Report: 125,000 Immigrants Given Deferred Action Eligible for Medi-Cal

Soumya Karlamangla, Los Angeles Times, February 25, 2014

A new report shows that as many as 125,000 young California immigrants may qualify for an expansion of Medi-Cal, the state’s Medicaid program.

The Affordable Care Act bars insurance subsidies and enrollment in the Medicaid expansion for undocumented immigrants, but a wrinkle in California rules does offer coverage for those with “deferred action status.”

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program was created by President Obama in 2012 to grant immigrants who came to the country illegally as children–sometimes called Dreamers–legal status and work authorization for two-year periods.

Laurel Lucia, a policy analyst at the UC Berkeley Labor Center and author of the report released Tuesday, said California is one of the few states that lets youth with deferred action status enroll in Medicaid.


The report found that 154,000 people in California had been granted the status as of December 2013. About 81%, or 125,000, are eligible for Medi-Cal based on their annual income, which has to be less than $15,850 for an individual.


There’s no data about how many have signed up for Medi-Cal, but the fear of deportation for themselves or family members has probably kept many from enrolling, Lucia said. Federal authorities have said they will not use information provided to determine healthcare eligibility to pursue immigrants in the country illegally.

Diane Vanette, a volunteer with OneLA who screens people at Obamacare enrollment events, recently informed a couple with deferred action status that they were both eligible for Medi-Cal.

“He was shocked, she was shocked,” Vanette said.

This issue illustrates the complexities in expanding coverage to the state’s large uninsured Latino population. About 82% of DACA-eligible Californians are Latino, according to the report.

The Covered California exchange has been criticized for failing to connect with the state’s Latino population, and for not getting Latinos to sign up in greater numbers. Covered California said last week it would spend $8.2 million through March on Spanish-language advertising, up 73% from spending in fourth quarter.


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  • dd121

    California’s bankrupt. Next.

    • D.B. Cooper

      49 more to go. the cancer will come to your area soon, it it’s not already there.

    • dd121

      DB I have no idea why your comment was removed.

  • Back in 65 the Mamas and Papas sang “California Dreamin'” What was once a beautiful dream is now a third world nightmare, taxing the white middle class so they have to leave. The Beach Boys sang “I wish they all could be California girls” Well, that third world mystery meat in a bikini or a burka or a sombrero is a California girl. The Beach Boys got their wish, dammit.

    • So CAL Snowman

      Well Muslim girls are hip I really dig the burkas they wear/
      And the guatemalan girls with the way they look, they make want to throw up in my beer

      The central american farmer’s daughters really make me want to cry/
      And the Mexican girls with the way they waddle, they keep me worshipping White women at night

      I wish they all could be California girls.

    • Tarczan

      I can’t tell you how many times I think of the same thing. What was once a dreamland is now a festering Brazil-like hell hole.

    • IstvanIN

      Funny thing is I love “California Girls”, but now, whenever I hear it, it makes me sad because I know it refers to ancient history.

      • itdoesnotmatter

        I find more fitting Jim Morrison and the Doors’, “The End.”

  • So CAL Snowman

    “There’s no data about how many have signed up for Medi-Cal, but the
    fear of deportation for themselves or family members has probably kept
    many from enrolling, Lucia said. ”

    Oh please, these mexicans are not scared in the least about being deported and they can’t speak a lick of English, however if you get stuck behind one at the pharmacy you can bet your last dollar they can say “Medi-Cal” when asked how they will be “paying” for their prescriptions. This state is such a ridiculous joke. Lucky for me I enjoy a good comedy.

    • Greg Thomas

      That’s right. Illegal invading mexicans have no fear whatsoever of being deported. They are living “out of the shadows,” loud, obnoxious, militant and demanding. They know perfectly well their odds of being deported are about the same as winning the lotto. In a sense, they have already won the lotto as soon as they step foot in this country, while tax paying Americans are left to pay for the tickets.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    Mass 3rd world immigration has “enriched” California with more crime, more poverty, more unemployment, more traffic congestion, more overcrowding, more pollution, lower wages and a lower standard of living. If nothing is down about mass 3rd world immigration now, the whole country will look like California and worse. When politicians speak of the “cultural enrichment” that comes with ethnic diversity, what they really mean to say is “third worldization”.

    • Max

      Another mystery of the left is why these “environmentally concerned citizens” have no problem with these mud-hutters moving in with their diseases and invasive species while putting a huge additional demand on water and waste treatment systems and all of the added pollution and consumption. Only white population seems to harm Gaia or whatthehellever they call it now.

      Someone from California please check in.

      • Pro_Whitey

        I think you got it. Whether it is called “civil rights”, “environmentalism”, or something else, it really is a leftist attack against whites.

      • itdoesnotmatter

        Life long California resident checking in.
        California is dying a Third World Death, even upscale counties are feeling it, thanks to wealth distribution efforts of the liberal Left. For example, how about tony Marin County?
        Went into San Rafael Walgreen’s. Could not find item I needed, asked several shelf stocking clerks, not one spoke English. Niece and I were the only shoppers in the aisles speaking English to each other.
        Multiple Mexican restaurants are on each block. Along the sidewalks, pregnant women pushing baby trollies, four or five kids tagging along. Often husband too during the day; they do not have to work. Housing them, and other varieties of vibrant mystery meats, block after block of once Yuppie occupied apartment buildings, now subsidized rentals. Beautiful Mt. Tamalpais looms on the horizon. Who cares about the view now?
        And, sprawling Hamilton Air Force base in Novato, Marin Co., was decommissioned, leveled. In its place, row upon row of high density stack and pack housing for notoriously crime ridden Marin City resettled sec 8 occupants [all black and mestizo] who roam at large, prey on locals.
        Do not let me commence about blighted Alameda, Northern Contra Costa, Solano Counties and the Sacramento Valley. Everywhere you go, in villages large, small, and in between, no matter how rural or remote, browns, yellows, and resettled urban blacks are filling up the North state.
        And, the overwhelmed social security office, social services, E.R. Departments, schools with non English speaking kids entering various grades, jobs now requiring bilingual ability.
        To name just a few. As intended by the NWO Left, we are sinking into a leveled state of misery.

        • Max

          Paradise lost.

          • itdoesnotmatter

            We are lost, it is too late to undo what has been done.
            Take heed, California is but a preview of coming attractions for the entire nation.
            It is not guess work. Where there are Mexicans, there is Mexico and all that entails. Where there are Aztlans, there are Central and South American primitives. Where there are Hmongs, there are tribal Cambodians, Laotians, gangs, and 12 year old brides. Where there are blacks, African or domestic, there is Mogadishu. And so it goes.
            Euros and browns, blacks and yellows do not mix well.
            “They” are killing us.

          • dd121

            I’m so sorry for you and your state.

        • dd121

          “They paved paradise…and put up a third world country”.

          • itdoesnotmatter

            dd, there remain wealthy White enclaves in a few scattered counties, but even they have to leave home once in a while.

  • Spartacus

    Yeah, because they’re not sucking your money fast enough…