Laura Wilson was just 17-years-old when she was stabbed to death next to a canal in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, in 2010.

This wasn’t a mugging gone wrong, or a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. In fact, the mother-of-one was the victim of Britain’s first white honour killing. Her death was premeditated murder, plotted and committed by the boyfriend she was madly in love with.

Laura’s crime was to bring dishonour on her Muslim lover Ashtiaq Ashgar, 21, who is now serving a life sentence for the brutal murder.

Laura Wilson

Laura Wilson

In 2008, the couple began an intense relationship at school when Laura was just 15, and Ashtiaq, 16.

Her sister, Sarah, reveals on tonight’s episode of Britain’s Darkest Taboos on Crime & Investigation Network: ‘She loved him. She worshipped the ground he walked on, she really did. She would have done anything for him.’

Ashtiaq came from a traditional Muslim family who were planning an arranged marriage for their son with a girl from Pakistan.

Ashtiaq Ashgar

Ashtiaq Ashgar

They would have been horrified to learn he was dating a white girl so he made Laura keep their relationship a secret.

Unbeknownst to his family, he lived a double life where he drank, smoked cannabis, carried weapons and had numerous relationships with women, including Laura.

When Laura found out that he had been seeing other girls, they broke up and she slept with his married friend, 22-year-old Ishaq ‘Zac’ Hussein, to make him jealous.

Only 16, she fell pregnant as a result of the fling and had a daughter, Alicia. Zac refused to acknowledge he was the father.

After Alicia was born, Laura and Ashtiaq rekindled their relationship but he insisted it must continue to be a secret. But while Laura was very much in love, her mother, Maggie, believes Ashtiaq was just using Laura for sex and treated her badly.

She said: ‘I heard a phone conversation between Laura and Ashtiaq, Laura telling him how much he loved him and he was just so nasty. You could hear Laura crying in the background. He was saying just how much he hated her and that he’d got another girl, and he wasn’t interested in her and she’s shouting back “I love ya, I love ya…”. He used Laura I think at the end.’

Laura soon became sick of being Ashtiaq’s secret and on October 6, 2010, fueled by alcohol, she and her sister made the fatal mistake of revealing all to his family.

They knocked on his mother’s door and told her what was going on.

Sarah recalls: ‘Laura told her that she wanted to marry him, but his mother got aggressive and hit her with a shoe, calling her “a dirty white b****”.’

The whole time Ashtiaq stood behind his mother ‘acting sheepish’.

The public episode would have been deeply shameful and embarrassing to him.

On a roll, Laura and Sarah also visited Zac’s family to reveal how he is the father of her baby.

Maggie recalls: ‘She said “I am sick of her being a secret” as she had been told not to mention about Alicia to any of the family. So she told them but they just didn’t want to know.’

Maggie added that Laura’s relations with Ashtiaq and Zac had ‘fetched shame on their family… she had to be stopped.’

In the days following Sarah and Laura turning up at their houses, an angry Ashtiaq sent Zac a text message saying: ‘I’m gonna send that b***** to Hell.’

He also said he wanted to make ‘beans on toast’ of her, which is a phrase that means to spill blood.

He asked Laura to meet him at the canal one evening and it’s there that he murdered her.

When Laura did not return home that evening, Maggie said she ‘just knew’ something terrible had happened.

Meanwhile, Ashtiaq was trying to cover his tracks by texting Laura’s friend asking if she had ‘seen’ her.

Twdays later, Laura’s body was found in the canal. She had more than 40 stab wounds, most of those to the head, and some were defence wounds.

Maggie had to go identify her daughter. She said: ‘I went over and kissed her and I put my arms around her and I just sobbed.’

Sarah was overwhelmed with guilt. She said: ‘If it was going to be anyone it should have been me. It was my choice to go and knock on Ashtiaq’s door, it was my choice to go and knock on Zac’s door. She had everything to live for.’

Police charged Ashtiaq and Zac with murder–describing the case as Britain’s first white honour based killing. 

Both men pleaded not guilty.

On May 2011 at Ashtiaqs trial, the court heard how after stabbing Laura, he threw her into the canal but she kept fighting for her life. A pathologist report found that the stab wounds to the head were actually done to keep her under the water.

On June 1 Ashtiaq changed his plea to guilty in the hope of a reduced sentence, as the evidence was stacking up against him.

On December 21 the judge sentenced 18-year-old Ashtiaq to 17-and-a-half years imprisonment for Laura’s murder.

‘He showed no remorse, just upset at the amount of time he got in jail,’ says Maggie.

Meanwhile, following a retrial Zac was acquitted of murder.

Ashtiaq is currently serving a life sentence and will be eligible for parole in 2029 when he’s 34-years-old.

Sarah said she believed his punishment was not enough, adding: ‘He’s going to be out in 2029… he can still get out and get married and have kids and have a good life. My sister can’t.’

Maggie and Sarah are now raising Laura’s daughter, Alicia, and this keeps them going.

Maggie said: ‘I need to keep strong for Alicia. I have got to make sure she has a good upbringing, good schooling. Keep her safe.’

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  • Perhaps these girls should cut this “stuff” out. I married my Japanese girlfriend, and my mother treats Sayaka as if she is her own daughter. For young people however, romantic love is quite often a disaster; I don’t recommend it for them.

    • Manaphy

      Do your Japanese in-laws treat you the same way?

      • borogirl54

        Is she from Japan or is she Japanese American?. I can tell you that if she is Japanese American, her family would accept you with open arms because you are not the first white person to marry into their family.

        • She’s from Japan.

          • Kathy M

            hmmmm. A race mixer criticizing someone for …. race mixing! Are you insane? Seriously. Are you?

          • Since I am 3/16 American Indian, I get a free pass on this, and you don’t. Moreover, who here actually believes that Japanese and Pakistanis are somehow “equal”?

    • IstvanIN

      With all due respect, you married a Japanese women, not a lunatic Muslim. In fact you married her, and probably before your child was born, am I correct? Plus I assume your mother is not a lunatic Muslim, but a civilized white women? Your experience and the dead girl’s don’t exactly mesh.

      • My point exactly! There are things one should never do: relations and “relations” with blacks and Muslims are two of them.

        • IstvanIN

          Ohhhhh….I was a little dense.

    • Diversity Fatigue

      You are a race traitor. However, as ugly as you are, its no big loss. Jap freak. I know, I know, you are part indian which means you are an honorary white to begin with. Why are you even here? Just go away pop.

    • Jack Burton

      What morons are upvoting this?

      Her parents probably hate her for marrying a gaijin, and I agree with them. If her father wanted to kill you when you first got involved with her I would agree he has the right.

  • Manaphy

    Not planning on crying over the death of Laura Wilson. White women who date people named “Ashtiaq Ashgar” do not deserve my sympathy. What is so attractive about this human-nothing anyway? He looks ridiculously ugly and most white women can certainly do better. Probably has terrible hygiene too. Why was she going out with this guy in the first place?

  • Oil Can Harry

    Sounds like a good new TV show: “Britain’s Darkest Immigrants”.

    Oops! That’s “Taboos”…

    • HamletsGhost

      or: “Knocked Up from Abroad.”

  • MekongDelta69

    And yet… more muslim family values

    • dd121

      Hard to imagine how this act could have come from someone imbued with the religion of peace.

    • Jack Burton

      Is it really that bad though? What if the case were reversed, and White British men still acted like men and defended their family and race by killing the Pakistani bastard for defiling one of their women? Would you protest it? Of course not. It truly would be an honor killing.

  • So CAL Snowman

    “On December 21 the judge sentenced 18-year-old Ashtiaq to 17-and-a-half years imprisonment for Laura’s murder.

    ‘He showed no remorse, just upset at the amount of time he got in jail,’ says Maggie.”

    Of course he showed no remorse as his kind does not view White people as worthy of human dignity. Interestingly enough, neither does the English government.

  • Eddie Lutz

    Alternate headline: Drunk mates with wildlife, gets mauled to death.

  • Jesse James

    Live with ape men, die by ape men.

  • borogirl54

    What do these white girls in these Arabs or Blacks or Hispanics? Is it merely a sign of rebellion? Or they probably think so little of themselves that they misinterpret the way these people treat them as some sort of “love”. Love does not hurt.

    • Bardon Kaldian

      Good question.

    • Brian

      Low self-esteem and daddy issues, combined with the perceived ‘alpha/macho/bad boy’ nature of the Diverse. Add a dash of multicult worship from the media, and a pinch of stupid mom who lets the daughter run wild, and voila.

      • M.

        Yup, that’s pretty much it. They’re just getting the testosterone and attention the white man isn’t giving them. Muds have lower standards, lust over 5’s or 4’s even. On the other hand, the white man has become very tolerant of coal-burning. That’s like he has given up on his women. All of this sends bad vibes to the white women.
        Muds who approach our women shouldn’t be tolerated.

    • Magician

      When a white woman starts a romantic relationship with a black man there are several causes

      1. Many black men prefer obese white women to skinny white women because the black men grew up around very big butts.

      2. The white women just want to slap young white men of their age in the face.

      3. This one applies to white women who date black men and white men who go for Asian women no matter how unattractive the Asian woman is – they just want to tell everyone they meet, “hey look at me look at me I am dating a black man!! (Asian woman!!) I am not a racist!! Look at me!!”

      • M.

      • Jack Burton

        It’s a complex phenomenon, you can’t just pinpoint it to one thing. You can’t even blame it all on the media or propaganda. Many times it just has to do with the person. I’ve known several women who did it out of spite against White men who rejected them or treated them unfairly. One girl said she got with this non-White guy just because her mother was controlling and she knew it would tick her off. So you see in many cases it’s just really petty, spiteful women that are pathetic little people with no self-respect.

    • Rhialto

      One factor is Feminist indoctrination: White men are evil and despicable no matter how well they behave. Men of colour are good and lovable. Their evil deeds are caused by White male Sexism, Ethnicism, Nationalism, and bad old fashion Racism. Women can fight back by loving men of colour.

  • Spartacus

    “‘She loved him. She worshipped the ground he walked on, she really did. She would have done anything for him.’”


    Good riddance .

    • Her parents never taught her, and neither did anyone else, until the Muzzie PoS murdered her. Lots of young girls have been brainwashed my the mainstream media in this manner.

      • Spartacus

        You can’t be brainwashed if you have a minimally functional brain…

        • Sick of it

          You can if they get you practically from the crib. Of course, smarter folks can detect the holes in their arguments over time.

        • Lots of people watch television every evening. It is pure propaganda, and the mental state of someone watching TV… er… negrovision is the same as someone who has been hypnotized. I don’t blame minors who had the misfortune to be raised this way. Their parents are the ones who are really responsible.

          • Andy

            My parents raised us practically Amish… I don’t think it’s a coincidence I’m not coordinating Sex Toy Bingo for the campus gay pride group.

          • Brian

            My grandfather told me something I’ve never forgotten, back when I was about ten. He, my dad, my brother and I were sweating like hogs out in his field baling hay one summer day, and granddad was old enough to be taking it easy, or easier at least, but he was driven. I asked him why, and he said he wasn’t out there for himself, or for my dad or my brother or me, but was working for our grandkids. That was when s*** got real for me.

            Since then I’ve heard blacks brag about their junk, their hoes and their bling. But they don’t have what my granddad had, and that is one reason they’ll never put a man on the moon, or carve a nation out of wilderness, or cure diseases… Future Time Orientation.

          • freddy_hills

            My dad was born during the Depression and his father was born at the tail end of Reconstruction. So he and I both had really old fathers who raised us the way they had been raised. To say I was raised Old School would be a huge understatement.

          • Jack Burton

            Of course you don’t blame her, you married an Asian. You’re in no position to preach to us, Mike.

          • Sick of it

            Zbigniew Brzezinski would agree with you.

          • Jack Burton

            Oh yeah, and did you marry your little Mongoloid concubine when you were a teen? What’s your excuse, big boy?

        • Andy

          Almost everyone in our society is brainwashed, so the standard for “minimally” functional must be quite a bit higher than the standard for, say, genius.

          What this incident says about Laura Wilson is that 1) she wasn’t in the perhaps 1% of whites who dare to be “racist”, and that 2) she wasn’t in the perhaps 10% of seventeen-year-old girls who have the skill to choose a good mate.

          And probably that she was desperate for someone (male) to care about her. I don’t see anything here about Mr. Wilson.

          • ThomasER916

            “Almost everyone in our society is brainwashed…”

            Starting with the Amren Mods.

        • ThomasER916

          You’re being unrealistic. The problem with her parents is they’re working against two anti-white systems working in tandem – Leftists and Muslims.

          • Spartacus

            That’s not really complicated. I was born after the communist regime fell, but my parents and others told me what it was like. Nobody actually believed the system, even small children were aware it’s lying, but they managed to not get brainwashed . Children were taught at a very young age to never tell others what their families speak in the home, how to lower their voice when they wanted to say something bad about the system, even in their own homes, etc.

            Jesus, man, if we could do it, and with a much less “subtle” dictatorship, than so you can you guys…

          • ThomasER916

            Again, you’re not making the same comparisons. Communism was an obvious failure from the start with starvation, death camps, mass murder, and a naked hatred. This is different. This is a slow, creeping economic failure. The hatred is subversive, rather than overt; though the mask is coming off. Finally, you’re missing the Muslim effect – importing the subversive Cult.

            Muslims are already anti-White, anti-Christian, and anti-West. It’s been their ideology, culture, and people for fourteen centuries. They’re already on board. The commies never used Muslims or mass immigration to maintain their empire because they already had control. The Khazars don’t have control yet but they’re willing to burn it all to the ground because they’ll just pick up their bags and leave when it all fails.

          • Spartacus

            Actually, similar things did happen, both before and after WWII. The Soviet Union flooded the Baltic states , eastern Romania and other places with Russians, in order to destroy their identities and assimilate them. So my comparison stands, although I will admit there are big differences.

            My point was that you should raise your children differently. You have to explain to them that the truth and what you can say in public are two different things, that you do not live in free countries, and that they have to fight to defeat the system if they want their own children to ever live in a free country .

          • ThomasER916

            When you look at Estonia, they raised their children as Nationalists, preserving their culture and heritage in their homes. The difference is they were invaded and “Russification” was obvious. They knew who the enemy was. The problem now is immigration and decades of Multiculturalism, which confuses the issue. Just to illustrate my point look at my previous comment.

            What? You can’t? Amren deleted my comment?

            That’s the point I was trying to make and Amren made it for me. Whites are not allowed to have a culture, an identity, or even a conversation. We’re told this is the place for information about white interests. Clearly it’s not. Amren’s censorship is the reason that British mother and father are fought this battle alone and lost this child. Amren is a joke.

          • Sick of it

            The subtlety of the brainwashing since the 19th century has put the lot of us in quite a bind. An open dictatorship would have been destroyed generations ago. Open dictatorships are easy to quantify and target. I’ve mentioned elsewhere that I was becoming a full on Communist in my teens before I dug into the entire truth of the movement.

      • rowingfool

        DLRsVH says “Please wake up from this spell you are under.” after Michael Scott observed that “the mental state of someone watching TV…is the same as someone who has been hypnotized”.

        Grimms fairy tales. The bewitched princess, (metaphorically) asleep (induced by TV culture) surrounded by a wall of thorns (a spell cast on her that gives her a foolish self conceit) can only be awoken by a prince of a man who has the will to fight his way through and usually uses some ruse to fool her guardian (her parents who never taught her). He has to perform some deed of courage to win his way and in doing so establishes himself as worthy.

        There’s a lot of wisdom here. If a woman cannot inspire a decent guy to fight the issues that plague her–and she herself is not fully conscious of what those are–then she must accept anyone (like this Muslim schmuck) who comes along. Ideally, the real hero in liberating her establishes his own self worth as well. He also grows and emerges as a new man (which this guy was unwilling to do).

        If a young woman cannot inspire a man to respond in this way, then she is doomed. In any real love, at some point, the man must throw caution to the winds and show a willingness to fight for this woman, come what may. Even if she eventually rebuffs him, he has performed his function and validated himself.

      • Diversity Fatigue

        The parents of the jap you’re with likely said the same thing concerning you. Can’t see your own hypocracy can you.

        • M.

          Whites don’t do this crap! At least, not in epidemic rates like the mud races do.

        • I’m not a hypocrite. Japanese are not muds. My in-laws were naturally a bit leery of her marrying a federal ex-con, but not me for being anything else.

      • Jack Burton

        How do you know that, you don’t. Maybe her parents did teach her. There are many cases were the children betray the parents willfully.

    • Magician

      Maybe she also worshipped the muslim man’s feces and flatulence and was eager to eat it too

    • Jack Burton

      If that happened to every race mixer it would be a better world, it’s true.

  • kjh64

    I hate to speak ill of the dead but she was an idiot. I know she was young but really. The UK’s immigration policy is partly to blame. These muzzies should not even be in the UK. His mother is a dirty, Brown B—h who belongs back in her own country along with her murderous son and family. Every society has its’ idiots and sadly Ms. Wilson was one of them. At least if the UK were all White, Ms.Wilson would have ruined her life but at least it would have been with her own kind.

    • Andy

      She probably wasn’t naturally the brightest, but she was a seventeen-year-old girl who’d grown up in an insane society. In a sane one she would probably have married a decent guy that her parents (notice that plural there) approved of and raised a family. With all our social constraints gone and our instincts perverted, this is what happens to the weaker members of our society.

      • kjh64

        That’s true, she was only seventeen and teenagers do dumb things and I don’t think even for a teen, she was very bright . However, as someone else said, society let her down by pushing multiculturalism on her since birth.

      • Jack Burton

        She had the opportunity to be with a decent White guy, she chose not to. It’s not like they lived in Pakistan and she had no other choice. So no, I don’t give her a pass at all.

    • Nathanwartooth

      In her defense her school and culture rammed down her throat her entire life that whites are evil and Muslims are all nice, great people.

  • A Freespeechzone

    This is merely an example of what to expect as islam continues to multiply and take over by virtue of numbers….and force sharia law on all.

    They are banking our continued complacency by the ignorant masses who run governments…

  • DLRisVH

    What in the hell is wrong with White women? Please wake up from this spell you are under.

    • Sick of it

      Woah woah, that sounds like the dreaded patriarchy!

      • DLRisVH

        I wonder why my comment was deleted all I asked is what is wrong with White women.

        • Andy

          I’m a white woman and I ask it every day. Both sexes have gone mad, but women are in general madder.

          • DLRisVH

            My comment was deleted again, why???

          • ThomasER916

            Welcome to Amren!

            Tell the truth and you’ll be deleted. Happens all of the time.

  • nexus

    Nope, I don’t see a problem here…OTHER than her parents being apparently clueless…the PARENT’S job is to prepare a daughter for the World.. NOT warning her about the obvious POS she was “dating” falls wholly on THEM!!!!!

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    Time for male relatives of white women or children raped or murdered by these heathens to do more than stab them dozens of times. Muslims have no place in our lands, other than unmarked mass graves after they lose the wars they start against us.

  • Sick of it

    Divorced and/or imprisoned for trying to protect them in the past perhaps? It’s a brave new world.

  • NoMosqueHere

    The “prophet” of Islam was a homicidal maniac child molester/mass murderer, so what would you expect from his disciples? The west’s flirtation with Islam is an experiment in terror, one that will not end well. For Americans, the only solution is to end all third world immigration to the US, especially muslim immigration. Unfortunately, not one possible republican presidential or senate candidate has proposed even a slight reduction in immigration.

    • ThomasER916

      “Republicans see immigration as intrinsically good, regardless of who comes in.”

      That’s what separates Republicans and “Conservatives” from everyone else. Everyone else believes only non-white, non-Christian immigration is good. Bring up religion or culture and Libertarians sound like any other Libtard. Bring up race and most Conservatives sound almost as bad as Libtards.

  • Brian

    I hope Jack Straw is proud of himself for bringing these feral savages in…I want to hate this girl for being so all-round stupid, but her youth is a factor. The main culprits are those in the gov’t who gave these fools a chance to wreak havoc on English girls in the first place.

    • Rusty Shackelford

      I’d want to blame the victim was well for even associating with Muzzies but she’s probably been indoctrinated her entire life by her school teachers about the virtues of multiculturalism. I’m sure white girls have been told that if they don’t want to date Muslim boys they are racist. Even if her parents opposed the relationship (assuming they knew about it), the UK is a PC police state and they were probably afraid of being accused of bigotry. All those wars, all those years of blood and treasure spent, only to turn around and throw the gates wide open and let the invaders mosey on in.

      • Jack Burton

        I liken it to rabies. Some people go mad with miscegenation. Often times even if the father opposes it and takes a strong position it just makes the daughter even more resolute in her racial crimes. Honor killing may have been the only option to stop her from having mongrel children and burdening her family and society with her poor choices.

  • Diversity Fatigue

    Oh how terrible. Where do I send the flowers?

  • M.

    That’s also because White men today are highly tolerant of coal-burners and coal-burning in general. So of course the muds will take advantage.

  • M.

    This guy and others like him will going to jail, but the whole thing will never end.
    Here’s how the vicious cycle works: third world produces scum – first world unselectively imports scum – scum does the crimes the White man won’t – scum goes to jail – third world produces scum – first world imports scum – and so on.

  • Magician

    The young British girl would still be happy and alive today if she had not started a relationship with the Muslim male to begin with

    I notice that UK is one of the most politically correct countries in the world

    There are black men and white women (but never the other way around) shown blatantly kissing on TV everyday in UK. At least over here in America we do not often see white women kissing black men. And there were some black men who stated that in UK white blond women basically throw themselves at black men

    • ThomasER916

      Watch the movie “Love Actually.” It’s actually disgusting.

    • Jack Burton

      Interracial propaganda is much more aggressive in Britain and Europe in general, it’s really disgusting. It’s mainstream interracial pornography, it’s despicable.

      One reason America is different is actually it can be offensive to blacks themselves, because here we have a much larger black population, so blacks themselves have more of an ethnic identity. Whereas in Britain their population is still a small minority so they don’t have a sense of self, just as people who want to exploit the system and mix with whoever will have them.

  • This culture thinks that you get or retain honor by killing woman and girls?

    Either that or they’re throwing caustic acid in their faces for showing any sign of individuality.

    You get sick of asking “why are we importing these throw backs”?

    Who ever sent for them, must really hate us.

  • Massif1

    Start educating children about the dangers of diversity in their teens before they start having sex with Pakis from turd world. Unlike in America, the middle class white in Europe are forced to live side by side with these “immigrant” rejects.

  • Lagerstrom

    Another miserable parable that will go unheeded. She doesn’t look too bright, the poor dear, and she paid with her life. Mum and Dad? Where were you?
    And by Christ! What an ugly specimen the boyfriend was…

  • rowingfool


    According to the culture in which the “boys” were raised, they felt as though THEY had been dishonored by HER!

    Used to be, in our European culture that if a man didn’t marry the woman he knocked up, then HE was dishonorable.

    How can/will we Europeans ever find it honorable to murder a young woman? We don’t condone murder under any circumstances.

    There is none, zero chance of reconciliation between Islam and the West. If some sort of mutual accommodation is achieved it will only have been because one side or the other morphed into something else entirely. Only, in other words, if one party ceases to be what is was–and that is not a reconciliation, but a capitulation.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      Indeed in our rightful homelands and the world at large, only of them will be left standing.

  • Rusty Shackelford

    He’ll be eligible for parole in 17 years for pre-meditated murder? They’ll let him out for sure. I am not familiar with UK sentencing laws but I have to believe had a white man stabbed a Muslim woman to death and dumped her body in a canal, the sentence would have been harsher.
    I’m sure the multi-cultis blame the girl, I mean, she cheated on him and disprespected his culture, so of course he was right to stab her. We just need to stop being bigoted against people who have a different background than we do. Etc, etc, I’m sure that’s what is being said about this case.
    Britain has been lost. Evil forces are working dilligently to do the same thing to this country.

    • Jack Burton

      Just talking with average British people it seems Britain is finished. They don’t even want to defend themselves anymore. They attack me for wanting Whites to be able to defend themselves with gun ownership.

  • Bantu_Education

    I wonder how much dowry a family in Pakistan are prepared to pay to a British Pakistani family to marry off their daughter and get her a British passport with which they later will be able to enter the UK? $50,000? Maybe much more. What I am saying is that the family may have had a financial motive to get their son married to a woman from Pakistan. I don’t suppose this would have been part of the police investigation though – because that would have been a racist thought.

  • This is the great religion-culture which Jobbik in Hungary now says is going to save us from globalism.

    Bye bye glow-BULL-ism, hello FGM, burquas, blasphemy police, Talibans, dhimmis.

    Given this Hobson’s Choice, I’d rather have globalism.

    • ThomasER916

      Once I heard Jobbik officials saying they’re not Christian and talking in multi-culti, kumbaya generalities about religion I knew where this was going. Jobbik will save nothing. They’re just as stupid, just as indoctrinated as any Cultural Marxist.

      • IstvanIN

        When I first heard of Jobbik I was so hopeful for a Hungarian renaissance. Then the new Hungarian constitution stated that Hungary was a Christian country and they removed the word “republic” from the country’s name. But then this Turanist movement came up. Hopefully these people are just a small minority and passing fad.

  • Puggg

    Nobody will ever mistake me for an Arab.

  • Jack Burton

    In this case it really is an honor killing. Miscegenation is a sin, a crime against nature and God who created the races.

    Preferrably in such cases, abortion if necessary for the mongrel fetus, and psychotherapy for the individual along with possible jail time/community service. However, in this case I’d rather see the miscegenator dead than pollute our society with mongrels.

    In the Old South the offending non-White, black or Amerindian in our case, would have been lynched and killed, indeed it is an honor killing and I see nothing wrong with it.

  • Jack Burton

    Men and women both need to be controlled. All miscegenation should be a crime and punished.

    There are White males who comment here married to non-Whites, I haven’t met a White female here doing the same. Who is so conceited and delusional to espouse pro-White views yet proud of being married to a non-White.

  • Jack Burton

    That’s how all third-world men behave. They’re here to exploit the taxpayer and our women.

  • Jack Burton

    Modern females are not exactly traditional damsels in distress, time to wake up from that fantasy.

    • me

      Screw ‘feminism’ and the non-goy it rode in on! Fathers should make it crystal clear that they will not tolerate this kind of ‘liberal’ behavior–or ‘princess’ gets disowned, disinherited, and shunned. Ditto for his wife, if she practices misplaced altruism to these backwards savages! Repealing the 19th Amendment, along with cutting off ALL welfare programs for ‘single mothers’, would be a good start. Maybe this kind of crap would make some dumb female think twice about being impregnated by some hostile and racist Third World misogynist. Most women I know are idiots when it comes to recognizing the enemy, going so far as to even sleeping with them. Boy, the ‘modern’ female is DUMB!

  • DaveMed

    When Laura found out that he had been seeing other girls, they broke up and she slept with his married friend, 22-year-old Ishaq ‘Zac’ Hussein, to make him jealous.”

    I hate to say good riddance when someone has been killed… But I will say that she was apparently in need of psychiatric care in life.

  • Spartacus

    In that movie, a critter called Chiwetelu Umeadi “Chiwetel” Ejiofor, who plays in the recent propaganda picture “12 years a slave”, is shown as marrying Keira Knightley’s character. I nearly vomited at the scene…

  • M&S

    I will say that it’s amazing how males who do their best to make it clear how a woman (and presumably her societies attitudes and beliefs) mean nothing to them can still take mortal offense at the notion of being ‘outed’ as her conqueror.
    Mohammed basically calls all infidel women an open field to be plowed and sown as a means of forced genetic as much as religious conversion and even in the West, there is no shame or sense of contamination inherent to a man sewing his wild oats with whatever woman is dumb enough to play the game, knowing he has no interest in a life time arrangement (nor should he, when not yet 20 himself).
    Women just cannot get it through their skulls that, because of gender roles and what I believe is a subsconscious awareness of the way in which their minds as bodies are telegonically imprinted to prepare them for compatible breeding, the same rules don’t apply to them.
    You choose the ONE man so that ALL men don’t reject you as a used up slut. And the way you know it’s a choice is because he /agrees/ to be responsible for your brat before you whelp it onto his life. With a ring.
    In this, I have no sympathy with a mother who lets her daughter go out late while still 17 /after/ showing the gross social irrespoinsibility of having been knocked up and refusing to terminate the pregnancy with another race’s male.
    Again, women should have absolutely no right to make demands upon men for the babies they conceive willingly and keep, instinctively. But at the same time, men must learn to stand up and grin-it-off when a woman makes a fool of herself trying to assert these phantom rights.
    You had a good time, you didn’t ask her to give you a brat you were in no way ready to care for and _because of this_ you should have no fear of social recrimination sufficient to justify murder. One of the few decent things about birth control is that manipulative sluts are exposed quite quickly.
    BE A MAN and all around you will see that the scorned woman is a conquest and acknowledge her stupidity as the furtherance of your triumphant use of her.
    There can be no greater force for racial unity than the truth that if you lie down with dogs, you will be a bleep to their pups.
    It is rude and presumptuous and overweening in the extreme to ask a boy to give more than the affection and companionship he -is- ready for, on the learned path to a lifelong commitment. And 17 year olds are not men.
    To attempt to employ coercive pregnancy as the vector for assuring that he chooses YOU to be that mate companion is _beneath contempt_.
    I have no pity whatsoever for the girl or her sister or her mother. None of whom see their own complicity in this. The best that can be said of them is they provide a convenient excuse for this joke of a male to have a severe ‘accident’ in prison.
    Not because he is a cad or a sadist who butchered a mother and created an orphan of his own genes but rather because the kind of society those genes produced looks like Pakistan.
    Society is a genetic construct, race is not a social construct.
    Unfortunately, given demographic trends with the population of SWAians already in Britain, even this can only be seen as pointless Pyrrhicism. It will take genocidal bloodletting for whites to remain a functional population as society in the British Isles.
    And ‘after Hitler’, nobody has the balls.

  • Magician

    I know of a facebook page called “Teen District” and it has over 2 million subscribers and that page is basically,

    “Watch black boys and men singing and dancing and state how much you like it and admire it to prove that you are not a racist”

    Type in “TeenDistrict509” and you will get to the facebook page.

  • Magician

    I am falling madly in love with Russia!

  • Magician

    I am usually very generous when it comes to grading how handsome men are but, ewwww

  • Magician

    Can someone tell me what traits of the murderer the young white woman could possibly have found attractive?

    – His culture where they consistently disrespect and oppress women?
    – That jaw-dropping handsome face?
    – The multiple doctorate degrees he must have easily earned from the top schools in UK?

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      To me his face is nothing but a target, literally.

  • MBlanc46

    They won’t assimilate to Western culture. We’ll wind up having to assimilate to Muslim culture.

  • Pax Romana

    Yet another young white female victim, as dead as the pharaohs, but not as long remembered.

    She didn’t have to die. Falling for the Liberal’s lies and propaganda has been a fatal mistake to thousands of our men, woman, and children. And if it wasn’t for the Liberal mass media’s intentional conspiracy of hiding these victims’ horrific violent ends; our people would have wised up years ago.

    “The People will believe what the media tell them to believe.” -George Orwell

    “The most insidious power the media has, is the power to ignore.” (Chris Plante, WMAL)

    The Liberal Mass Media doesn’t just have blood on their hands, they are drenched in it.

    “Multiculturalism is a Strength!”…..”Diversity is a Joy!”

    The questions to ask ourselves in Europe and in this country would be: Has Multiculturalism made Laura Wilson Stronger? Is Laura Wilson Joyful?

  • Ezra Pound

    She brought it on herself by (1) being a whore and (2) being a whore with Muslims. Why would she – or anyone else – expect a Muslim to treat her like a human being when she was whoring herself? The problem here is only half Muslim, the other half of the problem is HER lack of religion which would have stopped her from whoring around.

  • Ezra Pound

    Also, there is nothing overtly “Muslim” about this killing. She was killed because she threatened to exposed, and ultimately DID expose an illicit sexual relationship. How many Western men have committed murder to prevent their paramours from exposing an illicit relationship to the man’s wife? It happens all the time and doesn’t necessarily have anything “Muslim” to it at all. Now, granted, Muslims are MUCH more likely to do this than non-Muslims, but that doesn’t change the fact that this is common among more than just Muslims.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    Which is why it will fall to white men to slaughter as many of these darkies, and not just their men in the coming wars we will have to fight for our own survival as a race. That will justify indiscriminate killing of these hostile racial alien invaders.

  • Jackryanvb

    Wow. Just shows some White young women like really, ugly, nasty, mean, low life guys. Couldn’t she have found a drug dealing White biker?

  • Erasmus

    Someone tell me again why it’s so important for the UK to flood the country with Pakis and US with Somalis Don’t both countries have enough dysfunction already without having to import it from 3rd world Shi’ite holes?

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    That is all the more reason why white men should hunt down and kill any of them who rape or molest their female relatives. When they learn they could end up not just merely dead for doing it. they will stop looking at our females as whores.

  • John K

    This is what white women get for shunning their men, preferring to lay with violent black savages and Muslim filth. Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.

  • Paleoconn

    Wrong DailyMail: the fatal mistake when Laura decided to date this creature, not when she and her sister shamed him. She shamed herself by associating with this animal.

    Laura was a we-are-the-world liberal to the core, it seems. She believed we are all the same, or perhaps more likely that the Other is better for her. She dishonored our people by committing White genocide. But none of us would do to somebody like her what the savage did.

    Laura was a foulup for sure, I mean she even slept with another waste to avenge her boyfriend. Her mother is largely to blame. Incidentally, no mention of a father. Not a big surprise.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    Being found on a gurney with bullet wounds to that hideous face and in his chest would be an improvement, because he would never hurt another white girl ever again. Nor could he father any more genocidal invaders white Europeans will sooner than later have to eliminate. In other words, for us to win back our homelands, indeed even to survive, we will have to eliminate millions and millions of them. Call it a genocidal bloodletting, the truth is they are the genocidists along with everyone who allowed then to invade Europe to begin with.