Did China steal US corn? Six charged with digging up bioengineered seed.

Warren Richey, Christian Science Monitor, December 19, 2013

Six Chinese nationals have been charged with conspiring to steal US trade secrets in an alleged plot to obtain bioengineered corn seed from American seed companies and send it to their own company in China.

The case was revealed in a one-count, 21-page indictment unsealed Thursday in Des Moines, Iowa.

According to documents filed in federal court, the Chinese company officials allegedly drove through rural areas of IowaIllinois, and Indiana to dig up freshly planted seeds or collect samples of grown corn to obtain specimens of the valuable engineered seed stock.

The seeds represent years of work by American companies and millions of dollars in research and development. One affected company estimated that the loss of an inbred line of seed would wipe out 5 to 8 years of research and cost the company $30 to $40 million.

The Chinese men targeted seeds produced by Monsanto, LG Seeds, and Pioneer Hi-Bred International, a unit of Dupont, according to the indictment.

The investigation apparently began in May 2011 after a seed company field manager noticed an Asian man on his knees in a freshly-planted corn field. A second Asian male was waiting nearby in a car.

What made the encounter especially suspicious is that the field was an unmarked test plot in a remote area of Iowa. Agents suspect the Chinese received inside information from the American seed companies revealing the secret locations of test fields.

When the Asian man was confronted in the field and asked what he was doing, he replied (falsely) that he worked for the University of Iowa and would soon be attending an agricultural conference in the state.

The project manager recorded the license number of the car and federal agents later traced it to a Chinese businessman in South Florida.


Among those charged is Mo Hailong, a resident of Boca RatonFla., who was arrested last week. He is described as the international business director of the Beijing Dabeinong Technology Group Company.

His company is a part of a Chinese conglomerate with a corn seed subsidiary, Beijing Kings Nower Seed S&T Company.


The case is US v. Li Shaoming (13CR147).



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  • BonusGift

    The title is a rhetorical question right? It’s along the lines of: Do bears defecate in the woods? Do the Chinese steal intellectual property is like asking whether blacks care to eat chicken and watermelon? Hey, I’ll stop it right there before someone accuses me of being a ‘racist’.

    • D.B. Cooper

      Some people can’t handle the truth.

    • Katherine McChesney

      It has been a known fact that E. Asians profit from stealing other inventors products. It seems to me that it challenges the fact that they have a higher IQ than Whites.

      • BonusGift

        Yes; but they actually don’t have higher IQs than whites; some Northeast Asians have slightly higher average IQs but their distributions are tighter and thus they do not have higher IQs just a slightly higher average (i.e., an average is not the distribution, by definition, it is merely the mean of that distribution). Also, we could find a biased/non-representative sample of ‘blacks’ with higher IQs than a biased sample of Northeast Asians. In short, it isn’t the average that should concern people as much as the distribution itself. people should be concerned about a lack of Isaac Newtons not a plethora of slightly above average Kim Wongs.

        • Anon

          Maybe they do. Maybe they don’t. IQ is not a measure of intelligence. A person with a higher score is no smarter than a person with a lower score. The ability of the test to tell smart people from average people is controversial at best.

          All of this makes sense of course, since IQ is a “normative” test. Literally, a test to see if you are normal or not. Like ALL normative tests, the functional assumptions of the test itself are that anyone who performs a certain amount worse than average, does so because they are different than everyone else. In this case, the assumption designed into the test is that they must be mentally defective and (Lord Almighty if it isn’t so) that assumption has withstood multiple correlations, the test of time and improvements in our knowledge on the subject. Low IQ means mentally defective.

          However, high IQ was and is, undefined. It might mean something, but, also, withstanding the test of time, anything it says about the underlying trait (g) is MINIMAL. In fact, over time, g, has stubbornly refused to be defined as a trait. Because it isn’t. It’s not like strength. I can measure a persons strength…here squeeze this device and lets see how high the meter goes. You cannot measure a person’s intelligence. The reason should be intuitively obvious but isn’t, mostly because IQ tests exist. Intelligence is a fast and loose term for the complexity and order of ones thoughts. As the colloquial we call intelligence “increases” the traits, skills, knowledge, training and abilities we are talking about goes up exponentially…..each with its own unique method of measure or without any meaningful measure at all.

          There is only one legitimate method of measuring “g” across populations. And it can only really be measured as populations. Look at the society they build.

          Back to IQ. Low IQ of an entire population does have a specific meaning. It means that population is ineducable and mentally defective. In point of fact, that is WHY IQ tests were developed. For the US military and for the beginnings of a national educational system. The idea was to not waste valuable resources educating those who could not be. Specifically, our government wanted to know if anything could ever be made of two populations……negros and stupid, poor, white southerners.

          They got their answer and that, of everything else has withstood the test of time most of all (although, insanely, we won’t talk about it these days). Negros…..worthless….no matter what time, effort, money etc. is spent, they cannot be, will never be able to participate in a first world nation. STUPIDLY, our government ignored its own research and tried to militarize the negro during the korean and vietnam wars. Mass death was the result. Killed not only themselves but got real soldiers killed. Today, we still stupidly use negros in the military but not on the front lines.

          Those “stupid” poor white southerners, btw. The “hayseeds”. Minimal education resulted in fully functional citizens with exactly the same number of highly functional individuals.

          But hey….not like any of this is important. We needs to pretend our mental epeen is larger than teh azians.

      • ben no

        I keep trying to explain this to people and nobody wants to believe me. If NE Asians were brighter than we are, THEIRS, instead of ours, would be the race that invented virtually everything of significance, don’t you think? I find the whole thing to be baffling and immensely contradictive, and will continue to for as long as they remain far behind us in creative achievement. The big distinction is that one race really did demonstrate superiority over the others by inventing virtually everything that matters in the history of the world while the others invented virtually nothing. But Asians are all too quick to forget.

  • D.B. Cooper

    The Chinese don’t have to steal anything. OUR own leaders are giving everything away for free, and all of you brain Kardashians think it’s a wonderful idea!

    • BonusGift

      It really is shocking how little effort needs to be put into taking whiteys magic beans these days; obviously nobody informed the Chinese geniuses of this fact. I often get a chuckle of asking, that is now and again, a Chinese student about this very thing and they are still astounded at why someone would give them the intellectual keys to the kingdom and clearly would never return the favor.

  • Spartacus

    You could just stop letting them in the country… And deport the ones already there.

    • BonusGift

      We could, but then how would we collapse the economy if we didn’t throw away our manufacturing base and related technologies? Even with a huge head start (i.e., even with hundreds or several thousand years head start to whitey nations as a cohesive xenophobic nation) they couldn’t do it, so clearly they need our help on every little detail. It’s not like the Chinese would come up with this stuff on their own, I mean how are we to accomplish the destruction of our country without their help? Sarc. off.

    • D.B. Cooper

      Deporting foreigners does not work as long as you have the liberal sell outs in BOTH political parties.
      I mean, you could mop up the puddle under the leaking kitchen sink every morning, or you could replace the broken pipe, then only have to mop up just one more puddle.

    • JohnEngelman

      That won’t work. We owe China too much money. If they call their loans we are sunk.

      • Spartacus

        And if you decide not to pay, they’re sunk deeper than you are .

      • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

        Borrow a thousand, the bank owns you; borrow a trillion, you own the bank.

        • Kevin W. Cornell

          Yea I’ve been thinking the debt isn’t QUITE as bad as it seems insofar as we’re going to simply welch on a lot of it. And that won’t be unjust since the taxpayers didn’t borrow from the Chinese – our criminal overlords did and China kept enabling them.

          • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

            There’s no need to default. Just print more money.

          • Charles W.

            That is exactly what we’ve been doing for decades. China already just announced that continuing to increase their balance sheet is not in their interest. Only a matter of times before the house of paper treasuries falls.

            Then the average American worker will really know what it’s like to have to compete with third world slave labor on an even playing field.

          • Kevin W. Cornell

            Print too much and you have hyperinflation.

          • Charles W.

            The debt is far worse than it seems. Once the USD is no longer in demand overseas, you will see a neck-breaking reversal in living standards for the average American having no parallel in history.

            America’s current privilege of printing the world’s reserve currency is a windfall so enormous that the average American can’t even begin to wrap his mind around it.

          • me

            If ‘we the people’ didn’t run up this debt, nor authorize it, then the Chinese government and bankers will just have to take Obama, McCain, Reid, Pelosi, Kerry, Bush, Cheney, Bohner, Nepolatano, Holder, Bernake, Clinton, and any other politician and their families for slave labor.

          • Charles W.

            The debt being written off and unpaid is not the issue. The issue is that foreign lenders like China finance a third of the U.S. budget. Combine that with the fact that the only reason the Federal Reserve can print at the rates it does is because most of those dollars wind up overseas, and the debt has the potential to end life in America as we know it.

          • Kevin W. Cornell

            I agree that the debt is an albatross around our necks for sure, and that our current trajectory will cause standards of living to continue to decline and possibly plummet. My point was that, on the bright side, at least we will not be forced to pay back all the money the government borrowed from overseas (I think).

      • withcaution

        They can’t “call their loans”. That’s not how bonds work. They can resell them in the open marketplace and that MAY have negative or even positive results.

        • Charles W.

          If China stops buying our bonds, the USD is sunk–i.e., the U.S. government will no longer have the absurd privilege of being able to print wealth with their paper money.

          Pretty obvious that that will have disastrously negative results for the quality of life of the average American.

  • Strike_Team

    Aren’t they smarter than us? Oh yeah, that’s right. IQ tests don’t measure everything, especially divergent thinking, creativity, insight… And then there’s that never mentioned fact about whites and their standard deviation of just over 15 points in IQ, which is wider than that of the peoples who are always listed as smarter. 15 is always listed as the SD for everyone, when it really isn’t, not for Asians, and not for certain inbred populations. Although one time someone tried to make E. Asians appear to have a wider SD than whites by factoring in SE Asian IQ scores when coming up with the SD, yet ignoring those scores when computing their “average” IQ. Kind of the like the FBI having hispanic victims, but no hispanic perps, those cats being listed as “white”.

    This story shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Back when Clinton was in office and his cabinet that was a flotilla of the usual suspects decided to wreck the US patent system, the biggest lobbyists behind it were the Japanese and Chinese, along with Israel and unfortunately, the French of all people. Be that as it may, we now have a situation wherein these outsiders take a look at what’s working its way through the system here, they steal the ideas and plans, produce backdated paperwork claiming it as their own, and that darn fool white guy in the US gets the shaft.

    Whites don’t invent everything. But the number of ideas and true breakthroughs whites produce is mind boggling, especially when you consider how we are outnumbered by E. Asians in terms of how many them are study drones, prepped to work in the tech and medical fields, in chemistry, physics, so many areas of science, never mind how much work is swiped by the usual suspects and sold to China, or presented by them as the creation of one of their own, most complaints held at bay by a compliant media and for the most part rigged court system.

    This corny case serves as another reminder as to why whites should have their own lands and let everyone else take a back seat, go do their own work. Asians would still do fine, they simply wouldn’t be able to steal right while standing smack dab on our property. And yes, they would have the occasional breakthrough, just nowhere near as many as those stupid white people. The rest of the non-white world would sink.

  • Monsanto is high if it thinks the Chinese will license seed from it.

    • Strike_Team

      LOL. Most people won’t realize how truthfully funny in a sad way your statement is. The only thing the Chinese are irritated about is getting caught. And so what? They’ll move ahead and claim they came up with it on their own anyway. I have no doubt Asians can work on this type of thing. But it’s whites that dream things up for the most part. And we’re being milked, financially, intellectually, you name it. They want to collectively bleed us dry.

      • BonusGift

        It is simply another form of parasitism.

        • JohnEngelman

          A race that superior does not consist of parasites.

          • David Ashton

            This is question-begging – a lapse in logic, probably noted in your favourite nizkor (six million Jews were gassed in three years) site.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    A passage from Jared Taylor’s WHITE IDENTITY: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century (2011) comes to mind:

    “China is hungry for American technology and devotes a major part of its huge espionage effort to the United States. The Chinese method of spying is different from that of the classic Soviet technique of sending trained professionals to burrow deep into enemy organizations. Beijing gets intelligence from thousands of part-time amateur spies: students, businessmen, and Chinese citizens of the target countries. According to the US Government Intelligence Threat Handbook, 98 percent of the Americans the Chinese approach for information are Chinese-Americans: ‘Ethnic targeting to arouse feelings of obligations is the single most distinctive feature of PRC [Peoples Republic of China] intelligence operations . . .’

    “Actual arrests, which, according to government sources, ‘are just the tip of the iceberg of an already-large and increasingly capable PRC intelligence effort,’ show that some Chinese-Americans are indeed susceptible to racial-nationalist appeals.” (pp 212-213)

    I’m sure John Engelman has this passage memorized.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    How are you going to guard against seed theft? There’s no way. It’s not like the Chinese are reverse-engineering this seed and figuring out how it works. All they need to do is plant it and let the white man’s magic do its stuff.

    • Juan Outtamany

      safe guards were in place…. they just paid to find out where the test-plot was planted.

  • APaige

    Once again a crime committed by the ‘model-minority.’ If certain races are so smart why do they have to steal and cheat? I know blacks cheat and still fail-so Asians are just smarter thieves?

  • bigone4u

    Let’s take the case of three economics profs I had in grad school, one Chinese, one Japanese, and one born in Austria. The Japanese guy filled the board with equations and tested us on an ability to do those equations. The Chinese guy was a walking encyclopedia of the literature in his area of expertise, but never offered any original critique of any of it. The Austrian guy focused on ideas, criticizing and/or expanding on them. He was the only thinker among the three. So, Asians are good at rote memorization and following methodology, but offered no evidence of an ability to think. The Austrian’s class was the only one that truly interested me and developed my mind.

    • BonusGift

      You are correct; yet I expect no amount of logic will convince someone clearly not open or able to apply it. For example, he still doesn’t understand the impact of standard deviation on a distribution and keeps repeating non-sequiturs about mean differences when the adults are discussing something else.

  • bigone4u

    The Chinese have heavily infiltrated American higher ed, stealing what they can’t buy. I worked for the big public university in San Antonio and clearly understood what was going on, the whole time hoping the FBI would step in, but they never have. Here’s how it works: Chinese businessmen (government agents of China) donate money to schools and get the right to install their “exchange” professors in US schools. They also get the right to set up “exchange” students, who come from China to study in the US. The exchange professors are spies, just like the guys in the story. The students I’m not sure about.

    Administrators at my university would sell their grandmother’s eyes for a quarter. They ignored the obvious shenanigans and were rewarded by annual trips to China for “university business purposes.” All the while administrators praise the Chinese in the name of multiculturalism and diversity. Many of the professors eventually become permanent, tenured fifth columnists in universities. They are highly productive because there are a dozen or more grad students back in China doing their research and writing for them.

    Among the first to be hung for treason, after a fair trial, should be university administrators who have sold their country down the river.

    • Rhialto

      America is no longer a nation. It has become a collection of antagonistic groups, ruled by an unconstitutional Federal-State coalition. Able bodied, heterosexual, White men are at the bottom of the social order. I cannot blame any White man for taking advantage of any opportunities that become available.

    • LeGrandDerangement

      The University of Wisconsin at Superior is a small university, student population of about 2 – 3,000. It’s jarring to note the number of Asians (Chinese, some Koreans) on campus. There’s only one Chinese prof., he teaches Chinese Lit. I don’t know what they’re studying or how they got here.

      • Charles W.

        State University of New York at Binghamton (supposedly New York State’s best public university) may as well be in Korea. Full of Koreans driving Hyundais and KIAs.

        When I was at U.C. Berkeley, I was amazed by the number of Asian students. Thousands of them. And that was a decade ago, so I can only imagine what it looks like now.

  • It’s insane how many Chinese nationals we allow to enter and fast track them to permanent residency.

    • Juan Outtamany

      With enough cash, you can do anything you want in America

    • Charles W.

      I have met many who’ve given up their Chinese citizenship because they foolishly think there’s more economic opportunity here. Many of these same Chinese came over here with a half million, or even millions, IN CASH. (How many Americans do you know who can produce that sort of money not on paper but IN CASH?)

      I laugh when I think of the looks on their faces the day the bottom finally drops out from beneath the U.S. dollar and all these Chinese immigrants realize that they were 1,000x better off back in China which actually has a productive economy as opposed to our Walmart and Starbucks economy. A small consolation for the destruction of my own country.

  • Juan Outtamany

    I thought these people were SOO much smarter than your garden variety American… that’s what we’re told every day

    • BonusGift

      The true test of brainwashing isn’t to implant thoughts that true, the true challenge is to imbed thoughts that are false but are believed to be true. For example, “diversity is our strength”, “the Chinese are a model minority”, … At least most of here know for a fact that diversity is a weakness and the Chinese are neither a not a model minority. Firstly, it is difficult as the largest single group of humans on the planet to be considered a ‘minority’; and secondly relative to whitey, they steal and cheat much more but tend to do so in non-violent ways so that it tends not to show up in standard crime statistics, yet you can see it through the corruption and actual relative inability to be novel.

      • Kevin W. Cornell

        Well, to be fair, it’s usually said that *Asians* are the model minority as opposed to the Chinese per se. So I don’t know how much you’re critique applies to, say, the Japanese.

        • BonusGift

          Just the Chinese; of the Asians, the Japanese seem to be the most European like as they, for example, display more European levels of corruption as opposed to the Chinese (among other important traits).

    • Charles W.

      I come in contact with mainland Chinese immigrants by way of business every day.

      I can tell you with 100% certainty that they are not “smarter” than the average White. They are robots only concerned with money and showing off to other Chinese people.

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    From the 2004 Preface:
    Neither Americans nor anyone else have managed to build a harmonious multiracial society, and I cannot foresee any policy or attitude changes that would make it possible. At the same time, our government has permitted a huge influx of non-white immigrants who threaten to reduce whites to a minority by the middle of this century. In their bones, whites know this will not be a good thing. They know that an increasingly Third-World America will slip into Third-World habits of corruption, poverty, and violence.
    And yet, whites rarely oppose their own dispossession in explicitly racial terms. They may complain about overcrowding and environmental degradation, or suggest that immigrants should be encouraged to assimilate, but it is still unacceptable to state openly that whites have the right to remain the majority in their own country, their own institutions, their own schools, or their own neighborhoods.
    To take this position requires an unconventional understanding of the nature and importance of race, and views that reflect this understanding have been banished from public discourse. Every other racial group can freely advance its interests at the expense of others, but whites are forbidden to organize and work for their own interests as whites.
    When I wrote Paved With Good Intentions I did not attempt to challenge that ban. On page 356, for example, I warned that if blacks continue to use race as a weapon, to advance their interests as a race and not as Americans, there are “disquieting” signs whites will be tempted to forge racial weapons of their own.
    Of course, given the demographic and cultural challenges they face, signs of racial awakening among whites are not “disquieting.” They are essential to survival as a distinct people with a culture and heritage of their own. I did not take this position in Paved With Good Intentions. I did not even propose it to my editor Kent Carroll because he would not have published a book that advocated racial consciousness for whites.
    – Jared Taylor, Paved With Good Intentions, page 7.

    • JohnEngelman

      I have never claimed to be a mouthpiece for Jared Taylor. He would not make such a claim on my behalf.

      He has acknowledged that white and Orientals do live together harmoniously. One does not read of prison riots between whites and Orientals. Orientals to not play the knockout game. Whites who live in Oriental neighborhoods are at least as safe as whites who live in white neighborhoods.

      • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

        Read this again slowly: “Neither Americans nor anyone else have managed to build a harmonious multiracial society”. When you quote Mr. Taylor, you cherry pick passages that he has later acknowledged to be compromise arguments designed to appeal to liberals. You have your own agenda, which is fine, that’s your right, but don’t pretend to be a race realist in the sense that Mr. Taylor defines it. Clarity about racial differences is only part of it.

        • JohnEngelman

          Read this again slowly, “I have never claimed to be a mouthpiece for Jared Taylor.”

          What matters is that like J. Philippe Rushton, who Jared Taylor invited to six American Renaissance conferences, Jared Taylor acknowledges that Orientals tend to be more intelligent than white Gentiles.

          • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

            You don’t claim to be, but you paste his quotes as if his arguments, that he later disavowed, support your points.

          • JohnEngelman

            Where has Jared Taylor ever claimed that whites on the average are more intelligent than Orientals, and less prone to crime?

            Where he and I differ is that he would probably like to live in a country where everyone is a white Gentile. I would not.

          • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

            You are reading his website which regularly features new articles about Oriental espionage, duplicity and racial advantage-seeking. You obviously think that only crime and intelligence matter, which needless to say is foolish in the extreme.

          • Who Me?

            Well you see, that is the sticking point of my personal disagreement with you, John. I WOULD prefer to live in a country where everyone, or at least an overwhelming majority of the people (like 90%+) ARE white Gentiles. Orientals and Jews may or may not be more clever than whites, or they may have lower crime rates, etc. All admirable qualities, to be sure, but they are not and never will be of white, gentile genetic stock. They build different cultures and different societies. I want my race to survive and I want to live in a land built by my forbears for me and my descendants. There is nothing wrong with that, it is just different from your viewpoint.

          • JohnEngelman

            Your viewpoint is obviously more commonly expressed on American Renaissance than mine is.

            Historically, countries where nearly everyone is white European or Oriental have responded better to national traumas than heterogeneous countries. Japan and Germany recovered well from total defeat in World War II. The United States responded well to the Great Depression and World War II when 90 percent of the population was white European (with lots of Jews) when most blacks were denied equal rights, and when there were few Hispanics, Orientals, or East Indians.

            I am fascinated by different cultures, but I do not think they are equal value. I see no value in a large Negro or a large Muslim population.

            I have worked with blacks who obviously owed their positions to affirmative action. They brought nothing of value to the company to compensate for their lower competence. Their presence was resented by non affirmative action hirees who actually had to perform to keep their jobs.

            I also worked with one black co-worker I respected.

            High tech companies practice diversity well. A company like Microsoft will reject a hundred applications by white men to travel to China to give a Chinese woman of proven excellence a seven figure job offer and moving expenses to their headquarters in Redmond, Washington.

            Microsoft does not reduce standards for blacks and Hispanics. A black lesbian atheist who weights 250 pounds can get a job at Microsoft if she performs well. If she can’t she is not hired, or she is fired.

            I would like to live in a country with a fairly even mix of white European Gentiles, Jews, Orientals, and East Asians. I would like enough Hispanics and Ethiopians to operate Mexican and Ethiopian restaurants.

            I am confident that a country with those demographics would perform and behave well. I cannot prove it, because such a country does not exist. Nevertheless, cities in the United States with those demographics have good economies, honest governments, and low crime rates.

          • Strike_Team

            Actually Rushton, if you watch his videos, said there was much debate about who was “smarter”, he said in his own mind there were arguments for both sides, and he said no one could argue that whites were more inventive.

          • ben no

            From what I gather, Rushton was oddly pro-East Asian, though
            clearly anti-liberal by all means. I’m not sure what it was with him, but he was so quick to devalue his own people for the sake of validating the IQ scores and thus himself. He claimed that the East Asians have been ahead for most of human history, but with a bit of research, that has turned out to be simply false with evidence contradicting the statement and I don’t think he was willing to address it either.

            Furthermore, he attempted to explain the reason why Whites
            have been more creative than the East Asians, despite inequality in IQ, and he did this by giving his hypothesis – the stupid whites were, somehow, killed-off during the great plague and the smart ones were left to breed with other smart ones, and thus producing a high average IQ, which has now dissolved into a lower average like it used to be in ancient times???

            I say bull! I think that sounds completely bogus! He also failed to mention how that would be possible, technically. I wonder why?

            Let’s see…Right! So survival instinct and immune system got
            all selective, did it? The smarts ones, somehow, had an extra boost of immune system which allowed them to survive the ravage disease. My god! What a plausible argument! Or is it that the disease itself got selective and had a high tendency to pick
            the stupid ones? That makes about as much sense as algebra.

            No. It doesn’t hold water, not only that, it is insulting and racist to his own! You know, he kind of discredited his people’s achievement to being merely an accident than may not have happened had they not been significantly killed from a terrible disease!

            I believe the White IQ back then in Western Europe was the same as it is now. Rushton seemed to forget that creative peoples are individuals, not averages. Also, creative Whites span over centuries! And they only appear at a high frequency when you count them all together! I mean, it’s not like they all suddenly came about shortly after the plague was over or anything. Those creative peoples and especially those geniuses were above-average for their time, in each century they were born, just as they our now and no difference.

            It seems to me that Rushton was trying to avoid the most
            rational conclusion that creative intelligence in someway is rather particular of European mentality, and when that is combined with above-average intelligence, amazing things happen, evidently. But to admit that would then probably reduce the reliability of the IQ tests, which obviously he wouldn’t have wanted to do. A bit of charlatan I’d say.

            The same people who rant on about intelligence and whose is
            greater, are the same ones who say conformism is anti-creative. Only East Asians are conformist specifically because of their culture, which strongly reflects their intelligence! Oh, the irony!

          • ben no

            Correction! Not simply Asians, but specifically the North East Asians tend to be “slightly” more intelligent, on average, than Europeans. Which is technically irrelevant considering the fact that Asians shouldn’t be in the west in such significant numbers to make it matter. And that is exactly where our problem lies – putting a burden on whites who have to worry about the intelligence or stupidity of all other races effecting them and the economy, when only their own abilities should matter to them.

            Eastern Asians being “somewhat” more intelligent by the average is not much of an argument, especially not when despite that, their people still choose to be educated in the west where they find the best of best education. It’s ridiculous actually when you think about it.

            The greater NE Asian average intelligence only serves themselves and nobody else, and it simply wouldn’t flourish without the modern world. Asian intelligence is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. You cannot see that because you are ridden with complexes.

            I guess its too bad that Rushton, Lynn or Taylor refuse to address the contradictions of the East Asians, but I shall not forget.

          • JohnEngelman

            the fact that Asians shouldn’t be in the west in such significant numbers to make it matter.

            – ben no

            That is not a fact. It is your opinion. It is certainly not mine. I do not dislike anyone because he is a member of a certain race. Nevertheless, I appreciate the fact that Orientals tend to be more intelligent, less prone to be criminals, and more sexually responsible than whites. Whites have much to learn from them.

          • ben no

            Interestingly, I debated the other day with a Chinese businessman on a train to New York and he seems to think that once western countries are “forced” to lower their minimum wage and reduce their benefits system, things will start being produced and made in the west again, as that will be the sensible and convenient option with less expense on shipping and tax and such. China will be competing with slave wages from elsewhere, which will then put a halt on their rise to power economically. He said, you will be seeing a balance in competition, as a pose to now, where competition is largely coming from China and other countries with slave-wage built economies.

            It was good a hours conversation and I left the train feeling enlightened. He was straight from China, he was reasonable and decent to sit next to and talk to, and he was most defiantly not the American-type of Chinese guy. The problem with the ones raised in the west is that they have this cheek and audacity against whites since they’re taught and encourage to be that way by the traitorous liberal left.

          • JohnEngelman

            The traitorous conservative right agrees with the Chinese businessman you talked to that the Western countries should lower the minimum wage and reduce the benefits system.

          • ben no


            If you’re trying to convince me you’re white and in favor
            of the Asians, then you’re doing a poor job of it. You are Asian or partial at least. Asians having the lowest crime rate and greatest sexual restraint does not justify their presence in America
            no more than it would for Whites to flock to East Asia
            on the basis of them offering greater creativity and pretty colorful eyes to look at.

            Just imagine White creativity was a concern in East Asia, while Mexican and Black inadequacy being another concern? Plus the fact that they would have institutional racism to try and explain why Whites, Mexicans and Blacks don’t perform on the
            same academic level as Asians, and affirmative action for all non-Asians to get housing, benefits and jobs before the natives.

            Oh, and perhaps the historical cleansing of the Japanese Ainu could justify the modern cleansing of East Asia??? Of course, you could not imagine such abusive and twisted treatment of any non-whites in that way today.

  • JohnEngelman

    White supremacists grasp onto any trace of evidence they can find to support what they want to believe. They ignore more impressive evidence that the West is in decline, and that the Orient is rising.

    Moreover, within Western countries Orientals are moving up economically. White Gentiles are moving down.

    • Charles W.

      “They ignore more impressive evidence that the West is in decline, and that the Orient is rising.”

      That might have something to do with the fact that there is an active conspiracy to destroy the West while at the same time empowering the East (with the exception of Japan) with the West’s technology and capital.

      When was the last time you heard of a Korean or Chinaman being taught in school that his nationality is worthless and that he’s descended from brigands and slaveowners so he should be ashamed of his history?

      Seems like you are either trying to troll, or else lack a grasp of world events as a whole.

      • JohnEngelman

        I was never taught that my “nationality is worthless.” I was taught that the United States was the freest country in the world, the most democratic, the strongest, the best by far and so on.

        That sort of nationalist indoctrination indoctrination lead most Americans to support the War in Vietnam long after any reasonable person could see that the war was tragically futile.

        It was not until I left school that I learned about the trail of tears, the crushing of the Philippine Insurrection, the basic fact that the Mexican war was a land grab against a weak country, and so on.

        • Charles W.

          You were never taught that there’s no such thing as a racial “American”? That America is a “melting pot”, but only Europeans are expected to assimilate? That blacks were terrorized by white slave owners? That making fun of blacks is the moral equivalent of child molestation (whereas whites are fair game)?

          Sounds like you were home schooled.

          • Strike_Team

            No, if he were truly home-schooled, he wouldn’t be so idiotically naive. Most leftist parents love public schools.

        • Fathercoughlin

          Did you learn about the dominanace of the slave trade by Jews?

        • Fak_Zakaix

          Yes, America, the Paradise of the Jews.
          But tell me, do you think that in the nationalist Vietnam the Jews would have prospered as much as they do in America, the land of the free (to lose).

          • JohnEngelman

            Jews would probably be discouraged from moving to Vietnam. That would harm the Vietnamese more than the Jews. The United States has benefited greatly from the immigration of Ashkenazi Jews with their superior brains. No country can have too many people with high IQ’s.

          • Fak_Zakaix

            Yes, all the non-White countries are stupid that they are not keen on the Jews…

            Has it crossed you mind that they may be smarter than us?

            Read about the Fugu Plan – Jewish settlement in the Japanese Empire.

            Fugu is a delicious fish that is poisonous if not prepared carefully…
            The Japanese were not stupid, is it?
            Only we in the West let the Jews run wild.

  • withcaution

    OK, that’s so stupid I question why I’m even replying to it.

  • Charles W.

    Let them have all our “bioengineered” seeds so they can be the ones to wind up sick, lobotomized and even more overpopulated.

    No backsies!

  • BonusGift

    Bingo; thanks for the truth, I have similar experiences.

  • Mark Hillyard

    I think part of their success has to do with how they work as a family. I suppose that’s the main reason our enemies have worked so hard at distorting and destroying American families. Look at the Blacks, they seem to have almost no family to fall back on, unless you think of Big Government being their mommy and daddy.

    Property, and other taxes are sure ways to keep families fractured.

  • William Allingham

    hope all those evil big companies broke

  • MartelC

    funny when they need bailouts or protection these companies with ‘global vision’ , who justify shipping factories overseas or importing foreign workers here suddenly become all red white and blue.

    Yeah, I am with others here – couldn’t have happened to a nicer company.

  • M&S

    Resident Patents. Most families of Patents come from Sweden and Austria, followed by South Africa.
    Which essentially means that when it comes to applied engineering and the ability to make good stuff better, through diversified application processes, whites do the heavy lifting.
    Non-resident applications show the U.S. leading by a -wide- margin over China and narrowly over Japan. Which suggests that genetics don’t have as much to do with it as social conditions.
    China has an enormous population and a rising social eugenics program to enable it’s best and brightest yet Japan, with only 130 or so million is wiping the floor with them. Sweden, with a population of only 9 million leads the world.
    Genes matter. Races create societies which then encourage a living environment which ennobles IQ to creative thinking.
    Society does not create race.
    Racism is a phantom scream that is the backwash of Nietzsche`’s Master Slave ‘achieve vs. equal, sentiment vs. resentiment’ dialogue.
    Forget this and you create a condition which destroys us all by uplifting those who do nothing to a position where they destroy the peace /and/ potential of a culture they _did not create_ to have all for themselves.

  • M&S

    It’s not stupid, it’s pragmatism.

    Where the security of a secret lies in the inverse square of the number of people who know it, planting a few hundred seeds in a given acre is the same as putting several hundred messages in a bottle and leaving them at the highwater point on the shoreline for the next tide to take out to sea.

    You can spend MILLIONS trying to control information spread but if the underlying tech to understand the /process/ by which a given advance is proliferated, it’s a losers bargain.

    And this may not be a bad thing.

    Whites have become the slaves of a caste system we call ‘the classes’ based on the group acceptance that someone who does nothing beyond owning a piece of paper has rights to the profits made from a process which they didn’t invent but which they ‘own stock in’ (the labor being the ‘stock’).

    When someone who -does- do the work has to give a penny per widget made or service provided to the owner of the idea or process that makes it.

    Whites needed every clever idea we could come up with on the Eurasian steppes of our ‘Savannah’ evolutionary construct. Because understanding how to protect and mark a food cache` so that you could come back to a dead animal and cut chunks off the frozen meat was a _really good thing_ as the first refrigerator with beacon tracker.

    The same could be said for better fire starters, better insulation materials, better sewing techniques, better medicine as both herbs and surgical techniques.

    But that didn’t change the fact that the broken hunter who needed care was hurt killing a beast or that it was the hunter who would line up a measured stick with a known sunposition and ‘walk to the compass point’ until he found the spot where the dead beast was buried to open the refrigerator and bring home some meat.

    Ideas enable labor.

    So, while we have a native awe for those who are clever, in a world where, to profit from ideas is to sell them to people who have _zero_ respect for their proprietary integrity, it is back to the labor values that we must cast ourselves as ‘what we do, for each other’ that matters most.

    People DO NOT respect this for the simple Paul Bunyon obviousness that no heroics can beat a machine and machines save us from having to become menial slaves to our own existence.


    If you combine clever ideas (robotics) with the ownership of workproduct by the masses (X5 or X10 at 20,000 dollars salary equivalent each = 200,000 dollars in robotic labor ownership) then you have instant protection of the idea because it’s only /executeable/ by those willing to put it to work. And they have justification to make that work happen because those who own the profits from a given idea/process cannot and will not do the work themselves, necessary to sustain their lifestyles.

    Why do you think the megarich are so willing to degrade our society to a medieval feudalist level? Because by maintaining a ditch digger class, even of a different race from their own, they can maintain ‘stock ownership’ of labor by controlling the ideas.

    Whites MUST turn their backs on capitalism for this reason alone.

    Because we are more than just a wealth caste. And it’s only by integrating our fragmented core across all classes that we will be able to sustain our racial existence.

    To continue evolving as a people thus means empowering/respecting our laborers while continuing to step away, mentally, from ditch digger menialism towards higher brain function.

    Your brain is morphologically different (neurons more like a rope lattice) if it is motor skill oriented towards powering muscle groups as opposed to intelligence oriented towards strategic problem solving (neurons more like a net). Being good at the one makes us less capable at the other and where ‘the other’ is what makes us happier, in a highly competed environment, we cannot afford to take steps backwards towards primitivism. Rather, we must create labor interfaces that let us do the work that makes us rich while staying away from the neuro-motor evolutionary optimization that makes us poor.

    If we are not going to treat the other races like wage slaves, this means we have to have robots which don’t have a mind to envy us what we deny them access to. The latter problem, along with much higher fertility levels, being the inherent suicide by self infection issue which multiculturalism creates.

    Because the Hispanics, blacks, Asians and others will _not_ respect white cultural integrity once they have ‘contributed enough’ to form the dominant population segment of what they will consider to be their lands.

    And whites will be miserable living a society which resembles Mexican and African and Asian traditions, rather than our own.

  • Anon

    Tom went on whitewashing – paid no attention to the steam-boat. Ben stared a moment
    and then said:

    “Hi-yi! You’re up a stump, ain’t you?”

    No answer. Tom surveyed his last touch with the eye of an artist; then he gave his
    brush another gentle sweep and surveyed the result, as before. Ben ranged up alongside
    him. Tom’s mouth watered for the apple, but he stuck to his work. Ben said:

    “Hello, old chap, you got to work, hey?”

    Tom wheeled suddenly and said:

    “Why, it’s you, Ben! I warn’t noticing.”

    “Say – I’m going in a -swimming, I am. Don’t you wish you could? But of course you’d
    druther work – wouldn’t you? Course you would!”

    Tom contemplated the boy a bit, and said:

    “What do you call work?”

    “Why, ain’t that work?”

    Tom resumed his whitewashing, and answered carelessly:

    “Well, maybe it is, and maybe it ain’t. All I know it suits Tom Sawyer.”

    “Oh, come now, you don’t mean to let on that you like it?”

    The brush continued to move.

    “Like it? Well, I don’t see why I oughtn’t to like it. does a boy get a chance to
    whitewash a fence every day?”

    That put the thing in a new light. Ben stopped nibbling his apple. Tom swept his
    brush daintily back and forth – stepped back to note the effect – added a touch here
    and there – criticized the effect again – Ben watching every move and getting more
    and more interested, more and more absorbed. Presently he said:

    “Say, Tom, let me whitewash a little.”

    Tom Considered, was about to consent; but he altered his mind:

    “No-no-I reckon it wouldn’t hardly do, Ben. You see, Aunt Polly’s awful particular
    about this fence – right here on the street, you know – but if it was the back fence,
    I wouldn’t mind, and she wouldn’t. Yes, she’s awful particular about this
    fence; it’s got to be done very careful; I recon there ain’t one boy in a thousand,
    maybe two thousand, that can do it the way it’s got to be done.”

    “No-is that so? Oh, come now – lemme try. Only just a little – I’d let you, if you
    was me, Tom.”

    “Ben, I’d like to, honest injun; but Aunt Polly – well, Jim wanted to do it, but
    she wouldn’t let him; Sid wanted to do it, and she wouldn’t let Sid. Now, don’t you
    see how I’ fixed? If you was to tackle this fence and anything was to happen to it

    “Oh, shucks, I’ll be just as careful. Now lemme try. Say – I’ll give you the core
    of my apple.”

    “Well, here – No, Ben, no you don’t. I’m afeared –”

    “I’ll give you all of it!”

    Tom gave up the brush with reluctance in his face, but alacrity in his heart. And
    while the late steamer Big Missouri worked and sweated in the sun, the retired artist
    sat on a barrel in the shade close by, dangled his legs munched his apple, and planned
    the slaughter of more innocents. There was no lack of material; boys happened along
    every little while; they came to jeer, but remained to whitewash. By the time Ben
    was fagged out, Tom had traded the next chance to Billy fisher for a kite in good
    repair; and when he played out, Johnny Miller bought in for a dead rat and a string
    to sing it with – and so on, hour after hour. And when the middle of the afternoon
    came, from being a poor poverty-stricken boy in the morning, Tom was literally rolling
    wealth. He had, besides the things before mentioned, twelve marbles, part of a jew’s-harp,
    a piece of blue bottle-glass to look through, a spoon cannon, a key that wouldn’t
    unlock anything, a fragment of chalk, a glass stopper of a decanter, a tin soldier,
    a couple of tadpoles, a kitten with only one eye, a brass door-knob, a dog-collar-but
    no dog – the handle of a knife, four pieces of orange-peel, and a dilapidated window-sash.

    He had had a nice, good, idle time all the while – plenty of company – and the fence
    had three coats of whitewash on it! If he hadn’t run out of whitewash, he would
    have bankrupted every boy in the village.

    What is the point of my rather long quote from Tom Sawyer? We whites have a rather interesting and more than a bit passive aggressive way of understanding “theft”, particularly with regard to the chinese. Incredible is more like it. The only thing funnier than our people falling for the scam is the chinese falling for it. Let’s see. We get them to work….for slave wages and “sell” us (and much of the rest of the world) first world goods for a tiny fraction of what they are worth. But, not being satisfied with that, we “borrow” the money to pay them, from them at terms, no sane institution would originate a loan for. And then do it in such high amounts that it is obvious we are never going to pay them back and intend, at some point to simply write it all off…but not before milking them for every last manhour of work we can.

    Oh boo hoo….the US has a “trade deficit” with those nasty chinese. Oh look….they are STEALING technology from us….for which they plan to develop at a tiny fraction of the cost we would accrue and then sell it back to us for pennies on the dollar in return for yet more money we borrowed from them and don’t intend to pay back.

    I think, at this point, we’ve ummm…. them a bit much to complain, don’t you think?

    Why no….you silly chinese could never understand this advanced US technology enough to labor on it for us….silly chinese man.

    • Who Me?

      At this point the U.S./Chinese financial dealings are a bit like a Monopoly game that has continued too long. There are only two players left, both holding immense “assets” so that the entire “bank” is handed over to “pay rent,” until that player lands on the other’s property, and in turn hands the entire bank (and all it’s contents) back…back and forth, nobody can win, nobody can lose…by that time the entire game has turned pointless.

  • LaSantaHermandad

    The Chinese will drastically reduce the their population with the genetic genetically engineered poison that they’ve stolen from us,
    Anyone whose eating that corn must be suicidal. There’s more Cancer taking out Americans than ever before. TV and Radio ads. re. Cancer pervade the airways along with all the scary Ads. about the latest pharmaceutical that may cause side effects much more hideous than that malady from which you’re suffering. Perhaps it’s our Globalist leadership’s way of reducing our population along with granting murderous predators early releases from prison on order to work their voodoo magic on decent American citizens.
    Americans need to stop eating it unless they grow their own if they have the land in which to do it. Sure corn is cheaper today due to the fact that the new corn is resistant to insects. It either kills the insects or repels them. Either way it can’t be a good thing. Besides corn pretty much exits our bodies looking pretty much the same way as it did when it entered.

    To the people of China, forget the American Maize and stick to Rice.

  • Charles W.

    Japan’s patents are mostly little tweaks, nothing revolutionary in the large sense, although their talent at perfecting quality and processes is undeniable.

    To use “patent filings” as a measure of creativity is pretty ridiculous anyway, as the Japanese are notoriously litigious and love paperwork.

    • JohnEngelman

      What matters is that the Japanese can manufacture practically any consumer good better than we can. The Chinese can make it cheaper.

      When was the last time you tried to buy a television made in the United States, or even by an American company?

      • Charles W.

        It’s true that the Japanese can manufacture more efficiently because of their talent–probably unequalled in the world–for streamlining processes.

        Mainland Chinese are not only less efficient than most Whites, but quality for them is a non-factor. They will do anything possible to minimize/get around quality standards and make an extra cent of profit for themselves. In polar contrast to the Japanese, who pride themselves on merchandise quality, mainland Chinese pride themselves on cheating and cutting corners.

        Anyway, you can’t talk about why nothing is manufactured in the U.S. anymore without talking about, again, the active effort made by the U.S. government to move business overseas. Look at how Ross Perot and James Goldsmith were literally laughed at by Clinton’s “economists” for saying what turned out to be true 20 years later. As Goldsmith predicted, “The poor in the rich countries will subsidize the rich in poor countries.”

        • JohnEngelman

          I supported NAFTA at the time. I recognize that it was a mistake. What Ross Perot predicted has come true.

          Although Bill Clinton signed it Congressional Republicans were more likely to support it than Congressional Democrats.

        • Strike_Team

          Did you know that the Japanese have so much tunnel vision that the US
          had to turn them around, shake them and wake them up, tell them that HD
          televisions have to be digital? The Japanese had never entertained the thought. Who invented HD …well, never mind.

          The Japanese actually killed the production of TVs and other items in the US by flooding the market with items priced artificially low. The Japanese govt. actually absorbed the losses, not Japanese companies. Our government knowingly let this happen, because our cowardly politicos, already bought and paid for by a foreign power, have no loyalty to what used to be the US.

          TVs are not manufactured in Japan for the most part. They have their own cheap labor areas so to speak. If US companies attempted to set up plants along the lines of those allowed to exist in Asia our “lawmakers” would jump in and shut them down before long. And not because it would benefit the ‘slave labor’. Because it would benefit certain lobbies, and keep manufacturing in the US dead. Does anyone think if the US were still a white country without the usual suspects running the govt. that it would have much trouble manufacturing anything?

          Yes, it is true that Japanese patents, along with most patents from Asian countries tend to be along the lines of small tweaks to something already in existence, very little breakthroughs or big advancements, no home-runs. Usually they’re more along the lines of adding another screw to something.

          • Charles W.

            “Does anyone think if the US were still a white country without the usual
            suspects running the govt. that it would have much trouble
            manufacturing anything?”


      • Fak_Zakaix

        Even if that was true, it does not preclude benefits from international trade.
        Have you ever heard of the theory of comparative advantage proposed by the Sephardim David Ricardo? I bet not.
        You have a fixation only with the Ashkenazim.

        • JohnEngelman

          The theory of comparative advantage is that if country A can produce item 1 half as expensively as country B, and if it can produce item 2 one third as expensively as country B it is in the interests of both countries for country A to produce item 1, and for country B to produce the item 2.

          The theory of comparative advantage ignores that one country can produce goods cheaper by ignoring the environment and the well being of employees. That is why in the United States the North American Free Trade Agreement has contributed to the export of good jobs to third world countries without replacing them with anything comparable.

      • newscomments70

        My Sony TV was a piece of garbage. After four years it stopped working and needed an expensive part. I threw it away and now watch all of my entertainment on my Apple IMAC. Apple is a US company.

    • Strike_Team

      Charles, don’t you think it’s funny that a middle aged, supposed PHD candidate, spends so much time at this site? So much time posting false info or information taken out of context. Wow. Does he have a job? Or do you think he’s on “the dole”, spending his time between Amren and sites designed for those with yellow fever?

      Like Michael Crichton noted, whites hit the home-run, chase it. The Japanese and other Asians play “little ball”. They know they are not creative or innovative, so they will work on something already there, they will endlessly tweak it. Meanwhile, bored whites have moved on. Our minds are incredibly restless in comparison to “Easterners”. As a Chinese man said, the Chinese only see what’s in front of them. Think about that.

      • Charles W.

        You hit the nail on the head re: the restless white mind, although I do think that the Japanese are head and shoulders above the rest of East Asia, to say nothing of Asia as a whole. While their forte is tweaking Western tech, many of their tweaks are nothing short of ingenious. They can’t compete on terms of creativity, but I would put Japanese quality and attention to detail on par with German. Maybe even above.

        • Strike_Team

          Well, Japanese auto makers do defer to the Germans, at least mechanically, when it comes to transmissions for high end luxury autos lol.

          Yes, I place their attention to detail right there with the Germans. They are nowhere near as imaginative or inventive, but they are meticulous. And it’s not a fault.

          • Charles W.

            My favorite story about that is how the Nissan GT-R was made. Engineers at Nissan bought a Porsche 911, stripped it down to its nuts and bolts, then redesigned it from the ground up all the while asking themselves “How can we make it better.” End result was the pound-for-pound best supercar in the world.

            Competition like that benefits everyone. Compare that to our friends in sub-Saharan Africa and their ‘contributions’ to society.

          • Strike_Team

            I don’t see anything wrong with this type of thing. Now, stealing someone’s work and taking credit is something different.

  • BonusGift

    That may be one of the funniest and most honest observations I have read in a long time. Thanks for the laugh, because it’s so true.

  • IstvanIN

    Epicyte Corn is a spermicide. Sell it to the Indians, Chinese, Arabs, Africans, and Filipinos.

  • Paul

    A good point for Mr Engelman who believes Asian brilliance is the new future and any arguments suggesting they might have had a leg-up are ‘Excuses’

    • ben no

      The destruction of the west is the biggest leg up the East Asians can be given, as it is the only possible way to achieve the primary position you damn retard. The torch will be passed on to the secondary stronghold; it will not be stolen through superiority. Original innovation with revolutionary effect will continue in the west even despite minority white status in North America, I could bet my life on it and feel safe.

      It is time for those complex-ridden Asians (in the west) to quite kidding themselves. It is futile and laughable, and darn right pathetic. Asians…Stop trying to impress us whites! You don’t have our creative intelligence or our pioneering spirit. You only think you do because of your profound audacity which is strangely validates by people like Rushton. Stop with your nonsense and give up!

      • Paul

        Did you even read my post? I don’t agree with Engelman!. Possibly you should read a post before calling someone a fool and a damn retard.

  • Strike_Team

    Like someone else pointed out in another thread, while the US and whites have been enduring slow motion strangulation by you know who, the “East” has turned out literally hundreds of millions of scholars, people studying for hours on end to be the top dogs academically. Then they get outperformed in the real world by one or two American guys inventing things in their garages.

    Reminds me of the story of the American kid in SoCal who perfected the front forks and shocks for motorcycles on his own. The Japanese motorcycle companies had had hundreds and hundreds of engineers working on the associated problems with their designs for years, and a teen from Van Nuys or wherever fixed it himself. Solved all of the problems. The Japanese freaked out, then they wined and dined him. Then stole his ideas. Thankfully he was able to prove everything in court. These days, the Japanese would merely be allowed to look at his work as it trudged through our patent system, and then they and other “allies” would steal the designs, backdate paperwork, have a socialist judge side with them in US court, and that would be it.

  • Alton Ware III

    The past 4,000 years of history, and especially the past 500, make it clear that the East Asians do not have a higher IQ than whites. The Chinese and Koreans and Japanese are trapped in a cram school culture almost from toddlerhood onward. That makes them better test takers. It doesn’t mean they’re smarter. What have they invented in the past 500 years. The Japanese at best make only incremental improvements on Western inventions and China is the sweatshop of the world.

  • ben no

    “Asians have faced fierce discrimination in America…”

    Asians are regarded as the “model” minority in America.

    If you think that is “fierce discrimination” then god help them if they should ever face true discrimination. Oh, boy…

    • JohnEngelman

      How would you like to discriminate against Asians?