Dem. Congressmen, Amnesty Activists Arrested in Immigration Protest

Matthew Boyle, Breitbart, October 8, 2013

Democratic Reps. Charles Rangel, Luis Gutierrez, Keith Ellison, Joseph Crowley, Al Green, and John Lewis, along with several other pro-amnesty activists, union members, and other left-wing protesters, got themselves arrested on purpose on Tuesday afternoon in a statement made in support of comprehensive immigration reform.

Only a few hundred demonstrators participated in the part of the rally that led to the arrests, while several thousand rallied on the National Mall earlier in the day.

Amnesty Protesters

NBC’s Washington, D.C. affiliate reports 200 were arrested on scene while a couple hundred activists cheered the demonstrators on from the sidewalks on both sides of First Street between Maryland Avenue Southwest and Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest. {snip}

Those lining the streets would cheer and chant things like “Yes we can!” and “Si Se Puede!” whenever another person volunteered to be arrested and whenever they were taken in groups into police transport units to be taken to the authorities for processing.

At least 150 Capitol Hill police officers were on scene to arrest the protesters who sought to be arrested. {snip}

The amnesty activists also littered signs, papers, flyers, and other materials for their cause along the street, forcing the unpaid Capitol Hill police officers to clean up the street in the shadow of the Capitol building up after them. Officers could be seen bending down to pick up the trash left along the sidewalks, as hundreds of amnesty activists cheered those being arrested.


Rep. Charles Rangel

Charles Rangel

[Editor’s Note: The Washington Post notes that turnout was expected in the tens of thousands, but that “the crowd was considerably smaller, and grew even smaller after a popular singing group finished its performance.” VDARE adds that the band, Los Tigres Del Norte, is apparently revanchist.]

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  • The good part about this, other than exposing Obama hypocrisy concerning the “shutdown,” is that it’s reminding people that the amnesty bill is still out there and far from dead.

    I never believed it was dead even when the media were saying (head faking) a few weeks ago that it was dead. As long as jillionaires, zillionaires and Democrat Party vote whores want it, it’ll never be truly dead. The only way we can get it comatose is if we can establish societal and political conditions where the political class fears us more than they want either the campaign contributions of zillionaires and/or the votes of hoardes of non-whites, and establish some sort of punishment mechanism for this kind of treachery.

    • MBlanc46

      Even if this bill dies, they will still continue to import Mexicans. They just won’t be able to legal all the previous illegals (who seldom face any sanctions and who are given welfare and driving licences and goodness knows what else). If this bill ultimately dies on the vine, it won’t be much of a victory.

  • Puggg

    Unions and blacks, the two groups of people that should be barking even louder than we are to close the borders, are instead screaming to open the borders.

    It doesn’t compute to my doggy brain. Even though it really should.

    • About seven years ago, there was a big issue that we colloquially called “Portgate,” over whether a firm out of the United Arab Emirates called “Dubai Ports World” should have been given the management authority over American domestic ocean ports. A coalition of interested people and groups, including the Longshoremen union (for obvious reasons) and others, including many of us, screamed it to death.

      And how do the Longshoremen repay us? By pulling out of the current immigration negotiations…because it’s not open borders enough.

      • MBlanc46

        Is it actual longshoremen who feel this way, or only the leaders of the ILWU?

        • Touche. In white-heavy unions, what few are left, leadership and rank-and-file are galaxies apart.

    • So CAL Snowman

      It’s the John Frum Cargo Cult mentality. Liberal Union loving Whites and blacks believe that the United States is a magic piggy bank of never ending wealth. The union liberals and the blacks believe that evil, racist Whites control the piggy bank of never ending wealth. These liberals and blacks believe that they can take the “power of the piggybank” from the evil, White racists by flooding the country with millions of brown hispanics. When they have a majority coalition of Mestizo Indian Invaders, blacks and White liberals, these people believe that they will control the flow of wealth and will be able to shower their people with all of this wealth. They are in for a rude awakening. Basically they believe that a nation makes the people, not the other way around. They believe that by crossing an invisible line, third world people will magically become rocket scientists, engineers, and doctors. This is one of the many reasons so many people believe that libealism is a mental disorder, as they believe in fantasy and not in reality.

      • Brian

        I thought wealth grew on trees once, but then I had my third birthday. It’s like with institutional racism– well, who is being racist? Point him/her out for me. Er, well, it’s not that any person is racist, it’s just an atmosphere that pervades… yeah, whose mind is it pervading? It’s just something in the ether, apparently, like miasma or phlogiston.

    • bigone4u

      Union leaders know that Mexicans will join unions and revitalize the union movement, as well as vote Democrat. Supporting immigration hurts their current members, but they anticipate more members in the future, which would give them more clout to change the labor laws and make the law more favorable to unions.

      • The SEIU is barely a union, more like a buyers club that costs 50 cents per hour worked.

      • Stentorian_Commentator

        I don’t think it is so much that Mexicans will join unions, as they get little to no clout when there are too many workers, especially in the unskilled and low-skilled industries they inhabit. More likely to me is that it reflects that a majority of union members these days are members of public employee unions, so they are the vanguard of government expansion and control, because that’s in their best interest. When you add union members in the building trades, who can be bought off with public works projects, pro-government forces have solid control of what is considered the union movement today. It is in their best interest to have a dim, ignorant, poor populace so desperate for help that they will submit to the dictates of the bureaucrats and will not resist their control. To the public employees, more clients means more job security. The model is not sustainable, of course, but these are not the most future-oriented types.

        • bigone4u

          I think you nailed it better than I did. Thanks.

      • MBlanc46

        I’m skeptical that Mexicans will join unions. One of the principal reasons that employers want to import them by the millions is that they don’t join unions. They will, however, vote Dem, and it’s the Dem party that’s the life support for what’s left of the trade union movement.

    • Bossman

      They think it is in their best interest to do so.

  • bigone4u

    In the spirit of satire and good humor, I’ll say that I hope Rangel, et. al. bend over to pick up a bar of soap while sharing thier cell with a 400 pound gorilla named Bubba. I also would like to see their mugshots distributed widely, holding the little sign with their prisoner number on it.

  • Spartacus

    Wow… I never thought I’d say this but… Your politicians suck worse than ours. And that’s saying quite a lot, considering our president mugged a journalist on live TV .

    • Sick of it

      Our President supports al Qaeda…

      • Katherine McChesney

        You need to make a correction like this…

        The ‘president’ supports al Qaeda…

  • bigone4u

    I guess that Washington area sites are closed to veterans and the general public, but if you’re a Mexican illegal you get to use the National Mall to tell AMERICANS what to do. What a pathetic POS the US government is.

  • IKantunderstand

    Uh, the sixties called, and could we please just hang up the damn phone!!!

  • Noughtzie

    It’s truly Dog & Pony Show time. This chintzy stunt reminds me of the barkers outside the strip clubs in San Francisco from my youth. Perhaps someone can explain it to me, but why do the unions see these illegals as a boon to their organizations? As I once said to a feminist co-worker of mine-you don’t think they brought women into the workforce to pay you what they pay men, do you? And so it goes with the New Americans. Where are the dues going to come from as wages recede right alongside the population that produces all the wealth?

    Only 6 Congros arrested? That reminds me of the joke about what one would call “x” number of attorneys at the bottom of the sea.

    A good start!

    • MBlanc46

      The question about unions is a good one. My guess is that it’s not union members, but union leaders, especially public employee unions that to a considerable extent owe their existence to Dem politicians.

  • Greg Thomas

    Illegal invading mexicans are disgusting.

    • Ella

      You can judge a country and its people by the volume of trash or lack of on their streets. You can be poor but still can pick up after yourself. These illegals are not ready for the US ever, not in my backyard.

      • Greg Thomas

        It makes me physically ill to see that illegal invading mestiza wrapped in the American flag. They are rubbing our faces in their lawlessness.

        • Bossman

          Why don’t you try to understand them? Maybe that Mestiza was born in the USA and American culture and language is all she knows. Mexico is joined at the hip to the USA and is not going anywhere any time soon. So some kind of migration accord has to happen.

          • Sick of it

            The only migration accord we need is a proper wall covered with machine guns.

          • Greg Thomas

            This from a person who has never been to mexico. I have lived and traveled throughout mexico. You must be insane. There is nothing to “understand.” Illegal is illegal and anchor babies are not US citizens. Just because you love illegal invading mexicans, don’t expect me to. Take it somewhere else.

          • Bossman

            What makes you think that I love lawbreakers? I would like the USA and Mexico to sit down and work out some kind of arrangement so that sort of thing doesn’t happen anymore.

          • Brian

            I would prefer to ‘understand’ them from a distance, rather than having them imposed on me by traitorous congress-varmints and business interests.

    • Bossman

      I don’t know why they do that. Maybe they think that they are Indians and America is their continent.

  • JohnEngelman

    If Hispanics were not on the average less intelligent than whites they would be able to create viable societies and economies in their own countries. They would not want to immigrate.

    • Bossman

      They’ve viable societies, but it seems to me that they are afraid of making their societies too attractive and maybe even too white because they know as soon as they do that, they will be annexed by the United States. Why does Cuba such a nice, lucky and almost white sunny island very near the United States still holding on to Asiatic communism and identifying itself with the Third World?

  • cablegirls

    What is with Charles Rangel’s ever-present, bemused, and asinine smile, the kind that is meant to indicate he’s above it all and everyone? It’s ironic, of course, that he volunteers for arrest here, wearing the asinine smile that was wiped from his face four years ago when he was convicted of twelve serious ethics violations and faced sentencing. It could have been prison time, but of course he got a lot less — censure, you know.

    In any event Charles Rangel is a criminal, and those who re-elected him must be idiots to excuse him for thinking of himself first and foremost, as he still does.

    • Greg Thomas

      This scum bag should have been doing hard time long ago. You or I would have been locked away for decades had we engaged in the theft, fraud, and evasion this scum did.

    • mobilebay

      Not only a criminal, he and the ohers who supported the illegals are traitors. Luis Guttierez leads the pack. That person is vile. I get sick at my stomach when he appears.

  • Brian

    The woman with her mouth open in the top pic is ugly as sin.

  • JackKrak

    Surely there must be another government somewhere with members that protest in favor of letting more illegal people into the country…….

    I mean, just look at……uh……hmmmm. Wait a minute………..

  • BobWhitakerisokay

    Charley looks like he’s getting rather long in the tooth. Now, if only these anti-White “representatives” would be kept in jail.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Laughable. Since the Muslims and black immigrants are taking over White Europe.

  • MBlanc46

    Throw the book at them (especially Gutierrez, who, alas, is mine).

  • Rex

    These Mexicans and the other mestizo people got so brazed to show up in masses even though they should be subjected to arrest and deportation. I blame in most part to the 39-40% of stupid Whites who are still in the NOW anti-Whites Democratic Party who voted to elect and reelect an anti-American,anti-Whites barack Obama who is all for open borders and non-White invasion to totally transform our Country.

    Had Whites voted for their survival we probably would not see these low-class, scumbags so openly and defiantly demanding amnesty. Not that I liked that much Mitt Romney but certainly he would’ve been firm and more on our side.

    These Mexicans and the other mestizo people got so brazed to show up
    in masses even though they should be subjected to arrest and
    deportation. I blame in most part to the 39-40% of stupid Whites who are
    still in the NOW anti-Whites Democratic Party who voted to elect and
    reelect an anti-American,anti-Whites barack Obama who is all for open
    borders and non-White invasion to totally transform our Country.

    Whites voted for their survival we probably would not see these
    low-class, scumbags so openly and defiantly demanding amnesty. Not that I
    liked that much Mitt Romney but certainly he would’ve been firm and
    more on our side.
    Tha fact is that there is no ending in sight even with the House Republicans holding on.
    We will go down as a civilized nation if we don’t stop cold third world
    immigration illegal and legal and deport millions. It probably will not
    happen politically, not certainly in Congress. It will be up to the
    States to revolt and defy the traitorous Congress.