The Who’s Roger Daltrey Slams Britain Immigration Policy: ‘I Will Never Forgive Them’

Cheryl K. Chumley, Washington Times, November 18, 2013

The Who frontman Roger Daltrey said Britain’s loose immigration policy has created a poor work atmosphere for “my mates” and, for that, he will never forgive the nation’s leading politicos.

“I will never, ever forgive the Labor Party for allowing this mass immigration with no demands put on what people should be paid when they come to this country,” Mr. Daltrey told The Sunday Times.

Specifically, he faulted British Labor Party leaders for the economy that has wrecked job opportunities for legal residents.

“I will never forgive them for destroying the hobs of my mates, because they allowed their jobs to be undercut with stupid thinking on Europe, letting them all in, so they can live 10 to a room, working for Polish wages,” he said.


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  • He’ll never forgive Labour.

    But what about the other two heads of the hydra, Lib and Con?

    • Oil Can Harry

      Now that Tony Blair has retired: “Meet the new boss… same as the old boss.”

      • Paleoconn


    • bilderbuster

      Maybe if it’s not already too late he “Won’t Get Fooled Again”!

  • WR_the_realist

    I will never forgive the Republican or Democratic parties.

    • Oil Can Harry

      You better you bet!

  • danallison

    Even Lennon might agree had he lived and wised up. Britain is producing a whole generation of right-wing pop artists — Mumford & Sons, Frank Turner — and there’s just no reason to let cultural Marxists claim possession of the best music. Let’s don’t get fooled agian!

    • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

      I think he would have. Most musicians are gentle souls, and taken aback when they encounter the barbaric ways of most Negroes. It is one thing to live in an all White village in England, jam to some blues chords on your guitar, and play to all White audiences of youth in America, and have your extent of exposure to Negroes amount to hanging out with B. B. King. It is another thing entirely to experience what the average Negro acts like in their typical American city neighborhood.

      • Emperor Naked

        Yeah, to Brits living an a quiet, ordered society, the American Rock and Black Blues they heard on the radio or smuggled in (which is what they had to do, really because most of it was banned), seemed exotic, and when something is ONLY exotic, it carries with it no truth of the reality that comes with it.

    • DonReynolds

      Baloney. John Lennon was a dedicated flaming Marxist. He would be cheering the illegals crossing the Rio Grande.

      • NM156

        “If you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you won’t be making it with anyone, anyhow”. By the way, before his death, which was during the ’80 election campaign, he admitted to supporting Reagan.

        • ThatguyinTN

          Didn’t Reagan give us amnesty first?

          • Emperor Naked

            He wasn’t the first. Check the post World War Two Bracero act that led to a Mexican re-settlement and the rise of the Farm Labor Union by Ceasar Chavez (after they were sent home when the war was over).

            The truth is that Republicans have always like the idea of cheap labor and were never feeling very threatened by a Hispanic takeover until late 90s and even then, Bush and many conservatives used them as labor while pretending to be against Amnesty.

        • Mike Conrad

          I thumbed you up, especially for the quote.

          However Lennon died a month after the election.

          • NM156

            He was promoting Double Fantasy during the election year of 1980.

      • saxonsun

        A flaming Marxist who owned tons of property in NYC; the typical lib hypocrite.

      • Emperor Naked

        I also question this assertion and I think it is based on little more than Sixties reactionism. The Beatles knew they were popular in an underground in the USSR and that they were banned there. When they made, “Back in the USSR” they re-enforced that underground. I saw a documentary about Paul McCartney’s concert in Red Square in 2003 and it was full of interviews by now older Russian fans that told the story of how their music led to an irrespressible shift in politics that led to Glasnost and the end of the Soviet Union.

        John Lennon also condemned the use of LSD and drugs later on. He said that acid had destroyed him psychologically and that he came to feel that he was worthless, less than nothing. (“Acid Dreams, the Complete Social History of LSD, the CIA, the Sixties and Beyond”).

    • ThatguyinTN

      I am with you on all but Lennon. I just hate Lennon and the Beatles in general. They are way overrated.

      • Katherine McChesney

        They were a Tavistock invention.

        • Emperor Naked

          You’re full of self-imagined mythology, aren’t you?

    • Emperor Naked

      I can even “Imagine” that Lennon today would be saying, “Hey, you got that song all wrong! I didn’t mean that the West should fall so that people could live in harmony! It was just about individual people being more kind to one another, less judgmental, not a theme for Neo-Marxists.”

      That was how he talked after the famous “We’re bigger than Jesus,” comment.

  • Spartacus

    Took you long enough…

    • Emperor Naked

      The Who were patriots from the start, using Union Jacks and military emblems and not in a derogatory way. Same for bands from The Beatles to the Rolling Stones and on. The truth is that there was always a kind of racism inside the hippy movement too. There was a discussion about it by “leaders” in SF in 1967, but at the same time, they were discussion whether they ought to arm because of the riots going on. By 1968, the riots that came after MLK’s assassination saw blacks surge into the Haight-Ashbury district and tear it up. I used to know a guy that was there.

      The fact is that the white hippies were found to be perfect targets by blacks in cities. This and the pressure by police (due to drugs and public vagrancy type issues) is what fueled the “back to the land” movement that is responsible for the “Prepper” culture today. Mother Earth magazine was and still is the mainstay of “off the grid” culture that was started by hippies. Many of those hippies returned to Christianity and also became the impetus of the “Born Again” Movement. Most of the communes and such failed, but a subculture of Boomers (and their offspring) still live in the zones just outside of cities and still play at gardening, storing up as in prepping and even weapons stockpiling. Many if not all of those one time hippies are far more conservative than they were in 1971. Overall, I’d say that it’s better to have had such a varied experience than to merely be repeating the same old right wing political myths that are not much more than reactionism. I say that because it is what mostly goes on here on the Amren posting board.

  • cecilhenry

    Notice he only mentions other white immigration–which is a legitimate problem.

    But the mass on non-white immigrants….they don’t exist.

    Why–implicitlym only whites are equals– so its not PC to mention them.

    That’s the problem….

    • sbuffalonative

      Yes, he didn’t cite the real problem, the transformation of his country by non-whites. Instead, he dances around the real issue by talking about jobs.

      • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

        He is probably just glossing over race so that his statements will get some recognition in the mainstream media. I’m sure he realizes which immigrants are wrecking certain English cities. It certainly is not the Polish immigrants.

        • saxonsun

          Sorry. There are too many Poles in England–they are white, yes, but they don’t belong there.

  • Reverend Bacon

    Clearly, the liberal press will vilify him. So I guess he now understands his bandmate, Pete Townshend; he knows what it’s like, to be the bad man– to be the sad man– behind blue eyes.
    Roger, here’s more to think on: No one bites back as hard on their anger– none of my pain and woe can show through.

  • Roger Daltrey and Pete Townsend had issues years ago. Roger saw music as a way of making money, Pete saw it as an outlet for his talent. Both of them made a lot of money, but have more respect for Roger because he always spoke the truth.

    • sbuffalonative

      Mr. Daltrey didn’t die before he got old. He may have been right with that wish but for the wrong reason. Now he has to live to see his native country lost to invaders.

      • Laika

        Imagine how the WW II vets feel.

        • Bill_der_Berg

          A journalist wrote to local newspapers around the UK inviting WW II vets to tell him about their experiences and give their opinion of the present state of the nation. The responses were published in book form.

          It was striking that almost to a man (and woman) they were unhappy with the present-day UK.. Many of them gave immigration as one of the reasons.

      • ThatguyinTN

        He did get what he wanted though “Why don’t you all f-fade away”-My Generation. Well the old, white way faded away thanks to his generation. [email protected] hippies ruining everything

      • Emperor Naked

        Don’t we all?

  • bigone4u

    Hey you Who guys … I have an idea. Instead of another boring Live Aid for Africa or whatever for blacks, how about doing a big concert to benefit your “mates” who got screwed by their own government. Call it the White Plight Concert and get all the old timers together to stand up for their mates too.

    • MBlanc46

      Great idea, except that the Who are even older than I am and well past their prime.

    • Emperor Naked

      Yeah, and let’s get “The Poster Fomerly Known as White Plight” to host them.

      He’s stood near that band onstage before….

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    My respect for Roger Daltry and the Who went WAY up when Michael Moore asked to use their song “Won’t Get Fooled Again” — and they told him NO.

    Also when the Who sang “Won’t Get Fooled Again” at the dedication ceremony for Churchill’s Bust. They got it Right…

    and Good Show!

    • Emperor Naked

      Whew, at least one long time poster who knows that Churchill was one of the West’s last great men.

  • D.B. Cooper

    I’ll never forgive the Who for tricking me into attending their 1989 “Goodbye Tour” because it was supposed to be their final tour before they retired. I played the Hell out of Tommy and Who’s Next.

    I guess the British People, in regards to immigration, have taken Tommy’s advice a little too far…
    So, put in your earplugs,
    put on your eyeshades,
    you know where to put the cork.

    (From “We’re Not Gonna Take it”)

    Blind, deaf, and dumb….

    • Emperor Naked

      You must be confused because their Final Concert tour was in 1983. (It was billed as Final probably because Cream was famous for a “Goodbye” concert in 1968 at the Royal Albert Hall in England). I know because I worked at it and was on stage (at least in front of it, handing out water to the kids getting pressed up against the stage barrier. We were pulling the ones out that looked like they were getting into difficulties (women) and I was doing triage. Before we left the spot right in front of the band, I looked up at them and directly by coincidence into John Entwistle’s gaze. I did something we weren’t supposed to do, I gestured a very small hand wave. But he returned it with a nod. They were sick of seeing kids get hurt at their concerts (not long after the Ohio incident).

      The 1989 concert you are referring to was a return for a large Amnesty International Tour. I worked at that one too.

      Hmmm, the title of the song “We’re not gonna take it” was the “takeaway” from the entire Tommy album which is “think for yourself.”

      A lot of white people still don’t seem to be able to think for themselves, on all sides of the issues.

    • David Ashton

      ….and cowardly castrated serfs? And what else, Cooper?
      Unlike the American People who put a Black First Family in the White House and have not stopped immigration either?

  • Carney3

    I would note that Daltrey names only Poles – not just in this excerpt on the AR site, but in the whole article. Not blacks, not Muslims. I suppose courage can only go so far.

    • Pelagian

      Yep. Thats what happened there. Oh well, at least he is saying something. Put him an Eric Clapton together, you have a good race-realist classic-rock tour.

    • Emperor Naked

      I think he and his readers (in the know) understand things very well. He can say that because he won’t be arrested or exiled for it because they’re white. What good would being arrested do?

      Are you ready to be arrested for political crime as a “hate” agitator? If so, go do it.

      • Mike Conrad

        This is right. Daltrey said exactly as much as he could get away with. He might well have said more, but the MSM would never relay that info

  • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

    These guys like Clapton certainly liked the Black man’s blues back in their younger days. Now that they have encountered some Negroes other than B.B. King and Muddy Waters, they are becoming racial realists. I always liked the precise, English version of the Blues, courtesy good old Mr. Clapton.

    • Emperor Naked

      In fact, I’ve even heard a couple old black bluesmen (Sonny Boy Williamson and Albert King, I think) comment that what the Brits did with the blues was to take it to a much finer musical level. I saw a documentary lately wherein Jimi Hendrix says that he went to England to learn how the White Boys there were playing blues because it was so much better than what blacks had done up to then in America.

  • longing4abetterworld

    He’s just mad ’cause none of these immigrant kids are going to buy any of The WHO’s records!! That’s a joke, but probably a fact. It always irks me that none of the sun-drenched pop music by artists such as The Beach Boys means much to most of the gazillion young immigrants of this country. I go to concerts and, maybe it’s just the music I listen to, but (thankfully?) most of the audience is white. Even “culturally diverse” artists. Saw a concert flick last week and 75,000 fans in Manchester UK looked to be 99.9% white.

  • Lord_Steven_Regal

    You forgot the most famous example. Eric Clapton’s comments caused the Liberals in the rock industry to put on a “Rock Against Racism” concert. In hindsight, some now may begrudgingly admit that Clapton had a point.

    “It was 5 August 1976 and Eric Clapton was drunk, angry and on stage at the Birmingham Odeon. ‘Enoch was right,’ he told the audience, ‘I think we should send them all back.’ Britain was, he complained, in danger of becoming ‘a black colony’ and a vote for controversial Tory politician Enoch Powell whom he described as a prophet was needed to ‘keep Britain white’.”

    • ms_anthro

      My respect for Eric Clapton just skyrocketed. Bravo.

    • Emperor Naked

      Thanks for posting this. It is very dangerous anywhere in the West but especially in Britain to say anything like this. Those laws didn’t exist when Clapton said that in 1976. I hoping that the tide is beginning to turn. The problem is with how far it’s already gone. I mean there are so many mixed race people in Britain now that the gene pool is perhaps fatally tainted already.

  • NM156

    Morrissey moved to LA (or was run out of England) after flirting with National Front ideology and imagery in the early ’90s and finding that the right didn’t accept his transformation as sincere, as far as I recall. Refer to the track “Bengali in Platforms” as well.


    In today’s insane world the blatant TREASON of initiating a massive invasion. In pursuit of a treacherous goal to replace the indigenous people in a nation that they themselves have built. Is not seen as a crime. Noticing the blatant TREASON of initiating an invasion to replace the indigenous people of a nation, that they themselves, had worked their fingers to the bone to built. Is what’s seen as being the real crime here.

    “How dare you notice me jamming that knife into the backs of you, your children and your grand children? What are you some kind of racist or something?” < Says your fellow white guy suffering the effects of a severe mental disorder known as Liberalism )

    We are witnessing Western Civilization's reenactment of the suicidal fall of Rome! < Says me along with every and any one else with ears to hear and eyes to see )

  • blight14

    I rather certain that isn’t his real name……..

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      Yes, and promoted far beyond his talent. His horrible music sounds like screeching and his singing from someone with his mouth full of marbles.

      • Katherine McChesney

        The Beatles were disgusted by him when they first met him. Said he was arrogant and hogged the limelight.

        • Emperor Naked

          Ha, ha, ha…. sure. You really are something.

    • Emperor Naked

      Not the first entertainer to take a stage name.

  • blight14

    I’m even more excited by Rogers Waters (Pink Floyd) ‘politics’……allegedly…..

    • Martel

      How so?

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      He’s a deranged, flaming lefty, same as Bono. Great music, unfortunately, but I can’t get past the politics of these two fools.

  • shmo123

    “However the farming areas are flooded with Polish and they aren’t speaking English or assimilating.”

    Wait a minute. Most first generation migrants have a hard time with the language, and that might have something to do with lack of “assimilation”; they’re self-conscious of their limited abilities and tend to keep to themselves. That’s not unusual, and this country is testament to that. Their children and/or the younger generation will assimilate a lot easier and better than muslims and blacks. Many may have no intention of staying either, and I doubt fluency is required for most farm work. Secondly, have you ever lived in England? I have and I can tell you that trying to make friends with the locals can be extremely difficult, and I have relatives there–the English are hardly the most open and friendly people. I’m not judging, just stating a fact. Experience tells me that even if you’re an American, have an obviously Anglo-Saxon name, and speak perfect English you’ll still have trouble ingratiating yourself, and that’s in the big cities. I can only imagine it’s 10 times worse in rural areas where people are even more insular.

  • Alec Smart

    We need more rock rebels.

    Eric Clapton once publicly said that Britain should be kept white.

    But the music industry jews forced him to shut up for the sake of his career.

  • QuinnTheEskimo9

    They had no idea of the real reason who or what they were fighting for and why, no thanks to Churchill who was a war criminal. Now many of those same vets are in nursing homes at the mercy of the “diversity” that England’s new Labour rulers brought into their country.
    IWO, they fought for the end of England, and termination of it’s native born population. It’s only a matter of time before Sharia is the law of the land, given the disparate birth rates.

    • Emperor Naked

      There are just too many nuts on this posting board with outrageous, conspiracy theory bred non-sense like this to post. No wonder whites are losing the battle of the wits to the Leftists who only have to repeat this and show how comletely out of touch with reality whites with white issues are (I won’t use their term “white supremacists”).

      Reading stuff like this just depresses me. There really isn’t much hope for whites with the likes of this being posted daily here.

  • QuinnTheEskimo9

    Do you have a link for that (the Kung Fu story)? England is worse off than I thought.

  • Emperor Naked

    It’s not difficult for me to understand this because The Who was always a patriotic band. Their period film, “Quadraphenia” helps impress this as the Mods sported military insignias and wore Union Jacks as apparel long before Easy Rider made wearing the U.S. Flag popular. But The Rolling Stones were the same. Even The Beatles were. The struggle has been to square that inherent sense of loyalty with the epic of cultural change that was going on. Now that things have come down to what they might call, The Real Nitty Gritty, a few are making comments and even actions that show that they recognize the truth and that the pendulum has swung far too much in the wrong direction.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Don’t forget Elizabeth II signed five documents betraying England to the EU. The first was signed in secrecy while the nation grieved Diana.

  • Emperor Naked

    I read this and I do remember John Lennon as being this way then – THEN. 1971 wasn’t anywhere near a calm time. Today is much calmer in many ways.

    Most people who know about his bio realize that by 1971, Yoko Ono had basically taken him over. Even today, most old-school Beatle fans HATE Yoko. It was she who created the riff in the band that led to its breakup so that was one reason, but it was also apparent that she had sort of “reprogrammed” him, forced her way into his life, broke his marriage up when he was at the bottom of his personality dissolution via LSD use. See my comment above; later on Lennon condemned LSD and said that because of daily use of acid he was completely shattered and thought he was worthless, etc., and how that opened the door to so many errors in thinking, acting, etc. (He publicly acted out such a series of negative commentary and activities that it led to him removing himself from the music scene for years). It was just at this time that Yoko Ono got his attention by chaining herself to his gate until he talked to her. He was a perfect palate for brainwashing at that point. But he was always a very intelligent man who was constantly fighting in himself to find a way to reconcile himself to his own life and the world he saw. If you really read that interview closely, he has a lot of questions about what social system could actually work and agreed with the interviewer about all the things that pretty much showed that so far, it was not working too well. But as Americans, we don’t usually understand how deeply class consciousness is in Britain, especially then and how much even today, the Working Class defines you and how you are treated. You can’t blame a Working Class man for trying to work out a way out of that once he seems to have some means. It also means that you have to play with a lot of fire.

    In about 1990 a film about him came out called “Imagine” after the song he did. I saw it. He wasn’t preaching revolution and he wasn’t preaching at all. The one scene I recall from it the most is when a fan is hanging out in front of his home in England, (before his final move to NYC) and how he lectured this fan who came expecting to hear some sort of “Sermon on the Mount” from Lennon, answering all his questions, providing some sort of absolution. Lennon told him that he was just a man and that he had to figure out his life just as he himself had to do. The last popular song he had was about how he had quit what he called, “The merry-go-round.” I think that today he would sound just like Roger Daltrey and talk about what a mess Tony Blair and the Labour Party has created, etc.

  • MarcB1969

    It must be all those damn “Pollacks” sucking off the welfare system, starting rape networks, and naming their children Muhammad in record numbers in the UK. At least John Clease was honest…

  • Emperor Naked

    Or they could donate the proceeds to a legal fund for defending whites accused of hate crimes, etc.

    Is there really any use of posting here if you’re only doing it as personal therapy?

  • Strider73

    Those Labour politicians were deaf, dumb and blind. And they couldn’t play pinball worth a damn, either.

  • Mike Conrad

    It’s not just Britain of course. France has been overrun with Africans, and anyone who says so risks serious punishment by the Ruling Class. Remember that white countries–and only white countries–must be integrated until whites are the minorities in their own countries. At which point they won’t be their own countries anymore will they. Master Plan: Divide and Conquer.

    Random shot from Montmartre, Paris, courtesy Google Street View.

    Down in front of Sacre Coeur, Africans milling about waiting for crimes of opportunity. Ironies abound: notice white people being accosted in right foreground; “do not enter” sign which should have been placed at the border; Google’s “report a problem” tab to which I can only respond… where to begin?

  • nignogger

    Polish wages??? At least they work. What about all the Africans and muslims who don’t work and steal/rape and rob the idiginous people (brits). These untermenschen live off the taxpayer dole, then use criminal activity to boost their wages.Roger should focus his anger on the Rothchilds who ordered, thru politicos, the non white immigaration.

  • Genocide.

  • Paleoconn

    Excellent observation, of course you can argue that things have gotten so bad and opposition to immigration has been silenced so much and demonized, that Daltrey’s act is more courageous. Don’t get me wrong, I love what Clapton did.

    Actually, I’m re-reading this now, and I see Daltrey singling out Poles. I take it back, easy for Daltrey to attack immigration when the group singled out is European. Would he dare say ‘Somali wages’ for instance?