Freedom of Speech Wins in OKLA. Court

David Yeagley, Bad Eagle, January 5, 2014

Attorney Joe Sibley just won my First Amendment court case, Friday, January 3, 2014 here in Oklahoma City. The Oklahoma District Court case (No. CJ-2011-5510), filed on August 8, 20011, was resolved with a summary judgment from Judge Thomas E. Prince. I filed against the protesters who interfered with my speaking engagement with American Renaissance. The story of the outcome of the case was presented in impressive detail by, then summaries appeared in, and by Many thanks to these sites and their watchful eyes. This is indeed a great occasion for lovers of free speech.

Opponent forces had disrupted American Renaissance Conferences repeatedly, and threatened hotels hosting the conferences and their employees. I decided to take the initiative and fight against their illegal and un-American tactics. I wrote about this situation several times on (from earlier to later):

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I want now to share some special details that were not made issues in the legal case. I believe it is important to understand the kind of forces behind the street thuggery of liberal Democrat forces. In this particular case, the matter is easily established. Daryle Jenkins’ One Peoples Project receive funds through the Manhattan-based Brecht Forum, an openly Communist foundation. On the One Peoples Project web site, we find this notice:

For Tax Deductible donations, send check or money order (payable to Brecht Forum – make sure “One People’s Project” is in the memo line) to:
PO Box 42817
Philadelphia, PA 19101

This makes it about as obvious as it can be made. The New York Marxist School itself is “funded in part by Manhattan Neighborhood NetworkThe Bardon Cole FoundationThe Rosa Luxemburg FoundationThe Surdna Foundation, and by public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.” Just part of the fabric of New York City.

Mr. Jenkins was ordered to pay $50,000.00 to Yeagley. With the financial associations of One People’s Project, this is a certainly a realizable award, albeit a number of steps must be taken on the path to that award.

One thing is certain, all lovers of freedom have won a victory here. I am one proud Comanche, for having led the charge for American patriotism on this front. I want Indians restored to a place of honor and dignity in this present society, today. The past has its pride, but, today is when Indians really need to manifest the same courage and bravery we are universally known for. I just happened upon this particular opportunity, and seized it. It is a significant coup, indeed. In sincere humility, I thank God for the victory.

I say we move forward with this victory, and develop its ramifications as far as we can. This is a major step forward for all true American patriots. The first Amendment applies first and primarily to us. Foreigners with anti-American religions are of dubious relevance to the Constitution. America must take care of its own, first and foremost.

What say ye?


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  • Katherine McChesney

    I met David Yeagley at the 2012 Amren Conference. Now I can brag about it.

    • Raydonn

      KM, are you attending this April?

      • Katherine McChesney

        No. I live near the Conference facility but have no transportation to the park.

    • Same here. I hope he’ll show up this year too. Even if not to speak, at least so that we can congratulate him and give him our best wishes.

  • Who Me?

    David Yeagley is a great American. I was sorry to read he has mesothelioma. I wish him luck with the chemotherapy which it seems he has been taking for 6 months now.

  • bigone4u

    Warning to Marxist scum: Don’t mess with Texas, don’t mess with Amren, and especially don’t mess with David Yeagley.

  • D.B. Cooper

    It would be nice if we saw this on the national news instead of what Kartrashian wore on New Years Day.

    • mobilebay

      Or didn’t wear, in her case, D.B.!

  • JohnEngelman

    There is not a truth existing which I fear, or would wish unknown to the whole world.

    – Thomas Jefferson

    There should be no taboos and sanctions against telling the truth.

  • Lewis33

    The most telling thing to me in this whole mess is the damages cap and the reason it had to be. Our federal system is so corrupt we had to avoid them at all cost. Keep in mind for future reference.

  • Critic_of_Leviathan

    I am so thrilled about Dr. Yeagley’s victory in the cause of free speech. It is even more satisfying that the loser happened to be the Negro Buddha.

  • Alexandra1973

    It’s almost like we’ll see your black and raise you a Comanche. 🙂 That’d make the liberals’ heads explode, wouldn’t it? It’s the irony….

    I have Amerind ancestry through my mom, and she likes to harp on how badly the “natives” were treated by Whites (I know there’s more to the story), never mind she’s predominantly Anglo.

    I should show her Dr. Yeagley’s site.

    • Who in their right mind goes and jacks with a Comanche?

    • IstvanIN

      It is time to stop living in the past.So much conflict is based on what “mt granddad did to your granddad”.

      • Alexandra1973

        I have Scottish AND English ancestry, so I can imagine my ancestors were squabbling big time.

        Me, I personally don’t care who did what to whom.

        • IstvanIN

          Unfortunately, it seems, people still like to squabble over what happened in the past. David Yeagley is one of those people who accepts the past and lives in the present.

  • DNA Explains It All

    Definitely a positive development, hope to see it repeated.

  • Spartacus

    This is great of mister Yeagley, but I’m afraid we’re beyond the point where anything can be done in a legal manner. Real change, one way or another, is gonna come by force.

  • Brian

    Amerinds are the one minority in America I truly like.

    • John R

      I’ll say this: They are the ONE MINORITY that can honestly say, with some truth, that the USA OWES THEM something! Example: The Cherokee Nation, that lost it’s homeland, was force marched to the desert of Oklahoma, during which a quarter of their people died. The blacks? They were slaves already in Africa, and we fought our worst war freeing them! The “Hispanics”? They are VOLUNTARY IMMIGRANTS! Same as the Asians. So, yes, of all the minorities, the American Indians are the ones I have the least problem with.

      • FransSusan

        The civil war was not fought to free slaves.

    • Jack Burton

      Dr. Yeagley is half German, which I would say is the major reason he is on our side. Half German and half Comanche, that makes one Bad Eagle.

    • judenjager

      Until you find one raping your dog while drunk.

      • Amerinds possess the less-efficient Asian enzyme that does not metabolize alcohol as well. I was locked up with lots of them by the feds, and even the murderers among them were completely reasonable guys unless and until provoked. One murderer friend was Navajo and another – the more dangerous one – was Jicarilla Apache.

        They’re actually quite civilized and fun conversation.

      • ShermanTMcCoy

        Sorry, but I believe you probably meant to say ni66er?

        • judenjager

          I live near a few reservations. You would be amazed by some of the things I’ve seen.

  • Hal K

    Well done Dr. Yeagley.

    The legal system is important for our movement. White advocates are vulnerable in court because of the anti-white bias, both implicit and explicit, in our laws and mainstream culture. We need pro-white lawyers who understand the anti-white double standards and who can help white advocates when they run into various types of legal trouble.

  • Extropico

    Mr. Yeagley is a very courageous man. Wow! I admire 2 people mentioned in Amren articles on the same day! May he find peace and comfort in dealing with his health matter.

  • This whole episode has given me new respect for Mr. Yeagley. I knew, during those dark days of uncertainty, threats and the “shadow conference,” that something good would come out of it. This judgment should serve as a warning to other street thugs. As a result, we are that much more secure in our freedom of speech.

    Another good thing that came out of it was my resolve, made in Charlotte at that time, to start my own blog. My “jewamongyou” blog at wordpress has been, for nearly 4 years now, my own little contribution to the chipping away of the “cathedral.” Thank you, onepeople project, for giving me the incentive to start my blog!

  • I looked online and there is someone by that name in Oklahoma who composes Native American flute music.

    • Katherine McChesney

      His music is lovely. I believe you can find performances on YouTube.

  • Katherine McChesney

    I had a short conversation with Yeagley at the 2012 Amren Conference. In defense of the White man he said the Comanche were worse as they engaged in torture of and land theft against other tribes far worse than the Whites did against the tribes. His statements on his web site have garnered criticism from members of his tribe. Some of them claim he isn’t Comanche and is not related to Bad Eagle.

  • Mr. Yeagley is really on our side. I’m 3/16 Amerind, though Cherokee and Tuscarora. The BATF paid us a visit this morning to return things taken as possible evidence just over two years ago. Sayaka later said she’d have done them if they had attempted to arrest me. I allowed the male to stand in the doorway after the door was closed behind him. There was no way he would get out if Sayaka had decided to fire. They were not wearing body armor, but at 6100 FPS with steel flechettes, it probably doesn’t matter.

    The grand jury returned “no true bill”.

  • John Henry Eden

    Thank you, Dr. Yeagley,