Posted on December 23, 2013

An Open Letter to Justine Sacco

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, December 23, 2013

You’re not the only one.

Your tweet is on the front page of almost every media outlet in the world — and it has made you just the latest victim of the politically correct lynch mob.

You made a simple joke, and now you have lost your job and are the most hated person on the Internet.

It must be especially disappointing that the lynch mob includes your own father. I notice that he said he reared you in the United States to get away from the “racism” of South Africa. Of course, he’s not the only former South African who finds it easier to condemn racism from the safety of another country.

People who are close to you are denouncing you and calling your tweet unforgivable. Even if they don’t admit it, they’re doing it partly for the same reason your dad fled “his” country: fear. They are afraid that unless they denounce and scorn you they will be accused of “racism,” too.

Lots of people are sending you gloating messages, death threats, and obscenities. They are going to keep doing it no matter how much you beg for them to stop. Needless to say, none of them will be punished or even denounced. They will be applauded.

Let me send you something different: First, my deepest sympathy. This is agony you do not deserve. And now, let me send you some advice.

Bad news first: Your career in PR for major corporations is over. You could take sensitivity training and use your connections to get a TV special about how you came to terms with “racism.” You could grovel and get yelled at on a talk show. But it wouldn’t do any good. No company will take a chance with you. Corporations don’t care about people. They care about money.

But you have already experienced the worst that can happen — and you’re still here.

In a week, the likes of the Huffington Post and Gawker and every other outlet filled with prissy hysterics will be on to something even more trivial than your tweet. As for your day-to-day life, trust me: It will be OK. Normal people won’t care. And as for people who do — even if this includes your dad — if they care more about appearing virtuous in the eyes of people who despise them anyway, their opinions don’t matter.

You have been caught in the gears of a terrible machine. That machine is grinding down white people, because they are white. It isn’t because you are racist or are even think very much about race. Your politics, associations, or lifestyle don’t matter. You’re white. You’re “privileged,” and therefore, you deserve whatever is done to you, no matter how awful.

It’s being done pour encourager les autres. And you are right: These people are “monsters.” They take pleasure in your suffering, and for many of them, your suffering is justification enough.

But for others, the Two Minute Hate is driven by fear; cowards trumpet their moral superiority because they think if they throw you to the wolves, they will be spared. And maybe they will — for a while.

So I know it’s hard right now. It seems like your life is over. But it isn’t. And soon, you need to let that grief at the life you’ve left behind turn into rage. I promise you I was feeling it when I saw your cries for mercy and how they were ignored.

Of course, this still leaves you with the problem of how to survive, but you are not alone.

Lots of people are unceremoniously fired because America worships “diversity.” The reason can be an unguarded tweet. It can be a joke. It can be something entirely made up. At this point, when I hear about a “hate crime” on one of our hyper-PC college campuses, I assume it’s just another hoax.

You can survive outside their system. Tens of thousands of us are doing it each day, building networks, creating institutions, and forming a new world away from the screeching of fools, cowards, and outright enemies. So don’t give up.

There’s a positive side to this horrific experience. You have lost everything. But you are now free to do anything.

I hope you look at American Renaissance. I hope you use this time to delve into the forbidden truths of the Dark Enlightenment. Because you just got a personal introduction to the dark secret of this rotten society: White people are always wrong when it comes to race, no matter what they do, no matter what they think. That is why no one will come forward to defend or even comfort you.

It may be that your family hasn’t actually turned on you and it’s just putting on a show. I hope so. But if this isn’t a show, your family is doing you a terrible, terrible wrong.

I hope you will come to understand that the scary word race really just means an extended family, and that you are part of that family. We as whites share a common fate. As you just learned, your attackers want your blood because you are white. And every single white person who joined the mob could be tomorrow’s victim.

This is a horrible time for you. Humans are herd animals, and public humiliation is one of the most agonizing things we can experience. The Internet makes it easier to shame and humiliate people than ever before in history.

It will be hard, but you will survive the pain. And when you do, there will be a new you who can see and tell the truth. You can start a new life fighting the people who did this to you.

You didn’t deserve to have your life destroyed because of one silly tweet. You have the right to feel rage towards those who did it. You have the right to feel contempt towards the cuckolds and harpies who turned on you.

The worst thing about being white in a society obsessed with “diversity” is that when you most need someone, your co-workers, friends, and family run for cover.

That doesn’t happen for those of us who have seen the truth. Once you understand race, you can’t go back. Sometimes knowledge comes at a terrible cost, but once you have this knowledge, you are never alone.

And neither are you, Justine. Some day, I hope you will understand why this was done to you.  This website is a good place to start in what may the long process of understanding today’s world and how you, as a white person, fit into it.

I hope you come back stronger from this. I hope they don’t break you. I hope you fight back as best you can.

But even if you don’t, we will fight for you.

In solidarity as part of your extended family,

Gregory Hood