Malmö Somalis Suffer Integration ‘Black Hole’

The Local, January 31, 2014

Somali immigrants in Malmö are “stuck in a trap” due to a dire local job market, creating overcrowding and low self-confidence, a new report said on Friday. Researchers urged city hall, and pensioners, to address the problem.

The Open Society Foundation published the report as part of a broader look at the Somali diaspora in Europe. It found that 80 percent of Somalis in Sweden’s third largest city are out of work.

“Somalis are falling into a black hole in Malmö because they can’t get jobs,” report author Benny Carlsson of the Lund School of Economics and Management at Lund University told The Local. “(They don’t get) opportunities to practice Swedish and meet Swedes, and are forced to live in crowded flats.”

The situation fostered, Carlsson said, a “diminished overall sense of self-worth”.

The report said Malmö authorities were not reaching out enough with the Somali community, with new arrivals not getting enough information to help them find work.

“Coming from a country with a very different economic and social structure has left many Somalis at a disadvantage when entering the job market in Sweden,” Nazia Hussain, director of the Open Society Foundations’ At Home in Europe project, said in a statement.

On average, Somalis who move to Malmö have a lower education level than Somali immigrants in Stockholm, Carlsson noted. In Stockholm, 40 percent of Somalis have jobs–double the Malmö rate.

“Things are going better for Somalis in Stockholm than for those in Malmö,” Carlsson said, but he added that Stockholm had a more buoyant job market. “There are more new arrivals in Malmö and they are competing for fewer jobs.”

Referring to the report, Carlsson pointed out several positive findings. Among them, that Somalis value Malmö’s religious tolerance, diversity, and relatively low cost of living.

“Most Somalis generally feel pretty safe and secure about having their home in Malmö,” he said.

But the city’s Somali population faces a number of related hurdles, he added. It can be difficult for newly arrived Somalis and other immigrants to find their way in the often all-encompassing and highly-compartmentalized Swedish bureaucracy.

“New arrivals need help with all sorts of things. They often don’t know where to turn to get things fixed,” he said, underlining that it wasn’t just about the language barrier. “Many of the concepts and authorities are new too.”

Carlsson said it was important to provide more information in languages other than Swedish.

“There’s no point in sending a five-page letter in Swedish informing them about an appointment,” he said.

More Somali community-based organizations could also serve as a port of call for new arrivals, and could help its own staff develop leadership skills, which would serve them in future.

“Helping people start businesses can also help develop more leaders and role models. It takes a few to get things going, and then others will follow and provide hope,” Carlsson said. “That allows them to break this vicious cycle.”

The report also suggested working with existing businesses and institutions to make sure the Somalis don’t fall foul of discrimination. Some would-be employers might consider easing language requirements for certain jobs, for example.

Malmö Deputy Mayor Andreas Schönström, who is responsible for employment and secondary education, welcomed the report, saying that it offered “new insights”.

“I am convinced we are on the right track here in Malmö, but believe there is room to improve our policies,” he said.

Lund researcher Carlsson went a step further, saying that not only city hall but the man on the street could help out. Especially the old man on the street. Getting Sweden’s burgeoning population of retired baby boomers to do volunteer work could do just the trick, he argued.

“They’ve had good careers, are well-connected, know how things work, and have a lot more time on their hands,” Carlsson said. “They don’t just want to play golf, but are still interested in being engaged. Helping immigrants could be a great win-win volunteer opportunity.”

Even a bit of less formal socializing could go a long way, he added.

“It’s a common view among Somalis that Swedes are polite and friendly, but they are hard to get to know,” he said. “If you have Somali neighbours, invite them to dinner.”

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  • D.B. Cooper

    I remember this Swede. I suspect most of you up in Scandinavia either forgot all about her, or never knew who she was. Quit listening to ABBA and do something!

    • bubo

      Seems she was thoroughly enriched. I believe the enricher was an “American” of Somali descent.

      • Magician

        Or just American

    • Jesse James

      All I know is that I have already had more “integration” than I can stand.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        And therefore the solution is…

        To import MORE uneducated Somalis. What happened to once fair, intelligent Sweden?

        Oh, Somalis!

    • 48224

      I noticed he has an “N” on his jacket. How nice.

    • jeffaral

      I really don’t feel sorry if idiotic Swedes are victimised: They chose to open their borders to the refuse of the world. The same applies to other European nations.

    • Magician

      Her name is Elin Krantz. Elin is also the first name of the Swedish ex wife of Tiger Woods. I would not be surprised if the criminal is already out in public, still receiving his regular social welfare checks every month.

  • Nicholas

    Actually, they are all employed. Being black is a full time job, you see. It is funny how the Jews are paying Africans to leave Israel, and white nations are paying Africans to live in their countries.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      And you blame the Jews for paying them to leave? And not the non-Jews for paying them to come?

      How about Whites for once blaming ourselves correctly for paying them to come in and pollute our pools? We’re such weak victims I suppose.

      Thank God for the Jews or we might have to blame ourselves!

      • Long Live Dixie

        Jews say they are leading the effort for a non-European Europe. I’ll take their word for it.

        That doesn’t mean liberal Europeans are blameless, either.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          “Jews say they are leading the effort for a non-European Europe. I’ll take their word for it.”

          I get the fact that many Jews are crypto-Marxist parasites just like many non Jews. I also get that not all are. Anything a little more specific?

  • Jesse James

    Send them all back to Somolia, they might fit in better there.

  • Open Society Foundation = Soros.

    They can solve this integration black hole by moving back to Somalia. But on the way, they could swing by Minneapolis and take some of their co-racialists back with them.

    • Mahound

      Soros should be chucked into the Black Hole of Calcutta and have the hole sealed with concrete until the end of time.

    • jeffaral

      Soros is a member of God’s chosen people, therefore if you are a good Christian you should unconditionally support him and God’s people.

  • bubo

    Somalis might as well have landed on another planet. The difference between Sweden and Somalia is as big as can get on earth.

    Imagine if someone from dark ages Britain got transported through time and landed in modern day Tokyo. That’s what this madness is like.

    • Long Live Dixie

      “Dark ages Britain” is right now.

    • The Final Solution

      Encino Man.

    • SoulInvictus

      This is what I don’t understand. Race completely aside, why would any first world country think it desirable to mass immigrate backwards people from war torn regions? I will never understand how they/we don’t foresee the massive problems that would naturally ensue from doing this. That should be logic that even libs have a hard time arguing against.

  • sbuffalonative

    If you go to the link, you’ll see that the comments have been shut down. Before they were, one person replied to a comment about posts disappearing, Oh, I see, you are new here. Welcome to Sweden! 😉.

    There are links to other immigration stories and there are no comments allowed.

    Other stories not dealing with immigrants are still open to comments even after 10 days.

    Could anything be more clear? No discussion (dissent) allowed.

  • 48224

    Hey Swedish people….ever hear of pathological altruism? You are drunk on political correctness. Take a good long look at Detroit, that’s your future unless you sober up.

    • Rhialto

      I disagree. Pathological altruism would be sending massive aid to Africa. What the Swedes are suffering from is social insanity: dödslängtan for the Swedishly enabled.

      If the Swedes wanted to help the Somalis, the logical method would be to provide aid to them in Somalia. The Swedish government and private entities could set up schools, medical facilities, subsidized/free food outlets, etc. This would do far more for Somalis then bringing a small percentage to Sweden, and treating them like normal Swedish citizens.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        No it wouldn’t. The aid sent there now only enables them to reproduce more and they do not have the average IQ to do anything with such aid, in the long run, beyond enriching a few corrupt warlords.

        If Sweden or any other still sort of White nation wants to help their enemies in Africa, the best they could do would be to quarantine that hell hole and take a page from the “prime directive” of the Federation in Star Trek and…

        Take that wasted money and use it to improve life for those who can sustain advanced civilization. Build space colonies and leave the parasitical undermen behind and below.

        • SoulInvictus

          This is my thought when I hear the ads asking for money to dig wells in Africa. A. Why aren’t you helping the poor in your own country instead? Not like we have a shortage of that here.
          B. If you haven’t developed well and aqueduct technology in 2014… there is simply no hope for you so why bother.

  • bubo

    Jesse Jackson spoke in Sweden and told the Swedes that they were a rich society built on the backs of black slaves and that to make amends they must become multicultural.

    Instead of laughing and walking away they cheered. Most insane thing I’ve seen.

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      Tell me this isn’t true.

    • Long Live Dixie

      Sweden is home to some of the most liberal, self-hating, and naïve whites in the entire world. But it also has one of the largest and best organised nationalist movements in western Europe. Go to Youtube and type in “Swedish Resistance Movement”.

      • Ray

        Maybe all that dragon hunting tired them out.

    • guest

      How disgusting. Those Swedes who cheered for that are obviously part of the “comfortably numb” club, where they don’t have the guts to speak out against hate-filled and manipulating liars like Jesse Jackson. Sweden has nothing to “make amends” for and the one thing they don’t need now is to become more multicultural.

  • Kronolog

    It should be noted that “employed” is unlikely to equal “productive” in the case of Somali immigrants. Some are employed by the social offices or police as interpreters; Many are employed as personal assistants, caring for some – presumably – disabled family member; Some are employed, but have up to 80% of their salary subsidised by the state.

    Of course given the feeble intelligence, widespread khat usage and laziness which characterizes the average Somali, it would be pointless to expect the situation to change.

  • bigone4u

    This must be a joke. Somalis in Sweden reminds me of the old Geico cavemen commercials, but the cavemen were far more adept at adopting to modern life than these stone age creatures. The article is satire, right? Somebody please tell me that there are not stone age creatures living in Sweden. Please …

  • Luca

    What is the great mystery? They went there for welfare, not jobs and the crowded flats they live in now are 100 times better than the mud huts they left behind.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      There is absolutely no economic justification for the mass immigration of Somalis to Sweden. Their low intelligence, low future time orientation and high level of impulsiveness virtually guarantees that they’ll be lifetime wards of the state. The only justification for Somalis being in Sweden is ideological. Someone hates the Swedes and wants to see their once prosperous and stable society reduced to a heap of third world rubble.

      • Talltrees

        “There is absolutely no economic justification for the mass immigration of Somalis to Sweden.”
        or here.

      • Luca

        Short-sighted (or should I say “blind”) Liberal politicians think this is the benevolent thing to do for humanitarian reasons and that it will simultaneously import more taxpayers to maintain the socialist economic model.

        Socialist programs, (Ponzi schemes) cannot exist without a large productive working class pumping money into the tax coffers to feed a smaller population of beneficiaries. The problem arises when that larger population becomes the beneficiaries. It’s a vicious cycle that requires ever larger working populations and ultimately ends in collapse. (See the USSR).

        This irony is, this socialist problem-solving concept is not very humanitarian to the native Swedish population as it increases crime and taxes and decreases the quality of life.

        Furthermore, the politicians have only succeeded in importing sub-Saharans who become a drag on society and not the asset they hypothesized they would be..

  • Spartacus

    “…Open Society Foundations’ At Home in Europe project…”


    One of George Soros’ pet projects in Europe… Can anyone guess what he has in common with this “woman” ?

    • Luca

      How much effort has she invested in importing Somalis to Israel?

    • Lagerstrom

      A horrible ‘spectre’ she surely be.

    • William Krapek

      After we finally pull our heads out of our nether regions, this is the first woman I’m going to want hunted down and strung up from the nearest pole.

      • Spartacus

        The Day of the Rope is coming…

    • Erasmus

      She is a big reason I want Tel Aviv to be the new Mogadishu and Jerusalem to be the new Kampala. What’s sauce for the goose must be sauce for the gefilte fish.

    • Long Live Dixie

      This image needs to be spread far and wide on the internet.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      “….Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural.”
      Talk about ‘projection’.
      Where the H3LL is that mandate written??

  • freddy_hills

    Perhaps they should be repatriated. Nor should they have any choice in the matter. After all, the Swede’s weren’t given a choice in them coming there in the first place.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    Leftists create the problem by welcoming into their nations scores of immigrants who are a poor fit for that society. Then, when the obvious poor fit results in social isolation (generally self-imposed by the immigrant group) and unemployment (because the immigrant group lacks the skills, intelligence, and language to succeed), the Leftists blame the native citizens for discriminating. It’s the same process throughout the West. It’ll never end until those who oppose Leftists make it end. The entrenched political Leftist (to be distinguished from the typical Useful Idiot) will never admit the folly of his way because, to him, it’s not folly. Instead, it’s an intentional means by which to topple a system and a nation.

  • bilderbuster

    They can’t get jobs in Sweden?
    What ever made anyone think they could?
    Making enough to get by & a night on the town once in a while in Somalia means being able to pick maggots off your stolen meat & a casual rape afterwards.

    Those aren’t considered job skills in Sweden.
    Somalis are the most vile & disgusting creatures to ever walk on two legs.

    What kind of a sick people hates Swedes so much that they would want to do this to them?
    Sweden has beautiful people & a lovely country & they don’t bother anyone.

    • Rosenmops

      Afghanis pretty much tie with Somalis for most vile. Just saying.

      • Bantu_Education

        Aside from the exceptions. Just saying.

        Yalda Hakim (Afghanistan)

        • AndrewInterrupted

          Maybe she’s got some European/Kurdish blood?

  • Diana Moon Glampers

    The situation fostered, Carlsson said, a “diminished overall sense of self-worth”.

    Diminished self-worth. Wow.
    I am sure that raping a few blonde women will help boost their self-worth.

    • John Ulfsson

      “Diminished sense of self-worth.”

      I call bullsh*t. Blacks have the most highly inflated egos of any racial group I’ve experienced. It seems to come with a low IQ and a diminished capacity for self-reflection.

      Trashing that young Swedish boy’s ancestors, heritage, history, race and country and burdening him with guilt might have an impact on self-worth though.

      • Erasmus

        I no longer give chit about the welfare of 3rd worlders. Let them stay in their rat hole countries. Let all the sob sisters who want to bring them here live with them.

        The only place I want to see any more Somalis is on the news or Nat-Geo.

  • obot

    Just about any race would fare better than an African in a civilized nation.

  • obot

    He would rather kill an innocent Swede than himself

  • dd121

    Please, help me, I just can’t stop the tears.

  • Irishgirl

    So according to Benny Carlsson, Somalis “are forced to live in crowded flats.”

    Well, no, actually they are free to leave Sweden at any time.

    • John Ulfsson

      “Somalis are forced to live in crowded flats.”

      Them being anywhere in a first world white society, even a gutter, is a tremendous privilege to them. Not only do the Swedes have to let them in, but they have to wait on them hand and feet while they misbehave? You’ve got to be kidding me.

      • AndrewInterrupted

        I notice in the video provided, that the main Somali character speaks of being displaced and sent into chaos after NATO struck Libya. If we had left the dictator in power, Sweden wouldn’t be stuck with the aftermath.

  • bilderbuster

    If someone got him to the British embassy they could set him up with a change of clothes & he could be mistaken as a tourist.
    I like to imagine all Somalis in present day Sweden being transported to Dark Ages Sweden & being hacked to pieces on sight.

  • Long Live Dixie

    “If you have Somali neighbours, invite them to dinner.”

    Most people would prefer their daughters not be raped by dinner guests.

    • sbuffalonative

      Invite them to dinner? So they can case the place?

      • The Final Solution

        They wouldn’t bother casing the place – that would imply some level of intelligence. They would just rape and murder everyone impulsively in anticipation of some perceived offense and call it self-defense.

    • Lagerstrom

      This clown ‘Benny’ completely re-defines the term ‘imbecile.’

    • Magician

      First of all Somalis are muslims and therefore they cannot eat any meat to begin with. And consequently it will be quite a challenge to prepare a satisfying meal for both the guests and the host.

      • SaggyGenes

        The hosts would probably become the meal.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    “Carlsson said it was important to provide more information in languages other than Swedish.

    “There’s no point in sending a five-page letter in Swedish informing them about an appointment,” he said.”

    It disgusts me that this…language thing has spread to Sweden too. The Swedes are trying to give the Somalis free stuff, but the Somalis can’t accept because they refuse to learn basic Swedish!

    And this is supposed to be a serious problem facing Sweden today? Ha.

  • JDInSanD

    “80 percent of Somalis in Sweden’s third largest city are out of work.”

    This just in – 90%of Somalis in Somalia are out of work.

    Side Note – The movie Captain Philips is pretty good at making the Somali pirates look really dumb but it also allows them to explain that they are actually fisherman who are forced to become pirates because the rich countries took all their fish.

  • The Final Solution

    Note the rhetoric of “oppression” – “forced to live in crowded flats”, “can’t get jobs”, “they don’t get opportunities to practice Swedish”, “not getting enough information”, “at a disadvantage”….nothing is their responsibility. They are just victims reacting to external forces.

    • MBlanc46

      Pretty good until the last sentence, which should read, “Let’s go down to the welfare office”.

  • The Final Solution

    Blacks are perpetually in need of help from whites. The white man’s burden. They are like children – they can’t do anything on their own.

  • The Final Solution

    Somalia is one of those countries that has an unemployment rate higher than an employment rate. If I remember right, their unemployment rate is over 90%. They have no concept of work. They do not know how to work. They have no desire to work. But of course none of that has anything to do with their situation in Sweden. No, it’s the evil Swedes just holding the noble negro back. Not allowing them to speak Swedish even, as if any Somalis were even capable of learning the language. Forcing them to live in flats just reminds them of the slave ships.

  • MBlanc46

    They probably have just about the amount of feelings of self-worth as they deserve. Let them go back to Somalia, where they’ll be average. Unemployed, but average.

  • NM156

    This will not end well.

    • Lagerstrom

      It won’t end well for any country where this is currently happening. Imagine, one, two, or three centuries time from now?

  • DaveMed

    Scandinavian countries need to slash their entitlements and welfare states now.

    Honestly – sometimes it feels like we are attempting the equivalent of urging a man on the ledge to not jump.

  • LHathaway

    When you have a white woman supporting you, why work?

  • WR_the_realist

    The obvious solution: Send the Somalians back to Somalia.

    What is obviously happen: Anything but that.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Those sickening dupes selling their nation out make me want to puke. Where’s that Norwegian fellow when you need him?

  • JackKrak


  • shmo123

    Ok, let me see if I got this right. You allow someone from a rat hole like Somalia to move to Sweden, and find that their resume consists of herding goats, dealing khat or being a pirate. Then you wonder why they’re not employable. Poor dears. No wonder it’s hard on their self-esteem.

  • Magician

    Does stable and peaceful East Asian countries take refugees from Somalia by several thousands annually just the way Nordic countries do?

    Why do I never hear those “hey look how advanced we are” “we are the model minority” “Look at our IQ” East Asian countries ever take Somali refugees?

  • My oh my, where do I even start?…

    “Somali immigrants in Malmö are “stuck in a trap”….”

    > No, they are free to leave the trap at any time and head back to Somalia.

    “Researchers urged city hall, and pensioners, to address the problem”….

    > So I guess they are urging the Swedish people to halt this madness getting worse by supporting nationalist groups?….

    “It found that 80 percent of Somalis in Sweden’s third largest city are out of work…..”

    > So why are they still allowed to be there? And why are still more coming and being allowed to come?

    “(They don’t get) opportunities to practice Swedish and meet Swedes, and are forced to live in crowded flats.”…

    > They are not forced to live in Sweden, they can head back home at any time. The Swedes may not have wanted them, they have nothing in common with them, they may not want to get involved with them – and it is hardly the Swedes fault if the Somalis are “not being able to practice Swedish” in their own time.

    “The report said Malmö authorities were not reaching out enough with the Somali community, with new arrivals not getting enough information to help them find work…..”

    > The Malmo authorities seem to be reaching all the way to Somalia and dealing with all their issues on arrival, so I think that is reaching quite far enough for a Northern European nation.

    If 80% of the existing arrivals are not in work and not able to get the “means” to gain work, why on Earth are they even discussing “new arrivals”?

    In such a situation, there should be NO new arrivals and a reverse flow of the existing arrivals!

    ““Most Somalis generally feel pretty safe and secure about having their home in Malmö,” he said….”

    > And how safe and secure do the Swedes feel about their home, their country. How safe will their children be in one or two generations time if this madness continues?

    As usual the whole argument is back to front, and not surprisingly, it is orientated around more state intervention, more programmes, more more more…….more business for the nation wreckers, more work and self praise for the liberals, more of all the usual nonsense.

  • Erasmus

    The situation fostered, Carlsson said, a “diminished overall sense of self-worth”.

    Who writes this merde? Who needs comedy when we’ve got real life?

  • antiquesunlight

    That video makes me want to puke.

    • 48224

      From Vikings to a bunch of black arse kissing, PC fools.

  • Katherine McChesney

    “Reverend” Jackson.

    That makes me want to throw up. He’s anything BUT a reverend. Blacks don’t attend Seminary. All of them consider themselves ‘reverends’. Even the women. Makes a mockery of Christianity.

  • sbuffalonative

    I’m still waiting for the feminists to speak out on Muslim mistreatment of women. They’ll attack Catholic schools and hospitals for not proving ‘health care’ for women but they won’t speak out about Muslims murdering women.

  • Truth Teller

    Those ‘crowded flats” are all goverment housing projects. They are 2 bedrooms meant for Swedes who have 1 or at most 2 children. The planners never thought there would be 8 adults and 10 children in a 800 sq ft 2 bedroom flat.

  • Truth Teller

    Yet the Somalis prefer their “crowded” 20 percent of the welfare check flats with hot and cold water, toilets, free heat and electricity to a brush hut 10 feet from the latrine trench in Somalia

  • Magician

    The solution is very simple. Why not encourage Somalis to go back to Somalia? Why live in a land where they are not happy. Swedish government should also agree to pay for their airfare if they choose to go back to Somalia.

  • Truth Teller

    Sweden is lost. Ever read books by Swedish best selling author Henning Mankell? His hero is Kurt a homicide detective in a town of about 100,000 whch has an incredibly high murder rate for a town that size in Sweden. The victims are all in their 90’s. As Kurt investigates, all turn out to have been part of a nazi movement in Sweden back during WW2 and before. The nazi movement is still going very very strong and about to massacre every african in Sweden. Only Kurt can stop these neo nazis from taking over the country. He has a daughter who of course dates a black african medical student.
    The whole premise of every book is that millions of Swedes are nazis, the nazi movement was strong during WW2 and has been growing every since.
    He is the best selling author. So Swedes must be buying his anti Swede propaganda. Or else the Swedish equivalent of Morris Dees or Abe Foxman is buying the books by the thousands to make it appear Mankell is a best selling author. That old boot legger Joe Kennedy used to do it with his son’s books.

  • Magician

    If a white Swedish male physically hurts an African refugee or immigrant he might be facing some jail time no matter what the situation or context is

    Some ridiculous things I read about Sweden – it is illegal for Swedish women to carry weapons or pepper spray cans. ( meaning it is illegal for them to carry objects to help defend themselves if they are physically or sexually attacked. However, I agree that women can simply carry a weapon and use it and simply insist that she didn’t use it when faced with questions )

    It is illegal to install and/or operate a CCTV in public ( isn’t it basically an ideal situation for horny black men to prey upon beautiful white blond Swedish women? They cannot carry anything to defend themselves with, and there are no CCTV )

    They have cameras installed in front of gates of nightclubs – and those are not installed to benefit or protect the nightclub – those are installed to benefit non white people who want to come to the club. If a bouncer refuses to let a non white person in, the club will be very heavily fined.

    By the way – Swedish women are a bit overrated and yes there are some blonds but it is not like each and every Swede is blond and good looking enough to be a Victoria Secret girl

  • Look_A_Squirrel

    Not a lot of Somalis on your board.

  • DayaxXaaji

    come on, even many swedish people are out of work in sweden and more than 1 million swedes invaded norway to get jobs, and you expect that most somalis get jobs? please!!

    in norway more than 90% of somalis have jobs, in USA and canada somalis are hardworking people, i was in malmø and all i’v seen was frustrated young somali men who are tired of being jobless, some of them told me that they have sent atleast 50 job apps but no respond, one of them tried to send an application with swedish name,he got a phone call next day,,,,you can blame somalis all you want that wont change the facts, you want people work? then give them jobs, am sure they wont say no…