‘12 Years a Slave’ Will Be Taught in High Schools

Francesca Bacardi, Variety, February 27, 2014

The National School Boards Association will recommend that U.S. public high schools add Oscar-nominated feature “12 Years a Slave” to their curriculum.

The NSBA along with talkshow host Montel Williams have partnered with New Regency, Penguin Books and the filmmakers to distribute copies of the film, the eponymous book and study guide. The initiative is modeled on one Williams previously launched to distribute the Civil War film “Glory” to public high schools, an effort that ultimately led to “The Montel Williams Show.”


“When Hollywood is at its best, the power of the movies can be harnessed into a powerful educational tool,” Williams said in a statement. “This film uniquely highlights a shameful period in American history, and in doing so will evoke in students a desire to not repeat the evils of the past while inspiring them to dream big of a better and brighter future.”

The distribution will commence September with the new school year.

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  • dd121

    A case of liberal fiction being added to the leftist sacraments. It really is a religion to them.

    • So CAL Snowman

      Lefties are more devout in their defense of Crystal Methodism than even the most pious Muslim Jihadist

    • Erasmus

      THIS is why I now vote against every school levy that comes up.

      End public education. Let the taxpayers keep their money and decide how they want to educate their children, instead. If they’ve got the money to teach crap like this, then they already have too much.

  • Lewis33

    I know Sailer has mentioned it, but I haven’t seen one MSM outlet bring up the “Skin Game” aspect of this story, because that might be like, real news that people would find interesting.

    • Pro_Whitey

      Good point. I don’t think that will make it into the curriculum.

    • takimag [dot] com/article/new_movie_same_old_skin_game_steve_sailer/print

    • Zimriel

      Ah, you beat me to it. I’d posted a comment with a hyperlink and it’s in moderation now. I should learn not to do that here, it adds more work for the mods . . .

  • Puggg

    Taught in creative fictional writing, maybe?

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    “12 Years a Slave” with fit seamlessly with current public school curricula. To illustrate, consider education historian Diane Ravitch’s description of the “bias and sensitivity guidelines” of textbook publishing giant McGraw-Hill:

    “The MH [McGraw-Hill] guidelines express barely concealed rage against people of European ancestry. They deride European Americans for exploiting slaves, migrant workers, and factory labor; they excoriate the land rapacity of the pioneers and mock their so-called courage in fighting Native Americans: ‘Bigots and Bigotry,’ say the guidelines, referring to European Americans, ‘must be identified and discussed.’ European Americans, the guidelines suggest, were uniquely responsible for bigotry and exploitation in all human history . . .” (The Language Police: How Pressure Groups Restrict What Students Learn, 2003,p. 44)

    • David Ashton

      What does Spartacus think of Diane Ravitch’s ethnic credentials?

    • sbuffalonative

      Just like Wiesel’s “Night”, “12 Years” is another agenda driven book forced on students.

      • Nancy Thomas

        Yes, I got so sick of that book….especially now that I know the truth about WWII.

    • John_HD

      This country disgusts me beyond words. It is unrecognizable from when I was a kid. Particularly galling is that it’s mainly white people still running schools and setting curriculum. I will never understand how people can be so traitorous to their own kind.

      • gemjunior

        You said it. I am fu#@ing disgusted with my fellow whites, traitors, so many traitors. Even if they don’t know it they should be responsible enough to CARE somewhat about their race. They have been taught not to, but it would be nice if even a few would think for themselves. Idiots, brainwashed, or some are just too stubborn to even consider a different point of view or a discussion that isn’t sanctioned by a society ruled by bagel puppeteers and their ape enforcers.

      • SFLBIB

        “I will never understand…”

        Their actions sorta make sense in a grotesque way. To the modern liberal, non-discrimination is a moral imperative. The only way to be moral is not to discriminate at all, not even between right and wrong, good and evil, better and worse, truth and lies, or even Coke and Pepsi, because an act of discrimination might be a reflection of personal “bigotry”.

        Non-discrimination is a moral imperative because its opposite is the evil of having discriminated and being judgmental. Disagree with the modern liberal de rigueur? You are a bigot.

        But here is the rub:

        When we fail to discriminate between good and evil, right and wrong, and the behaviors that lead to success and those that lead to failure, we do not end up being objective, neutral, tolerant, or even indifferent; we end up hating what is good, right, and successful. We have seen this pattern over an over. The idea that one man’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter has led to more terrorism; the belief that America is no better than any other country has led to hatred of America. The gross abuse and over-work of the idea of “Separation of church and state” did not lead to increased religious freedom, mutual respect, tolerance, objectivity, neutrality, or even indifference, but to hatred of faith and those of faith. The modern liberal regime bans the merest breath of the Christian religion in public schools, while subsidizing student clubs devoted to witchcraft.

        These inversions of decency and sanity are not the work of anarchists. They are the logical consequence of the central credo of modern liberalism: that all intolerance and discrimination must be eliminated. In a society dedicated to that proposition, the good itself must ultimately be seen as evil, because the good discriminates against evil, while evil must be blessed with victim status, because it is excluded by the good. – Paraphrased from The Closing of the American Mind

        • Conrad

          Reprobate = having or showing lowered moral character or standards.
          Generally I think of it as – not knowing right from wrong, or amoral.
          That is why I try to encourage whites to raise their standards. Reason. Logic. Eugenics.

    • Alexandra1973

      Native Americans owned slaves too.

      • kikz

        as did free people of color…….all over the south.. yankees owned slaves…

        • Laura Dilworth

          the first american slave owner was black. anthony johnson

          • John K

            And from what I’ve read, he was quite cruel, indeed. Perhaps it was just the savage black in him coming out.

          • Laura Dilworth

            I found out about this recently. I don’t think the MSM, etc. will advertise this fact.

        • Jotun Hunter

          they all think we invented slavery – when we are the ones who ended it. thus the pernicious nature of immigration is revealed: we take the blame because we heartwarmingly allowed all these outsider races and cultures grow up within our system and tradition. And they (aided by hebraic cultural outsiders who felt like the bullied minoroty for centuries) grew up resenting the natural european bias within our societies and we all collectively sought to tear it down so everyone can feel included, completely at our own expense and doubly aided by the pernicious blow of feminism which disabled us with the rise of effete, non-confrontational views

      • David Ashton

        My grandchildren in England must have owned slaves and gassed Jews, starved the Irish and denied women the vote, since they are collectively guilty of it.

        • Edruezzi

          Yeah, and driven the spotted hoohah owl to extinction.

          • David Ashton

            I forgot Climate Change Denial.

    • Erasmus

      The school superintendent of one of the suburbs near where I live is incredulous that their school levy failed and is soliciting comments from voters why they voted against it.

      Though I am not within the boundaries of her district, I am going to send her a link to the original article and cite it as an example of why I now vote against all school levies and always urge my fellow citizens to do the same. If schools are so rich that they can hire people to teach multi-culti, anti-western crap like this, then they don’t need nor deserve another dime.

      End the public school system. Let people educate their children on their own. Those who want to get their children educated will find a way, and money won’t be wasted on the garbage that’s now such a mainstay of school curriculums throughout the US.

    • Tom_in_Miami

      When are we going to grow up and fight back. We still have most of the resources.

  • thomas edward

    I’m not completely against this. At this point, I think the commisars are hitting the saturation point. I think many children (the smarter ones anyway) are starting to smell a rat.

    • sbuffalonative

      I agree. They’ve pretty much exhausted the historical archives and we know all we’re going to know.

      Henry Louis Gates JR did a program on slavery in America which he thought was going to change the world (black magical thinking).

      But he had nothing new to say. The same old stories.

      Unless someone finds an unknown trove of documents, history has been written.

      That’s why you keep seeing historians re-writing the history of our Founding Fathers. They don’t have anything left to tell.

    • Berkeley Guy

      Agreed. Many kids might even be visiting this site. I’d like them to drop a line or two if they were. I graduated in 1999 and it would be intersting to hear what they have to say about their high school experience these days.

      • sbuffalonative

        A few years back when AR had a printed publication, they published a series where people wrote of their own racial awakening.

        I would like to see that done on a regular basis.

        Hearing how other real people think about race helps people to know they’re not crazy in their views on race. The MSM wants them to believe they’re crazy by giving us endless stories that disprove ‘racism’.

        I’m sure many white kids know the score but have been cowered by charges of ‘racism’ that they have learned not to speak out.

    • wildfirexx

      This is exactly how they’re able to brainwash white kids at an early age about feeling guilty about their past, while at the same time making the black kids confused and angry. Even though most of these white kids aren’t even related to slave owners, it will leave an impression in their mind that they won’t forget. Unfortunately, by the time these kids are adults… they’ll already be caring the badge of White Guilt around their necks.

  • Pelagian

    All that it will “inspire” is more of this: Google:
    Bull’s-eye on bus drivers: ‘Are you bleeding?’ WND

  • Luca

    I would like to nominate “Birth of a Nation” or “Gone With the Wind” as they are more historically accurate.

    • sbuffalonative

      I have it on the authority of a black woman I saw give a lecture on c-span that there was never such thing as a Mammy character in American history. It was all made up.

      • SFLBIB

        That’s odd. A white co-worker from Oklahoma told me that as a child he had a black mammy.

        • HamletsGhost

          Michelle Obama is the First Mammy.

    • Edruezzi

      The last time the black man was economically productive was the period before 1865.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    If a child receives public education from first grade through high school graduation, he has been ’12 Years a Slave’ to warped, anti-white rhetoric.

    • SFLBIB

      A home run!!!

  • Spartacus

    Home-school or no school !

  • Martel

    I just remember i watched a movie about the Amistad in school. I am now a regular reader of Amren.

    • bilderbuster

      More “history” from Spielberg Inc.

    • sbuffalonative

      So you didn’t fall for the guilt trip?

      Glad to hear there are people who can think for themselves.

      • Martel

        In that time I also saw Jerry Springer in his discussions with the KKK, so I did to a degree. Didn’t take me long to start to question it though, must have been two years later. I simply noticed the double standards in multicultural society, teachers where inspiring blacks to take pride I their identity while the same public servants where trying to pry me lose from my identity.

        • Garrett Brown

          You aren’t white, are you?

          • Triarius

            You think as I do.

          • Martel


          • Garrett Brown

            Simple question. I doubt you’re white, are you?

          • Martel

            I am a white Dutchman. May I now know why you ask this odd question?

          • Sangraal

            Why would he not be white?

          • sbuffalonative

            What about his comment makes you believe he’s not white? I thought his comments were very clear.

        • sbuffalonative

          A couple years ago, blacks in Buffalo were complaining that they were failing the firefighters exam in large numbers and they of course blamed racism.

          The Buffalo News ran a letter to the editor from a high school kid who was incredulous at that claim. He made the same points I did. They were taking the same test as whites. The had the same teachers and the same time period to study. How could the problem be racism?

          I came to race realism in a slightly different way.

          It wasn’t so much the double standards that I saw first. It was all the programs blacks were given because we were told they would help blacks.

          After Jim Crow, they got desegregated schools and integrated neighborhoods. They were given head start and free breakfasts and free lunches. Affirmative action. Black school teachers, and on and on. Now we have ‘My brother’s keeper’.

          Blacks demanded everyone of these programs and they told us ‘THIS was the solution that would save blacks!’

          None of them ever works which is why they have to keep trying to find new ones and they keep coming up with new theories to explain why blacks fail.

          I used to be what I call ‘a passive liberal’. I used to fall for all the pity stories about black suffering. I never championed every cause but I thought, well blacks were once slaves, so maybe they deserve some extra help.’

          I was actually pushed into race realism after college when I started openly asking, ‘but wasn’t that program supposed to save black?’ Blacks and their ‘progressive’ white liberals started calling me a racist.

          • Martel

            A great example of their Pavlovian techniques backfiring. The knee jerk reaction to immediately yell racist is both the strength and the weakness of ‘political correctness’ , it its strength lies in the endless repetition and normalization of the notion that whites owe blacks, its weakness lies in the fact that the politically correct cannot differentiate between what is a patently absurd accusation of ‘racism’ and what at least is ostensibly correct. This allows for many numerous situations where the PC paints himself into a corner. Obviously there no correct definition of ‘racism’ as it is a phony concept.

            Always enjoy conversion stories.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            A similar thing happened in New Haven, Connecticut with their firefighters. It became a SCOTUS case called the New Haven 20.

            That is one of the last stories that was covered at this site, before O’Bummer’s thugs silenced the author of the site.


        • Garrett Brown

          Martel is French/Anglican, not Dutch.

          • Martel

            Charles Martel was a great French hero who saved Europe from the Muslim invasion in 732 against numerically superior forces and prevented them from conquering the North of France and subsequently the regions now known as Belgium and The Netherlands, which allows me to post under the name Martel instead of Muhammad(PBUH) today.

          • Garrett Brown

            Right, but you aren’t French.

          • Martel

            Should I be French to admire Martel?
            I would have just as gladly posted under the name Sobiesky or any other European legend, but I’m not Polish either. What is the point?

          • Garrett Brown

            You should be French to use a French name as your identity. Doesn’t make sense for a dutchie to use the name Martel. Your grammar also leads to me not believing you’re Dutch but you might be young.

          • Martel

            I should be French to use the name Martel, well, send my apologies to the weird mf-er who made up that rule. Talking about grammar, your last sentence is a gem.

          • Garrett Brown

            You should be unless you want to come off as foolish. Why would someone from the Netherlands admire a Frenchman to the point of using his name? It’s silly. Have fun faking whoever you want to come off as though, that’s what the Internet is for.

          • Martel

            You have some issues. I have always said I am Dutch, where do you get the idea I try to come across as something else?

            And why should limit those who I admire to include only those within the borders of my nation state. Do you have any idea how odd this discussion is?

            I can’t believe you waste any time on this at all lol.

          • DaveMed

            I’m not sure what Garrett Brown’s problem is.

            My email address contains a reference to Jan Sobieski, and I don’t have any Polish or Lithuanian in my family tree.

            Nothing wrong with paying homage to our heroes.

    • Sangraal

      I watched that in college. There’s a bit where the black slaves are leafing through an illustrated bible (they can’t read, obviously), and one of them says, pointing at a picture from the Old Testament, ‘Look – their people have suffered even more than ours’. Now what people would that be, Mr. Spielberg?

      • Martel

        I was about 12 when I watched this film so I don’t recall this. A hilariously desperate attempt to show the common bond between Jews and blacks against the white man.

      • kikz

        i remember back in the early 90’s, while Glory was broadcast one Christmas………. ‘teachin’ school’ to my canadian nieces, that no, all slaveholders didn’t beat/starve their slaves to death.. the simple fact, it didn’t make economic sense to pay upto $5k for one and beat/starve them to death. it took them a few minutes to overcome their ‘programming’, however, they could not refute the lesson. 🙂

  • Garrett Brown

    Pieces of slavery flavored fiction being taught as history… seems legit.

  • JSS

    Will the “students” in predominantly Mexican schools also have this junk forced on them? Obviously this isn’t actually about teaching history, it’s about the education systems militant antiwhite racism. Maybe the Mexican schools will watch machete so their kids can get a more culturally relevant version of antiwhite hate porn.

    • sbuffalonative

      Yes, they’ll have to listen to it but it will inspire them to champion their own heroes in public schools. And who’s the only one they seem to have? Cesar Chavez. Who else do they have?

  • WR_the_realist

    Folks, just how many more reasons do you need to have to home school your children?

  • dave

    The school
    curriculum today only focuses on blacks and other minorities. White history and technology are no longer taught in American schools.

    • Nancy Thomas

      The Founding Fathers laid about all day with slave women, raping them and beating them. We’ve gone from Washington chopping down the cherry tree to Washington having sex orgies with slave girls. This country is FUBAR.

      • dave

        Yeah,it’s getting rediculous..

  • Pelagian

    The fringes of the film industry is not as PC as this movie. There’s a 50 second video on the pecking order according to white female p&rn stars. It’s not PC, let’s just say… Youtube search: “What white female porn stars think of being with black men”

  • Bobbala

    Did you ever notice how the state’s most universally benevolent and beloved, programs and institutions are never voluntary?

  • So CAL Snowman

    ““This film uniquely highlights a shameful period in American history,
    and in doing so will evoke in students a desire to not repeat the evils
    of the past while inspiring them to dream big of a better and brighter

    Yes because this country is so perilously close to re-enslaving the blacks.

  • So CAL Snowman

    12 Years A Slave should fit in nicely with all of the other fiction that they teach in US History classes.

  • JohnEngelman

    High school’s should teach “Shut Up and Let the Lady Teach: A Teacher’s Year in a Public School,” by Emily Sachar. It exposes how difficult it is to teach poor ghetto blacks.

  • sbuffalonative

    Like Wiesel’s “Night”, “12 Years” is another agenda driven book forced on students.

  • newscomments70

    I remember reading “Miss Jane Pitman” in school, which was 25 years ago or so. We were told how courageous this woman was…even though it was complete fiction. “To Kill a Mockingbird” was also on the forced reading list. We all felt so badly for the black man, falsely accused of rape. What is ridiculous is that black on white rape happens about 40,000 times per year. That should be mentioned, instead of fictional nonesense. Maya Angelou’s “I know why a cage bird sings” was on our reading list. That wasn’t fiction, but at that point, we had reached saturation point. Many of my classmates were shaking their heads and ridiculing the propaganda, at that point.

    • sbuffalonative

      Negro fatigue.

    • Alexandra1973

      “To Kill a Mockingbird” makes it sound like blacks were convicted just because they were black, evidence be damned. The poor black victims of evil whitey.

      How many of us realists would convict a black person of rape if the evidence says otherwise, even though blacks are notorious for sex crimes? I wouldn’t–I mean, if they didn’t do it, they didn’t do it. If I were on such a jury I would look at the evidence and decide whether to convict or acquit.

      In real life, what black man would turn down a white girl’s advances, though?

      • It’s pure projection on the part of the leftist. They would absolutely convict an innocent man of rape, if that man expressed viewpoints they found distasteful. Race realism, for instance.

        People with no honor can’t conceive that their enemies might have it.

      • newscomments70

        I find the novel offensive because of the high rate of black on white rape. There is another more graphic, modernized version of this story. I forget the name, but it is a fictional story of two white “rednecks” who rape a black girl. The father of the victim commits a vigilante style murder and is arrested. The “exciting” story is the trial. It is complete fiction, but meant to stir up hatred against whites. If this really happened, I would want the white rapists to be executed. I would side with the father. Again, the story is ridiculous, in real life the races are almost always reversed.

        • Alexandra1973

          Hm. I always figured that if it has a hole, it’s fair game for them.

        • Katherine McChesney

          That’s a John Gresham novel…”A Time to Kill”.

          • newscomments70

            That sounds like the one. I read it some years ago, not realizing the agenda it pushed…and not realizing what crime statistics were really like.

    • gemjunior

      Oh Jesus we had to watch that movie. I remember being grossed out when she drank out of the white fountain with her old wrinkled blubbery lips. She sure socked it to da man.

  • Conrad

    I can just here the National School Boards Association discussing the idea now… “Hey guys, I have a great idea. Lets use a fictional movie to teach history. That sounds like a really good idea, comrade. Maybe we can force it down everybody’s throats while we’re at it.”
    Of course, they don’t have any movies showing the enslavement of whites.

    • sbuffalonative

      A novel is a lie masquerading as the truth.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    This will be shown alongside “Roots” to pile on more White guilt, as if ALL Whites were slave owners and ONLY Whites practiced slavery, when in reality it is White Western Civilization that put an end to slavery, but there is no mention of that in the school curriculum.

    American History has been reduced to three things: slavery, genocide of Native Americans and the Holocaust.

    • newscomments70

      Which holocaust are you referring to? Was it the Armenian Holocaust, the Palestinian Holocaust, or the current white holocaust? I am being sarcastic, but my point is, leftist propganda has changed the meaning of “holocaust”. It solely refers to the Jewish Holocaust in Europe….all others are ignored. It even affects our speech and writing.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        There is only ONE Holocaust allowed in the school curriculum, in fact, it should be written like this:


        The much larger Red Holocaust —- The Ukrainian Holodomor of Lazar Kaganovich, The Great Chinese Famicide of Mao and the Killing fields of Pol Pot are completely ignored. Red Holocaust describes the large scale killing and crimes made possible and carried out by the Marxian communist ideology of Karl Marx, Lenin, and Trotsky:

        According to a work by Harvard University, there had been at least 94 million victims by the turn of the century, though direct atrocities continue up to this day in parts of the world.

        Lazar Kaganovich: “The Butcher of Ukraine”

        • newscomments70

          That’s a good example, thanks for mentioning it.

        • Geo1metric

          Read the book, DEATH BY GOVERNMENT.

          • David Ashton

            I have great respect for Rummel’s assiduous and unique collection of worldwide democide statistics past and present, to sustain his ideological agenda summed up in this title. He has an odd method of taking averages from estimates and pushing them up and down, before feeding them into his computer to produce all kinds of graphs and histograms.

            However, some 20th century figures may require mostly downward revision; for example, three million to remove from Kogon’s Nazi death camp statistics and an equal number from Kosyk’s Soviet ditto. Personally I believe the received totals for BOTH Holodomyr (as above) and “The Holocaust” are excessive, but remain open to rational discussion based on honest and objective documentary and demographic analysis.

        • AndrewInterrupted

          I believe the Ukrainians see themselves as being between a rock and a hard place. They know the Russian nature and they know the EU will force-feed mongrelization doctrine. They reject both sides.

          That’s why I think Svoboda is rising to prominence so quickly.
          They may be a good compromise after the bodies pile up too high or they run out of gas for their Molotov cocktails.

          Nuland, Krauthammer, Rabbi Engelman and their tribe won’t like it, but who cares.

      • DonReynolds

        The original meaning of the word holocaust referred to the slaughter of the Jews…..in England. They were ordered out of the country no less than nine times by the King…..about 800 years ago.

    • sbuffalonative

      I was riding the bus home one day and a high school boy and a girl were talking. The girl mentioned that they had just finished a two week study of the Holocaust in history.

      I thought, in all of world history and the limited time they have to teach it in high school, how could they devote two weeks to one topic?

      • antiquesunlight

        Yeah who cares about the innumerable glories of Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, and Renaissance Europe? Let’s talk about how evil white people are!

        • newscomments70

          The dark ages ended and the Renaissance began when the pope executed all of the criminals in Rome; he then had the aqueducts and sewers repaired to bring cleaniness back to the city. Strict law and order, and reconstruction stimulated knowledge and growth. Liberals don’t want us to know this. They want us drunk and stupid. They want us to drool while we watch endless sports (NOT WHITE SPORTS), sitcoms with black men fornicating with white women, or two men making out.

          Most of us would love to execute the violent criminals and deport third worlders. We could have a Renaissance of our own. Could anyone imagine? AA and forced integration have destroyed our children’s education. With real schools, we could restart the space program, rebuild our cities and schools. With proper schools, our children would become researchers, engineers, and doctors…instead of telemarketers and waitresses. Our culture and civilization would flourish, intstead of deteriorate. Technology, such as jet propulsion has not changed since the 1950s. Something is wrong here.

          • antiquesunlight

            Didn’t know all that about the beginning of the Renaissance. In my world history class in college we learned that the Renaissance was largely funded by jewels and things we looted from the Middle East during the Crusades and everything. The overall impression I got was that evil white people would have amounted to nothing more than illiterate inbreeds if we hadn’t viciously pillaged the Middle East.

          • Triarius

            Jewels and valuables from the Levant? Pure crap. The Renaissance was a migration of Byzntine (Romans) to Italy.

          • Martel

            Read Rodney Starks works on the crusades. It is vital history for anyone who wants to free European history of the false accusations that Islam in any way aided us, it also dispels the lie that the crusades were unwarranted.

          • David Ashton

            Ricardo Duchesne is also worth reading on the European heritage AND the Chinese threat in Canada.

          • Sangraal

            So ironic, this notion that the Renaissance came about due to European plunder of Islamic lands. If anything, it was the other way round – it came about due to the influx into Italy of Byzantine scholars and other elites who fled the destruction of their ancient Empire by, you guessed it, Muslims.

          • This the overarching theme of European history as taught in most Western schools today. Whites only accomplished as much as we did because we stole, pillaged, murdered, looted, and raped our away around the world. Intelligence, inventiveness, creativity, cooperation, extremely high future time orientation, and the ability to plan ahead had nothing to do with it, bigot. How dare you imply that White greatness is the result of Whites being a great people?

            We’ve reached a point in this country, and many other White countries, where not homeschooling one’s children is as dangerous as forcing them to play Russian Roulette. Maybe they’ll escape the indoctrination program intact, but is it a risk anyone can really afford to take? Cooperatives of parents can homeschool groups privately if not every family can afford for one parent not to work a full-time job. There is always a way and our children are worth it. Our children are our only real legacy, for we can rebuild whatever material greatness our ancestors have accumulated over the millennia, but we can’t ever make up for the death of our own precious bloodlines.

            I recently learned of a 21-year-old White college student who had undergone a vasectomy, convinced that it was more noble to adopt a non-White baby from a Third World country than to keep populating the world with more evil White genes. He said his doctor told him the procedure is becoming more and more common among young White men under the age of 25 and that he had recommended it to several of his friends.

            Educate your children or our enemies will do it for you.

          • dd121

            Personally, I’m not sorry to see those young men drop out of the gene pool.

          • WR_the_realist

            I am well aware of how anti-white modern day education is, but it is depressing to see that white kids are actually absorbing the lessons. Parents who subject their children to such education are guilty of child abuse.

          • David Ashton

            In Britain, it is reinforced by black-aligned “sex, drugs, rock&rap” entertainment, and laws against “hate speech” &c.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            I like that last line, ms_anthro. That’s a keeper.

          • David Ashton

            Could AmRen intellectuals formulate a good counter-curriculum for home-school federations?

          • Certainly. Perhaps one of the site’s former educators could write an article with recommended resources for teaching a classical Western curriculum at home.

          • WR_the_realist

            It’s eleven words, not six, but that last sentence should have won the Amren race card project.

          • Triarius

            The Reaissance began post-1453 when the (Byzantine) Roman people migrated to Italy with their books, texts, and knowledge.

            Among history scholars, this is the date the (middle ages) ended. and the dark ages was the fall of Western Rome (411) until the first Crusade (1080ish). Sorry, going on pure memory at this point.

          • I don’t know if I totally agree with that. There were some events recognized as Renaissance in what is now northern Italy as early as the late 1300s. But the fall of Constantinople and the outpouring of Byzantine intellectuals didn’t happen until 1453 and after.

            What’s even dumber is the notion that purloined Levantine wealth caused the Renaissance. If wealth necessarily caused a great intellectual flowering, LeBron James would be a globally recognized genius.

      • Alexandra1973

        I had an entire class–one semester–dedicated to that topic. Holocaust Literature.

        • Ella

          How many students ended up on anti-depressants at the end of the semester?

          • Alexandra1973

            I took it voluntarily, in high school (I graduated in 1991). We also covered all aspects of World War 2 in the class. I did an oral report on General Patton and a classmate did one on the Armenian genocide.

            We found it interesting.

          • Diana Moon Glampers

            I was a 91 graduate too. I remember the general history courses pretty well vilified the US and Europe. I took an elective history course in Far East / Middle East history and it was the first time in my schooling that the villains weren’t white.
            That one elective class was the only history I was taught in school that was interesting and accurate.

      • Vito Powers

        A teacher friend of mine told me that the teaching of the US Constitution went from two weeks to three days to make time for the usual political correct BS stuff.

      • WR_the_realist

        You can be certain that high school didn’t offer 2 seconds of study of the Holodomor. What they don’t teach you in history class if often more telling than what they do teach you.

      • David Ashton

        “The Holocaust” is the only absolutely compulsory part of the school curriculum in Britain. The latest theme is that the British were “facilitators” rather than just mere “bystanders”. Of course, the LGBTs have been added to the victims if and when required. And more to come: the British “initiated” Slavery. Another straw in the wind: A fresh look at how far the Feminist Revolution has come, and what more needs to be done. Future Oscars impending.

      • HamletsGhost

        I’m assuming that your question is rhetorical. It’s obvious why so much attention is devoted to one segment of history, and a largely mythical one at that.
        Kids in school today don’t need to learn how to read, write, or do basic math, but heaven forbid that that they ever forget the holy cause and its permanent 6 million martyrs. They died for our sins, donchano?

    • ThomasER916

      You can’t mention WHO orchestrated this cultural putsch on Amren. Everything will be deleted.

    • The Verdict of History

      In many academic institutions teaching the (now worthless) humanities and social sciences, courses on European History are being stripped of their (previously-honored) status as iron-clad requirements with real meaning and significance.

      College professors now insist that there is no such thing as Western Civilization, and they seek to replace the study thereof with black studies, feminist studies, LGBTQ studies, latino studies and other kinds of nonsense.

      These are curriculum with explicitly Marxist bias… not even liberal… MARXIST.

      Demonization of European peoples and the deliberate down-playing of Western Civilization’s accomplishments has become very fashionable in the academy, Hollywood and the Press.

      In several prominent American universities, the curricula for history, philosophy, literature and other humanities students is being de-westernized.

      Western Civ, they argue, is most appropriately examined through the lens of oppression, class struggle and something called “white privilege”…

      Whiteness is being written out of history.

      In curricula across the country, what Western-Civilization courses actually do remain are being stripped of their classical, significant content.

      Discussion about the splendor of Classical Antiquity, the emergence of Christian European identity during the Early Middle Ages, the triumph of the Renaissance, the radiance of the Reformation (and Counter-Reformation), the breakthroughs of the Scientific Revolution, the magnificence of the Enlightenment and the explosiveness of the Industrial Revolution(s) ….. is now being slowly eclipsed by the ideologically-motivated “diversity studies”…

      The only periods which they DO cover in great detail are the sections on the Age of Exploration, because it offers them the opportunity to blather on about the “horrors of slavery, colonialism, genocide, imperialism, otherization, and sexism…”

      Needless to say, they also cover the development of the Commercial Revolution and the birth of Industrial Revolution, but only to lampoon these developments from a Marxist angel.

      Please Google and read: the Uniqueness of Western Civilization (by non-Marxist historian, Ricardo Duchesne).

      The Death of the West is taking place in front of our very eyes (please also read this book).

  • Jesse James

    Yes and to insure fairness and academic integrity they should accompany the reading of “12 Years a Slave” with “White Girl Bleed a Lot”. Then students could discuss and debate historical fiction and present reality.

    • MBlanc46

      Well said. I was going to suggest Hinton Helper’s “The Negroes in Negroland”, but Flaherty’s book is a much better choice.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      They should probably read Dixon’s The Clansman: An Historical Romance of the Ku Klux Klan. That book would really open their eyes to the realities of black savagery then and now. There’s also a film version too, just like there is for 12 Years a Slave.

  • me

    Now why aren’t they teaching this fact? Hmmm…..

    • Alexandra1973

      The irony is, say you have 1.6% of blacks that are decent people, and suddenly you shouldn’t just the rest of them because there’s that 1.6, buddy!

  • Sue

    Hollywood is always pushing the “chosen” agenda.

    • Zimriel

      If blacks are the “chosen”, I’ll have to consider that the Devil had a point.

      • Katherine McChesney

        Sorry I missed Sue’s comment. But, I suppose that she’s one of the so-called “black Hebrews” who actually believe that they are the original Israelites. I think that race is suffering from delusions of grandeur.

      • Sue

        Not even close.

  • William Krapek

    I’m not going to lie to you that’s really depressing. 🙁

  • dubyasee

    Stephen Spielberg should make an historically accurate movie as to the role his fellow tribe members played in the African slave trade for hundreds of years.

  • bilderbuster

    Who didn’t see this one coming?
    In the 80’s we had to watch “Roots” for homework & write a report on it even though Alex Haley plagiarized his “historical” book & mini-series from the anti White novel “The African” by Jewish author Harold Courlander & other propaganda works like “Holocaust” taught as historical truths.

  • Lord Sandwich

    They should call it, “Public School – 12 years a slave of liberal indoctrination.” I’m opposing it as best I can. I took my (private school) 4th grader on an Open Carry gun rights march last weekend. Heh!

    • Lagerstrom

      “Public School – 12 years of ‘education’ to come out a dimwit.”

  • drakeshelton

    The whip is the only language that has been shown to keep black men in line.

  • Puggg

    Few days back I saw on Drudge Report that someone took a swipe at this dumb movie, telling the truth, that it didn’t take any courage to make.

  • fuzzypook

    It very well may be a fiction book. Many of those so called “slave narratives” were actually invented and written by white, northern abolitionists.

    • SFLBIB

      Ah … yes. Remember I, Rigoberta Menchú?

  • Pax Romana

    This Liberal anti-white propaganda in the school system across the nation will have the following effects:

    Black male anger and rage toward white male students, who will be sucker punched and beaten in revenge and as retaliation.

    Toward white girls however, a different approach: Taking full advantage of the white girls’ feeling of guilt and hatred of their ancestors (as too many weak minded, and easily manipulated white females will feel after watching this anti-white propaganda), black males will prey on the weak teary eyed, bleeding heart white females, playing the part of hurt little puppies, to get even more of them into bed. Expect a bumper crop of single teenage white mothers with mulatto ‘Twelve Years’ babies in their strollers.

    Read the following article about the propaganda aimed at our youth through liberal bent text books, it perfectly describes the anti-white agenda in the mass media and in our public schools when it comes to slavery:

    ‘More Fake “History” from Glencoe’
    by William J. Bennetta

    Ol’ times there are not forgotten,
    Whuppin’ slaves and sellin’ cotton, . . .
    from Tom Lehrer’s comical song
    I Wanna Go Back to Dixie (1953)

    “Wherever multiculturalism goes, it brings Victimism with it. Victimism is an integral part of the multi-culti ideological package, and its practitioners, whom we may call Victimists, have two principal concerns: They invent fake stories and images that are intended to bring sympathy, admiration, glory and political advantage to groups of people who have been officially designated as Victims by the multi-culti establishment; and they strive to disseminate their fake stories and images in the guise of “history.”

    The Victims are always groups, not individuals. This isn’t surprising, because all multi-culti ideology revolves around tribalism, the rejection of individualism, and the doctrine that a person’s primary identity is his group identity — i.e., the tribe to which he belongs. In practice, all the principal tribes turn out to be racial or quasiracial groups, which are defined in terms of their real or imaginary ancestries.

    Among the racial groups represented in the population of the United States, two have not merely been certified as Victims but have also been selected for especially lavish treatment by the Victimists. These groups — Amerindians and American blacks — figure prominently in the multi-culti version of “American history,” where they are sanitized and glorified beyond recognition, and are depicted as the hapless prey of evil white men.

    Sanitization is an indispensable part of this endeavor, because certified Victims must always be depicted as innocent, righteous paragons of humanity. The sanitization process consists largely of hiding or denying any facts which show that the Victims had victims of their own, whom they slaughtered, displaced, subjugated, enslaved or exploited. This is why, for instance, the fabricators of multi-culti “history” conceal the fact that slavery and slave-trading were widespread among the Amerindians. And this is why they refuse to acknowledge that in Britain’s American colonies, some blacks were slaves but other blacks were slave-owners. (See, for example, the reviews of the high-school book United States History: In the Course of Human Events in TTL, January-February 1997.)

    The Victimists have been particularly vigorous in their efforts to distort the history of slavery, and in this context they have invented and promoted two grand lies. The first is the notion that slavery was unknown in the New World until it was introduced by Europeans. The second is the explicit claim that Europeans established, in the Americas, a form of slavery which entailed unprecedented cruelties — cruelties that made American slavery different from all the other slave systems that ever had existed.

    To the delight of the Victimists, the assertion that the American slave system was uniquely cruel is routinely parroted in today’s high-school books and middle-school textbooks, as Jonathan Burack has told us in his Textbook Letter article “How Textbooks Obscure and Distort the History of Slavery.” Usually, the textbook-writers are content to present this assertion as a throwaway line, without pretending to explain it. However, the writers of Glencoe’s multi-culti high-school text American Odyssey: The United States in the 20th Century have done something different, for they have invented a list of features that supposedly set the American slave system apart from all others. In so doing, Glencoe’s writers have provided an exceptional demonstration of the art of perverting the historical record for the sake of promoting Victimist delusions.

    The false depiction of American slavery in American Odyssey begins on page 34, under the headline “A New Type of Slavery.” The writers briefly note that slavery had existed in some other places, and they mention — but do not describe — a few examples. (Predictably, all the examples are drawn from the Old World. In American Odyssey, the slavery practiced by Amerindians is never mentioned at all.) Then the writers settle down to deception: “Before the American slave trade, however, slavery had never been permanent and irrevocable — nor had enslaved persons ever before been treated as subhuman, denied the rights of education, marriage and parenthood, or forced to pass on their slave status to their descendants.”

    Every item in that passage is false or meaningless.

    Consider, as an example, Glencoe’s claim that the American slave system was the first in which slavery was hereditary — the first in which “slave status” passed from parent to descendant. What a travesty! To find cases of hereditary slavery, we need only look to the Amerindians of the Pacific Northwest. Perhaps my readers will recall two such cases that I cited in these pages last year:

    Though customs varied from group to group, slavery was often hereditary. Among the Tsimshians, for example, a child of any slavewoman was a slave from birth, and he remained a slave unless a freeman adopted him. Among the Chinooks, a freeman could marry a slave — but if he did, he himself became a slave, and all the offspring originating from the marriage were slaves.

    [from my review of McDougal Littell’s America’s Past and Promise in TTL, September-October 1997.]

    Now remember the well known slave system of ancient Rome. Among the Romans, hereditary slavery was established in law and was reflected in, among other things, the deliberate breeding of slaves. The historian M.I. Finley — an outstanding student of the ancient Roman economy — has considered slave-breeding in his classic book Ancient Slavery and Modern Ideology, and he has remarked that:

    “We must take seriously . . . the assertion of Columella (1.8.19) that it was his practice to reward the slave mother of three children with exemption from work, [and] with freedom if she produced still more; or the statement of Appian (Civil War 1.7) that slave-owners in the Italian countryside made substantial subsidiary profits from the multitude of slave progeny, . . . .”

    Finley also gives the lie to Glencoe’s claim that, until Europeans established slavery in America, slaves had never before been regarded as “subhuman.” In this connection, I hope that history educators will be sure to read Finley’s fine book and will give particular attention to his chapter “Slavery and Humanity.” I hope, too, that they will read Jonathan Burack’s article again and notice the view recorded by the 14th-century Islamic historian Ibn Khaldun: Blacks were well suited to slavery, wrote Khaldun, because they were hardly human and had attributes “quite similar to those of dumb animals.”

    Next, look at Glencoe’s claim that slaves had never before been denied the right to education. This isn’t even false. It is a meaningless absurdity. It is an absurdity because the idea of a universal “right” to education is a recent novelty — and for that matter, so is the very idea of a universal right. Glencoe’s notion that a “right” to education has existed always and everywhere, and has been extended to slaves everywhere but in America, is nonsense.

    As my final example, I point to Glencoe’s claim that slavery had never before been “permanent and irrevocable.” That is another travesty. In North America at least, slavery certainly was not permanent and irrevocable — and every educated American knows that such eminent figures as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, in their wills, granted freedom to all or some of their slaves. Similarly, every educated American knows that the most famous American slave of all, Dred Scott, eventually became a free man. The American Odyssey writers, however, are evidently seeking to produce dupes, not educated citizens.”

    William J. Bennetta is a professional editor, a fellow of the California Academy of Sciences, the president of The Textbook League, and the editor of The Textbook Letter. He writes frequently about the propagation of quackery, false “science” and false “history” in schoolbooks.


  • Vito Powers

    Jesse Jackson said in 1979 that he was “sick and tired of hearing about the Holocaust”.

    So what is wrong with White People saying they are “sick and tired of hearing about slavery?

    • Alexandra1973

      My guess is it’s because it takes attention away from slavery.

      I’m no Holocaust denier myself, but it wasn’t just Jews that died. It was an inquisition.

  • kikz

    funny, after the war, our few stayed to help run the turpentine farm, they didn’t want to leave their home, they’re still in the county to this day, and they still carry my family name.

  • Jared Arrevois

    I predict there will be a lot more white kids being sent to the ER.

  • Fathercoughlin

    This crap is a bigger fraud than that grabge “Roots”!

  • Pax Romana

    Black racism and anti-white hatred has been openly fed and blatantly encouraged by Liberal ‘progressives’ for decades, and it is out of control. The large part of the mass media is controlled by these Liberals, and has purposely portrayed White males (the founders, inventors and warrior defenders of modern Western Civilization), as weak, dumb, sissified, bumbling idiots, stupid cowardly buffoons, territorial thieves, and evil ugly racist (with a whip in one hand and a Mint Julep in the other) in the movies, TV sitcoms and commercials, for most of 50 years. See ‘Django Unchained’, ‘The Butler’, and ‘Twelve Years a Slave’ for just the resent examples, with predictable results:

    ‘Django Unchained’: “I kill all the white people in the movie. How great is that?”-Jamie Foxx, to an applauding cheering audience.

    ‘The Butler’: “When I did research for The Butler I became very angry at white people.”-‘Butler’ Director, Lee Daniels

    ‘Twelve Years a Slave’: “Doesn’t it make you hate white people?” -One black theatergoer to another overheard by writer Jon Swaine of The Telegraph

    At the same time they do everything in their power to portray black males in the media as “innocent, righteous paragons of humanity….sanitized and glorified beyond recognition”, while teaching blacks in the Public School system and mass media that white males are the central cause of all their troubles, past, present, and future. As a result of this constant anti-white male propaganda interracial violence is overwhelmingly black on white.

    The typical black view will be: “Everything depicted is true, because it’s in the movie.”

    Everything depicted in the book and movie will be ‘accepted as true’ by those who most benefit from it. Though, how much is true, we may never know. And if we did, if contradictory to the Liberal narrative, will never be accepted or corrected.


    Remember, we are talking about a time when falsehoods could be claimed as fact, with little or no means of verification. The Press was notorious for lies and exaggerations……“Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle.” -Thomas Jefferson

    During the time this book was written the Abolitionist movement was in full bloom. And Abolitionists certainly had an agenda and mission, being the ‘Abolishment of Slavery’….by any means necessary at the time. The most important “means” being the written word. And they certainly weren’t beyond the ability to exaggerate, twist the facts, or lie outright, if it helped their cause.

    Some of the slave narrative books sold at the time as factual accounts, were written by white abolitionists and were totally made up.

    The yearly publication, ‘The Anti-Slavery Almanac’ (I have one published in 1840) was a classic example of Abolitionist Propaganda meant to move the sympathies of the reader against slavery. Every month’s entry had an illustration and horror story about the abuse of a particular slave or slaves and their “ugly”, “abusive”, “evil”, psychopathic slave masters.

    The author, Solomon Northup, may very well have, (with the help and encouragement of Abolitionists or by his own choice) exaggerated or made up out of whole cloth certain dramatic incidents portrayed in the book. Now, 160 years later is accepted as gospel by the Liberals who have a product which they sell like an over the counter drug called “White Guilt” and “Black Rage”….apply Liberally, as often as needed.

    Remember the ‘Willie Lynch Letter’ hoax. Remember also the many Anti-Black Race Hoaxes the news media pushes on the public every year.

    • DonReynolds

      Even Northerners did not like the Abolitionists. They were a loud tiny minority of Congregationalist fanatics (the source of much of the problems in US history).

    • kikz

      pax, a point to remember, a lot of these ‘self-hating liberals’ as you call them, are jews, and they don’t self-identify as White because they aren’t.

  • prunepit

    A much more important lesson would be the evolutionary history of the races of mankind. The trans-Atlantic slave trade is just a detour for a small group of Africans who were taken from their evolutionary homes and their racial kinsmen to live among a people who were foreign in every possible way. The identity and history of American blacks is African – that doesn’t change because a person was enslaved for twelve years.

  • DonReynolds

    They must be getting pretty tired of making all the kids watch the fictional mini-series “Roots” during Black History Month.

    • Ella

      Add mandatory oppressed minority and Jewish Holocaust films (18 hours) to the teeth. At the end, we have no compassion but anger toward the biased system.

      • Max

        The state university in town just proudly announced a new program of “Holocaust and Genocide Studies” so that they can hand out another batch of diplomas whose sole value is the employment of incompetent minorities in make-believe jobs while simultaneously extolling the heroic virtues of minorities, specially The Tribe.

        I’m confident that there will be no mention of the displacement of white Christianity in America.

        • Ella

          They’ll probably omit the Lithuanians and Mass Exodus of Germans as part of the Russian ethic-cleansing. German people received plenty of punishments from Ally bombings and Russians for WW2. I can never understand the over-punishment mentality that continues currently after 70 years of peace.

  • DonReynolds

    The early part of the war, there were few black casualties…..that is true….but had the Union Army not added 100,000 blacks to their ranks, they never could have finished the war. The Union had already burned through all the whites and immigrants they could recruit and without the infusion of so many blacks to do their killing, the war may have ended in a stalemate.
    Nobody is suggesting that slavery be reintroduced. But we may see it in our lifetime, if there is anything like the economic collapse that is popularly predicted. May not call it slavery per se, but the end result would be the same.

    • Ella

      I think there was an Irish rebellion as they were being forced or aggressively recruited into the Union Army against their will. They did not see any purpose to fight for the North as they competed with industrial jobs putting them at a greater disadvantage. The potato famine led to a surge of Irish immigration around the mid 1850’s, so the Union had plenty of able body men before the war.

      • kikz

        that situation was part/parcel of the draft riots in NY. Lincoln was forcing them to join, as they stepped off the boats or told to get on the next boat returning to where they’d come from.

    • itdoesnotmatter

      They were losing troops to desertion, obliging them to recruit blacks. According to the journals of Union soldiers in my ancestry, Lincoln’s Emancipation edict was the tipping point for them and a large percentage of the army. Unwilling to fight for the slave cause, or alongside blacks, they deserted and walked home.

  • DonReynolds

    Uncle Tom’s Cabin was not history. It was fiction, specifically it was political propaganda to demonize part of the country.

    • David Ashton

      Apparently it was one of Hitler’s favourite books.

  • Nancy Thomas

    White people should not be subjected to this guilt tripping insanity. Take your kids out of the public schools!

    • Ella

      I agree. I have a long road ahead of us-work and more work-as I get less service from paying forced taxes. I might think about buying a boat and live there without property taxes. Some families are doing just this!

  • John Donald

    I have been working for forty one years as a slave for the U.S.G. Will they teach this Anglo-Saxon Protestant’s story. I doubt it. I hope I get to pay more taxes

    • kikz

      John, thank you for bringing up the tax aspect of it, our forced subsidy of it through our taxes to rape our own kids’ minds in our public schools. i guess this is just another tick on the side of homeschooling, but even if that avenue of avoidance were an option, we’ll still pay for it w/taxes.

  • Ella

    Oh yes, do they have a film of 10-years of Irish and German indentured servitude to pay for my passage to America? Anyone knows if they EVER made a movie on this historical event?

  • Ella

    Was he castrated like the other White male slaves under Islam?

    • John

      I read the book several months ago and I’m pretty sure he wasn’t.

      • Ella

        It sounds like a good book so thanks for the suggestion.

        • John

          It was, but I just realized I never answered your question; no, he wasn’t. I’m left with the overall impression of slavery that, since they represented an investment on the part of the owner for the most part, it only made sense to maximize one’s investment. In his case, castration wouldn’t have accomplished that. I think that practice was primarily reserved for those slaves that would be involved with the owner’s harem so they wouldn’t be tempted to indulge themselves with the “inventory” there.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    Slavery in the South would have ended naturally without bloodshed once automation took hold. The North overreacted and created a needless bloodbath. Had Lincoln done his homework, he would have seen the bloodless technology solution. History is full of missed opportunities. The cotton gin was invented in 1793. Had Lincoln been a cotton gin salesmen instead of a window salesmen, the Civil War never would have happened.

    • HamletsGhost

      The growing revulsion toward slavery in the West was a convenient stalking horse for the North to use to subjugate the South. The real reason for the war, namely the growth of the proto-corporatist Republican party to seize state power for their own aggrandizement, was conveniently hidden from view.
      Most wars are about money. Follow the money, and you’ll find the cause.

  • Cid Campeador

    I refuse to watch the Oscars with all those, with rare exceptions, pampered, hypocritical lefties. However I bet a friend that Twelve Years a Slave will take most of the honors.
    If it does, I’m wondering when the first victim will be punched out, shot or stabbed on some street in some city in this FTA.

  • Cannot Tell

    I may receive some angry comments for asking this question, but here it comes:
    Is the opposition to showing 12 Years a Slave due to perceptions of historical inaccuracy or just opposition to teaching white children about the atrocities some whites have committed? Or is there another reason the majority of you are angry that the movie will be shown in public schools?
    I don’t take any offense to the comments below (not that you guys would care if I was offended). I ask this question because I am genuinely trying to understand what exactly constitutes “anti-white” indoctrination.

    • Talltrees

      First slave owner was black and owned black slaves. His name was Anthony Johnson. Approximately, half of all slave owners were black. He owned black slaves and white indentured servants. Blacks rounded up blacks in Africa sold them to Jews and others who brought them here. Muslims involved, but only Whites are blamed for slavery. There were far fewer slaves brought here than to other countries.
      Black slaves were treated better in America than White indentured servants. They also were worth more than Whites.
      Historians also push the envelope with respect to how black slaves were treated. Mostly, very well. I particularly like the implication that all blacks were mistreated, when only a few were.
      Black slaves lives were much better here than in Africa. They had a place to sleep, eat, raise their children, clothing, food, medical treatment, and families were usually permitted to stay together. Compare that to the Africa of the time.
      Blacks should be thankful. There lives are better here than they would be if still in Africa. They might not complain so much or behave so badly if liberals wouldn’t brainwash them into thinking Whites are responsible for all their problems. (Not doing well in school, crime, drugs, unemployment, the list goes on.) It’s all our fault. Despite the billions of dollars poured into their neighborhoods, opportunities given to them, we see little improvement.
      Considering only Whites are blamed for slavery, not blacks, Jews, and Muslims, I’d say that is anti-White. They falsely claim Whites were responsible for all slavery in the U.S. and they will do so in schools. It will create more undeserving hatred for Whites.
      Do you now understand why we are angry?
      Didn’t see the movie, but I’ve seen it played out in the media just about everyday for years!

    • kikz

      Personally, at issue is it’s not just ‘anti-White’ it is also a matter of anti-Southern. Why are the atrocities of no other races taught? Funny, that. As a conquered people, according to northern history, we Southerners have been assigned the role of traitor, and negating the context of actual history, sole progenitors and practitioners of black chattel slavery throughout recorded history of the planet. I do not intend to see the movie, nor need to see the movie to form the opinion that these historical ‘inaccuracies’ will be exponentially multiplied in the ‘film’ and used to further browbeat Whites as a race, instill White guilt, and foment rage and possible physical harm from less than civilized Blacks. Basically, I resent that Whites are solely held up to such moral scrutiny, as if their ‘transgressions’ against other races were some single and savage anomaly in the annals of world history. Black Chattel slavery has been practiced on Blacks by Blacks (sold their own) since their inception as a race on the Earth, the fact of which is conveniently omitted. If it weren’t for Whites, there would be no history. We’ve invented most every mental/physical convention the world understands as civilization and technology. Our collective reach and vision extends beyond the planet into the cosmos. So when cultural marxists through their current control of academia, try to mentally enslave Whites with their propagandized bs, it bothers me, as I suspect it bothers other Whites. (sarcasm advisory) I’m surprised that hallmark of historical accuracy, ‘D’Jango Unchained’ hasn’t been floated for inclusion in public school curricula, to be followed by flogging Whites in class.

    • Anna Tree

      Hi, Cannot Tell! For me, it’s because of the historical inaccuracy and the raison-d’être of the movie that is to yet again vilify whites.

      The past of all of races was not innocent, but the whites have acknowledged
      and apologized for their past unlike all the other races. All those movies and books etc never tell that truth, they won’t say that it was Africans and muslims who hunted and sold the slaves, that while the Europeans used their slaves for agriculture and mostly treat them as workers, the muslims used their female slaves as sex slaves and the few men they didn’t sold or killed were castrated. That most blacks survived the trip to America and slavery while only a few survived the journey to Arabia and slavery there. Please hear more by searching the youtube video made by titled “islam and slavery” based on a book written by John Alembillah Alembillah Azumah called Legacy of Arab-Islam in Africa: A Quest for Inter-Religious Dialogue.

      And most importantly that it was the whites who outlawed slavery and forced the muslims and the Africans to stop enslaving, at least officially as outlawing slavery would 1) criminalize “prophet” mohamed, something they will never do, and 2) contradict allah and the koran because islam allows slavery. Muslims will never outlaw slavery: this is one of the reasons muslim countries didn’t sign the Human Rights Declaration (other reasons: they won’t outlaw child bride marriage or accept that humans are equals when they think muslims are superiors etc etc also because of mohamed and the koran). There are still Africans and muslims who own slaves.

      Anti-white propaganda is therefor lies, complete double standard and branded and pushed ad nauseum everywhere as normal, mainstream and an accomplished fact nowadays. Often coupled with anti-Christianity, anti-men and anti-US (this is my opinion as an atheist woman who is not American).

      I think you (can) read a lot of explanations in the other comments posted on this thread. Sorry if I repeated some.

      • Cannot Tell

        Thank you for your answer. You’ve made many good points.

        I’ve never understood why movie producers rarely make movies featuring Arab slave traders. If one was to judge only by movies, one would never learn that whites were not the only race that enslaved others, but were the first race to ban slavery all together.

        • LovelyNordicHeidi

          In your profile you say that you are a college student. As a Black race realist, how do you cope in an environment where race denial is the standard? Or is that not such a big deal for Blacks? I am just curious about it, because it might tell me a little more about race denial.

          • Cannot Tell

            It’s difficult for me to be around people who deny the biological reality of race. I’m majoring in psychology and economics and every time an opportunity to talk about HBD presents itself, I have to try to ignore it. For example, in one of my economics classes we were assigned a project on productivity. I desperately wanted to talk about the relationship between IQ and productivity, but I knew a huge controversy would erupt if I did.

            I hope to someday start an essay scholarship that requires young people to read about race realism. Giving out money to get people to consider the biological reality of race is the only way that I know how to promote white interests.

            It’s taken me a while to get to this stage. For a while, I didn’t want race denialism to end because I enjoy being seen as an individual and being allowed to interact with whites and Asians. But the bottom line is that those are liberties that I can survive without. The liberties that I actually need are only available in societies populated by whites and East Asians.

            I hope my answer isn’t too long.

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            Thank you for your message! I read it with delight.

            I desperately wanted to talk about the relationship between IQ and productivity, but I knew a huge controversy would erupt if I did.

            This is the part of your message that stayed on my mind. The situation is very typical.

            You want to say something interesting about race, but you know that you cannot do so for political reasons.

            It is very tiring to be in such an environment, as you constantly have to exert self-control over what you are going to say and what you are not going to say.

            But the bottom line is that those are liberties that I can survive without.

            This is another part of your message that stayed on my mind. I think that it is really brave that you have dared to reach such a conclusion.

            I think that your approach can be very valuable for other Blacks, as it is important that all humans, no matter to what race they belong, be converted to race realism.

            It is one of the huge steps that mankind has to take, and if non-Whites are converted to it, then it will also be easier for Whites to convert to it.

            The liberties that I actually need are only available in societies populated by whites and East Asians.

            As David Ashton might say, “I support humanitarian eugenics.” I believe that most, if not all, racial problems can be solved if we dare to accept the reality of race first.

            I do, however, not support the notion that we should allow foreigners to be in our native lands.

            My reasons for this are various, but one of the easiest to understand is that if foreigners are in our lands, there is a much higher chance of miscegenation than if there are none.

            I like the fact that there are different races, even though it does give some troubles.

            I believe, actually, that people like you should get more children than your brethen and that the only humanitarian aid that would actually help Blacks is making sure that higher-IQ Blacks, like yourself (as I can immediately tell that you are not an average Black), get more children than lower-IQ Blacks.

            The most humane way of solving racial problems is by breeding those problems out of the various human races. Might sound a little scary when you hear this coming from my mouth, but it isn’t that scary when you think about the fact that we do this all the time with animals, but not yet with the humans.

            I perceive humans as animals. I like to call ourselves “human animals”, because it reminds us of the fact that we are not that different from other animals, and that we are also subject to the same forces and laws as other animals. We tend to forget that, because we tend to think that we are not animals.

            I have a few other questions for you:

            1) How do you react to the implications of this article for Blacks: The Bonobo Genome Compared with the Chimpanzee and Human Genomes

            2) What is your personal opinion about the frequent anti-Black rants here and, in extreme cases, comments that are in favour of the extermination of Blacks?

            I just want to hear your personal opinion on these issues, because it is relevant to know how you deal with these issues. Also, I never really speak with non-Whites in real life, because I like to avoid them. I do not hate non-Whites, but I just think that it is best to stay out of each other’s way in real life.

            The fact that I strictly avoid non-Whites gives me a more favourable perception of them; I try to retain this more favourable perception, because I do not want to do away with the racial diversity of the human species on this planet, although I do not want any non-traditional racial or ethnic diversity in my own nation.

          • Cannot Tell

            Thanks for replying. You’ve given me some interesting things to think about. I typically read most of the articles posted on AR, but until I read your comment I hadn’t checked out “The Bonobo Genome Compared with the Chimpanzee and Human Genomes”. I’m glad you encouraged me to read it.

            That article reminded me of a book called Erectus Walks Amongst Us. The author, Richard D. Fuerle, thinks it’s obvious that Africans are genetically predisposed to low IQ. He pointed out in his book that with regards to all biological traits Africans possess the more primitive ones. X/A ratios prove no exception. Africans are more primitive than Europeans.

            Some commenters on that article think that Africans are a different species. I understand why they’re inclined to that opinion, but I disagree. Pre-zygotic and post-zygotic barriers would exist if Africans were a different species.

            Moving on to your second question, I have no animosity toward those few people who desire the extermination of blacks. (I think most AR readers would settle for repatriation, though.) Blacks have given non-blacks numerous reasons to despise them. In fact, even one that does not despise blacks might favor their extermination. Did you read AR’s review of Raymond B. Cattell’s book Beyondism? Cattell thought that sending food to Africa was idiotic. According to him, if Africans couldn’t build societies where people wouldn’t starve it violated the norms of evolution for non-Africans to feed them. I could be wrong, but believing that a non-black should not help blacks survive may be tantamount to wanting their extermination.

            Also, I understand your inclination towards eugenics, but I’m not sure that that could help blacks out much. Are you familiar with regression? Study after study shows that the children of smart blacks turn out less smart than the children of smart whites.

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            Some commenters on that article think that Africans are a different species. I understand why they’re inclined to that opinion, but I disagree. Pre-zygotic and post-zygotic barriers would exist if Africans were a different species.

            Prezygotic and postzygotic barriers prevent interbreeding from happening. I have, however, had a debate on the definition of species not so long ago. I was surprised to learn that there are various species which can interbreed with other related species and produce fertile offspring; I think that this is also mentioned – or at least alluded to – in some of the comments under that article. I have no time to list the interfertile species here, but if what I was told is true and nothing has been overlooked, then there are good reasons to classify Africans and non-Africans as different species. Also, do not forget that non-Africans have Neanderthal DNA while Africans have not, and there are numerous other genetic differences between Africans and non-Africans, as you are aware of.

            Cattell thought that sending food to Africa was idiotic. According to him, if Africans couldn’t build societies where people wouldn’t starve it violated the norms of evolution for non-Africans to feed them. I could be wrong, but believing that a non-black should not help blacks survive may be tantamount to wanting their extermination.

            There are also race denialists who think that aid to Africa is a bad idea. For example, Dambisa Moyo, a former economist at Goldman Sachs, and author of “Dead Aid: Why Aid Is Not Working and How There Is a Better Way for Africa” does not think that aid to Africa is a good idea, even though he does not advocate the alternative solution that I would advocate as a race realist in his position.

            Also, I understand your inclination towards eugenics, but I’m not sure that that could help blacks out much. Are you familiar with regression? Study after study shows that the children of smart blacks turn out less smart than the children of smart whites.

            Prof. em. Richard Lynn says about regression to the mean, “These assertions that regression to the mean would render a eugenic program ineffective or, in the case of the variant proposed by Preston and Campbell (1993), that it would correct the impact of dysgenic fertility, are obviously wrong because if they were true the selective breeding of plants and animals, of which a number of examples have been given in the first two sections of this chapter, would not work. If these assertions were correct, improvements brought about by selective breeding would disappear after several generations through regression to the mean. Furthermore, natural selection would not work either because evolution by the survival of the fittest could not take place through the regression of the descendents of the fittest back to the population mean.”

            Further he adds, “Selective breeding, therefore, operates like a ratchet with minor slippage. With each generation of selection, the trait is improved; but there is some slippage backward. Continued selection over successive generations results in improvement in the trait. This is what is actually obtained in the selective breeding experiments for intelligent and emotional rats described in the first section of this chapter, and it is what would happen with a eugenic program designed for humans.”

            I think that eugenics is just a matter of doing. We have tried social programs for decades and we have seen the failed results in successive generations, but we have not yet tried eugenic programs and we have not yet seen the results in successive generations. I believe that if we decide to implement eugenic programs, the results will amaze scientist and citizen alike. My view of humans is that their genetic traits are not static if we take into account the possibility of rapid evolution. Engelman’s view of the static superiority of Northeast Asians – even if the skeptics of Northeast Asian intellectual superiority (such as Flynn himself) are wrong – is incorrect.

            Evolution is not static, therefore there can be no such thing as static superiority. Speaking from an evolutionary perspective, there can only be such thing as dynamic superiority; It is, therefore, possible that White ethnicities might have had higher or lower average IQs in the past than now. Prof. em. Richard Lynn, at least according to whom the higher average IQ of Northeast Asians is true, also pointed out that the Asian-White IQ gap is, statistically speaking, quite insignificant, even though Asiaphiles might like to argue otherwise.

            What prof. em. Richard Lynn is basically saying is that speaking in terms of Northeast Asian superiority over Whites on the basis of Asian-White IQ differences is quite unsubstantial. This means that he – unlike Engelman – does not overestimate nor exaggerate the implications of such IQ differences. My point is that so-called racial inferiority is not hopeless if we act upon the fact that evolution is dynamic; The eugenic approach needs to win general acceptance.

            The social approach has utterly failed, and now it is becoming increasingly clear that the eugenic approach is the only interventionist option left if we ignore the emotionally unattractive and therefore highly unfeasible extermination approach. Non-interventionism is not an option, so we are really only left with the eugenic approach. You should remember that if one is a male, has a high IQ and wants to have high-IQ children, one has to find a female belong to the same race and with a similar IQ as that of oneself.

            My questions:

            1) Do you think that you will ever write a book about HBD-related issues to spread the knowledge of HBD?

            2) What is your opinion about the growing number of Blacks in China, esp. in Guangzhou?

            Here are some excerpts from Wikipedia on the topic of libtard-style diversity in China:

          • Martel

            Minor correction, Dambisa Moyo is a she. Her work used to aid me in refuting current ODA policies.

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            Thank you, Martel! I have corrected it.

            By the way, are you willing to have a critical debate on IQ with me?

            Maybe we can do so in the “Yes, IQ really matters” thread.

            But we can also have it here, if that is convenient.

          • Martel

            I’m not sure if we disagree on anything concerning IQ, what subject do you propose?

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            Whether we agree or disagree does not matter. We can still discuss the topic and look at it from different sides (even if we totally agree). I have read a couple of articles that are skeptical of IQ, and that is mainly what I want to discuss. Especially one of them seems very word-twisting to me, but I think that it is worth discussing that article and you might see things in it that I would have overlooked.

          • Martel

            Sure, its good to have some practice. Bring up the article and take a position and I will counter it.

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            Let’s first analyse it together as race realists and thereafter one of us can take the skeptic’s position. BTW the titles in the above post were added by me to make it more readable.

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            What is intelligence?

            For what I know, intelligence is said to be correlated with reasoning, memory, planning, understanding, communication, learning ability, problem solving, perception, abstract thought and understanding. The defintion of intelligence is said to be controversial, but this does not mean that intelligence is uncorrelated with reasoning, memory, etc. If the definition of intelligence is controversial, then it means that the scientific debate on the definition of intelligence is on-going. I have heard people say that if the definition of intelligence is controversial, then it is not correlated with reasoning, memory, etc., but that is a non sequitur as far as I know.

            The skeptical Community

            I like reading material from the skeptical community, because it helps me to develop my argumentation skills and my ability to analyse and criticise people’s assertions. The skeptical community’s main objective is to debunk. That is also one of my objectives, and that is why I am interested in what they can teach me about that. The skeptical community, however, perceives race realism (and therefore also the topic of IQ and race) as a classical example of something that needs to be debunked. For example, RationalWiki makes nonsensical points about race realism, and fails to debunk it. I do not think that the skeptical community has ever managed to debunk race realism, but it is interesting to analyse what they say because increasing our knowledge of (sound and unsound) debunking techniques might help our cause.

            Howard Gardner and multiple intelligences

            Howard Gardner’s theory argues that there are multiple, weakly correlated intelligences, namely musical, bodily-kinaesthetic, spatial, intrapersonal, interpersonal, logical-mathematical, naturalistic, linguistic, and possibly moral and existential. Modern IQ tests do, however, measure many abilities that are highly interrelated. For several reasons, Howard Gardner’s theory has been severely criticised. Tests indicated that the different intelligences proposed by Howard Gardner actually correlated with the g factor, and this supports the idea that there is a single dominant type of intelligence. Each of the intelligences proposed by Howard Gardner involves a blend of g, of cognitive abilities other than g, and – in some cases – of non-cognitive abilities or of personality characteristics. Further it has been argued that there are no supporting empirical studies and that neuroscientific research has demonstrated that the human brain is unlikely to function as proposed by Howard Gardner.

            The Skeptic’s Dictionary: A Collection of Strange Beliefs, Perceptions, and Dangerous Delusions

            The title of this “dictionary” (visit www DOT skepdic DOT com) sounds promising, and guess which entry has been included in this “dictionary”? Race and IQ! That entry (which I perceive as an article by the way) will be broken down by me into different excerpts, as I want to treat them separately and in separate posts. I wrote the previous paragraph in relation to the excerpt that I am now going to quote:

            “IQ” stands for “intelligence quotient.” A person’s IQ is supposed to be a measure of that person’s intelligence: the higher the IQ number, the greater the intelligence. This is inaccurate, however, since it assumes that there is only one kind of intelligence. Most people recognize [BANDWAGON FALLACY] that there are some people with fantastic memories, some with mathematical minds, some with musical genius, some with mechanical expertise, some with good vocabularies, some good at seeing analogies, some good at synthesizing, some at unifying, etc. Some people excel at more than one of these behaviors. It would be more accurate to speak of human intelligences than of intelligence. Furthermore, the typical IQ test doesn’t even measure rational decision-making ability.* An IQ test, therefore, should be considered a measure of some kinds of intelligence, but not all. The most accurate claim one can make about an IQ test is that it measures IQ.

            Intelligence is not IQ, and IQ is not intelligence?

            The research on IQ and race by Arthur Jensen, William Shockley, Herrnstein and Murray (The Bell Curve) and others have not found any significant correlations between race and intelligence [FALSEHOOD]. They have found correlations between race and IQ, which has been used to support the notion that some races are intellectually inferior to others [ACCUSATION OF BIAS]. Not surprising is the fact that different researchers using different data get different results. Richard Lynn and James Flynn came to quite different conclusions regarding Asian IQ, for example.

            Races exist or they do not exist?

            Few deny that there are several races or that there are obvious physical and cultural differences among different ethnic groups. Since the publication of Richard Lewontin’s 1972 article “The Apportionment of Human Diversity” in Evolutionary Biology the view that race is a social construct has been accepted by most scientists. That view has been challenged by Armand Marie Leroi, who argues that Lewontin’s error was that “he looked at one gene at a time and failed to see races. But if many—a few hundred—variable genes are considered simultaneously, then it is very easy to do so. Indeed, a 2002 study by scientists at the University of Southern California and Stanford showed that if a sample of people from around the world are sorted by computer into five groups on the basis of genetic similarity, the groups that emerge are native to Europe, East Asia, Africa, America and Australasia—more or less the major races of traditional anthropology.”

            Basically, Leroi’s view is a return to the view that dominated before Lewontin’s view took over. It had become a widespread belief that race is genetically determined in much the same way as, say, eye color. Having a certain gene or set of genes means you have blue eyes. Likewise, having a set of genes makes one Caucasian. It has always been accepted that a person’s genetic makeup is a significant factor in individual intelligence in particular areas and in physical features associated with different races, such as skin color, breadth of nose, shape of eyes, etc. There is, of course, a tremendous variation in intelligence among individuals of any race. [HALF-TRUTH] Clearly, environment plays a significant role in the development of intelligence. [FALSEHOOD if we are not speaking about the influence of environment on human evolution] Over the long haul, environment determines which physical features evolve in the group. Whatever genetic differences [INACCURATE WORDING as it should be: “The genetic differences that”] exist among the races are due to mechanisms like natural selection and sexual selection. The notion of a “pure” race is an absurdity [FALSEHOOD and APPEAL TO RIDICULE]. Even if the Christian fundamentalists are right and there was an original Adam and Eve [“Even if” might be an INACCURATE WORDING because human races have common ancestors and Homo sapiens also has common ancestors], no race can claim to be “pure.” [MISINFORMATION as race realists intend to indicate with the adjective “pure” that there is a certain genetic composition that can be regarded as ideal; for example, if a person is not the result of miscegenation between a White and non-White parent but the result of mating between two White parents, then he or she can be said to be “pure”] Each race evolved according to natural processes such as natural selection. [WRONG ARGUMENT if it is intended to demonstrate that there are no “pure” races]

            Playing the objective psychologist: To assume that their opinions about others are objective or unbiased is a common fallacy among people who try to “study” others “objectively”

            To correlate race and intelligence in the name of science and have the world pay attention to you is no small feat. Could it be the numbers, the statistics, which impress people? Not likely. Even the most sophisticated numerical analysis which showed a correlation between phlogiston and ether wouldn’t get a hearing today. So, why does the race/intelligence bit get a hearing? How can any rational person take seriously notions such as the Aryans or racial purity? Some probably assert these things as a matter of establishing power. Being a member of a pure race is a quick and simple way to establish one’s superiority. Membership is easy. You’re born into it. Being the right race gives one a right to superiority and justifies inequality, regardless of one’s individual deficiencies. It also justifies racism, since if inferior people are succeeding they must be cheating the truly superior people out of their just inheritance. It also justifies believing things about oneself that have no objective validity. A truly inferior being can justify thinking of himself as superior because of his race membership. He can rationalize any failures or inadequacies and attribute them to the unfair advantage given to those he considers inferior. He can even fool himself into thinking his non-white skin is white and that he somehow deserves to share in the accomplishments of anyone in his “white” race. (I have been expected to check “white” on a number of forms concerned about my “race”, although when compared to a white sheet of paper, my skin color is clearly not white, but light brown. I have met very few “white” people who are white. At least they are not white in the skin areas generally exposed in public. Truly white people—albinos—come in all races.)

            There is much more to quote, but I want divide the article in reasonable chunks so that we can analyse it meticulously.


            1) What are the (important) assertions that you would like to respond to? In other words, what can you find in the excerpts above that is worth responding to?

            2) Can you find logical fallacies that are worth mentiong or expanding on? Or can you find typical mistakes that also commonly occur in liberal news articles?

          • Martel

            The last quote is riddled with unsubstantiated assertions, his final paragraph claims ”white” isn’t a proper term as europeans vary in skin colour, naturally if he would need to identify an individual, he would have no issue using such terminology. Normally I would not seriously respond to such a claim. I’d mock it, then continue on to describe the validity of racial categories. A term I prefer over the term race, as it implies there are not necessarily any strict boundaries.

            Its difficult finding anything which would be difficult to counter, but I do agree the term ”pure race” is difficult to define. I rather speak of evolutionary path, where those of European descent share a greater number of (successful) genes, perhaps even compatible genes, where reproduction has a higher chance of success then with a member of another racial category.

            I do wonder why someone would claim that Murray and Hernnstein have not found a significant correlation between race and intelligence. This seems outright deception.

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            Personally speaking, I find the concept of racial purity quite defendable. If a person can have high or low degrees of the DNA of a certain race, then this person can be said to be (relatively) pure or impure, depending on how much DNA he or she possess of that race. We have no problem with distinguishing a mulatto from a European just by looking at them, so I think that the concept of racial purity – no matter what words you use to encode that concept – can be said to be observable in the real world. I think in degrees, and that makes a concept such as racial purity understandable to me.

            Notice especially that the author is trying to pathologise race realism in the text that I named “Playing the objective psychologist.” It makes one think of psychoanalysis and the so-called authoritarian personality. That text was probably written with some kind of “liberal common sense” approach in which the author just expressed his – assuming the author is a male – prejudices about race realists, because if the author had known more about us, he would not have written what he has written. The author basically insinuates that readers of “IQ and race” books, who are White supremacists at least according to him, have a confirmation bias which is supposed to be the reason why they read those books and why they take those books too seriously and why they accepted the assertions of those books so uncritically.

            For example, if I can be said to be a White supremacist (to speak from the author’s point of view), then what the author says and insinuates about the readers of the “IQ and race” books is obviously mistaken and bears some resemblance to a wrong direction (an informal fallacy) and a chicken-egg problem; Before I became a race realist, I was a liberal who never sought confirmation that races exist or that the White race is supreme, but I became gradually more convinced of the reality of race as I started learning more about evolution and came to the conclusion that the human animal is subject to the same forces and processes as all other animals, and so I began to perceive race as a hypothetical possibility from an evolutionary perspective, and later – as I learned more about the topic of race (esp. via eugenics and by studying and observing foreigners) – I began to perceive it as a reality. One of the main reasons that I was brought onto the path towards racial understanding was this question that occurred to me when I was just a young teenage girl: Why did our ancestors so ardently believe in race while nowadays people believe so ardently in the opposite? Could our ancestors have been right?

            I thought of it as a very “evil” question, but I did not shy away from it nor did I shy away from reflecting upon the logic behind the existence of race and finding the evidence for the existence of race, even though I continuously entertained the very frightening thought that if I came to the resolute conclusion that race exists, then it would mean that I had converted to the most “evil” ideology on the planet.

            I am glad that I never gave in to my worst fears, even after that my parents found out my views, tried to change my mind by hot-tempered discussions, severe punishments and eventually – as their last hope – the use of violence (the first time I dare to delve into this aspect of my past and put it into print); I hated having to conceal or cover up bruises or to make up plausible excuses for them at school if the disagreements with my parents had turned violent, and my father, who is really a tough guy for his age, was of the opinion that he had to do “the right thing” by beating “den Nazismus” out of me. (I’ll save you from the details) I cannot imagine now how I always used to get very high marks at school while the situation at home was so untenable and unstable, and even though I was used to lying about it, I never got why the “visible signs” were never interpreted correctly nor acted upon by anybody in my environment, save my maternal grandparents who finally – when the untenable and unstable situation at home had reached its climax – decided to let me stay with them for some time “to keep me away from home.” My relationship with my parents, and esp. my father, had been permanently damaged after the particular incident (again, I’ll save you from the details) that preceded my maternal grandparents’ interference….. It changed me a lot.

            My paternal grandmother has always remained explicitly sympathetic towards National Socialism, while my position on that has always been neutral and I had already explained my reasonable position a thousand times to my parents, so I never comprehended why my parents, and especially my father, kept on believing that I was a “neo-Nazi” or something of that sort. I could never have imagined my life to turn out like this and I never sought help nor reported anything concerning violence at home to my teachers nor the police, because I did not want to betray my parents and I loved and respected my father as a parent, while I hated him for what he did to me, but I also figured that even though I looked like any other girl of my age, my father would probably have managed to convince anyone that I am a neo-Nazi, so even if I wanted to tell someone, I would never have bothered doing so anyways.

            Despite of what anyone might think by now – even if anyone thinks of my father as merely a mean and violent individual – my father is a very intelligent man and he is the one who did not hesitate about having another child at his age as he was quick to persuade my mother (who is a lot younger than him) to keep me when she found out that she was pregnant. Being aware of the fact that my parents are not unintelligent people, I never really understood why they never tried to look at the world in another way; they never really listened to what I had to say. They were only listening to respond, but not to understand. They believed that they understood what I thought, but I knew that they did not understand what I thought.

            I learned seven life lessons from all this:

            1) Life is worth the suffering

            2) Never give up or compromise if you are seeking the truth

            3) Do not generalise all men from a dislikeable father

            4) Try to look at the world in different ways

            5) Listen to understand, not just to respond

            6) Never resort to violence to try to make your point

            7) Always try to be reasonable even if others are not

            My main point with all this is that a confirmation bias did not bring me onto the path towards racial understanding, but it was my diligence to learn the truth, and my willingness to risk everything. I was open to all arguments, and I did not shun controversy. I do always regret it that my parents never supported me, and that things happened that I never wanted to happen, but is that not life?

          • jeffaral

            Hallo Heidi. Bin ueberrascht, dass dein Vater dich geschlagen hattest; das passiert nicht so oft hier in Deutschland glaube Ich, aber es gibt’s schlimmeres. Du bist so ueberzeugt in deinem Glauben-so wie Ich- dass du, wuerde Ich sage, ein echter “true believer” bist. Du hast schon bestimmt bemerkt, im Gegensatz zu dir, dass Ich sehr faul beim Schreiben bin, trotzdem Ich liebe es, deine Beitraege zu lesen. Du bist immer in meinen Gedanken, und darf Ich sagen, dass ich dich liebe? Oh Das Leiden des Jungen Werthers……

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            Jeff, obwohl ich es nicht mag, um darüber zu sprechen, bin ich in Frieden mit meiner Vergangenheit, denn ich habe mein Leben in Ordnung gebracht. Einige Ereignisse sind traumatisch, aber wessen Leben is nun perfekt?

            Mein Vater ist ein Mann mit einer guten Seite und einer schlechten Seite, wie jeder andere Mensch. Ich billige nicht was mein Vater getan hat, aber ich weiß auch dass er nur ein Mensch ist, der auch eine schwierige Vergangenheit gehabt hat.

            Häusliche Gewalt ist in Deutschland weiter verbreitet als man denkt. Doch die Opfer sind nicht nur weiblich, aber auch männlich. Wenn das Opfer männlich ist, dann sagt er oft nichts. Dank Feminismus ist man nicht auf männlichen Opfern konzentriert, aber nur auf weiblichen Opfern.

          • captainc

            excellent post Heidi! it’s really a big struggle to hold firm to the truth.

          • Martel

            Sorry Heidi, I will answer in the coming days but I am quite a busy at the moment, I can’t even finish my arguments at front page mag about Jewish ethnic activism, a figment of my imagination according to my uninformed opposition, though my arguments clearly stand out above their own. It reminds me, its a shame human biological diversity dot org does not allow input, they could also collect the most intelligent rebuttals of our views. In general the resistance to our views is only bolstered by the tenacity of opposition, the time they are willing to spend arguing with us, or calling us names, which I enjoy. I know little about Gardner and classifications of intelligence though, and there is a lot I need to learn about the more technical aspects of both intelligence and other aspects of human biological diversity. In basic arguments such as the above I feel I am unable to lose the argument( I continually refer back to the impossibility of evolutionary egalitarianism, a point which cannot be defeated) so I suggest we move to more technical grounds after we have discussed this article.

          • Martel

            I see your point about racial purity, but i think another concept needs to be developed which both underpins the neccesity of preventing race mixing through social pressure, and using more suitable terminology.

            Claiming confirmation bias on our part, invites a response about disconfirmation bias. Clearly, this bias dominates the views of our political and ”intellectual” elite. The problem is, their bias affords them the strategic advantage of not requiring continued education. Race realists must constantly learn, they must continually expand their mind and their knowledge. Our opponents do no such thing. So who is truly biased?

            About your personal history, its quite difficult to get your head straight if you grew up in a difficult home. This is often underestimated, when either one of the parents is not a proper role model, the child is not given self confidence and guided, then this often has effects throughout the life of their child. It seems you have managed to come out of this ordeal as a healthy individual, for which i am glad. I does take personal and intellectual courage to be a race realist, the lives of Taylor and diversity monger Wise could not be more different. I suppose confirmation bias comes from two sources; the desire to be right, and the desire to remain in our comfort zone.

            We are susceptible to the first one, but our opponents are susceptible to both.

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            Here is the rest of the (junk) article. Especially take a look at “IQ tests measure a weak causal link to intelligence?” and “More genetic variation between individuals than races?” What can you tell about those topics? For the rest, I will posit the same questions as for the last excerpts that we discussed. It becomes clear from the rest of the article that there is much obfuscation and encouragement of double-think going on. This can be perceived as a (liberal) persuasion strategy, just like pathologising the opponent can be perceived as a (liberal) persuasion strategy.

            Racis’ history and White supremacy make talkin’ ‘bout race really difficult: Ain’t that right, folks?

            Are the studies of no value that show African-Americans or Asians doing differently than so-called “white” Americans on standardized IQ tests? That is, is the work of people like Herrnstein and Murray worthless? No. It is valuable data, but it is also explosive data because of our racist political history. The data is also often wrong. Such data will inevitably be exploited by white supremacists, twisted for their own political goals and used not to improve racial relations in America but to encourage further racial strife. Such data consists mainly of correlations. And while correlations should convince orthodox empirical scientists of nothing, to the racist researcher, correlations are the heart and soul of their work. The furor that The Bell Curve caused died down quickly because there occurred an ongoing saga which usurped its political and entertainment value: the O. J. Simpson trial. In fact, Herrnstein and Murray, in chapter after chapter, call for social reforms to improve the status of blacks in America. They may be disingenuous calls, but they are nevertheless inconsistent with the notion that the social condition of blacks in America is due to genetic factors. If genes led to the black underclass of young thugs who murder each other on a daily basis in almost every city in America, then there would be no point in calling for educational or vocational programs, no point in urging a change of focus for black men and women in their families, as even the black supremacist Louis Farrakhan has recommended with his million man march.

            You will probably search in vain for a genetic answer: ‘cause it’s all environmental

            In any case, genetic clustering occurs due to geographical isolation over long periods of time, and continues through inheritance when individuals leave their native area and breed with others of similar background. Physical features such as skin color, shape of eyelid, color of eyes, texture of hair, etc., are genetically determined. (For example, about 90 to 95 percent of African Americans and 98 to 99 percent of Asians are Rh-positive.) It is also true that an individual’s capacity for any particular kind of intelligence is largely dependent on genetic factors. As far as I know, nobody has yet found a correlation between the genes that determine, say, musical talent or the power to visualize or to think abstractly, and the genes that determine a set of physical characteristics that most would readily recognize as European or African. If you want to find out why Asians are over-represented in California’s universities while blacks and Hispanics are underrepresented, you will probably search in vain for a genetic answer. Those who are interested in such things would do better to look at family structure, ethnic traditions, and social conditions.

            One can’t deny A but one can deny B: ‘cause half-truth is better than truth

            One can’t deny that the majority of young men killing each other in gang wars are minorities. But one can deny that the reason they are so violent and immoral is because of their genes. That is false and an insult to the majority of blacks and other minorities who are decent, law-abiding persons. One can’t deny that minorities are undereducated as a group and underrepresented in our colleges and universities, and in the professions and skilled trades. But one can deny that the reason minorities are underrepresented is that their genes makes them inferior and incapable of competing with “white” America. Even so, it is true that many minorities are not in college or working as doctors or lawyers or teachers or auto mechanics, etc., because of their race. There are social factors, such as racism and poverty, that continue to adversely affect black progress in America. There are also cultural factors that need to be addressed, but when they are—even by black leaders like Bill Cosby or others—they are often met with the same kind of resistance that Jensen and Shockley experienced.

            More genetic variation between individuals than races?

            “There’s about a 15 percent genetic variation between any two individuals,” according to science writer Deborah Blum. “Less than half of that, about 6 percent, is accounted for by known racial groupings….A randomly selected white person, therefore, can easily be genetically closer to an African than another white” (Blum 1995). Others contest these figures, arguing that genetic clustering is less likely to be evident in studies that use a small number of genetic markers. The greater the number of markers used, the greater the genetic clustering (Tang et al.: 2005).

            Some day we’ll all be singing kumbaya: There won’t be any racists or xenophobes, and we’ll be able to look at different races and see ‘em as human beings

            It is possible that some day we may be able to look at people of different races and see them as human beings without losing sight of what is special and unique about racial or ethnic membership. We do not need to be colorblind, nor should we strive to ignore racial differences. But they should be seen in a proper perspective: significant in forming us, but irrelevant to our status as human beings capable of both the highest moral and intellectual behavior and of bestial depravity and moronic incompetence.

            Race has no basis in biological reality?

            Joseph Graves, an African-American evolutionary biologist at Arizona State University-West in Tempe, notes that most people and researchers who try to establish correlations between various natural abilities and skin color are not geneticists.

            These people don’t know evolutionary genetics. They talk about interesting issues in race and biology. And since, I think, there are no real races, I wonder what these issues are. It makes me angry that I have to take time from my research (on the genetics of aging) to argue about something that shouldn’t even need to be discussed (Blum).

            C. Loring Brace, an anthropologist at the University of Michigan, claims that “race is a four-letter word with no basis in biological reality” (Blum). Others claim that the assertion that race is biologically meaningless is politically motivated. There is also the problem of different scientists defining ‘race’ in different ways.

            Purity and superiority are wrong?

            However, even if there were such a thing as a pure race, that fact would not justify considering that race superior to any other. One might even make a case for the inferiority of such a race. Nature clearly favors variation. Chances of survival under varied and changing conditions increase as the species is more varied. Too much similarity could mean racial disaster, extinction; while variation could mean the survival of some members of the species if disaster should strike. Likewise, a species with several varieties of intelligences, as well as individuals with varying degrees of those intelligences, could well be a sign of superiority, at least in terms of the survival potential of the race.

            IQ differences do not justify -isms?

            In the meantime, we should heed Peter Singer’s words:

            …the genetic hypothesis does not imply that we should reduce our efforts to overcome other causes of inequality between people.

            …the fact that the average IQ of one racial group is a few points higher than that of another does not allow anyone to say that all members of the higher IQ group have higher IQs than all members of the lower IQ group….

            And, having a higher IQ does not justify racism (Singer, 1993), or any other kind of -ism, for that matter.

            Asian American IQ and occupational achievements

            In his monograph on Asian Americans and IQ, Flynn claims that Chinese Americans’ occupational achievements well exceed their IQ. He argues that the best explanation for this is environmental, and is due to such things as education, work ethic, and family values. Flynn also argues that the Asian-American dominance in math has been in spite of their IQ, not because of it (Gladwell 2008: 231n). In chapter eight of Outliers: the Story of Success, Malcolm Gladwell presents the case that the main cultural factors that explain Asian dominance in math are rooted in the history of rice growing and the way numbers are named, written, and conceived.

            IQ tests measure a weak causal link to intelligence?

            Another accurate claim that can be made is that however IQ is measured it has been increasing with each generation over the past sixty years or so. James R. Flynn discovered this when he analyzed the data for all the countries that keep records of IQ scores. This trend is now called the Flynn effect. It could be due to more people with higher IQ breeding or taking the test, fewer people with lower IQ breeding or taking the test, the test getting easier, or social/cultural factors. The latter seems the most plausible. Flynn thinks that the hypothesis most in accord with the data regarding the relationship of IQ tests and intelligence is that “IQ tests do not measure intelligence but rather correlate with a weak causal link to intelligence.”

          • Martel

            It truly is a junk article. He presents some well known claims based on logical fallacies such as his statement claiming ingroup variation is greater then variation between groups. Interesting is his statement that Flynn argued that Asians are ”dominant” in spite of their IQ, this in itself implies IQ does vary amongst groups, but the author is so busy finding any point which allows him ton push his views, he accepts any argument he can find. Like Jared Diamonds claim that Aboriginals may have greater mental capabilities then whites. Do you know the ethnic background of the author?

            He is a poor writer by the way, its an uncomfortable read.i found it difficult finding something deserving a response. I should read the bell curve one day though, interested in the reforms offered by Murray.

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            The writer of that “article” is Robert Todd Carroll. It is actually a dictionary entry from his online Skeptic’s Dictionary, for which he earned some popularity in 1994. He looks White to me and from what I know about him I think that he is a White gentile, but if he is Jewish, then he is silent about it, so let us assume that he is a White Gentile. What Carroll says about IQ and race gives us a good indication of the “quality” of his Skeptic’s Dictionary.

            EDIT: The excerpt from Wikipedia appears twice, but it should only have appeared once.

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            The writer of that “article” is Robert Todd Carroll. It is actually a dictionary entry from his online Skeptic’s Dictionary, for which he earned some popularity in 1994. He looks White to me and from what I know about him I think that he is a White gentile, but if he is Jewish, then he is silent about it, so let us assume that he is a White Gentile. What Carroll says about IQ and race gives us a good indication of the “quality” of his Skeptic’s Dictionary.

          • Martel

            I actually thought some parts of the article were written by a minority, I guess I am wrong. The quality is disappointing considering it is written by a UC proffesor.

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            The fact that his site attracts more than one million visitors per month is shocking and it is even more shocking that he is a professor, if his junk article on IQ and Race is in any way indicative of the quality of his Skeptic’s Dictionary and other works.

          • Martel

            Smart men turn into fools when race is mentioned, so I will give him the benefit of the doubt. We should both feel confident about ourselves, given a UC professor could do little in debate.

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            I think he underestimates how experienced and knowledgeable people like us are. I agree to give him a pass, but everyone should read his articles with more doubts, because what he said in the article on IQ and Race is pure BS. By the way, have you already posted on American Thinker to put out a good word for AmRen?

          • Martel

            Not yet but I definitely will. You would be a fine representative yourself.

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            This is what Wikipedia says about Carroll’s career:

            A longtime advocate of scientific skepticism and critical thinking, in 1994 Carroll set up the Skeptic’s Dictionary website online. It initially consisted of fewer than fifty articles, mostly on informal fallacies and pseudoscience. The site has now grown to several hundred articles, including many on the paranormal and the supernatural. It attracts more than a million visitors per month. Entries from the dictionary have been translated into more than a dozen languages.


            After Carroll published a piece online labelling Richard Milton’s writings on alternative science as “Internet Bunk”, Milton responded by accusing Carroll of being a “pseudo-skeptic” who had fabricated quotations and misrepresented his arguments. Carroll countered these accusations in an addendum to his piece.

            Note especially that his site attracts more than a million visitors per month. Perceiving Carroll’s article on IQ and Race as a good indication of the quality of his Skeptic’s Dictionary, the fact that his website attracts a million visitors per month says something about the readership of his site. Also note the fact that he is hostile to what he perceives as “Internet Bunk.”

          • Cannot Tell

            Thanks for replying. You’ve given me a lot of interesting information. I don’t have a lot of time, but I’ll briefly answer your questions.

            I learned a while ago that the Chinese allow a small number of Africans to emigrate to their country. I think that decision is the height of stupidity. I hope they sterilize them like the Israelis do.

            I don’t plan to write a book, but I might start an essay scholarship for young people who read books written by race realists. I have already come up with a few essay prompts. For example, I could have the applicants write a paper on which side of the IQ debate they find more convincing.

            Or instead of starting a scholarship I could start an online course. I’m thinking about calling it “Race In America From A Conservative’s Perspective.” Below is a general outline of my future course.

            Part I: Is race a biological or social construct?

            Part II: Is there such thing as hate speech?

            Part III: Explores moralistic fallacy. Is it morally wrong to consider the possibility that blacks are intellectually inferior to whites and East Asians?

            Part IV: Explores the concept of “white privilege”.

            Part V: Is it wrong for races to pursue their own interests?
            Read books on why it it’s wrong for whites, but not wrong for blacks. Also read Jared Taylor’s White Identity for opposite viewpoint.

            Part VI: Is diversity a strength? Read books by authors who think it is and then read an excerpt from Bowling Alone by Robert Putnam.

            Part VII: Race relations between blacks and whites around the world. Read Ilana Mercer’s Into the Cannibal’s Pot. Also read Ann Coulter’s most recent book. Read books by Henry Louis Gates and Cornell West for opposite viewpoint.

            Part VIII: IQ-race controversy. Read books by hereditarians and books by egalitarians.

          • Martel

            I would alter the title, by taking out the political association. Students feel some pressure discussing human biological diversity, and the label conservative isn’t very popular in universities.

          • Cannot Tell

            Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll probably take your advice.

          • Martel

            No problem, you also have some advantages as a black male in introducing such issues, which would be lost by such a political association. The treatment of Herman Cain and Stacey Dash are just some examples of blacks being harassed because of their political views.The documentary Indoctrination U also covers some others. I applaud this iniative, the US needs to have an intellectual and informed discussion about this issue.

          • Cannot Tell

            I’m a black female and I’ll check out the documentary you mentioned.

          • Martel

            Ah, sorry, to include some lame wordplay in my excuse, I could not tell ^

            The documentary is very interesting, its about political correctness and its effects on colleges and universities. It can be found for free online.

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            It is a little late to say this, but it was nice talking with you.

            I hope to see your comments more often and to talk with you in other threads.

            Best wishes from Germany!

          • Cannot Tell

            I enjoyed talking to you as well. I hope to talk to you again in the future. Your comments on AR suggest that you have great knowledge about many subjects. Take care.

          • captainc

            what do you think is the best way to deal with blacks’ behaviors and their populations? I mean in the way you want to be handled with outmost respect yet conform to the reality of your race.

          • Cannot Tell

            I think separation would be best. Whites and blacks are too different to live in the same societies and even the strictest of laws would be unable to prevent black social pathology. On top of that, blacks would never stop demanding more rights.

  • Max

    How about we teach “50 Years of Victims of Black Violence” in the schools; much more practical.

  • Edruezzi

    I propose equal time, just like the Creationists. If liberal fiction is added to the curriculum, then the Soluteran theory should replace the Columbus story in all k-12 schools.

  • Talltrees

    Good point. Many probably taken to other countries. But, we’d be blamed for that too even if not involved.

  • David Ashton

    A good list.
    What we need is a SOUND, point-by-point refutation of the “facts” used by those who make slaves of white children by inducing guilt into their parents and teachers. This must be done with irrefutable accuracy and simplicity.
    “Our Kids are not Victims either”.

    • SFLBIB

      “What we need is a SOUND, point-by-point refutation…”

      OK, you racist!

      Now, soundly refute that charge.

      • David Ashton

        I can only make intelligible answers to intelligible comments.

        • SFLBIB

          My point is that you would have to go into a lot of verbiage to refute that one word. It would be so long that you would lose the argument with the person who made it. Consequently, sound arguments are grossly ineffective, if at all. Perhaps there is a better way: tomwoods . com/blog/interview-with-a-zombie

          • dd121

            If “racism” is the position that whites are superior to blacks in almost every way that counts then why refute it? I embrace it. It’s true.

          • SFLBIB

            “…why refute it?”

            But you said, “What we need is a SOUND, point-by-point refutation…” Are you changing your mind?

          • David Ashton

            I am not advocating a dialogue of the deaf. One can make a sound case on various points, including “racism”, which can be presented to “third-party” observers of a debate. Also, tactics vary with the particular opponent.

      • Conrad

        Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

        • dd121

          No, that was Mr Ashton who said that.

    • Conrad

      There is a book used by, Seventh Day Adventists called Answers to Objections. It is just such a book. Of course, it is used to defend the teachings of the SDA church, but we could use that as a template for creating the sort of book that you are speaking of.

      • David Ashton

        Time permitting, I’ll have a look. The Australian RC priest Leslie Rumble did a remarkable job with his “Radio Replies”.

    • HamletsGhost

      That’s easy to do.

      “Slavery was started by blacks, ended by whites, and is currently being resurrected by blacks.”

      All parts of the above statement are true and can be answered by historical citation if challenged.

      Brevity is the soul of effective propaganda.

      • David Ashton

        Very good. Might expand it a bit into a leaflet to hand out at our local cinema when it shows the Slave movie, and another one on Saint Mandela the following week.

  • Sloppo

    If your children have to receive this kind of propaganda, it is your duty to also teach them from text books like “The Color of Crime”, “White Girl Bleed a Lot”, and of course “Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters: White Slavery in the Mediterranean, the Barbary Coast and Italy, 1500-1800”.

  • CallahanAuto

    Ellen DeGeneres joke at the Oscars last night: Possibility number one: “12 Years a Slave” wins Best Picture. Possibility number two: You’re all racists.

    Now that’s funny.

    • Pelagian

      Wow! What’s going on there?? Anybody have an analysis?

      • CallahanAuto

        It’s just a great joke poking fun of the “white guilt” crowd. Quite the breath of fresh air compared to the usual Hollywood nonsense, like the fawning over Sidney Poitier. Uncomfortable to watch.

  • Tacitus1

    None seem to upset when we all buy junk made in third world sweatshops. Slavery is only offensive when it happened 170 years ago and in the USA.

  • David Ashton

    “Modern slavery is every bit as cruel, dehumanizing and violent as the portrait painted in ’12 Years a Slave’….it is unforgivable that it remains a crime largely hidden from view…. In the UK [in 2013] Albania, Nigeria and Vietnam headed the list from which potential victims were trafficked.” – The Observer, March 2, 2014.

    Well, well!

    • Martel

      This has nothing to do with the topic in question, in fact, it is a question about Jewish ethnic activism in the early soviet union. Its quite clear Jews flocked to the Bolshevik movement, after which the gentile communists started resisting Jewish influence. Are there any events or statements by Jewish activists in those days, which prove the Jews tried to defend their political position within the movement?

      As in, Jews still part of the soviet regime.

      I believe Stalin held some trials punishing ”antisemitism” in the same days he tried to reduce the influence of Jewish activists, this may be by his own initiative, or pushed by his Jewish comrades.

      • David Ashton

        Is this on the right thread?
        The subject here is slavery in the USA.
        On this other issue, see Andre Gerrits’ “The Myth of Jewish Communism” (a book should not be judged by its cover title).

        • Martel

          Ok, thanks

  • HamletsGhost

    More fuel for the black rage fire, coming up!

  • Edruezzi

    They should also teach that there are still people happily buying and selling slaves in Asia and Africa today.

  • Edruezzi

    At a time when kids in Chinese schools are topping the world in science and math is it really necessary to be teaching a movie as part of the curriculum? The students have DVD players at home.
    Meanwhile, include Star Wars in physics classes. At least the kids will stay awake compared to having them learning 12 Years a Slave.