‘Offensive’ Halloween Costumes Banned by US University

Lucy Kinder, Telegraph (London), October 24, 2013

University of Colorado Boulder tells students to avoid costumes including cowboys, Indians, white trash or anything potentially deemed offensive.

University students in America have been told not to wear “offensive” halloween costumes including cowboys, Indians and anything involving a sombrero.

Students at the University of Colorado Boulder have also been told to avoid “white trash” costumes and anything that portrays a particular culture as “over-sexualised” – which the university says includes dressing up as a geisha or a “squaw” (indigenous woman).

They are also asked not to host parties with offensive themes including those with “ghetto” or “hillbilly” themes or those associated with “crime or sex work.”

In the letter sent by a university official students are asked to consider the impact that their costumes could have.

Christina Gonzales, the dean of students, wrote: “Making the choice to dress up as someone from another culture, either with the intention of being humorous or without the intention of being disrespectful, can lead to inaccurate and hurtful portrayals of other people’s cultures.

People have also chosen costumes that portray particular cultural identities as overly sexualised, such as geishas, “squaws,” or stereotypical, such as cowboys and Indians.

Additionally some students have hosted offensively-themed parties that reinforce negative representations of cultures as being associated with poverty (“ghetto” or “white trash/hillbilly”), crime or sex work.

A university spokesman called cowboy costumes a “crude stereotype”

Students at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities have also been asked to make sure their Halloween costumes are politically correct.

In a letter, officials said: “please keep in mind that certain Halloween costumes inappropriately perpetuate racial, cultural, and gender stereotypes.”

The move comes at a time when pressure is mounting on one of the most famous American football teams to change their name because of the offence it causes Native Americans.

The campaign for the Washington Redskins to change their name is building momentum, because the term redskin is deemed to be a racist insult.

Earlier this month President Obama said the team should think about changing their name.

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  • MekongDelta69

    This is what I said on the original site:
    You can wear WHATEVER you want, as long as you ONLY ‘offend’ straight, white, male American legal citizens/vets.

    Every other group is so spineless and wimpy, and they have been professional ‘offendees’ for 50 years.

    • Jesse James

      The frustrating problem for them is that is so damn hard to actually offend a straight white male vet. The name calling attempts is a good example, I think I’ve had them all slung my way: whitey, whitebread, redneck, hillbilly, cracker (my favorite), the man, company man, breeder, GI Joe, Sarge, General, fascist, racist, mofo, you know the drill. Yeah whatever, “So are you going to carry out your instructions or are you ready to clock out and report to HR?”

      The whole taking offense scene is for weaklings, degenerates, academics and scammers.

      • MekongDelta69

        The frustrating problem for them is that is so damn hard to actually offend a straight white male vet.

        And that was my (unstated) point. That description is exactly who I am, and you can call me every name in the book and I’m not going to melt and I’m never going to run crying to Johnny Cochran to sue somebody because I got ‘offended.’

        I have two exceptions to my above rule:
        1.) Somebody says something vile about my family (or much more egregious), tries to do something to my family…
        They will have to go through me – and they will not succeed.
        2.) Somebody comes at me with an AK (or any weapon)…
        They better fire off their rounds really fast – or they won’t be firing any rounds at all.

        • Jesse James

          Yup there are some things that are fighting words for sure but mostly smack talk isn’t worth a Tinkers damn as they used to say.

      • Alfred the Great

        I’m not a “straight” white male vet. I am a NORMAL white male vet.

        • Brian

          That is so heteronormative and cisgender-typical of you! Excuse me while I get the vapors.

      • Brian

        I’ve been called ofay and Uncle Charlie also. Water off a duck’s back. You know I haven’t heard the term ‘buckra’ in ages.

        • Jesse James

          LOL I forgot buckra, thanks for reminding me.

    • D.B. Cooper

      I too made my comments on the original site this morning. I said that the cowboy was included to give the illusion that white people are supposed to get offended too, but we won’t.

      Oh well, at least pimps and whores weren’t on Christina Gonzales’s list.

      • Alfred the Great

        I wear cowboy clothes everyday. Maybe I should start going around naked instead because I don’t want to offend anybody.

      • gregCall

        I imagine the cowboys were included on the list so the “indians” wouldn’t be made to feel apprehensive.

        • D.B. Cooper

          You can REALLY stir up the pot by having a guy dress up like a stereotype cowboy (especially a 19th century Army Cavalry troop), and have his brunette date dress up like this kind of Indian.

          • On behalf of the red skin Indians, I’m offended when black skin blackaloids claim to be Indians.

          • Luis

            Wow! Pocahontas never looked like that, I’ll bet.

          • MikeofAges

            Pocahontas never was a savage. Her tribe, for people who had not had any contact with cosmopolitan people, was pretty gentrified. On top of that, she was the daughter of a chief. When I visited Jamestown last year, and it was the middle of winter, so I had the place to myself, the guide talked about Pocahontas and what the English said about her. She was 11 years old when they arrived. Her behavior as described was very much like that of middle class American girl today. Is that too shocking? Maybe you could call her one of the first Americans.

            She married an Englishman, John Rolfe. They produced only one first generation descendant, a son Thomas. Thomas Rolfe had two daughters, Anne and Jane. Jane had an American son Thomas Bolling who produced many children, which meant that Pocahontas had many descendants in the Virginia plutocracy, along with her descendants in Great Britain through Anne. Pocahontas became literally the “Mother of a Nation”, or least one of them. The English and Europeans of that day may have been concerned about culture and “blood”, but they did not have an extreme sense of color caste and quickly came to regard having Indian “blood” as not particularly a taint. I imagine she came to have black descendants as well through the men who fathered children with slave women.

            Today, there probably are literally hundreds of thousand of people who have Pocahontas in their family tree. Turned into quite a hookup, though it was nip and tuck for first three generations.

          • Winston Churchill was part injun from his American mother’s side.

          • Brian

            Pocohonteshia might have though.

      • Sick of it

        Actually, Geishas were paid to have sex with men.

        • MikeofAges

          The geisha thing was a little more complex than that. They may or may not have had sex with the clients, but they were trained, for one thing, to be entertainers. The geisha house may have been more like a club than a bordello. I don’t know a lot about the subject, really. Someone who does should post on the subject.

          • Sick of it

            They usually offered sexual services, per my Japanese History class. And then there’s the Wikipedia page which clearly states that the vast majority of them were doing the same in the 1920s. And, of course, you can watch anything in Japanese popular culture which touches on the subject…they don’t shy away from talking about what these women did for a living.

          • MikeofAges

            I’m not judgmental about what people do, but I am not at all sure of the extent to which geisha offered or performed sexual services per se. Wikipedia, since you mentioned it, has a long article on the Geisha which seems to dispute the view that they primarily were prostitutes. Their contractual position may have been like that of the present-day escort.

            The escort is contracted solely to provide, literally, escort services. That could include private entertainment or accompanying the client in public. Some individuals might hire an escort solely for the purpose of having an attractive person accompany them at a public function. Sexual services, if any, are arranged separately between the two individuals, and are not part of the escort contract. The geisha, as geisha, apparently generally was not a prostitute. But many or all, depending on the time and place, may have practiced prostitution on the side.

            The issue might be muddled as well by the possibility that girls and women who were prostitutes called themselves geisha when they were not. I wanted to stay away from doing internet research and presenting the results thereof as a definitive answer to the question of what the geisha were. But the idea that entertainment function of the geisha was a front for prostitution apparently is not accurate.

          • I think there was another word for a “plain-vanilla” hooker.

          • MikeofAges

            I am sure. But there must have been girls and women who represented themselves as geisha who were not. Geisha may have had mistress relationships with patrons or may have had sexual relations with clients for pay, but their geisha training was long and complex. According to the wikipedia article, a geisha who married had to quit the guild.

      • dd121

        I commented too and suggested they work on lowering tuition rather than worry about stuff like this.

    • Andy

      And they must be Christian. Jews, Muslims, and atheists are also victims of WASP privilege.

    • IanJMacDonald

      It says ‘no cowboys.” Wait, does that include gay cowboys? What if you really are a gay cowboy? Has anyone asked the Village People how they feel about this?

  • Jefferson

    Liberals today are the ones who are the true fascists. They want to ban anything that they seem “offensive” in their eyes.

    • guest

      For a group of people who claim to be all about freedom and choice, liberals are extremely controlling. If there is something they don’t like, they expect everyone else to be against it as well.

    • gregCall

      In their world view that’s OK because they just care so much more than we do.

  • I wear a Waffen SS uniform every Halloween and get my hair cut just for that. This always receives the usual response among Boulder’s men. The women up there think it looks good on me. I have to tell them that I can’t go anywhere because I am married. The uniform is from my happier days as a WW-2 battle reenactor.

    One of the other posters remarked that I resemble his old D.I. from basic, so it shouldn’t take much of a stretch to imagine me in a Waffen SS uniform.

    • D.B. Cooper

      I remember many years ago, some artist got in big trouble for making a montage of famous Hollywood men in Nazi or WWII German uniforms. The men included, but not limited to Lee Marvin, Charles Bronson, Rutger Hauer, Leonard Nimoy, William Shatner, and too many others to list.
      The whining snivs were offended that the artist was encouraging the image of the handsome Nazi.

      • Alfred the Great

        In some of the old film footage that I have seen on the Military Channel, many of them were pretty darn sharp looking.

        • Spartacus

          You mean like this ?

          • Mine is feldgrau battle-dress. Like I said, it was for WW-2 battle reenactment. My wife likes to have me put it on and (censored deleted moderated) her. We probably got Ariadne that way.

          • MikeofAges

            In peace as in war, a smaller number of men do most of the shooting!

          • Sadly, I have only one child. Being responsible and all that, we use birth-control because we can’t afford more. In the meantime, negrotic fecundity is subsidized with money extorted from working whites. Strangely, extortion was deemed illegal when I did it.

            Nobody in the microelectronics industry wants to hire a middle-aged white ex-con, and I’ll never have a security clearance again, but life is very pleasant.

            I always wear the same uniform, but we went to last year’s party with Sayaka dressed as Vietcong. CU Boulder wouldn’t like us very much.

          • MikeofAges

            I keep on telling people. All welfare is corporate welfare. If they understood this, they would feel better.

          • Alfred the Great


      • IanJMacDonald

        Anyone else find it funny that these two Jews seem to take such delight in dressing up as members of the Schutzstaffel? Just sayin’.

      • Luis

        If I remember correctly, in that ‘Star Trek” episode, the crew was sent to find a lost scientist on a planet, that they assumed was primitive. It turns out that the scientist had some Earth history books, and taught the natives how to build a modern society. The one they chose was 1930’s Nazi Germany. In the above pic, Kirk and Spock donned Nazi-style uniforms in order to infiltrate the high command, and find and free the scientist.

        • If I recall correctly, the missing scientist wanted to unite the locals by giving them a completely made-up enemy.

      • MikeofAges

        I think the picture of Shatner and Nimoy was a still from a Star Trek episode, where they had to go undercover. The Nazis would have been cool fictional villains, but unfortunately they were real. My father’s family was German Jewish from the haute bourgeoisie. I can tell you, “pound for pound” or “man for man”, however you want to put it, there never has been a greater country than Germany before 1914. Any of you who remember my other posts, when I talk about how the “Race for Africa” led to World War I and put Western civilization in mortal jeopardy, I know of what I speak.

  • sbuffalonative

    The likely reason cowboys were added to the ban is because they didn’t want any Rodeo Clown Obamas.

    • Andy

      I was thinking it might be considered offensive to Indians.

  • MartelC

    many campuses have ‘sex weeks’ , vagina monologues, open pot smoking, all sorts of other leftist approved behavior, yet a cowboy costume is offensive. ,

    • And absolutely, positively, no firearms allowed.

      Not even fake guns, pictures of guns, or even laudatory mentions of them.


    • Andy

      We have two of three. Every time I go to German I’m treated to an ad for the second.

  • gregCall

    “A university spokesman called cowboy costumes a “crude stereotype””
    Nice to know that as I was raised on a ranch and pretty much spent my life as a cowboy that I am in reality a “crude stereotype”. I would think Colorado would have their share of actual cowboys living in the state and probably many students from that background.
    Shouldn’t the “university spokesman” be called out on his “insensitivity”?

    • Dr. X

      Why are UNIVERSITY students dressing up like CHILDREN for Halloween, anyway? The university used to be a place for sober, ADULT intellectuals… obviously it has degenerated into a nanny-state baby-sitting enterprise now that adolescence lasts until age 40 for many Americans… and NEVER ends for quite a few others…

      • Perhaps it is a good excuse to eat, drink and be merry, even though undergrads don’t really need many excuses for these. When was the last time you did anything just for fun?

        I highly recommend frivolity. It probably lengthens one’s life, and certainly makes it more pleasant.

  • gregCall

    What they meant was power to us. In the early 60s when most college administrations were still for the most part conservative, Lefty’s argued college students were adults and should be exposed to all viewpoints. Of course that was when THEIR views were not in favor, as soon as their views became the dominant POV in academia they instituted speech codes to block opposing views.
    Lefty’s don’t care about freedoms in any form they just use those arguments to insure their own positions of power.

  • Mike Lane

    I must say I’m surprised to hear even stereotypes of whites (cowboys and white trash) were also considered offensive. Usually the Leftist establishment loves to portray whites as racist cowboys oppressing the Indians, or ignorant rednecks waving shotguns around.

  • Sue

    “over-sexualized”, a squaw or geisha? Help me understand!

    • Whitetrashgang

      In Canada Squaws will give you a BJ for a beer, for a 24 you have her for the weekend. Don’t ask me how I know.


    I get dressed up like a redneck every day………..

  • D.B. Cooper

    You want tasteless? How about the assassinated JFK with Jackie covered in his blood?
    I’m sure the liberals won’t mind you making fun of a white couple.

  • Nice Guy

    I’m going as a circa-1970s pimp. Red crushed velvet. Platform zebra suede shoes. Pimp cane.

    • I’m going as one of the scariest creatures possible:

      An ObamaCare navigator.

      I’ll bring plenty of fake pop guns so that when I frighten and freak people out that their health care will be twice as expensive and half as good as before, they can “shoot” the messenger.

    • Sick of it

      Don’t forget the pimp hat, it makes the ensemble.

      • Nice Guy

        And bling.

  • I celebrate crude stereotypes, and then watch 11 00 pm news and see it all confirmed.

  • freddy_hills

    It looks like half the Village People would be banned.

  • Brady

    An opportunity for civil disobedience if there ever was one.

    Hey, since everything offends somebody these days, might as well go in blackface.

    • Brian

      Being white is inherently oppressive so blackface would prove your identification and sympathy with the oppressed bruthas.

  • European Observer

    Originally, carnival was a fest at which the medieval people could vent off their frustrations and as such it was tolerated by the church and the authorites. Even wearing costumes of bishops or clerics was in order. Seems like we have a new moral authority in town which makes the medieval church look tolerant in comparison.

  • Ella

    From Toy Story, I guess Woody and Jesse would not make the cut under UBC new rules. Toga parties sound like a better deal to me, but it’s probably too cold in Colorado.

  • mobilebay

    And please don’t dress as a plain, old American because that offends the rest of the world!

  • joesolargenius

    I believe dressing up as a military veteran is the best way to give them the finger so to speak, and if that happens to be as a civil war or revolutionary war veteran then so what !

  • Who Me

    I suggested that I wear a cat costume,

    Was told that it might be considered “sexually stereotypical”.

    I said not a chance, on a woman my age! (I would probably look “sexier” if I wore something that included hiding my head in a paper bag! At least it would hide the gray hair and wrinkles.)

    These people need to get a real job. They’ve taken this PC garbage over the top and into the mud on the other side. Who cares what college students wear for Halloween costumes anyway? The only thing I can think of is they don’t want the students dressing as “gangstas” because they might get shot by real gangstas from a rival to the costume. But of course, THAT would be “ray-ciss” and also might point out to the clueless that there are real gangs in their area.

  • One of my old friends is a bit overweight. He allowed four days of beard growth and then wore a tu-tu to a Halloween party, smoking a cigar. CU would find that as hideous as anyone else, but they couldn’t do anything about it.

  • capnmorgan5150

    Don’t blacks dress up as “crude stereotypes” every other day of the year?

  • The Marxists who run universities also regard the First Amendment as the work of the devil. Someone, after all, might pretend to be “offended” if people are allowed to say anything they want.