Record Support for Severe Curbs on Immigration

John Bingham, Telegraph (London), January 7, 2014

Support for sweeping curbs on immigration to the UK has reached record levels, a major study of public opinion shows.

Almost eight out of 10 Britons now believe that the number of new arrivals should be limited and nearly six in 10 want to see major reductions in the number allowed in.

The numbers advocating a large cut have swelled by more than 40 per cent since before the expansion of the European Union, according to the latest findings from the British Social Attitudes survey, which has been charting public opinion for more than 30 years.

Strikingly, it shows that even among those who believe that immigration has boosted Britain’s economy and enriched its culture, clear majorities now want to see it cut.

There is also a sharp divide along class lines, with an elite of highly paid and highly qualified people twice as likely as workers from middle and lower income families to view immigration in positive terms.

Significantly, attitudes have also hardened even among those from immigrant families themselves with less than half now convinced that it is good for the economy and a quarter doubting the cultural benefits.

The findings came as Vince Cable, the Business Secretary, underlined divisions with the Coalition over immigration insisting that the Government “certainly won’t achieve” its target of getting numbers below 100,000 before the General Election next year.

Speaking in a BBC documentary, The Truth About Immigration, he described the cap, a flagship Conservative policy, as “not sensible”.

In the same programme, Jack Straw, the former Home Secretary, described Labour’s estimates of migrant numbers ahead of the main eastward expansion of the EU in 2004 as “completely catastrophic”.

And David Blunkett, his successor, admitted that the Blair government had not spelt out likely the full impact because of a “fear of racism”.

Nick Robinson, the BBC’s political editor, who presents the programme, said at the weekend that the corporation had made a “terrible mistake” in downplaying public concerns over immigration.

The study of more than 3,000 people found that 77 per cent want immigration reduced, with only four per cent favouring an increase.

Fifty six per cent support reducing it “a lot”–a record level. In 1995, when the question was first asked, only 39 per cent supported major reductions and two years ago only 51 per cent did.

Although the number of people believing that immigration benefits the economy is marginally higher than two years ago, it is still a view held by less than a third of Britons, compared with almost half who see it as harmful.

Only one in three Britons believe immigration enriches Britain culturally, against 45 per cent who think it is detrimental.

Significantly, 54 per cent of those who see immigration as good for the economy still want to reduce it, including a quarter who would support severe reductions. Among those who see immigration as culturally beneficial, 55 per cent now support curbs.

Penny Young, chief executive of NatCen Social research, which conducted the study, said other issues not specifically covered by the questions–such as pressure on the NHS or housing–could be at work.

“Reducing immigration is technically about stopping more immigrants coming to Britain so it may well be that people have got to the point where they think that we are ‘full’,” she said.

“They may think that it has been good for the economy or culturally but that if it carries on it may have a problematic effect.”

Strikingly, the proportion of first or second generation immigrants who believe migration is good for the economy has slipped below half in the last two years. A quarter of migrants now even doubt that it immigration is even benefiting Britain culturally.

When responses were analysed along class lines, one of the most notable findings is that only a third of those in the top earnings bracket see immigration as bad for the economy compared with around half of those in the middle.

David Cameron has pledged to reduce net migration to the “tens of thousands” rather than hundreds of thousands . But figures published in November show it rose markedly ni the last year and now stands at 182,000.

Aked whether he thought the target was realistic, Mr Cable said: “It’s not sensible to have an arbitrary cap because most of the things under it can’t be controlled.

“So it involves British people emigrating – you can’t control that. It involves free movement within the European Union – in and out. It involves British people coming back from overseas, who are not immigrants but who are counted in the numbers. So setting an arbitrary cap is not helpful, it almost certainly won’t achieve the below 100,000 level the Conservatives have set anyway, so let’s be practical about it.”

Asked whether it was “nonsense”, he said: “The idea it should come down to 100,000 is something the Liberal Democrats have never signed up to because we simply regard it as impractical.”

Immigration is expected to dominate the agenda in the lead up to the European elections later this year and a General Election next year.

While the UK Independence Party is expected to take votes from the Conservatives over the issue, the study shows that Labour voters are the most sharply divided over immigration.

Similar proportions of Labour voters–roughly four out of 10–see immigration as helping or harming the economy and Britain’s cultural life.

Government estimates a decade ago were that around 13,000 people from Eastern European member states would come to Britain a year. According to the ONS there are now just over a million people from Poland and the seven other countries which joined the EU in 2004 living in the UK.

“The predications were completely catastrophic,” Mr Straw told the programme.

“I mean they were wrong by a factor of 10.

“On immigration, it was bluntly a nightmare and it got more and more difficult”

Mr Blunkett addeds that the Treasury was convinced that the economic benefits would outweigh the disadvantages.

“We didn’t spell out in words of one syllable what was happening, partly because of a fear of racism” he said.

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  • Steven Barr

    In England we still by and large vote along class rather than racial lines. This is unlikely to continue however if the left continue to ignore the white working class on immigration. Nobody fifty years ago would have thought that blue collar whites in the US would come to prefer the Republicans. Not that most “right wing” parties are nay better than the left wing ones.

    • DonReynolds

      Nixon figured it out. He even figured out how to get Southerners to vote Republican, after a century of Democrat rule in the South.

  • sbuffalonative

    By all means END this immigration nightmare but they need to face facts, England has already been transformed. Even without immigration, Muslim communities are self-sustaining and increasing in population.

    We can only wait for the trouble that will eventually arise when these cultures fight for dominance. .

    • bigone4u

      The Culture Wars will turn into bullet wars soon, unless drastic measures are taken now.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      Hopefully when racial realism becomes mainstream we (white people) will be able to get people into our governments who will take sensible measures to repatriate Muslims, Hispanics, Somalis, etc who are already in our countries.

      Most of these groups have low time preference and would probably be happy to leave voluntarily in exchange for a payoff, and it would be worth it many times over in the long run to give them that payoff.

      • DonReynolds

        No cash bribes. Give them a safe conduct pass, issued by the police or sheriff. If they bug out within the time allowed, they can keep all the junk they have stolen and take it back to their home country. If they do not, they forfeit all cash and property….. but they still get a free bus ride to the border and a box lunch. Forfeited property should be sold at auction and the proceeds used to pay bounties (rewards) to citizens who deliver them (illegal aliens) to the authorities.

        • GeneticsareDestiny

          I’d be fine with that too, but even in a world where racial realism is common knowledge, we’d still have liberals whining about the poor minorities. They’d use their racial realist knowledge about low IQs to try to pull at people’s heartstrings.

          Bribing them to leave (at least at first, followed by forcible deportation for those who didn’t take the bribe) seems like a fairly reasonable compromise between conservatives and liberals in a racial realist world.

          But yeah, I’m 100% in favor of getting them to leave, one way or the other.

          • Brian

            I’m okay with a bribe if that’s workable. If not, it should be done with the bayonet.

  • bigone4u

    Geez, white people in Britain show so little racial awareness, in spite of the muzzie rape culture and black culture of criminality. What’s it going to take to make these hypnotized robots wake up. You Brits are being screwed.

    • David Ashton

      Major electoral opportunities have been non-existent since the 1970s which is when the controlled brainwashing of school-children also began, shortly followed by policed incremental “equality and diversity” legislation. The best thing at the moment is massively to vote UKIP as a symbolic demonstration of opposition, not because Farage is right on this or that policy (e.g. wanting Syrians not white Europeans to come in). Search for our “resistance” groups on-line. Whatever the cost may be, the TRUE elite will never surrender.

      • DonReynolds

        Where is Oliver Cromwell when you really, really need him?

        • David Ashton

          Or “King Arthur”.

          Oswald Mosley was the nearest thing in the 20th century, and we must learn from his mistakes and the techiques of his enemies.

  • Marc Zuckurburg

    I cannot begin to describe how this news saddens me.

    Britain should embrace comprehensive immigration reform.

    On both sides of the Atlantic, let’s all make our immigration reform comprehensive, please!

    • Spartacus

      “Remove your governments, they don’t care about you!”

    • Puggg

      I think I read you wrong. I thought you were nothing but a left wing troll, for sure you’re not the Facebook guy. Now I think you’re a troll but a subtle troll for our side.

      • Spartacus

        “…for sure you’re not the Facebook guy.”


        That’s quite a serious accusation you’re making. Where’s your proof ?

        • Puggg

          First, the name spelling. Our troll’s name is spelled differently from the real Mark Zuckerberg.

          Second, I don’t think the real Mark Zuckerberg would ever post here.

          Third, even if he did, and try to do his immigration dance, I don’t think he’d put up pictures that help our cause.

          • LeGrandDerangement

            Also, this guy posted something about immigration reform curing hemorrhoids. I don’t the real Zuckerberg would post that.

          • Marc Zuckurburg

            That’s because it’s true, it’s true. Comprehensive immigration reform WILL cure hemorrhoids.

  • NorthernWind

    The elites couldn’t care less. All they want is to plunder the country for all its worth. Thus immigration will continue, and with it the genocide of Britons. Britons, if they want to survive, need to make themselves heard. It’s too late for niceties, it’s time to embrace radical action. You have at most twenty more years to salvage the country, and the longer you wait the more violent, bloody, and difficult the battle will be.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      If they won’t be heard by angry words, they will make their point by the thunderous roar of explosions and gunfire. In other words, the elite will either listen to the white population, or they will force them to fight.

    • DonReynolds

      It does not take many Englishmen and Welshmen and Scots and Irish to deal effectively with savages. That fact has been proven many times.

  • So CAL Snowman

    Cancel the current Premiere League season and let’s see what happens to the country.

  • LeGrandDerangement

    Liberal Democrats don’t want to try to achieve the 100,000 mark because it’s impractical. Yeah…that’s the reason.

  • MBlanc46

    Can we really hope that the British are finally coming to their senses?

    • DonReynolds

      My friend….our British blood relatives are not much different from ourselves. They are slow to rouse, reluctant to start trouble, but will break their neck to join it….. once it begins. The elite in both countries know this well.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    Whites should be demanding a permanent BAN on all non-white, non Christian immigration. Then they should demand expulsion of all illegal immigrants, and encouraging others to LEAVE.

  • DonReynolds

    Darn it. From the title of the article, I was hoping that MAYBE the British elites would favor immigration FOR THEMSELVES. Apparently, that is the only way to save the island….. ship off those most in favor of immigration. Would be much easier and simpler….. just ship off the elites to Afrika or Asia so they could wallow in the vibrancy rather than ship all those poor people to a country where they are not prepared to cope with the higher complexity.

  • DonReynolds

    My personal suspicion is the elites are much too polite to admit that they are even more anxious about being raped or having their throat cut by some wild savage hiding behind their automobile in the dark. Honestly, they have much more to lose than we do.

  • Max Krakah

    IT is always the “elites”. Some people blame it on the Jews, but Jews had nothing to do with the VORTIGERN that allowed the Anglo Saxons in. The Vortigern and the elites of Roman Britain saw no problem with the hordes of Anglo Saxons. They considered themselves the “elites” and it was beyond their comprehension that they would somehow be displaced themselves. The Elites always feel untouchable.
    What we see is history repeating itself. While Jews may also have their reason to bring in other people’s they can not accomplish it without the willingness of the Elites.

  • WR_the_realist

    In all countries the elites are the biggest advocates of immigration. They get the cheap labor but don’t have to live with the consequences.

  • judenjager

    I cannot believe the fear generated by the lemmings by a word.

  • libertarian1234

    “British elites are twice as likely as the the working or middle classes to favor immigration.”

    It is the elites in every society who first initiate the deterioration of a nation, probably due to living lives of privilege, protected by the harsh realities of life.

    And look at the backgrounds of all the presidents we have had in office. Not one of them ever had a real job that I can recall off-hand.

  • LeGrandDerangement

    Just Googled her. Her inauguration bands include the Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus. “Nuff said.

  • Whirlwinder

    It is interesting how the people come to the foot of the cross as Islam starts to slit more and more throats. But, alas, the elite class will not see the light until the country is in total ruin. Some need to grab the reins of power and halt immigration and send the aliens all home.

  • The figure of around 75% wanting tough immigration restrictions has been a general constant since the end of the second world war. Look what has happened since, despite this so-called “democracy” we live in.

    England is lost. There is no point trying to pretend it isn’t. The question is, “can it ever be regained?”. I don’t know if there is the stomach for it, but it certainly will not be recovered if people continue to place their hopes and faith in polls, political soundbites and stunted media cycles.