Political Colour Is Half Genetic

Thomas Hoffmann, Science Nordic, November 11, 2013

Worry not; you still have free will, and no, not everything is predetermined by the DNA baggage you were born with.

Nevertheless, a new international study shows that our genes can explain up to 60 percent of our political actions: our political commitment, who we vote for and what ideology we support.

The findings come from a gigantic study of 12,000 pairs of twins. The study turns upside down the prevalent scientific understanding of what influences our voting behaviour, according to one of the Danish researchers behind the study:

“If it turns out to be correct in a deep philosophical sense–i.e. true–then it means that the social sciences have so far overlooked an important variable in the explanation of human behaviour: biology,” says Professor Robert Klemmensen of the Department of Political Science and Public Management at the University of Southern Denmark.

“This is obviously very exciting, because it means we’ll slowly be moving towards a paradigm shift where we need to calibrate our models to also include biological factors.”

Results shocked researchers

Klemmensen and his international research colleagues used data from a combined sample of over 12,000 twin pairs, pooled from nine different studies conducted in five western democracies (Australia, Hungary, Denmark, Sweden, and the US), and sampled over the course of four decades.

The study shows that identical twins–i.e. twins with 100 percent identical genes–agree far more on questions about e.g. redistribution, political participation, freedom and equality than fraternal twins–i.e. those with fewer identical genes.

The researchers hypothesised that since twin pairs tend to grow up in the same environment, any differences must be attributable to genes. This assumption was further reinforced when they observed generally identical tendencies in different population groups.

“We were shocked to see how similar the results were across ages and national borders,” says Klemmensen.

“The Danish twins in the study were aged between 20 and 40, while those from Minnesota, US, were in their 50s. Still, the estimates we got regarding political ideology and political participation are virtually identical – in fact so similar that we could hardly believe it.”

Proof that genes influence our vote

The new study confirms previous studies and the researchers believe their conclusion is solid:

“We provide definitive evidence that heritability plays a role in the formation of political ideology, regardless of how ideology is measured, the time period or population sampled,” they write in the journal article.

Klemmensen adds:

”We believe that there is now sufficient evidence that in terms of ideology at least there is a biological component that says something about our attitudes, and that’s something we need to start taking seriously.”

Genes affect us – they do not define us

Some would probably find it a bit depressing to hear that political thoughts and actions can basically be reduced to some specific genes that we ended up with.

Does that mean that we have no free will at all?

Of course we do, says the Danish professor.

”Our study shows that there are biological factors that have an effect on how our lives turn out in certain areas. That’s not the same as saying we are deterministic creatures and cannot choose otherwise. But these factors do have an effect on the choices we make.”


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  • JohnEngelman

    As time goes on it will become increasingly obvious that much of how we think and how well we think is determined genetically.

    • Lord_Steven_Regal

      Yet Leftists and their politically correct dhimmies will argue that the science is racist pseudo-science that is only believed by idiots and racists. They will do everything in their power to marginalize and ridicule scientific findings that contradict their racial egalitarian religion.

      • JohnEngelman

        I am often told that Charles Murray and his “The Bell Curve” have been “decisively refuted.”

        When I ask how he was refuted the person making that claim begins to mumble a few things about Stephen J. Gould.

        When I suggest that the failure of No Child Left Behind provides fresh evidence of “The Bell Curve” those mumbles turn to shouts of “Racist!”

        • Oil Can Harry

          in 1981 Steven Jay GHOUL put out a crude propaganda book called The Mismeasure of Man that “proved” the races were equal.

          The wikipedia entry on that vile book contains some of the arguments debunking it.

          • JohnEngelman

            Stephen J. Gould’s book is like waking up in the morning, and listening to the weather forecast. According to t he weather forecast the temperature is 58 Fahrenheit, the wind is mild, the temperature will rise to the high seventies. There is no chance of rain.

            Then you open the door and find a twenty five hour wind, 30 degree temperature, and a freezing rain.

            Anyone who has had extensive experience with blacks knows that the races are not equal.

          • Mergatroyd

            Anyone who has extensive experience with Asians knows the races are not equal. Whites have the creative gene, Asians do not and that is why Whites create and Asians steal.
            IQ doesn’t measure creativity, which Whites have in abundance and Asians do not.
            Just ask Charles Murray, who has an Asian wife, BTW.

          • JohnEngelman

            IQ and creativity are equivalent. Successful writers, composers, and artists have nearly always had genius level IQ’s.

          • High IQ and creativity are independent variables. When they are combined in one individual, the result is astounding, but they don’t always go together.

        • Mergatroyd

          Would that be the same Charles Murray that said that 97% of all significant achievements for the past 4,000 years were created by White Western men, and not Asians?

  • Andy

    Good news for the white gene pool.

    I remember Takimag did a piece a while back talking about how liberals’ loathing of large families often sprang from the fact that conservatives are the ones having them.

    • Moreso from the fact that the white people having large families don’t vote for liberals.

      • Erasmus

        People who have large families are going to give more thought to their children’s futures, and they know that leftist policies imperil that future.

    • John R

      Right, but you didn’t finish it: Therefore the liberals who didn’t have large families imported a lot of Third Worlders who did. If we still had the demographics of the 1980’s, liberalism would be dead in this country. Even the liberal “Baby Boomer” Generation eventually grew up to the folly of it’s way. Too late. The demographics are different now. Nearly A THIRD of this country are “minorities”, as well as OVER HALF newborns!

    • Nathanwartooth

      I have a feeling that if the people immigrating to this country were whites who voted conservative, that they would suddenly have a problem with open borders.

  • ThatguyinTN

    If it turns out to be correct in a deep philosophical sense–i.e.
    true–then it means that the social sciences have so far overlooked an
    important variable in the explanation of human behaviour: biology,” says
    Professor Robert Klemmensen of the Department of Political Science and
    Public Management at the University of Southern Denmark.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but is that not exactly what we have been trying to say forever. You know that behavior is genetic. So why exactly is it that I keep being called racist?

    • Erasmus

      I’m first inclined to say that everyone who today ignores the role biology plays in human behavior is an idiot, but I’ll be charitable and say that they’re “out of touch.”

      • Mergatroyd

        I’ll take idiot. Or bribed, threatened or paid off to mouth PC lies.

  • ThatguyinTN

    Down side to this is that the low info voters (read democrats) are breeding much faster so their genes will decide policy in the future.

  • D.B. Cooper

    What a load of fresh horse manure! How do you explain why so many people change political opinions over the years?
    Take one white male democrat, who gets flash mobbed. How many seconds until he becomes a hardcore daily reader of Newnation?

    • M.

      Well, the study does say “50%”. This white male democrat may be genetically enclined to be liberal, but reality forced him to reconsider.
      We still have free-will, regardless of our genetic predispositions.

      • MBlanc46

        If not free will, at least 50% non-genetic.

        • I think the genetic component is the true “free will” part, not the non-genetic component.

          • MBlanc46

            In which case “free will” wouldn’t have it’s traditional meaning.

          • I got the impression that the writer of the article was alluding to some supernatural soul whose free will is diminished by the body in which it resides.

            What I meant to express is that I don’t think we have a self distinct from our brain and body, so you are your genetic predispositions.

            The non-genetic component that determines our beliefs and ideologies is all that which changes us from the outside.

          • MBlanc46

            But what is it that is being changed from the outside?

          • Our beliefs, I mean.

          • MBlanc46

            I believe (and I’ve not seriously studied the issue) that so far all they’ve done is to correlate fundamental political attitudes with familial relationship. I don’t think that anyone has made any attempt to talk about mechanism yet. In my view, the old stream of consciousness will always remain outside scientific explanation, but some day they might be able to associate particular genes with political attitudes.

    • Sick of it

      Quite a lot of what modern people believe has nothing to do with family tradition, instinct, reasoning, or detailed study as much as conditioning via public institutions. Questioning the conditioning can lead a person to their true beliefs over time. Let’s just say that collectivism is not in OUR blood.

    • Alexandra1973

      I used to be something of a liberal in my early 20s, believed in egalitarianism and all that nonsense.

      Of course, the household I was raised in leaned to the left (my mother voted for Obama).

      By the time I was in my late 20s, though, my worldview started shifting. I’m 40 and it’s been in recent years that I’ve become more aware in racial differences.

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      As someone who used to be more liberal, or I should say left-libertarian, for me that’s fairly easy to answer. Look at it like Logic 101. My left inclination was founded on valid arguments, but unsound premises: “If all men are created equal, then…” (The fundamental problem of course is that all men are NOT created equal.) With life experience, I discovered that the whole raft of liberal arguments are built on highly dubious premises. However the logical and idealistic personality traits that made me care about such things in the first place are undoubtedly genetic.
      In that regard, White liberals and conservatives are not inherently different, it’s just that lifelong liberals don’t look closely at the facts because 1) they’re afraid of what they might see 2) have their entire self-worth wrapped up in competitive altruism 3) have replaced Christianity with the religion of liberalism or 4) they’re just not that bright.

      • John R

        “You have to be heartless not to be a liberal at 20, and brainless to still be one at 40.”

      • Mergatroyd

        You find out the lies by high school, I believe, when you’re sitting in Algebra I and watching blacks repeatedly fail because they can’t understand it. By Algebra II, it’s Whites and Asians only. Yet you’ve been told by the TV, movies and in school that blacks are just as smart (the movies show them as smarter, computer geniuses and all that) as Whites in every way possible.

        Then, if you’re going on to college, you get to find out what anti-white discrimination really means as you watch those same blacks that couldn’t understand Algebra I get full rides to colleges while you are rejected repeatedly by those same colleges.

        • Sick of it

          Or they get you hook, line, and sinker. You go full fledged Communist. You read the works of the Communists, realize what they’ve done to societies around the world, realize they’ve been lying to you, and become their worst enemy.

    • MBlanc46

      It’s fundamental political orientation, not party affiliation.

  • Erasmus

    A laughing black girl told me once that getting to work on time was a “white man’s hangup.”

    I imagine holding a job, not carelessly siring babies out of wedlock and self-reliance and hard work are also.

    On a serious note, I overheard a bunch of Africans laughingly joking that being late is what they even call in this country “Africa time.” You can take them out of the 3rd world, but you can’t take the 3rd world out of them.

    • John R

      Or, as we in the US call it: CP time!

    • Mergatroyd

      Why not a single one belongs in White societies. The drag they create on businesses is astounding.

  • Oil Can Harry

    Now watch the smile disappear from their black faces when they’re the ones waiting for a waiter, plumber, deliveryman, etc.

    • Erasmus

      Or the chicken wings from the Pizza Parlor.

      • Mergatroyd

        The 911 calls from blacks when the chicken nuggets aren’t right or don’t come out fast enough speak for themselves.

  • Blue-eyed Devil

    Proof that genes influence our vote

    That must be the reason the two black token Bush republicans, Colin Powell and Condy Rice, voted for Barack instead of McCain in 2008.

  • John R

    Half genetic? What? Do a study of any two “African Americans” (nice and PC, huh?) and you will find that their political “colour” (Hate the way those Europeans spell! ARGH!!!) is 100% genetic!

  • Lord_Steven_Regal

    It’s called “CP time”. It stands for colored people’s time. All the black people I know reference it and acknowledge the truth that black people almost always run late. Google it.

  • Luca

    ”We believe that there is now sufficient evidence that in terms of ideology at least there is a biological component that says something about our attitudes, and that’s something we need to start taking seriously.”

    Yes, and that biological component is: (drum roll please): INTELLIGENCE!

    Studies of identical twins. separated at birth and raised apart, proved long ago that at least 75% of what we call intelligence is inherited. However, Liberal academia continues to suppress those findings.

  • MBlanc46

    I don’t know why anyone should be shocked. This isn’t news; it’s only confirmation of a thesis that’s been around for some time.

  • Spartacus

    So… Our genes determine our political orientation, but somehow they’re totally irrelevant for intelligence ?

    • Mergatroyd

      The ones who tell you this don’t believe it. They want YOU to believe it but like everything else they tell us, i.e., multiculturalism is great, open borders are wonderful, diversity is a strength, etc. does not apply to them.
      The cultural marxists are liars and hypocrites, but I already know you are very well aware of those facts.

  • Best argument for eugenics ever.

  • How so?

  • Jesse James

    Blood will out.

  • In reply to your comment awaiting moderation (get disqus already):

    The definition of “free will” is too vague to be meaningful in my opinion, so I’m not going to say I do or don’t believe in it. I’m aware of how the subconscious works, and it simply calls into question how we define the self and what is “our will.”

    I’d like to see the study.

  • Luca

    Most people are quite liberal when they are young. Most folks are not truly biological mature until the age of 26 on average. Once they enter the real world job market and they see economics and self sufficiency in action they start putting 2 + 2 together and start seeing 4. They start seeing the results of labor, spending, saving, investing, eating, taxes and paying rent.

    The end result of politics should be whatever is for the good of the “People” for which it serves. Unfortunately, it is designed now to appeal to the selfish wants and needs of those most willing to sell their votes for gifts stolen from the taxpayer.

    For those who hardly labor, save, invest or pay taxes, Liberalism sounds like a pretty good deal. For those who truly work hard for what they want, it doesn’t.

  • Mergatroyd

    They believe that IQ is hereditary and a strong determinant of our performance and outcome in life. But to keep their jobs they have to say publicly that IQ doesn’t exist, except when it concerns the death penalty, then IQ is everything.
    Cultural Marxists are liars and hypocrites.
    They want you to believe all kinds of things that don’t apply to them, like gun control for instance. Banned for you, OK for them.
    I wish the scales would fall from more eyes as to what liars and hypocrites these people are.

  • Mergatroyd

    Great response, but the overwhelming non-Whites who are replacing us don’t have brains. They are being raised on government entitlements and don’t’ care a whit about liberty because they don’t even know what that is or means. They have no respect for this country and foolishly believe Obama is their savior.
    What they do want is to keep the lifelong government gravy train running for their own selfish benefits without a clue as to where those benefits come from and who provides them. They’ll continue to vote for whoever promises them the most.
    Lifelong entitlement types are also being imported by the boatload from Africa, Asia, Central America and other poor, low IQ areas as so-called, permanent low information voters who respond mostly to slogans like “hope and change,” for instance.
    As Pat Buchanan once said: “They’ll vote themselves benefits every time.”

  • Mergatroyd

    And this is why White societies are functional and orderly and black societies are chaotic and dysfunctional. Detroit before and after, for example, after Whitey was driven out. Detroit was once the Paris of the West, it is now a full toilet that needs to be flushed.

    • Fr. John+

      And, (One must assume) this is the reason the legacy of Aryan Supremacism still lives on today- in German, Austrian, and above all, Swiss railway stations, when compared to Italian, French, and Spanish stations.
      But then, Fascism in Italy under Mussolini, ‘…did make the trains run on time.’ See, no escaping our genetic destiny. LOL

  • Jack Burton

    Of course, race is real, and intelligence and behavior are significantly heritable. We know this already, but the liberal establishment refuses to accept this.

    Twin studies show that behavior as a whole, not just voting, is significantly heritable, even down to what kind of cereal someone likes, what type of car they have, what kind of woman they marry. It’s quite amazing how many things are so similar between twins that are raised apart and had no contact with each other.

  • Chip Carver

    All the more reason to make sure our eternal enemies are not allowed to live among us, after the big collapse. They won’t change.

  • Chip Carver

    I enjoy the remarks of Flynn regarding Jewish intelligence, including the exaggeration of their (Ashkenazi) average, being closer to 108, rather than the ridiculous claims that seem to rise year after year, all based on one study from a non-representative sample. AND – a lot of their success being based on working as a group, rather than as individuals as most Whites do. Whites could do themselves some good by indulging in some of that group behavior. Of course, who is it that discourages and fights that type of behavior by Whites at almost every turn? Then again, if one breaks down Whites into individual ethnic groups, each group getting credit for awards and prizes, then Jewish accomplishment isn’t quite so “towering” in some areas as is claimed. Ok, Jews want to claim 14 million as their worldwide population (it’s obviously higher), then have the numbers compared to 5 million Scotsmen in terms of awards. In the end, it’s all petty bickering, eh?

    Our real concern is creating a true White society from the rubble of the mess that is inevitable. And that means keeping non-whites out, and keeping out those who claim to be White but are not, those who say publicly they are White, then behind the scenes deal with every non-white group in the same manner, using them as tools, “…we’re with you, we’re not White either. We just claim to be to put it over on the man. We’ll help you…” and on it goes. But of course, we’re not supposed to know this goes on.

    Yes, I capitalize the “W” in “White”. It should be capitalized when used as a descriptor of race. Otherwise, it’s another way to diminish our position when used with a lower case “w”, as in comparing whites and Asians. Yes, the “B” in “Black” should be capitalized in the same fashion. Either that or everyone gets the lower case treatment; asian, mexican, jew, black, white….

    • JohnEngelman

      I favor more restrictions on legal immigration. I oppose amnesty. I want illegal immigrants to be identified and deported.

      Nevertheless, there is not going to be “a true White society” in the United States. There are already too many non white citizens. These cannot be deported, reduced to second class citizenship, or exterminated. Too many white Gentiles, including me, do not want that to happen.

      Diversity is not our strength. It is a problem that has to be managed.

      The slave trade was America’s original sin. We will be punished eternally for it.

      • Jefferson

        Throughout the entire history of The United States, this country has NEVER been 100 percent White. Even when The U.S was at it’s Whitest, Nonwhites still made up at least 10 percent of the U.S population.

        White nationalists on American Renaissance and Stormfront are delusional if they believe that at one point in the past the U.S was ever as White as Sweden for example.

        In fact NO New world countries in North America, Central America, South America, New Zealand, and Australia were ever 100 percent White.

        The reason NO New World country has ever in anytime in history ever been 100 percent White is because the New World nations have NEVER been the ancestral homeland of White people.

        White people as a race are not Indigenous to the New World. We White people are Indigenous to the Old World.

        • JohnEngelman


          I have one objection to what you wrote. It is so well written and thought out that I wish I had written it myself.

  • This theory doesn’t explain me. My ex-father says he’s “middle-of-the-road” and my mother is a conservative retired banker, but I had reached ideological escape velocity at about age 20.