‘Skin Colour’ Paint Reported as Racist

The Local, November 10, 2013

A Swedish teenager has reported a paint manufacturer to the Equality Ombudsman accusing them of racism after labelling the beige paint as “skin colour.”

The 14-year old discovered the paint sold by Universal Color and Chemicals at school. She said that it was “sick” that the term ‘skin-colour’ was used to describe beige.

She has taken her complaint to the Equality Ombudsman (Diskrimineringsombudsmannen) arguing that the term ‘skin colour’ is racist and has the backing of her family as well as her school.

“By renaming beige to skin colour they show that there is a whiteness norm in society,” Thyra,14, told the Aftonbladet newspaper.

She added; “It is completely sick that they just rename beige to skin colour when black and brown are also that.”

Her father said his daughter was motivated, in part, to take the motion to the Equality Ombudsman by her sister but added that he didn’t think the company had named the paints in a deliberately racist way.

“Her little sister has brown skin but according to the paint manufacturer she has no skin colour…I think (the company) just looked at themselves and imagined that’s what skin was,” he told the newspaper.

As a result of the teen’s report to the Equality Ombudsman the school have started a debate on racism.

Universal Color and Chemicals have yet to comment on the complaint.

Sweden’s Equality Ombudsman is a government agency which acts to stamp out discrimination and promote equal rights. It made the headlines in June when the government ordered it to relocate their headquarters to a north Stockholm suburb with a high concentration of immigrants.

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  • ncpride

    No photo of the 14 year old, but why do I have a feeling she is NOT Swedish in any sense of the word? Again, she is probably no more Swedish than I am Asian.

    • D.B. Cooper

      I read that her sister has “brown” skin on some other website (can’t recall). That’s why she was “offended”.

    • dd121

      My god she should probably get the Nobel peace prize for bring this horror to out attention.

    • M.

      You mean, “in the ethnic sense”. Yeah, she probably isn’t.

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      My original assumption was that this girl was raised in an extreme left-wing radical household by leftist parents, but now that you mention it, your explanation is far more plausible.

      Watering down the definition of what it means to be “Swedish” or “European.” What could be more genocidal than that?

      • gemjunior

        Exactly. Viewing light tone as normal in Sweden is raycist? So I guess viewing black skin as normal in Africa is raycist? Is that analogy too close for stupid liberal idiots to comprehend? Listen: in the ’80s my friends and I had a large, beautiful apartment in Manhattan and to keep it we had to take in periodic “boarders” now and again. One pair of guys in a rock band who lived there for a few months were really libs – one was Swedish and the other from Finland. The Swede was always telling me I was “raah seesst” and the other was dating a girl we called the “African Queen” who had really long nails and fake stringy long extensions. One pinky nail was so long it curled. Oh, they were some pair. He ordered her a Giant – with a hard G as in Guyant Coke and he took a sip. Evidently the negress didn’t like that and she let go an explosive stream of Ebonics while our eyes widened in shock because she’d been speaking like a white person (normal) all along.
        There may well be too many crazy liberal whites for our race to survive. I oscillate between assuredness that we will survive and times like this when I think most white people are so insane we will never make it. I listen to “Ode to a dying people” and I cry a little. Then the next day I go about my business bringing up the subject as often as I possibly can and introducing it to new people. As you all do know as well, it can sometimes be disheartening. But I get heartened by so many of the comments by the readers hear as well as the subject matter which can sometimes be positive too. They shall not pass! There will come a time when they will enter massive boats at Swedish (and everywhere white) ports and be crowded onto them, bound for Third World’s Hearts of Darkness. Then we and they (safely home) will ponder a few decades of temporary insanity and we will say Never Again! and they will say I wish we’d have controlled ourselves and not raped every white woman we saw, and we might have been allowed to stay. Toooooo Late. It’s where you belong anyway.

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        When I read the article, my impression was that this girl was white and raised in an extreme left-wing household, but that her sister was adopted and is dark-skinned (probably African).

        The reason I still think this is because actual Africans rarely report things like this. They cry racism at every opportunity, sure, but I can’t imagine an African teenage girl noticing what the paint was called and getting offended over it.

        That specific brand of ultra-sensitivity seems like a white trait to me.

  • NorthernWind

    In Sweden that IS the color of skin.

  • RHG

    I wonder if this little idiot would have a problem with the phrase “people of color” even though it’s a term used to exclude whites. Last time I checked white was a color as well.

    • Xerxes22

      Black is the absence of color. I’ll bet she doesn’t know that.

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      Or how about calling white people “beige?” I don’t know about you, but I am NOT “beige.” Beige is the color of old computers, not Europeans.

  • I don’t know which is worse.

    That a teenager had nothing else better to do than to complain about the name of a paint color, or that there was a state politburo that heard her complaint and might do something about it.

    Get. A. Life.

    • Lagerstrom

      I think I know what’s worse QD and so do you!

      • Well, I guess what’s worse than either thing is living in a formerly white country which is on track to be majority non-white by the time I’m an old cogger.

    • GOD

      If she truly is Swedish (White), can we drop in the middle of a black flash mob so she can explain how racism is wrong and we can all enjoy the peaceful group’s reaction?

  • WASP

    “accusing them of racism after labelling the beige paint as “skin colour.” People living in Sweden who don’t understand “beige” as skin colour, should be living somewhere else if they’re offended. That is Sweden!


      “That is Sweden!”???? Hunh-ahhh, nope, Sweden no longer belongs to the “beige” people. Sweden belongs to everyone now.

      Such a shame, our once great nations raising it’s children to be so determined to commit national suicide.

  • DaveMed

    “By renaming beige to skin colour they show that there is a whiteness norm in society.”

    No kidding, child. And, guess what? In Chad, there’s a blackness norm! And, in Afghanistan, there’s a brownness norm!

    If this girl is a white, her parents and teachers deserve to be dragged into the streets and taught a public lesson.

  • M.

    Ethnic Swedes (you know, the people who dwelled in the region for a couple of millenia, who fought for, founded, and made Sweden what it is) are white-skinned. So yes, the norm in Sweden, the country that is primarily inhabited by the Swedish people, for skin color is white.
    Deal with it!

  • So CAL Snowman

    Typical liberal or anti White response. She has a problem with the paint color so instead of going to the MANUFACTURER, she goes straight to the government. If a conservative doesn’t like meat they will choose not to eat meat. If a liberal doesn’t like meat they will lobby the government to ban it for EVERYONE. If a conservative doesn’t like guns they will not purchase one. If a liberal doesn’t like guns he will demand that the government takes them away from EVERYONE. If a conservative doesn’t like a radio host they will not listen to said host. If a liberal doesn’t like a radio host they will start a “hate campaign” and lobby the local and federal government to remove the radio host. Liberals are the antithesis of freedom.

    • Lagerstrom

      Absolutely! Left-wing dimwits constantly carp on about freedom and rights. Yet they yearn for big government intervention in regards to junk-food advertising on television (just to name one) and other such issues that a normal person can figure out all on their lonesome.

  • Spartacus

    “Sweden’s Equality Ombudsman is a government agency which acts to stamp out discrimination and promote equal rights.”


    So when will they start doing something about this ?


    • gemjunior

      What will it take? When will a few of these controlled people have had enough to lose their tempers and not care about the consequences. Just a few is enough to ignite a lot of people’s passions. I worry that it’s happened and been hidden, but then I feel sure someone would post on the internet. I really am getting to wonder — what will it take? To get responses that these animals understand?

      • Spartacus

        It happened already, lots of times. Mostly it was hidden, but a few cases were to big to sweep under the rug, like what Breivik did. Rest assured, our time is coming, and it’s coming quickly. Make sure you’re ready when it does.

  • Blue-eyed Devil

    She and her family should leave Sweden and go back to the Turd World, Problem solved.

  • Allan477

    Actually, I always liked the term “nude” for flesh-colored. But, I suppose that would also be racist.

  • Talltrees

    “racism after labelling the beige paint as “skin colour.”

    Guess, we’ll have to ban Black paint.

  • It’s appalling that Swedish law-enforcement agencies are willing to humor a child’s fit over some paint instead of addressing the epidemic of rapes committed by invading Muslim colonists against local women and girls.

  • JDInSanD

    As a kid I thought I remembered using Crayola crayons labelled Flesh. But I just looked up Crayola in Wikipedia and it says, “The color known as Flesh was renamed Peach in 1962.” We must have had some pretty old crayons.

    And get this, they also sell Multicultural crayons that come in all shades of skin.

    • rowingfool

      Of those multicultural crayons, 6 are what artists call Earth tones. They’re called that because they were derived from clays: yellow ochre, English red, raw and burnt sienna, raw and burnt umber. They’re all iron oxides–rust. Then there’s black, which was made from sooty smoke–lamp black. And white, which didn’t exist in the primitive palette. Artists have used these colors since the days of the cave painters, 40,000 years ago. In spite of the advent of brilliant synthetic colors, today’s portrait and landscape painters still use the earth tones extensively. They have a clarity that is difficult to imitate.

      Today we’re so ignorant that we label them “multicultural” and act as though we have made a huge breakthrough in racial tolerance by lumping them together.

  • cablegirls


  • Nathanwartooth

    1984 is a really creepy book when it comes to stuff like this.

    Everyone had to watch their step around children. Since they were the most indoctrinated they were the most likely to turn in anyone they saw doing something “wrong”.

    • fuzzypook

      Did you see the part where the government ordered the company to relocate it’s headquarters to a high diversity area? Apparently the whole company needs to be “reeducated.”

  • NM156

    The Equality Ombudsman. How sexist. And Orwellian.

  • Lagerstrom

    Mmmmm, no they didn’t.

  • “…he didn’t think the company had named the paints in a deliberately racist way”.

    Well, that is because it is not ‘racist’. So therefore they could not have. Case closed. Next!.

    You know, just when I thought Britain must have near topped the world leader board for sheer insanity, along comes Sweden in some kind of Eurovision Libtard Contest, to contend for first place.

    It is now getting to some point beyond creepy and entering into the territory of a full blown mass-psychotic mental illness.

    • In fact, if she can get so upset at perceived paint name intolerance, it would not surprise me if she insists on mixing up Rice Crispies and Coco Pops in the same container, because “Cereal Apartheid” and “segregation” would be wrong.

      These people need taking to some sort of padded cell for their own safety as well as ours.

    • Ella

      It is so ridiculous and neurotic at times that you think it has to come out of some comedy skit. I do laugh at these articles sometimes in amusement and disbelief of the absurdity in the multi-cult propaganda. You could go “crazy” if you just take things too seriously. My Crayola box of crayons are now racist: Black, Brown, Yellow and even, White.

  • Ella

    Obviously, this Swede has no art background because when you have to mix “skin color,” a beige blend, that is what you call it using a certain color palette. You can make it darker by applying more umber for Hispanic and Black skin-tones with less tinting (white). How many traditional portraitures are Black from the Renaissance?? I wonder how the professors teach Art History today with all these famous and dead White male artists?