Latino Voters Say Health Care, Controversial Remark Spur Them to Turn out for McAuliffe

Luz Lazo and Debbi Wilgoren, Washington Post, November 5, 2013

Some Latinos who turned out to vote in the Northern Virginia suburbs on Tuesday said they were supporting Democrat Terry McAuliffe for governor because they believed his opponent is anti-immigrant.

Republican Ken Cuccinelli II, Virginia’s attorney general, was pilloried in a Democratic campaign commercial for a remark he made criticizing a D.C. law on pest control, which he claimed prevented the killing of rats.

“It is worse than our immigration policy,” Cuccinelli said in a 2012 radio interview. “You can’t break up rat families . . . and you can’t even kill ’em.”

In a Spanish-language television ad that aired last month, Virginia’s Democratic Party denounced the comment—which Cuccinelli’s campaign said was taken out of context.

“He was talking about how disturbing it was that our laws treat rats better than people, because our laws let us break up immigrant families,” Republican Party spokesman Garren Shipley said.

But judging by interviews with Latino voters on Tuesday, the ad—which aired heavily on Spanish-language television in the weeks leading up to the election—resonated.

“He talks about our community with no respect,” said Umberto Adrian, a Manassas resident who was born in Bolivia and has lived in Virginia for 30 of his 60 years. “I can’t understand why a professional like him would refer to immigrants as if they are not human.”

Some Latino voters who said they were spurred to action by the commercial appeared to have their own interpretations of what Cuccinelli actually said.

“Cuccinelli called Hispanic people rats,” said Mary Alba, 74, a retired bakery worker. “I want people in office who know we need immigrant people. In this country we need people like immigrants, who work hard.”


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  • Jesse James

    Those wild and wacky Latinos, once again proving the deciding factor. I wonder if the Chamber of Commerce types and the establishment Republicans will consider appealing to these swing voters. I have heard they are natural conservatives ! Maybe they are the future….

    • Pro_Whitey

      I doubt they were deciding. More like the libertarian straw was. If I am wrong and it did, that just proves Hispanics are kind of stupid and easily led, because they could not think through what Cuccinelli was saying. HIs first mistake was to evince any sympathy for illegals. if he had not, the quote could not have been turned on him. I understand Cuccinelli neglected to push for immigration control, so he can suck it.

      • Kenner

        The Libertarian and Cuccineli took 53% of the vote.

        • MikeofAges

          And lost.

      • MikeofAges

        Latin America is very Leftist. Hispanic voters are ideological and are voting their ideology. You’re right about the Libertarian thing though. With a Democrat being able to pull close to 50 percent no matter what in a state like Virginia, there is no room for playing it cute. In a mass society, Libertarians and doctrinaire conservatives should just get that politics works on a primitive level. Help your friends and punish your enemies. Especially, punish your enemies. Be a “Sears Catalog” voter. Don’t let your desire for the “best” blind you to the fact that the “good” and the “better” are still decent choices, when the last alternative is the “bad”.

        Again, in a mass society, frontier individualism just isn’t going to fly. Extreme conservatives, as voter, just have to treat their ideology as a personal creed. Senate seats and governorships have been lost to this game. The Left learned its lesson in 2000, when so many voted for Ralph Nader and the Green Party. When is the Right going to learn that we are stuck stuck with our institutional two-party system, and act accordingly?

      • Yeah, I wish he would have pounded immigration harder on the campaign trail.


        1. Thanks to the wonderful SCOTUS, state action on immigration is just about useless and for naught

        2. The Razatards so fulminated against him during the campaign that it was obvious as the sun at noon on a clear day that he was at least something of an immigration patriot.

    • borogirl54

      They said that the same thing about blacks. The majority of blacks go to church and supposedly are against abortion but they show their true colors when they vote religiously for Democratic candidates.

      • Jesse James

        I was just joking, they vote race just like the blacks. Whites need to start block voting also and let’s stop pretending this is anything but a giant racial spoils binge. We are all like a bunch of frantic diners on a cruise ship elbowing each other to get to the front of the buffet line while the ship is sinking.

        • Sick of it

          Some of us would rather patch, or better yet renovate, the ship instead of watching it sink, but I’ve gotten the distinct impression that we are the minority these days.

          • Jesse James

            The best case I can make for most people’s seeming disinterest and refusal to see the water is normalcy bias. People literally refuse to understand that their world is changing drastically. I can understand this to some extent in older people as they know they already have their best years behind them but it seems to me it is the older people who have the memory of better times to compare with today that are the most aware of the drastic changes occurring. The young who literally have the most to lose (except for some notable young people that post here and at similar sites) seem to be the least aware. Perhaps it is because being younger they don’t realize that things were or could be different.

          • People want to think they were “cool”, “I voted for Obama”, or they just voted for “free stuff”.

    • MikeofAges

      You’ve got a ways to go to be good satirist, but your point is well made.

      • Jesse James

        I agree with you I think I just need to stick to the facts and the opinions that I derive from my interpretations of the facts, delivered openly and honesty. The only thing worse than when I attempt a bit of parody or irony or whatever is when I fail to notice that is what someone else is doing and then end up being the straight man for their gag. Thanks for giving me a point for content and intent even if my delivery sucked 🙂

        • MikeofAges

          Again, still a good and strong point. And something people need to be reminded of. It is very easy to forget the cheap and ready labor side of things.

  • Let me be the first to call bull on this notion.

    Hispanics vote Democrat almost always and almost always in big numbers no matter what. Ad or no ad, Hispanics voting heavily for the Klintoon machine bag man was an ineviability.

    My bet is that this article is more or less propaganda on the part of the political consultant or strategy or ad agency firm that thought of the idea to do this ad and/or actually produced it, in order to sandbag “credit” for themselves for “swinging” the outcome of an election, the bread and butter of such firms.

  • their goes VA! land of once Robert E Lee.

    • Sick of it

      Lee could have waged a guerrilla war, but chose surrender instead. See how great that turned out.

  • NoMosqueHere

    First of all.. What the hell are Mexicans & Bolivians doing in Virginia? Why would a Bolivian make a pilgrimage to Virginia? At any rate: These Latino’s don’t give a damn about America. They only care if someone makes a remark against brown supremacy and then call YOU the racist. These dirty, filthy wetbacks come here and vote against America every single time. (Of course there are always good & bad in every group of people who vote for America.) I feel bad for Virginians whose DNC cow-tows to Chili-choppers over its Cauc residents. Some hispanics may be here for 30 years but they care more for their own minority asses and LIES than they do for America. Period. (The Mad Jewess)

  • kjh64

    “Cuccinelli called Hispanic people rats,” said Mary Alba, 74, a retired bakery worker. “I want people in office who know we need immigrant people. In this country we need people like immigrants, who work hard.”

    No, Mary we don’t need immigrants. We have millions of Americans, who also work hard, out of work or underemployed. We need illegals, who are not “immigrants”, back in their own country and we need to halt legal immigration and not renew the visas of most immigrants. Also, he didn’t call Hispanic people rats, if you and yours think he did, you are dumb.

    • dmxinc

      They are dumb. They vote. They have changed the direction of our country.

      • Yale2001

        Simple and truthful. If we only allowed working, legal, tax paying Americans to vote we would be going in a better direction.

    • MikeofAges

      And send temporary workers back home when their contracts are up. Pay them for their efforts and compensate them for their privations, yes. But send them back home.

    • Sick of it

      Lot of folks refer to them as cockroaches, so rats isn’t that bad of a moniker.

  • Pelagian

    “Cuccinelli called Hispanic people rats,” said Mary Alba, 74, a retired bakery worker. “I want people in office who know we need immigrant people. In this country we need people like immigrants, who work hard.”

    No, Mary, he didn’t call them rats. Just the opposite. Stupidity wins 10 times out of 10. Democracy is over.

    • MikeofAges

      Nevertheless, stop running stupid candidates who do not know how to choose their words, or articulate their social and cultural ideas in a way than makes sense and does not make them look like bigots or idiots. Politics is political. You have to play it that way. Or you lose.

  • Anglokraut

    What this tells me is 1. No-one in the Virginia GOP is monitoring the enemy’s propaganda; a party that was serious about winning would not have just let that smear go unchallenged. 2. Mestizos have a deeply sympathetic feelings for a hated, parasitic, disease-carrying scourge, and I’m not a bit surprised.

    • Nathanwartooth

      The GOP haven’t been serious about winning for a long time.

      Every single thing the Democrats do is to get more control and more votes. They are thinking about the long term.

      It’s almost like we are in a bizzaro world where the Democrats are like whites with long term planning and the Republicans are like blacks with only focusing on the present.

      • Ella

        Republicans serve Big Business, and they might as well be stinking lobbyists. They assume the middle class will give them the votes over a Libtard candidate.

  • Marc Zuckurburg

    This is why we need comprehensive immigration reform.

  • D.B. Cooper

    I didn’t even vote. I still have my white lesbian mayor with her two adopted black Africans, and I could give a flying Hillary as to what happens to the Astrodome.

  • Luca

    Democrats love easily misinformed, low IQ voters. First they tell them they are victims, then they blame the “others” and then they tell them they will go after the “others” money and give them some goodies.

    in essence, the middle-class taxpayers are now becoming piñatas and the Democratic party promises to bust them open so the mestizo invaders can gobble up all the free goodies.

    God only knows the things they tell them on Spanish language radio.

  • Spartacus

    “In this country we need people like immigrants, who work hard.”


    • Sensitivity Training

      Our slaves were involuntary immigrants, but when we set them free to go back home, they stayed.

      But we are still supposed to apologize for our White privilege.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      Raping babies is yet another job Americans won’t do, I guess.

    • Erasmus

      Bush 43 should be publicly flogged within an inch of his life for not securing the border when he had the chance or actually passing immigration reform that upheld the rule of law.

      The Idiot Prince couldn’t be the first Republican president, so he worked to insure he would be the last Republican president. With leaders like the Bushes, Paul Ryan, Graham and McCain, the party’s death sentence was signed decades ago.

      • NoMosqueHere

        Bush destroyed America. The proper response to 9/11 would have been to end all third word (especially muslim) immigration to the US and enforce US. immigration laws. Instead, the jerk embarked on a asinine war in Iraq to settle his family feud with Saddam. And to add insult to injury, he gave us Barry Soetoro.

  • Dave4088

    Bust out the violins for the poor latinos. We’ll be treated to slanted news coverage like this to teach us a moral lesson that if you mess with mestizos, you will pay at the polls and to shame Republicans into passing amnesty.

  • MekongDelta69

    “Gosh Wally – I wonder who the pests are in this story?”

    “I dunno Beaver. I think it’s the little rats and the big rats.”

    “Gee Wally – how come you’re so smart?”

    “Well Beav – Eddie Haskell told me that.”

  • Defiant White

    Personal Rant: I’d like to see both illegals and negroes leave the country. However, given a choice, I think I’d actually accept a HARD-WORKING illegal over a negro.

    The Republicans did not “lose” Virginia and the Democrats didn’t win because of Hispanics. The Republicans SURRENDERED Virginia because to a TRUE Republican zog-bot, a Tea Party supporter is a bigger threat than a Liberal Democrat.

    Another Personal Rant: I hope the Republicans LOSE in 2014 and 2016. I’m fed up with this slow, grinding, status quo trench warfare.

    Enough is enough! Turn up the music and let’s dance.

  • disqus_irCdmAu8It

    Latios can NOT be trusted. Look a La Raza,

    • Sensitivity Training

      You CAN trust them to do exactly what they say they will do.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        They are not bluffing, they intend to exterminate whites across the United States, and so does the terrorist movement MEChA. Both are funded, directed, armed and protected by those who cannot be named. They are joining the military with the goal of using their training to kill us, and in fact mass shootings have already occurred at the hands of a Hispanic who used his military training against whites, especially police officers. Count on them trying to kill us in large numbers, what these invaders don’t realize is that even whites who have no grudge against them now will shoot them on sight once they try to carry out their threats.

  • Truthseeker

    These immigrants sure are getting uppity. A lot of them these days think their voices and opinions are more important than those of the native-born population. And why wouldn’t they? Everyone panders to them and demonizes the majority constantly, so they must think they’re special.

    When is the majority going to fight back and say straight up “that’s right, we don’t want you here. This is our home and our people built it. Not for you, but for us, their descendants. If you want to live differently than we do, go do it somewhere else. In the meantime, let us have our own place.”

    • itdoesnotmatter

      Uppity, Entitled? It could be worse. Take a look at this from an Australian website, replete with bleeding heart apologists’ minimizing quotes:
      ASYLUM-SEEKERS have asked doctors for breast enlargements, IVF treatment and botox, according to the former director of medical health services for Australia’s offshore asylum processing network.
      [snip] “We give (the asylum-seekers) the health services they need; we do not give them the services they want,” Dr Yoong said in an interview with industry magazine Medical Observer published this week. A medical source familiar with the demands said they had been made in all three offshore locations. “I was employed to give them the health checks and intervention they needed, but some of the people started demanding things they wanted,” the source said. “A woman wanted bigger breasts and said she did not like the ones she had.
      [snip] I continued to get the impression that many of these people were not genuine refugees.
      “If I were a refugee, I would be quietly grateful for arriving somewhere safely, not asking for breast surgery.” Former foreign minister Bob Carr caused outrage among some sections of the community in June when he declared asylum-seekers were increasingly “economic migrants”.
      Julia Gillard’s former communications director John McTernan labelled them “Iranian architects”.
      The medical source said she believed she was witnessing the initial stages of a growing trade in “medical asylum”, where people who were not otherwise persecuted, but who had little or no access to healthcare, were making trips to Australia in the belief they could get any treatment they wanted.
      “You have to be logical and rational about this and as much as I supported the genuine refugees, I knew more and more were not,” the source said.
      “I have a lot of empathy for refugees … when I started, I told myself I was just going to be treating people, I said I was not going to get involved in the politics,” she said.
      “But I soon went from dealing with mostly human misery to human demands.” [snip]
      “Somebody can have a well-founded fear of persecution which would not make them an economic migrant, it would make them an asylum-seeker,” the source said.
      A spokesman for Immigration Minister Scott Morrison said: [snip]……. Those seeking to come illegally by boat won’t receive such lavish treatments and they won’t get the settlement in Australia they paid people-smugglers for.”
      An asylum-seeker advocate, who did not wish to be named, conceded there were small numbers of people arriving on boats who were “muddying the waters” for those in genuine fear of their life.

  • Nathanwartooth

    There is a huge fallacy in this article.

    The article assumes that every Latino had an equal chance to vote Democrat or Republican from the start, which just isn’t true. Latino’s vote 70% Democrat at least.

    The article should have said “Latino’s vote predictably and a Republican caved to name calling”.

    Basically this isn’t news.

  • Sensitivity Training

    Diversity foreigners now swing our elections for the Al-Obamakare Amnesty libs, but you are still supposed to apologize for your White privilege.

  • MBlanc46

    ” In this country we need people like immigrants, who work hard.”

    I’m not an immigrant. I wouldn’t want to be someone who suggested to my face that I haven’t worked hard.

    • It I was black I would have a job in my field tomorrow. I I was am immigrant it might take two weeks — to figure out how to hire an illegal.

  • The libertarian was just a wrench thrown into the machine.

  • IstvanIN

    Foreign language political ads should be illegal in the US. (I didn’t see one English language ad for “Senador” Menendez).
    The foreign born should never be allowed to vote or run for office.
    English competency should be required before you can vote.

  • MikeofAges

    Not necessarily. It goes to the issue of what type personality you put up as a your candidate. Note that Schwarzenegger was able to sweep California and Christie win big in New Jersey. Repressed guys with bad comb overs just aren’t the ticket these days. The people who want traditional Republican types just need to yield to modern brand of politics.

    • Bossman

      Hispanics do vote for white men who look normal and talk in a sensible way.

  • Yale2001

    Non-Americans elect anti-American leaders. Pretty simple idea to me.

  • Bossman

    How so? Please explain! If they are “American wannabees,” how can they be a threat? Your logic does not follow.

  • Underling

    Another Southern state stolen away by invasion. Secede now before it’s too late.

  • Erasmus

    Natural conservatives??? Phhttt. Everyone who continues to say that should be horse-whipped.

    First and foremost Latinos will vote for whoever gives them the most freebies, and if the GOP must become democrat-lite to survive, it hasn’t a single good reason to continue to exist.

  • Im not giving up, just the facts!

  • MikeofAges

    Lots. I lived in California for 30 years, largely in Santa Clara County and later in the Central Valley. Latin America has the same divisions in thought and ideology as North America. But my impression is, Leftism is pretty strong in Latin American politics right now.

  • gregCall

    Even if he didn’t call them rats I will.

    Best metaphor for illegals you could choose.

  • Sick of it

    Amusing thing about that is that I used to be a liberal anti-racist type. My mind was changed by life experience and scientific fact. Propaganda bores me.

  • MikeofAges

    Victory is a great solvent. In the end, there is no substitute for it.