Posted on December 26, 2013

Yes, Megyn, There Is a Black Santa (in the WWE)

Alex Shephard, The Wire, December 24, 2013

On last night’s WWE Raw, a black “Good Santa” saved Christmas by heroically crushing a white “Bad Santa” — and refuting Megyn Kelly’s assertion that “Santa just is white.”

Bad Santa, Damien Sandow, was intent on canceling Christmas in the name of personal responsibility — as one of the fight’s commentators noted, “This is good for kids worldwide: they have to work for their gifts!”


It was also a victory for liberals. Good Santa’s promise of charity defeated Bad Santa’s belief that kids should have to “work for their gifts.” {snip} In February, the WWE featured Tea Party-esque characters who railed that he saw so many faces “not like mine.” One complained, ”Where did all these people come from?” He got huge boos.