Big Rise in Support for Vicious Anti-White Party in South Africa

The New Observer, October 31, 2013

South Africa’s beleaguered white minority—already subjected to an unprecedented campaign of murder, robbery and violence—are facing a renewed assault in the build-up to the 2014 national elections with the growing support for a new violently anti-white party called the “Economic Freedom Fighters” (EFF).

The EFF was founded by the former head of the African National Congress’s Youth League, Julius Malema, after he was expelled from that party.

The EFF’s policy position of the party is based on the not unjustifiable claim that twenty years after the handing over of power to the black majority in 1994, black people are still not economically “liberated”.

By this they mean that blacks are still overwhelmingly poor, and even though white wealth levels have dropped dramatically, that group still appears to be in possession of most of the remaining financial assets of the country.

This fault with this view is not so much in its factual basis, but rather in the reasons for it.

In reality, strictly enforced affirmative action laws have radically changed the nature of business transactions in South Africa, because any moderate-sized company has to have majority black owners otherwise they are unable to obtain any significant contracts and face tax penalties.

What the last twenty years has actually done is artificially economically “empower” a tiny minority of elitist blacks, not because they are capable, but simply because they are “connected” blacks.

At the same time, the South African economy has steadily regressed, primarily due to three causes:

– Continued emigration of skilled whites (most estimates say that over a quarter of the white population of pre-1994 South Africa have left the country, forced out by crime and never-ending brutal violence),

– The devastating effect of black incompetence in taking over many formerly profitable enterprises and trashing them,

– And the dramatic decline in the efficiency of the civil service and state infrastructure in all its facets.

As a result of these factors, the reality has emerged that the vast masses of Africans, with an average IQ of just 65, are unemployed, unemployable and have no prospects for any sort of advancement—just like in the rest of Africa.

At the same time, leftist dogma has brainwashed these low-IQ people into believing that all their ills are the result of “white racism” rather than their own behavior.

This witches’ brew has bred the conditions in which the EFF has emerged—a party with a policy which demands the nationalization of land, mines, banks and other assets without compensation and, in particular, on a racial basis.

At a recent launch of its party group in Marikana (in the old western Transvaal, now called the North West Province), EFF supporters carried banners reading “Honeymoon is over for white people in South Africa” and “A revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate”.




Asked about these posters, EFF leader Malema said that his party was “not racist, just honest.

“If white people want a permanent holiday they must return the stolen property,” he said, referring to the land which he bizarrely—and quite untruthfully—believes was occupied by blacks before the whites arrived in the country nearly 400 years ago.

Malema said there would never be reconciliation in the country as long as whites had the land.

“These people, the black masses are hurting. . . . The more you become more rejecting to the idea of sharing the land you will have an unled revolution, and that is anarchy. We don’t need anarchy. Let us talk about a genuine reconciliation,” Malema said.

The EFF’s foreign policy is also shaped by its internal ideas, and contains a demand to boycott Israel, to lift the trade embargo on Cuba and support for the violent anti-white regime in Zimbabwe.

* According to a poll published in the South African news source news24, the EFF’s policies of land reform have boosted black support for the party,

According to the report, some 38 percent of respondents believed the EFF would gain support because of its policies.

According to the survey, 42 percent of young blacks approved of “land reform” as defined by the EFF.

Support for the policy was also strongest in the Free State, with 56 percent of respondents approving it.

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  • Let the Marxist groids starve, just like they already are in Zimbabwe.

    • Jesse James

      Let them reap what they sow.

      • Alucard_the_last

        As far as farming is concerned; they don’t know how to sow or reap.

    • Gislia Jackson

      “Tax the rich, feed the poor. Till there are no rich no more.”

      What will the niggras do when they have finally killed off yt, and they have only themselves to rely on? They will eat each other.

    • mgs166

      Just like they always do when there are no Whites around to feed them.

    • me

      And who and what is behind the riling up of the South African ‘groid? The usual Marxist suspects. Let’s get the Boers out, then burn the place to the effing ground…

  • IstvanIN

    This is what Juan McCain, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, the Kennedys, the Bushes, etc., want for us here.

    • Whitetrashgang

      Yeah in thirty years that’s going to be the states, RIP.

  • Jefferson

    I read a statistic that said South Africa is one of the most dangerous countries in the world to live in.

    • negrolocaust

      try living in baltimore

    • cablegirls

      Where have you been, Jefferson?

  • Spartacus

    “A revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate”.


    When I say stuff like this, I’m an “evilnaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews”, and mister Ashton will admonish me for “alienating” people . When a groid says it, he’s a civil rights activist…

    • Jesse James

      Well at least the Africans have found something they are good at – mindless, atavistic hatred.

      • mgs166

        They’re born with it. This is why they will always be a “problem” to civilized societies until there are no more of them left.

    • ncpride

      A lot of White countries will be in the same situation as SA eventually unless there is a major awakening, and I don’t think we’re quite there yet. People say it could never happen here or there, but they are dead wrong. Just look at the way Whites are treated now in their countries, and we are still a majority, but that won’t last forever with the way things are going. It will come down to kill or be killed, and I know exactly what MY reaction will be. Call me what you will, but I’ll fight like crazy for me and mine.

    • Romulus

      I’d like to share a story from oreilly tonight.
      White mom let’s 7 yr old dress up as a klan member. Holy cow! Can you believe it?! She’s got more gonads than most men. Tune in and watch.

      • Spartacus

        We only get CNN International here, but I’ll look for it on Youtube. Good for her!

      • Dave4088

        O’Reilly must have been spitting mad since he is a multicultural fundamentalist.

        • saxonsun

          O’Reilly is not the least bit bothered by black/white pairings.

        • Brian

          Well, he plays one on tv. His private thoughts may be a bit more hardcore.

    • Andy

      Nobody here who admonishes you for saying things like that approves of black South Africans saying it.

      Furthermore, the “naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews” is a good example of people being ridiculous when it is obviously a great distortion of someone’s views. (“I would prefer to marry a white woman” – “I don’t support affirmative action” – “I am not interested in attending the Diversity Awareness Training”.) It is less effective when it is pretty accurate. The above sentiment actually expresses support for mass-murder, and comparing it to Nazism is more an attack on Nazis than on the speaker. I suspect that very few living, breathing Nazis were actually cold killing machines motivated by pure hate or aspired to be such.

      • Spartacus

        I’m a different kind of person than most of you here are, and my ideology is also different, and far more radical .

        But when I wrote that post, I was referring first and foremost to the way the System’s propaganda presents things. If I were a groid, saying the same things I say now but about Whites, there would be no outrage . When was the last time you saw any groids protesting the black panther party, or some mexicans protesting la raza ?

        • Andy

          I agree with you that whites (and even white race realists) are more likely than blacks to tell off their own for that kind of thing. However, I think that this is a lesson that non-whites can learn from whites, not the other way around. We need Charles Martel, not General Butt Naked.

          • Wethepeople

            If non-whites were capable of learning from whites than the trillions of dollars we have spent on their education and development, from colonialism thru SNAP, would have shown even the slightest results. Regrettably this is not the case, and they’re still a violently degenerate burden.

          • Sick of it

            Folks like Charles Martel didn’t play nice in war.

          • Andy

            Did they tear the hearts out of children and eat them? That was GBN’s way of ensuring his victories. Charles Martel might not have abided by the Geneva Convention, but I wouldn’t call him a “cold killing machine motivated by pure hate”.

    • What does one do with that hate after the enemy is defeated? I suppose one can always make more enemies, but it doesn’t seem to me like a reasonable way in which to live.

      I was once full of hate for my ex-father because he was a wife-beater and a child-abuser. I still loathe him. He has never met his granddaughter and never will. Unless he reads this site or has otherwise searched online, he will never even know Ariadne’s name. I let that incandescent hate go because it was poisoning me, not him. I was asked in late 2004 whether I intended to retaliate against my old housemate, and I said “No; I know where he’s going.” He’s currently seven years into a three-to-life sentence for molesting children. What could I possibly do to him that’s worse than what he did to himself? My ex-father is so full of cancer that even his tumors have suspicious growths, and he lives in Britain, where the national “health” system won’t give him chemotherapy because he’s over 55. My judge at sentencing called him a “despicable human being” in open court.

      The world is full of “people” like these, but when you permit them to govern your emotions, you are allowing them a level of control over you that they don’t deserve. Jaycee Dugard didn’t go to the sentencing of her rapist/abductor, Phillip Garrido because he had stolen 18 years of her life and she decided he had already taken too much of her time.

      Do Tolkein’s elves hate orcs? Of course not; they’re too busy being happy with their own lives. It thus pains me a little to read comments from a man half my age who has started to define himself by what he is against, rather than what he is for.

      Think of them like spiders in the basement.

      • Spartacus

        These aren’t spiders. They’re monsters that destroy and defile everything they touch, and the worst part is – they’re being brought over to everything worth preserving by traitors.

        If elves were in our situation, going extinct in favor of sub-humans at the hands of mostly other elves, they’d probably be a little more angry too .

  • Spartacus

    Once again – Any South African that wishes to move here to Romania is more than welcome. I don’t have any material capabilities to help, but I can guarantee a few hundred dollars worth of bribes can get you permanent residency here .

    • bigone4u

      Good info. Australia has refused to take white South Africans.

    • Andy

      Nice to know in case we ever get hate speech laws here in America. I’ve been learning Russian, but Romania is a nice back-up and Romanian looks a lot easier to learn.

  • MekongDelta69

    “Honeymoon is over for white people in South Africa”

    I guarantee that NO S.A. had any idea they’ve been on a ‘honeymoon’ since the ANC/communist/Mandela days.

  • dd121

    I wonder how the white liberal press in the West will blame the white South Africans when the REAL Reign of Terror starts there?

    • IstvanIN

      It will be entirely the Afrikaners fault.

    • WR_the_realist

      The press will ignore it. After all, how much attention does the mainstream press give today to the widespread rapes and murders in South Africa? Hell, they won’t even cover our own black riots.

    • Lord_Steven_Regal

      The press will argue that Apartheid was worse. The press puts black feelings above white violent crime victims.

  • Wethepeople

    Our people built a civilization on that land.
    Our people provided enough food to feed 60% of that continent.
    Our people kept theirs safe, healthy and fed.
    Our people made SA one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

    Their people stole all our businesses and houses.
    Their people raped all Boer women.
    Their people torture and murder without abandon.

    Their people need reconciliation?!

    How much more must we endure, when can we act?

    • Pro_Whitey

      All I can say is, all whites in S.A. have to get themselves to a defensible area with as much as they can bring with them, especially weapons and ammo, or get the bleep out.

      • Jesse James

        Too late, it is time for them all to just get out. There is no future for them there.

    • Andy

      They didn’t rape *all* Boer women. The truth is bad enough. Along with what you said:
      The majority of all women *and girls* in South Africa (black and white) have been raped.

      1 in 5 Afrikaners dies by murder.

  • D.B. Cooper

    I like this flag better. They can dish it out, but can they take it?

  • Jesse James

    It is past time for all whites to leave Africa. If I was one of the farmers there I think I would ship out whatever I could and then burn the rest – after getting my family out first. I wouldn’t want to leave one stone sitting on another on my property. Leave the Africans to the fate they deserve. Now if we could just get the mindless do -gooders to stop sending money, resources and naive young people back to Africa the world would finally be able to see what true level of civilization they can maintain.

    • negrolocaust

      they can run from there over to here then where are they going to run from here there is nowhere left to run like cedric the entertainer said ” white people think they going to go to the moon and mars and leave us here, white people you going to the moon? we coming to the moon!”

      • WASP

        That’s true. Parasites have their hosts to live. White people may realize eventually they must kill the parasites; I hope it won’t be too late.

      • Jesse James

        Anywhere they run is better than where they are at, there is a such thing as insurmountable odds. The only way white civilization could have been maintained in S. Africa is if the whites had retained control of the government, police and military. There are many areas that are still white majority where we would welcome them.

  • Dave4088

    In America, our vicious anti-white party is called the Democratic party headed by a psychopathic, Robert Mugabe wanna be in Hussein Obama. Before American whites breath a sigh of relief that we don’t live in S. Africa they need to realize that their honeymoon in North America is almost over, too.

    • IstvanIN

      Sadly it didn’t start with Barry Obama and isn’t unique to the Democrats.

  • Rhialto

    Will these White victims of Black oppression be welcomed into the U.S. as refugees?
    Not likely, considering Democrat malice, and Republican cowardice.

    • IstvanIN

      The blacks perps will be, though.

  • OhWow

    Could you imagine reversing this? White mobs with “The honeymoon is over for black people” signs, white fists in the air, gaining massive support? It would be on CNN’s front page daily, Anderson Cooper and Piers Morgan would have specials on it, and there would be marches even in the US to end the racism in Africa.

    It has never been more anti-white. We are reaching a boiling point.

    • BonusGift

      A large, if not overwhelming, cause of why we are in the position we are in is because of the press’s constant false propaganda. The fact of the matter is that most people are exposed to anti-white and anti-Christian propaganda constantly and have responded in kind (not the bulk of those on this site, but in general outside of sites like this). White genocide is not a random thought that has been randomly propagated, it is an evil that springs from the minds of people that control the mass media and want us dead. These blacks we see cheering for our genocide are despicable parasites that deserve death for their actions against Christian Europeans, but the root cause of the ‘useful idiots’ actions and words lies not so much with them (although they are factually semi-retarded by human standards and excessively violent by nature), but by the promoters of the ‘useful idiots’ among almost all blacks and other ‘useful idiots’/traitors among our own, for example. Therefore, when we rightfully lament knee-grows violent anti-white genocidal rants and actions, we should not ignore the cause of their angst toward us. Merely work through the thought experiment of a mainstream media that didn’t constantly bombard us all with the thought that Christian European genocide is a good thing and all races (even though it is claimed to be a ‘social construct’) should work toward that end.

  • Marlin B. Newburn

    Sounds like Detroit when its first black mayor, “King” Coleman Young, took office.

    Anybody know how that turned out?

  • bigone4u

    South Africa’s whites grow more endangered every day. Only a few of us will pay attention, with the rest glued to the NFL feetsball results. Publicity about their plight is going nowhere because most American whites believe that SA whites are evil racists who deserve to be murdered.
    One way or another, if there are any white survivors of the coming mass murder in SA, we must stand ready to give them whatever help we can.

    • KingKenton

      One can only pray that perhaps Russia and / or some Eastern European countries will see their way fit to resettle White S. Africans into their midst. Russia certainly has enough land mass to accommodate them.

  • Franklin_Ryckaert

    In essence this is a conflict between IQ 65 and IQ 100.

    • me

      It’s also a conflict about ideals, morals, and culture.

  • Gereng

    Once the ‘groids have driven out the whites, then they will start on the Indians. Because they too are guilty of being educated, skilled and hard working. When Idi Amin tossed out Uganda’s 70,000 Indians, the economy and all the trained and smart people were gone.
    Ugandans working in the shops and businesses abandoned by the Indians took them over. They sold out the stock, and had no idea what to do then.
    It will be the same way in SA. Once blacks totally dominate the economy, SA will join the ranks of the other failed African nations and get on the international dole…

    • BonusGift

      They are already well on their way.

  • Lord_Steven_Regal

    Golden Dawn is perhaps the most vilified political party in the international press. Not surprisingly, this is the first time that I’m reading about the violently anti-white yet apparently quite popular EFF.

    • BonusGift

      The reason is quite simple (see below for two examples):
      “18 March 2013, THESSALONIKI, GREECE – Leaders of the World Jewish Congress (WJC) on Sunday sent a strong message of solidarity to the Jewish community of Greece as they gathered in the northern Greek city for meetings of the WJC Executive and commemorations on the 70th anniversary of the first deportation of Salonican Jews to the death camps. In a speech in the presence of Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, WJC President Ronald S. Lauder urged Greece to take decisive action against the growing neo-Nazi movement Golden Dawn, which he called “the new Nazis” and “a threat to democracy.” In a resolution the World Jewish Congress called on Greece to consider banning extremist parties such as Golden Dawn.”

      “NEW YORK (AP) — Greece’s prime minister said Monday his government will do ‘whatever it takes’ to completely eradicate the extreme-right Golden Dawn party, whose neo-Nazi leaders have just been arrested.

      I believe that they will realize that they should not follow the party that has such extreme ideological positions and ideas,” he told a meeting in New York of AJC, the American Jewish Committee, which advocates globally on Jewish issues.”

      • me

        Scratch a person crying “NAZI”, and find a joo. They love to hate, and they love to besmirch anything that’s pro-White or pro-country.

  • Carney3

    The whites there should have been serious about grand apartheid. The homelands were ridiculous and non-credible. Too small and non-contiguous. Whites had a chance to set aside a real nation-state for themselves, or even two of them – an English one and an Afrikaner one, along with a Zululand, Xhosaland, etc. They should have executed Mandela early before he became a martyr, or offered him a deal of leading Xhosaland and recognizing the white nations, or death.

    • Canadian Boer

      Apartheid’s weakness was a reliance on cheap black labour, just as many corporations in the west rely on cheap foreign labour. A future Volkstaat (Afrikaans for a White ethno-state) needs to have Whites doing all the menial labour for it to be successful.

      • KingKenton

        A future Volkstaat (Afrikaans for a White ethno-state) needs to have Whites doing all the menial labour for it to be successful.

        This is the vision of Orania, is it not? Or am I misunderstanding their vision? I am somewhat surprised / disappointed that it has not grown more than it has. I would think Afrikaners would be flocking to it. But I suppose that probably has a lot to do with not having a large enough economy to support a large(r) work force.

        From Wikipedia:

        As of 2010, Orania is home to an unknown number of inhabitants, with around 10,000 registered supporters.

        According to its founders, the purpose of Orania is to create a town where the preservation of Afrikanerdom’s cultural heritage is strictly observed and Afrikaner selfwerksaamheid (“self reliance”) is an actual practice, not just an idea. All jobs, from management to manual labour, are filled by Afrikaners only; non-Afrikaner workers are not permitted. “We do not want to be governed by people who are not Afrikaners”, said Potgieter, the previous chairman. “Our culture is being oppressed and our children are being brainwashed to speak English”.

        • Jesse James

          Oriana like South Carolina is too small to be a nation. It doesn’t have the number of people or proximity to non-hostile countries which could serve as a refuge and source of supply that allowed say Sarajevo to resist siege for so long. It is simply untenable should its black neighbors decide not to allow it to exist.

      • Carney3

        Exactly right.

      • Jackryanvb

        Any prosperous all White state, town, school, church will be pressured to let in Blacks who come at first as thankful, hard workers, maids, cooks etc. Blacks will never agree to stay in their filthy, chaotic all Black places. Blacks are now murdering Whites in Norway.

        It doesn’t matter the history, religion, political orientation of Whites. Blacks will try to flood in anywhere and everywhere Whites have something better.

        Blacks have much lower IQ than Whites, but they ain’t stupid. Blacks do not want to remain in Black places like Haiti, Zimbabwe, Detroit, Birmingham AL.

    • Franklin_Ryckaert

      That was my idea too. The Whites of South Africa could have reserved a territory for their own while they still were in power (ignoring the world’s hypocritical “moral’ condemnation that surely would accompany such an act). But that would mean that henceforth they would have to do all menial jobs themselves, and probably they would have to renounce the ownership of the mineral rich parts of the country too. Those parts lie in the North of the country (around Johannesburg). If the Whites would have wanted a territory easy to defend and open to the sea, they would have to choose the Cape province, South of the Orange river. In reality the Whites dug their own grave due to their greed for the mineral wealth and their arrogance to use black labor for work they could do themselves. Being Whites they could have created a wealthy First World nation at the Cape, even without mineral wealth and black labor, but their stupidity ordained otherwise.

      • BonusGift

        That, or they believed the false propaganda that generally intimated that “sharing” power is a sign of strength, blacks aren’t so bad, ‘rainbow nation’, ‘diversity is a strength’, blah, blah, blah … etc., etcetera. Also, I believe that most white South African ‘leaders’ sold their people out; and even Eugène Terre’Blanche changed his tune toward a white homeland after the disaster was more apparent (that and he was killed by one of his own knee-grows). In short, when your own ‘conservative’ leaders cannot see the forest from the trees and do not see that blacks are a form of human cancer, you are not likely to avoid the hell that is headed your way when they take over. The true masters of blacks now don’t even think they are of much use for the Marxist revolution and really just see them as violent ‘useful idiots’ for genociding Christian Europeans.

  • Canadian Boer

    The Whites in South Africa built the most advanced civilization ever seen on the African continent. They have every right to live in the country that their forefathers built, preferably in their own Volkstaat, rather than being ruled by parasitic scum like malema.

  • BonusGift

    I agree with you but I’d give it less than ten. We are already insolvent; and we are just collectively waiting around for the national credit card to be cut, and when, not if, that happens we will all reap what these traitors have sown. Personally, what I’d like to see sites like this one do is keep a list of the names and addresses of such traitors up to date so as to minimize any mistakes and speed up the cleansing process when that day arrives.

    • Brian

      The US has a lot of inertia behind it (AMEX black card), and other nations have a vested interest in not seeing us fall economically too much, as they would follow like dominoes. And we still have the biggest guns on the block– whose repo man is going to challenge us? We may be able to string along the insolvency for some time. I think The Day of Reckoning may be as far away as fifty years, when the fecund wombs of our hispanic immivaders have born children, and then grandchildren and maybe g-grandkids. The blacks are worse, but their numbers are relatively stable. We could bite our tongues and put up with their idiocy and dysfunction forever, perhaps. But combine them with the rising brown tide, and we have real trouble. But even if it is fifty years out, the day will come.

  • BonusGift

    Does that include killing people for the sake of their skin color and having the “right” to steal their property and rape? Christian whites mostly just want to be left alone and enjoy the fruits of their labors, blacks, and others, want to be parasites that have “power” and control without any consideration for their forced hosts/slaves.

  • Spartacus

    There is no equivalency between sub-humans rape apes such as these, and real humans beings.

  • M.

    A part of me wants the Whites there to just leave the country and the Negroes to their own devices, and prove to the world once and for all why Black-majority countries are such failures.

  • Massif1

    What are these bantus going to do when white people are gone? Who is going to keep the society in place and make sure the bills are paid? Let South Africa become another Zimbabwe – a lesson they need to learn.

  • drattastic

    It’s either flee, fight or die. Pretty simply really. I suspect well eventually see whites chopped to death in the streets by the millions. Will the world even look or care .

  • Alucard_the_last

    Whites should leave. It will only last a few months before SA will become Zimbabwe. Then they’ll be whining to the western (white) world for food aid. It will be a joy to see them suffer.

  • me

    English, please. Did you even graduate high school?

  • me

    There’s a BIG difference between White self-actualization and Black self-actualization. This is why Whites stopped slavery and Blacks still practice it. This is why Whites show too much tolerance for differences in humans, and Blacks show hardly any tolerance for differences in humans. This is why Whites are charitable, law-abiding, justice-loving, and industrious people, and Blacks aren’t. This is why Whites don’t commit ‘flash mob’ crimes, ‘knockout game’ crimes, gang rapes, murders, robberies, violence against their own, etc. like Blacks do. Whites also don’t practice voodoo, incest, child neglect and abuse, child abandonment, drug addiction, drug dealing, pimping, gang warfare, animal cruelty, and other features of the ‘Black culture’ that Blacks are proud of. Do you actually want to live in a society run by Blacks, rather than Whites? Then go live in Detroit or South Africa.

  • From the article … “What the last twenty years has actually done is artificially
    economically “empower” a tiny minority of elitist blacks, not because
    they are capable, but simply because they are “connected” blacks.”


    Change “the last twenty years” to “the five years of the Obama administration”. Follow “elitist blacks” with “and their white enablers”. The result describes the USA today, yes?

    EDIT: And we have the black-on-white genocidal killings, too, don’t we? Just not yet to the same degree.

  • Brian

    These numbskulls have seen what happens when Salisbury, Rhodesia becomes Harare, Zimbabwe, and they still want to disenfranchise, evict or kill the whites?! How dumb do they have to be at this point, not to realize they are killing the golden goose?

    Gibsmedat is mine; I shall never repay, sayeth the Groid.

  • 1XXX

    It’s time to return to the old ways of conducting business.