Posted on February 27, 2014

Baroness Charged over Racist Tirade in Posh London Hotel Bar

AOL Travel, February 26, 2014

A member of European aristocracy was sentenced to six weeks in jail, suspended for one year, and fined £165 after launching into a racist tirade at a posh London hotel.

Baroness Marie-Claire Von Alvensleben, 60, reportedly slapped Canadian businessman Adam Sumel at the bar of the plush Belgraves Hotel before screaming “You brown people are ruining Britain”.

When security guard Haliz Hamza arrived on the scene, Von Alvensleben “pounded his chest” and unleashed a rant about “blacks, Arabs, Asians and Jews”, adding: “N*****s should not be allowed here”, reports the Daily Mail.

She pleaded guilty at Hammersmith Magistrates Court to two counts of racially aggravated assault during the 5 December 2013 incident.


According to the Daily Telegraph, prosecutor Tom Gill told the court: “The complainant is a Canadian businessman staying at the Belgravia Hotel and after checking in he attended the bar area and the defendant sat next to him and was talking loudly with two other men.


Ms Von Alvensleben, a novelist, gained her title from her late German aristocrat husband, who she divorced a decade ago.

Von Alvensleben’s lawyer told the court she was given a complimentary drink at the bar because the smoking room was closed early, and believes she may have had her drink spiked.