Jindal: DOJ ‘More Interested in Skin Color’ than Education

Jeryl Bier, Weekly Standard, January 8, 2014

In November, the Obama Justice Department dropped a lawsuit aimed at stopping a school voucher program in Louisiana. The Louisiana Scholarship Program is intended to give students in failing public schools a chance to attend better schools, including private ones. Justice tried to block the program on the basis that it may have violated a 1975 federal desegregation order. {snip}

However, when U.S. district court judge Ivan Lemelle handed down his ruling in November, he revealed that the Justice Department had “abandoned” its efforts to end the voucher program. {snip}

But Justice did not completely fold, requesting that the court allow a federal review process of the voucher program. In a November 22 hearing, the judge ordered the two sides to file proposals to modify the process for information sharing with respect to the Louisiana Scholarship Program.

Tuesday evening, those proposals were filed. Read DOJ’s filing here and the state’s counter-filing here. Gov. Jindal wasted no time in harshly criticizing the Justice Department’s plan. According to the governor’s office:

. . . President Obama’s Justice Department is not backing down from its proposal to institute a 45-day period where it can review and have veto power over each individual award. Furthermore, the Justice Department is now requesting information on the racial makeup of Louisiana private schools.

Jindal pulled no punches in his characterization of Justice’s position:

I am also shocked to learn that the Justice Department is now asking for the state to provide an analysis of the racial composition of our states private schools. The federal government’s new request is a frightening overreach of the federal government and shows it knows no bounds.

President Obama’s Department of Justice has admitted it cannot prove that Louisiana school choice is violating desegregation efforts, yet it continues to seek the ability to tell a parent their child cannot escape a failing school because their child is not the “right” race.

The Department of Justice proposal reeks of federal government intrusion and proves the people in Washington running our federal government are more interested in skin color than they are in education.


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  • D.B. Cooper

    I had just made my comment on a related story (U.S. acts to keep minority, disabled students out of jail) elsewhere, and already have a thumbs down. It IS official. White kids really ARE no smarter than the feral you-know-what.

    • dave

      White kids are too busy trying to emulate their hero’s

  • Hunter Morrow

    Man, if David Duke was still around instead of a “Bobby” Jindal we would not have these problems.

    Vouchers are just more government meddling. End the Department of Education.

    • Stan D Mute

      Without meddling (dictating who can go and where based on race), vouchers are a means for a white kid to escape a brown cesspool of a school. In the last ten years I’ve had to move from a GREAT waterfront home in a VERY good neighborhood because I could neither afford the $25,000-$50,000 tuition for a good private school nor accept having my kids in the brown cesspool public school to which they were assigned. Had vouchers been available, I’d have gladly driven the ten miles each way twice a day instead of having to move my household to a better public school.

      Vouchers are not Federal and this case is an example. Louisiana is attempting to give parents (many in the situation I found myself) an option to move their kids to a good school without uprooting the entire family. The Feds oppose this and want the kids in the “de-segregated” schools according to racial quota.

      Opposing vouchers is opposing parents’ – many WHITE PARENTS’ – choice.

      How did your comment get ten upvotes?

      • rebellisMMXII

        That you cannot afford your lifestyle is no reason to spread the misery of de-segregated schools. The cesspool will follow you without constraints or the tuition will be move to a level where the vouchers will have no effect.

        • Stan D Mute

          Maybe you should READ the article? The schools ALREADY ARE “de-segregated”! The Fed is interfering because they’re worried the vouchers will cause “re-segregation” as whites flee schools forced to be brown by Fed meddling.

          • rebellisMMXII

            The private schools are being forced to provide racial composition…disparity will be dealt with one way or the other when public funds are involved. The school you flee to will become brown….de-segregated. Problems start all over again.

          • Stan D Mute

            Where does it say “private schools are being forced to provide racial composition”? Please point that out to me. Because what I read was that the Fed “wants” that info. They do NOT get it now. Moreover, in the many places currently operating charter schools and vouchers, we see the exact self-segregation the Fed fears in Louisiana. And unless the Fed will kick brown parents out of bed at 5am to get their kids fed, dressed, and driven to their new school, they’ll have a heck of a time forcing their “de-segregation” on voluntarily segregated public or private schools.

            The Fed fears this. That’s really all one needs to know. If Holder is against vouchers that PROVES they’re good for white kids.

          • rebellisMMXII

            See Jindal’s comment…paragraph 6 above. Edit…I see the wording that they want the information…I stand corrected.

          • Stan D Mute

            I did. And it says what I wrote above. NOT what you wrote. Here, again, “Justice Department is now asking”. Again, “asking”. In a Court. Louisiana is arguing against it. In court. There is NO assurance that the Feds will get what they are “asking” for, nor any assurance they can do any harm IF they get it. While on the other hand, the vouchers WILL allow white parents to free their kids from the government “de-segregated” brown cesspools.

          • rebellisMMXII

            I’m for anything that will help get white kids out of the cesspools. I have noted the points made and have changed my view/concern.

    • Dave4088

      End HUD while you’re at it.

    • Alexandra1973

      Agreed. Keep government out of our schools.

  • bigone4u

    Joe Stalin would be proud of his boy, Eric Holder. The “long march through the institutions” means destroying them. I’ve concluded Holder is a psychopath, driven by hatred of whites. Anyone with a better theory is welcome to reply.

    • Spartacus

      He’s a monkey. I win.

      • Stan D Mute

        He said “better” not “more concise”.

    • Dave4088

      I think you’re on to something. Both he and the head negro in charge harbor a bestial hatred of white people even though they’ve both lived the high life most of their adult lives.

    • dukem1

      At some point it should enter the discussion that one of the largest operators of “charter” schools in the US is a Turkish Mohammedan, HQ’d somewhere in the Poconos.

  • Luca

    Well, of course the Government is interested in skin color Bobby. It is a proven formula, the darker the skin, the more they vote for hypocritical politicians handing out goodies supplied by the taxpayer.

    The negroes are coveted for their voting skills.

    • Jim Barlow

      “A democracy … can only exist until the majority discovers it can vote itself largess out of the public treasury”

      • Xerxes22

        If our government heeded what the majority wanted, we wouldn’t have a problem.

  • IstvanIN

    1) K-12 Education is not a Federal issue, it is a state and local issue and should be handled by people close to the children being educated.
    2) I fear vouchers for one BIG reason: private schools will be forced to “diversify” and “integrate” because they are taking “government money”.
    3) There are no “failing” schools, just failing pupils and parents.

    • So CAL Snowman

      “3) There are no “failing” schools, just failing pupils and parents.”

      That’s the most important point to make. Why are schools like MIT, Stanford, USC and the like considered to be the best schools in the nation? Is it because they have superior facilities, buildings, and textbooks than other schools or is it because they have incredibly high academic standards that only the best and brightest can meet? I highly doubt that Duke University would continue to be considered a “good school” if it had the same admissions standards as an Atlanta area community college.

      • dukem1

        I guess it’s the difference between “Tiger Moms” and “Gorilla Moms.”

        • Whitetrashgang

          Now that is racist, funny ,and true.

      • Truth Teller

        You can still have a challenging environment and allow everyone in. You can make a school sink or swim. People pay the tuition and if they fail they fail. If they want to try again, they can pay more. I think public schools should also have various levels of subjects such as advanced math, beginners, and so on for each grade. If someone wants to try advanced let him but don’t slow down the class for the pupil too slow to keep up. If someone picks a class too hard, they just fail and get weeded out of the system.

        • itdoesnotmatter

          Truth Teller, Berkeley Public Schools had a similar technique. It was called a “tracking system.”
          Fast learning, bright students were in the higher tracks; not so bright, but willing students in a middle track; non-learners assigned to the lowest track.
          During the 1960’s someone noted with alarm that the advanced levels were all white. GASP!. Can not have that, can we?
          Tracking was eliminated. Berkeley’s best and brightest were forced to sit it classes with mainstreamed retarded, disruptive black kids.

    • Stan D Mute

      A “private” school does NOT need to accept the vouchers. Look at private colleges such as Hillsdale for example. The vouchers allow parents to put their kids into better public and/or private schools. There are I’m sure hundreds of thousands of perfectly nice white neighborhoods that unfortunately have had nearby areas turn brown resulting in a large brown mess in their children’s schools.

      Without vouchers, these white kids are trapped. The only avenues of escape are for their families to move or to pay often enormous sums for private schools. Mind you these families are ALREADY paying for the schools via taxation.

      Some brown kids will also escape the worst of the brown schools. Those will be the brown kids who have real parents and whose behavior, for brown kids, is much better.

      Finally, what often happens is that these voucher funded schools implement admission testing which ensures they will not be overrun like too many public schools under de-segregation orders are.

      • rebellisMMXII

        I really think that schools would be forced to accept vouchers under some civil rights ruling/legislation. Admission testing would be dreamed racist….I’m very pessimistic about how a voucher system would shake out.

        • Stan D Mute

          We now have a number of “charter” schools that are admission tested. In every one I’m aware of, they’re MUCH whiter than the area public schools.

          • DNA Explains It All

            So they are “scoring” the admission tests in a “racist” manner, this will be addressed.

          • Sheik Yerbouti

            Many of them start out that way. Then the founder’s children finish school and the selection lottery begins to see more diversity. Then their citizenship element, common to charter schools, comes under fire because SOME groups of children are not capable of consistently following rules. So it gets dropped and parents aren’t told exactly why. Only that the charter is taking a different direction (to the land of racial capitulation). The real treat a few years into this transition is watching the way the morning and afternoon student transportation. Charters rarely qualify for bus service so parents have to carpool or drive the children themselves. Every day. While the vehicles are somewhat similar, the parking on the grass, in front of hydrants or in the crosswalks has become normal. Cops don’t want to deal with them because they’ll be called racists. Naturally the school zone speed limit is just a suggestion for them as well.

            Watching a charter school diversify and implode is depressing.

        • Stan D Mute

          Simple common sense should suffice: if the Fed, AG Holder particularly, is OPPOSED to vouchers because whites will escape brown schools, then it should be fairly obvious.

          • rebellisMMXII

            I fully understand your point. I went to an all white private high school and if vouchers help white kids escape brown schools I’m all for it, but I see the white schools getting browned.

          • Stan D Mute

            And I attended a 99.99% white/Jewish private school (we had one black kid whose parents were both doctors, only child, and acted white to the point of caricature). But a government voucher wouldn’t have covered my tuition there and wouldn’t cover tuition at most private schools today. What happens is that NEW private schools will open. Schools will be created to survive on the $10,000/yr or whatever the voucher is worth. For parents willing to spend an EXTRA $15,000-$35,000, they can use the voucher to pay part of the tuition at the existing and much more expensive schools.

          • rebellisMMXII

            I see your point and withdraw from the conversation.

      • Truth Teller

        What about home schooling? That’s cheaper than private school and a better option than public.

        • Anna Tree

          This could be a solution to a few problems (better kids, white education, unemployment etc), white women need and should step forward…

  • Alfred the Great

    School choice is moving into a better school district, sending your kids to private school, home schooling, changing the school in the district in which you live, or doing nothing. School choice is the establishment republicans’ idea to facilitate more government tyranny in all schools. I recently exercised school choice when I moved out of Fort Worth to a more rural area. Sure there are a lot of rednecks, but at least they is us! I am much more at home with them than those city thugs and gang bangers. I think it is called white flight.

    • Berkeley Guy

      I agree. If I had children, then I would want them to be in a very safe learning environment so that they can learn efficiently. And not only learn in general, but also about their cultural heritage. Our children are not just ‘American’ but part of the Euro-diaspora, and I believe that public schools do not want to celebrate that fact.

    • Stan D Mute

      So for those whites unable, for whatever reason, to flee to the country, you are happy to condemn their children to an 80% brown school operating under federal de-segregation order?

      • Alfred the Great

        Too many people just sit on their your know whats and cry woe is me. Government meddling (tyranny) is the result of its stepping in under the guise of helping people who cannot take care of themselves.

  • Spartacus

    Home-school !

    • Stan D Mute

      Home schooling is simply not an option for MANY white families in the US. The government has engineered a system where both parents must work to survive economically.

      • Spartacus

        Then just have them browse wikipedia a few hours a day. There’s less indoctrination there, and he might actually learn something .

        • DNA Explains It All

          I don’t know, Wiki-anything is pretty leftist, they have pro-trolls changing anything the least bit “controversial” to socialist claptrap.

          • Alexandra1973

            Yep. I’d say that any information site that can be edited by its users isn’t exactly the most reliable.

          • Spartacus

            Still not as bad as the official education system.

          • jane johnson

            It makes a great starting place to research a subject, if you check ALL references, and use the external links to get the whole story.

    • AutomaticSlim

      100% agree.
      The best choice for schooling is communal home schooling.
      Sort of like the old one-room schoolhouses the US had a long time ago.
      Best Scenario would be 5 or 6 mothers in a neighborhood get together

      and teach each others kids. Each mother could focus on a different subject

      and the kids can go from house to house for their classes. There would then
      be no government oversight of “diversity”, no cost to the parents, and complete
      control over what the kids are taught.

      Of course, this would entirely depend on the will of females to actually stay

      home and take care of / educate their children.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    I’m split here. I agree with criticism of the voucher program that Jindal is backing because it likely would lead to black students transferring to white schools. (Though Holder fears that it will lead to whites fleeing the black schools they are trapped in per the current law). However, Jindal should be applauded for telling the Federal Government, the DOJ in particular, to stick it where the sun don’t shine. I also love that Jindal specifically calls the DOJ out for viewing the issue through a racial lens and favoring certain races. Most Reupublicans will call out federal government overreach, but few Republicans will openly call out the DOJ on their racism. Good for Jindal.

    • One of the Fed raids of a charter school in Baton Rouge turns out to be one operated by the Gulen cult out of Turkey, so it might be one rare instance where the Feds are actually enforcing immigration law.

  • Charles W.

    While I generally agree with Jindal’s position I think it’s absurd that conservative whites are increasingly forced to speak through non-white proxies like Jindal and Ben Carson.

  • Sue

    If they flipped the populace of the failed schools to white kids, they wouldn’t be failing anymore. Wonder why that is?

  • Stan D Mute

    The Feds worries here, that white parents will use vouchers to flee brown schools is completely justified. Far too many white kids are trapped in brown schools because their parents are unable to move anywhere else.

    The obverse is far less likely. How many Afros are motivated enough to get up an hour early and drive (not take a bus) 10-15 miles to a good white school? Or two hours early if they’ve got kids in different schools (ie elementary and middle)?

    Vouchers are a means for white parents to escape the punishment of current Federal de-segregation and bussing orders. They’re also a means to escape the effect of recent development gerrymandering where developers are forced to build “low income housing” in areas that were previously “too white”.

    • Sheik Yerbouti

      They do exist, but it’s an extreme outlier in statistical terms. Jindal is probably trying to score GOP brownie points by shoving Holder’s racism into the light of day.

  • Peter Connor

    Bobby for President…..

    • mikefromwichita

      He CAN’T be President. He is not a Natural Born Citizen. He would be every bit the usurper that Obama is.

  • Alexandra1973

    I’ve probably stated this a few times before:

    Once I was watching the Cleveland news on TV (when we had cable). They were whining about Cleveland public schools being examples of fail.

    They had the cameras in the schools, and guess the racial composition? Just about every kid in there was black. I said to the TV, “That’s your problem right there!”

  • NeanderthalDNA

    At the risk of bringing a firestorm down on my head…

    Jindal may be the Republicans’ and Whites’ best presidential choice. Think about it.

  • Anna Tree

    It’s all about money and politically correctness, it is not anymore about what is the best for the children. It makes absolutely no sense to have a child sit in a classroom when they don’t have the mental faculties for academic studies. In our zeal to be politically correct we now spend disproportionate amounts of money on serving a subset of a population. Yes, people with disadvantages or disabilities should be helped by society, but not to the detriment of the larger population that is ultimately going to be the ones who are going to provide for them. Now it is all about “having a right to this and a right to that” Everything has become a “right”. We have lost perspective of what is in the best interest of this society as a WHOLE and instead have become entirely focused on what is in OUR personal best interest and then turn that into “It is our RIGHT to have that”. Except of course when it is the whites’s interest…

    Indeed North American schools are more interested in socially engineering their students then they are in teaching math, English and science. As long as one graduates high school with a politically correct view of the world, everything is okay.

    One of the problem is that in the mainstream, we cannot discuss issues without being called a monster, nazi, racist etc. Today’s education is a big lie. We have been dumbed-down so not very smart people can have self-esteem. And maybe worse, to made us “sheeple”, so we won’t defend rights and freedoms as long as we can watch reality tv. Teachers are no longer allowed to teach challenging curriculum because some students fail to make good marks. Nevertheless, as per the U.S. Dept. of Education, 7% of Detroit 8th graders are proficient in reading, only 4% scored highly enough to be rated “proficient” or better in math. In 1950, Detroit was the wealthiest city in America on a per capita income basis. The demographic changes destroyed the city as I fear it will destroy the country. And Detroit still gets a lot of money: statewide, Detroit’s spending per pupil is in the 91st percentile and DPS teachers are paid at the 96th percentile. (FreeRepublic, NCPA websites etc)

  • Truth Teller

    Stan D Mute
    I am glad your kids were able to use a voucher to get out of a brown cesspool of a school. I have always assumed that the vouchers only went to black savages to send them to crowd White kids out of their local schools.

  • Truth Teller

    Stan D mute
    Home schooling is an option only if one parent is able to stay home during the day to do it.
    Many families must have 2 incomes. Single parents have no choice but to work unless they go on welfare. I have heard of single parents becoming nurses or police officers so as to work nights and home school the kids during the day.
    Home schooling is fine if it can be done. Not so fine if both parents must work day shifts.
    My grandchildren will transfer to Catholic school for 6 7 8 grade. Reason is that their town has some sort of stupid magnet school lottery system. So they cannot go to the k-8 school within walking distance. They must go to a k-5 5 miles away and there is no school bus. Kids who live 15 miles away from the k-8 go there because they lucked out in the lottery. The kids have been on a waiting list since kindergarten. Every year they get bumped to the bottom of the list for some bizarre school board reason.
    My daughter, their Mother totally disapproves of public schools because as a private school student in a city with a very small black population she rode the public buses to school and all around town and could not help noticing the bestial behavior of the blacks.
    So the kids will transfer to Catholic school for middle school.
    Vouchers to the k-8 within walking distance would not help my grandchildren get into the school they should be in. There are class size limitations. If vouchers are like every other city, county and state program I have ever seen, they will benefit far more brown and black students than Whites.
    Incidentally the town my daughter and her family live in is 92 percent White, 7 .5 percent asian mostly Filipino and .1/2 percent other.
    But the kids still cannot go to the k-8 neighborhood school half a mile away.
    Public schools are bad no matter where. But who can afford private schools? The Catholic parish schools are the cheapest, but even $5,000 per child is a lot.
    Private schools are cheap at $20,000 and getting up to $40,000.
    In many cities the Catholic parish schools are heavily Hispanic. I’m sure the Hispanics are on scholarship and the White parents pay full tuition.
    My daughter and her husband had to choose between the Catholic parish school and a Christian school. Their choice was purely financial. $12,000 per year for 2 kids Catholic vs $18,000 Christian for 2 kids. The Christian school has a high school right in town so the grandchildren will be spared the horrors of a public school. But the cost will be enormous.
    It is not as though a good education benefits Whites any more. Affirmative action discrimination means that brains, aptitude education, good work habits, all those things have nothing to do with employment any more. Only race and gender matter.
    Private schools are great, but having paid the cost myself and seeing my daughter and her husband pay the cost it is a lot to protect Whites from the horrors of public schools.

  • John K

    True. They way they push MLK and Malcolm X on white students, you’d think the two had founded America…..