Doonside Gang Rape: Racial Tensions Close to Boiling Point, Community Leaders Say

Rachel Olding, Sydney Morning Herald, February 12, 2014

Racial tensions are close to boiling point in Sydney’s west following the shocking gang rape of a 14 year-old girl, community leaders have warned.

The sister of the teenage victim desperately called for calm on Wednesday after friends encouraged her family to “go out there and fight”.

The victim, who is of Pacific islander background, told police she was assaulted by six men of African appearance in a Doonside park on Saturday night.

Two friends of the victim had vowed on social media to stab and kill Africans in Doonside.

The victim’s sister responded by saying “what we need is peace especially my parents and . . . my baby sister”.

“Please stop whatever negativity you have to say to my siblings about beating up gang bashing, jumping, dog shots whatevz [sic],” she posted online.

“Let my family deal with what needs to be done to help our baby sister get through this.”

Sudanese lawyer and respected community figure Deng Thiak Adut said he had spent each night this week at Blacktown station trying to quell tensions between groups of young African and islander men.

He met with Blacktown police to express concern over the vague description released of the six offenders as of “African appearance and … aged in their late teens or early 20s”.

Despite the plea, police were unable to provide any further detail on Wednesday, saying that was the only description given by the highly traumatised victim.

“Will there be any racial violence? I would say yes because of what is being reported,” Mr Adut said. “There will be tension, there will be fights and some of these kids will enjoy it.”

Blacktown Commander Superintendent Gary Merryweather said the victim was walking home through Bill Colbourne Reserve at 11pm on Saturday when she was approached by a man who sexually assaulted her.

He pinned her to the footpath where she was assaulted by another five men over 30 minutes.

Other sources have told Fairfax Media she was drinking in the park with the group.

Father Chris Riley, from Youth off the Streets, said he was mobilising “strike force” teams of African social workers to be deployed in Doonside and Blacktown in the next two weeks.

They will act as a quasi-police force, rushing to scenes of racial tension or sexual assault within five to 10 minutes.

“Where there’s trouble in communities, we need to move in quickly,” he said. “There is a locked-out underclass of young people in this area.”

Almost 30 per cent of Blacktown’s residents are aged under 19 and the area is home to 200 different ethnic and religious groups.

Pastor Ramese Tupe from, Doonside’s Mountain View Seventh-Day Adventist, which has a predominantly Pacific islander congregation, said boredom was the biggest problem.

He planned to talk to the youth congregation on Friday night to urge them to be calm.

“The young men get bored easily so we’re trying to work with them to find a sense of belonging with the church and their family,” he said.

Superintendent Merryweather said he had spoken with many community members and they were “calm and very committed to ensuring that their good work is not blemished by speculation”.

Officers investigating the rape continued to speak to witnesses, local business owners and residents on Wednesday.

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  • NeanderthalDNA

    Blow baby blow!

    Hey Pacific islanders…do what you gotta do. You’re non-White, so they won’t crucify you for defending yourselves like they would were you White. you will kind of get a pass.

    And with Australian Whites slowly waking up, you may actually earn the gratitude of the Whites who are taking back their nation, and cement a position for yourselves in the new Australia.

    Strike back, hard and swiftly. You have a golden opportunity here, a real window.

    • APaige

      Whites should encourage fighting between unwelcomed colored people.

  • Spartacus

    “Oh, look at what a nice country we have ! But you know what would make it even better ? Let’s go to some hell-holes from Africa and southern Asia where rape is more prevalent wiping your a*s, and import a bunch of sub-human savages from there ! It will be marvelous !”

    • Michiganman6

      LOL. Spoken like a true liberal drunk on political correctness.

      • Spartacus

        Sarcasm… Hence the “”

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    Because blacks are natural-born savages, they have no place in western civilization. Any mass immigration of blacks to western countries will inevitably lead to numerous social problems and disruption of the national fabric. Nevertheless, the blacks should not be held primarily responsible for this crime. Blacks do what they do because they are feral animals with low-IQ, low future time orientation and high testosterone. The people who bear most of the responsibility for this disgusting crime are the vicious psychopaths in charge of Australian immigration policy.

  • MekongDelta69

    “Almost 30 per cent of Blacktown’s residents are aged under 19 and the area is home to 200 different ethnic and religious groups.”

    And, there ya go. Get rid of 199 of those ‘groups’ – and voila – problem solved.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    How come it’s OK and even encouraged for these African leaders in Australia to mobilize teams of Africans to patrol the area to try to prevent possible violence, but when our friend at Towson University, Matt Heimbach, tries to mobilize whites to patrol campus to prevent violence it’s the end of the world?

    • NeanderthalDNA

      He’s got a hit out on him by the ANTIFA slimeballs, you know? Not that they are offering money for his head (HA HA) but they have published his residence and family info, as in…

      “Will nobody rid us of this bothersome Whitey?”

      We need to consider hitting these parasites back.

      • bigone4u

        Start by publishing Morris Dees’ home address and keep going from there.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    The people who bear the most responsibility for this crime are the psychopaths in charge of Australian immigration policy.

  • Michigan Patriot

    The blacks & the browns will bury the hatchet and agree to consolidate their anger at their common perceived enemy; that is what they do world -wide in every White-Christian country they make every effort to get into; that is gratitude for yah ! Talking about biting the hand that feeds& shelters them , too. How do White Christians response to this ? No problem; we are sheep.

  • Michiganman6

    “The young men get bored easily so we’re trying to work with them to find a sense of belonging with the church and their family,” he said.”
    Yeah, we’ve been trying to do the same thing here in America for 400 years.

    • Stan D Mute

      I’m kinda bored myself, Michigander. Maybe we could get together with some other white guys, maybe ten or so, and go out gang raping? The Afros seem to do it wherever they’re found (Australia, Sweden, France, Germany, England, and of course Detroit) – maybe they are onto something.

      On a serious note, is there any other racial group that does this routinely? Or that so routinely rapes and murders the elderly? When I’m inclined to think the Afros’ problems are purely due to their incredibly low IQ’s, I remind myself of how often they gang rape young white (or Asian in this case) women and all the elderly women they rape and murder. Then I wonder if they are not perhaps just pure evil.

  • negrolocaust

    same problem in baltimore, blacks causing all the problems. article:

    Southeast Baltimore on edge over crime as neighbors call for measured debate.

  • LHathaway

    Africans rape (a groups of them no less) an island girl and the end result is the promotion of black causes and black pride. ‘Multicultists’ have everything figured out. This reminds me of two other stories on AmRen today. The articles are about race yet the word ‘racism’ is not used one single time. The reason must be that no whites are involved, although clearly an editor in these cases needs to learn to be more sensitive. These incidents Should have been blamed on whites. The papers are really slipping up.

  • Truth Teller

    Looks like the African defense will be much like the way the black community leaders in America defended the gang rape of an 11 year old Hispanic girl by 22 black men and boys in the southwest a few years ago. “Why was the girl walking home from school alone? Where was the Mother? And of course, the gang rape was consensual and the girl was already sexually active. Blame anything and everything but Africans for whatever depravity they get into.

    • Stan D Mute

      They already floated the idea that this girl had it coming, “she had been drinking with them.” Isn’t it always thus? Afros rape and blame the victim.

      Why can’t we have a place that’s free of the Afro scourge? Just one place?

  • bigone4u

    Pacific islanders are pretty dark in skin color and they have Negroid features. When they do battle with Africans, how can the different sides tell each other apart? And how are the diversity cultists going to turn a bloody battle between these two groups of banana eaters into a warm fuzzy teachable moment. I love it when diversity explodes in their faces.

  • Who Me?

    I’m thinking the family was coerced/bribed into making this statement.

  • HKopp

    Does it need to be spelled out? Oh, it is: Blacktown. Seems any thinking person would avoid that area.

    • There is a Blackbutt, in the state of New South Wales, in Australia. The closest really big city looks like Wollongong, and that’s some distance south of Sydney.

    • leftists are delusional

      Thinking people with knowledge of typical Negroid behavior do avoid the demographic, but when the media does it’s best to ignore reporting the facts I can muster some sympathy for those who have been intentionally mislead.

  • Truthseeker

    Funny how these black communities tend to have significant levels of dysfunction everywhere they go. Every white country that has some enclave of blacks somewhere invariably seems to have “issues” with it. We all know that everyone, including the most idiotic liberal, notices this, but they either pretend not to or make excuses for it.

  • Conrad

    “The sister of the teenage victim desperately called for calm on Wednesday after friends encouraged her family to ‘go out there and fight’… The victim, who is of Pacific islander background…”
    I should have known that they were not white.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    No, Pacific Islanders can be either Melanesian, Polynesian or of mixed Polynesian and Melanesian ancestry. Melanesians are of Negroid appearance, but they’re racially Australoid.

  • Luca

    What’s wrong with these pacific Islanders and Africans? Why is there so much conflict? Don’t they realize that Diversity is our strength? Or did they miss that propaganda memo?

  • MBlanc46

    The young men are bored, so they rape girls. Their boredom is the problem that must be addressed, not their violence.

  • Max

    More black desperation due to the legacy of slavery, no doubt.

    • TeutonicKnight67

      Oh dats rite! Da turrible turrible legacee ob da slabery!! The only slavery in Australia was that of the Whites who founded it

  • negrolocaust

    savage warns of race war. good savage nation tonight. talks about
    sharpton and farrakhan etc it is on youtube. farrakhan just threatened
    white genocide savage plays the clips. savage talks about whites getting attacked and the coverup of these attacks.

  • bubo

    My brother said when he was in Iraq there were Tongans on base as guards. He said they were all nice, fun loving chaps but you wouldn’t want to make them mad as they were all about the size of industrial refrigerators.

  • Tyrell

    White people should forget about the gangrapes that happend today, meanwhile blacks cry about slavary that happend some 200 years ago.

  • PouponMarks

    The young people are “bored”. Well, of course they are; they have low intelligence, limited imagination (except for destructive enterprise), and infra human species similarity for stimulation involving blood and movement. Saying this, I deem my cats to be superior to this backwash.

    Flog them early and flog them well, leaving an indelible impression that social pathology and abuse of others will result in very high levels of pain.

  • scutum

    “Almost 30 per cent of Blacktown’s residents are aged under 19 and the area is home to 200 different ethnic and religious groups.” Australia, after many years of unenlightenment is finally beginning to see the benefits of diversity. This is particularly true for African immigrants who will be able to contribute the benefits of their cultural and racial heritage to the Australian nation. How fortunate this 14 year old was to have been able to enjoy the benefits Africa’s cultural and racial heritage at such an early age. I hope she will consider sending a thank you note to the members of the Labor Party who put Australia’s present immigration policies in place.

  • Brian

    “Will there be any racial violence? I would say yes because of what is being reported,” Mr Adut said.
    Sure, sure. It’s because of ‘what’s being reported’. The black gang-rape had naught to do with it.

  • gemjunior

    The young men who want to retaliate to this savagery are doing it because they’re “bored”? I don’t think so at all – maybe because they still have some sense of decency.

  • Stan D Mute

    Let me guess? Maybe because you can read? Or do maths? Or hold a steady job? Or because you provide for your family? Because your children know you? Hmmm. Are any of those close?

  • ricpic

    Why the aitch did the Aussies let Sudanese in?!

  • Jack Burton

    Southern White men had it right. Any black who raped a White woman was executed by law.