15-Year-Old Girl Attacked by Group of Teens in Delaware County

Walt Hunter, CBS Philly, October 16, 2013

Speaking exclusively to CBS 3, a 15-year-old high school student, whose identity we are concealing, described a terrifying attack by a gang of at least nine teenage boys as she was leaving an Interboro High School football game Monday night.

The teenage victim described first being taunted by the attackers, who followed her down a neighborhood street, cursing and spitting at her, before she was repeatedly kicked and punched, at least one of the blows to her head.

“It was scary, just horrible, just the worst feeling in the world,” she said. “He punched me in my back and then kicked me in the back, and then punched me in the back of my head. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t talk. I was just straight crying.”

The victim says as at least two of the teenagers pummeled her, the others cheered them on shouting, “come on, let’s get her.” At one point, the victim says, the gang tried to throw her under the wheels of a passing car, which swerved, narrowly missing her.


Finally, left injured in the roadway, she told CBS 3′s Walt Hunter, she staggered more than a mile to her home, worried she might not make it, collapsing in the driveway.

Rushed by her parents to Taylor Hospital, she was medevaced to Children’s Hospital where, her parents say, she was treated for a partially collapsed lung and other injuries. Released 48 hours after the attack, she is now recovering at home as police move forward with their investigation.



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  • MekongDelta69

    I saw this yesterday and wanted to comment, but OF COURSE CBS Philly allowed NO comments whatsoever.

    Nine black boys against one 15 year old White girl.

    What a bunch of ‘brave heroes.’

    Blacks are going absolutely bananas (pun intended) under the NoBama dictatorship. They KNOW nobody has the cojones to touch them.

    • Alfred the Great

      Isn’t that a black girl in the picture?

      • Andy

        In the movie it looks like she’s at least mostly white, and her father is white. They hide most of her face but you can see her hair and chin.

        • bloodaxe

          I feel sorry for that poor defenseless girl and great anger at the subhuman feral perps.

      • Reverend Bacon

        See my post above if it’s allowed, or else google “cityalice glenolden attack” (no quotes) and follow the trail to FB from there.

      • Guest

        That doesn’t matter to the people who attacked her. To them, she’s too ‘light-skinned’ to be black or as the racial activists say a ‘PoC’. In the minds of these thugs that attacked her, she is white. Even if she is multi-racial.

    • leftists are delusional

      They had comments but turned them off when people started asking the obvious.

      • Erasmus

        The American press is about as free as the Soviet press was in the last days of the USSR. Your average Soviet citizen, however, was at least smart enough to know that 90% of everything published was a lie. Today in the US only your smarter sort knows to read between the lines.

    • bloodaxe

      I have something that can touch them, from 2 feet to 800 yards.

    • JackKrak

      Comments are only allowed on race stories when a black has their feelings hurt or when it rains on a day when they planned their family reunion in a city park. Then news outlets will build extra servers to handle the anticipated volume of comments.

      Another TNB incident? Meh………

    • The Mexicans do.

  • Luca

    Simply by process of elimination there are few races on this planet that would find it amusing for nine boys to spit, punch and attempt to throw a girl under a passing car.

    It could only be a group that is technically human but are actually feral savages.

    • IstvanIN

      They may be legally human, but not technically (as in scientifically).

      • Spartacus

        I do not recognize the laws written by our enemies .

      • Andy

        Scientifically, they are human. We are, however, separate sub-species.

        • Budd Smith

          Certainly not based on genetics. See Chapter 26, The Origin of Africans in Erectus Walks Amongst Us.

    • Magician

      They were attempting to end the girl’s life!

    • Funruffian

      Luca, every one of your posts is worth a vote-up, and I’m waiting for you to extend the courtesy.

  • Pax Romana

    See also this related Pennsylvania racist anti-White attack ignored by the MSM…but reported in the British Press:

    Another Black on White School Bus Attack: W/Video and photographs

    Police to charge three 16-year-old students for brutal attack on school bus AND the driver for not stopping it after video is posted to Facebook

    15 October 2013

    16-year-old CJ Buonadonna and 17-year-old Dylan Fonner, both students in the
    Southeast Delco School District were attacked on Wednesday

    Two 16-year-old boys, 16-year-old girl, and the 34-year-old bus driver are to be charged in connection with the attack today according to reports

    Read more: http://www[DOT]dailymail[DOT]co[DOT]uk/news/article-2461132/Students-bus-driver-face-charges-Facebook-video-attack-Pennsylvania%5BDOT%5Dhtml#ixzz2i1I68oMK

    Or Google: “Police to charge three 16-year-old students for brutal attack on school bus AND the driver for not stopping it after video is posted to Facebook”

  • Andy

    “At one point, the victim says, the gang tried to throw her under the wheels of a passing car, which swerved, narrowly missing her.”

    And didn’t try to help?

    • Stentorian_Commentator

      I hope they called the cops, but unless armed with a firearm in order to escape alive, I think not stopping and instead calling the cops is the best thing they could do. I guess you could ask them to use their car as a battering ram and get rid of a few Trayvons, or threaten them with a pistol, but you know how that turns out, at least for white people, even “white” hispanics like Zimmermann.

      • Andy

        Yes, I hope they did call. I understand interceding would be very dangerous, but the thought of an adult in a car driving by a nine-on-one, male-on-female attack and just swerving bothers me.

        • Sick of it

          They could have gone back and hit the attackers. Oh nevermind, we aren’t supposed to defend people. We go to jail for that now.

    • Paleoconn

      Possibly a black behind the wheel.

  • Truthseeker

    I could never imagine a group of white kids doing something like this unless they’d escaped from the nearest juvenile detention center. Maybe this girl is half-black and they resented her for her white genes.

    • MBlanc46

      There might be one white kid effed up enough to do this, but you probably couldn’t fine nine of them in the entire country.

    • willbest

      Even white kids are being raised in broken homes. It wouldn’t surprise me if you could get a handful of them to go feral in a 3-4 vs 1 situation. But 9 seems excessive. Its been a while since high school, but about the only time I recall whites traveled in groups of 9+ were on their way to/from sport/activity practice and they sure weren’t fixing to jump somebody then.

  • Dave4088

    The victim looks mulatto. Her dad is white, and I can only surmise by the color of the victim’s hands that her mother is either black or mestizo. Either way “teens” is a dead giveaway for feral, two legged black animals. The media will quickly have to think of a new code word for black males behaving very badly.

    • WASP

      When I saw her hands in the video, I knew she was not White but probably Hispanic or mulatto. Nevertheless, that was a savage attack; and I hope all those “teens” are caught.

      • IstvanIN

        But the hair looks normal. Maybe she has a tan.

        • Kenner

          The fancier the fingernails, the duller the brain.

    • Reverend Bacon

      If my long post is censored, just google “glenolden attack.”

  • Knowing that “teens” means Diversity has been deemed a hate crime on par with White privilege denial.

    (Aren’t you confused by the left’s mantras? White privilege denial means “You are denying you have White privilege,” but grammatically in means “You deny yourself the benefits of your White privilege,” which liberals should endorse. They corrupt our language to corrupt our sanity. Jared Taylor should do another video on the “denial” paradox.)

  • dd121

    These pesky “teens” at it again.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    I’m praying for the day when these two-legged pieces of black filth do this one time too many, and whites start banding together and exterminating them. That is where this will lead, because these attacks will never be prosecuted, or these thugs will get slaps on the wrist. What they deserve is to hang in nooses from lamp posts for other blacks to see.

  • MBlanc46

    It’s really a shame that more victims of black crime don’t file civil suits. If only a race realist lawyer would do some pro bono work in cases like this.

  • willbest

    Apparently the masses have caught on to what “youths” actually means so we are on to “teens” bets on whats next?

    • Puggg

      My bet on what’s next.


      There’s no way they can report on this without having to state enough relevant details so that we rubes have a clue. So their only card left is not running any crime stories at all.

  • willbest

    My personal thoughts on the matter is if you deprive people of being able to defend themselves, then they are in your charge and you are absolutely libel for the harm done to them.

  • Hal K

    No. It’s not about black culture. That is a cop out. Stop blaming liberals. They are what they are. Mainstream conservatism is the real problem. Try convincing mainstream conservatives of the need for mainstream white identity politics. They are so thick-skulled. As long as you keep focusing on liberals, Democrats, and “black culture” you are missing the point.

    • James Harrison

      The media wouldn’t dare describe the attackers as being black. If this were a black girl and white boys the headline would read “Black teen girl viciously attacked by white teen boys” and you know it!

      • Hal K

        I don’t disagree with anything you wrote. I think maybe you don’t understand my comment.

  • Pax Romana

    Because in Liberal Multi Culti La La Land, ‘Officially Certified
    Victims’ must not be shown to have Victims of their own.

    They know that in order for 50 years of White Guilt Propaganda and subsequent wealth redistribution/transfer to go on unabated, in order for white men to keep opening their wallets and many white women to keep being open to miscegenation, ‘Officially Certified Victims’ must always be shown in the mass media in a sympathetic light of being the poor hapless victims of evil white men.

    It does them no good if they portray their media created ‘Sad Wounded Puppies’ as the ‘Vicious Junk Yard Dogs’ too many of them are.

    Reporting the truth only sabotages that long worked for Multi-Culti Social Agenda through conditioning of the masses. So, no matter how many white men, women, and children fall victim, or how big the white body count is, they don’t care!

    Remember their Motto: ‘By Any Means Necessary!’

    • Your quote is amusing. “By Any Means Necessary” instantly becomes very threatening when someone like me says it.

  • SamuelThomas

    Google glasses + face recognition = millions of young feral negros Identified and arrested. Too many times no one sees anything. It is time for everyone to have a safety uplink to the internet with a live feed.

  • odious liberal

    This is pure unrestrained negroism.

  • Yale2001

    Looks like a white girl to me. I’m sure this is the main reason she was randomly attacked.

  • Sick of it

    Elephants like these?

  • Who Me?

    Sounds like the sheeple are starting to wake up to what is happening to us. Gives me a little hope.

  • Magician

    And meanwhile, the mainstream media continuously praises black men and their “virtues” and convince young white women that black men are very well-mannered, well-educated and great experts in bed, and it is very trendy for young white women to be in black men’s arms. And several obese white women do believe that nonsense! Today, I saw a young well-built black man entering a minivan and in the passenger’s seat there was a brunette pregnant woman around his age. She was obese but, she had a beautiful face and skin. If she had paid attention to her bodyshape, and been smart enough not to be tricked by the dishonest mainstream media, she could have made a wonderful mother for several white children!

  • Magician

    “At one point, the victim says, the gang tried to throw her under the wheels of a passing car, which swerved, narrowly missing her.”

    In other words they tried to murder her

  • rechill

    To think that I moved out of Philly to Delaware County in order to get away from this type of thing. (face palm)