House Conservatives Plot Takedown of GOP Leaders’ Amnesty Plans

Matthew Boyle, Breitbart, January 23, 2014

As House Republican leaders prepare an immigration proposal that could go much further towards amnesty than their prior public stances, conservative lawmakers are quietly plotting to push back.

Aides from over a dozen House offices secretly convened today on the Senate side of the Capitol at a meeting organized by Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama, a top immigration hawk who has recently involved himself more aggressively in the affairs of the lower chamber.

“Over here in the Senate working for Senator Sessions, we learned a lot last year about the strategies employed by the powerful forces pushing bad immigration policies–and how to counter them,” reads a copy of the invitation to the meeting provided to Breitbart News by a House staffer.

Officials close to the matter say conservative critics of Speaker John Boehner’s planned immigration push are working to issue their own rival immigration principles to vie with the document Boehner is drafting.

“There is definitely a growing mood of confusion and aggravation among conservatives in the House over the immigration issue right now,” one House GOP aide said in an email to Breitbart News, adding that many on the right find the “political logic” of riling up the party’s base so close to a low-turnout midterm election baffling.

“Do we really want to just give up the midterms like this?” the aide asked.

The building backlash could create for a tumultuous three-day retreat next week as Republicans gather in Maryland to plan the party’s future. Upping the pressure, a key outside conservative today requested access to the retreat to brief lawmakers on the issue.

Top GOP officials, meanwhile, are becoming bolder in their embrace of immigration reform. House Budget Committee chairman Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) emerged Thursday to discuss how House GOP leadership plans to bring immigration legislation to the floor, while on House Majority Whip Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA)–the third highest House GOP leadership official–endorsed “legal status” for illegal aliens on Wednesday.


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  • IOW, Jeff Sessions is trying to save the stupid party from itself.

    Yeah I guess statement of principles for our side okay, but Boner and Company aren’t interested in whatever you have to say or what we have to say because the Chamber Pot of Commerce is opening up the daddy warbucks war chest.

    The strategy they should be taking isn’t hard to figure out:

    1. As long as more House Republicans oppose any form of amnesty than support it, it won’t happen as long as the Hastert Rule isn’t broken.

    2. However, Boehner might want to bust the Hastert Rule to get it passed, because the Chamber Pot of Commerce has probably promised Boehner a cushy lifetime sinecure if doing so wrecks his political career.

    3. So if Boehner looks like he wants to bust the Hastert Rule, anti-amnesty House Republicans should revolt and overthrow their top four leadership, all of them thrown in for amnesty and open borders: Boehner, Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy and Cathy McMorris-Rodgers.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Some may be actually looking at opinion polls.

    • Spartacus

      It’s not “the stupid party” – “it’s the evil-pretending-to-be-stupid-party”.

      • WR_the_realist

        No, the Republicans really are stupid, not merely pretending.

        The Democrats know full well what the score is, so they’re evil.

  • Druid

    “House Conservatives”

  • MekongDelta69

    Just what we need and want – Mexico North.

    • Sick of it

      The same kind of people who rule Northern Mexico already rule the United States…

  • bigone4u

    Well, we’ll soon know for sure who the Republican traitors are besides Boner. Since I’m moving to Alabama this year to get away from the parasite infestation in Texas, maybe I’ll have a chance to say in person, “Thanks, Mr. Sessions.” Alabama was also the first state to outlaw Agenda 21 (passed unanimously). There’s common sense in that state.

    • john ellis

      Good luck on your move.

      I suggest working with Alabama’s League of the South. The editor of Occidental Dissent is a proud son of Alabama and works with the LOS.

  • So CAL Snowman

    – The Democrat’s Plan = Citizenship, free healthcare, free university tuition, and a new car for every illegal alien invader.

    -The Republican’s Counter Offer = No new cars for illegals.

    • Conrad

      The GOP keeps playing the same game. Talk a good game, make lots of promises, and then almost win! If they were of ANY use at all, they would just pull back to the 1986 position promised by Reagan. But of course, they’ve forgotten all about that.

  • WR_the_realist

    Again we see that Republicans are simply Democrats delayed. Whatever position the Democrats have, the Republicans will follow, a few years later.

  • Dave4088

    Should be interesting, but I think we all know what the outcome will be. As I write these words top Republicans are genuflecting before the racist brown midget and reconquista named Luis Gutierrez seeking his blessing for their dreadful immigration plans.

    The House conservatives who are challenging the RINOs will be nice and polite in their opposition, but lose in their quest to forestall this impending nation killing legislation. Conservatives could write a manual on how to lose at everything all the time.

  • NoMosqueHere

    I don’t like to talk about a “declaration of war,” but if the repubs cave in it will be hard not to see them as the enemy.

  • MBlanc46

    I fear that without some form of mass action on our part, sooner or later they’ll get their amnesty.

  • Marc Zuckurburg

    We need comprehensive immigration reform.

    Comprehensive immigration reform is the best kind of immigration reform, because it makes immigration more comprehensive.

    Make my immigration reform comprehensive, please!

  • john ellis

    Ryan is a Jack Kemp clone. It now seems to be a terrible GOP tradition to nominate a anti White, open border immigration Vice President like Jack Kemp and Paul Ryan, in the general election they can’t even carry their own state.

    These types talk, talk some economic Conservative, Libertarian talk, talk, talk – but it’s always pandering to the worst non Whites and embracing the Anti White Leftist media which likes these types as they are sure losers and the media can put them out as the only acceptable type of Conservative even allowed on TV, anybody that actually speaks for us is a social outcastes Nazi, extremist who should be put away in a mental institution like they do in Canada with their human rights tribunals.

  • mobilebay

    Boehner and his gang have joined the Dems in the plot to destroy this nation by letting it become overrun with third world inhabitants. To me, they are AINOs – Americans in name only. They no longer care what we think. Their aim is to get citizenship for the millions of illegals here and the millions to come. They will then be assured of staying in power for years to come. It’s us against them and the powerful interests who control them.

  • mobilebay

    Mr. Candidate, do you agree that the benefits given to illegal aliens only tend to keep them here? Remove the carrot and they will leave.

    Mr. Candidate, will you mandate E-verify in all businesses? That is the first step in Americans being given the opportunity to work again.

    Mr. Candidate, will you eliminate the misinterpreted “birthright” amendment?

    Mr. Candidate, will you stop the disgusting waste and fraud by your own administration.?

    Mr. Candidate, will you stop financing the world, especially throwing away “our” hard-earned money on countries who hate us? Tell the world we’re broke and they’ll have to quit holding their hands out to the US. After all, Nancy Pelosi told us the cupboard was bare; we have nothing left. Was she lying?

    If we ever found a true American who cares more for his own citizens than he/she does for foreign interests, he will get our votes, especially if he followed the above suggestions.

  • TXCriollo

    There gonna fight not get reform done we know how it goes dems call gop liers, gop calls dem liers

  • TXCriollo

    More political bs is all it is

  • ShermanTMcCoy

    America is dead. Whites need their own homeland. There appears to be not much more to say.

  • gregCall

    More proof the republican party is done. While I’m not certain they ever actually worked for the interests of the American people in the past, they definitely haven’t since the late 80s.

    We really need a well funded third party to shake things up in our political system or failing that another civil war.