Posted on March 5, 2014

NYPD Cracks Down on Feared 280 Gang Thanks to Them Bragging About Their Hauls on Facebook

Ben Endley, Daily Mail (London), March 5, 2014

A group of men accused of being among New York City’s most feared gang members are facing jail after they posted pictures and comments bragging about their hauls on Facebook.

The 10 alleged members of the city’s ‘280’ gang were arrested on Friday by NYPD officers on conspiracy murder charges.

The men arrested are understood to be the highest-ranking members of the gang including ‘leader’ Diamond Brown, and ‘top lieutenants’ Jesus Perez, and Guess Carter.

Police tracked their activities through the social media site and discovered photos of the men holding stacks of money and pictures of new cars.


Text messages between gang members were also intercepted, an NYPD source told gothamist.

The ‘280’ crew primarily operates from the Morrisania area of the Bronx and were rivals with ‘Dub City,’ many members of which were arrested in 2012 while armed with antique guns.

These are among four gangs in the area targeted by police who believe they are connected to 34 shooting incidents in which 43 people were shot.

Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget Brennan said in a statement: ‘Reckless, wanton shootings detailed in the indictment forced innocent bystanders to take cover and neighborhoods to conduct daily business in great fear for their safety and security.

‘Targeting drug gangs involved in violence has significantly diminished shootings in these neighborhoods.’