when the “passengers” decide to seize the plane, and all the others that came before it. You let the infection in, disable the immune system, and feed the infection and sooner or later it will kill the organism.

  • Jim

    Okay, I’ll say it again – strictly in terms of immigration, it’s probably good that Obama won the election in 2012. Why? Because there are enough Republican morons out there who would’ve gone along with Romney and Ryan’s immigration betrayal program for no other reason than they’re both Republicans. When Obama – or any other Democrat – suggest treason and betrayal, it’s recognized by Repubs as such. But for too many Repubs, party affiliation is everything, and they won’t subject their own to proper scrutiny. .

  • John

    Ryan and Rand Paul are definitely birds of the same feather and I can’t stand either one. It really burns me that Rand Paul’s supporters seem to be under the impression that because I contributed (both times) to Ron Paul’s presidential campaign that I support the son. They’ve sent me plenty of lit in the mail but have yet to call. I hope they do call; they’re going to get an earful. He is *not* his father’s son and I wouldn’t support this obvious traitor for dog catcher. Is there a similar picture out there of Ryan or has his treason not progressed this far yet?

    • Rand Paul IS his father’s son on immigration.

      • John

        Now that you mention it, you’re right. I think maybe the difference here is that Ron was more or less indifferent to the issue but would be sure to enforce whatever the Constitution indicated. Rand is actively pimping for “reform”. “Reform” is the liberal code word for amnesty as I’ve interpreted it. Haven’t seen anything in that respect to change my opinion. I’m flexible though. I think the difference between most of the people on here, myself included, and liberals in general, is a willingness to 1) admit when we’re wrong and 2) accept responsibility for our own actions.

    • Left behind in Chicago

      Sorry to bust your bubble and you have been living in a bubble for as long as 1988. Ron Paul and virtually all Libertarian cultists have been insane, treasonous on immigration for… Forever. It’s a prime component of this terrible, race denying Libertarian cult.

      • John

        That’s pretty harsh, considering you don’t know jack about me or my bio as far as that goes. For the last 2 elections, I voted for Ron Paul because he was the only one amongst those running worth a care. FYI, I’m not a libertarian, never have been and never will. If anything, I’m a bigotarian. Figure that one out.

      • Max

        Wrong. Some do, most are realistic enough to know that you cannot have a welfare state and open immigration. R. Paul belongs to the Minutemen, hardly a pro-immigration group. Rand is trying to leverage his fathers popularity with independents while kissing the Republicrat ass, something his father would never do.

  • scutum

    I used to support this SOB. I will now support and vote for his opponent, NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE. Nothing is worse than a back stabbing pretend conservative. I recently found out he dated a black girl while in college and that his brother’s wife is black. This guy is a progressive who has managed to stay in office by pretending he is a conservative. Typical Karl Rove establishment Republican.

  • OnGuard

    Asians in Vancouver was one of the first red flags re. my view of immigration. With Hong Kong reverting back to Chinese control, (due to Britain’s 99 year lease ending) Asian billionaires in Hong Kong during the 1990’s immigrated to Vancouver with their money, fearing they would lose it to the Communist Chinese. There they bought blocks and blocks of apartment buildings, where the signs read: For rent, to Asians only! As we falter economically and socially, Asians get haughtier with the thoughts that their way prevails. I warn my kids to prepare, or they will have Asian bosses here that will expect 80 hr. work weeks!

  • John

    I hadn’t heard that. Thank You. And here I was thinking that Ron Paul was one of the good guys. If this is what he believes about 9/11, then he’s so far out of whack it defies description. To get a handle on who really did 9/11, look up Alan Sabrosky on Veterans Today and read some of his stuff. Former Marine officer, Ph.D, U. of Mich and former Director at the Army War College. The guys reputation and credentials are unimpeachable to my way of thinking and his analysis of the 9/11 whodunit and why is spot on.

    • Max

      Now you know why this guy was left behind in Chicago.

      You never heard that Paul said this because he didn’t. What he did say, correctly, pointing to the CIA intel. on the WTC attack was that when we meddle in the affairs of foreign nations and overthrow governments, we can expect “blowback” which was the significant factor in the events. The usual neocon overlords twisted this to “Ron Paul thinks these people deserved to die” or “The US perpetrated 9-11” or variants thereof. Giuliani who was of of those most lauded for his attack on Paul for pointing out the obvious by responding not with factual refutation of Paul’s assertion, rather claiming he disgraced the memories of those killed. Gangster/neocon RINO Giuliani has profited to the tune of tens of millions via his “security consultation” since then but that is apparently honoring to the victims.

      Just recall who received the most in campaign donations from military personnel during the election of ’08.

  • MBlanc46

    He doesn’t confide in me, so I don’t know what’s in his heart of hearts, but he surely knows that the corporations want immigrants and he very likely wants to do what the people who finance him want.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Russia is a charter member of BRICS, a 5-nation, mighty economic trading bloc that includes, China, Brazil, India and South Africa. BRICS represents 3 billion people with a combined GDP of $14.8 trillion.

    Putin is also a founding member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which, in addition to the central founding players of Russia and China, also includes members nations Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan, plus guest nations India, Belarus, Iran, Mongolia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Belarus, Turkey and Turkmenestan.

    Putin has worked to put Russia in a strong economic position and he is pushing forward the Eurasian Union as a bulwark against the EU. He has made Russia the fulcrum of power around which economic blocs such as BRICS revolve so as to stymie the influence of the IMF.

    Russia’s public debt ratio is the lowest among major nations.

    Compare that with the bankrupt US, $17 trillion in debt, running on money borrowed from China, with bridges collapsing and 44 million citizens on food stamps.

    “Look at their (America’s) trade balance, their debt, and budget. They turn on the printing press and flood the whole world with government bonds. There is no way we will act this way…. We don’t have the luxury of such hooliganism.”

    —“Vlad the Bad” Putin

    As for “change we cannot believe is coming,” you are absolutely dead on about that.

    The arrogant and stupid Obama regime has carelessly and recklessly created a direct strategic threat to the existence of Russia.

    According to the Moscow Times, this is what a senior Russian official has to say: ‘If Ukraine breaks apart, it will trigger a war.’ Ukraine “will lose Crimera first,’ because Russia ‘will go in just as we did in Georgia.’ Another Russian official said: ‘We will not allow Europe and the US to take Ukraine from us. The states of the former Soviet Union, we are one family. They think Russia is still as weak as in the early 1990s but we are not.’

    Americans have no idea that the neoconservative regime of the White House Fool is leading them into a Great Power Confrontation that could end in destruction of life on earth.

    Ironic, isn’t it. America’s ‘first black president,’ the person liberals thought would restore justice, morality, and reason to Western civilization, is instead now positioned as the person who will have to accept humiliating defeat or risk the destruction of life on earth.

    Putin and the leaders of the BRICS nations.

  • John

    Again my thanks. I suppose there is a downside to not having watched TV for about a dozen years now and incidents such as this might be example. That said, I can well believe that rating for Rand P., it’s certainly fitting. I used to visit Numbers USA all the time, especially during the Bush years towards the end when he had that big push for amnesty going. Maybe I should add them to my daily rotation again given this info.

  • Paleoconn

    The fact that this guy was the veep candidate for the Republicans in the last presidential elections shows how bankrupt the GOP is. Third Party now, please. Kobach and Sessions to run.