Pentagon Training Manual: White Males Have Unfair Advantages

Todd Starnes, Fox News, October 31, 2013

A controversial 600-plus page manual used by the military to train its Equal Opportunity officers teaches that “healthy, white, heterosexual, Christian” men hold an unfair advantage over other races, and warns in great detail about a so-called “White Male Club.”

“Simply put, a healthy, white, heterosexual, Christian male receives many unearned advantages of social privilege, whereas a black, homosexual, atheist female in poor health receives many unearned disadvantages of social privilege,” reads a statement in the manual created by the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI).

The manual, which was obtained by Fox News, also instructs troops to “support the leadership of people of color. Do this consistently, but not uncritically,” the manual states.

The Equal Opportunity Advisor Student Guide is the textbook used during a three month DEOMI course taught at Patrick Air Force Base in Florida. Individuals who attend the training lead Equal Opportunity briefings on military installations around the nation.

The 637-page manual covers a wide range of issues from racism and religious diversity to cultural awareness, extremism and white privilege.

I obtained a copy of the manual from an Equal Opportunity officer who was disturbed by the course content and furious over the DEOMI’s reliance on the Southern Poverty Law Center for information on “extremist” groups.


DEOMI instructors were also responsible for briefings at bases around the country that falsely labeled evangelical Christians, Catholics and a number of high-profile Christian ministries as domestic hate groups.


DEOMI opened in 1971 in response to the civil rights movement. It’s responsible for Equal Opportunity/Equal Employment Opportunity education and training for military active duty and reservists, according to its website.

The subject of white privilege emerged in a 20-page section titled, “Power and Privilege.”

“Whites are the empowered group,” the manual declares. “White males represent the haves as compared to the have-nots.”

The military document advises personnel to “assume racism is everywhere, every day” and “notice code words for race.” They are also instructed to “understand and learn from the history of whiteness and racism.”

“Assume racism is everywhere, everyday,” read a statement in a section titled, ‘How to be a strong ‘white ally.'”

“One of the privileges of being white is not having to see or deal with racism all the time,” the manual states. “We have to learn to see the effect that racism has.”


The guide also points out that whites are over-represented and blacks are underrepresented in positive news stories, that middle class blacks live in poorer neighborhoods than middle class whites and that even though there are more white criminals than any other race, the news coverage of black criminals is about equal to the news coverage of white criminals.

The military manual goes into great detail about a so-called “White Male Club.”

“In spite of slave insurrections, civil war, the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments, the women’s suffrage movement leading to the 19th amendment, the civil rights movement, urban rebellions and the contemporary feminist movement, the club persists,” the document states.


The military also implies that white Americans may be in denial about racism.

In a section titled, “Rationalizations for Retaining Privilege and Avoiding Responsibilities,” the military lays out excuses white people use.

“Today some white people may use the tactic of denial when they say, ‘It’s a level playing field; this is a land of equal opportunity,’” the manual reads. “Some white people may be counterattacking today by saying political correctness rules the universities or they want special status.”

DEOMI points out that if “white people are unable to maintain that the atrocities are all in the past, they may switch to tactics to make a current situation seem isolated.”

They said some of the ways whites may claim to be victims include saying things like, “I have it just as bad as anyone else,” “They’re taking away our jobs,” or “White people are under attack.”

The military concludes the section by urging students to “understand and learn from the history of whiteness and racism” and “support the leadership of people of color.”


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  • Alexandra1973

    In short, “They’re born with something and we’re not. WAAHH!”

    Where’s the privilege in being blamed for everything that goes wrong in this world?

    • NeanderthalDNA

      We’re evil. Let’s go with it. Strut it, eh?

      • Lagerstrom

        Why not? Attention all of you sheep out there: Don’t bother apologising, don’t attempt to make ‘amends’. You can’t. You’ve already been targeted as an ideological enemy of your own country. All of you from your kind old grandma right down to your little boy or girl.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          Maybe so, but at least learn from the facts so that at least know what you’re owning or denying and you don’t repeat what caused all that you must deny or proudly own now.

      • ms_anthro

        Indeed. Perhaps we should give them reasons to hate and fear us instead of just quietly suffering under their abuses. The old “I’ll give you something to cry about!” threat comes immediately to mind.

  • Puggg

    What’s the cause of all this?

    Let doggy spell it out for you:


    He’s also forcing many many older white officers into retirement, which is very similar to what Nelson Mandela did to the South African military after he took over. The reason is that they were trying to prevent a counter-revolutionary coup.

    • Alexandra1973

      I remember several years ago when there was this memo saying, basically, anyone who holds conservative beliefs or voted third party is a terrorist.

      I voted for Chuck Baldwin in ’08. Screw ’em.

      • Terra Magnum Imperium

        Would explain all those cell phone Echoes I have been getting.

    • Lewis33

      This guy loves executive orders as he knows whomever follows him will not have the guts to get rid of any of them.

      • Erasmus

        And if it’s Shillary (*shudder*) she’s going to add quite a few new ones of her own.

        But, America just isn’t ready for a gorgon in The Oval Office, so she can’t be elected, can she?

        • dd121

          Half the people in this country get free stuff from the guvment. Why wouldn’t they vote for her?

          • Erasmus

            Actually, I agree with you. I was just being coy.

            Our “government” is now primarily a mechanism for the transfer of wealth, from the producers to the parasites.

          • dd121

            In the last election I knew that Romney was no conservative but I really couldn’t see how he could lose given Obama’s far left actions. Boy, was I ever wrong. I came to realize why. The “free stuff” factor trumps everything else.

          • hopeyaguessmyname

            Never underestimate the voting power of the parasites. You are up against blacks, latinos. refugees, indians public sector workers, unions and ALL THEIR FREAKING FAMILIES.
            These are huge numbers to overcome, and if all that wasn’t bad enough… you also have black voter fraud.
            Obama was a certainty.

          • Alfred the Great

            Don’t forget the Jews and the Asians, who voted for obama 80% and 88% respectively.

        • Alexandra1973

          Shrillary is just plain evil.

          • Lagerstrom

            She’s what I call an “anti-person”.

      • Mergatroyd

        I wonder if he understand a single one that was written for him to sign.
        Obama strikes me as a profoundly stupid man. Ever heard him without his teleprompter or the coached, canned answers he gives the media? He bumbles, stumbles, repeats himself and hems and haws.
        Not that the media would ever call him on his blunders. They have his back 100%, unless he defies them like hesitating on a war with Iran, then they’ll post repeated stories about Benzahi or the IRS scandal to bring him back into line.

    • Sick of it

      When I was over there, I met a former South African commando who was at the time working as a tourist guide. Talk about a change in career!

      • Erasmus

        And I’ll bet the heads of Neurosurgery and Radiology at Cape Town General are now a couple of bucks with average IQ’s of 95 appointed to enhance the hospital’s diversity.

        The western world is now insane. With our “leaders” now launched upon this hare-brained celebrate-diversity trajectory, the West is being thoroughly softened up for an onslaught by the Islamo-fascists.

        • Sick of it

          That could be part of the plan. I was just thinking on the damage that Islam originally inflicted upon the white world during the middle ages. That if not for Islam, the Mongols would have been stopped far to the East. That much of the world would have remained white instead of becoming mixed race. More people would be Christians. We might have decent alternative places to move, as those ancient economies could have developed into powerhouses over time just as happened in Europe. Two distinct royal families would not have become quite so powerful as they had after the advent of Islam…they’d have had real competition.

          • Alfred the Great

            Very good point about the muslims. I hadn’t thought of the fact that we were actually fighting on two fronts: the mongols and the muslims, whereas, each of our adversaries was only fighting on one. Interesting.

        • Alfred the Great

          A reason why I come to this website is to reassure myself that I am not the only one who thinks the way that I do…thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mergatroyd

      Obama is an easily replaceable front man. When his usefulness is up, he’ll be tossed aside by his controllers. Obama is only doing what he is being ordered to do. For God’s Sake, the “man” reads canned speeches that he didn’t write from a teleprompter.

      How do you suppose a nobody, third-rate, unintelligent black with no record of achievement was vaulted from nothing to a position as “head” of the *cough* free world?
      Pull back the curtain. There are a million “obamas” out there who will happily sell out whatever needs to be sold at at the moment for a few sheckels.
      I agree Obama is an enemy of whites, but not the main one, he is a shill for our REAL enemy.

      • joesolargenius

        You are a hundred percent right and I too have made this point for years that presidents are puppetts, they just used a black one this time in order to keep all the black voters quite.

    • John R

      Or, better example: The Stalin Purges.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      I think in this vein, Chittum is correct, CW2 will start inside the military. The majority of the elite fighting troops/units are overwhelmingly filled by white males. The huge “rainbow” of uniformed military dependents that comprise the military bureaucracy below them must be very worried. This manual seems to me to be an attempt to find a political angle of attack on these units.

      • Since there are no more OBLs to get, I guess Obama thinks he won’t actually need the almost all white Navy SEALs anymore for anything, so it’s time to make ’em more vibrant…er, useless.

    • Jesse James

      Don’t forget the total number of generals the armed forces have, there are hundreds of generals and at the most only a few dozen, if that many, have been forced into retirement. Not counting the equivalent ranks in the Navy there are just under 500 active duty generals allocated by law to the Army, Air Force and Marines. (220 Army, 208, Air Force, 60 USMC = 488) So I do think we should keep some perspective about how much actual change is occurring in the general ranks.

      Yes seeing some of your peers being sacked has an effect on the others but I doubt it is enough to radically change the institutional culture of the military. That being said the military has been used for a long time as a way the Executive can force through cultural changes. The presidential orders to desegregate the military are a good example as are the change from strict intolerance of gays to “don’t ask don’t tell ” to the current policy of full acceptance of gays and persecution of traditional Christians.

  • OhWow

    Black people in a nutshell.

  • Erasmus

    FTA: A controversial 600-plus page manual used by the military to train its Equal Opportunity officers teaches that “healthy, white, heterosexual, Christian” men hold an unfair advantage over other races,…

    What “unfair” advantage are they talking about? Enjoying an IQ over 75? Growing up with two parents who put the kibosh on any anti-social behavior they might have exhibited as children? Holding to principles that will lead to success in life? Being forced to work for everything they achieved, instead of having everything freely handed to them no matter how no matter how undeserving?

    NAMs are their own worst enemies.

  • ncpride

    “One of the privileges of being white is not having to see or deal with racism all the time,” the manual states. “We have to learn to see the effect that racism has.”

    That’s an incredible statement considering this ridiculous manual is dripping with racism of White males, and ONLY White males. How stupid do these people think we are not to see their bias and hypocrisy? Surely we won’t stand for this nonsense much longer. Seems to me they are getting more desperate by the minute trying to spread their anti-White message on every level of our society. This will not end well.

    • Erasmus

      That’s an incredible statement considering this ridiculous manual is dripping with racism of White males, and ONLY White males.

      The irony will be completely lost on them. Don’t even try. After the racist misgovernance of Barack Hussein Obama, I will probably vote only for white males.

    • sbuffalonative

      Two privileges of being white are that you are seen as a stereotype of a racist and any modest success you may achieve is proof of your racist hatred.

      • Erasmus

        Since they think we’re racist no matter what we do, shouldn’t we do them the favor of living up to their worst opinion of us?

        This search for “hidden” racism is akin to those Stalinist show trials of the 1930’s where denial of having any ant-Marxist sentiment was taken as proof that you did or those self-criticism sessions that took place in Mao’s China.
        Had they lived 500 years ago, these PC clowns would be burning “witches.”

        • Sick of it

          No, 500 years ago their kind WERE witches.

    • rowingfool

      “That’s an incredible statement…”

      It’s as though they are flaunting their power by taunting us with absurdities that are laughably ridiculous to any sane intelligent person.

      First they pleaded for tolerance. Next they desired acceptance. Then they demanded representation. Achieving that they imposed their will. And finally they persecute those who plead for tolerance.

      • Mergatroyd

        “absurdities that are laughably ridiculous to any sane intelligent person.”

        To us whites it appears that way; blacks are neither intelligent nor sane, which the cultural marxists well know. The anti-white agitprop is directed at them, not at us. As for us whites, threats of career destruction and bankruptcy are used on dissidents, something we well understand. The cultural marxists are not dumb, they know exactly what they are doing and understand the psychology of each race very very well and know what works with each one. Their destruction is carefully targeted.

  • rowingfool

    From above; “if “white people are unable to maintain that the atrocities are all in the past”

    Atrocities? Yup. That’s why there were four (4) million blacks in the USA in 1860 and nearly forty (40) million today. They have, in fact reproduced at a faster rate than the white population has EVEN COUNTING the predominantly white immigration from 1860 to 1960!

    If we are indeed guilty of inflicting “atrocities” on the black race, we sure aren’t doing a very good job of it and ours would one of the strangest race wars in history.

  • TheCogitator

    Whites need to pull out of the military. Let blacks have it, and than see what sort of fighting force we have. We know it will be totally incompetent. If that is what the rulers want, let them have it.

    • ncpride

      I agree. Just let one of those ROTC recruiters dare approach my son in HS. I’m going to print this article, wave it in his face and ask him to give me even one good reason my White son should serve a military and country who clearly hates him and will go to great lengths to discriminate against him. Not on my watch, pal.

      • Jesse James

        I fear that is what they want NC, they want whites to avoid the military or get out early so they can make it majority minority, then they can finish this revolution they have started. Obama and the other communist progressives have no respect for rule of law and are fanatically dedicated to radical transformation of the country. That said I stopped some years ago recommending that family members or children of friends go into the military. If they do I tell them just stay a few years to pick up some skills and experience. I am sick of seeing our people used in these neocon adventures that have precious little to do with the security of the US.

        • ncpride

          I notice they don’t ever take issue or even dare mention the disproportionate number of White men being killed or maimed for life in these wars either. Now that’s something we will NEVER hear is ‘too White’…..That’s some ‘White Privilege’, huh?

        • Sick of it

          The thing is, if the white backbone of the United States military were no longer in the military, they would be more likely to side with the people than against the people once Comrade Obama pushes forward the revolution.

          • Jesse James


          • sbuffalonative

            It’s time to start an outreach program to members of the military to let them know where they stand. I read a post from a Marine after the gay ban was lifted and he said that he plans to get out before being gay is a requirement.

          • Sick of it

            He may be joking, BUT dystopian novels written before I was born have addressed that very situation (such as The Forever War).

          • Rhialto

            Third attempt at posting.
            There was a male-male wedding at West Point. Google for details.

      • Erasmus

        I grew up in a family with a tradition of service going back for generations, but there’s no way in hell I want any child or grandchild or anyone I love throwing his life away in military service to the United States.
        Fighting to stop the invasion of tens of millions of illegal aliens would be worth taking up arms for. Fighting and dying to protect the borders of Iraq and Afghanistan are not.
        Our “elites” can get stuffed.

    • Sangraal

      Yes, let them die in wars for Israel, Halliburton, and Al-Qaeda.

    • Lagerstrom

      Absolutely. Let the ‘minorities’ have the universities too.

      • Jesse James

        I think the big universities will go the way of the print media. You can learn just about anything online. Now some of the best teachers in the world are accessible to anyone with internet access. You have resources like Khan Academy and hundreds of other sources that are as good or better than any instruction you get the average state university. Many have invested very heavily in brick and mortar infrastructure that is expensive to build and maintain thinking that attendance would just keep going up. But there is a huge education bubble waiting to burst and when it does you will see these schools start cannibalizing themselves. I predict one of the first things they will do is recruit internationally even harder trying to attract Third World students to fill the growing number of empty desks. Americans are sick of going into debt and ending up working jobs that they could have gotten without the expense and effort of college. The next twenty years will be very interesting.

        • WhiteGuyInJapan

          I’m not sure distance education will completely replace traditional brick and mortar campus study, but online education is so convenient and practical for working people who want to learn specific skills and boost their career.
          I happen to be doing my MSEdu through distance education. It takes a bit more self-discipline than the usual format as there are fewer set meeting times.
          Oh, and it is much easier to avoid college feminist protesters and dope-smoking roommates, etc. Still have commie professors, though.

          • Lars

            Right now I am in a program for unemployed veterans and they are paying the GI bill standard of $1650 a month which can only be used at community colleges. This can be a great way to study computer science, but yeah the profs are radicals.

          • Jesse James

            Good luck Lars with college but don’t forget their is still a path to a decent living in the trades. Electrical work in particular is promising though in my state, Georgia, you have to work for a licensed electrician for five years before you can get your own license. Something like that might be a good thing to do while you are going to school. My brother is a general contractor and he says it is very hard to find young men who are willing to learn a trade who take work seriously and can be counted on to show up and work. There are still opportunities for young men who are disciplined, honest and hard working.

    • Yale2001

      Good point; however, I believe their main goal with the military is to spread them out. We still have a lot of strong patriots in the military. When it comes to American’s they will primarily use the UN and DHS, for their agenda.

  • sbuffalonative

    The manual sounds like a good way to spark a conversation on racial awareness, if you know what I mean.

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    Our unfair advantages are genetic. Reminds me of that old shampoo commercial, “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.”

  • Rhialto

    Keep in mind that this is not the output of a school or political organization; it is from the FedGov’s military. It’s useless to refute the statements in this document. The important point is that the document exists, which shows the FedGov’s attitude toward normal White men.

  • MekongDelta69

    XNever in a million years did I ever think the same Military I served in so long ago would have fallen so deep in the sewer.

    If it had been this way back then, I never would have enlisted, never gone into SpeOps, never gone to Vietnam & did all those tours. I would have told Uncle Sam (who has now turned into a pervert) to kiss my *** and go you know what himself.

    I’m glad I got out when I did…

    • You did what you thought was right at the time. Don’t second-guess yourself. We operate as best we can, based on what we know, when we know it.

  • Truthseeker

    It’s always the whites who get blamed. It’s all these people know. Even if non-whites completely took over this country, it resembled a hollowed-out shell of its former self (think Detroit) and whites were nothing but a small marginalized minority confined to a few pockets around the land, they’d still blame everything on them.

    They’ve been so conditioned to believe that whites are the enemy that as long as there’s a white person to blame, they’ll do it. Until the last white person is obliterated, they’ll believe that the very existence of whites is holding them back from achieving their utopia.

    • bigone4u

      Even then, my friend, when whites have been gone for thousands of years, it would be “the legacy of the white oppression” that is holding them back.

  • Luca

    “healthy, white, heterosexual, Christian” men hold an unfair advantage over other races, …”

    And exactly how are healthy, heterosexual, Jewish men, affected by this? Do you mean to tell me here is some mystical discrimination and privilege holding them back too, if so please explain. And what does being healthy, heterosexual, Christian or male have to do with race?

    Do you see how this insidious propaganda has permeated all levels of the Government? They make these blanket slogan-like accusations with absolutely no science or evidence to back it up. Liberalism is a sick cult and these types of statements are simply “scripture” from their playbook Bibles. If you repeat the lie often enough it will be believed.

    They create and cultivate the victims and you can clearly see who their enemy is, as stated above: White, Christian, male ,heterosexuals.

    • Jesse James

      Luca what is really painful is sitting through one of these hate white males indoctrination sessions and not being able to say a word. Anything less than 1s on your picket fence rating (commitment to EO) scale ends your career. The people who instruct these EO sessions say the most outrageous things knowing they can’t be challenged. There is no freedom of speech in the military, to challenge the instructor in one of these sessions, even in a reasonable fact filled non-emotional manner is de facto to prove to the modern day “commissars” that you don’t support the program.

      • I was in the Navy for 179 days in the late 80s, I saw it as a way to get more college money. The first 160 days were the most miserable days of my life, watching blacks that couldn’t pass a simple educational test being treated preferentially by the company commanders while Whites were treated like crap. When Navy doctors found an issue that could mean a discharge, “Let’s go for it”. My last 19 days were spent in NavSep – my only good days in the Navy. The military is an AA crap life. Bow down to the incompetent negro.

        • Erasmus

          It is sick, isn’t it? Our “elites” fawn over dysfunctional ghetto trash, most of whom couldn’t wipe their own areses before 1st grade, and kick people who hold the same ethos that created this once great nation in the teeth. We are living in an upside-down world.

        • Marlin B. Newburn

          You’re a smart man. Sometimes you have to change course in life simply out of ethics, morality, and common sense. You could have surrendered your integrity and stayed in, but a mental check would come due later in life. You held to your honorable values, and that alone will see you succeed in life.

    • Lagerstrom

      I already knew that being ‘white, heterosexual and Christian” meant you were a nazi/fascist klan member, but healthy too? I suppose having a nice, neat garden in your front yard is further evidence of ‘White privilege’.

      This stinks of desperation people. It can’t go on for too much longer.

      • Jesse James

        It went on for 90 years in Russia.

        • Lagerstrom

          True, but 90 years isn’t a long span. Long enough though if you had to live through it though.

          • Jesse James

            I know I am getting awfully tired of living through it now. Everyday some new transformational bs. Every time we defeat one gun grabbing or amnesty legislation there is another following right behind it. I feel like I am stuck in an endless game of Galaga but instead of fighting off a never ending wave of enemy aliens we are fighting off a never ending wave of one progressive legislation attempt after another. We can block a hundred and then two get through and we are pushed back and the bills just keep coming. I can’t tell you how many emails and calls I have made to my legislators over the past five years, yet if stop fighting back they would bury us under new laws.

        • sbuffalonative

          It only took 20 years to undo those 90.

          • Jesse James

            Well let’s get working.

        • Le Fox

          Yeah, but even the Russians knew it was propaganda. They condemned homosexuality in the USSR and do so now.

      • Alexandra1973

        Come to think of it, I heard of someone in Oak Park, Michigan, where I used to live, being busted for having such a garden!

        Sick, isn’t it?

  • bigone4u

    Meet Sgt Reckless, the true face of diversity in the military. She is the hero horse of the Korean War, moving up the ranks from private to sergeant because of her dedication to duty. She performed bravely during combat conditions, was wounded, and even saved the lives of some American soldiers. Although she died in 1968, the military has created a memorial to her. By the way, she’s Asian, a Mongolian I believe, born in Korea and then brought to the US after the war. Wikipedia has a nice long story about her. I salute this kind of diversity. You might also look up Sgt Stubby, the hero pit bull dog of WWI, who also represents the best that diversity can offer.

  • HJ11

    More anti-White hate and bigotry from “our” government. This sort ot crap just gives a feeling of a high moral ground to non-Whites who attack and kill Whites. “Yo, yo, man, I be killin’ White privelege, they been keepin’ us down.”

  • Jim Henry

    How many white males are assigned to DEOMI? I am sure that group is just another make-work project for females and non-whites who are incapable of performing real-world duties in the armed forces. I can imagine its chain-of-command…probably has some flag officers assigned. I spent 30 years in the military and never heard of DEOMI.

    My response to this article is “don’t sweat the small stuff”.

  • bigone4u

    I found this story first on the truthseeker website (a UK conspiracy website) and then linked from there to Fox and then sent it to Amren last night about 3 am. I’m glad they’re featuring it because I couldn’t sleep after reading it. I was PO’d to the max. My “white rage” is still at the boiling point. Two things need to be done first:

    1. Get a copy of the manual and publicize the anti-white contents on every conspiracy website out there. I’ve done some writing for one of the most popular conspiracy websites and if I can get a copy of the manual, I’ll deconstruct it and write an article about anti-white racism for that website.
    2. Make sure that every white male knows that “they” hate his guts and thus, it’s not safe nor sane for him to join the military. However, an all minority military will be more willing to murder us in our beds, so I have to hesitate a bit on this one.
    If the garbage that runs our government now thinks I’m going to shut up and go about business as usual, they are sadly mistaken. This junk is going to bite them in their sorry butts, I guarantee it.

    • Le Fox

      The one thing PCTs get right is that anti-white racism exists.

      Too bad they attack the gingerbread men instead of the real enemies.

  • “Assume racism is everywhere, everyday,”

    yeah its called the White race, clearly duh, Anti racist is code for anti White!

  • JohnEngelman

    A black person who is reasonably intelligent, reasonably likable, and reasonably attractive, and who has no felony convictions or illegitimate children has doors opened that remain securely shut for an equally worthy white person.

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      This is true. When I worked for a Public Defender, the head of the investigative staff was a likeable, well-dressed black man with about a 95 IQ. The three other guys – all White – who applied for the position were incredibly sharp. After his appointment, one of the Whites retired, and the other two ended up getting the same position in nearby, larger, more-prestigious counties.

      • Does this mean the three whites weren’t willing to do the groid’s work for him? Those racists!

    • Sick of it

      There are government jobs which require actual ability in the accounting field, but for which an accountant could be considered less qualified than someone who dealt with utility bills collections for 5 years. A completely non-thinking job.

    • Le Fox

      You mean like Kanye West?

  • HJ11

    One has to wonder if this is related to Obama purging some four star generals. Who is he replacing them with? Non-Whites or weak seed Whites? And, we should all know that weak seed Whites will be happy to dig the graves of other Whites.

  • libertarian1234

    Somehow these SPLC freaks, along with the ADL, weasel their way into the police and military departments around the country, taking advantage of weak-minded fools within these organizations and trick them into believing they’re a hate-watch group whose interest is in fairness, impartiality, freedom and the good of the country.

    That these subversive organizations are able to do that says volumes about the naiveté and gullibility of the higher-ups who are so lacking in good sense they allow both organizations to dictate policy, which we are seeing right now in this instance.
    It began with Clinton, continued on with the idiot prince and it’s in high gear and moving at rapid speed right now under the anti-white, pro-black community organizer.
    You would think that the military brass would be savvy enough to understand that this is a recipe for divisiveness on a grand scale, but it appears there’s no one at home. For certain there are high level administration officials who are forcing these influences, but for the Pentagon to accept them is evidence that the only brass left are the ones who haven’t been purged because they go along to get along with the deranged PC crowd.
    Pushing to get unqualified blacks as officers is a serious matter, because AA appointees have no business in positions that could cost lives due to incompetence. But it’s being done and it has been undermining military effectiveness for several years now.
    Under this black demagogue the military at the end of three more years won’t be recognizable as the once super-competent fighting force it has been for years.
    I’m hoping white military enlistments sink about 90% in the near future, because we’re going to suffer a humiliating defeat or two if we are forced to go against a competent adversary whose military wants no part of social engineering.
    Which means just about anybody.

    • Sick of it

      Not only lower level officers, but even high level brass are starting to complain about what the Obama regime is doing to the military. Many have become whistleblowers.

      • jena

        Hence the purge of high level officers we’re seeing…….

  • TiffanyS

    “… the DEOMI’s
    reliance on the Southern Poverty Law Center for information…”

    If they replaced every reference to ‘white people’ in the manual with ‘Jewish people,’ I suspect that the SPLC would have been quick to condemn the manual and try to claim that it’s a resurrection of some Nazi Germany manual from the 1930’s written to incite the genocide of Jewish people.

    • sbuffalonative

      This manual is a perfect means for conservative congressmen to question why our military and law enforcement agencies use information supplied by the SPLC.

    • Dave4088

      Ha! If that happened the authors of the manual would have been outed, fired and demonized by the lamestream media.

  • Spartacus

    Good. This joke of an army will be no threat to a free White nation in north America .

  • [Guest]

    >>>…healthy, white, heterosexual, Christian male….

    I wonder how many healthy, white, heterosexual, Christian males know that they’ve become America’s enemy number one.

  • How does it feel to be the racial target of the world’s most powerful military? Heather Muller, Channon Christian, Christopher Newsome, and Jonathan Foster were just nudges…

  • The Final Solution

    Anyone see the news about the two Golden Dawn party members who were gunned down outside their headquarters in Athens? We are at war people. These liberal fascists are stepping up their game.

    • Sangraal

      I had not seen this. That is awful, RIP. May they be avenged.

    • Lagerstrom

      I don’t expect the Greek government will be branding these ‘anti-fascist’ organisations (whatever they be called) as criminal organisations and shutting them down anytime soon?

  • Sue

    more white criminals than any other race…………………….
    Training manual? Yes it is, against whites.

  • Sick of it

    White people who live around non-white people deal with discrimination regularly.

    • libertarian1234

      And they deal with resentment, jealousy and hate as well.

      • Sick of it

        I got a few hateful glances at the grocery store earlier and I’m actually a pretty friendly person.

        • dd121

          From blacks you always get seething resentment and hate. Sometimes it’s below the surface, sometimes not. It’s all promoted by the left who encourage the groids always to blame us for their failings.

    • Alexandra1973

      Kinda reminds me of a student who makes excellent grades in school and is a genius and is picked on by other students.

  • ncpride

    “Today some white people may use the tactic of denial when they say, ‘It’s a level playing field; this is a land of equal opportunity,’”

    But more opportunity for some than others. It most certainly is not a level playing field, and Whites better realize this. Not with affirmative action, racial quotas, set asides, the constant ‘shakedown’ of Whites, opinion pieces in newspapers trashing White males for not hiring ‘diversity’ to run the companies they have built, the countless scholarships available to non whites, and if they need anymore proof, just take a peek at this anti-white piece of work that make it clear the ‘playing field’ is about as lopsided as it gets.

    • Sick of it

      Some animals are more equal than others…

    • Randall Ward

      There is no such thing as a level playing field. The world is a tough place if you want to win. Everyone hates you anyway, just because you want to excell. Who cares what anyone says or does? Making good money and succeeding is much harder than most people know and it is certainly not for someone that doesn’t have their mind made up and their face made like flint.

  • David Ashton

    The target and apotheosis of Cultural Marxism in today’s USA could not be made more explicit: “healthy, white, Christian males”.

    The tools for the new leftist overthrow of society have been blacks, immigrants, students and sexual minorities, but also sections of the white working class and its organs of enforcement whose ideological “awareness” has been “raised” in preparation for a completion of the revolution and the forcible suppression of resistance.

    “The development of a radical political consciousness among the masses is conceivable only if and when the economic stability and social cohesion of the system begins to weaken. It was the traditional role of the Marxist-Leninist party to prepare the ground” – Herbert Marcuse, “An Essay on Liberation”, 1972 ed, p.59.

    “Defeating the Ultra-Right….An all-inclusive coalition would need to be led by labor and the working-class in close alliance with the nationally and racially oppressed, women, and youth…the LGBT community…and the disabled…an ever-growing Left-Center political coalition that includes the Democratic Party…. The struggle against the ultra-right helps millions of people understand more clearly who the next main strategic opponent is and …methods of struggle, forms of organization….” – “CPUSA Program”, May 19, 2006.

    “A time comes when there is demoralization above, a growing revolt below; the morale of the army is also undermined…. Army units begin to join the revolutionary fighters…. Capitalism is losing its strongest weapon, the army.” – “Why Communism?” CPUSA, 1935, pp.59-60.

    • Sick of it

      Disabled folks I know vote along conservative lines. Of course, they probably realize what the socialists will do to them, once they’ve obtained enough power to do so.

      • David Ashton

        Different here across the pond – the neomarxian politicization of “differently abled communities” within our welfare system has become a social problem on its own. There is even a cult of disability as such, e.g. “deaf culture” & the right to transmit incurable severe and painful hereditary to children (while advocating abortion-on-demand for healthy white babies).

  • WR_the_realist

    White heterosexual men should refuse to volunteer for military service. Let the blacks, Hispanics, and gays be the cannon fodder for our future wars. If you need to convince any white, hetereosexual man about this just show him that training manual so he knows what he will be up against.

    • Randall Ward

      Give up because someone writes a training manual you don’t like? Realist is another word for someone that is afraid to try to win. Any one that leads must be like the bow of an icebreaker, tougher than the rest of the ship and willing to bust through to get to the destination. White people didn’t get where we are today by giving up for some stupid reason. When someone treats me like that, I double down and win, if at all possible.

      • WR_the_realist

        Why fight wars that have nothing to do with defending your home, your family, or your rights? All of the wars the U.S. fights are other people’s wars, not our own. All that sloganeering about how our soldiers “fight for our freedoms” is such obvious propaganda I’m surprised anybody falls for it. So I’m happy to let the diversity die in wars that we shouldn’t be fighting anyway.

        There is only one significant threat to my freedoms — the U.S. federal government.

        • Mergatroyd

          Well stated and Amen.
          Not one white life should be sacrificed to “bring democracy to Afghanistan or Iraq or the Sudan, Libya, etc.”
          Let the diversitoids like disadvantaged black, lesbian atheists learn to operate and repair the high tech weaponry the military employes, think outside the box, plan military maneuvers and strategies against the so-called “enemy,” and disable IEDs. Ha.
          The military better start manufacturing body bags, a lot of them.

        • Jackryanvb

          Oh brother – one of these Libertarian Constitutionalist cult members. Yeah, the Fed. government is the only threat to your/our freedoms.

          How about 11-20 million non White illegal aliens? 100,000 Chicago Black and Latrino gang members?

          I take it you’re signing up for Rand Paul’s Libertarian loon crusade for President? I note that this week Rand Paul is reaching out to Attorney General Eric Holder’s crusade to end the Racist US criminal justice system’s treatment of Blacks that puts a disproportion isn’t % of Blacks in jail. Rand Paul likened this unjust drug sentencing system to Jim Crow laws!

          What a &$&@ing traitor!

  • Le Fox

    Eh. AIDS will get ’em.

    • IstvanIN

      They have been promising that for 25 years.

  • Nathanwartooth

    “One of the privileges of being white is not having to see or deal with racism all the time,” the manual states.

    Citation needed.

  • RisingReich

    ” whereas a black, homosexual, atheist female in poor health receives many unearned disadvantages of social privilege ” – correction – they have earned all the disadvantages they have coming to them.

    Who writes this drivel emanating from the Pentagon?

    • Sick of it

      The SPLC has literally written some of their materials. The ADL too I think.

      • RisingReich

        If that’s the case it’s worse than even I thought.

      • Mergatroyd

        They’re busy writing police manuals too.

  • Funruffian

    If any officer takes this garbage seriously it will only cause dissention amongst our military, which will eventually deteriorate our forces. Morale will decline, along with skills, leadership, commitment to excellence and fighting power.

  • “Over the past three years, it is unprecedented for the number of
    four-star generals to be relieved of duty, and not necessarily relieved
    for cause,” Boykin said…
    “I believe there is a purging of the military,” he said. “The problem is worse than we have ever seen.”
    Retired Army Lt. Gen. William G. “Jerry” Boykin, who was with Delta
    Force and later Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence
    “There is no doubt he (Obama) is intent on emasculating the military and
    will fire anyone who disagrees with him” over such issues as
    “homosexuals, women in foxholes, the Obama sequester,” Brady told WND.
    “They are purging everyone, and if you want to keep your job, just keep your mouth shut,” one source told WND.
    Retired Army Maj. Gen. Patrick Brady, recipient of the U.S. military’s highest decoration, the Medal of Honor.

    I guess this PC correct document was dictated straight from the top and the above comments indicate that even if the top brass has reservations, examples have been made of all disagreers. After all, there’s no reason you can’t just pick a black off the street and make him a 4-star General.

  • Randall Ward

    This was going on when I was in the AF in 1964. It is absolutely against the laws of the national government and the constitution. Why the hell should some black be treated better than any white?

    • Defiant White

      Because dey be special ansheeit. Dey bees unda-privi-la-ged. Just ask Jesse or Big Al if you have any doubts.

  • I will leave it to them to go fight wars without white men.

    I’ve been to war – not for the Pentagon – and thought it hideous, dirty and frightening. I particularly disliked artillery rockets all landing on my position at once. I used to vomit myself completely empty until little bright yellow strings were hanging off my lips each morning. It felt like I was dying, but I was always good-to-go afterward, until I had to piss my pants, but I always did that, too. Why does anyone think a battlefield smells like urine? I always did it at the beginning of every firefight. It helped relax me.

    If everyone wants to do these things without whitey, they are welcome to it.

  • Randall Ward

    Obama is like Clinton; they don’t care if the military is ready to fight a war, they had just soon use the military as street sweepers.

    • Erasmus

      Or umbrella holders.

    • Mergatroyd

      War is becoming increasingly mechanized and high tech. Obama’s handlers do have a liking for drones, which they’ll turn on us American whites eventually. Good to learn how to shoot them down before they take US down.

  • Erasmus

    Depressing, isn’t it?

    Look at the trash now “leading” The United States, then you’ll understand why so many Americans are amenable to splitting the country up.

  • Defiant White

    NEWS FLASH: Nobody, and I mean NOBODY pays attention or listens to that crap. Going to Equal Opportunity training is a great way to get caught up on your email. I used to dump my Inbox in a briefcase and then sit and the back and go through everything getting caught up. You try not to laugh at the silly garbage they spout and you DO NOT ever ask or answer questions because you want the stupid thing to end fast. EO Officers are just one of the many assigned duties a leader might pick up. I would always assign the most junior lieutenant or even a junior NCO to that job. It’s all BS and everybody knows it. From what I understand, it works exactly the same way in the civilian sector.

    • Jesse James

      I agree that people ignore it and sit silently to get it over with and get back to the real business of the day. The problem is that they have the power to make us sit there and listen to their lies. They are rubbing our face in the fact that we can’t say a damned thing about it.

      The whole system of minority preference is real and effects everyone in the military personally. You can’t ignore thousands of whites being passed over for promotions by minority soldier’s whose test scores and performance are lower than the whites who are not being allowed to progress as they would in a true meritocracy. You can’t ignore the fact that when someone whose performance is lower than yours that their promotion ahead of you is literally stealing money from you and your family. You can’t ignore the damage to unit morale caused by a flagrantly unfair system. You can’t ignore the damage to unit cohesion caused by demonizing and belittling whites while unfairly rewarding minorities based on skin color not performance.

      BTW it does work almost exactly the same in the civilian sector. Usually thankfully there is only an annual training requirement.

      These diversity briefings in the civilian world and the military are the real racial “dog whistles” in American today. They signal that the whites no longer control the future and that a state of open season exist to cheat them, insult them and even to direct violence against them.

      Diversity propaganda has created the environment where blacks feel justified in attacking whites – like those black soldiers who stabbed a white comrade to death near Joint Base Lewis-McChord only a few weeks ago. The military has endless regulations, systems, orders and procedures. Most don’t matter much until someone above you decides to beat you over the head with them.

  • bigone4u

    More brains, more courage, and more fighting spirit.

  • Juan Outtamany

    Might as well make use of your ‘advantage’, I don’t even let them into traffic and will never hire them.

  • blight14

    I have to agree, its called ‘DNA’…………next?

  • Dave4088

    Well, most of what blacks and browns have is also unearned since it was largely derived through affirmative action, set asides and the confiscation and transfer of white wealth through extortionate tax rates.

    • SFLBIB

      Haven’t you heard? Those are reparations for slavery.

  • John R

    Interesting point. As I have said here, the “liberals” of today are really the aging radicals and their descendants. I read an interesting book, called “Destructive Generation”, that I got from the local library, and it talks about radical groups of the early 70’s and their ideas. It was just so uncanny how these groups’ ideas resembled so closely “mainstream” liberalism today.

    • Mergatroyd

      Because “they” did exactly what they said they were going to do in the 60s: march through the institutions — and they’ve completed the job. “They” control the media, highest offices of government, higher education and now the military. They also control the means of punishment, i.e., career destruction, targeted bankruptcy and false labels of racist, hater and Nazi against those they dislike.
      They are hateful against whites and seek our destruction and the turning over of white homelands to non-whites because we are their only threat.
      They fund anti-white black and Hispanic groups and then prod them to agitate against the white race. All the evidence one needs is in this “mainstream” military manual.
      They are deadly serious and won’t stop until all white lands are majority non-white and we are killed off. Look to SA for examples of white genocide; this too will be our future as our numbers shrink.

      Destructive Generation, BTW, was written by a neo-con, Israel-firster.

      • John R

        Thank you! I did remember that the author was Jewish. It seems funny that so many neo-cons are Jewish, but then again, maybe not; they know their own kind.

      • theshapeofpunktocome

        take ur seroquel mergatroyd

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      Funny thing about this is that the leaders of those movements were almost uniformly from the older “Greatest” generation. What really happened was that the baby boomers were used as cannon fodder and guinea pigs. These abuses, that really began during WW2 have resulted in the backlash that books like “Destructive Generation” blame on people that were children when the entire set of circumstances were being constructed and implemented. IF the misrule of the establishment hadn’t been so amazingly huge and rampant, then the opportunities for communists and other destructive movements like Feminism would have had far less traction. I’d recommend any that wish to have a broader set of references to find and read, “Acid Dreams, the Complete Social History of LSD, the CIA, the Sixties and Beyond.,” and “LBJ, The Mastermind of the JFK Assassination.” Both books use factual material. Acid Dreams, was the result of eight years of review of the CIA files that were declassified and released in 1976 (that also forced the release of Timothy Leary from prison). The LBJ book relies on records as well as declarations by people like E Howard Hunt, Billy Sol Estes and others that “talked” later on as well as now available records.

      If we’re ever going to have a chance to fix anything or take a useful direction as the remaining white community, we first must face facts and stop denying huge mistakes of the past, because history has got a way of repeating itself, all of it.

      • John R

        Just a minor point: From my understanding, both Abbie Hoffman, and Jerry Rubin, not to mention, Charles Manson, were born in the 1930’s. Not exactly the WWII Generation, but not Baby Boomers, either. You are right, though: These men-in their 30’s during the great social upheavals of the 60’s-used the college aged kids of the time as their cannon fodder.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          It’s NOT a minor point, it’s a major determiner of blame. I have a copy of what must be one of the rarest of documents form that time, The 1970 California Senate Subcommittee Report on Un-American Activities. It reflects this important difference as well as providing clarification broadly that whatever the initial movement was, the communist party ended up infiltrating and giving it it’s structure. People like Charles Manson were basically petty career criminals before 1960 and don’t fit into any actual conspiracy.

          You also left out of your short list, some important people who were born in the early 1920s, namely, Timothy Leary and Allen Gingsberg. Jack Kerouac was also born in the 20s and served for a short time in the Navy during WW2. But I am not at all merely referring to the “Who’s Who of the Beat or Counter Culture of the Sixties, I am also referring to the CIA, and government in general. First, we had Hebert Hoover, who kept files on EVERYONE in government and more so that he could protect first, himself and then guarantee that he remained on the job, which he did for decades as the one man that served in a powerful post the longest in U.S. History. Next, the CIA AS the OSS (and I personally knew someone who served in the OSS in WW2) began experiments with drugs, prinicipally, but certainly not only LSD during WW2 in order to find a “truth serum.” This intensified as the Cold War developed. Ken Kesey, another big player in the CC, signed up as part of one of the many and (often completely off the rails of reason) programs (all part of MKULTRA) at the Stanford University Medical School Hospital). This inspired him to write the book that became a best seller and then Academy Award winning film, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” MKULTRA had bizarre and cruel experiments going on all over the country, even in Canada where a mental institution was used as a mad house of abuses ensued there.

          Then, there was the level of corruption in the government. By the 1950s, the corruption was so rampant that we had both show trials (McCarthy) that missed the actual culprits while Herbert Marcuse settled into a comfortable university position and published “Eros and Civilization,” which became a kind of manual for the Beats and later CC. But also, Eisenhower allowed the Military,Industrial/Congressional Complex to form up before he publicly warned about it. So by 1963, LBJ was telling the Joint Chiefs of Staff that if he became the next president, they’d have their war in Vietnam. Yep, the entire JFK question enters into a maze of government corruption and fraud.

          All of this got going while Baby Boomers were children watching Hoody Doody. Books like “Destructive Generation” only represent an ongoing refusal to self-examine and correct, which was a hallmark of most of the so-called Greatest Generation. (Remember, the percentage of people that actually saw combat in WW2 is quite small. The far majority (in the US forces and at home) were having a fine time as support and in jobs that the war provided. Betty Freidan, who wrote “The Feminine Mystique” and so began the modern Feminist Movement, was born in 1921.

          It goes on and on, but will no doubt only irritate you and posters here. I keep writing that unless whites are willing to examine the actual facts of history rather than adhering to their own political myths, we will get nowhere. I am sure of that because I’ve been watching at least on this posting board for eight years and the same stuff just keeps circulating around and around, embellished here and there or completely identical.

  • John R

    Every military in history has always taught it’s members that they are indeed superior to other people. This from the African Zulus, the North American Comanche, back through the days of the ancient Greeks and the Romans. No wonder the Germans and Japanese were so hard to beat in WWII: They both had ideas of race superiority. It took nearly the whole world to defeat the Germans, and atomic bombs to defeat the Japanese.

    So, what does our military do? We teach our soldiers GUILT. They should be ASHAMED of their heritage. No wonder the Muslim radicals think they can attack us. It is only our technology and our troops’ training that is saving us, for now. But programs like this are undermining the troops’ morale. I am very offended at this. At the risk of sounding too liberal, I will even go so far as to say that this PC training is even a greater threat to our troops’ morale than allowing homosexuals to serve openly.

  • Jack Burton

    It’s more like the Pentagon propaganda manual.

    Seriously, what kind of a country would we have if blacks and browns were all of the leadership, a third-world cesspool. The only thing maintaining our country and others with a sizable third-world population IS White leadership. Why the hell would we not want that, it’s irrational.

  • Pro_Whitey

    I have a good military use for black atheist unhealthy homosexual females: cannon fodder. Seriously, why else would we want someone like that trying to protect us from evil?

  • Mergatroyd

    “…whereas a black, homosexual, atheist female in poor…”

    White males DO have advantages, like being smarter and going to work every day.

    Great. Take our White men out of the military, and let blacks, homosexuals and atheist females in poor health make up the combat units in the government’s overseas wars.

  • Mergatroyd

    Take advantage of the EBT system. Sign up now and immediately. Why suffer? The entire system is collapsing and you shouldn’t have to struggle so blacks can drive luxury cars while using EBT cards. I’m serious about this.

  • libertarian1234

    The black on white beatings, hate crimes, tortures and murders are prompted by this same kind of vicious hate rhetoric coming from the SPLC, the ADL, MSNBC, CNN, Hollywood, the entertainment industry, and almost EVERY black talking head on t.v., as well as the Jeremiah Wright types.

    When the Black Panthers advocated killing crackers and their little blond-haired, blue-eyed babies, a black retard shot a defenseless, innocent white baby in the face as he was sitting in his stroller.

    This is nothing less than out-of-controll hate rhetoric that encourages black on white crimes.

    Today, tomorrow and the days following, there will be more violent black on white crimes that will be incited by these same organs of hate, yet not a bit of it will be condemned by ANY politician or pundit, the news media and will instead encourage the black throwbacks to continue to do more of the same.

    Since the authorities are too cowardly to act, we must form the necessary defense mechanisms to seek justice ourselves.


    Asians are successful as a group in America. Is there “yellow privilege” as well?


    This training course is a perfect example of the liberals overplaying
    their race card. To wit:

    “To the modern liberal, indiscriminateness is a moral imperative because its opposite is the evil of having discriminated. Indiscriminateness of thought does not lead to indiscriminateness of policy; it leads the modern liberal to side invariably with evil over good, wrong over right, and the behaviors that lead to failures over those that lead to success. Why? Because if nothing is to be recognized as better or worse than anything else, then success is de facto unjust. There is no explanation for success if nothing is better than anything else, and the greater the success, the greater the injustice. … If we can stipulate that the U.S. has become the most successful nation in history, this needs to be explained.
    There are only two possibilities: our Judeo-Christian heritage is exceptional, or we cheated, and the magnitude of our success proves we are the most unjust people in the history of the world.”

    The Closing of the American Mind

    • ms_anthro

      I was with you until the nonsensical “Judeo-Christian” line. It’s an oxymoron.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    What the Weather Underground said was that 25 million people, they estimated would have to die in a purge. They didn’t say what color they had to be. Source; 1976 CIA release of top secrets. However, I don’t doubt that many inside the movement thought of them as conservative whites.

  • Jackryanvb

    I had to suffer a very similar diversity, White male guilty training session when I was working a minimum wage job at Kinkos in the Mid 1990s. Those of us in the class were encouraged to become “change agents” to work for…


    I had more than a bit of fun pointing out that the main division in our society was between selfish multi millionaire business owners like the Kinko’s founder/owner Paul Orfalea (cheap Semitic Greek/Syrian Orthodox heritage, born and raised in LA California) and regular workers like us. I asked some of my Black co-workers if they would prefer to just get a $5-$10 an hour raise and not have to stuff any more of these Diversity sensitivity training sessions? All agreed. I even made public threats to organize Kinko’s workers in to the Teamsters Union.

    Never put up with this White bashing cultural Marxism.

    The best defense is a good offense.

  • Jackryanvb

    But this cultural Marxism, hate White male program is now directed at all remaining healthy American institutions, it’s not just te military or academia, liberal politics. It’s now happening at the top of te Southern Baptist church, American Catholic Church, Conserative Inc – it’s virtually everywhere.

  • Jackryanvb

    Here’s something that works for me:

    Agree with the PC, Cultural Marxist BS.

    Something like this:

    ” you’re right, America is the most racist, sexist, homophobic nation on earth, maybe in the entire history of the world!”

    Then follow up by suggesting they try to form a large gay and lesbian pride parade in Saudi Arabia.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      Hah. The more I read about those women in Saudi protesting the driving ban, the more I laughed. Most outlets made it sound, on the surface, like they were boldly going where everyone could see them. Reading further, it seems they were just doing doughnuts in dark alleys, where no one could really see them, and then flitted back into their houses. That’s akin to letting your 10 year old drive the farm truck around the field – no one is really going to care. “Aw, that’s cute, did he have fun?” is about the only response there, not “Boy, is he brave for breaking driving-age laws!”


    As a Caucasian male descendant of Southern European immigrants [i.e., non-Anglos], I could have bellyached about the discrimination by Anglos [the host nationality of the U.S.], but I noticed that the harder I studied, and the harder I worked, the more privilege I gained. I concluded that studying and working would be more personally productive activities than bellyaching, which would be a wasted effort, except to further the political ambitions of a Caucasian male version of the Jesse Jackson type.

    The more America does to overcome its ‘racism,’ the more ‘racist’ America appears. The reason for this is built into the dynamics of human nature. Very simply, the more equal blacks become with whites, the more unbearable and unjust seem the remaining
    differences. — Lawrence Auster

  • Marlin B. Newburn

    The race in America that is most likely to follow the rules, work on goals, and who will not harm anyone are “advantaged”. What am I missing here?

  • Marlin B. Newburn

    Yep, that’s about right. Personal discipline and socially-appropriate living constitute “advantage” in society. Insane, eh?

  • Ella

    “White males represent the haves as compared to the have-nots.” If I remember correctly the Irish, British and Germans mainly built this country with their labours and sacrifices. So now, they should give up their ancestor’s work because of ridiculous claims of being “racists?” Maybe, we should remind the US government that we’re NOT discarded people after developing this country since the 1600’s.

    • NoMosqueHere

      White americans built this country. I care not from which european country they came or can trace lineage to.


    This is what racism looks like folks.

  • John R

    Good points, yes, thanks.

  • The Mongols almost reached Egypt until they were defeated there by a large Mamluk army. This was after Ghengis Khan died, however.

    They also killed about 90% of the population of what is now Iran.

  • fuzzypook

    How long does this have to go on? How much affirmative action and white guilt trips do we have to endure until and end is put to this kind of nonsense?

  • gemjunior

    Yes, I suppose White Christian Hetero Males are born with an unfair advantage – greater intelligence, greater creativity, and a stronger work ethic. THAT is totally unfair. Punishing them for it makes sense to the stupid and the envious.

  • Chasmania

    I want to see a bunch of Equal Opportunity officers dropped deep behind enemy lines with EXACTLY the sort of troops that someone aiming for ‘sexual and gender inclusiveness’ would select, then have drone footage of them fighting their way out of Taliban held territory. I would pay decent cash for that DVD.

  • Guest

    lol @ a community where something like this gets 49 upvotes and no downvotes. i’ve been browsing this site for a couple hours now, and u guys are such a laughable echo chamber.

    i mean, do whatever u want. u can keep clinging to yr pseudo-intellectual racism masked as some kind of autistic fascination w/ race-related statistics or observations. or u can get over yr weird persecution complexes about being white. i assure you that any social persecution u face on an individual level is b/c u are the type of weirdo who spends his time whining online about how racist society is against whites.

  • Since this nonsense is now openly official Pentagon (or is that “Pentagram”?) policy, why should white men fight for Washington D.C.? It makes zero sense for whites to risk life and limb to support the foreign actions of a government who’s domestic policies are so plainly criminal.

    • FransSusan

      You are so right! The military does not fight for Americans’ freedom as the platitudes want you to believe. The military ‘fights’ for NOT risk life and limb for the military.

      • I don’t mind defense industry becoming wealthy so long as it results from blacks and browns fighting each other.

  • Webspin

    “Obanana is not the sole cause, and neither is democrat party: It is ALL the politicians and the people who elected them.”

    Exactly! Nixon, Bush I and II and McCain, we’re every bit as much freedom-destroying as the ‘other’ left. Few Americans seem to even understand and desire the principals of freedom.

  • ViktorNN

    Communist countries used their militaries as one of their first places for instituting their social engineering policies. Same’s happening here.

    People say elections don’t matter when the whole system is anti-white. That’s true in a lot of ways. However, when you have a regime like the Obama admin in power you see a lot of politically correct social engineering schemes going on at every level of government that you don’t see in your average Republican administration. This anti-white stuff is happening at every level and it takes a lot of effort to change these policies once they’re put in place.

    • Ella

      I think that there seems to be a history of allowing Anglo settlers into a foreign country to build and colonize. Then, after 100 plus years of financial and land development success, the elite groups drive them out or worse torture and kill them to take their lands and other wealth. You see it in most former European colonies, mostly Africa and Caribbean. It may be coincidental as the West declines into a decay. I’m not a historian. Jefferson warned us of two destructive forces: banks (worse than standing armies) and corporations who seize govt. control. We won’t make it if we look at historical occurrences. “Anti-white” propaganda is the elite’s tool to take our wealth and destroy the European-descent middle class.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        Stalin did a lot more than that, he killed them, all of them. That is what these Bolsheviks intend to do to us.

  • Jesse James

    I can’t see another Bush being elected President. Political dynasties usually rub Americans the wrong way. Too much like aristocracies.

  • The traffic light was technically “invented” by a black, but the fellow had previously worked at a railroad yard, where they already used electric signal lights to control train movement. All the guy did was adapt this system for use on city streets. Not much of an innovation, was it?

  • From a legal standpoint this training manual is interesting because it effectively reverses the burden of proof: all white military personnel and civilian contractors are now guilty until proven innocent.

  • John_HD

    Our government openly discriminates against us and has now for a long time. It’s very hard to feel any allegiance to a country that openly hates us.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      I feel less allegiance towards the hostile alien elite who are increasingly oppressing me and my fellow white Americans. It is one thing to feel allegiance towards one’s country, quite another towards the ruling elite who is destroying it.

      • Ella

        At least for major cities in most States, I’m afraid the social make-up of our country has been radically altered and even culture. Our communities have become displaced and “disconnected” due to mass movements of nonwhite immigrants. Now, we stay amongst ourselves not knowing who shares our awareness. Awareness is only half of solving problems; actions are the other half. The Tea Party movement might be the last of a civilized action group.

        • Of course, but at least we have sites like this, some of which will allow a discussion forum.

          • Ella

            You’re right. In Germany, sites like this can be “shut down” by the government.

      • WR_the_realist

        I have no loyalty whatsoever to the federal government of the United States. It is a curse. Every law that congress passes makes things worse, and few if any are constitutional.

  • nignogger

    Im sure the manual was authored by the tribe despised by uncle Adolph, the tribe that worships marx. Why don’t the manual critisize the low IQ of the negro brain?

  • M&S

    Most American military recruiting these days comes from one of two places: Urban Poor and Rural Poor.
    Nobody else is dumb enough to pledge their life to the rationality of a man they don’t know and who likely wasn’t even elected when they signed up.
    Nobody else is desperate enough to be interested in a fast track ticket to college as four /more/ years before they can enter into the work force. Because where they are at now is _worse_.
    IQ in both of these groups is not going to be stellar but assuming Whites and Hispanics remain a larger component of the rural population than blacks, that is where you will find your skilled technicians.
    Try getting someone to lead in a situation where they are not technically competent to understand the interactions of multiple weapons systems and the logistics that drive the maneuver plan in pulsing them into battle /just when they are needed/.
    Hispanics enter the U.S. with average IQs on the order of 82-83. Within a generation they are functional at 94-95, just on the upward flex of maxxed calories and better social circumstances. Blacks remain at 85-87. As they have since the first military IQ tests were instituted in the early 1900s after -centuries- of better living than they had in Africa.
    So the answer is not uplifting blacks who form 13% of this society over whites as it’s own endgame. It can’t be.
    Will Asians take over for whites in the military? Not at what they pay a lieutenant or even a lieutenant general. Jews? The Tribe runs things from afar, they don’t like getting shot at.
    This should tell you what is really happening here. We face limited threats and a massive ‘Sequestration’ that may literally halve or two-thirds cut the standing military. The work environment for whites in the leadership roles where they can protect and preserve the combat discipline of formations is being made so hostile and offensive to their continued presence /because/ it is deemed desirable for them to leave and ease the drawdown.
    At the same time, paramilitary forces are standing up all over the country as federalization of local police and state trooper forces is completed. Just as our Dear Leader promised during his campaign speech waaaay back in 2008.
    Gutted, Incompetent, Non-White ‘Led’ Military. Vs. a Shadow Government already stood up whose paramilitary police force has 1.6 billion rounds to shoot at us.
    It’s not about making the military non-white. It’s about making the military unable to save the lives of it’s citizens.

  • hopeyaguessmyname

    “imbecile in the spotlight” love it!!!!!

  • Given the nature of our foreign policy, one might think the Pentagon is primarily biased in the interests of Zionist power, homo power, and anti-white vitriol. After all, why are we still hostile toward Russia? Because Putin took back the power from Jewish oligarchs and won’t allow homo parades? And think of all the Muslims and Arabs killed by Pentagon’s taking orders from the government run by guess-who.

    • To some extent, Putin’s take on Russian “nationalism” includes antipathy to the West; it takes two to tango. Please remember also that Putin didn’t really reform the Russian economy; the best thing going for it today is high energy prices, as Russia exports oil and natural gas to Europe.

  • thebaldchick

    “Whites are the empowered persecuted group,” the manual declares. “White males represent the haves earners as compared to the have earn-nots.”

    There. Fixed.

    • Garrett Brown

      Well done.

  • Enoch_Power

    What a load of Marxist shite!

  • Alfred the Great

    As a recently retired, career-regular Army officer, all that I have to say about this OE junk is that it is all a bunch of K-R-A-P!