French Official’s Travel Warning Riles Dorchester Students

David Abel, Boston Globe, January 16, 2014

The dapper man in the dark suit was surrounded by students, many of them looking at him with growing incredulity.

They had flown the French flag in his honor and welcomed him with local pastries and a handwritten sign that read “Bienvenue.” Random students stuck their heads out of classrooms, offering the diplomat a giddy “Bonjour.”

For weeks, Codman Academy Charter Public School had been awaiting the arrival of Fabien Fieschi, the consul general of France in Boston, whom they had tried to confront months earlier at his Back Bay office. They wanted an explanation for why his government has advised French tourists to avoid walking at night in their Dorchester neighborhood, as well as in Roxbury and Mattapan, because of concerns about crime.

They hoped that once in their school, surrounded by the great mulligatawny that is Codman Square, he would accede to their wishes, see it was safe, and order the French Foreign Ministry to replace the warnings on its website with rosier language.

So many of them were aghast when he balked at doing so.

“It should not be taken as offensive, not to you, because you’re not responsible for everything that happens in your neighborhood,” he told students and school staff Wednesday morning.

Fieschi, who lives in Cambridge and has served as consul general in Boston for about a year, told them it was his duty to protect French citizens, who he said rely on information from the Foreign Ministry to remain safe around the world. He explained that shootings are much rarer in France and that the preponderance of violent crimes in Boston occurs in Dorchester, Roxbury, and Mattapan, justifying the warnings.

“French taxpayers pay taxes for us to provide them services and information, and providing information about security is part of our job,” he said. “If we just say that we won’t say anything about security, because it’s going to create problems for myself . . . we would fail to do our jobs and betray our citizens.”

He also cited a letter he sent the school after students came unannounced to his office in November.

“The solution probably does not consist of ‘shooting the messenger,’ ” he wrote, “but in making sure that neighborhoods that suffer more than others from crime benefit from improvements in their situation.”


Thammy Pierre-Louis, 17, a senior at the school, where all juniors and seniors are required to study French, rolled her eyes as she listened to Fieschi. “I thought it was all a blow-off,” she said afterward. “I thought he was ignoring us, ignoring everything we said.”

Students called the Foreign Ministry’s travel warnings racist, noting they advised French nationals to avoid areas mainly where members of minority groups live. Fieschi rejected that notion, saying that if there were a spike in crime on Beacon Hill, he would immediately advise the ministry to warn citizens to be cautious there.


While happy that the consul general accepted their invitation, Meg Campbell, the school’s executive director, said she was disappointed. “I am distressed that he doesn’t seem to be able to hear us,” she said. “He’s very stuck in his view.”


For his part, Fieschi said he was walking away with things to think about. He said the ministry has debated whether it is worth the uproar incurred by the specificity of the warnings. He noted the ministry has been accused of racism elsewhere in the United States as a result of its advisories.


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  • Truthseeker

    Reality is secondary to appearance. If blacks commit more crime than other races, that fact must be suppressed so as not to perpetuate stereotypes. Of course, the problem will never change, because we’ve essentially declared that holding blacks accountable for antisocial behavior is “racist.”

    • dd121

      I read on Huff Puff yesterday the story of a black 14 year-old killer (he confessed) who was executed 70 years for a double murder of white girls. The left has picked up the story to prove he was railroaded and he should now be exonerated. Maybe. This of course is the ongoing narrative of the left that blacks, now and have always been, the hapless victims of white racism. It just never ends.
      The interesting part of the story were the comments of weepy liberal females who were profusely apologizing for this horrible racism. Seems nobody bothered to examine any of the facts or question the premise of the article which was to blame whites again. You’d think that at least a few of them had some critical thinking skills. Nope.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        Easterlings Southrons and Orcs.

        Gondor is overrun. Flee for your lives.

        They took your swords and shields so run WHITEY! Hide! Beg for mercy!

        And never ever forget to apologize.

        • dd121

          My impulse is to turn and fight to the last breath.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Two good things came out of this incident:

      1. The Frenchman stuck to his guns.

      2. The comments in the Boston Globe unanimously derided these race-baiting black buffoons. Maybe Taxachusetts isn’t as p.c. as they say.

      • Anna Tree


      • tlk244182

        My hat’s off to the Frenchman.

  • Pro_Whitey

    Hey, those black kids let him get out of the neighborhood with both his life and his wallet. Come on, he’s got to change his mind now!

  • dd121

    They’d rather people die than warn them of a measurable risk. What kind of government would do that?

    • slash345

      A really sick one that needs to go.

      • Non Humans

        A libtarded one.

  • Just avoid the Martin Luther King Streets, and pretty soon, avoid the Barack Obama Streets.

    Though there are areas of Paris and other French cities that are probably no-go zones.

    “If there was a spike in crime in Beacon Hill (Boston), we would put out a warning”

    Except there will never be a spike in crime in Beacon Hill, as long as the houses are very expensive and the demographics are virtually all white.

  • Kit Ingoldby

    Interesting that there wasn’t a single argument that this area was actually safe in any way. Simply that it was ‘racist’ to point out that it isn’t safe.

    The truth is apparently not what is important.

  • Spartacus

    Be racist, it might save your life one day :

  • MekongDelta69

    Sooooo… let these idiots walk around Roxbury at night.

    Result: Fewer idiots

    • Alexandra1973

      There are only two types of people on the streets in the ‘hood at night: fools and fool-killers.

  • Luca

    Common sense, facts, statistics, truth; they mean nothing to the followers of the cult of liberalism. They are beyond help.

  • bubo

    It’s hard to admit to yourself that your’re the bad guy. Make no mistake, blacks are the bad guy in terms of crime and disorder.

    Glad that the Frenchman didn’t cave in when hit with the demands of blacks.

    • sbuffalonative

      This is exactly how you should handle these cases. Simply state the facts about. No one should apologize for telling the truth or stating a fact. If they don’t like the facts, tell them it’s their responsibility to deal with the facts.

  • JohnEngelman

    Students called the Foreign Ministry’s travel warnings racist, noting they advised French nationals to avoid areas mainly where members of minority groups live.

    – David Abel, Boston Globe, January 16, 2014

    Charges of “racism” are the only rebuttal that can be used against those who point out that blacks tend to be less intelligent and more dangerous than whites.

  • IstvanIN

    Dorchester, Roxbury, and Mattapan

    A quick internet search came up with several other neighborhoods. How come he didn’t list Boston’s China Town, Boston’s gay South End, or Boston’s Little Italy? Very curious. I would assume you are just as likely to be assaulted in those places.

    • Max Krakah

      Well,truth be told, the south end is being victimized by people from neighboring roxbury. There have been a few stories the past year about random murders on the streets there. Downtown crossing is all but dead because of gangs of black “teens” that periodically roam and rob.

      • IstvanIN

        The disease spreads, I suppose. I have never been to Boston but I can only imagine that like most major cities the under-toe is unstoppable by current, conventional means.

        • Max Krakah

          They are animals of prey. The south end is gay. The prey go for the weakest ones.

      • saxonsun

        Black, Muslims, Hispanics, Indians in New England. Blasphemy.

    • newscomments70

      This has been a reality since the early 60s. It has only spread to the suburbs since then. There are wealthy and tourist enclaves of Boston that are ok. No where in Boston is perfectly safe, but it’s better than darker cities such as Atlanta and NYC.

  • Max Krakah

    Codman Square SAFE??????? Not by a long shot. Back in 92 I think it was, I had to do jury duty there. The black security guards let the neighborhood’s gangsters walk right through the metal detectors with knives and they were threatening jurors when they were released to use the restrooms. WE had some stupid, old school irish police officer berating us because we were “compromised”, yet this hack knew exactly what was going on. Another time I had gotten on the wrong bus and ended up there and an older black woman told me that I would get killed but that she would wait with me until the next bus came to bring me back.

    • Erasmus

      Living in Boston made me a race realist.

      No one in his right mind goes near Mattapan, Roxbury or the “culturally rich” parts of Dorchester.

      • Johnny Clay

        I lived in Boston in 1981, and those areas were bad back then.

      • newscomments70

        Even liberal Saturday Night Live commented on that.

  • newscomments70

    I tried to convince the UK travel ministry to warn UK citizens about no-go zones for whites in US cities. Thousands of UK tourists are attacked by blacks every year in the US. They are mugged, raped, murdered. It underreported and blamed on “gun culture” and “poverty”. My “racist” email was never answered, and naive UK tourists continue to die. Thank God they didn’t post a “racist” warning though. That would be much worse.

  • Karen

    His job is to protect his people, not their egos. So, if there are concerns, step up the police patrol. He doesn’t owe them any apologies.

  • interesting that he said “we would fail to do our jobs and betray our citizens.” Of course the college students couldn’t agree with something like that as we never hear it from our our politicians…

    • bilderbuster

      I caught that too.
      I can’t imagine even a “conservative” in the US using the term “betray” on immigration reform.

  • rightrightright

    More mush-for-brains Humanities students.

  • Anna Tree

    Better racist than dead or raped…

  • Who Me?

    “Thammy Pierre-Louis, 17, a senior at the school…”

    I thought this was a college. A senior at 17 sounds more like high school.

    • Erasmus

      I’m going to guess from her name that she’s one of those Haitian imports, among whom anyone with a 90 IQ is a candidate for the Haitian chapter of Mensa. But, remember that it’s people like Mme. Pierre-Louis who contribute so much to our diversity, which is, as we already know, our greatest “strengf.”

  • About 20 years ago, the German government was telling its citizens to avoid the entire state of Florida, and for exactly the same reason. Black thugs were preying on tourists there because the rental cars they would pick up at the airports had distinctive markings.

  • Max Krakah

    This reminds me to make another donation to Generation Identity!

  • Alexandra1973

    If I warn about a tiger that’s escaped from the local zoo, am I being “speciesist”?

    • bilderbuster

      Yes you are you Speciesist!
      That didn’t hurt now did it?

  • Oldcorporal

    Monsieur Fieschi shows a well-informed knowledge of major American cities, and a commendable refusal to be “shamie-shamied” into walking back the sensible advice he has given French tourists about where to go, and where not, when in America. He deserves the Croix de Guerre.

  • Jeef Berky

    It would only be fair if the U.S. government would list those muslim dominated hellholes in Paris and it’s suburbs where they torch cars. Aside from the JFK presidential library in northern Dorchester, there’s no reason for a tourist to wander into inner Dorchester and Roxbury, especially at night. Downtown Boston is only a few subway stops from the ghetto and after school gets out all the yoofs head downtown to cause a ruckus, You might not go to Roxbury, but Roxbury will come to you! Downtown Boston is definitely shady at night so be aware of Jayquan and DeShawn, there easy to spot but Boston is now a majority/minority city and it’s neighboring cities and towns becoming more diversified with lots of mestizos and Asians.

  • Truth Teller

    I wonder who told the high school students about the website. These kids don’t cruise the internet reading websites of foreign governments. If I had to guess I’s say it was ADL who arranged the demonstration at the consulate and convinced the school principal to arrange the visit.
    I and every reader on this site knows what a mass of black yoof looks and acts. Exposure to an entire school full of them will only serve to harden the consul’s position. Blacks often do not realize how their appearance, behavior and especially their screeching and yammering and filthy language affect people who are not used to them.

  • newscomments70

    There are always noteworthy exceptions, but they are mostly tribalist. Their general community is tribalist and hostile towards whites (as well as the other races).

  • newscomments70

    But the British are not. They hysterically rant about the fabled KKK and “white racists”, but they completely censor and shout down any reports black racism and violence.