National Council of La Raza Leader Calls Barack Obama ‘Deporter-in-Chief’

Reid J. Epstein, Politico, March 4, 2014

President Barack Obama has lost the nation’s largest Latino advocacy organization.

The National Council of La Raza is set to declare Obama “the deporter-in-chief” and demand that he take unilateral action to stop deportations.

NCLR, the nation’s largest Latino advocacy organization, had been the last significant progressive grass-roots immigration-reform organization publicly defending the White House immigration stance. NCLR President Janet Murguía will on Tuesday night demand Obama put a halt to his administration’s deportations.

“For the president, I think his legacy is at stake here,” Murguía said in an interview in advance of NCLR’s annual Capital Awards dinner, where she will deliver a speech lambasting Obama’s deportation policy. “We consider him the deportation president, or the deporter-in-chief.”

By April, Obama will have overseen more than 2 million deportations, activists say, far more than any previous president. Obama has insisted—including when he was interrupted by a protester—that Congress has tied his hands and he cannot reduce the number of people being deported unilaterally. Latino groups are planning a series of mass demonstrations April 5 to protest the deportations and force lawmakers to choose between criticizing Obama or facing a populist wrath.

{snip} Just three weeks ago, NCLR called for an end “to unnecessary deportations” and asked supporters to “ask Republican leadership to take a stand for family values and pass immigration reform.”


“We respectfully disagree with the president on his ability to stop unnecessary deportations,” Murguía will say during a Tuesday night speech to NCLR’s annual Capital Awards dinner, according to prepared remarks. “He can stop tearing families apart. He can stop throwing communities and businesses into chaos. He can stop turning a blind eye to the harm being done. He does have the power to stop this. Failure to act will be a shameful legacy for his presidency.”


Tuesday’s push, Murguía said, will be part of what she described as a “three-pronged” strategy. NCLR will continue to press Congress and aims to register 250,000 new Latino voters ahead of the November midterm elections.


{snip} Press secretary Jay Carney last week reiterated Obama’s position that only Congress can halt the deportations.

“The job of the executive branch is to carry out the laws that are passed by Congress,” Carney told reporters last week . “The administration has taken a series of steps to focus our resources and make immigration enforcement more strategic, including focusing on criminals and the use of deferred action for young immigrants known as Dreamers. The only permanent solution is a legislative one that would provide a broad-based path to earned citizenship, and that can only be achieved by Congress. It can’t be achieved by the president.”


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  • C’mon, Razatards. You don’t think we’re that dumb, do you?

    • So CAL Snowman

      Seriously, who thinks that La Raza is going to abandon Zero and the democratic plantation. What are they going to do, support Republican candidates?!

      “We respectfully disagree with the president on his ability to stop
      unnecessary deportations,” Murguía will say during a Tuesday night
      speech to NCLR’s annual Capital Awards dinner, according to prepared
      remarks. “He can stop tearing families apart. He can stop throwing
      communities and businesses into chaos. He can stop turning a blind eye
      to the harm being done. He does have the power to stop this. Failure to
      act will be a shameful legacy for his presidency.”

      Yes the Latinos fancy the president of the USA as a dictator above all law. Gee I wonder why sane White people want nothing to do with these psychos.

      • Who other than John Engelman actually thinks that Obama is actually deporting anyone? Obama’s problem is that his fake phony propaganda about deportations is something we can all see through, but sometimes when you lie and keep lying and keep lying, some people come to believe it. Enter the Razatards.

        And just in case anyone reading these words is new here, the reason it’s all propaganda is that Obama is counting as a “deportation” keeping a potential illegal alien from entering the country before they do. I also suspect he’s also counting as a deportation any Federally initiated civil litigation deportation attempt, knowing full well that almost all of those die somewhere in the 50 billion hoop process and rarely result in a physical removal.

        • Petronius

          Just so, QD.

          A great many aliens who attempt to enter the country illegally are stopped at the border. In these cases, they are simply turned away and go back to Mexico, a procedure that the agency historically has called “voluntary returns.” Many of these people will attempt to reenter later the same day or the following day. Each time they are stopped by the Border Patrol, it is counted as a voluntary return.

          When Big Sis took over at DHS, she ordered ICE to change the way voluntary returns are reported. They are no longer counted as returns, but instead they are now being counted as “deportations.” The purpose is to boost the regime’s deportation numbers in order to give the utterly false impression that the regime is effectively protecting the border, when in fact nothing could be further from the truth.

          Once an alien has entered the US, the only way he can legally be deported is under the decision and order by an Immigration Judge. Currently deportations are running at an all time low. This results from the “get-to-yes” policy, by threatening conscientious agency personnel with demotions or transfers, by ordering immigration inspectors to rubber stamp visa applications even when the aliens are inadmissible, by ordering DHS attorneys not to prosecute cases, by DOJ cherry picking leftists to fill new IJ positions and threatening the Old School IJs with termination unless they improve their grant numbers.

          Also note that Nerobama appointed Cecilia Munoz to run the White House Domestic Policy Council. Munoz is a former vice president of La Raza, where for 20 years she was the chief advocate for open borders. Munoz is co-author of the infamous Morton Memo and the regime’s backdoor amnesty program.

      • Corto

        Your families tear themselves apart when they go to another country without permission, on their own terms.

        If Mexican families want to stay together, why don’t they stay in Mexico? I’ve never heard that question asked, I wonder why?

        How does Mexico treat illegals in its own country? Are they seen as a powerful voting force to be pandered to at the expense of the natives? Or are they treated like the criminals that they are? And are Mexicans demonized as “racist” should they object to being displaced by criminals?

        Funny how that works.

  • borogirl54

    Even though Obama had already deported more people in his first term than the Bushes. The Latinos still campaigned for him and registered voters to vote for him.

  • The Mexicans are driven by the conviction that whites stole the entire southwestern US from them. They also believe themselves to be god’s chosen people, La Raza = The Race.

    Conviction = Mexicano power = action

    Don’t underestimate these creatures. I have lived among them for 30 years and they are indefatigible. They are also arrogant, believing themselves to be smarter than they are. Whites must exploit that arrogance to mobilize our side.

    • mobilebay

      Mexicans don’t stay in school long enough to learn about the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, if they even teach it. They prefer to believe a lot of our southwest belongs to them. I’m sure if we gave it back, those states would sink into the same third world mess as the rest of Mexico is in.

      • DudeWheresMyCountry?

        It is happening to large swaths of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Even a Mexican I have known for 25 years tells me in confidence that the SW is headed for a huge civil war. There is no other outcome to this “demographic shift.”

  • Spartacus

    Anyone wanna see some “dreamers” ?

    • Manaphy

      I guess the “Deporter-in-Cheif” couldn’t get to them soon enough….

      • sCARY sPOOK

        This pisses me off I guess they do jobs Americans won’t do.

    • Bossman

      Did these two swim across the Rio Grande?

      • Spartacus

        At least one of them did .

  • soul hunter

    When this country is again under White rule . . . . . the score will be settled with these squatters

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      When that time comes, the non-white invaders will be either deported or exterminated. Those responsible for allowing, even encouraging this 3rd world colonization of the United States must be punished.

    • Bossman

      Many of the these squatters are the close relatives of American citizens.

      • Diana Moon Glampers

        Well the squatters can go home and take their little citizens with them. I can’t understand why more people aren’t pushing for the end of birthright citizenship. That’s the only reasonable immigration reform.

  • Truthseeker

    These La Raza people are hilarious. They openly tell us they want to take over our country, that our laws mean nothing to them, that they’ll fight for members of their race right or wrong, and somehow we’re expected to treat them like some run-of-the-mill minority advocacy group. An actual nation, rather than a lowest-common-denominator empire, would have removed these pests from our midst a long time ago.

    • Nancy Thomas

      They are marxist nitwits, evil beggars looking for a handout. They should ALL be sent back to fix their own country.

    • SFLBIB

      You think these La Raza people are hilarious? Eric Holder is telling states attorneys general all over the land to ignore the various defense of marriage acts. Meanwhile, Jay Carney is telling us the administration’s hands are tied when it comes to other laws. Doesn’t anyone see what is happening?

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    I love telling Mexicans that they shouldn’t be so proud of their language and surnames. When they ask why I gleefully tell them because those are the names and the language of their overlords, their European conquerors.

    • Bossman

      And what about you? Where did you think your language came from?

      • DudeWheresMyCountry?

        Europe, where my people came from as well. You seem challenged, are you okay? Are you in the right place? Do you need help?

        • Malgus

          “Bossman” (snicker) is either an agitator or clueless… my guess is that it’s a bit of both.

  • Nancy Thomas

    We need to deport La Raza. They are filthy anti-American scum.

    • Alexandra1973

      And adapt the same shoot-on-sight policy MEXICO has!

      • Bossman

        Mexico does not have a “shoot-on-sight” policy. If they did, they could be taken to some international court of justice for gross violations of basic human rights. This is one of the fables that keeps getting repeated by anti-immigrant groups.

    • Bossman

      la Raza means the people in the Hispanic cultures. If they are not white, they are more likely to be the descendants of the first peoples of the Americas.

  • willbest

    Well somebody needed to keep up the Facade because O himself is standing on the border waving everybody across.

  • Greg Thomas

    Janet Murguía should be
    declared an enemy combatant and treated as such

    • Bossman

      She is a citizen and as such she can’t be declared an “enemy combatant.”

      • Malgus

        “NCLR President Janet Murguía will on Tuesday night demand Obama put a halt to his administration’s deportations.”

        The government of These United States have precious few duties specifically tasked to them by the Constitution. One of those duties is to protect the borders of the Republic. Another is a duty to protect the people from foreign invaders.

        By ‘demanding’ that Obongo overstep his Title II authority and attempt to over-ride the Constitution with an Executive Order, she is advocating for treason.

        Therefore, she should be considered a traitor to the Republic, suitably tried, suitably convicted and suitably shot.

  • Easyrhino1

    Can someone tell me how this treasonous organization qualifies for federal funds?

    • Alexandra1973

      I think you know that the federal government doesn’t care about the American people. Welcome to the NWO family!

  • Alexandra1973

    If Obama is Deporter-in-Chief that would be ONE thing he’s done right.

    I wish he WOULD become DiC but I’m not holding my breath.

  • PvtCharlieSlate

    If there is a God in Heaven then there has to be a special pit in the lowest, smoggyest, most sulferous circle of Hell with Jay Carney’s name on it.

    “The job of the executive branch is to carry out the laws that are passed by congress”.

    Think real hard, Jay … remember that little thing known as ObamaCare? Then go have a talk with Algonquin J. Holder.

    • Corto

      That’s not the job of the executive branch. The office of president doesn’t “carry out” laws.

      Good thing for Jay Carney the new Americans are dumber than he is.

  • IstvanIN

    Just a thought: if we ever get an American president ever again I wonder if he’ll send troops into California, like Putin did in the Crimea, and reclaim what is ours and take it back from La Raza?

    • model1911

      The more likely scenario : Eisenhower
      Dispatches Federal Troops to Enforce Desegregation . On September 24, 1957

      • Diana Moon Glampers

        I’ve never really understood the big desire of integration. Blacks were already developing a parallel system. Some of the schools were quite good. Aren’t they more comfortable amongst themselves? They want ‘culturally responsive’ education… ok so keep education within your own culture. I get it that they want what we have, but cannot achieve it, so they want us to give them ours or give them one of their own. But education is the one exception, because they were actually building a full fledged system of their own.

  • WR_the_realist

    If only this accusation was true — Obama as Great Deporter. The reality is that Obama has issued executive orders making more and more illegal aliens undeportable. But not even that is not good enough for La Raza.

  • Truth Teller

    If you want to learn about the difficulty of actually removing aliens who have been ordered deported read this book The Deporter by Ames Holbrook.
    LaRaza is a Ford Foundation front group. Interesting.

    • Katherine McChesney

      I’m not surprised as Ford also supported Hitler and the Nazi’s.

  • mobilebay

    Is there anyone or any organization left in the country that still likes Obama? He’s managed to alienate everyone. If only it were true that he is the great deporter, but we know what that’s all about. If he’d like to set a good example, he’d deport his illegal aunt and uncle who are enjoying the benefits of this give-away country.

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    In USSR 2.0 aka Amerika restaurant chains like the one named after the last work day of the week blocks Amren on their WiFi under the category of “racism and hate” but incredibly allows access to Mecha’s site, which calls for racial based takeover of the Western US. Amren should call them on this.

  • Chaz Lesniewicz

    It”s just another front on the continuing war against Whites..