Tiny Muslim Minority in Maryland Fails to Force Holidays on Everybody Else

Eric Owens, Daily Caller, November 13, 2013

Public schools in Montgomery County, Maryland won’t close for two major Muslim holy days because attendance records show the increase in absences among all students on those days is completely negligible.

The issue has been festering for several weeks now. On Tuesday, a group of Muslim families spoke at a meeting of the Montgomery County Board Of Education, reports CBS DC. They and other supporters of the calendar modification want to add Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Fitr as official school holidays.

Eid al-Adha occurs in the fall and honors Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son on God’s command. As part of the holiday, Muslims who can afford it are expected to sacrifice their best domestic animal (cow, goat, camel, sheep, etc., depending on the region).

Eid al-Fitr marks the end of Ramadan and has no set date.


Muslim speakers at the meeting compared Eid al-Adha—the Feast of the Sacrifice—to Yom Kippur or Christmas—two of the holiest days in the other Abrahamic religions.

School board members said they approved a 2014-2015 calendar which doesn’t give students the day off for Eid al-Adha because public schools can only close for religious holidays if problems such as absenteeism would otherwise arise.


Another reason that students won’t be missing any school days next year for Eid al-Adha, by the way, is that it occurs on a weekend. (Eid al-Fitr occurs in the summer in 2014.)

As The Gazette notes, Montgomery County schools accommodate Muslim students already by prohibiting testing on Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Fitr, and by excusing Muslim student absences.

Some members of the Muslim population in Montgomery are not satisfied with this policy or the school board’s decision.

“An excused day off is not the solution,” said Amal Muhtaseb, a mother of three, according to CBS DC. “My children have to come back and make up tests and homework. They will miss valuable time of classroom instruction.”

Muhtaseb added that she wants her children “to be treated in the same way their Christian and Jewish classmates are.”


CBS DC says the Muslim population in Montgomery County is estimated to be around 12,000 people.

The total population of Montgomery County is about 1.005 million people.

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  • A Freespeechzone

    Notice how islam wants for FORCE themselves on the majority–this time it didn’t work.

    It’s about time these people realize that the majority will NOT bow to the ‘religion of peace’.

    No Apologies

    • rowingfool

      Ha Ha. You’ve got to be joking.

      “It’s about time these people realize that the majority will NOT bow to the ‘religion of peace’.”

      They will win, you can bet on it. It’s only a matter of time.

      Any point of resistance by America’s white people will be singled out and attacked until resistance is beaten down. Every issue which outrages decent Americans, every sticking point where America’s dwindling majority takes a stand and raises an objection will come under the cross fire of the internationalist Elites acting through their “useful idiot” minions. Where we resist, is precisely where they will attack.

      • A Freespeechzone

        They didn’t win today—make NO mistake, there are MILLIONS and MILLIONS who will never bow to vile islam.

        Nor are these millions afraid of a dysfunctional and broke government–you are either a coward with NO principles or a muslim.

        The ‘religion of peace’ is not in majority today….

        • rowingfool

          Whoa there, big fella.

          “you are either a coward with NO principles or a muslim”

          Are those the only two options that might explain why I said what I said?

      • NordicHeritage

        They are like the Borg and resistance truly seems to be futile in the land of political correctness.

    • M.

      This could be credible if the current ethnic balance of the country is going to be maintained in the next century. But we all know there’s about 0.5% chance this is gonna happen.

  • WR_the_realist

    Muslim school holidays will come, eventually. Every nutty, extreme idea the politically correct try to implement succeeds sooner or later. They keep chipping away, year by year, decade by decade, until they win.

    • Oil Can Harry

      “Eid al-Fitr marks the end of Ramadan and has no set date.”

      Then celebrate it on Saturday or Sunday.

      • M.

        Actually, it has a fixed date according to the Islamic calendar. It just changes each in the Gregorian one. It moves back about 10 days each year.

        • Oil Can Harry

          Thanks. According to wiki the date is linked to the sighting of the first crescent moon after Ramadan ends. Or something.

          • M.

            Yes, the Islamic months start at the sighting of the first crescent. They last either 29 or 30 days. If the crescent appears in the 29th night, it means that Ramadan of that year has ended, and they celebrate the Eid the day after. If the crescent doesn’t appear, it means that the month of Ramadan of that year will have 30 days, so they celebrate the Eid the day after tomorrow.
            Even though astronomy today can predict with high precision the beginning of each lunar month, Muslims continue to check the crescent with the naked eye during the “Night of Doubt” for each holiday because of something their prophet said, or something.

            A lot of crap I learnt living in a Muslim country that will never be of any use to me.

      • Whirlwinder

        Islam is a moon based movement. Thus, no set date.

    • NordicHeritage

      It’s cass sunstein’s nudge principle in action along with saul alinksy’s rules for radicals.

    • saxonsun

      Here in NYC ,the city council has approved days off for these silly holidays.

      • dukem1

        Considering most NYC high school grads can barely read or write, who cares?

    • Whirlwinder

      Death by a thousand cuts.

  • HJ11

    The operative concept here is that there aren’t many of them there. If they had more numbers, the result might be different.

    That’s also what I constantly write about us Whites needing to make more like ourselves. And, when i do write that, I usually get some negative comments from some who say that we should breed for quality not quantity. Those who suggest that are simply wrong.

    If we want to win, we need to breed.

    • M.

      Yes, but if, at the same time, hordes of cultural and racial aliens keep flowing in, we will still be outnumbered, no matter how many babies we have.
      While being more numerous may provide some safety net, the focus should be on locking our doors.

      • HJ11

        No, the focus should be on making more White people. We don’t have to outnumber all dark peoples–we just have to get our numbers high enough, and young enough that we are virile and vibrant as a people once again.

      • Whirlwinder

        Amen. Stop immigration. Revise the law. Strengthen the borders. Send illegal aliens & Islam home!

    • Sick of it

      If one chooses carefully, they can breed for both quantity and quality.

      • HJ11

        Yes, but the problem is that when one becomes too picky in mates, one often runs out the biological clock–if one is a woman, or if one is a man who wants to wed a woman of about the same age as himself.

        I constantly hear Whites say things such as “There are just no good men (or women).” This is nonsense. When I hear someone say that I suspect they’re looking for perfection. Perfection in others? It doesn’t exist, and that’s because we judge others by our own subjective standards, and these others aren’t us and never will be.

      • Spartacus

        Screw quality, just go for quantity. One of us is worth a hundred of them.

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      Right! Once we have the quantity then we can work on the quality. That has to be the rule.

    • Whirlwinder

      To grow the population we need for each family to have about 2.2 kids. White American families are having about 1.9 kids. The population is not growing. Importing workers is not the solution. We need more kids!

    • NordicHeritage

      The answer is expulsion of these mongrels.

      • HJ11

        While you’re sitting at your computer waiting for that to happen and growing older by the minute, why not do what YOU can do–have many children.

        • NordicHeritage

          You can have as many children as you want that’s not the answer. The system will churn them out as liberals or at least a significant proportion of them will turn out that way. Your answer is to change the system itself along with having a homogeneous society.

  • guest

    “Muhtaseb added that she wants her children “to be treated in the same way their Christian and Jewish classmates are.”

    Like we haven’t heard that before. Like all muslims in the world, she just wants special treatment for muslims, including her children. Thank goodness there’s still a majority of people who will not kowtow to these muslim parasites. And she wouldn’t have to worry about religious conflict if she went back to her muslim country where she would be free to practice her muslim faith.

    • SFLBIB

      There is an easy solution. Give them their Muslim days off, and in exchange, they attend school on Christian holidays.

  • Mordecai James-Bradford

    Learn from England, while you still can.

  • borogirl54

    What is the big deal for an excused absence? If you want Muslim holidays off, go and set up your own schools. Not a big deal.

    • MBlanc46

      Better yet, go back to your own country.

      • mgs166

        Even better yet, they can go straight to **** and I’ll even volunteer to take them there myself.

    • Alexandra1973

      Amish have their own schools.

      (Then again they generally don’t bother anyone.)

  • DaveMed

    “Muhtaseb added that she wants her children ‘to be treated in the same way their Christian and Jewish classmates are.'”

    Try telling that to every single Muslim country in the Middle East and Northern Africa.

    Western sympathy will, with any luck, soon run dry.

  • sbuffalonative

    They will bring in more until they reach ‘Critical Mass’ and then do as they want.

  • Lord_Steven_Regal

    “Muslims who can afford it are expected to sacrifice their best domestic animal (cow, goat, camel, sheep, etc., depending on the region).”


    If I can afford it, next year I’ll sacrifice a pig on one of their front steps.

  • Blue-eyed Devil

    Just wait until they increase their numbers and gain political power. Michigan is infested with Muslims. They’re going to rename our streets “Osama bin Laden Boulevard” or some such.

  • borogirl54

    Unfortunately, being offended is the price one pays for living in a free country. Get over it!

    • MBlanc46

      I doubt that they have much intention of living in a free country.

  • Alexandra1973

    I do not keep Christmas or Easter or most holidays (just Thanksgiving, nice PROTESTANT holiday) but instead of forcing my son’s school to go with what I believe, I simply don’t send my son to school on those days. His teachers have never had a problem with it so far.

    In fact his teacher recently was wondering if I’d be offended if she put Halloween decorations up in the classroom. I said “it’s your classroom, you do as you like.” I just didn’t want my son to actively participate in that. I told her that it would be the same as if I went to the mall and made them take down Xmas decorations–a bit out of line.

    • saxonsun

      As a real American, it has never occurred to me to impinge my views on others.

      • Alexandra1973

        And likewise, I don’t want people to force their beliefs on me, or my son. I’m like, you want to keep a certain holiday, fine, just don’t drag my son into doing so, as it goes against my beliefs.

        Like these vegans. I couldn’t care less if they don’t eat meat, they want to be unhealthy, that’s their issue…but don’t go around telling me I can’t.

      • SFLBIB

        Have you ever voted? If you have, you have tried to “impinge your views on others.” That’s the purpose of elections: to vote for candidate “A” instead of “B” because you want “A’s” program imposed on society instead of “B’s”.

  • Defiant White

    These people need to gas up their flying carpets and glide back to whatever sand hole they escaped from. of course, seeing how we celebrate jewish holidays, Mexican holidays, martin Looter King Day, St Patrick’s Day, Columbus Day and whatever else (is there a Homo Day . . . I’ve lost track?) you can’t blame them for wanting to shove their snout in the trough.

    • I’d agree to that so long as that was a bacon festival in which everyone had to participate. We could make the US national food bacon bacon bacon burgers with bacon, eggs fried in bacon grease, with barbecue sauce and cheese, all under the bun. We could fatten the hogs up faster by feeding Muzzies to them. (Am I allowed to suggest that?)

      For drinks, I think lots and lots of hard liquor.

      We’d each live to be about 45, but who would care?

    • exlib93

      Growing up in NYC, I always assumed that our schools closed on the Jewish holidays because most of the teachers (Leftist Indoctrinators) were Jewish. As more non Jewish teachers are hired, this may change someday, but their union would probably never allow it.

      • saxonsun

        Jews have been an integral part of the USA since its inception–it’s appropriate to have their holidays off. They are Americans.

        • NoMosqueHere

          This problem evidences the problems with uncontrolled diversity. If schools are closed for christian, jewish, muslim, hindu, buddhist, and all other possible religious holidays, schools will almost never be open. Our society cannot function like this. We need to draw the line and, more importantly, end all immigration from third world countries. Enough!

  • My daughter doesn’t have to come back and make up tests and homework, because I home-school her. I still pay property taxes, so teachers like Marisol Guiterrez and N’LaBongoleesha Washington have more money and time for Mr. & Mrs Hejazi’s little jihadi.

  • NordicHeritage

    Just wait till the “mooslims” become a larger percentage of the population. Then people will get to see what happened to the pagans of old in Europe as christianity rose. These Mooslims feel its their duty to make islam spread everywhere and much like communism was back in the 50’s it’s a deadly cancer that must be stopped.

  • saxonsun

    We were riding through Long Island one day. We noticed that there were churches on every block. My friend said, “this is why the Muslims can never take over.” I hope she’s right.

    • NordicHeritage

      But you see the churches are now beginning to cooperate with them. Some churches even offer their buildings for use to the mooslims. And christianity is dying out due to it’s own issues with corruption and stagnation. So it’s more likely that we will become like Great Britain with a small minority of people who cling to the old ways while most have become apathetic to it all.

  • HJ11

    We are also allowed more than one wife. That is, we can practice polygamy if we do it without claiming that more than one wife is really a wife.

    We are not born as couples. We are born as individuals. And, male individuals can impregnate many women in a single day. That is how nature has made us and nature takes a long view of existence.
    Our survival for the next many thousands of years is better assured if we make more of ourselves right now.

  • Alexandra1973

    Remind me to avoid Dearborn when I go to the Detroit area to see my family in a couple of weeks!

  • Whirlwinder

    Exile the jihadis back to their own lands. If we do not, they will create chaos forever. They are aliens in a Christian land, and can never be assimilated. Mark my words.

  • Whirlwinder

    Send the jihadis home! They are great at playing the victim.

  • rowingfool

    Freeshpeechzone said, “the majority will NOT bow”.

    And what happens when we are not the majority?

    It is obvious that those who run the show simply don’t care what today’s majority wants. They ignore our views on immigration, trample our desire for residential segregation, force our private gatherings to yield to intrusive integration by malicious outsiders of different races, sexual proclivities, nationalities etc. To point out that our Rulers will selectively target and bring to bear the full brunt of their formidable power upon the very points at which we take a stand is neither cowardly nor muslim.

    As some commenter said elsewhere, the object of many of these tolerance laws is not justice for the oppressed, but humiliation for the white majority.

  • Paleoconn

    Do they close the schools for Jewish holidays? They should not. Only Christian holidays should be observed by school closings. This is a nation founded by Christians.

  • WR_the_realist

    It is increasingly the case that home schooling is the only option for people who want to educate their children rather than see them indoctrinated by the Thought Police. (Private schools are unaffordable for many and are usually just as politically correct as the public schools.)

    So we can expect to see fierce attacks on home schooling as more sane white people abandon the government schools. The Thought Police will not give in without a fight.


    Huh? 2014 is only a little over a month from now, not 26 years.


    “Treating all students the same” has led to some bizarre demands:

    “All students should be treated equally,” Latino parents said in a letter to the board and district administrators. “We believe that the school should not create differences between students who know more and students who know less.”

    “GATE-closing plan stirs parental debate at Lincoln Middle School”
    by Adam Klawonn
    Union-Tribune Staff Writer
    amren . com/mtnews/archives/2005/05/gateclosing_pla . php