Hola: Boehner Prepares to Push Amnesty Bill Through House

Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, December 3, 2013

House Speaker John A. Boehner announced Tuesday that he has hired a longtime advocate of legalizing illegal immigrants to be an adviser, signaling that the Republican is still intent on trying to pass an immigration bill during this congressional session.

Immigrant rights advocates cheered the move as a sign of Mr. Boehner’s dedication to action. Those who want a crackdown on illegal immigration said the top Republican in the House has moved closer to embracing amnesty by hiring Rebecca Tallent, a former staffer for Sen. John McCain and fellow Arizona Republican Jim Kolbe.

“Tallent’s hiring suggests he really does still want to push an amnesty through the House, which to me suggests that the immigration hawks still have their work cut out for them,” said Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies. “She is a professional amnesty advocate.”

Ms. Tallent is leaving a job as immigration policy director for the Bipartisan Policy Center and will join Mr. Boehner’s staff Wednesday, putting her in the center of one of the thorniest issues in Congress.


The Ohio Republican has said he is committed to acting on the issue but has rejected Senate Democrats’ approach of a broad bill combining security, legalization and a rewrite of the immigration system.

“The speaker remains hopeful that we can enact step-by-step, common-sense immigration reforms—the kind of reforms the American people understand and support,” spokesman Michael Steel said. “Becky Tallent, a well-known expert in this field of public policy, is a great addition to our team and that effort.”


She has been involved in writing a number of broad legalization bills, including one for Mr. Kolbe and two for Mr. McCain in the past decade. She was also a senior policy adviser during Mr. McCain’s failed 2008 presidential campaign, which included traveling as a domestic policy adviser for vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

Mr. Boehner appeared to have nailed the door shut on immigration last month when he said he wouldn’t enter into negotiations on the Senate bill.


Mr. Krikorian said he still thinks the chances of a final bill reaching Mr. Obama’s desk next year are slim but that Mr. Boehner’s hiring decision is worrisome.

“Basically what that means is that the person who ran John McCain’s amnesty push last time is now running amnesty for Speaker Boehner,” he said.


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  • Like I said, amnesty is never dead.

    There is nothing more alive than something that jillionaires and zillionaires want that is said to be dead.

    The latest is that Boehner is going to time his attempts to salami slice amnesty around the end of filing deadlines for the 2014 election cycle. That way, if there isn’t a challenger already on the ballot to a RINO that votes for amnesty, we won’t be able to challenge them, and I guess Boehner assumes that thanks to ObamaDontCare, the given Democrat has no chance.

    • Pro_Whitey

      I live in a district where the GOP winning is a long shot at best, but if they pass amnesty, forget it. I hope Boner is being paid well. Someone should let him know that 30 pieces of silver may seem like a lot, but it really does not go that far.

  • Pax Romana

    “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero

    • GOD

      It appears that Mr. Marcus Tullius Cicero, as quoted, was describing that which we now identify as…liberals. The difference now is the liberal is very out-spoken and no longer hides. However, it does still in fact, as Marcus put it, “rots the soul of the nation”.

      • Anon

        What is a liberal? Ask yourself, does this word act to hone in on the specific people harming others or hide them?

        There are better identifiers. For example, we could clear up 90% of the problem if law enforcement were to infiltrate various “workers” parties and specifically, those who call themselves “antifa”, note who they are, arrest them and give them all a swift hanging.

        My point is, no, it is not an issue of millions of wrong thinking, mostly impotent jackasses, causing a problem that is then difficult to solve without another bloody civil war. In fact, that is what the actual traitors want you to think. They would be DELIGHTED to yet again provoke such a baseless war pitting millions against other millions who don’t actually have any real conflict.

        The issue is a few thousand, specific, easily identified people….a problem that could be solved in a single afternoon.

        • Non Humans

          Very astute observation. I agree.
          Make an example out of all of them!!

    • Whitetrashgang

      Gee whiz 99 percent of the time its a certain ethic group I wonder why?

  • Greg Thomas

    Any politician that was to hire an”adviser” in order to follow the law and deport illegal invaders probably should not be representing American people. I wonder how much this
    adviser is being paid by the American tax payer? A more cost effective
    alternative would be to carry out the will of the people, enforce the law, and deport illegal invaders.

    • Pro_Whitey

      Yeah, you’d think that we pay them a salary, health benefits, and a generous pension, but we don’t get any favors done for us.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    I think I know why he works on his orange – I mean tan so much…he’s joining his buddies in welcoming the new reality!

    (Couldn’t find one of Boehner in a sombrero)

  • NordicHeritage

    If this doesn’t open people’s eyes to the fact that both parties are bought and paid for by big buisness interests I don’t know what will.

    • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

      A Democrat is a cost-free investment in open borders/amnesty. No one need buy a Democrat. The drama is in the Republican Party — between the John McCain-Lindsey Graham wing and the Jeff Sessions-Steve King wing. To argue there is no difference between the two parties — as do many on this board — is an attempt at deception.

  • If they do this, I am done with the GOP forever.

    • Alfred the Great

      It won’t matter because with 60 million or more, after chain migration, there won’t be enough of us to out vote them.

      • I can always vote Democrat. Since my gun rights are already in the toilet, I have no skin in this game.

        • Andrew

          We’re on the same trajectory as England…

        • Non Humans

          When it goes down, MCS, get to TN, and I got your back. 30.06 and .40cal ok with you?

      • Chip Carver

        Whites outvoting browns, never mind the hate-mongering, group-oriented minority currently in control, has never really been an option. The Immigration Act of 1965 was stealth legislation, bought and paid for behind the scenes. Today, they still do much of the same. Using OUR MONEY against us as they pay off (or blackmail) the turds in DC. Voting is not a cure for any of our current ills.

    • Whitetrashgang

      You should of been done with them 50 years ago at least.

  • MekongDelta69

    “Green cards? Green cards? Hah – we dun’ need no steenkin’ green cards.”

  • JustSomeDude78

    Fun facts comparing Hispanics and Whites in the United States:

    Intelligence: The average IQ for Hispanics is 89 (compared to 103 for Whites).

    Achievement: The poverty rate of Hispanic adults is 27 percent (compared to 10 percent for Whites). By eighth grade, 43 percent of whites are proficient or better in reading (compared with only 19 percent of Hispanics). Hispanics are 3x more likely to drop out of high school. Only 11 percent of Hispanics have college degrees (compared to 30 percent of whites). Hispanics earn, on average, 29 percent less than Whites. Hispanics are twice as likely to be on welfare. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the descendents of European immigrants reached the middle class in one or two generations. Hispanic families today—despite all the welfare, affirmative action, and politcal correctness—typically languish in the lower classes for four or five generations after coming to America.

    Health: Hispanic Americans are 1.2 times as likely to be obese than Whites.

    Family: Hispanic women are 3x more likely to have a child out of wedlock. The Hispanic birthrate is twice as high as the White birthrate.

    Crime: Hispanics are 3x more likely to commit violent crimes, 4x more likely to go to prison, 2x more likely to join a gang, 3x more likely to get a DUI, and 3x more likely to
    admit to littering.

    Ideology: 71 percent of Hispanic voters supported Obama in the 2012 election (compared to 39 percent of Whites). 80 percent of Hispanics want bigger government (compared to 52 percent of Whites).

    Identity: About half (47%) of Hispanics say they consider themselves to be very different from the typical American. And just one-in-five (21%) say they use the term
    “American” most often to describe their identity. Hispanic Americans self-identity
    primarily by national origin (as Salvadorians, Guatemalans, Mexicans, etc.), rather
    than as Americans or Hispanics.

    Language: 80 percent of Hispanics speak a language other than English in the home (compared to 14 percent of Whites). 44 percent of Hispanics do not have basic English skills (compared to 7 percent of whites).

    Religion: Although Hispanics are 3x more likely to be Catholic than Whites, less than half of young Hispanics identify as Catholic; Hispanics are only 10 percent more likely to attend church. In other words, the “religious” or “Catholic” character of Hispanic
    Americans is both exaggerated and fleeting.

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      I would say those hispanic IQ scores are inflated for those in the USA. If you have a relatively high IQ in Mexico for example, then you will probably remain in Mexico (the ruling caste and the middle class are more White, which equals a higher IQ). The hispanics who come to the USA tend to be the lowest of the low, with little to no White admixture.

      • Jefferson

        The average Mexican in Mexico has also ha a low I.Q It is not limited to just Mexicans in the U.S.

        If the average I.Q in Mexico was so high, Mexico would not be one of the most dangerous countries in the world to live in. Mexico is a war zone right now with the very violent cartels.

        If the average I.Q in Mexico was so high, their per capita murder rate would be similar to that of European countries. But it’s not.

      • M&S

        Hispanics coming into the U.S. have an average IQ around 83. By the time they have been here for 10 years, it’s above 90. Their children tend to average out at around 95 and lose all sense of a work ethic or willingness to struggle doing dead end jobs. Leading to a requirement for more wage slaves to be brought in.

        Hispanics are living proof that Flynn Effect exists but like blacks, only to the peak of their range.

        That said, don’t underestimate them. They combine the ‘best’ traits of Asians with their insular clannishness and blacks with their group identity, always looking for an edge. Unlike blacks they tend to be very cautious and cannot be ‘led’ into anything based on rah-rah rhetoric by people they nominally identify with.

        Hispanics tend to vote conservatively, which is to say one cycle behind whites in whatever political group they belong to but, giving their support only to those who prove themselves. As others have noted, they have an overwhelming national identity which gives them significant political capital when they need it.

        Most importantly, their TFRs are indeed very high (2.8-3.2 now, 4.4 last time Reagan declared Amnesty and yet only 2.4 at home in the case of Mexicans). Their young women come out at Quinceanera (fifteen year old birthday) and are eligible to date thereafter, if they do not have a serious job or a committed partner by the time they are 19-21, the family intervenes. While most Americanized Mexicans frown upon premarital pregnancy, it is quite possible for a new immigrant woman to be pregnant before she is 17.

        This combination of short generational interval and very high fertility is going to put intolerable pressure on whites and severe downward economic pressure on our society.

        Where race is not a social construct but society is a racial one, if you have a huge population needing cheap, dull, jobs, that population will become the dominant driver both in terms of what they want from government and the kinds of innovation, high tech and other ‘whites only’ conditional social activities they will tolerate before demanding more of what they believe they are entitled to for themselves.

        No NASA. No genetics research. No advanced medical system. No higher arts. No high end robotics as computer research. You want the third world, you get it.

        America will look like Mexico because the genes shape the environment to the standards their survival algorithm as instinctive behavior is best suited to.

        Blacks are garrulous and sociable to the point of irritating, because it is in their nature to exert dominance in a ‘friendly manner’ and given their low social achievement indexes they have to be willing to interact to get what they want.

        Hispanics are much more monolithic and defensive, hiding behind their language barrier to retain islanded cultural loyalties _among their own_.
        Similarly, when expanding into a given area they then collectivize it to their own benefit as a function of making sure every opening in every job that is out there is covered by ‘one of the family’.
        And they never yield what they have taken. Whites who expect to retain competitive job access when they are only giving children to the system every 60 years (_think_ about that, have a kid at 35-40 and raise them to majority) and expecting these secondary populations to keep everything rolling in the interim are just kidding themselves if they don’t think that the nature of the society Hispanics prop up will not begin to reflect the culture they left behind.
        And the culture of most of Latin America is in fact more racist and class intolerant that we ever were with the ‘Color Continuum’ and the ‘Casta’ system having long held back poor Hispanics who will remember the customs well when it is /their turn/ to demand what society looks like.
        Our women especially can look forward to a much harder time from Hispanics chasing lighter skin as that is the way up in life throughout Central and South America.

    • gemjunior

      And they are extremely apple shaped in their physical types, which is known to increase the risk for heart disease as the fat is all concentrated around the heart and abdomen. So they will bee having heart attacks all over the place, adding to the already overstretched medical (or should I say hospital) costs. They have already forced hospitals all over our side of the border to close because they put them out of business by never paying. They don’t care that they are using ER services for primary care because they either don’t know the difference or they are too lazy to bring their kids to the doctor for regular visits. Then when the child has a sniffle it’s off to the ER for some high-cost medical care, tying up the staff and stressing everyone all over the place with their 6 children running all over where they shouldn’t be, their sister’s 6 children doing the same thing. When they are told to take the kids out it turns out that they have no car and it’s below 40 degrees out or some nonsense, forcing the staff to allow them to stay vs. taking time away from their REAL sick patient – to deal with their bullshit. I’ve even seen one put her crawling infant on the hospital floor. When God busted up the Tower of Babel, He did it because He knew we all don’t belong together and could never live together.

      • bilderbuster

        You just described the ER in Tucson I once had to endure right down to the double wide butts on the Mama’s & sister’s & the kids taking up all the chairs & floor space.

  • DLRisVH

    Our treasonous politicians are no longer looking out for OUR best interests!

    • Manaphy

      They look out for the interests of the ethno-religious tribe that Amren doesn’t let us talk about.

      • So CAL Snowman

        Eh, Amren has been relaxing their grip as of late. I think they understand the intellectual dishonestly behind preventing that discussion. As long as you keep it relatively civil I think we can talk about the involvement of that certain group of people. It’s kind of funny, for supposed “conservative” Republicans, race is the elephant in the room. For the people of Amren , the tribe is the elephant in the room.

        • Manaphy

          As days go by, the elephant grows and grows (in both Republicans’ and Amren’s situations) until it overflows the whole compound and it is impossible to not talk about it because it is literally smothering us to death.

      • Sick of it

        I’d say more ethno than religious. Unless one includes Luciferianism.

    • Harvey42

      Other than in Jimmy Stewart movies, I can’t remember when they weren’t selling us out. Both of Americas political parties are owned by an alien entity that will spend billions to ensure our dispossession and destruction. They are relentless and they will have their way.

      • NordicHeritage

        Exactly, just look at the movie Mr. Smith goes to Washington released in 1939. The same crap was going on then that goes on now.

    • NordicHeritage

      I doubt that they ever had the interest of “we the plebes” in mind.

  • D.B. Cooper

    Even most of you guys on AMREN are making me sick. House Speaker John A. Boehner is a Gee Dee REPUBLICAN!! You guys are so one dimensional. You talk about kicking out minorities, yet do not have the critical thinking skills to even attack the career of John A. Boehner.
    I’ll explain it to you, republicans like Boehner are more dangerous to your life than you being on a Chicago street with a black flash mob on one side, and Jesse, Al, Ginsburg, and the Clintons on the other side.
    The Powers That Be are laughing at you white boy! They are calling you “penis” in your place of employment. They ask you what do you want for lunch? Peanut butter and jelly, or jelly and peanut butter?

    • RisingReich

      You don’t speak for all of us, Sir. Many of us here HATE his a$$ and know exactly what he and the Stupid Party stand for.

  • This is my shocked face. 😐

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    Remember the staff person answering the phone is not your opponent. Even Boehner is not your opponent, just a man being pushed in many directions:

    Butler County Office
    7969 Cincinnati-Dayton Road
    Suite B
    West Chester, OH 45069
    (513) 779-5400

    Miami County Office Clark County Office
    12 South Plum Street 76 East High Street
    Troy, OH 45373 3rd Floor
    (937) 339-1524 Springfield, OH 45502
    (937) 322-1120

    Washington, D.C. Office
    1011 Longworth H.O.B.
    Washington, DC 20515
    (202) 225-6205
    (202) 225-0704 fax

  • D.B. Cooper

    I’m going to have to call it an early night on Amren. These sell-out republicans are literally making me want to hurl right now, and I just got finished eating. I hate them worse than I hate Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Al Sharpton, and Jaime Foxx.

  • mobilebay

    The enemy within!

  • Lewis33

    This morning on NPR they mentioned this and somebody (Cokie Roberts maybe?) said “If the GOP doesn’t do something about immigration they are writing their own suicide note.” She’s totally correct, but for the exact opposite reason she thinks.

    • DLRisVH

      Shooting yourself in the foot is one thing, shooting yourself in the head is entirely different! And that is exactly what the RINOs are doing.

    • Jefferson

      The GOP is writing their own suicide note with millions of White voters who will never vote GOP again if the Republicans help pass amnesty for the Squat Monsters.

      • M&S

        The question you have to ask is what kind of death grip (as in Executive Orders and dismissal of Congress) does the Executive Branch have over the Congress that someone is not trying the obvious of making a stand and planting a flag upon whose standard are written the words: DON’T TRY IT OR WE WILL IMPEACH.
        Obama is riding roughshod over the legislative process and it should be possible for an _independent_ Congress to demand that this go away under a divide et impera basis of breaking party majorities.
        The will of the people is the duty of the elected to enact and bypassing the legal restrictions that force such responsibility upon our leadership should be an act worthy of legal redress eagerly sought by a Congress which resents the usurpation of power by a runaway Presidency.
        Of course screams of racist and threats of lost party support in the next election are all part of this but the fact is that if American’s abandon the Republican Party those should-be conservatives who are defacto liberals will find they are ousted regardless.
        Why not do the opposite and give your political base (in largely white regions) something to point to that says you’re not a party payroll lizard?
        The only way to keep baby from going after Candy is to put the Candy out of sight as out of reach with such severe consequences that further squirm and wriggle doesn’t do the little brat any good.
        THEN, once Amnesty is off the table, we can take the next step which is to make continued residency in the Oval Office as the seated Legislature dependent upon immediate fulfillment of the ‘against all enemies, foreign and domestic’ clause which our benighted leaders are also responsible for.

  • Dave4088

    Always knew cross eyed, orange skinned Boehner was a snake in the grass. And I always knew the GOP would capitulate on this like they have on every major social and political issue since 1965 and possibly before. Word has it that Boner told Obama and dirty Harry Reid that he will implement amnesty legislation in pieces so as not to alarm the white hoi polloi who still think the GOP stands for anything.

  • mobilebay

    Is there anyone in DC who has the courage to speak out against the destruction of our nation? We not only have illegals to contend with..we bring in a million legal immigrants annually, hoards of refugees and just anyone who wanders in. Got to give BO credit. He made good on his promise to fundamentally change this country. I don’t even recognize it anymore.

  • dave

    If the republicans think they are helping their cause by voting for amnesty,they are badly mistaken. They may get 2% of the hispanic vote,only to lose 40% of the white vote. Boehner is a traitor to the american people and his oath of office. Both parties are the same,two sides of the same coin.

  • NoMosqueHere

    “Boner” needs to be ousted as Speaker now. He is a traitor to america in general and white americans in particular. Amnesty is the death knell of America. You might as well vote democrat. Get your free stuff, enjoy your life, and who the f cares?

    • NordicHeritage

      But the sad fact is there isn’t one person up there that’s not a sell out. And it’s all because we as a people wont require that money and lobbying be done away with in politics.

      • Jackryanvb

        Jeff sessions, the South with exception of Lindsey Graham and Lamar Alexander is solid.

        • Paleoconn

          And Rep. King. At the State Level, Arpaio, Brewer, Kobach. These are heavyweights who should they found a new Patriot Party, would do a hell of a lot better than George Wallace or Ross Perot.

    • Paleoconn

      As vdare accurately says, White Americans ARE America.

  • bigone4u

    Secure the border. Begin deporting illegal ALIENS, starting with the criminals first. No amnesty, no path to citizenship. That’s what we want Bonehead, er, Boner, er, whatever.

  • Spartacus

    Anything other than deporting them all is useless .

  • This will not be a problem in Alyeska, the borders of which will be strictly enforced by armed guard patrols. IQ, civics and attitude tests will be administered at the border even for visitors. You don’t speak English? Then you don’t come in.

    What happens if you sneak in? Glad you asked …

    Invaders found in the interior will be pushed over the border near Dawson and left for the Canadians to deal with as they see fit. Two such mistakes get this mild treatment. Third time repeat offenders will be housed ten to a cell and fed bread and water. After five years they will be kicked out near Dawson again. A fourth offense will mean swift administration of the death penalty.

    Alyeska’s first allegiance will be to its own citizens, just as in the case of Switzerland.

    • Paleoconn

      What is Alyeska?

      • Check out the What If? / Nation of Alaska section of my website.

        • Paleoconn

          I will, thanks

  • Andrew

    Leftist always preach that not legalizing the illegal is inhumane. Where are they going to work or live ? Our unemployment is still too high. What about Americans who don’t have jobs, are we going to tell them that we’re giving it to someone who just became an “American” yesterday ?

  • Marc Zuckurburg

    It’s time for comprehensive immigration reform.

    Comprehensive immigration reform will raise wages and salaries, strengthen national security, prevent terrorism, enhance our domestic crime-fighting ability, ensure that we continue to encourage the best and brightest to partake of the American dream, enhance our competitiveness and our ability to innovate, and make America more prosperous.

    Make my immigration reform comprehensive, please!

    • Dave4088

      Sure Marcus. How does adding 30 million third world people who are predisposed to sloth and various crimes accomplish any of those things? A logician you are not.

      • Garrett Brown

        It’s a joke bud.

    • Garrett Brown

      Haha, well done.

    • Puggg

      Yikes. Last time I saw a face like that, it was holding a pitchfork and I was told not to sin otherwise I’d be spending eternity with him.

    • Make my plague outbreak pneumonic, please!

    • Puggg

      Wait a dog scratchin’ minute.

      You keep saying “MY immigration reform.”

      What’s that all about? You think it’s all done for your personal benefit?

      Then I back up and realize that that’s almost right.

  • sbuffalonative

    The real enemy is the one who votes against the wishes of those who elected him.

  • JohnEngelman

    In the Soviet Union you could only vote for one political party. Here in the United States we do things more democratically. There are two parties. Unfortunately, they agree on important issues, even when most Americans disagree.

    • Alexandra1973

      The only thing they represent now is the NWO’s interests.

    • MBlanc46

      One party with two wings: the Republicrats.

  • Hal K

    Why? Because this is how they keep the money spigot open from people like Sheldon Adelson.

  • John K

    The elites in government have forgotten who wears the collar, and who holds the leash.

    The only thing “common sense” about immigration is to close the borders. How many nannies and housekeepers do you need, Bonehead?

    • MBlanc46

      It’s not just the elites in government. It’s the elites in agribusiness, in meatpacking, in construction, in hospitality, and many other industries.

  • Alexandra1973

    I left those losers back in ’04.

    • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

      Which “winners” are you supporting?

      • NordicHeritage

        The point is that they all stink to high heavens. It’s way past time for a third party.

  • [Guest]

    Rebecca Tallent, “professional amnesty advocate.”

    I’m more inclined to refer to her as a whorish race-traitor.

  • [Guest]

    It looks as if Boehner is following the sage advice of his chief political strategist—Harry Reid. From “The Hill”:

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) will “cave in” on immigration reform, expressing confidence that a proposal would pass the House sometime next year.

    Reid on Tuesday said Republicans would sign onto a deal if they ever want to see a GOP president again.

  • Garrett Brown

    I thought Boehner was one of the few politicians that was on our side, wow.

    • IstvanIN

      What are you smoking?

      • Garrett Brown

        I could have sworn he was the one fighting AGAINST the proposed reform bill earlier this year.

    • JohnEngelman

      Follow the money.

      • WR_the_realist

        Yup. Our corporate overlords want more immigration, and they own both parties.

    • Paleoconn

      Do you pay attention to American politics at all? Boehner is one of the most useless, if not harmful Repugs around.

      • Garrett Brown

        If you payed attention at all you would remember him saying he absolutely would not be passing the immigration bill this year. Something changed.

        • Paleoconn

          True, but the key words are ‘this year’. Also, he’d pass it in a flash with some bogus amendments that mean nothing but come off as Boner going to bat for patriotic Americans.

          • Garrett Brown

            Now he’s going to pass it this year, shite.

  • Luca


    Give him a piece of your mind

  • Pay close attention to that letter.

    When it came out a couple of months ago, I noticed there were two St. Louis-based companies (Emerson, Express Scripts) on it and one Kansas City based firm (Hallmark). This gave me a chance to do some of that Jack Ryan recommended effective local activism. I posted the snail mail and phone numbers of the CEOs of those three firms on my blog, and your ever lovin’ snarky blogmeister here and more than a dozen of his loyal readers (that I know of, more might have actually done it but didn’t tell me) sent them handwritten letters and phone calls, some did the letter first then the phone call later, and some vice-versa.

    Oh, one more thing: When you buy Christmas cards, don’t buy Hallmark. I haven’t been in the Hallmark buying mood since 1999 when Hallmark dumped money on anti-CCW efforts in Missouri.

  • NordicHeritage

    While millions of honest Americans are unemployed these traitors want more cheap labor. People have to begin to hold these transnational corps accountable for this crap and boycott them.

  • Luca

    There is nothing but complete idiocy in Washington on both
    sides of the aisle. They are viewing immigration through rose-colored glasses
    and see it as a panacea and cure-all for all their own incompetency and shortfalls.
    They want to raise the US population to compensate for the dip caused by the
    baby-boomer phenomena. They seem to think that by simply opening up all the
    doors we will have an automatic housing/construction boom, more money pouring into
    Social Security, more taxpayers to pay down the deficit, a booming economy etc.

    They have known about the baby boomers and have been talking
    about the coming demographic problems for 50-years and yet they did nothing but
    kick the can down the road. Now they want to take the short-sighted approach, the
    easy way out. The problem is they are wrong and by the time they realize it, it
    will be too late. Their idea of putting out the fire is to pour more gas on it.

    I have news for them. They have completely overlooked the
    fact that we don’t have the corporate manufacturing base that we had in the
    early 20th century when immigration actually made sense. We don’t
    have that booming economy with factories sitting idle waiting for willing

    We, the common people, know that they have totally ignored
    the most basic tenet of government purpose and that is national security. Our
    borders should have been on a progressive lock down starting Sept. 12, 2001. It
    was our lax immigration system that enabled the hijackers.

    We also know massive immigration drives down wages when we
    already have a fragile economy. We also know that immigrants depend on
    entitlements more than native born families. We know that through the false
    religion of Diversity, immigrants have little incentive to assimilate as they
    once did; this has caused a Balkanization and polarization in our society. We
    also know what is happening in our schools where we see nothing but further
    achievement gaps and failing scores. We also know what is happening in our overcrowded hospitals and prisons. We also know about all the increase in drugs and other crimes that have come across our border.

    And more importantly we are seeing a complete loss of culture, values and a complete surrender to the Democratic Party which is now controlled by its liberal wing. Massive immigration will certainly spell the end of any semblance of the core values of
    Conservatism and Constitutional law. Our laws are already being trampled upon
    by the current administration, do we really need to strengthen the party that
    is trying to destroy us.

    Everyone here needs to write to Boehner and anyone else they can think of from the President on down. This spells the end of many things including the ability of many of us to remain perfectly civil. Maybe a little hardcore activism and civil unrest is in order.

    • rowingfool

      Luca says; “We also know massive immigration drives down wages..”.

      Yes, and that’s the point.

      Everyone on this site protests and asks “Why are they doing this?”.

      The Plan is to create such an oversupply of desperate workers that the USA can successfully compete with China and India in manufacturing. Manufacturing will not come back until workers here will accept the same wages as a Chinese worker.

      Remember the Caine Mutiny; “It’s a system designed by geniuses to be executed by idiots.”

      They really don’t care about you, stupid. They are secure in their role of the genius elite. You are a peon. Interchangeable with all the rest of the world’s peons. You are an indistinguishable piece of the mass of biological matter that occupies the lowest level of the pyramid, a dot in the sea of faces clamoring for a job. You possess no especial virtue that they find endearing or valuable. Your habits, manners, tastes and morals are drearily predictable via sociological data bases and theory. You are a cypher in an equation, a point in a field. You personally are boring and listening to your tale is wearying. You are like a drunk who won’t shut up. When you are injured, sick or lame and no longer economically viable you will be carried out of the hive by your fellow drones and thrown upon the scrap heap of bones. The greatest contribution that you could make to overall human happiness is to die and reduce the toxic load on the planet. As a gesture to cultivated taste and manners, have the courtesy to do it in a manner that won’t impose a disgusting burden upon those who stumble upon your inert body.

      The pump is being primed for another century of mass murders. Images of piles of bodies being pushed by bulldozers into mass graves flicker across the screen of 21st century consciousness. Is this the grainy, flickering film of the past century or is it prescience of the cloudy, as-yet inchoate future? The twentieth century saw the emergence of the battle between the infantry man and the armored tank and its transformered other, the bulldozer. The twenty-first century starts off with a bang as the robot drone eye in the sky hovering over a terrorized populace like Zeus hurler of the thunderbolt spreading a pall of prevailing doom in a cowed, beaten-down populace. All of us are inmates. Even the guards are prisoners, because with surveillance everywhere none can be above suspicion. We are creating our own Work Camps and unwittingly filling them with our own shades. Welcome to the New World Order.

    • Rick Brooks

      They see immigration as merely a political issue needing to be resolved and they think the easiest means of doing so is by passing an amnesty. They’re political hacks through and through.

  • Jackryanvb

    Drop what are you doing. This is personal. John Boehner and everyone associated with him must now be targeted for activism. Keep it legal, but yeah…

    It’s war.

  • HJ11

    Boehner is a weak seed. He’ll help dig the graves of Whites just to stay in office.

  • bilderbuster

    They’re not that stupid.
    They’re paid to do what they do & pretend to be stupid.

  • emiledurk16

    Unbelievable. Guilty as charged just like the Duke lacrosse team.

  • Harvey42

    Didn’t make the claim they were the same. I said they were owned by
    the same group, that just happens to provide most of the financial
    support for both parties. George Soros gives millions to democrats.
    Sheldon Adelson give millions to Republicans. Goldman Sachs has money
    for both. Democrats are unapolegetic in their treason. Republicans,
    who supposedly represent the interests of White Americans, are more
    circumspect in their perfidy.. Anyone seen the double wide security
    fence that was voted for and had the
    money allocated on our southern border.

  • JohnEngelman

    More immigrants mean more consumers and more job applicants. By the law of supply and demand this means higher prices, lower wages, and higher profits. No amount of fancy talk changes that simple reality.

    • Bossman

      Many advanced countries that do not attract immigrants are becoming old very fast these days. The USA will not have that problem because of immigrants. I think your analysis is too general and simplistic. The USA needs certain types of immigrants; at the high end and at the low end of labor skills,

      • JohnEngelman

        There are plenty of blacks in the United States. Why can’t they take care of the low end?

        • Bossman

          The Blacks are now citizens and no longer want to do the work that the slaves used to do.

    • Luca

      You forgot, higher crime, more pollution, more congested highways, more welfare, more prisons, lower scholastic achievement, etc. The first wave of immigrants will be the illegals here now, mostly from Latin American, then more third-world dregs will be imported for their voting and reprodcution skills, creating an ever-greater, never-ending, Ponzi scheme whereby larger numbers of births and immigrants will be needed to support the aging population.

      • Chip Carver

        Whites would actually be happy to have their own countries remain static in terms of population. It’s the greedy, nation wrecking parasites who want business to ever grow larger – while at the same time indulging in their drive to destroy White countries. Grab more cash and displace Whites, just a couple of the reasons behind the flood of non-White immigration. Some of these parasites stupidly believe they can use Asia as their new consumer base if no Whites are left, as if the Chinese, Japanese and so on can’t see what they’re up to. But throughout history, the nation wreckers have always overreached, a lot of it due to genetically based arrogance, a blindness to their own behavior, and then they do a crash and burn. As they will again, in the US and Europe. The signs are all around us.

  • The Final Solution

    The study method is based on a large sample of ‘self-reported’ behavior, not even actual crime statistics, so it has no merit whatsoever. These so-called scientists are too dumb to figure out that immigrants would be far less likely to self-report about criminal behavior than natives.