Study Links Autism and Somalis in Minneapolis

Donald G. McNeil Jr., New York Times, December 17, 2013

long-awaited study has confirmed the fears of Somali residents in Minneapolis that their children suffer from higher rates of a disabling form of autism compared with other children there.

The study—by the University of Minnesota, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the research and advocacy group Autism Speaks—found high rates of autism in two populations: About one Somali child in 32 and one white child in 36 in Minneapolis were on the autism spectrum.

The national average is one child in 88, according to Coleen A. Boyle, who directs the C.D.C.’s Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities.

But the Somali children were less likely than the whites to be “high-functioning” and more likely to have I.Q.s below 70. (The average I.Q. score is 100.)


“We do not know why more Somali and white children were identified,” said Amy S. Hewitt, the project’s primary investigator and director of the University of Minnesota’s Research and Training Center on Community Living. “This project was not designed to answer these questions.”

The results echoed those of a Swedish study published last year finding that children from immigrant families in Stockholm—many of them Somali—were more likely to have autism with intellectual disabilities.

The Minneapolis study also found that Somali children with autism received their diagnoses late. Age 5 was the average, while autism and learning disabilities can be diagnosed as early as age 2, and children get the most benefit from behavioral treatment when it is started early.

Black American-born children and Hispanic children in Minneapolis had much lower autism rates: one in 62 for the former and one in 80 for the latter.

The study had limitations. The authors did not examine children directly, but reviewed the 2010 clinical and educational records of about 5,000 children ages 7 to 9 and made estimates.

All the autistic Somali children in the study had I.Q. deficits, Dr. Hewitt said.


Autism rates vary widely across the 14 communities the C.D.C. follows, Dr. Boyle says. Alabama has low rates, while Utah’s and New Jersey’s are high.

Generally, says Michael Rosanoff, a director of public health research for Autism Speaks, white children are the most likely to have an autism diagnosis, but that may be because they are more often sent to diagnostic specialists.


At one time, 25 percent of the children in local special education classes were Somali, while Somalis represented only 6 percent of the student body. While some children back home had the same problems children everywhere do, parents said, autism was so unfamiliar that there was no Somali word for it until “otismo” was coined in Minnesota.


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  • Oil Can Harry

    Do these Somali invaders really have autism or just low IQs?

    • Jack Burton

      Both, one of the reasons autism has a misperception as having above average IQs is that a lot of low IQ kids are not properly diagnosed with it and just thrown into a general low IQ category.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        “But the Somali children were less likely than the whites to be “high-functioning” and more likely to have I.Q.s below 70. (The average I.Q. score is 100.)”

        They are borderline retarded, not autistic.

        Borderline mentally retarded. Thanks liblefty goody two shoes. Now we have more parasitic blacks to take care of and offer our children up to as sacrifices.

        • Jack Burton

          You’re one of those that needs something explained to you multiple times.

          One doesn’t preclude the other.

          • Bunky

            No you don’t have more parasites to take care of, see!
            They can be low IQ and still be autistic,so that doesn’t make them parasites!
            Hey lib, whether autistic or dumb, they are still parasites.

          • Fr. John+

            Jack- I live in MN. Have you SEEN Somalis? Their bulbous heads, and vacant eyes, just scream ‘Mental Defective.’ Now, I personally would have said so, merely from their choice of religion… but that would be ‘racist.’ So, I just look for the Jihadists coming out of MN, ending up back in Somalia- and at MN taxpayer expense, and think, ‘Yup, stupid is, as stupid does.’ And that comment applies to the MPLS School District, who has tried for over two decades to ‘bring them up to par’ (making silk purses out of…) and when they can’t, (Because of genetic Somali Stupidity, we now see) they say the teachers are ‘racist’. WTF? A convenient excuse for a lot of really well-meaning Whites who actually cared for their charges, back in the day when the first Somalis arrived in MN; but now, even the most liberal Lefty teachers in the trenches, are sounding more and more like White-aware race realists than I – or a member of my family, who teaches in the district- have ever believed possible. This data merely confirms my ‘inner racist’. As if I needed proof, other than my own two eyes. America for Americans!

    • Non Humans

      No matter which, with the help of their libtard enablers, they will, as always, find a way to blame us.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      I bet some of them are just really low IQ, but it’s politically incorrect to diagnose anyone with that now, so they get lumped into the autistic category because low IQs also tend to give you poor social skills (when they’re extremely low, I mean).

      “But the Somali children were less likely than the whites to be “high-functioning” and more likely to have I.Q.s below 70.”

      Somalis have an average IQ of 68 (according to Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen’s IQ studies). It’s no coincidence that they were more likely to have IQs below 70. You could test every Somali in the state, both the autistic and the non-autistic, and the average would be close to 70.

    • These are tragic misdiagnoses in both cases. In the 1990s, the mediacal community redefined autism to require that a suspect child show only one of the symptoms – instead of all of them – to receive the diagnosis of “autism”. Of course the apparent rates of autism immediately rose. This would be akin to biologists redefining all four legged animals as “cats”, and then the public expressing alarm and wonder about where all these “extra cats” are coming from (i.e.”Is the ‘mercury’ in the vaccines turning our dogs, horses and cattle into cats?”. Most white children diagnosed as “autistic” are thus not really the genuine article; this now includes people suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome, which leaves them somewhat asocial, but otherwise completely functional – and quite good at tasks requiring focused concentration.

      In the case of the Somalis, this is also an erroneous diagnosis. These children are merely very stupid.

  • Druid

    Study Links Autism and Somalis in Minneapolis,
    it’s not “Autism,” it’s stupidity…

    • Whitetrashgang

      Yes they should rename Autism to Naggers Disease.

      • dd121

        I don’t think they’re “nagging” I think they’re “nigging”.

  • dd121

    They aren’t autistic, they have “normal” African IQs.

  • MekongDelta69

    Since this is the New York Slimes, the title needs to be changed from:

    “Study Links Autism and Somalis in Minneapolis”
    “Study Links Crime and Somalis in Minneapolis”

    • 48224

      Exactly. I remember an educational psychologist telling our class that prision inmates have normal IQs….equal to the general population. I knew instinctively that this coun’t be true and later found out that I was right. I could never figure out why the guy had lied like that. Low IQs does produce more criminals.

  • Puggg

    This means “autism” is the new fancy way of saying “low IQ,” and they both mean “black.”

    • Autism didn’t used to mean that ….
      Until peeps found out they could get a SSDI check.

  • 48224

    I was a teacher and maybe, just maybe the spike in autism is due to the people doing the diagnosing NOT KNOWING WHAT THEY ARE DOING. Also, I sincerely believe that kids are diagnosed with all sorts of conditions because the school district, doctors and social workers benefit from it financially.

    • saxonsun

      Agreed–right down the line.

  • bigone4u

    Since that cold Minneapolis air causes these poor innocents to become autistic, our altruistic government that loves them so much should gather them up in its loving arms and ship them back to the sun and heat of Africa. There, they will thrive and become the geniuses that is their true destiny.

  • So they just reviewed records?
    Look at the doctors who were making the diagnosis.
    Look at the lawyers that represented them
    Have independent physicians test them.
    Autism is a Social Security Disability Insurance scam.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      “Autism is a Social Security Disability Insurance scam.”

      It can be, but it is not always. I have met people with serious, debilitating autism. People usually only hear about “high-functioning” autistics, but they are not all high-functioning. The low-functioning ones are often less functional than people with Down Syndrome.

      That being said, SSDI does have massive fraud going on that needs to be rooted out, and I’m sure there are people who are barely autistic at all getting benefits they shouldn’t be.

    • What I was implying here is that there is going to be a trail to a few doctors and lawyers. The lawyers get a portion of the back benefits – which I am have no doubt they are giving a portion of to the doctor for the diagnosis.

  • Eddie Lutz

    Otismo? I have a better word for it: Dumbshittery.

    • DudeWheresMyCountry?


  • DLRisVH

    A better study would be, why are somalis in Minneapolis?

    • Paul Bodnick

      Many of the young men disappear and show up as terrorists in the middle east.

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    So a quarter of the Somali children are autistic? No, a quarter are just horribly stupid.

  • Jack Burton

    “but that may be because they are more often sent to diagnostic specialists.”

    Bingo, blacks and other Third Worlders have many undiagnosed mental illnesses and mental disabilities.

    • Non Humans

      Nah, being profoundly stoopid is just a larger part of being nonhuman. Nothing more.

  • Spartacus

    They’re all retards, no matter what you call it.

  • Alexandra1973

    Personally I’d look at the vaccination rates. (Not that Somalis aren’t as dumb as a bag of rocks to begin with.) It’s not just mercury, but tissue from aborted babies and the like in those vaccines–which can cause autoimmune problems. And other heavy metals.

    This kind of touches a nerve with me. My son went downhill a bit after his 18-month shots and he is now 12. If I’d known then what I know now, I would never have let anyone within a mile of my son with those needles.

    I might add that lots of times autistic children are smart. My son is an example. It seems that lots of times what’s lacking in one area is made up for in another. His thing is building. When he was two he’d make a building and look at it from all angles to see how it fit together.

    So when you get these blacks and the like getting the free “health care,” I’m sure that includes vaccinations. In the case of blacks it may be like pouring gas on a fire.

    • William Allingham

      look at Aspergers they are usually very smart in verbal and other intelligence abilities although their maths doesn’t match with what you would expect for their intelligence. They are on the end of the autistic spectrum so they seem weird but not autistic, Aspergers is most common among whites, some say Newton and other crazy geniuses had Aspergers.

      so, thats right, lots of times, at least among whites, autistic people are smart

      • Alexandra1973

        Asperger’s, I understand, is a high-functioning form of autism.

        My son has issues with expressive language. Input is fine, so to speak, but not so much output. He pays attention even when you don’t think he is, and lots of times he’ll surprise you with what he does know. He’s 12 and tends to talk like a baby and we’re still working on him with pronouns, and he tends to talk about himself in the third person.

        He has been improving though. He’s gone from a two-year-old who would NOT draw any kind of a line to a kid who sits quietly in church and draws some pretty good pictures of his toys.

  • Ethan Allen

    An autism diagnosis gets the fambly a ~ $800 per month SSI check. Could that have something to do with it?

  • Paul Bodnick

    Theu go voluntarily and become terrorists

  • JackKrak

    Despite my lack of a Ph.D and access to the data in the study, I’ll take a stab at the reason why Somalis have higher rates of autism.

    It’s because they’re stupid and that stupidity is misdiagnosed as autism.

    Now, where’s my gubbamint grant?

    • Alexandra1973

      Interesting when you think about it…it’s like they’re saying, en masse, “we’re stupid, we wants some gibsmedat to make up for it.”

    • Gubmint grants are only given when you are generating a diagnosis that elevates the esteem and increases the income (via SSDI) of the magical negro with the sub-85 IQ.

      If they are truly autistic they should be very good at jobs like being a janitor at McDonalds, very routine and repetitious. But it is more esteeming to get a check, panhandle, and drink 40s and urinate in an alley.

  • Alexandra1973

    I was told that if my son is autistic he’s just on the spectrum. He did have a developmental delay. Yeah, he gets SSI…but he also went through tests to determine if he qualifies. I had the mindset not of “give my son those benefits” but rather “let’s see if he qualifies.”

    He is smart but he has a huge problem with expressive language. Though he’s improving.

    Of course, we’re white. 🙂

    Tell you what, if SSI was given based on intelligence, the vast majority of blacks would qualify, hands down.

  • Stan D Mute

    How about the even longer awaited study on the taxpayer cost of importing tens of thousands of Somalis with average IQ of 70 into former whitopias like Minneapolis and Lewiston Maine.

    It’s as if some genius like George W Bush awoke one fine morning and had an epiphany that what America needs is even dumber Afros. “You know Barbara, our African-Americans have an average IQ of 85 and maybe that’s why my No Child Left Behind isn’t working like Karl promised. What if we import tens of thousands of even dumber Africans to make ours smart by comparison?”

  • itdoesnotmatter

    Reasonable assessment without even reviewing the bogus “study,” based on reason, rationality, what we already know:
    [Retarded by USA standards] ±70 I.Q. [100% black] Somali children, inappropriately dropped cold into previously white, Nordic area where children generally function above USA scholastic norms? Predictable results:
    Afro ferals kids stunted by marginal, if any social skills, cultural unassimilability, inability to properly deport selves socially or focus in Western style classroom setting, genetic impoverished thought process, non-English speaking, negligible impulse control, low frustration tolerance, violent tendencies. I could go on, but you get the picture.
    These are “normal” Somali traits. Low functioning, low IQs. Autism, my foot.
    Immigrant lottery winners! Minnesota should sue the government.