Poll Finds Vast Gaps in Basic Views on Gender, Race, Religion and Politics

Gary Langer, ABC News, October 28, 2013

An almost unfathomable gap divides public attitudes on basic issues involving gender, race, religion and politics in America, fueled by dramatic ideological and partisan divisions that offer the prospect of more of the bitter political battles that played out in Washington this month.


While these issues divide a variety of Americans, this poll, produced for ABC and Fusion by Langer Research Associates, finds that the gaps in nearly all cases are largest among partisan and ideological groups–so enormous and so fundamental that they seem to constitute visions of two distinctly different Americas.



•    Forty-one percent overall think nonwhites have fewer opportunities than whites in society. Fifty-six percent of Democrats say so, as do 62 percent of liberal Democrats (more than the number of nonwhites themselves who say so, 51 percent). Among Republicans that dives to 25 percent.


•    Just 23 percent overall say it would be a good thing if more nonwhites were elected to Congress; 73 percent instead say it makes no difference to them. Seeing this as a good thing peaks at 50 percent among liberal Democrats (far more, in this case, than the number of nonwhites themselves who say so, 29 percent). Among conservative Republicans, it’s 5 percent.


•    Support for legal status for undocumented immigrants, 51 percent overall, ranges from 77 percent among liberal Democrats to 32 percent among conservative Republicans. Views on this issue also show sharp differences among other groups–for example, nonwhites vs. whites, 70 vs. 43 percent; and adults younger than 40 vs. their elders, 61 vs. 47 percent.


Another result speaks to alienation more generally: Just 31 percent of Americans overall say “people like you” are well represented in Congress. It peaks among nonwhites and Democrats, but even then just at 47 and 43 percent, respectively–falling to 24 percent of whites and 27 percent of conservatives.

This ABC News/Fusion survey was produced to take a fresh look at some basic attitudes on gender, race and ethnicity, religion and politics, all fodder for the Fusion network, an ABC News/Univision joint venture to be launched Oct. 28. The network is to cover entertainment, lifestyles and news from the perspective of young, English-speaking Hispanics.

{snip} There are racial and ethnic differences in many of the attitudes measured in this survey, partly reflecting partisan predispositions. In ABC News/Washington Post poll data, 24 percent of whites call themselves Democrats and 30 percent are Republicans, while among nonwhites the gap is far wider–43 percent identify themselves as Democrats, vs. just 10 percent as Republicans.

Including people who describe themselves as independents but say they lean toward one of the two parties, the gap widens even further. Among whites, 42 percent are Democrats or lean that way; 48 percent are Republicans or Republican leaners. That compares to a 70-21 percent leaned Democrat vs. leaned Republican division among nonwhites.

Nonwhites, separately, are 11 points more apt than whites to describe themselves as liberals.


{snip} There are other differences among groups, albeit less consistently across issues. For example, support for legal status for undocumented immigrants is considerably higher among whites who’ve gone through college vs. those who have not, 53 vs. 37 percent. The less-educated group may feel a greater sense of economic vulnerability.


Similarly, 54 percent of nonwhites say it’d be good to elect more women, compared with 38 percent of whites. Interestingly, nonwhites are less apt to say it would be a good thing to elect more nonwhites to Congress (as noted above, 29 percent) than they are to say the same about women. Still fewer whites, 20 percent, see electing more nonwhites as a good thing.


Views on electing more women and nonwhites, it should be noted, don’t necessarily translate into a sense that doing so would ease future budget disputes. A quarter of Americans think a more diverse Congress would make future negotiations easier (37 percent of liberals, vs. 10 percent of conservatives). Few think it would make things worse. But 66 percent think it’d make no difference either way.


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  • The White community must begin to use the “I don’t see people who look like me,” and “I don’t see people who reflect my values,” cry baby mantra that the Diversity uses to shake down all our White founded institutions for more undeserved power and unearned privilege.

    We do deserve it and have earned it. Let’s demand that people who administer “reflect us.”

    • Isn’t ‘Diversity’ a code word for ‘less White people’?

  • Erasmus

    Yet, there are still some who claim keeping the United States together at all costs is a good thing.

    The handwriting is on the wall. Like it or not, we are headed for a split.

    • Sick of it

      The liberals are the ones screaming for national unity the most. It’s part of the pogrom.

      • Erasmus

        It’s because they know we’re the ones paying the bills. Without us they and their pets would starve.

      • Alexandra1973

        National unity?

        Haven’t they gotten the message? Diversity is divisive!

        You know…with all the miscegenation going on…you have someone who’s of two (or more) races, and their loyalty’s divided (or more likely anti-white). It’s pretty hard to have cohesiveness when you’re divided.

        Am I making any sense?

      • MarcB1969

        They think they can avert the eventual separation with a strong central government, but anybody who studies history knows people split along ethnic lines, and I’m not so sure the merging of Mestizo and black will be a coalition that can be very cohesive against a population of White’s who are not concerned about what people think.

  • Jesse James

    The failure of both parties to represent the best interest of America’s white working and middle classes has become so frustratingly clear to most thinking observers that is has become almost inevitable that the US government will soon face a major crisis of legitimacy.

    • Erasmus

      The Chinese had a quaint way of expressing a dynasty’s loss of popular support and legitimacy: “They had lost the mandate of heaven.”

      A government can hold a nation together and its people in check by force, but once popular support and belief in the government’s legitimacy are lost, it’s but a matter of time until everything crumbles.

      We have outsourced our manufacturing base and allowed our country to be flooded with cheap imports making the trade imbalances that occurred before we embraced free trade look trivial in comparison. We have allowed our nation to be flooded through legal and illegal immigration with people who don’t share our intellectual or cultural heritage and have allowed them to carve out their own spheres of influence, different from our own, i.e., to effectively carve out nations within our nation and allowed them to put their first loyalty to the countries they left and not to the US.

      In short, our “best” and “brightest” have, wittingly or unwittingly, set us on a road to ruin.

  • Jefferson

    25 percent of Republicans believe Nonwhites do not have enough opportunities to succeed in America.

    25 percent of Republicans are basically RINO’s.

    • pcmustgo

      Blacks and Latinos do generally have fewer (economic/educational) opportunities but it’s do to their screwy culture (out of wedlock breeding), not whites.

      Also, the reality is, minorities living in a majority white society DO have less chances to make it as an actress or what have you, but it’s only because of whites being the majority. Whites do have some white privilege, but it’s because they’re the majority, not necessarily because of something nefarious. Affirmative action is intended to balance this out. Some would say it’s over-compensating.

      • pcmustgo

        “due” , excuse me, not “do”…

      • M.

        They have as much chances as anyone else. As long as they’re judged on merit.

        Example: My Latino classmate and I just graduated from college. If we’re equally skilled, then why would I have more opportunities than he does?
        Same for any other classmate of mine, regarless of their race or ethnicity.

        As long as the only discriminatory factor is merit, then we all have equal opportunities. If Blacks make, say, 12% of a given population, then they have 12% chance to make it.

      • John R

        White privilege? What are you doing on this website? For your information, White people BUILT this and every other decent country in the world. And if the “minorities” don’t have as many opportunities, then why don’t they go back to the places they came from? Are Mexicans better off in Mexico; Africans in Africa? I see we on American Renaissance have our work cut out trying to educate people like you.

        • Brian

          You’re reading too much into it. ‘White privilege’ exists, but for valid reasons– the woman in the elevator doesn’t clutch her purse when I get on like she would if LeCarpetron gets on, _because she knows I’m much less likely to cause her grief_. The privilege is deserved.

          WP, in reality, is a common-sense reaction to reality. WP as the libs talk about it, comes out of nowhere as a desire for blind hatred. They are delusional.

          • John R

            Privilege? If I was black I wouldn’t give a damn if some woman wants to clutch her purse when I enter the elevator, or if people give me a wide berth when I am walking down the street. This is not privilege; these are DEFENSIVE measures by people. Whites have no more privileges. We cannot exclude blacks from any neighborhood, school, occupation, or recently, even from private clubs. We can only run away. There is NO WHITE PRIVILEGE.

          • Brian

            I agree with you…the defensive measures we take are real and rational. But their calling it ‘privilege’ (as though it’s artificial and hateful) is risible.

    • Sick of it

      RINOs could also be considered socialists, progressives, communists, or whatever other term one would prefer.

    • DelmarJackson

      I no longer worry about RINOs, I worry about AINOs, Americans in name only, and they are in BOTH parties.

    • No, 25% of Republicans are Republicans, members of Lincoln’s party to the end. The GOP has always been a color-blind liberal party on principle, whereas the Democrats became the Sesame Street Party out of electoral expediency. The Democrats actually recognize racial difference and talk openly about them – they just happen to be in favor of the Other. It’s the Republicans who deny race and biology at every turn.

    • Brian

      That was the meta-question, but the literal question was ‘do they have fewer opportunities’? Yes, they have fewer opportunities, but it’s a structural/individual problem…lower IQ, etc. Nothing more needs to be done for them.

  • Support for legal status for undocumented immigrants, 51 percent
    overall, ranges from 77 percent among liberal Democrats to 32 percent
    among conservative Republicans. Views on this issue also show sharp
    differences among other groups–for example, nonwhites vs. whites, 70 vs.
    43 percent; and adults younger than 40 vs. their elders, 61 vs. 47

    I wish some of the people that write for some of my and our very favorite websites would read this carefully and let it sink in. You know, the people that keep on pushing the fantasyland meme that white liberals and blacks are on the verge of becoming immigration patriots, and that the former group are on the verge of becoming WNs/ENs/racialists. I wish that this poll would have asked libertarians for their opinion on immigration, because we’re starting to see the meme even here in the virtual pages of AR that there is this glut of libertarian racialists.

    Meanwhile, those of us who live in Realville know that we have to dance with the girls that let us take them to the dance. Metaphorically speaking, those are the people who oppose more than they support amnesty for illegal aliens.

    • So CAL Snowman

      I really wouldn’t fret all that much about a poll that appears on ABC news. It’s not like they have an anti-White agenda or anything. Also there is NO WAY in hell that 51% of all “Americans” support the illegal alien invasion. Perhaps 51% of the survey responders answered that way, but even then I doubt it. They are just continuing to stir the pot with this nonsense.

      • I think they overpolled liberals, Democrats and non-whites, and underpolled conservative whites. They had to, in order to come up with 51% support for amnesty overall and only a slight oppose over support gap for whites overall.

        Still, the racial and ideological gap remains.

        • So CAL Snowman

          There will always be a racial gap as he racial gap is obviously permanent, but the ideological gap (at least between Whites) is the result of pernicious pathological altruism that affects some Whites more than others. The thing I found hilarious about this article (which shows it’s a complete fake) is the following :

          “Nonwhites, separately, are 11 points more apt than whites to describe themselves as liberals.”

          Right, the non Whites are suicidal, bleeding heart environmental nut jobs that spend restless nights thinking about the plight of the downtrodden and how they can help by sacrificing some of their “privilege.” Excuse me while I recover from my splitting side. There is absolutely NOTHING liberal about the non Whites save for their desire to be taken care of by the state (i.e. me and you).

          • Non-whites generally aren’t liberals in the sense that they’re doctrinaire liberals. They’re liberals in that they benefit from some features of liberal ideology, namely the welfare state and egalitarianism.

          • Jesse James

            Yes QD, gib me sum mo ov dat.

          • robinbishop34

            Before reading your comment I was about to say that it’s probably much more common, if not self evident, that non-white ‘liberals’ are actually more socially conservative than white ‘conservatives,’ they vote liberal for their free stuff.

          • John R

            In some ways, maybe. But I think you can go too far with the “liberal” and “conservative” labels. But you have a point about blacks. Their society, with it’s hyper masculinity; it’s denigration of women; it’s harsh parenting methods; and it’s overall violence, is certainly not liberal.

          • John R

            THANK YOU! I have been saying this over and over on this website. Non-whites are NOT liberal. Liberalism is a White concept. Non-whites-especially blacks-are really racialists. They side sometimes with White liberals because they both agree on the same thing: The displacement of Whites in favor of blacks. But the White liberals get disappointed when they find that their black “friends” are actually minority racists who hate all Whites-even liberal ones.

          • White people who hold to some sort of abstract ideology, liberalism, conservatism, libertarianism, most of them, make a mistake when they assume that most of the non-whites in their ranks are the same kind of ideologues as they are. When in reality they’re only embracing parts of the ideology for their own individual or collective benefit.

          • Sick of it

            Again, liberals are NOT altruistic. They leave their own family members to die. They fund liberal political organizations rather than real charities. The rich ones keep their money in family foundations. They despise old people. I have found that truly these people are utterly despicable human beings if they are the true believer types (i.e. Communists).

        • Garrett Brown

          This is what I was going to write. They’re in New York correct? Not many conservatives, even ignorant republicans up here.

          • A truly scientific poll can’t massage the universe of people polled, but you can load up questions in a way to engineer a desired polling result.

            Question 1: “Do you want amnesty and open borders for illegal aliens?”

            Result: 90% No, 10% Si.

            Question 2: “Do you advocate a comprehensive solution for immigration?”

            Result: 40% Yes, 40% No, 20% Huh?

      • toldev

        The problem with these polls is that the questions that were asked are usually not elaborated on. And, networks are notorious for phrasing a question in such a way as to get the answer they want.

        For example, you could take a poll on AmRen and ask “Do you think the government needs to address the illegal immigration issue?”. Probably almost 100% of AmReners would answer yes. A deceitful network could then say that nearly 100% of AmReners support amnesty because that is a possible solution to the problem when the poll respondents actually had something like operation wetback in mind.

  • [Guest]

    >>>Views on electing more women and nonwhites…

    Remember back when the story was that females, browns, and blacks wanted most of all a society that IGNORED sex, ethnicity, race, etc.? I do.

  • Lewis33

    Here in Indianapolis I am so blessed to be represented by Andre Carson…someone whom I share so much with…a black muslim who rode in on his grandmothers corpse.

    • Brian

      There’s a road near me named for Cynthia McKinney. Some others below. Anyone notice a pattern here?

      Andrew Young International Boulevard
      fmr. Cain St. (for pioneer John J. Cain)

      Atlanta Student Movement Boulevard
      fmr. Fair Street

      Benjamin E. Mays Drive
      fmr. Sewell Road

      Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway
      fmr. Bankhead Highway (renamed in an effort to revitalize and mask the name stigma attached to this high-crime section of the city)

      Hosea L. Williams Drive
      fmr. Boulevard Drive

      John Wesley Dobbs Avenue (for John Wesley Dobbs, African American civic and political leader, “mayor of Auburn Ave.”
      fmr. Houston Street (for pioneer Oswald Houston)

      Rev. Dr. Joseph E. Lowery Boulevard
      fmr. Ashby Street (for Civil War General Turner Ashby)

      Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive
      fmr. Hunter Street, Gordon Road

      Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard
      fmr. Gordon Street (for Civil War general John Brown Gordon)

      Ralph McGill Boulevard (for the Atlanta Constitution publisher who won the Pulitzer Prize for his anti-segregation editorials in 1969)
      fmr. Forrest Avenue (for Civil War lieutenant general and first Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan Nathan Bedford Forrest)

      Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) Way
      fmr. Raymond Street

  • Luca

    “Forty-one percent overall think nonwhites have fewer opportunities than whites in society.”

    Fewer opportunities???

    I believe the word they were looking for was “achievements.”

    • Erasmus

      Yup. “The Big Book of Black and Latino Contributions to World Culture.” One of the shortest books ever written, more like a pamphlet, really.

  • bigone4u

    “Just 23 percent overall say it would be a good thing if more nonwhites were elected to Congress; 73 percent instead say it makes no difference to them. Seeing this as a good thing peaks at 50 percent among liberal Democrats (far more, in this case, than the number of nonwhites themselves who say so, 29 percent). Among conservative Republicans, it’s 5 percent.”
    A survey that wasn’t rigged would allow for the following responses:
    “It would be a BAD thing is more nonwhites were elected to Congress.”
    “It would be a GOOD thing if nonwhites were repatriated to their countries of origin.”

    I could go on, but you get the idea. The survey does not include a single item about secesssion, which has certainly been in the news lately. It’s a rigged survey to endorse the status quo.

  • Dave4088

    When you have “vast gaps” like those cited in this poll it means you are no longer a unified nation and in a state of civil war without the large scale violence (for now). These gaps will only become more vast as we import millions more from the third world and as whites continue to diminish in population.

    • Sick of it

      We have large scale criminal violence, including massive mobs which show up just to attack white people. Apparently, the military is being prepared to fire on Americans AND officers who would refuse to accept such an order are being replaced by Comrade Obama.

  • Spartacus

    “Another result speaks to alienation more generally: Just 31 percent of
    Americans overall say “people like you” are well represented in
    Congress. It peaks among nonwhites and Democrats, but even then just at
    47 and 43 percent, respectively–falling to 24 percent of whites and 27
    percent of conservatives.”


    This is good news – the more Whites realize that the two dominant parties in the US are pretty much the same thing, the easier it will be to convert them to our struggle, which is their struggle as well .

  • Spartacus

    “Nonwhites, separately, are 11 points more apt than whites to describe themselves as liberals.”


    I wonder how many of them actually understand what liberal means. Or even how it’s spelled…

    • 1stworlder

      Liberal means more “dibbs me dat” free stuff to non whites. They have no way of understanding that it means more money taken from productive taxpayers.

    • Jefferson

      Nonwhites are liberal in the sense that they believe in a nanny state where wealth needs to be spread around to everybody, even if they did not work for it.

      They believe in Robin Hood economics.

  • WR_the_realist

    For example, support for legal status for undocumented immigrants is
    considerably higher among whites who’ve gone through college vs. those
    who have not, 53 vs. 37 percent.

    I guess the indoctrination is working. Also, college educated people are more likely to be able to afford to live far from the diversity, while benefiting from the cheap lawn care.

    • Sick of it

      The above is starting to change slowly, but surely as recent graduates find that their master’s degree is only good enough to get them a job as a waiter…

      • Jefferson

        I have a friend who has a bachelor’s degree, but he currently works as a mall cop. A job that should be beneath him, but current job market sucks so he has to settle for what he can get.

        Times are tough in Obama run America.

    • hanfeedback

      This kind of comment serves two purposes.

      1. It implies that somehow non-college educated whites are not “smart” enough to make a decision about illegals. I highly doubt you would see the same study referring to college vs. non-college educated hispanics.

      2. Shows that the college educated whites don’t see them as a threat to their jobs.

      I have began to use a new approach to see if I think an article is anti-white per se, would they ask the same question of another race. Ill give you a great example, think about the Capital One bank commercials with the vikings or whoever they are, can you imagine them making the same commercial but with an African tribe, they would NEVER do that and that’s how to you know the commercial is bias.

    • Brian

      I was a party a couple years back where we got into this. The lawyer loved the (idea of) hispanic diversity, while the landscaper blue collar guy hated it.

  • WR_the_realist

    Of course there are no people like me in Congress. If there were, some senator or representative would be:

    1. Against all foreign wars. I want Switzerland’s foreign policy.

    2. Against spending money we don’t have.

    3. In favor of slashing immigration.

    4. Pro-environment.

    5. Against affirmative action and all government mandated racial and gender quotas and set asides.

    6. In favor of dismantling the Department of Homeland Security, and charging all employees of the TSA with violating the 4th Amendment.

    Needless to say, there aren’t any such congress critters, while there are quite a few who would take the opposite position from me on at least 5 out of 6 of those issues.

    • Sick of it

      My congressman may actually fit your criteria, except #4, because we know that usually means heavy on regulation.

      • toldev

        I think most people are in favor of reasonable environmental regulation. For example: It is illegal to dump PCB oil in a waterway. Most people probably support that regulation. On the other hand, when the government starts telling you how much water your commode can use, people are going to get hostile.

        • Sick of it

          Another way to put it is that we don’t need the EPA. The Dept of the Interior or the FBI could look into all criminal violations (like dumping nasty chemicals in the water supply or letting it seep into the water supply). And the fact that we have a government/populace that has no problem with nuclear fission (while constantly deriding the coal and oil industries) really says that modern environmentalism is a joke. You can clean up even the nastiest oil spills. Good luck cleaning up radiation.

          • Brian

            That’s why we need thorium nuclear, not uranium.

        • WR_the_realist

          I can understand and sympathize with water restrictions in a desert, where water sometimes has to be imported from far away, but they’re pretty ridiculous to apply to rural areas on the east coast. Like everybody else in New Hampshire who doesn’t live in a city, I get my water from a well, and what’s in the toilet winds up in my septic tank. So why is it the government’s business how much water my toilet uses? And if any government has a legitimate reason to care, shouldn’t it be at the county level or lower? Why the federal government? If I used a truly outrageous amount of water it might affect the water table enough to cause problems with my neighbor’s well, but it will have no effect on anybody in Massachusetts. Or California.

    • Alexandra1973

      I’m for that, but I’m not sure about the environment stuff. Sure, I believe we should be stewards of the earth, what we’ve been given…but I hope you’re not buying into the AGW baloney.

      I use natural cleaners, for example, instead of chemicals whenever I can. I don’t litter (I stuff it in my pocket or purse). I’m concerned about pharmaceuticals appearing in our water. That kind of thing.

      I’m also in favor of dismantling the Department of Education, the IRS, and other worthless departments.

    • Mike Conrad

      Great post. It’s always amused me–in a perverse way, of course–that we have majorities or pluralities of the citizenry opposed to uncontrolled immigration, endless and counterproductive overseas wars, etc etc yet there are no major elements of the MSM representing these points of view. And yes, as you say, not much in Congress either. More hints about Who Rules…

  • John R

    Where to begin? Okay, I’ll just make two comments, I promise!

    First, what is an “undocumented immigrant”? Uhhh, is that something like, what used to be called, an illegal alien? (Or, what I prefer, an unwanted trespasser/invader?)

    Second, they say that White people who are college educated are more likely to accept the “undocumented workers” than those ignorant YT’s who didn’t go to college. The article surmises that maybe those who are less educated felt more threatened by the labor of the “undocumented workers.” Yeah, maybe. My take? Many of the college educated people are actually more ignorant because they have been indoctrinated in the cultural Marxism of their professors. Just my humble opinion, mind you.

    There, only two comments, although a lot of things can be said about this article. I am looking foreword to reading some of them from you other Amren posters.

    • Erasmus

      People who now go to college may be well schooled, but few now are actually educated. Even PhD’s in anything but the hard sciences remain a distinctly unimpressive lot.

    • Ella

      People still vote democrat out of tradition even if they dislike Blacks. It is the political party that might just “promise” them something or an extra bonus. “I cannot make it without the government attitude.” To further illustrate, I read a sad article about women who voted for Obama trying to get coverage for IVF since they had infertility issues. They expected Obamassiah, healer of souls and bodies, to honour life? This is the new trend of voting into treasury. People have no clue about politics and remain delusional.

    • Brian

      I hate that term ‘undocumented’, as if giving someone a piece of paper fixes the problem. Immivaders is a more accurate term.

      • John R

        Thank you for your reply. Generally, I agree with you. I too, hate these PC terms. I only posted a slight disagreement with you on the area of “white privilege.” But, that is what is so great about this site. Lively discussion, and not Marxist conformity. Peace.

  • Garrett Brown

    So basically, when white people over 50 die, were screwed.

    • Ella

      Yes, what is left of younger Whites. I think we’ll migrate to a certain region of the US and try to maintain a hold on it politically, if enough Whites care to organize. Some liberal Whites still believe there are special rewards for them in the future due to their sanctimoniousness. At least, we’re realists and can prepare to a certain degree.

      • Garrett Brown

        Lets hope so Ella.

      • Brian

        The white libs would try to move there while denying race has anything to do with it. They’re just looking for ‘a good school district’, doncha know.

  • Michigan Patriot

    Liberals ,aka, anti-White communists , chant “White privilege ” as a way of lying disparagingly against White success. Correction : When you create something from your own blood, sweat ,tears & brain power, that is a ” moral right ” not privilege !