Jamaicans Lead Caribbean Calls for Britain to Pay Slavery Reparations

Jon Swaine, Telegraph (London), February 15, 2014

From his bungalow on the side of a hill in western Jamaica, Willie Thompson surveys the same lush valley that one of his great-great-grandmothers was forced to harvest for sugar cane more than 180 years ago.

“I am an African descendant,” he said, whippet-thin and grizzled at the age of 78. “She came here with the chains on her feet, on a slave trade ship”.

Mr Thompson knows that when Parliament voted in 1833 to abolish slavery in Britain’s colonies, Earl Grey’s government was made to pay out compensation worth almost £2 billion in today’s money.

And after an exhausting day spent scratching out a living by farming yams, he wonders what might have been if Nana Bracket and her comrades, rather than the ancestor of David Cameron who owned them, had received £4,101 of it–the equivalent of £415,000 today.

“The English made a lot of money back then. A lot of money,” he said, with a sigh almost long enough to reach Dudley, West Mids, where he worked as a labourer in the 1960s before returning home. “I think it is fair for we to get a bit of compensation for what all our people been through.”

A coalition of 14 Caribbean states, including Jamaica, agrees with Mr Thompson, and is now mounting the first united campaign for reparations from Britain over its role in the Atlantic slave trade.

Represented by CARICOM, the regional organisation, the group is prepared to sue in the courts. It has hired Leigh Day, the London law firm that last year won £20 million for Kenyans tortured by the British during the Mau Mau rebellion of the 1950s.

This month it will unveil a list of 10 demands for Britain, France and Holland, including funds likely to total billions, an apology, and assurances slavery will never be repeated, The Telegraph can disclose.

Professor Verene Shepherd, the chairman of Jamaica’s reparations committee, said British colonisers had “disfigured the Caribbean,” and that their descendants must now pay to repair the damage.

“If you commit a crime against humanity, you are bound to make amends,” Prof Shepherd told The Telegraph. “The planters were given compensation, but not one cent went to the freed Jamaicans”.

From the mid-18th century, British merchants shipped more than three million people from west Africa to the Americas, taking the lead in an Atlantic slave trade pioneered by the Dutch and Portuguese.

About £4 trillion was extracted from the region in unpaid labour alone, according to researchers at the University of Birmingham, and the vast profits went to financing the construction of modern Britain.

The Grange sugar estate that later became Mr Thompson’s village was a golden goose for its part-owner General Sir James Duff, an MP for Banffshire and Mr Cameron’s first cousin six times removed.

Some 202 people, who had been bought like livestock for up to £300, remained in bondage there by the time of abolition, forced to rise at dawn and work days of back-breaking labour for the privilege.

Meanwhile wealthy plantation owners from the surrounding parish of Hanover, named after the reigning British line, would travel to its biggest city of Lucea to enjoy cock-fighting bouts and shows by visiting comedians from America.

These days, 344 people share the tumbledown shacks of Grange, formed from the old estate in the 1920s. The village does not appear on Google Maps, and its existence was news to the parish librarian.

Homes scatter around a hardware shop, a grocery stand and a cupboard-sized bar, where residents can enjoy a Red Stripe after days cleaning rooms or serving meals to tourists in Negril, the closest city.

A small medical centre built with US aid money tends to the ill. At this time of year, torrential rains last for much of the afternoon, which is apparently preferable to the stagnant, mosquito-ridden summers.

Tony Walker, Grange’s energetic councillor, said it struggled even relative to the rest of a country where output per person is £3,352 per year – one seventh of Britain’s – and the minimum wage is 86p an hour.

“We do not have sufficient social services,” he said. “We need a community centre.” He stressed that he was, however, on the way to fulfilling an election campaign pledge to secure rubbish collections.

No longer “sugar cane-dependent,” a few village residents still work in the industry, he said, centring on a former Tate & Lyle factory in nearby Frome now owned, aptly, by the Chinese government.

Yet there are still descendents of freed slaves in the area “who hardly manage to really do anything,” said Mr Walker, who urged Mr Cameron to use his position to “fast-track” some kind of compensation.

The Government has said little since Tony Blair’s 2007 statement of “deep sorrow and regret” for the “unbearable suffering” caused by the slave trade, when he seemed to carefully stop short of an apology.

William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, described the trade as “brutal, mercenary and inhumane from its beginning to its end” in his 2008 biography of William Wilberforce, the great abolitionist MP.

He pointed to The Zong massacre of 1781, in which the captain of a Liverpool-owned ship that ran out of drinking water threw at least 132 slaves overboard, in an attempt to claim insurance for lost cargo.

Mark Simmonds, Mr Hague’s minister with responsibility for the Caribbean, said during a visit to Jamaica in November that “slavery was abhorrent” – but dismissed all talk of reparations.

“Do I think that we are in a position where we can financially offer compensation for an event two, three, four hundred years ago? No, I don’t,” said Mr Simmonds at a press conference.

Indeed, some international law experts have dismissed the threat of a pan-Caribbean lawsuit as nonsense, arguing that regardless of its evils, the slave trade was legal under British law at the time.

Yet campaigners – including Lord Gifford, a British hereditary peer and barrister who runs a law firm in Kingston and advises the reparations committee – remain unbowed, saying that the slave trade “breached the natural law that man is free”.

“There is no statute of limitations on a crime against humanity,” Lord Gifford, who defended members of the Guildford Four and Birmingham Six, told The Telegraph. “The claim is soundly based in law.”

Martyn Day, the senior partner at Leigh Day, has said a case could start next year at the International Court of Justice in The Hague. Unlike with the Mau Mau, however, there would be no living witnesses.

In support, Prof Shepherd and her colleagues argue that slavery is to blame for a litany of modern ills across the Caribbean, extending to epidemics of diabetes and hypertension allegedly rooted in the salty diets that were forced on the ancestors of sufferers.

In 1962, they stress, Britain left an independent Jamaica in which 80 per cent of the people were functionally illiterate. Male literacy remains more than four points below the international average.

They even claim the trade was “genocidal,” and that while more than a million people were imported from Africa to Jamaica, at the time of emancipation the enslaved population was just over 300,000.

And they have little sympathy for the argument that today’s Britons, especially after being mired for the last six years in a weak economy, should be forced to pay billions of pounds for the sins of their fathers.

“You can’t have it both ways,” said Prof Shepherd. “Your society was developed. You are enjoying a lifestyle because of the blood, sweat and tears of people in the past.”

“It is a question of priorities,” said Lord Gifford. “And this needs to be added to the list of priorities.” He called on Mr Cameron to be inspired by his ancestry to “take a lead” on making amends.

Yet the prime minister is far from the only public figure whose forebears benefited from the trade. On nearby St Lucia, William Jolliffe, a West Sussex businessman and ancestor of Mr Cameron’s wife, Samantha, made money from the Ballenbouche sugar plantation.

Benedict Cumberbatch, the actor praised for his role in the acclaimed film 12 Years A Slave, previously described playing William Pitt the Younger, the abolitionist prime minister, as a “sort of apology” for his family’s ties to Caribbean slave-ownership.

George Orwell and Peter Bazalgette, the chairman of the Arts Council, had similar ties, according to historians at University College London, who estimated that as many as one in five wealthy Victorians depended in part on the slave economy for their fortunes.

In brilliant sunshine ten miles north of Grange, at the Hanover museum, Kemar Harvey, a 29-year-old tour guide, showed visitors around the old parish prison, where rebellious slaves were brought for punishment.

The sight of all the torture implements, death warrants, and solitary confinement cells tends to prompt an unexpected reaction from a lot of those who stop by, he said. “How could you possibly put a price on what was done?” they ask.

For Willie Thompson, though, it would be a start. “I don’t say that giving us money would make it all right,” he said. “What’s happened has happened already. But I think it is on the side of justice that we deserve something.”

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  • sbuffalonative

    Those who can’t do for themselves demand other people’s money.

    • Katherine McChesney

      I’d word it differently.

      “Those who WON’T do for themselves demand other people’s money.”

      • r j p

        How much money can a farmer who grows yams make?
        And tubers require probably the least care of all vegetables.
        The yam grower is a porch monkey. He is lazy.

    • Erasmus

      I think they should pay the British a premium for their having brought their great-great-great-granddaddies to Jamaica. Otherwise they’d be back in Africa or already eaten by their neighbors.

  • Viv J

    The more we give, the more they demand. And no matter how much we give, everything they touch still turns into Africa.

    • sbuffalonative

      It doesn’t matter if it’s a nation in Africa or a neighborhood in America, they results are the same.

  • JohnEngelman

    We owe those people nothing. They owe us. We would be better off without them. They would be lost without us.

    • Manaphy

      I agree with you on this. Without white money, Jamaica would look no different from the chimpanzee exhibit at Franklin Park Zoo. Yet still, I see many degenerate white teens sporting Rastafarian hair, knitted Jamaican hats, and saying “mon” instead of “man” every other sentence. Whiggers fail to realize how ungrateful they really are.

      • Bossman

        Jamaica is an island in the Caribbean. Why is the population black? How did they get there? It is not in Africa; it is in the Americas. Can you answer those questions?

        • Max

          The population is black because their parents were black. It’s really very simple.

          • IstvanIN

            True enough.

      • r j p

        Without White money Jamaica would look like Hate-ee.

    • Bossman

      The Caribbean islands were the most exploited region in all the Americas and they are still being exploited.

      • AutomaticSlim

        Well, Puerto Rico sure gets lots of welfare.
        And the DR sends plenty of their thugs here.
        I would say they are exploiting us.

      • wildfirexx

        So, what are you suggesting Bossman, that the current British Government pay Billions in reparation to the descendants of the Jamaican slaves, that happened hundreds of years ago. This will just open another can of worms for more demands for free handouts from other countries. How about India with a population of over a billion. Once Jamaica claimed their independence from Britain, all past debts to society…should have been forgiven.

      • Oil Can Harry

        Far from being exploited the Caribbean economies are kept afloat by the tourism and economic investment of whites.

        • Bantu_Education

          Exactly, the richest Caribbean islands have all got rich from rich white tourists. Barbados, Bahamas, Bermuda (not Caribbean strictly speaking), Virgin Islands, St Maarten, etc, etc, etc.

      • Bantu_Education

        For someone who claims to have read a lot of history, you talk a lot of crap.

      • Still being exploited? How so? In an era in which sodas are sweetened with HFCS, there isn’t much of a market for cane sugar. In Colorado, we get sugar from beets. Fewer American whites smoke now, so the tobacco market is reduced.

    • Jesse_from_Sweden

      Actually, they do have a point.

      Professor Verene Shepherd, the chairman of Jamaica’s reparations
      committee, said British colonisers had “disfigured the Caribbean,” and
      that their descendants must now pay to repair the damage.

      British colonizers did indeed disfigure the Caribbean. If they hadn’t brought africans there in large numbers, those islands would probably still be small paradises.

      “If you commit a crime against humanity, you are bound to make
      amends,” Prof Shepherd told The Telegraph. “The planters were given
      compensation, but not one cent went to the freed Jamaicans”.

      Spoken by someone who doesn’t understand what the compensation was about.
      The planters were given compensation because they lost their plantations, they lost the investment they had made in infrastructure, equipment etc.
      All of these things instead came into the hands of the freed jamaicans. That was their “compensation”.
      They were given control of what was one of the most economically productive islands in the world and had the means to make their own fortune with what they had.
      But they squandered it instead.

      And now they want “compensation” for the fact that their ancestors ruined that which they had taken by force.

      As they point out in the article, the plantations in the Caribbean was making huge amounts of money. And now the former slaves was in control of that, that was their “compensation”.

      • JohnEngelman

        We can agree that the slave trade was a horrible mistake. It has disfigured every country Negro slaves were taken to.

      • Bantu_Education

        “…British colonizers did indeed disfigure the Caribbean. If they hadn’t brought africans there in large numbers, those islands would probably still be small paradises.”

        Nice to see someone from Sweden talking sense..!

  • Spartacus

    “We do not have sufficient social services,” he said. “We need a community centre.”


    So the fabled “community centre” reached the Carribeans, did it ?

    • AutomaticSlim

      They sure do love that word, don’t they?

      • Max

        Anything connected with the word “community” always turns out to be some kind of liberal infection.

        • Alexandra1973

          No surprise considering they think it takes a village to raise a child.

    • Sangraal

      They need basketball courts too. Everyone knows that blacks don’t kill each other or run rampage when they have hoops to shoot.

      • r j p

        And a bobsled training center …… so they can co to the Winter Olympics and try to sleep with White women.

  • David Ashton

    Wouldn’t the most appropriate reparations would be a fares-paid one-way journey in comfortable boats from the western hemisphere back to their sunny African homeland?

    • Whitetrashgang

      And those lands should be given back to the Natives who were there first .I am surprised the Natives never say anything.

      • David Ashton

        In the mid-17th century there were three times as many whites as blacks in Jamaica.

        • Bossman

          Yes that is true but they couldn’t stand the heat and the mosquitoes and they did not want to do the hard work.

          • Jesse_from_Sweden

            Maybe you should look up “indentured servant” and see what that means.
            Many whites may not have wanted to do the hard work any more than the blacks did, but both were forced to it anyways.

            There is an interesting article about it here on Amren in fact. Search for “white slaves” and that is the name of the article, read it.

            Especially this part, which explains why whites “couldn’t stand the heat and the mosquitoes”

            Given a choice between a white who was to be let go in a year or two and a black who was expected to serve for decades, it always made sense to give the most dangerous, exhausting work to whites. One Briton on Barbados wrote to Cromwell urging him to bring more life-time black slaves to the island because expendable whites were being worked to death.

          • Bossman

            I did not know that. But in those far off times, whites didn’t like working hard. They all wanted to walk around like aristocrats with their sword at their sides.

          • Jesse_from_Sweden

            They may not have liked it, but they still did it.

            And I can guarantee that blacks didn’t like working hard either.

          • r j p

            They could stand the heat, but don’t like to work.

          • Bantu_Education

            Who wants to do hard manual work when you can get slaves or cheap labour? In S.Africa until very recently, most whites had domestic servants, often full-time with their own room in the house itself or in an annexe building. This was one of the big attractions why many white emigrants chose to go to Africa (mainly Kenya, Rhodesia, or S.Africa) rather than Australia. (the Abos being useless for any sort of work). As late as the 1950’s it seemed as if the “colonial lifestyle” would last forever.

      • Homo_Occidentalis

        That’s because the natives of the Antilles were wiped out of existence on the larger islands and/or absorbed into the Latino/Afro-Caribbean populations. They were driven extinct by diversity.

        • Zimriel

          The Caribs survived in northern Venezuela. And Puerto Ricans to this day are part Taino. Mostly you’re right though.

          The amusing part which you were too polite to mention is that the invading Caribs were responsible for the purging of Arawaks from several islands before the Old Worlders even showed up. Barbados has Arawak ruins for instance, but it was empty when first sighted. It’s generally assumed the natives ended up in various Carib cookpots.

          • Max

            Hell, the Carib ate their own offspring didn’t they?

        • Bossman

          No! In the Caribbean islands, the natives were all put to the sword and those that were enslaved died miserably.

          • The Arawak Indians there mostly died of influenza and the survivors were killed and eaten by the Caribs, invaders from what is now Venezuela. The Caribs were finally put to the sword.

          • r j p

            Let’s talk about Haiti?

    • Pro_Whitey

      Yes, compare their position now to what their position would have been if their ancestors had not been purchased by white slave traders from Arab or black slave traders, and if their position now is worse, then the Brits have to pay. Guess what? Their position is not worse, but far better. How about they pay the Brits?

    • foundingstockcracker

      I wonder. How many could a refitted super tanker accommodate?

    • Bossman

      And which African country would that be? All the attempts in the past to do just that failed miserably.

      • sbuffalonative

        African American celebrities have had their DNA analyzed and they which tribes they came from. You can see the videos on youtube.

        Of course, they’re always free to pick any African country they want.

        • Bantu_Education

          Give us a clue. Chimps?

        • The Verdict of History

          They do it with European-made (and conceived technology)…

      • David Ashton

        Funny that. No problem apparently with this NON-African country and its Windrush Revolution and the Brixton Riots and Operation Trident and the Macpherson Report and Baroness Lawrence of Clarendon and the Mark Duggan Inquest and….

      • Bantu_Education

        Azania (S.Africa) is the only African country that can possibly be compared with the USA for living standards and the availability of bling. Whats more the stupid local Bantu would initially welcome them with open arms but they would quickly fall out and start a civil war where they would wipe each other out, leaving the survivors to be mopped up by the whites. Well I can dream, can’t I?

  • Sent them all back to Africa.

    Problem solved.

    • Whiteplight sees the Emperor N

      I might even take a Carribean vacation if that happened, but as it is, I have no desire for it.

    • Bossman

      That was attempted one time and it failed miserably. The British could not cope with the hassles and did not want to pay the expenses involved with that project.

      • David Ashton

        Who undermined Marcus Garvey and why?

    • foundingstockcracker

      Boehners son-in-law could be the first.

      • Max

        He could be second; Boehner can be first.

    • AutomaticSlim

      End all welfare and social programs. In the end, that will solve it too.

  • Lord Sandwich

    It’s a good thing that oxen don’t have lawyers.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    If I was the British Prime Minister I would say, “Fine, we’ll pay reparations to all Caribbean nations…. when, and only when, all Caribbean descendants living in the UK return to their Caribbean homelands.”

    • oddball1776

      The current Brit PM’s own family played a role in the slave trade.

      If the Jamaicans want reparations they can take them off the UK Establishment whose forebears were partly responsible.

      If they try and take them from the ordinary Brit it will be seen as an act of war.

    • Bossman

      The British recruited many Caribbean Blacks to be bus drivers because they (the Brits) did not want to do that sort of work.

      • Zimriel

        Because of the dole.

        Whites on welfare (Brits call them “Chavs”) aren’t much better than blacks on welfare. Less violent I suppose. But they’re equally keen on gibsmedat and on generally being insufferable.

        • Cobbett

          There was very little welfare in the 1960s when Blacks started to be employed on our Transport System. Welfare didn’t become common until the 1980’s. No Chavs until the 1990’s

      • No; they didn’t want to pay British whites to do it.

    • Zimriel

      If the blacks currently living in Jamaica want reparations then “reparations” should take the form of a buy-back. They go to *Sierra Leone*, and Anglos get a Caribbean island to retire to.

      Pretty much what Froude said in “The Bow of Ulysses”.

  • Daniel Schmuhl

    Slavery boosted their living standards significantly. If anything they should be thanking Britain for slavery.

    • oddball1776

      Daniel, can I ask you a quick question please?

      Are you DanielS who comments @ Majority Rights?

      • Daniel Schmuhl

        No, I have visited that site but never commented there.

        • oddball1776

          Ah, ok. Thanks pal.

    • David Ashton

      Watch out, or they’ll want reparations for emancipation as well!

  • Whiteplight sees the Emperor N

    I want compensation from Rome because Caesar invaded Gaul and killed many of my people. They also invaded Britain and killed more of my people. I want the various Christian churches to pay for killing even more of my people and using them for pawns in power grabbing schemes. Where’s my money?

    These modern descendants of slaves need to be educated about the history of slavery. They also need to be taught that the islands were not “ruinined” by the British. The Spanish came first and most tribes were wiped out before the British ever got there. Then they should be required to answer the simple question of whether they would rather be where they are or back in Africa.

    • wildfirexx

      And don’t forget all the poor women in England, who were burned at the stake… accused of being witches.

    • Bantu_Education

      “…Then they should be required to answer the simple question of whether they would rather be where they are or back in Africa.”

      Exactly, I say give them the f****** money but only to those who agree to be repatriated to Africa. Those islands would be veritable paradises if only they were peopled by whites, as they should have been. In fact there were a lot of whites – even a majority on some of those islands 200 years ago. What happened to them? Forced to leave one way or another by black crime no doubt. Ian Fleming, author of James Bond, had a seaside cottage in Jamaica before independence, which sounded paradisiacal. I bet he wouldn’t want to live there now (assuming he were alive).

  • dd121

    gibs me more free suffff. blah blah blah.

  • My heart breaks for these oppressed people of color. My guilt over the wrongs that the white race has done to them fills my heart. My tears are salty, tasting of the blood of the genocide called slavery. NOT. Here’s 25 cents American, you parasites. There’s your reparations.

    • oddball1776

      You heartless swine.

      At least make it a full buck !!

      • dd121

        I swear, AmRen comments are WAY more funny than any of the late night monologues!

    • I recall a C&W song by Travis Tritt: “Here’s a Quarter Call Someone Who Cares.”

  • International gibsmedat.

    • oddball1776

      They don’t think it be, but it do.

  • David Ashton

    Where is that detailed, comprehensive, illustrated history of Islamic slavery and all its victims and horrors from Muhammad to only yesterday?

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      Let’s not forget that it was sub-Saharan Africans who were primarily responsible for enslaving their fellow blacks and selling them to the Muslim Arab and European slave traders. If Jamaican negroes really cared about justice, they would be demanding reparations from their sub-Saharan African cousins.

      • Bossman

        The British profited enormously from the African slave trade. They also shafted the Caribbean islands by preventing them from trading with their natural trading partner, the USA even up to this day.

        • Einsatzgrenadier

          You sound like the typical negroid apologist. Blacks will never accept responsibility for their historical lack of achievement because the truth of black intellectual and biological inferiority is just too hard to bear. Truth is like kryptonite for negroes, which is why negroes will forever blame whitey for their failures.

          • Whitetrashgang

            I think the bossman is one of Johnnys love child from a 90s drinking binge.

          • Bossman

            I’ve taken some time to read some history books. You should do the same.

          • Whitetrashgang

            I cant read I am black .

        • DaveMed

          Can we cut the nonsense, please?

          Were it not for the interaction of the West with the rest of the world (for good or ill), most non-Whites would still be bumbling around hunting with bows and arrows or spears.

          The East Asians likely would have made solid advancements as well, but they were, historically, fairly insular (to their credit).

      • Alexandra1973

        So why aren’t they shaking down Islamic countries?

        • Zimriel

          If the Muslims pay for slavery, they’re getting some slaves (back) in return.

          In short, the Muslims saved the receipt.

        • Einsatzgrenadier

          The Muslims don’t suffer from the Anglo-Saxon diseases of ethnomasochism and pathological altruism, which means no gibsmuhdat for the negroes.

          • Bossman

            Muslims are still backward medieval brutes.

          • r j p

            And negroes aren’t?

          • Calling negros “medieval” would be an unwarranted compliment.

      • Whitetrashgang

        Yes, this should always be part of the dialogue.

      • wildfirexx

        Beside Arabs, I also heard that many jewish ship companies were involved in transporting slaves to America.

        • The transatlantic slave trade was mainly Portuguese-run, and most of the Jews had already been expelled from there by the time.

    • Bossman

      That is because you’re only allowed to say nice and pleasant things about Mr. Mohammad and his followers.

      • Katherine McChesney

        You mean Mohammad the pedophile?

  • DaveMed

    The lack of shame that these people have is astonishing.

    • Whitetrashgang

      Well when you have nothing else.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    The logic behind slavery reparations is stupid. How can whites be held responsible for something their ancestors did hundreds of years ago?

    • gemjunior

      Their “logic” LOL is that all white people benefitted from slavery. ALL of us. Their version in the US that is, is that the whole country was built and conceived by black people of great sensitivity, morality and of course intellect while white people sat around with whips and occasionally got up to rape their women, ignoring their educated white wives. After all, black women are known to be far more attractive for white men. After the nation was built, they were freed and persecuted while we whites enjoyed the fruits of their labor. Yes, that’s their version of it all in a nutshell.

  • Truth Teller

    Being all too familiar with the English attitude to all us KKK lynching evil Americans and how cruel and mean we are to blacks, I hope the EU or Hague or Un or whatever awards the Islanders tens of billions. I hope the English media blasts it 24 hours a day for years.
    Then we can sue for the damage, destruction and deaths blacks the English brought to our shores have caused. Number 1 on the list, the lives of 750,000 White men in the prime of life dead in the civil war. or whatever the southern heritage people prefer to call it.

  • Alexandra1973

    Any time blacks howl for reparations, offer them this deal: They get reparations AFTER they pay for damages to major cities. And pay back what they got in benefits.

    • WR_the_realist

      The purpose of reparations is to restore a wronged person to the condition he would be in had the wrong not occurred. With that in mind, I propose the following reparations to any black in the United State who wants it. (Great Britain could provide the same deal to Jamaicans.):

      (1) You must be willing to renounce your American citizenship and agree to move permanently to some black African country that will take you.

      (2) In order to encourage black African countries to accept you, we will pay their governments a bribe of $5000 for each black American they accept under this deal.

      (3) We give $10,000 and a one way ticket to each black American who takes this deal. The money is payable at the country he moves permanently to. $10,000 is a lot of money in most black African countries.

      (4) Under no circumstances will there ever be a right to return to the United States.

      (5) Any black American who does not accept this deal must agree to forevermore cease to demand reparations or complain about the legacy of slavery.

      This would cost us a fair amount of money, about $500 billion to make whole all 30 million or so blacks. That’s almost one year of the federal deficit. Over the long run it would be money well spent.

      • paul marchand

        $10k would be a HUGE bargain. With welfare, public school costs ( and the foregoance by whites, who pay twice), incarcerations savings, the regaining of US cities, savings on security systems, cutting drug use in half, etc…..for example, a welfare recip mother with 2 kids costs, 10 years, about $500,000 only for welfare and pub schooling.

      • Bantu_Education

        If they are 13% of the US pop’n, as reported, then you are talking about at least 40 million. You’re also gonna have difficulty convincing them that $10k is a lot of money in Afreeka, because it isn’t, certainly not for US blacks who will want a big flashy car and house, etc. And the African countries will demand a lot more than $5k a head once they know Uncle Sam is paying. In principle a good idea but realistically its gonna cost at least $100k per black to get even half of them to go. And the other half will demand much more. So thats $2 trillion for starters. But, as it would boost the economy very quickly, its a price well worth paying.

        • PesachPatriot

          Reparations and repatriation are both pretty much idle fantasies….even the dumbest aspiring rappers in atlanta, miami, new orleans, baltimore, newark, camden, detroit, philly and chicago realize they have it a lot better here in the USA than anywhere in subsaharan africa…..there are no hair weave shops, KFC’s, McDonald’s, Popeye’s, rim rental places, NBA, NFL, recording studios, or EBT cards there…..I’d wager that even if every black household in america was offered a cool million to leave only 3 or 4 million of them would leave voluntarily….

  • AndrewInterrupted

    I knew a Jamaican born woman who benefitted greatly from Affirmative Action in the U.S.
    Maybe she could double-dip?
    And Rabbi Engelman would speak of how high her IQ must be..!!!
    It would be a win-win-win (and screw all of you) scenario.

    • DaveMed

      We could do without the straw men.

      Jared Taylor speaks highly of the Oriental Asians, as well.

  • paul marchand

    I, a white American boy, WANT MY REPARATIONS. Seriously…
    Whites have suffered tremendously in the US because of blacks. I love quite a few black people. But this must be said. The 10x per cap murder rate, b>w rape 1000x’s of times per cap of the reverse, the schools lost to whites, the cities lost to whites (crime), the $trillions in means-tested-entitlements, the loss of jobs to whites because of affirmative action, because of quotas, the incarceration cost, the cost of drugs pushed by blacks ( about a 10x rate of IV use, and I extrapolate pushing), the sub-prime debacle due Fanny/Freddy. And a perilous % loss of white population in the US. I, WHITE BOY, NEED MY REPARATION. Seriously. I WANT MY FLIPPING REPARATION

    • paul marchand

      An estimated 597,000 slaves were imported into the USA, 1600s to 1860.
      My estimate is that blacks have MURDERED about that many, or more, people since being here.

      • No slaves were legally imported after about 1808 or something like that. I’m not certain when it stopped, but it became illegal within a generation after the founding of our country. The supply of slaves was thus limited to existing slaves and their offspring.

    • Katherine McChesney

      I want mine also. What I want is a rebate of the taxes my family and I paid to prop up this failed race of people. My family did without many creature comforts, the bling, the big cars, lobster, ebt and housing to support lazy blacks.

      • Dittos here. My wife and I are down to one vehicle that runs, which she drives to work: the Steyr-Puch “Pinzgauer” 6X6 truck. We have the home heat set down to 55F (13C), and eat a lot of rice. We use the difference in the utility bill to replace our VHS movie collection with used DVDs from Amazon. Our hobbies are cheap. Sayaka sews, and I am currently refinishing an old wooden 105mm tank cannon ammunition crate as a subcompartmented storage chest for the tools and components for making fishing flies and lures. It’ll match the furniture, and while I can’t do much about the nylon rope handles, I’ll cover them with laced leather in a color to match the sofa.

        We like fishing, hiking and vegetable gardening, which are almost free. The three of us watched “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” on DVD and ate the dim-sum Ariadne and I made, then took a walk around the neighborhood. You can’t beat life like this with any amount of money.

  • paul marchand

    Anyway, why are they suing the English, instead of the Africans?
    The English lost $$ by abolishing slavery.
    The Africans kept the $$ money.

  • Max

    Now that Piers Morgan is “between appointments” maybe Britain can name him ambassador to Jamaica and he can pass out money to them. I’m sure that the stupid labor party will be thrilled to send more money and Jamaica can send more black plague to Britain in return.

  • Sam

    Gibs me dat money!! Gibs me reparations!! We beez slaves n shieeett

  • IstvanIN

    Give the Jamaicans £100,000 for each black in the UK they take. No more black immigration to the UK. Take any, if any Whites out of Jamaica, boot Jamaica out of the Commonwealth and let them get their own monarch. Pay them off and be done with them. The UK doesn’t need them.

  • judenjager

    We owe the n*i66ers NOTHING.

    • DaveMed

      Moderator, please clean up this mess.

    • Another stormfront member lost.

      • Katherine McChesney

        I met AMREN’s at the 2012 Conference who are avid followers of Stormfront. A couple of them were speakers.

        • I joined, but am not active, for reasons that my ancestry, my marriage and my posts here should make quite obvious.

  • The Final Solution

    “forced to rise at dawn and work days of back-breaking labour for the privilege.” Hard work was indeed a privilege, a gift from the white man. That was the only time in history they ever did any “back-breaking labour”. Whites have been doing it for millennia. That is how wealth is built. Of course we all know that Africans prefer to rise at noon and spend the day basking under banana trees and hitting each other over the head with empty coke bottles.

    • Most whites actually like work. I once loved my job as a research chemist. I now love making fishing lures, woodworking and machining. I have hideous nightmares at night, but sometimes there is music, and I remember the songs. One is about a guy who’s best friend dies of alcohol poisoning, and I wrote down the lyrics when I woke up. There’s nothing like it in the waking world; I searched online to be certain it wasn’t something I had once heard. I sing it while I work, and my daughter picks up the refrain.

      I also write good poetry.

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    The cargo cults of Gibsmedatopia.

  • Truth Teller

    Farming yams is not exhausting. Just let them lay around until they start sprouting, cut them up, dig a small hole, drop them in cover them up. Come back 3 months later and dig up a year’s supply of yams. Jamaica has year round rain doesn’t it? So they don’t have to water them. Since they grow underground and have very aggressive leaves and vines they don’t have to worry too much about weeds.
    It’s about 2 weeks work for each crop. He should be able to get 4 crops a year, that is 8 weeks work.
    But I do hope England pays restitution for the black plague they unleashed on the Americas.

  • Truth Teller

    In the mid eighteenth century Haiti was one of the richest countries in the world because of the sugar. In fact, after they won the 7 years/ French and Indian war in 1759 British really wanted Haiti instead of Canada and Louisiana territory. But the French refused to give up Haiti. Unfortunately the blacks took over Haiti and it went the way of all black areas.

  • blight14

    “Comments for this thread are now closed.”
    -We wouldn’t want any pesky un-PC comments, now would we?

  • benvad

    Lands ceded and independence granted to the descendants in the Caribbean is compensation for whatever recompense that was required.

    If that is good, then they must return to West Africa and return the land to Britain.
    All blacks must leave UK and all other white Commonwealth realms including the mixed race. They and their descendants must never return or have contact.

    Then they can receive compensation as far as I’m concerned.

  • bear grylls

    Jamaica is now independent from 1960.A jamaican immigrant I knew told me how the government ruined the economy. Now all they have is tourism.And now most of the island is run by drug dealers.Now they want reparations.Same old story with these people.

    • Bantu_Education


  • Einsatzgrenadier

    On African negroes, the eighteenth century English planter and historian Edward Long wrote:

    In general, they are void of genius, and seem almost incapable of making any progress in civility or science. They have no plan or system of morality among them. Their barbarity to their children debases their nature even below that of brutes. They have no moral sensations; no taste but for women; gormondizing, and drinking to excess; no wish but to be idle. Their children, from their tenderest years, are suffered to deliver themselves up to all that nature suggests to them. Their houses are miserable cabins. They conceive no pleasure from the more beautiful parts of their country, preferring the more sterile. Their roads, as they call them, are mere sheep-paths, twice as long as they need be, and almost impassable. Their country in most parts is one continued wilderness, beset with briars and thorns. They use neither carriages, nor beasts of burden. They are represented by all authors as the vilest of the human kind, to which they have little more pretension of resemblance than what arises form their exterior form.

    In so vast a continent as that of Afric, and in so great a variety of climates and provinces, we might expect to find a proportionable diversity among the inhabitants, in regard to their qualifications of body and mind; strength, agility, industry, and dexterity; on the
    one hand; ingenuity, learning, arts, and sciences, on the other. But, on the contrary, a general uniformity runs through all these various regions of people; so that, if any difference be found, it is only in degrees of the same qualities; and, what is more strange, those of the worst kind; it being a common known proverb, that all people
    on the globe have some good as well as ill qualities, except the Africans.

    – From The History of Jamaica (1774)

    • Brian

      Wow, that ‘achievement gap’ has been around for a long time, eh?

  • NoMosqueHere

    I’m all for a global settlement of past racial grievances. Settlements happens all the time in litigation. Pay a lump sum to the blacks (a certain number of billions); in exchange, all blacks leave Britain forever. The status quo ante pre-slavery etc. is preserved. Everyone is happy; no more “racism.”

  • saxonsun

    We’d be making our way through darkness if the British Empire never existed. You too. Almost everything we take for granted today was given to us by the British.

  • Bantu_Education

    The value of the island of Jamaica would be inversely related to the number of blacks living there. If they could somehow all be repatriated to Africa then the island would be worth $trillion at least. I’d buy it for that..!

  • LHathaway

    So Britains “disfigured the Caribbean”?

    Horrible. . . So should the Caribbean be returned to it’s native state? This would mean those of more direct African Ancestry should leave the islands. And natives, some of whom were relocated to nations like Belize, should return to the islands. According to African history, however, natives are no longer on the island, not because Africans displace them, but because, ‘whites killed them’.

  • SaggyGenes

    Without white technology, they could not make these demands, since they would have no internet, telephones, radio, written language, or even boats to carry a messenger.

  • Alexandra1973

    And slavery still goes on in Africa.

  • Katherine McChesney

    I’m a fan of Elizabeth I.

  • Katherine McChesney

    They certainly claim to be. They say they are the true Israelites.
    They should make up their minds whether they were the Egyptians or the Hebrews.
    Black History has been written by people who display some mental retardation.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Your people were genocided by a certain “Christian” organization.

  • benvad

    They’re not bleeding heart whites, that’s why Caribbean people don’t bother suing them. It’s a futile process, to say the least.

    We have two territories reserved for them already, Sierra Leone and Liberia. They can make a go of it over there.

  • Maybe not Jamaica (has high tax rates) but the other Caricom countries benefit greatly as tax havens. Isn’t basing your economy on hiding untaxed money from developed countries reparations enough?

  • MBlanc46

    How much are they asking for from the African nations that sold them into slavery?

  • Brian

    In support, Prof Shepherd and her colleagues argue that slavery is to
    blame for a litany of modern ills across the Caribbean, extending to
    epidemics of diabetes and hypertension allegedly rooted in the salty
    diets that were forced on the ancestors of sufferers.
    So if I’m overweight, it’s because great-granddad ate too much McDonald’s? Not because I did, or for some genetic reason. What is this woman a professor of?

    In 1962, they stress, Britain left an independent Jamaica in which 80
    per cent of the people were functionally illiterate.
    …As opposed to West Africa which had no alphabet and a literacy rate of zero before the slave trade.

  • Bernie Grey

    We should send those countries a bill for all the welfare costs and incarceration costs for their countrymen who darkened our shores.

  • Allan477

    Blacks were enslaved by Africans, not the English or the Americans. Any reparations should be paid by Africa, not England or the US.

  • They’re also trying to tell the Cherokee Nation that they’re also Native Americans. Just wait; the Afritards will eventually claim to be Scots and Irish.