Posted on February 28, 2014

The Shocking Gallery of Guns, Drugs and Money Posted Online by Boy, Thirteen, Just Hours before He Was Accidentally Shot Dead

James Nye, Daily Mail (London), February 28, 2014

On Monday, 13-year-old Cartrail Robertson posted a picture of himself brandishing a 3.57 Magnum handgun onto Facebook–hours later he was accidentally shot dead by his 15-year-old friend.


Indeed, the baby-faced Memphis teenager uploaded a veritable gallery of disturbing gangster-style excess to Facebook that shows him holding another handgun, reclining in a chair smoking pot and fanning a huge wad of $100 and $50 bills.


His friends too have posted shocking images–in many of the pictures they appear to be waving semi-automatic weapons and in one staggering picture two teens are messing around with a handgun, pointing it towards a boys head.


And while police have declared the investigation into Robertson’s tragic death at the hands of Darrin Wilson, ‘closed’, their focus has shifted to discovering how two children managed to get hold of drugs, that much money and ultimately, the weapons.

‘There is an ongoing investigation in regards to how they obtained the guns,’ Vince Higgins of the Shelby County District Attorney General Office, told ABC News.

Robertson was found dead at around 3am on Tuesday morning and police have determined that he and Wilson were playing with a gun–presumably one of the two posted to Facebook–when it accidentally went off.

Wilson has been taken to juvenile detention and is charged with reckless homicide.

However, in the wake of Robertson’s death, his Facebook profile reveals he and others in deeply unsettling images of teens posing with guns, apparent drugs paraphernalia and large sums of money.

Robertson, Wilson and his friends are also seen giving what appear to be gang hand signals and in other pictures they are showing off bottles of alcohol.


In the Facebook picture that shows the pile of money, Robertson comments that it is (sic) ‘time tah get mehh another 45th’ with the hashtag of ‘shooter’–an apparent reference to a .45 caliber handgun.

And in another image showing Robertson smoking, the 13-year-old mentions drugs and tags his friend Darrin Wilson saying, (sic) ‘blowin wit that hotboy’.

On January 1st, Robertson uploaded a picture of himself in which he is seen holding a bottle of alcohol in which he boasts, (sic) ‘am gettin money on hoezz y u smokein ya life away.’

His prophetic prediction for 2014 is, (sic) ‘In am lettin bulletts spkky…..Murder!!!’

In other pictures uploaded by friends of Robertson tagged in his last Facebook post, the gallery of jaw-dropping pictures continues.

While the images do not appear to feature Robertson, Wilson or his friend exclusively, their shocking content is undeniable.

In many of the pictures the boys featured are brandishing handguns and have photographed shotguns and cash.

One particularly upsetting image shows one boy pointing a gun at another’s head as they apparently clown around on a front porch.

In another image–what appear to be three boys older than Robertson and Wilson are seen counting cash while holding an assault rifle that resembles an AK-47.

Shelby County District Attorney General Office said police are going through the photos on Robertson’s Facebook page, as well as his friends’ Facebook pages.

Robertson was shot at the home of a friend while their mother and her boyfriend were at work.

The boyfriend, who owns the Memphis home told police that he does not own a gun and that he is baffled as to where it came from.

Before the Facebook posts became apparent, neighbors and police assumed that the gun was obtained inside the home on the 600 block of Hillcrest Street.

Neighbors were alarmed when they learned the age of the shooting victim.

‘Thirteen. Still a baby,’ said Walter Holston.