“We Want to Change the World”: Inside a White Supremacist Conference Aimed at Millennials

Lauren M. Fox, Salon, October 29, 2013

In the basement of Washington’s Ronald Reagan building this Saturday,  100 or so preppy white folks gathered to talk about their disgust with modernity and their embattled race. The room felt like a bunker, windowless and cramped.

Near the White House, the men—and handful of women— bought books about the IQ differences between races and listened for nearly nine hours, as speakers from the U.S., Switzerland and France carried on about their shared European heritage, the impending financial collapse and the absurdity of believing all men are born free and created equal.

“God did not give people inalienable rights any more than he made them all equal and it is just the silliest kind of thing,” said Sam Dickson, an attorney who has spent decades supporting ultra-right-wing causes from Holocaust denial to Confederate revisionism. “That kind of thinking to the brain is like cotton candy to the stomach as compared to roast beef.”

The conference, titled “After the Fall: The Future of Identity,” was an opportunity to vent about a world that “has begun to crack and splinter under the pressure of mass immigration, multiculturalism and the natural expression of religious and ethnic identities by non-Europeans,” an online announcement explained. {snip}

The host was the National Policy Institute, a quasi-think tank “dedicated to the heritage, identity, and future of European people in the United States, and around the world.” In sessions, speakers carried on about “The God That Failed,” “The Children of Oedipus,” the “Question of Identity.”

“We want to change the world,” NPI leader and conference organizer Richard Spencer announced  to his people. “We feel we are at the end of a certain paradigm and we want to take part in creating a new one.” The conference, in essence, was an opportunity for paranoids to hold a planning session/pep rally for their long-awaited economic or cultural collapse.

For the most part it was pretty small-bore stuff. In the lobby outside of the Polaris room, young men debated whether Ayn Rand’s message of individualism served the white race or fragmented it.


Perhaps the most surprising thing about the conference were the number of young men present, millennials in search of a political identity.

“I am not a fan of political correctness,” said Andrew Benson, 28, who had traveled from Canada to attend. Wearing a black suit vest, red collared shirt and black cargo pants, he looked more like he’d come to his conclusions as part of a teenage rebellion. “I have always had an odd attraction to things that are taboo.”


“If you cannot be for your own people, who can you be for?” one young man who gave his name as Helmut Schmidt said as a reason for attending the conference. “The reality is when white people are the minority in this country, it is going to be real bad.”

But really the conference was open to any number of overlapping topics that might attract disaffected white youngsters. Jack Donovan, an anti-feminist writer and “advocate for the resurgence of tribalism and manly virtue,” served up his shtick.

Donovan has argued that feminists are trying to create  “gender-neutral utopias” that will make men into “doughy bonobos and chunky Chaz Bonos playing out their endless manic-depressive melodramas in a big bean-flicking circle of sterility, sickness and desperation.”

“Do black people as a group care what happens to white people as a group? Does a Mexican dad with three babies care about whether some white kid from the burbs gets a summer landscaping job? Of course not,” Donovan said during his presentation, adding later, “You cannot play fair with people who don’t care if you get wiped off the map.”

A Hispanic wait staff served every meal, and tended the bar. More black than white police secured the premise at the Reagan building as about a dozen protesters chanted at the young men going inside. Two of the protesters held a cardboard sign that accused attendees of wanting to “kill all blacks.”

During my time at the conference, I encountered a mostly congenial crowd, although one man whose name I didn’t have the pleasure of learning berated me for writing for Salon and asked if I “felt guilty” for writing for a magazine that “attacks people.” {snip}


One might have expected a gathering like this to be full of swastikas or skinheads committed to a common cause or united in a call for uprising, but that’s not the aesthetic Richard Spencer is trying to cultivate. Not even all of the attendees wanted to talk about race.

A man named Roger Matthews, who attended with his wife, said he’d come to learn more about becoming self-sufficient, a topic addressed by Piero San Giorgio, a former Swiss businessman and author of “Survive–the Economic Collapse,” who encouraged the audience to create sustainable communities, convert their money to gold and throw out their televisions.

Matthews and his wife recently moved to a family farm in Massachusetts where they plan on raising animals, growing their own food and returning to a more sustainable life.

“Some of the people in there I think are a bit weird, some of them I think are a bit crazy, some maybe even evil, but they are interesting,” Matthews said. “ [Most] are a bunch of nerds who probably are not going to go anywhere.”


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  • bigone4u

    Not a case of neutral reporting, but I used the IE search function and did not find a single instance of the word “hate” in the article. Instead of treating us as scary haters, this one mocks us a loony eccentrics. So, what. If some readers are made curious and research the presenters, they will find intelligence at work. The left can’t stand facts and logic.

    • Manaphy

      I have never seen neutral reporting in regards to white nationalism. Every left wing newspaper, and most conservative newspapers (especially the RINO wall street journal) refer to us as “Neo-Nazi Neo-Confederate Skinheads”. Pro-white sources always portray white nationalism in a positive manner. I don’t expect to ever see neutral coverage of white nationalism in my lifetime, but I am content with staying with the Pro-White outlets.

  • Daniel Schmuhl

    Some real sick people are in that Salon comments section.

    • NorthernWind

      It’s Salon, one of the worst leftist rags. We should all expect them to be degenerates.

    • Manaphy

      95% of the writers and commenters at Salon are uber-liberal, ultra-feminist, heterophobic, anti-white, mudshark women who have nothing better to do with their lives, other than disappoint their fathers.

    • So CAL Snowman

      The writers at Salon would make the writers at the Pravda turn green with envy. Salon is on the same level as the black foot soldier network.

    • Andy

      “deeznuggets” from Salon says: As a Black man, this is why I never pull out when I’m with a White woman. Not only is it my pleasure, but it’s my duty to eliminate racism.
      That’s the kind of thing that makes the idea of “bedroom genocide” sound plausible. He’s equating white children with racism.

      • Jack Burton

        So why repost it you passive-aggressive scumbag.

        • Andy

          I visit sites like this because I want to know the truth about the world even when it’s unpleasant. I thought it was the sort of statement that people should know about.

          • Katherine McChesney

            We already knew that they are morally degenerate.

          • Mike

            I forget the extent of it sometimes until stuff like that reminds me.

      • Sangraal

        Vile, gutter-minded creature. I hope the liberal, Salon-reading mudshark white women will think twice about their irresponsible choices after reading this insight into the anti-white black male mind.

      • DaveMed

        Of course he doesn’t pull out. His kind doesn’t do too well with the whole “responsibility” thing. No doubt he marches from one “baby mama” to the next, proud of spreading his seed (which surely possesses the potential for the next Einstein or Newton).

        • Katherine McChesney

          Black men have multiple babies with multiple wives so he has a choice of where to go when the baby mama’s receive their welfare checks and their ebt. After all, somebody’s got to pay for the black man’s expenses.

          • Whitetrashgang

            Yes truly black men are kings among men.

        • Whitetrashgang

          They have a species of snake called Einstein and Newton?

        • Brian

          We all know the black love of gibsmedats, but when it comes to unwanted chillun or STDs, they also believe in gibsudats.

      • Spartacus

        And it is our duty to eliminate anti-racism, which means wiping out groids like him, as well as race-traitor whores that would even touch him .

      • Alexandra1973

        Then you have the nutjobs that consider marriage (real marriage) to be sexist. Hey, 40 years ago feminists were saying that they want to destroy traditional marriage.

      • Svigor

        I’m guessing most of the white women he’s with take measures to make sure what he does with his seed is irrelevant. Even stupid white women are pretty good at avoiding being impregnated by idiots. Black women, on the other hand, tend to use abortion as a contraceptive.

    • Sangraal

      A part of me compels me to read the comments on tripe like this. To know the enemy, maybe, or to fuel my fervour, or perhaps just to appease my morbid curiosity. But I know that it is best to get on with my life, and not heed the prattling of fools. It serves only to frustrate and repulse.

  • preppy white folks

    Preppy has been co opted by the voodoo black Diversity, just like the news anchor positions, so you will think they are articulate and safe and “just like us.”

    Do any of us really trust blacks who act “too White”?

    I laugh out loud when I see blacks wearing J.Crew and looking like SEC frat boys at a lawn party.

    Then my “ugly racism” (i.e. White privilege) launches me into a curse tantrum…

    • So CAL Snowman

      It’s funny, you never see coal black africans modeling preppy attire. It’s almost ALWAYS mulattoes or very light skinned africans (same thing?). I mean it would look ridiculous to dress up someone like Idi Amin is a sweater vest and formal trousers. It wouldn’t pass the smell test, even with White liberals.

      • Xerxes22

        White liberals don’t feel comfortable around dark skin Blacks. They like Black people that look and talk like Obama. That is one of of reasons they worship the guy. Obama doesn’t look like someone who is going to mug you.

        • Spartacus

          He just looks like a guy who’ll make it easier for other darkies to mug you…

      • Sangraal

        ‘It’s funny, you never see coal black africans modeling preppy attire.’

        Funny you should say that, I saw exactly that just this Sunday. I’ve seen it before as well – I assume they’re the sons of wealthy pro-‘Western’ diplomats, maybe from the Commonwealth countries.

    • Svigor

      The rather dark African on the show Leverage dressed up as a hyperbolic preppy in one episode. To say he looked absurd would be an understatement. It was like a reverse minstrel show, or something.

      • I saw a coal black with bright yellow button down shirt and pastel green pants. Hideous abuse of textiles.

  • Alexandra1973

    I’m a race realist, I guess you could call me a nationalist, but I am no Holocaust denier.

    • NorthernWind

      We’re stuck in a false dichotomy situation though. Either you accept the entire official story about Nazi Germany and World War II OR you are a Holocaust denier. The problem is that neither position is reasonable.

      • David Ashton

        You are quite right. I have a considerable collection of books and articles on “both” sides in my possession, and have studied them all as objectively as I can. In brief, the “deniers” play down or ignore the racial judeophobia in Nazi statement and propaganda, and the “affirmers” evade or misrepresent the technical case against the scale, logistics and mechanism of gassing.

        The main problem we face is the way “The Holocaust” is used to undermine white racial and cultural self-perpetuation in ways that need not be listed again here.

        • MarcB1969

          Whenever someone brings up the “The Holocaust”, I always ask which one. It’s usually the equivalent of dropping one in the punch bowl, but it also prevents a Jewish pity parties from starting.

          • David Ashton

            Quite so. You could ask if they are referring to Genghis Khan’s elimination of over 10 per cent of the world’s population, four times worse than WW2? Or the total victims of Soviet communism, never mind Chinese, Korean or Cambodian communism?

            One reason why only one “holocaust” is kept in the public mind is not just because of daily repetition in the print and screen but because its photography and “survivor stories” are continually personalised, like the characters in TV “soap” serials. In the communist case, although some photography and personal stories exist, they are given the rarest publicity, and their impacts are not emotionally felt, even if believed.

            As I write this, my English TV is running (again) the US “true movie ‘Evil in Clear River'”. Do you know it? Nothing like this about the leftist propaganda in colleges.

      • Alexandra1973

        What I do know is that Hitler was a good little Catholic who admitted that he was only going along with the policy of the “church” concerning Jews.

        http://www.nobeliefs.com/Hitler1.htm (Substitute “Catholic” for “Christian”)

        Quote from the site: “Hitler wrote:
        “I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the
        Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting
        for the work of the Lord..” As a boy, Hitler attended to
        the Catholic church and experienced the anti-Semitic attitude of his
        culture. In his book, Mein Kampf, Hitler reveals himself as a fanatical
        believer in God and country. This text presents selected quotes from
        the infamous anti-Semite himself.”

        The Holocaust was merely another Inquisition.

        So I don’t accept the “official” story either way.

        Then there’s the little matter of Genesis 12:2-3 (KJV)

        2 And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing:

        3 And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

        Now take note that there’s a difference between the STATE of Israel and the NATION of Israel.

        And here’s a post I made at a board run by a friend of mine, The Six Zionisms: http://forzionssake.yuku.com/topic/523/The-Six-Zionisms#.UnGY8-JLT08

        White nationalism doesn’t mean you deny history. I am not part of the “Jews run it all” crowd. Yeah, a lot of Jews have sold out…but who are they serving?

    • Luca

      There have been genocides and concentration camps for many ethnicities, religions and people throughout history. Only the Jewish episode gets dramatized by Hollywood for the world stage, turned into a trademark and thrown in our faces at every turn.

      These were slave labor camps during a world war and horrible things happened to many millions of people not just the Jews. There were atrocities, epidemics and food and medicine shortages brought about by wartime circumstances.

      The Nazis identified many they considered enemies of the state, especially communists, Gypsies, dissidents, homosexuals and Jews.

      The prisoners were worth more as workers than as corpses.

      • Sick of it

        Don’t forget post-World War II slave labor on the part of German men.

      • David Ashton

        There were probably more lesbians among the female guards than among the prisoners. There is a serious dispute about the number of Gypsies killed outright by the Nazis but they have been added to the list of murdered minorities because of modern political correctness, and given another media run recently.

        Some “survivor” accounts are quite ridiculous (for reasons other than horror reporting) but they seem to be swallowed with automatic credulity and believers are as immune to criticism as children who believe in fairies. For example, in Britain have an elderly lady, who worked in the Canada clothes-sorting department in Auschwitz as a girl, and said that while “sunbathing” she saw other Jews go in one end of the nearby gas-chamber and come out as smoke at the other. She was given an “honour” for her tireless work for Holocaust Remembrance.

        However, I was once asked to write up the memoirs of an ex-prisoner from the Soviet Dubrovlag, and put in fictional additions, plus photos he claimed to have taken through a hole in a bucket, which I traced back to a completely different source. Neither ordinary people nor commercial publishers have the same ethics as serious academics.

      • Brian

        I keep waiting for Spielberg to make a movie about the Armenian genocide…or the Japanese Unit 731. Still waiting.

    • So CAL Snowman

      “but I am no Holocaust denier.”

      I think that there is a segment of black people that cause trouble, but I am no racist, in fact I even have several good black friends.

      Racism, WW2, The Holocaust, etc. are all tied together to form one big club that is then used to bash us Whites over the head until we start thinking the “right” way. By saying “I am no Holocaust denier” you are just buying right back into their system of control. You are a “race realist”, but you are still completely jacked into their Matrix.

      • bigone4u

        I think of myself as a Holocaust realist. That means I try to investigate the stories to see if they make sense, and then try to ferret out the truth.

        • Svigor

          That’s what they mean by “holocaust denier.” If you question the official narrative, you’re a “denier.” It’s really kind of weird, when you think about it. Nobody cares if you deny the Mongol holocaust, the Moon landings, or anything else but the Jewish Holocaust, really. They certainly don’t care if you deny the firebombings of Dresden, the Armenian genocide, or the Holodomor. But if you even question the Jewish holocaust, you must be expelled from decent company forever, lol. Methinks the lady doth protest too much, but that’s just my opinion.

          One thing I find striking is how important eyewitness testimony is to the Orthodox Jewish Holocaust Narrative, but how absurd so much of that testimony is. There’s an enormous thread (several actually) on Stormfront called “Tales of the Holocaust” in which members post links to published articles about survivors and their stories. A great many of those stories are absurd on their faces. Makes for very interesting reading, and food for thought.

      • Katherine McChesney

        ‘I think that there is a segment of black people that cause trouble, but I
        am no racist, in fact I even have several good black friends’

        I think you are playing with trouble mixing with them. And by the way, when push comes to shove your so-called ‘friends’ will abandon you. Quite simply you are disengenuous.

    • Andy

      My take on it is I just don’t know. I can’t find unbiased information anywhere. If I were a historian I might take it on, but as it is I tentatively accept it as generally true but used mainly as propaganda. It’s certainly not the worst genocide the world has seen.

      If the Holocaust turned out to be a *hoax*, I don’t think I could ever really believe anyone again. The evidence doesn’t point that way, though.

      • Sick of it

        See if you can find a record of Jewish estimates re: the Holocaust. Jewish scholars kept reducing the number of estimated dead after WWII (some as low as a few hundred thousand). Not that anyone will ever seriously investigate the Holocaust. And apparently, the mainstream will ignore even Jewish scholars on the subject…because it doesn’t fit with the propaganda.

      • Spartacus

        If a jew told you there were no gas chambers, would you believe him ? Go to youtube and search for “David Cole” , maybe you’ll understand this a little better .

    • Katherine McChesney

      I am of the same beliefs, Alexandra. I also believe in the Holodomor.

  • sbuffalonative

    National Policy Institute, a quasi-think tank

    Q: What is a quasi-think tank? A: Any think tank run by conservative whites.

    I’m still waiting for this mythical ‘dialog’. What we have now is a monologue excluding conservatives.

    • Jesse James

      I it means a think tank that doesn’t get lavishly funded by the Ford Foundation, George Soros or other corporate and banking interests.

  • ms_anthro

    What a whiny screed. One gets the sense that Lauren M. Fox feels as though she’s suffering in a bunker whenever she’s forced to leave her cozy leftist multicult echo chamber. Poor creature!

    What she will not admit, and probably has not even thought about, is that no matter how distasteful she found their views, she experienced absolutely no physical threats or intimidation from the White activists at that meeting. The police were called to keep non-Whites and anti-Whites from inflicting physical violence and property destruction on Whites who had gathered peaceably to discuss politically unpopular issues.

    So who is the real danger here?

    • Sick of it

      If you made that same argument in Greece, but mention the Golden Dawn in said context, you might be arrested.

    • Xerxes22

      Lauren M. Fox is Jewish, so she probably thinks the attendees at that conferance were all a bunch of neo-Nazis who want another Holocaust.

  • Spartacus

    Why do you guys keep showing articles from Salon ? If I were interested in what marxist pigs had to say, I’d get a dog .

  • MekongDelta69

    Can’t you just ‘feel’ the sneer and condescension just oozing from Mzzzzz. Fox from Salon (a far-left rag)?

  • Spartacus

    Instead of looking at this monkey’s anti-White ramblings, why not run an article about the White squatter camps in South Africa ? That’s a lot more important, as it’s also a potential future for many people outside of that country…

    BTW, you can donate to one of them here :


  • “The reality is when white people are the minority in this country, it is going to be real bad.”

    its bad enough now, and they still say we are the ‘majority’. And salon? please! that’s like the huffingpuffing post for goodness sake.

    • Andy

      I read the Huffington Post every day. I’m not sure if it’s getting more incredibly idiotic or I’m getting less and less used to mainstream idiocy.

      • Sick of it

        It’s probably getting more idiotic. Like when the regulars were pushing for war with Syria…after they were complaining nonstop about Bush’s wars a few years back.

      • IstvanIN

        You are one tough hombre to read the Huffington Post everyday. I rarely get through an article before getting aggravated.

        • Brian

          I don’t go there anymore after they banned my account with no warning or explanation.

      • Katherine McChesney

        Saw their page today entitled Black Voices. Ariana Huffington loves to pander to people who would mug, rape and murder her without a hesitation.

  • SWPL2

    All of this is excellent press. In particular, the fact that these conferences (AmRen, NPI) aren’t being shut down is good news. And all the references to “suits and ties” doesn’t hurt one bit…

  • I am all for white separatism and more rights for whites.

    But why associate ronald reagan with this movement? Reagan and the other GOP presidents appointed most of the federal judges that have stripped whites of their rights.

  • Nice Guy

    There’s nothing wrong with being white and proud, with wanting to preserve your culture, way of life, and DNA. Hence my seven children. I’ll go on forever!

    • IstvanIN

      Children are the only way to immortality.

      • Nice Guy

        Actually, we’re all immortal anyway; it’s more a question of what state we spend our eternal immortality in. 🙂

        • IstvanIN

          Point well taken. Let me say earhtly immortality.

          • Nice Guy

            Indeed! 🙂

  • Spartacus

    I took a pic of a part of the comments section on Salon. Take a good look, and maybe you guys will finally come to your senses about why we shouldn’t give a damn what these “people” think about us :

    • Spartacus

      If our guy would have defended himself, they would’ve said “Oh look, violent nazis!”. But when it’s the other way around, we’re weaklings and wimps . Remember – our enemies will hate us regardless of what we do. They make no distinction between Breivik and Jared Taylor, between me and mister Ashton, they just want to wipe us out, period. We’re not gonna win them over, we can only make sure we’re the last ones standing at the end .

      • Jack Burton

        Matt Parrott defend himself? LMAO, now that would have been funny. Would have made a great GIF.

        • robinbishop34

          Matt Parrott was assaulted?

          • Jack Burton

            Watch the video.

            Not seriously, just pushed around.

            You guys better learn some self-defense, there won’t always be cops around to defend you.

          • Spartacus

            If I were you, I’d be more worried about the cops than about some wimpy antifas .

          • Jack Burton

            Maybe you’re a criminal and have to worry about that, not me.

            You aren’t going to be fighting cops, unless you want to be shot dead or go to prison for a long time.

          • Spartacus

            The increasingly “diverse” police are not on your side. Do not trust them, regardless of whether you’re a criminal or not .

          • Sick of it

            The major problem is when the cops are around to arrest us for self defense. And I mean literal self defense.

  • robinbishop34

    Lauren M. Fox, the walking conflict of interest, once again playing moral gatekeeper. How cute. Isn’t this the same woman who had a coffee date with Richard Spencer a little while back?

    • M.

      The chick is obviously intrigued.

    • NorthernWind

      I believe that you are correct. At the time I said that she probably has an uncomfortable attraction towards Spencer. Then she also shows up at his conference. I find it amusing.

  • WR_the_realist

    How come La Raza meetings are never labeled Hispanic Supremacist? How come NAACP meetings are never labeled Black Supremacist? If you’re white and you care about your own race you are always labeled a white supremacist. Even though, unlike Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, I don’t want to have our military lord over other people in distant lands. Being a white person who wants to be left alone is evil, but being an American hegemonist is laudatory.

    • robinbishop34

      Those who label any white person who’s identity includes racial heritage as a supremacist are themselves the one’s asserting white superiority.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Perhaps it’s up to us to use that term on other sites whenever we’re posting about the CBC, NAACP, LaRaza or any other black of latino group. We might start a trend.

  • rightrightright

    Why is the desire for white separatism demonised as white supremacism? We mustn’t permit the media reptiles to get away with this Alinsky tactic. Is a convent of Catholic nuns a coven of Catholic supremacists?

    • Katherine McChesney

      Could’ve been. Especially when there was so much anti-Protestant violence in England and other Europeans countries.

  • George

    Hi- all white supremacist shit-kickers!!!
    I absolutely love reading your comments- how does it feel to be hated and despised- You are worthless trash at best!!! Keep kidding yourselves- none of you have chance in this wonderful country and you will all pass away with little to be proud of!!!

    • M.

      Well, if brainwashed people of your ilk keep being a majority among White people, this wonderful country will end up being inherited by Latinos and others, which I’m sure you don’t mind. A White liberal like yourself will probably keep fighting against the White minority oppressor and the evil White supremacists who demand AA for the European-American folk.

      Obviously, I’m saying “White supremacist” just to humor you. What Richard Spencer is, is a White nationalist, i.e. he just wants the people who identify as White to have a right to their homeland. Aka right to self-determination, which is supposed to be a liberal principal. But we all know that today’s liberalism is nothing short of an egalitarian utopia when everybody is created equal for the bullet-proof reason that it would be so cool!
      You’re denying a distinct people the right to self-determination, and seem very determined to see it replaced everywhere it is a majority. And we’re the racists.

      • robinbishop34

        Don’t bother reasoning with this domesticated puss. Listening to the predictable rantings of a weak ethno-masochist offers a fascinating evolutionary perspective on modern culture. It’s best to use weak males as case studies, not opponents. It’s more important to understand what motivates the flaccid white male to identify with his captors than to debate ‘him’.

        • Franklin_Ryckaert

          The white race obviously stands at the entrance of an evolutionary bottleneck now. Those Whites who are worthy will survive and thrive, but those Whites who are “anti-racist” will dissappear into miscegenation. Guess to which group this “George” belongs? Don’t worry about such people.

  • Franklin_Ryckaert

    At that time the word “race” was often used in the sense of “nation”.

  • Sangraal

    That is the anti-racists’ favourite little pet ‘fact’ to discredit and divide white solidarity. I’m not surprised it’s a distortion of the truth, it sounds dubious. Noel Ignatiev wrote a whole book about it, ‘How the Irish became White’. I remember Michael O’Meara reviewing it for Counter-Currents, I must have a look for it.

  • George

    M.- You are a racist- case closed!!

  • George

    BTW- While I’m at it- both Robinbishop34 & Franklin_Ryckaert are sick individuals also!! It’s obvious that some intelligence is trying to work it it’s way through your twisted and sinister brainwaves- give it a chance and maybe your lives will be more productive!!

    • robinbishop34

      Yeah, probably.

    • Franklin_Ryckaert

      Yeah survival is “sick”. I understand your genocidal logic.

  • George

    Hey Robinbishop- Glad to see I left you speechless!!

  • George

    Do you guys know what losers you are- gimme a break- how can you be so thick!! Talk about irrelevance!! No one on this board could possibly measure up to anyone in the progressive movement- to name just a few- Martin Luther King, Ghandi, John lennon, JFK, Bill and Hillary, and the best of them all- Barack Hussein himself- Get a life, scumbags- the train left a long time ago- OMG- a black man in the “White” House- that’s really got to stick in your craw!!

    • Luca

      We invite opposing views to debate, however you are engaging in the liberal tactic of name calling, avoiding any specific subject and I am sure if we could hear you, you would be screaming.

      Basically you’re throwing a temper tantrum. When you get over that, (I did when I was about 6) calm down and present your arguments with supported by facts.

      Until then, have a nice day.

    • Jack Burton

      Nice trolling. Hey moron, are you aware than Gandhi thought of blacks as inferior and didn’t want to be compared or associated with them? Get a clue.

      • Katherine McChesney

        Gandhi called them ‘kaffirs’.

        But, I think Gandhi was over-rated and somewhat of a fraud who had good press. Same as Mother Teresa.

    • Katherine McChesney

      You are behaving childishly. Typical for an anti-White liberal.

  • Luca

    Prisoners entering into the slave labor camps were sorted according to their usefulness as workers. A large number were elderly, sickly, disabled, or too weak to labor. I am sure they were regarded as excess baggage and either allowed to die or had their death hastened in the gas chambers. This happened to non-Jews as well.

    I knew a Polish soldier who survived the camps and he told me that the Nazis hated the communists far more than ordinary Jews. I imagine communist Jews suffered the most.

    Able-bodied people were needed for the war effort and were therefore worth more alive than dead. They had neither the food, medicine or resources to keep people alive who were useless to the war effort.

    War is a tragedy for all involved, not just Jews. It seems to me that their plight has been sensationalized by a biased media, clearly to the point of propaganda, through overt exaggeration to drum up sympathies.

    I am not a Denier, I try hard to be a Realist about these things.

  • George

    Luca- what is there to debate? What is your point!! You are obviously a racist with no agenda other than to incite racial tension- Your studies have all been debunked and as the grandfather of two wonderful “mixed” Grandchildren, I take offense at your disregard for human potential, no matter what color!! Are my grandchildren less worthy than you-I doubt it!! So, like I said- get a life- move out of the country if you can’t deal with it!!

    • Luca

      My Goodness, you have an excessive amount of mental liberalism dysfunction.

      You name call, change the subject and argue with me on points I never brought up.

      I am not sure that you have read my studies, but if you would like to point them out, I’d be glad to debate on them.

      How on earth was I to know you had mixed grandchildren and why would I care, so why bring it up? You should love your grandchildren, they are innocent.

      When did I mention anything about human potential and skin color? If you’d like to discuss that let me know, you brought it up, not me.

      You are a perfect example of why it is so hard to converse with a Liberal. They never face up to common sense, facts or logic. Nor are they very polite or good-natured or able to stay on track..

      I have a very nice life and wish that for everyone..

      BTW, if you want to reply, there is a reply button at the end of each post.

    • judenjager

      Dam, the squids really did a number on you,

      • George

        Listen douche- you start from zero- the fact that you contribute to this website only proves what a depraved individual you really are- America is so much better than you want to admit- maybe Iceland is a good match for you!!

        • judenjager

          Listen for my laughter when the savages kill your family and rape your dog. Your liberal rainbow fantasy glasses won’t save you. Save your money, your gonna need it for the pickaninnies bail.

  • Luca

    A large proportion of European Jews were killed during WW2, that is a fact.. I don’t know where you are getting your figures from but North America, South America, Australia etc had and still has enormous populations of the Jewish diaspora equal to or greater than that of Europe.

    It is a “bigger deal” to the whole world because of the media and the amount of air time the Jews get on this subject from their perspective.

    Research the Armenian Genocide and although figures vary, it appears about 60% of the Armenian population was eradicated by the Ottoman Turks. But you won’t see Steven Spielberg doing a movie on that, nor did the world see the equivalent of the Nuremberg Trials, nor do we hear of reparations or even an admission or apology by the Turkish Government.

    The Armenians do not own movie companies or publishing houses as massive as some other people do, therefore their plight is not very well known.

    History is written by those who have the power to write it.

    • Katherine McChesney

      I’ve attended the Holocaust Museum in Beverly Hills. I’m no Holocaust denier but I’m no fan of Simon Wiesenthal. The docents at the museum are so self-important they can imagine any one else being victimized except the blacks. They actually have the braggodocio attitude when discussing the Holocaust.

  • George

    Luca- please enlighten me- I’ll read whatever you have to offer- but be forewarned- if there is even a hint of white nationalism, separatism, supremacy, etc., etc., I will discard it as rubbish- do we have a deal??

    • Luca

      I deal in facts, common sense, the big picture and logic, if you can deal with that fine, if you can’t refute the facts and choose to call them racist, then we can’t have an honest debate.

      You entered this forum with name calling and general statements. The thread you are on right now deals with people with Euro-DNA who think the world is headed in the wrong direction and that they need to do something about it. They are generally tired of Left-Wing propaganda.

      If you disagree with my previous posts on this thread or have another topic along these lines, fire away. I have no dog in this fight other than I agree with Realism and disagree with the progressive ideology, (generally speaking).. I sometimes disagree with views expressed here but I almost always disagree with Progressives.

      Progressives tend to deal in theories that sound wonderful and are not proven or have always failed. I already told you what I deal in.

      If you really want to be productive, refute facts rather than engaging in tactics.

    • Katherine McChesney

      I have a suggestion. You should read a book by the title of “Affirmative Action is a Hoax”. Don’t remember the author but it’s a good ‘read’ considering it deals with the facts, something liberals usually avoid.

  • George

    Jack- sorry to disappoint, but your Ghandi info is pure hyperbole – been hashed and rehashed- you are obviously a moron who hates society at large and hopes for the good old lily white days of the 50’s- get a life!!

    • Franklin_Ryckaert

      For some sobering info on Gandhi’s racism see : On Mahatma Gandhi, his pathetic racism, written by a South African Black. In South Africa Gandhi campaigned for separation of Blacks from Indians. He even managed to have an entrance constructed in a local post office especial for Indians apart from Blacks.

    • alex

      “…and hopes for the good old and hopes for the good old lily white days of the 50’s- ”
      Streets were safer after dark…
      Would you prefer pitch black life?

    • Jack Burton

      Hey, George, you’re a failed abortion, you can’t even spell, idiot. It’s not hyperbole, it’s a fact from Gandhi’s own words.

      Everything you say is a lie and meaningless, just like your life.

  • George

    Hey Luca- I’m part Slovak and Italian- do I get to join your elite club??

    • Luca

      Just deal with reality and learn how to use the reply button.

      • George

        Please explain- what is your idea of reality??

        • Luca

          I read, watch and review as much information as I can. I process it and decide wherein lies the truth from my perspective. There are extremists in this country on both the Right and especially on the Left.

          I believe that somewhere in the middle resides the truth.

          As far as I can tell right now, the country is in a death spiral due to progressive, politically-correct culture and propaganda in media, Hollywood, and academia.

          Most far-right are fringe, isolated and have virtually no effect on the public at large.

          • George

            Luca- don’t pussyfoot with me- do you honestly believe that Blacks and Latinos are inferior?? How about the Jews?? That’s all I care about!! Where do you stand!! Forget the rhetoric!! My idols were John Coltrane and Charlie Parker- great artists- were they inferior to you because they were black??
            It has nothing to do with being a liberal- They were just as important to music as Mozart and Beethoven- convince me otherwise!!

          • Luca

            All human beings have equal rights, but not all humans are equal in all things. If that were the case I would be making millions in the NBA right now.

            Comparing John Coltrane as equal to Mozart is fairly puerile. Anyone of any color, playing a guitar and singing the blues is not the equal of a child genius who spoke several languages, was composing music and playing various instruments by age six. John Coltrane was good at what he did and important to his genre, but there is no comparison.

            Basically you are saying a dugout canoe is not inferior to an aircraft carrier and if I dare not agree, you will pull out your magic word – “racist”.

            I notice you use the word “important”, so okay, important is an benign word. Your comparisons were both important, but your underlying agenda is about racial inferiority and not about music.

            So, John Coltrane was a better blues singer than Mozart was because Mozart never sang the blues. But I believe Mozart could have done what Coltrane did very easily, probably within an hour, whereas I don’t think Coltrane would be capable composing operas in various languages without decades of training, if at all.

            Was my analysis fair, did I answer your question or am i just a racist?

          • George

            Luca- Sorry to disappoint you, but I will no longer be taking part in our discussion- I am convinced that you and everyone here are a poor man’s version of the Nazi scourge!! You want the Euro-DNA culture- pure Mengele- the “master race”!! You are sick and confused!! I have been contaminated enough today- so excuse me while I go shower!!

          • Luca

            Well, you’ve certainly added a lot to the conversation and made your point. Well, actually, you made my point. Rather than debate facts, you call me a Nazi.

            It’s getting harder and harder to have an honest civil debate with those from your side of the fence.

            Facts are so frustrating and a good shower won’t change them. If I were you, I’d try cutting out the propaganda that has clouded your thinking. It’s difficult to do because we are bombarded with it all day from many venues.

            You won’t be missed.

          • Anyone black gets +10 cool points by default in the eyes of anti-Whites.

          • Major

            + 20 points in Michigan’s college entry requirements / racism.

          • Brian

            Um, Coltrane was a jazz saxophonist, not a blues guitarist or singer.

          • George

            Dear Luca-
            Please explain- just what did Coltrane do- explain it in musical terms!!

          • Luca

            Mostly jazz, and some limited blues. I believe he played clarinet and sax and was an icon in his field. I am not a music aficionado, have no musical background and never liked jazz all that much. I’m afraid I can’t have a good conversation or speak with any authority on the subject in specific terms. But this is not a music website so I don’t feel so bad.

            You simply can’t compare opera to jazz or blues or country western or pop. But then, I am not the one trying to do that.

          • Katherine McChesney

            Jazz is inferior to Classical music.

          • George

            Really- what are your credentials- I happen to have a M. M. in music performance- you are sooo wrong!! Just like most of the neanderthals on this site!!

          • alex

            “Luca…do you honestly believe that Blacks and Latinos are inferior??”
            I am not Luca, but I answer.
            I don’t think that blacks are inferior. I think that there are group differences between whites and black.
            Remember, I said GROUP differences.
            Are cheetahs inferior to humans?
            No, they are different from humans. Cheetahs can’t drive a car, but they are definitely faster. They can also kill their pray with bare teeth. Most humans can’t do that.

  • Greg Thomas

    Yes, Whites who meet to discuss our heritage are described as lone wolves, hunkered down in a clandestine “bunker” somewhere. Meanwhile, racist hispanics gather to celebrate “hispanic heritage” and the MSM falls all over itself to promote and celebrate such an event.

    • Svigor

      Yeah I dug the “bunker” bit, too; real subtle. Let’s see if I can do some purple prose, too:

      With all the holocaust whining and programming on TV, the world feels like a crematory oven, hot, windowless, cramped, walled in by the narrow Jewish worldview and bias.

      as speakers from the U.S., Switzerland and France carried on about their shared European heritage

      Jews never “carry on” about their shared Jewish heritage. No, that’s always riveting, always deserving of respect. Same for blacks.

      and the absurdity of believing all men are born free and created equal.

      I doubt more than 0.1% of WNs have an issue with the idea that all men are (or should be) born free. I’ve yet to encounter one who does, despite running into countless WNs online. This woman’s a liar.

      “God did not give people inalienable rights any more than he made them all equal and it is just the silliest kind of thing,” said Sam Dickson, an attorney who has spent decades supporting ultra-right-wing causes from Holocaust denial to Confederate revisionism. “That kind of thinking to the brain is like cotton candy to the stomach as compared to roast beef.”

      See? She’s a liar. She made that bit about the absurdity of believing that all men are born free up out of whole cloth.

      • Brian

        She surely understand the difference between equality before the law, vs. equality of talents, drive and ability, but chooses to conflate the two in a fit of pique. The bitch is truculent.

  • If the attendees were just eccentric oddballs (as Ms. Fox suggests) why use attack words like “White Supremacist”?
    Sometimes you get the impression anti-Whites like Ms. Fox are disappointed not to find skinheads, swastikas and parents teaching their kids to goose-step.

  • Katherine McChesney

    ‘People who deny the holocaust…’

    They should be required to look on the tattoos given to survivors of the concentration camps.

    • Sick of it

      Those were tattoos used to identify prisoners (remember that this was before complex computing). I’ve met several of the people who were incarcerated in said camps.

      • itdoesnotmatter

        There was mass transportation of Jews and others to extermination camps. The number who were killed is considerable. There were virtually no remaining Jews in Germany post WW2.
        My ex-husband grew up in Germany.
        His grandfather, a virulent anti-Semite and soldier who served in the Wehrmacht, denied the Holocaust soldiers were brainwashed into disbelief. Stationed on the Eastern Front, he was nowhere near any of the camps.
        My mother in law witnessed the disappearance of Jewish neighbors, their clergymen, Roma, musicians, artists, her teachers, and vocal anti-Nazi dissidents.
        She related a story about witnessing shoeless Jewish prisoners shoveling snow from the streets with guards and dogs all about. When she innocently approached one of the guards to ask ‘why no shoes on the workers?, he roughly pushed her out of his way.
        Years ago when ex was affiliated with the Lawrence Berkeley Radiation Lab, a group of us went out to lunch. Across the table sat a woman with a tattoo on her inner arm. I asked her about it.
        Her family had been hidden by a Catholic family but near the end of the war, as Hitler/Eichmann stepped up final solution efforts, they were discovered and transported.
        She was scheduled for “the gas,” as she called it, the next day, but that evening became ill with symptoms of acute appendicitis. The German camp doctors loved to do surgery, so off to the hospital for the procedure she went. While recovering, the camp was liberated. Her family had gone to “the gas” as scheduled, but she was spared. She said, in so many instances, the camp hierarchy’s decisions defied logic. This was an example. Why not just send her to her death?

        • Svigor

          There was mass transportation of Jews and others to extermination camps. The number who were killed is considerable. There were virtually no remaining Jews in Germany post WW2.

          Similar logic: My friend was driven to prison. He is missing today. Thus it is inescapable that he was gassed to death in prison.

          Her family had been hidden by a Catholic family but near the end of the war, as Hitler/Eichmann stepped up final solution efforts, they were discovered and transported.
          She was scheduled for “the gas,” as she called it, the next day, but that evening became ill with symptoms of acute appendicitis.

          This is a good example of what I was referring to, about the unreliability of the eyewitness testimony. The official narrative tells us that the gassings were a secret. That the showers were covert gas chambers, and it was all very hush-hush. But the eyewitness in this example apparently was booked for an appointment and everyone knew it.

          Which was it? Were the chambers secret, or not?

          And how did she know if she had appendicitis? Sounds like a medical diagnosis. But why diagnose someone you’re about to gas to death? Why have an infirmary or doctors at all for a death camp?

          The German camp doctors loved to do surgery, so off to the hospital for the procedure she went. While recovering, the camp was liberated. Her family had gone to “the gas” as scheduled, but she was spared. She said, in so many instances, the camp hierarchy’s decisions defied logic. This was an example. Why not just send her to her death?

          Oh, now I get it. They loved to do surgery! That explains everything.

          This is not an unusual eyewitness testimony. It’s totally normal. Many, if not most of them, are like this.


          I love the “defied logic” bit. Oh, well I guess that makes her story less absurd, then! “Dem Nazis been crazy!” Swear to God, that’s the excuse for every inconsistency; “Dem Nazis been crazy!” First, they created a killing machine of monstrous efficiency, the likes of which the world has never seen. Then, “dey be crazy!”

          I think it’s her story (or your rendition of it, at least) that “defies logic.”

          • Dalek_1963

            “She was scheduled for “the gas,” as she called it, the next day, but that evening became ill with symptoms of acute appendicitis.”

            Then, too sick to work, she would have been killed all the more quickly. That surely is the logic we have been bombarded with all this time.

          • Svigor

            I think my central point on Holocaust Revisionism is this: Sure, it might’ve been as the Orthodox Narrative says. It might’ve been as the Revisionists say. I don’t know, either way. All I know is, the story stinks. It gives off a peculiar, rotten sort of odor. Every time I turn around, I get a new whiff. It might’ve happened as the Orthodox historians say – but their narrative doesn’t convince me.

            I guess it boils down to the fact that I wouldn’t convict someone on the kind of evidence I see in the orthodox narrative. And I find it grating that Americans who grow up chanting “innocent unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt” refuse to see the reasonable doubt shot all through the Orthodox Narrative.

          • nicholasi

            I know The Blessed Holocost is real because I WAS THERE. Inmate at Auschwitz, then Belsen, Menklengburg and Oberschwogliczsk. My papa’s bones were made into flutes that I was forced to play while the commandant’s wife engaged in Sapphic love with her daughter. My mama’s mammaries were lopped off and sewn back together as a football that I was forced to kick around the concentration camp football field. I know it happened because I was there, and insensitive, cynical deniers like you make me sick! By the way, I was forced to eat my sister while Gestapo hairdressers jerked off, in German.

          • nicholasi

            No, the evil grinning nazis didn’t want to kill her yet because they wanted to enjoy rubbing their genitalia while watching the jewess writhe in agony! That’s why it’s important for jews to keep control of American Rectumsauce, so they can stop the grinning masturbating nazis from undermining the fantastic stories of the ever-suffering innocent jew

          • itdoesnotmatter

            Svigor, my lunch mate said they knew about the gas chambers because the Jewish capos knew.
            Everyone watched as various barracks mates disappeared. It was no mystery.
            This witness was an ethical, professional woman who would not be prone to dissemble. Why would she? Nothing to gain from it whatsoever.
            She was told it was appendicitis, remembers the right lower quadrant abdominal pain, being taken to the infirmary, [yes, there was an infirmary], and that she had surgery. Reasonable? No, but she said the doctors liked to surgically experiment with female prisoners of all ages; they lived in dread of being called to the doctors’ facilities. Of course it makes no sense that she was operated, but, as she said, much the Germans did made no sense, especially when they were clearly losing the war.
            This was a child who lived, but lost her entire family, becoming one of the thousands of “lost children” who emerged from that war. She was eventually adopted by a Jewish family in N.Y.
            According to my mother in law, Hitler had gone mad, everyone knew that, the military, even his staunch supporters. Day and night bombing, no food, no hope, the Allies approaching. My father in law’s father, along with his mates, deserted.
            These people have indelible memories of those years, just as this physicist woman with the tattoo’d arm.
            Some things one just does not forget.

          • Svigor

            My lunch mate said they knew about the gas chambers because the Jewish capos knew.

            What was the point of kapos, anyway? Why let any Jews live, if the point was to exterminate them? And why did anyone survive long enough to spread rumors, anyway? Shouldn’t they have died too quickly to spend much time spreading rumors?

            In any case, think about it; we’re talking about word of mouth here, either way. If the gas chamber narrative is correct, then the rumors were correct. If the gas chamber narrative is incorrect, the the rumors were incorrect. Either way, the gas chambers are not the thing, not evidence; the gas chambers are.

            Everyone watched as various barracks mates disappeared.

            Again, eyewitness testimony. It’s unreliable.

            This witness was an ethical, professional woman who would not be prone to dissemble. Why would she? Nothing to gain from it whatsoever.

            There’s plenty to gain. Once a story becomes fixed as “the truth,” there’s plenty to lose by contradicting it. And ethics aren’t necessarily germane. If you actually looked into the plasticity of memory as I suggested, you’d know that.

            She was told it was appendicitis, remembers the right lower quadrant abdominal pain, being taken to the infirmary, [yes, there was an infirmary], and that she had surgery. Reasonable? No, but she said the doctors liked to surgically experiment with female prisoners of all ages; they lived in dread of being called to the doctors’ facilities. Of course it makes no sense that she was operated

            Lol. I love how lurid the stories are; Germany was full of little Frankensteins, wasn’t it? Parsimony suggests there were infirmaries and doctors for the same reasons there are infirmaries and doctors in prisons throughout the civilized world. Occam’s Razor suggests the alternative explanations are nonsense.

            Personally, I don’t think the whole death camp thing makes any sense. Why build camps to kill people? It makes no sense to pay all that money to build camps, heat them, feed the prisoners, care for them medically, etc., if you’re just going to kill them. Much easier to just kill them on the trains, then dump their bodies at crematoria.

          • Dalek_1963

            “That’s another thing that really gives me pause about the (many) anecdotes I’ve read; the narrators all just “know” things, and they never explain how. They often seem to have a supernatural ability to just “know” the “truth.””

            So true!

            Something thats pretty routine in survivor stories is this – they are on the train and they dont know where they are going, theyve never heard of Auschwitz (or wherever) they dont know what happens there.

            They get off the train and the dreaded selection begins (bonus points if the SS employ some bizarre and seemingly illogical selection criteria).

            At this point the witness suddenly ‘knows’ what selection is, those who live, those who die, despite apparently knowing nothing up until that point. The core problem? Ive yet to hear an account where the witness tells us how they knew what selection was. Did the guards taunt them, telling them theyve just seen the last of mum, dad etc? Did another prisoner sadly tell them what just happened? No. They going from not knowing to knowing just like *that*. Yet the emotional impact of that moment should be one of the most powerful of all in these accounts.

          • nicholasi

            These j-bos and j-suckers here deleted my comments about how the British and French started WWII with the support of the USA (all three countries ran then and run now by the same parasites who run the AR racket)

          • itdoesnotmatter

            S, I am bailing out of this discussion. Your ideas are your own. I have no wish to dissuade you.

            Thank you for your time and effort.

          • nicholasi

            You’ll be so missed.

      • nicholasi

        “I’ve met several of the people who were incarcerated in said camps.” — Oy vey! Walkers!

    • Svigor

      Right. I mean, when I see a tattoo of a number, I can just picture the ovens, the gas chambers, mass graves, etc. No need for evidence at all.

      • nicholasi

        I think of when I write a phone number on my arm when I can’t find a piece of paper.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Great story. That solution should be used today on local mosques.

  • NorthernWind

    He didn’t make a statement about race realists, he made a statement about racially conscious Whites.

    A race realist accepts the reality and significance of race and nothing more. They can even be in favour of multi-racialism, even if it makes little sense.

    A racially conscious White implies that they are White and in favour of White interests. I don’t believe that you can have several Black friends (I am not saying that you cannot have Black acquaintances) and truly advance our interests, unless those Blacks are themselves racial nationalists and ultimately want general separation.

  • Sick of it

    Not sure where you got that number, but the world Jewish population today is between 14 and 17 million. And that’s just those who self-identify as Jews (plenty have intermarried with gentiles).

  • Svigor

    [Note: I’m posting this because I take issue with this fellow’s thinking, not because I have any real position on the historical facts; I’m an agnostic on the matter, to be honest]

    If the Holocaust were a hoax, none of this would be here. The amount of power the conspirators would need to have to pull off something like that is almost unimaginable, accomplishable only in a totalitarian society like the Soviet Union. David Duke would have been sent to the gulag long ago.

    Your conclusions don’t really follow from your premises. I.e., no, the power to mold and shape history isn’t “unimaginable.” It’s perfectly ordinary.

    If you really look at the evidence underpinning the Jewish Holocaust narrative, it’s almost all either eyewitness testimony, or circumstantial evidence. Both are pretty weak tea. Eyewitness testimony is notoriously unreliable. When witnesses are allowed to communicate with one another, especially as a group, their memories consequently become practically worthless; they settle on a narrative, and re-write it over their own memories. Eyewitnesses to the Jewish Holocaust all fall into this category. Add in a cold-eyed appraisal of Jewish character – a group never known for honesty or honor at the best of times – and the eyewitness testimony winds up next to the tabloids. Actually, the tabloids are a better source.

    You sound like someone who’s holding forth on an issue he’s given no consideration at all.

  • Svigor

    I agree. I’ve investigated Holocaust denial and when you get down to it it just goes like: Jews bad. Jews lie. Jews talk about the Holocaust. Ergo, the holocaust never occurred.

    I doubt you’ve investigated holocaust revisionism. If you had, you’d make better arguments.

    How do Holocaust deniers explained where 5.7 million people went? Did they never exist?

    It’s very hard to convict someone of murder without a body. Otherwise, how do we know what happened to him? Why should conviction for mass murder be any different? It’s also hard to convict someone of murder when the alleged victim died of natural causes. Just because someone went missing, doesn’t mean you murdered him. Just because someone died, doesn’t mean you shoved him into an oven.

    Those numbers are based on national censuses, including the censuses of anti-Semitic nations like Germany, Hungary, and Romania. What happened to the 3.5 million Polish Jews?

    By this “logic,” the Nazis gassed 50 million+ people, right? I mean, those people all died, and they were all removed from the census rolls, so of course they died in Nazi gas chambers, right?

    Your arguments display 1-dimensional thinking.

    Older Polish citizens remember when their country was 10% Jewish.

    Palestine was Hebrew. Then later, it wasn’t! The Romans must’ve gassed all those Jews!

    Instead of going to Auschwitz and obsessing over the gas chambers

    You seem to be the one who’s obsessed. Yours was the longest comment on the subject at the time you made it. Also, the Jews seem to be pretty obsessed about it, don’t they? The History Channel sure does. You’re beginning to sound like someone who places Jewish interests well ahead of white “gentile” interests. You know, the sort who says “holocaust deniers” are obsessed, but would never say the same about Jews who spend their lives obsessed with their holocaust narrative.

    Were the Jews taken out of Europe somehow? If so, where? America or Russia? The people would have noticed, and where are these Jews today? Israel? The entire Ashkenazi population is only three million even today.

    Right. If you can’t find someone, the natural and inescapable conclusion is that he was stuffed into an oven by Nazis.

    Neanderthals? Stuffed into ovens by the Nazis, of course.

    I hope you never serve an a jury. The idea of a jury filled with people like you is a nightmare to anyone wrongfully accused.

  • Race Conscious White

    “Not even all of the attendees wanted to talk about race.”

    This fact itself is troubling for our future.

  • Svigor

    One thing I like to point out is how the death rate of the Rwandan genocide (easily) exceeded the death rate of the Jewish Holocaust. I even put a blog post up about it, with all the facts and figures. For whatever reason, the fact that the Rwandan death rate beat the Jewish Holocaust’s record is a real source of angst for some folks. Reminds me of the homosexuals who want to get AIDS.

  • Paleoconn

    It’s ironic that in the land of the free, it is only in a federal gummint facility that such an event can take place. The menion of Hispanic wait staff is neither here nor there. Is that to suggest that the conference organizers are hypocrites? These people are in the employ of the facility, Mr. Spencer didn’t choose them. How stupid or disingenuous can this Salon broad be? And how many times does she have to write ‘carried on with…’ What a bunch of petty, wimpy douchebags these liberal so-called journalists are. Useless pieces of skin.

  • Svigor

    I think it does, to an extent. It’s a very rare black or Jew that a white advocate can be honest with and retain as a friend (assuming one is genuinely a white advocate, and not just a tepid race-realist).

    I wouldn’t say they obviate that integrity. But compromise it? Probably.

  • Svigor

    “Manimal Cracker,” lol, good handle.

  • Svigor

    Not at all. Read up on the unreliability of eyewitness memory and testimony. Then look into how groups of eyewitnesses who are allowed to contaminate one another eventually settle on a narrative. Then look into how much of the body of eyewitness testimony is ignored because it doesn’t fit with the current iteration of the narrative; there’s so much there, all the orthodox narrators have to do is pick the parts they like and ignore the rest, and weave their story from that. It doesn’t take a conspiracy, just a lack of skepticism. And we all know how easy it is to lack skepticism on the orthodox narrative. It’s a good way to stay out of prison in Europe, the scene of the crime as it were.

    If you assume there must be some conspiracy (as opposed to Jews who feel warmly about their own kind and hostility toward their enemies), you’re not really thinking rigorously.

    Essentially, all the unsubstantiated rumors in and about the camps and among the Jewish community could have found their way into eyewitness testimonies, and from there into the narrative. No conspiracy needed.

  • itdoesnotmatter

    [My view], no one, but no one, has ever replicated the stormy, sweeping chromatic minor key scales in Mozart’s final act of “Don Giovanni.” Alternating with the aria, the chords surge, as in basso profundo, the Commendatore pronounces terrifying final judgement on the reprobate, [but noble], Don.
    Every time I see this opera, or listen to it, I weep. Viva Maestro Mozart!
    Jazz? Not. Even. Close.

  • Svigor

    Yep. You forgot the weapon of choice, though: machetes.

    P.S., I took the variety of death estimates available to me into account in my calculations.

  • Svigor

    If you want a great example of thousands of people “lying” on a massive scale, how about religion? Do they require massive conspiracies? No. Yet, thousands tell tales they “know” to be true. Resurrection, magical healing, visitation by angels and spirits, virgin births, columns of fire, etc.

    As for hiding millions of Jews, I have to take issue with the idea that missing = murdered. It’s like basing a murder trial solely on the fact that someone is missing. On the fact that you have a birth certificate for someone you can’t find.

    In the middle of a war in which tens of millions of people died or went missing. And even if one accepts that the census figures (which don’t all agree) are correct, that doesn’t make one’s story about what happened to the missing the correct story.

  • nicholasi

    Oy vey!

    • Svigor

      C’mon, PP’s a decent fellow, no need to taunt the man. And WWII was a rough bit of business, there’s no denying there are plenty of genuine tales of woe to pass on.

      • Dalek_1963

        Svi – its great to see you commenting more now. Ive said it before, when I first ‘woke up’ it was your comments around the net that showed the way for me in this online discourse game. Disqus was made for you man!


        • Svigor

          Ah, now Lurker I remember! Glad to see you’re still around.

  • Fr. John+

    The greatest elitists are Liberals. From their dress, (Dockers, Old navy, Birkenstocks among the very elderly 1970’s hippie remnant) to their cars, (Volvos, Priuses, etc.) to where they shop, (Trader Joes) vacation (Martha’s Vineyard, etc.) these liberals are so condescending that they make the nobility of a prior age appear to be ‘common man Libertarians’!

    Which also means, they HATE with a hatred that knows no bounds. Just sayin….

  • Brian

    300 pound land whales with daddy issues that no white or other non-black guy would touch with a ten foot pole

    Humpblack whales.

  • Brian

    Sheets of sound.

  • nicholasi

    “Most of the people with the numbers are dead now” — They should have had wallets made of their tattooed skin, as keepsakes for their grandchildren, so every time a k*** has to pay for something, it can shout, “Damn Nazis!”

  • nicholasi

    Bloody inefficient jerries!

  • nicholasi

    Lauren Fox? Who cares? And what do you expect a shitkike to write?

  • Svigor

    TPTB don’t sit around and wait for Americans to study the Jewish Holocaust on their own, that’s for sure. Anne Frank’s right up there with MLK in terms of name-recognition among American idiots. That’s another thing that bugs me about the subject…

  • Svigor

    Then why did Anne Frank die in an infirmary, after being moved through…what was the finally tally? Three camps? Adolescent girls should’ve been the first to go.

  • Svigor

    No, that’s a recent development. For most of human history, religion was stuff people “knew” to be true.

    Pretty much all believers in the Orthodox Narrative take most of it on faith. Most of them saw none of it, and any given eyewitness only saw a small slice of it, and takes the word of the others on faith for the rest of it. IIRC, the gas chamber stuff didn’t even start until long after the war was over; in the 60s or 70s, maybe.

    However, for the holocaust to have never happened, thousands would have had to tell personal eyewitness testimony about the gas chambers they knew not to be true.

    Nah. You don’t have to know something’s not true to tell a lie. It’s easy to lie just by saying stuff you don’t know for sure, or passing along second-hand information. E.g., you get to the camp, and everyone “knows” that so-and-so was shoved into an oven or a gas chamber, even though no one actually saw it. It’s human nature to just go along with the story and accept it on faith, and then pass it on as the truth.

    As for your theory that the six million died in similar conditions to the tens of millions who died during the war

    That’s not my theory. I don’t think I was that specific.

    consider that the six million figure represents around two thirds of the Jews in Europe and around ninety percent in Poland and the Baltic, 75 percent in the Netherlands, half in Hungary, eighty percent in Greece. Why were Jews so more likely than gentles to “go missing” during the war?

    Well, for one thing, Jews are far more itinerant than any of the others you mention. Many could have left before the war started for US, USSR, and elsewhere. Many more died of typhus and other non-violent causes during the war. Then there were all the prisoners gobbled up by the USSR – God knows how may of them died in transit, or in Soviet gulags. The eastern front was a meat grinder, many no doubt died there.

    Many also died of starvation. I’d personally chalk all of the dead found in the camps by occupying Allied troops up to non-violent, non-deliberate causes. They’re currently included as deliberate victims of the Jewish Holocaust, but I don’t think that’s likely. The narrative says they were deliberately starved, but there’s no evidence for this. Germany collapsed at the end of the war and there wasn’t enough food to feed the soldiers and the citizenry, much less prisoners in the camps. Add to that all the disease, and the characterization of those living skeletons as deliberate German policy sounds more like war propaganda than reality.

    For another, the incarceration rate for Jews was much higher than that for other groups. Yes, the Nazis had a policy of rounding up the Jews into concentration camps. That aspect of the Narrative I do not dispute. A population in concentration camps is much more vulnerable to all sorts of harm when there’s a world war on. I also don’t doubt that there were mass killings of Jews, such as on the eastern front by the Einsatzgruppen (I don’t deny that Jews and others were grouping up and killing Germans on the eastern front, either); there was almost certainly some of that going on behind the lines in Germany and German-occupied territory, too.

    I take issue with the more lurid, grandiose parts of the narrative, the whole “efficient, systematic industrialized German genocide machine.” It doesn’t wash for me, at least, not with the evidence I’ve seen. I think such extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof, but the only thing extraordinary about the proof I’ve seen is the extraordinary lack of it. No extant gas chambers, “gas chambers disguised as showers” that look more like plain old showers to me, stories about carbon monoxide gas vans, silly stuff about ordinary crematoria perfectly in line with what you’d expect in a concentration camp being where millions of Jews were forced, alive and kicking, into ovens (ever really looked at those ovens and imagined how hard it would be to stuff a living, unwilling victim into one? Then wondered how anyone could do that 24/7?).

    Then I start thinking about how many easier ways there would be to kill people efficiently. Easier, cheaper, and more effective. And I wonder why the Germans didn’t use any of those methods. Poison gas is so messy. You can’t handle the corpses of people gassed to death without special gear, or you’ll be poisoned yourself. Why bother with it at all, when drowning is easier, cleaner, safer, faster, and cheaper?

    The story’s got to many question marks for me, is all. I’m not saying I’m sure either way. I’m just saying I don’t find the story convincing. I’m a skeptic, sue me.