Yes, Megyn, There Is a Black Santa (in the WWE)

Alex Shephard, The Wire, December 24, 2013

On last night’s WWE Raw, a black “Good Santa” saved Christmas by heroically crushing a white “Bad Santa”—and refuting Megyn Kelly’s assertion that “Santa just is white.”

Bad Santa, Damien Sandow, was intent on canceling Christmas in the name of personal responsibility—as one of the fight’s commentators noted, “This is good for kids worldwide: they have to work for their gifts!”


It was also a victory for liberals. Good Santa’s promise of charity defeated Bad Santa’s belief that kids should have to “work for their gifts.” {snip} In February, the WWE featured Tea Party-esque characters who railed that he saw so many faces “not like mine.” One complained, ”Where did all these people come from?” He got huge boos.


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  • bigone4u

    I hope white people are not the idiots watching this moronic garbage. Pull the plug on this fake “sport,” on the NBA, and on the NFL and learn something about Euro history or read a WN blog instead. The brain you save will be your own.

    • Whitetrashgang

      A third of white people have no common sense, it has always been like that and maybe always will. Just like 90 percent of mud people have no common sense best to ignore it unless you have to explain it to your kids or something.

    • Terra Magnum Imperium

      Agreed, A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  • To anybody that watches WWE, I feel sorry for you.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      It’s pretty retarded stuff no matter how you slice it up.

      • Brian

        At least it’s nice to see that ‘Precious’ got another acting job as Good Santa.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Even rednecks are better than that. White trash loves WWE.

    • sbuffalonative

      When one of my nephews was 9 or 10, he used to like WWE. The next time I saw him I asked him about it and he seemed embarrassed I asked.

  • The Man from Shiloh

    Real smart, McMahon. I hope your crummy promotion goes out of business.

    • shawnmer

      I confess. Pro wrestling fan, although the quality of the writing has been declining for years.

      And sadly, McMahon has no political soul beyond money. And for this reason, he wouldn’t have pursued a character or storyline ridiculing Tea Partiers as “racist” if he thought it wouldn’t fly with his viewership and would cost him ratings and profit. And he’s apparently right. The conservative blogosphere raised pretty loud objections when these characters were introduced, and they’re not only still there, but the writers have doubled down on the caricature.

      This despite the fact most pro wrestlers themselves are libertarian or conservative.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        I respect the kayfabe and carny style Americana tradition. I also respect the athleticism of the best performers.

        But watching more than five minutes lowers my IQ by the double digits and makes me want to jam an icepick in my eye.

        Dated a wrestler girl briefly who tried to recruit me, ha ha. Looking back, shoulda gone with it. I could take an icepick in the eye for enough money I guess…

        • shawnmer

          Interesting. Anyone whose name we would recognize?

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Mid Atlantic bush league. Ric Flair country, WOO!!!

            Probly not.

  • Whitetrashgang

    Why not have a Black character that rapes white woman? A little to close to the truth?

  • MekongDelta69

    And Mr. WWF’s wife Linda is a perennial Republican candidate (and loser). Both are worth $500 million.

    It’s so easy to be PC when you’re in an ivory tower…

  • Spartacus

    I don’t watch TV .

    • Whiteplight sees the Emperor N

      I think you’ve got to do some in order to keep up with what’s coming at us. This morning, CNN ticker showed the announcement of “Quanzaa Week, a celebration of African American Culture.” That’s to hold us over until Black History Month. After all, a month without blacks to worship is like a day without…..

      But posed against their promotion of black Santas, and all that stuff last week about how Santa can’t be just white, is this proof that black kids and everyone else, know intuitively that “birds of a feather flock together.” Except if they are white birds – not allowed.

      • Katherine McChesney

        Kwanzaa and Ron Karenga.

        It is not the creation of Kwanzaa, however, that is Karenga’s most
        controversial part of his history. In 1971, Karenga was convicted of
        kidnapping and torturing two women from his US Organization. He was sentenced to one to ten years in prison.

        After obtaining the original Los Angeles Times articles from
        this time period, the case appears no less bizarre. During the trial,
        Deborah Jones described the “brutal physical abuse inflicted on her and
        another 20-year old woman (Gail Davis) by Ron Karenga and three of his
        followers because they were suspected of poisoning Karenga.” Jones
        testified in graphic detail how she and Davis “were whipped with an
        electrical cord and beaten with a karate baton after being ordered to
        remove their clothes.” She further testified that “a hot soldering iron
        was placed in Miss Davis’ mouth and placed against Miss Davis’ face and
        that one of her own large toes was tightened in a vice.” According to
        the article, “Karenga, head [and founder] of the US organization, and
        others also put detergent and running hoses in their mouths.” That last
        bit was added by Karenga “who was upset because she [Jones] would not
        cry.” The reason behind the abuse was apparently because Karenga feared
        that the two women had placed “crystals” in his food that would kill
        him. According to damning testimony by his wife, Brenda Lorraine
        Karenga, “she heard him tell the victims that he wanted them to reveal
        where they were hiding the ‘poison’.” She further testified that she
        “heard screams and yells coming from the garage where the defendants
        were holding Deborah Jones and Gail Davis and noises which sounded like
        someone was being whipped.” The Times reported that during the trial
        that “scars from the cuts on [Jones’] back were shown to members of the
        jury” and that Jones testified that “Karenga finally let them go, but
        only after threatening to shoot them in the hands.”

        In a very bizarre testimony, Karenga attempted to defend himself by
        claiming that he last saw the women leave his Inglewood, CA home “to
        find other lodging” and that they “appeared healthy looking” when they
        left. Furthermore, he testified that “he did not know why his wife
        testified against him” and that his wife and children had not fled to
        Virginia to get away from him, but rather he had sent his wife and
        children away for “rest and recuperation”. “If he had known there was
        any violence within US, such as the alleged beating of the two women, he
        would have stopped it,” wrote the Times reporter, “adding [the US
        Organization] was against violence.”

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      I was flipping through the channels the other day trying to program the VCR to record the Christmas Day Parade, and going past the first few major networks, I saw blacks dominating the screen on EVERY SINGLE CHANNEL! It was not until the fifth or sixth channel change that I finally came to a non-black (I think it was a religious program…or maybe it was a Hispanic station). I see why many people are astonished to learn that blacks make up only 13% of the American population.

      • Whitetrashgang

        A friend of mine went to the States and a couple of diversity tried to kill him for his bike. His comment was its not like TV blacks and whites hate each other. That’s why TV is such a great tool for the tribe, its like a fog at best and at worse its brainwashing.

      • Sorry to rub salt in the wounds but last time I checked you have a black Pres, Attorney General, Surgeon General and Head of Nasa.
        In fact almost every time I see a news report from the States you’ll see a black news anchor crossing over to a black medical expert, then crossing over to a black lawyer. I makes that 13% population look like they’re running the show(BRA) and that they must be at least half the population.
        Hollywood takes care of the rest of the rainbow, barring Mexicans who we never seem to see, not that I’m complaining.
        Reality is just an off button away.

        • Katherine McChesney

          Two reasons:

          1) liberal media
          2) voter fraud

          • Whiteplight sees the Emperor N

            Too bad your comment to me on the history of that abduction by a Quanzaa practitioner was deleted. It was worth reading, thanks.

          • Katherine McChesney

            Didn’t notice that it was deleted. You’re welcome. Glad you benefitted from it.

        • Whiteplight sees the Emperor N

          I think that many people running entertainment now (Gen Xers) actually think that black is hot and money can be made because Obama is so cool, etc. There’s a political constant that benefits, true, but I think that where the notion of where the money is at is at play, too.

          • I think that the lines between the worlds of politics, journalism, academia and all forms of entertainment are increasingly overlapping, blurring and amalgamating..

            Politically I think the left and right are both falling over themselves to elevate blacks artificially through reverse racism appointments, with a “it is time” attitude, like blacks all have to ‘have a go’ at all iconic roles, for us to somehow collectively cleanse ourselves of the past (probably unconscious) racial exclusivity. .
            Recently in world of entertainment, when the BBC recast a new Dr Who , they went to great pains to apologetically show the short list of African actors they offered the role to, accompanied with their individual reasons for turning the role down listed.
            (Google “Writer reveals that BBC producers have ‘offered the role of Doctor Who to a black actor’ in the past… but he turned it down”).

            I only hope it’s just a hump that we have to get over and it doesn’t become like various US political positions that become galvanized as “Black seats”, once one has been elected.

            I doubt that there’s much money in promoting blacks arbitrarily in entertainment, as most TV shows I follow, seem to have a ratings drop when they cross ‘the tipping point’ of having too many black characters. The ensemble cast as a preemptive deflection of progressive criticism, seems to be the safest bet, with the black characters shown to be noble, deep thinking, voices of reason ..blah, blah.I doubt that crowbarring blacks into White interest areas like golf with Tiger Woods or Nascar with whoever, really leads to opening up that minority market financially. pardon me for being too lazy to research that hunch.

          • Whiteplight sees the Emperor N

            I agree with all you’re saying here, good points. My point was that there is a perception that since “black is cool” that money can be made from it. That it fails over and over has never stopped it. And now, just look at the films in the past several years that focus on one aspect of blackness or another. Currently, “12 Years a Slave” is getting all the Academy Award discussion. There is also a trend to increase the film and tv roles for the model of aggressive, physically aggressive women. It’s hard to discern where social engineering, commercialism and just plain stupid, silly writing is weighed, but there are all part of it, certainly.

            I don’t know if this is a hump we must endure. It may be a wall that we cannot get past. What it turns out to be is largely in our hands, or at least the would be white leadership potential, which keeps being ignored or put off for any number of reasons; apathy certainly, but also what Shakespeare called, “Vaulting Ambition, which over-leaps itself and crashes on the other side.” This and perhaps a sort of addiction to the status quo because it facilitates a culture of complaint and emotionalism that counters intellectual engagement in the issues.

        • newscomments70

          How is Australian television these days? Is it following the same trend? I know you have some of our worst programs. US/UK progams and movies are bad enough. Are Australian productions following the same trend? I remember 15 years ago, they were refreshingly white…but I imagine things are changing.

          • I’d imagine that it wasn’t for our news, extensive over the top sports coverage and current affairs that it’s probably pretty indistinguishable to yours.

            I guess in the last 15 years having gone digital that there’s a few more channels,including an indigenous channel
            We still have our soap operas, which the Brits seem to enjoy more than us, I think because they romanticize the idea of being down here. As for the rest of our local content, reality shows, the odd game show and all of those singing and dancing shows are the current trend. On the main free view channels it’s still all pretty White, the ‘ethnics’ have their own set of channels (SBS) where everything is foreign in some way to traditional Anglo Saxon Australian culture. As for our local drama, of what little I’ve seen, it tries to be diverse with the odd token Middle Eastern, Polynesian character popping up and Aborigines to a lesser extent, East Asians are levered in probably more so than when you last saw television here along with southern Asians(Indians).
            Gay story lines and ‘love affairs’ are extremely over represented and forced on us, from what I see at the moment.
            American shows which dominant our prime time slots are where we get the most African guilt trips/ jungle fever teasing.
            Also we’re getting a lot more US advertisement campaigns too, maybe with a different voice over actor. Those black guy with his shirt off, Old Spice ads have been annoying me lately, what a time we live in hey.
            The world is getting smaller man, I remember we used to have to wait years for US shows and movies, these days we get them sometimes only hours after you guys.

            I had to really think about your question because I don’t watch much TV these days myself. I tend to learn what shows are good, which seem to often be US cable shows, when they’ve already been on for a season or two, from comments I read on line, then I’ll download what I can of the whole series and catch up. For instances I didn’t find Game of Thrones until season 2 ended, that was a nice surprise.

          • newscomments70

            I recall seeing Larry Emdur on the screen quite often. I didn’t know he was Turkish, at first. He seems like a normal Australian, nonetheless. You know more about American TV than I do. I haven’t had a TV in two years. I only watch old programs on youtube and netflix. That becomes old after awhile, but at least I am not enraged every time I turn the TV on. youtube has commercials but they are much less invasive than real TV.

            We have a channel called “TV Land”. It used to be for people who liked watching the old reruns. They are now making “original” sitcoms, often casting actors from the older shows. I saw a preview…they just had to show a black man in bed with a blond woman. The unnaturally loud, artificial laughter thought this was hilarious and exciting. They kept playing the scene over and over again. The old shows do not show black men in bed with blond woman so they had to make “new old shows”. It’s amazing how liberals are so desperate to push sexual agendas and rewrite history.

          • Yeah, live raw TV is pretty repulsive, when you flick it on and they’re promoting a show like “the biggest loser”, where they have morbidly obese people working out and sweating all over the place in gyms, I wonder to myself, “who the heck watches this psychotic mess”?
            Or any of the top sitcoms are just so Marxist and corrosive in their values, with all the men being sleazy or wimpy, the woman being B’s or airhead sluts &/or while glorifying gold digging and the kids being lazy smart asses who respect nothing or nobody and the elders are all of these characteristics multiplied, you just think “this is what we’ve become”?
            In some of these top shows the stars are pulling in close to a million dollars an episode when you’re at that “Friends”, “Everyone loves Raymond”, or “2 and half men” level, so someone out there is eating it up.
            For the record most of what I learn about the entertainment industry, I learn from reading Steve Sailer’s articles on Takimag.

            As I said, we get a lot of Bantu’s rubbed in our faces in our advertising, curiously with a lot of it also locally made.
            Makes you wonder if they’re only promoting a product.
            We’ve had a few White Ozzie girls who fall for the ‘marketing’ and end up HIV+ from some sleazy African immigrant pretending to an African American pilot and the like.

            I also finger pointed at US shows bringing in a lot of that sort of indoctrination, to be fair what little I’ve seen of modern BBC drama is probably worst, with their ‘color blind casting’ for historical pieces, I just watch so little of it, it didn’t come to mind.
            I did catch an article about the ‘hideously White’ top rating show Downtown Abbey (set in early 20th century Britain) injecting a interracial ‘romance’ with a US jazz musician.
            Sigh, the message is clear that we’re not allowed anything for ourselves anymore.

          • newscomments70

            “Everyone loves Raymond” is pretty white and upbeat…but that is now classified as an older show. I have watched that show to death. “Friends”, as much as I dislike the show and it’s actors’ politics, was also white. It was often lambasted for not having black characters. I saw Downton Abbey and noticed how white it was…it had to be, due to the time period and subject matter. I stopped watching when the plot became too over-the-top. The fact they had to inject the obligatory white female/black male relationship is “jumping the shark”. That makes sense though. It could have been a classy, quality series, but the liberals sleazed it up like they do everything.

            I have seen some interesting reality shows on youtube. They weren’t ridiculous, but useful. One was from the BBC, it was about “behaving badly in Thailand” or something like that. Another was a US production about driving a vehicle in the various third world cities. It was called “Don’t drive here”, I believe. “Locked Up Abroad” on National Geo is another good one. These shows even bring home some of the points we discuss on AMREN.

      • Whiteplight sees the Emperor N

        Blacks are ridiculously over-represented on film and tv today. It’s seems as if some dolts actually think everyone wants non-stop ET for everyone and that this is where the money is. I really think a lot of it is about where the gen X kids think the money is because they still think blacks shock whites and whites are masochists. There may be some truth to that.

      • newscomments70

        I don’t have a TV anymore, but I see commercials watching youtube, foxnews, etc. EVERY commercial shows blacks playing golf, driving luxury cars, eating at fancy restaurants, etc. I have no problem seeing them within the proportion of their population or with appropriate products, but this is ridiculous. How many blacks play golf? The agenda is so obvious. I wonder why adverstisers want to anger their customers. It doesn’t make any sense.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Yet another reason not to watch this farce called professional wrestling.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Good Santa’s promise of charity defeated Bad Santa’s belief that kids should have to “work for their gifts.”

    Because we know that the idea of working for what you want is evil.

  • Whiteplight sees the Emperor N

    Could white culture bashing and white male bashing be much more blatant?

  • John K

    This is not the WWE of old, when Ultimate Warrior and Macho Man Randy Savage graced the ring. McMahon is a sellout who will do anything for a dollar. WWE began it’s moral decline during the “Attitude Era” and has not been worth watching since, in my opinion.

    • shawnmer

      Eh, disagree. 80s and early 90s is classic stuff, to be sure. But so is D-X, Stone Cold, and Rock!

      Even recall that WWE briefly had a storyline about race-based gangs, and the black nationalist gang were heels! My how times have changed.

    • Katherine McChesney

      It was trash then and it’s trash now.

      • dd121

        Nothing wrong with wrestling you just have to recognize that it is theater not sport.

      • John K

        It’s no more rigged than much of the NFL, boxing, or UFC. Everything is rigged. Besides, Ultimate Warrior goes beyond professional wrestling. Warrior is a hardcore, true conservative who has tried on more than one occasion to teach the young punks of today some responsibility and accountability. He’s also pissed off a lot of liberals with his comments.

        • Jack Burton

          I watched a documentary about that guy, he actually has mental problems.

    • Your avatar is the Ultimate warrior?
      I’m reluctant to mention this,as it’s ammunition for our detractors but I used to dig WWF back in the day, I was genuinely sad when Randy Savage died.

      • Jack Burton

        You shouldn’t be, they had great characters in the 80s.

        Steroid abuse and sexual harassment lawsuits had a detrimental effect on the organization. Combined with the rise of MMA, they’ll never be the same again.

  • Extropico

    The acrimony about the Black Santa was never really about denying an urban youf a Black Santa; the nonWhites want us to be a minority and for our culture to be marginalized in the mainstream media and in the halls of government. That is the crux of the real fight.

    • Sick of it

      Apparently some stores had had a black Santa for those who wanted one for decades. This is really about getting rid of white Santa for keeps.

  • Max Krakah

    All theatre wilts and turns into boring crapola under the weight of political correctness.

  • Alexandra1973

    I used to watch it, starting when I was a child in the 80s…who remembers the rock ‘n wrestling? Back then chairs were rare in the ring.

    I stopped watching it years ago. I agree with Exoplanet Finder. How about all the wrestler deaths? (I for one believe Chris Benoit was murdered and it was set up to look like double murder/homicide. He apparently ticked off the wrong person at some point.) Once you’ve heard a few insider stories, it doesn’t seem so cool.

  • ben no

    More humiliation of whites, this time in WWE.

  • Earl Turner

    Sad thing is, the vast majority of WWE’s audience is too dimwitted to ever see the message being sent.

    • Alexandra1973

      I’d actually call it a pro-NWO message. I’ve noticed that. That’s a turn-off for me there.

  • Katherine McChesney

    I think you are a pest trying to stir up things on Amren. Why don’t you find a blog much more suited to your liberal beliefs?

  • Herman

    Anyone who has ever watched commercials on TV (to give just one example) knows the black man will be “good” and the white man will be “bad” or “witless”.

  • Ella

    My child saw a Black Santa in a commercial. Then told me seriously that “I want the White Santa back and not the Black one.” Children say what they want without social filters.

    • Jack Burton

      Trust me, if kids, even black kids, had a choice of a real black or White Santa, they would always choose the White one, LOL.

  • Shawn_thefemale

    You’re right. Race realism is not a cause.

    It is, however, a cure.

  • Jack Burton

    Entertainment wrestling had its heyday in the 80s. The characters and stories are garbage now.

    The rise of MMA, which is actually real fighting, not fake, has overtaken it and boxing as the premiere combat sport.

  • Jack Burton

    We’re living under an anti-White tyranny. It starts at the government level and trickles down. A business couldn’t survive the media and legal onslaught if they were pro-White.

  • newscomments70

    Thank you, I enjoyed that very much. I was going to suggest the “Paul Hogan Show”, but this was also fun to watch.

    • I loved it too, welcome to Australia Piers Morgan.
      There’s a lot of opinion pieces being written over here, by the usual feminine, egg headed suspects denouncing that promotional activity.
      It seems whenever “the boys” get up to some mischief over here, there’s always some academic kill joy to pour cold water over it all with their correct, superior, “let’s ban it” opinions.
      You know the type, “boys should be girls” and vice versa.
      Long may we remain wonderfully backwards.

      Re Paul Hogan, he has his place etched in the (traditional) national psyche as the quintessential Ozzie from his 80’s TV show, but we haven’t seen much of him since Croc Dundee, being based Stateside ever since.Classic show though.

      • newscomments70

        I have seen some of your liberal, anti-white media. It looks as though they are trying to emulate the BBC. I could quote some disgusting expamples, but you know what I mean. I like the Paul Hogan show, and I didn’t care for Crocodile Dundee. He made his millions and married his silicon trophy wife, but it seemed he abandoned his roots (his wife and kids to boot). I don’t blame hin for going after the money, but he typcasted himself.

        “You know the type, “boys should be girls” and vice versa.”

        There was a Paul Hogan segment of “Dunger” being sent to the future, where there is no violence, no racial divide, no gambling, no alcohol, no sports, no sex…he is horrified and exclaims, “Charlton Heston was wrong, its worse than apes taking over…it’s the planet of the poufs”

        •’s the planet of the poufs”
          ….ha ha classic.
          Too bad it’s happening, not around here of course cough, cough.