Blacks Stopped More Often in Oakland, Data Show

Will Kane, San Francisco Chronicle, March 25, 2014

Nearly two-thirds of the stops made by Oakland police between April and December last year involved black people, according to data released Monday by the city in an effort to make policing practices more transparent.

Of the 14,591 stops made by police during that eight-month period, 62 percent involved black people, 17 percent were Hispanics, 12 percent were white, 6 percent were Asian and 3 percent were categorized as other race.



According to the data, traffic violations were the legal basis for 61 percent of all stops, followed by probable cause at 23 percent and reasonable suspicion at 10 percent.

African Americans had the highest percentage of stops based on probable cause and reasonable suspicion and the lowest percentage of stops for traffic violations. Asians were stopped for traffic violations 76% of the time, according to the data.

A little more than 16 percent of the stops for all races led to a felony or misdemeanor arrest, while 19 percent of black people stopped were eventually arrested. {snip}


African Americans make up about 28 percent of Oakland’s population, according to 2010 U.S. census numbers. Many experts, however, say population demographics have no legitimate relationship to who police stop.

John Burris, an Oakland civil rights attorney closely involved with reforming the Police Department, said the evidence supports community concerns that blacks are targeted by police.

“It certainly supports the notion that African Americans feel like they have been racially profiled,” Burris said.

But Burris also said there wasn’t enough context to “analyze this data to determine if there is discriminatory policing.”

Most crime happens in predominately nonwhite neighborhoods, he said. It isn’t necessarily bad that police stop more people passing through East and West Oakland, he added.

“If you have crime in the area then you have to respond to the crime,” Burris said. “But that doesn’t mean that all the stops are lawful.”


Interim Police Chief Sean Whent said it is too early to explain what the data means about Oakland police. But the department will release similar reports twice a year and will hire an outside consultant to analyze trends.


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  • thomas edward

    Blacks Stopped More Often in Oakland, Data Show,
    Is this a joke? who wood’a thunk it???

  • LovelyNordicHeidi

    African Americans make up about 28 percent of Oakland’s population, according to 2010 U.S. census numbers. Many experts, however, say population demographics have no legitimate relationship to who police stop.
    28 percent of Oakland’s population and 62% of the Oakland’s police stops. Interesting.

  • Luca

    Oakland is a lawless town, blacks are a lawless people. When you put these two features together, you will get a lot of police stops of blacks in Oakland.

    It’s just to simple for Leftists to understand.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      No doubt they also have a lot of blacks arrested, jailed and shot dead by police too.

    • MooTieFighter

      Also using this logic, I have discovered that nearly 100% of drownings occur in or near water.

  • JohnEngelman

    If black crime rates were equal to white crime rates blacks would be stopped an equal percent. It should not be dangerous to point that out, but it is.

    • They should perhaps consider keeping valid plates on their cars, not driving around shooting at people, buildings and other vehicles from their rolled-down windows, refraining from throwing trash out of their vehicles, not driving while under the influence of street-corner pharmaceuticals, and finally by growing themselves an extra 25 points of IQ.

      I must also wonder how many of these traffic stops result because their license plates match those of someone with an outstanding arrest warrant. It turns out the police can run an NCIC check on a driver by running his tags on the computer in the cop car.

  • Puggg

    It might be too early for a gelding politician-pretending-to-be-cop like Sean Whent to explain what the data means (I wonder if he’s related to Glenn Boyer) — But it’s not too early for me.

    Blacks do way more crime.

    And my doggy hunch tells me they’re not stopping blacks enough. I bet blacks in Oakland do more than 62% of all the crime.

    • Triarius

      Was just thinking the same thing. I am willing to bet blacks are stopped less in proportion to their crime rate.

  • Ograf

    Jeeze, I wonder if there is any cause and effect relationship going on here ?

  • David Ashton

    In Britain this would be cited as “proof” of continuing “institutional racism” in the police.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      Even when the police and the local bureaucracy are all-black, there is still a very high rate of black crime. Blacks evolved in a tropical environment and manifest traits that were fitness-conferring when they inhabited the jungles of Africa. However, these traits are clearly maladaptive in a modern, urban setting. Blacks do not belong in white western countries.

      • David Ashton

        Some interesting supportive quotations in Lothrop Stoddard’s “Clashing Tides of Color”. Also, more recently J.C.Carothers and J.P.Rushton.

  • r j p

    blacks wouldn’t be getting pulled over if most of them weren’t “ridin dirty”.

  • dd121

    So? Cops know who commit most of the crime. In spite of the finest leftist indoctrination money can buy, they can’t help but do just a wee bit of profiling.

  • NoMosqueHere

    Blacks are stopped more often because they commit most of the crimes. Why is this notion so controversial? Everyone knows it’s true.

    • MBlanc46

      A lot of people know it, but too many are afraid to speak the truth about it. And there are still too many who absolutely refuse to face the facts.

    • MooTieFighter

      It’s controversial to blacks, the media and a few liberal/indoctrinated whites that have never lived in the real world. That’s about it.

  • AutomaticSlim

    I worked in this hell-hole of a city for 2 years back in the early 90s.
    62% is not enough.

  • A Freespeechzone

    You can be absolutely sure that the PC policies of the Oakland Police restrict when they can stop a black—given the hard fact that blacks generally commit more crime than Whites; this assertion is merely ‘sour grapes’.

  • IstvanIN

    There was a claim that the NJ State Police stopped blacks for more traffic violations than other groups simply because they were black. Now mind you that NJ has large populations of dark-skinned Hispanics, Hindus, Pakis, etc that might appear black through a factory tint car window traveling at 50-70MPH. So they did a study where they had neutral observers and guess what? Blacks did break the law more often than any other group, including dark-skinned non-whites. Amazing, isn’t it?

    • Who Me?

      Facts, schmacts–the po-po beez wasisss!

  • negrolocaust

    asians are crap drivers. blacks are criminals.

    • NoMosqueHere

      Asians are rude drivers. They will never give you a break on the road, such as if you need to cut in front of them to make a turn. They just pretend you don’t exist.

    • IstvanIN

      Asians are oblivious. They will just sit in the passing lane at 45mph when the speed limit is 65.

      • dd121

        I used to think the idea that Asians were the worst drivers was just a stereotype. But my god I’ve witnessed it too many times. There must be a gene or two that make them horrible drivers.

        • I’ve taught my wife pretty well, but one of the neighbors – who learned to drive in Thailand – lived down to most of the stereotypes in this respect.

          • Who Me?

            You taught your wife to drive and the two of you are not divorced–amazing!

          • On a manual-transmission, no less!

          • dd121

            My wife (who is white) could never master the many complex moves to make a car go forward with a manual transmission. 🙂

          • I had already been to federal prison and was off supervision by then, and somewhere along the line I acquired this strange, patient streak I always needed.

            It suits me well, which is why I asked the mods to let Spartacus back and also don’t get involved in the – let’s say “other” interpersonal politics here. My wife and daughter are out of town for the next week, so I spent lots of time today finishing up the molds for more fishing lures. One is probably finished and might be OK, so I made a through-wire (all the eyes connected on one wire) out of 4mm thick wire, I oxyfuel welded the eyes closed. It is now in the mold with 2-part hobby resin hardening around it and nonstick cooking spray in the mold with it.

            Where do I get the 4mm single-strand wire? Those annoying advertising signs that companies place everywhere! I have been taking them home for years. The signs are foam and sit on wire stands. I slice up the foam, trash that and keep the wire.

            Patience is what I needed all along.

            The really difficult lesson for anyone to learn is that the clutch must be let out slowly, and this is not a natural reflex for people.

        • Max

          Same here, I see ’em driving through town like a 9 y.o. and finally one night, some chinglish-speaking guy ran a light and blasted into the side of my wife’s car full of kids. Ironically, a bunch of black folks were coming out of church (that part of town) and witnessed the accident and told the cop(s) what took place. At least the guy had insurance, unlike the Mexicans around here.

  • Reverend Bacon

    John Burris is a parasitic lawyer who would have said that no matter what the data
    said. But I think it’s clear that blacks aren’t being stopped nearly in proportion to their contribution to the crime rate.

    What is interesting, and helps prove that they under-stop blacks, is the obfuscatory statistic they give at the end as an afterthought: “A little more than 16 percent of the stops for all races led to a felony or misdemeanor arrest, while 19 percent of black people stopped were eventually arrested.” This doesn’t sound nearly as dramatic as it is. You don’t need to be a math major to follow this:

    Blacks arrested (meaning they were criminals and it was a very good stop): 19% of 62% of 14,591 = 1,719 blacks arrested [all of this is given in the article, except the multiplication step]

    Total arrested: =16% of 14,591 = 2,335 arrested.[ditto above; just multiplication] This says that of all those criminals found, 1,719 of 2,335 or 74% were blacks. So blacks were overrepresented in the set of criminals. Surprise. If the cops had simply pulled over blacks for bogus reasons, one would presume that there would be fewer of them that were criminals. If you do more math, you’ll find that a stopped black was 71% more likely to be a criminal than a stopped non-black. My guess is that most of the
    other criminality was hidden in the other criminal demographic, but they don’t
    give enough data to make that conclusion.

    So it shows they’re stopping non-blacks (probably whites) too much, not the other way around.

    • Hallie Eva [formerly IDNM]

      Driving while black is reasonable cause in my neck of the woods.
      Thugs from Oakland cruise through here casing the neighborhoods for an open garage door, bicycles in the yard, packages left by UPS. Anything that is not nailed down.

      • When it comes to UPS packages, we’re off the hook, as I’m home during the days, but another trick the perps like is to cruise around nicer neighborhoods just after Christmas. When they see packaging from expensive consumer goods put out as trash, they know where to go for their burglaries. Always break down the boxes and recycle them if you can. If recycling is inconvenient, there are the alternatives of burning them in the fireplace or breaking them down small with a box-cutter and then bagging the pieces.

        • IKE

          Why don’t you run over a black kids bike in your car?
          Because it might be yours.

          • Who Me?

            For any of you out there that might have bikes to get pinched , and assuming the police in your locale actually DO something about it, here’s a tip. When you first buy the bike, loosen one of the the hand grips and insert a small piece of paper, (enclosed in a waterproof covering) with your name, address and date of purchase written on it in indelible ink. Replace the grip. If (when) it is stolen there is proof positive that it belongs to you.

          • Instead of paper, one could always use white sheet-plastic can-liner material and a permanent black “Sharpie” pen.

          • Who Me?

            I suppose one could, but I never thought of that as we don’t buy canned stuff ourselves. Anything canned is what we have home-canned ourselves…

          • Who Me?

            Oh wait-just reread that, you mean the white garbage bag and write on it–kk can do that…

        • Hallie Eva [formerly IDNM]

          Thanks, MCS.
          All over it. You have never seen such maniacal shredding as goes on in this house.
          I am home all day now, too. It feels so good.

      • IKE

        Why do White folks go to //egro garage sales?
        To get their stuff back.

        What did the Alabama sherriff call the //egro who had been shot 15 times?
        Worst case of suicide he had ever seen.

        How do you starve a //egro?
        Hide his welfare check in his work boots

        • Hallie Eva [formerly IDNM]

          You are bad, Ike. LOL!

    • Max

      Stop it with all of that evil, white trickinology.

  • Sloppo

    If black majority communities were typically as clean, safe and civilized as white communities then perhaps it seem unfair for blacks to be suspected of crime more often than whites.

  • MooTieFighter

    All the debates, all the statistics, all the denials, all the justifications. None of it matters. The bottom line is blacks disproportionately commit more violent crime. Blacks disproportionately use more government financial programs. Blacks are disproportionately the greatest threat to the safety, sovereignty, and financial strength of America.

  • MooTieFighter

    Also using this logic, I have discovered that nearly 100% of drownings occur in or near water.

  • Who Me?

    If you know your sign-in name, you should be able to put that in and click on the “lost password” and they’ll send it to your email addy.

  • Who Me?

    They run the plates and the car belongs to an 82 year old white widow, but is being driven by a 23 year old black thug…that is racial profiling.
    They have a BOLO for a black male who just gunned down 3 innocent schoolgirls on their way to church, driving a blue hooptie with 27 inch spinners. A blue hooptie with 27 inch spinners, driven by a black man goes flying across the intersection ahead, against the lights, going 68 in a 35…don’t stop him, that’s racial profiling.
    A cop knows that the city is (presumably) 68% white, but he also knows 68% of the crime is committed by blacks…but using his knowledge, common sense and the law of averages…equals racial profiling.

    • I’m sure the Afritards don’t understand that cops can run NCIC checks from insider their cars because computers are racist, gnome sayin?

      • Who Me?

        See, Rakim, it’s like this bro. Computers works like nyqqars does, garbage in means garbage out, ya gnomesayin?

      • Max

        The Nigerians seem to have figured out white Al Gore’s internet.

        • Of course, but they think there’s a white Leprechaun with a pot of gold at the end of the internet rainbow.

  • Who Me?

    Libtards whine louder, while the rest of us merely groan under the burden of our “White Guilt” We once knew that “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.” When did we forget this, and when will we remember it? Start some whining of our own–loudly.

  • dcc2379

    Blacks also are accused of murder more. Suspended from school more. Accused of rape more. Leave DNA on and in crime scenes more. Caught on tape with a band of brothers pillaging more. All like Obama’s son, innocent I say. The vestiges of slavery, something most students know more about than the Constitution or George Washington, are the causes.

  • leftists are delusional

    When you as a group commit far more crime than other groups, it can only shock an idiot when you as a group have more interaction with law enforcement.