Windsor School Board Questions Equity Report Author

Steven Goode, The Hartford Courant, September 27, 2013

After a year of disagreements over the Equity and Excellence Review at Windsor High School, the school board had an opportunity Thursday to ask followup questions about the study’s findings.


The study conducted by James, an assistant professor at Loyola University Chicago, sought to find underlying causes of the achievement gap between white and minority students at the high school.

The study concluded that educational expectations and opportunities were more plentiful for white students than their African American and Hispanic counterparts and that “institutional racism” is part of the problem.

The study was supposed to take place over three years at a cost of about $330,000. But it was called off after the first year after the university determined that constant battles among board members and the politicization of the study was causing harm to the community.

In a mostly civil discussion, James repeated the basis for much of his findings, citing interviews with students and teachers, the disparity between whites and minorities in the most challenging courses and a tracking system that keeps minorities in lower-level courses.


James said the school system will never be able to close the gap until it increases the number of minority teachers and rids itself of the notion that some kids can’t learn.

“If the idea continues that black children can’t learn, that Latino children can’t learn, that poor white kids can’t learn, nothing changes,” he said.

James said that he would have begun to address that issue in year two by “bringing teachers up to speed in cutlural responsiveness.”

“The key to that is personal transformation, dealing with our beliefs, assumptions and world views,” he said. “That takes time, at least two years.”

James also said that the notion that teacher comments were withheld from the final report because they would have refuted the study’s conclusions was “a myth.”

“They were more critical than the students,” James said, adding that teachers at the high school were suffering from “occupational depression.”

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  • Puggg

    Equity and Excellence

    Equity OR Excellence. You can’t have both.

  • APaige

    A study that “sought to find underlying causes of the achievement gap between white and minority student”. Pay me and I will tell you the answer…(DNA)

    • Oil Can Harry

      Memo to the Windsor School Board:

      The black-white achievement gap is worldwide and NOT ONE SCHOOL has ever closed it.

      • NorthSea

        No, but some of that “cultural transformation” should do the trick, in, oh I don’t know, two years.

    • Educational expectations were more plentiful for white students because white students have white parents.

      The same tracking system that keeps pig-ignorant blacks in lower-level courses would be accused of negligence if it mainstreamed those diversitards into regular classes.

  • MekongDelta69

    …And yet, another rambling about ‘institutional racism.’

    For the 3,963,478th time on here, I will leave the usual counter-argument:

    (Tiresome to keep repeating, and I’m sure tiresome to read, but TRUTH is TRUTH.)

  • Evette Coutier

    I can tell you the cause of performance Difference between white and minority students for free-institutional stupidity.

  • WmarkW

    institutional Racism — what we can’t explain, without accepting hereditary intelligence.

  • Luca

    How many decades longer will this continue?

    Some kids just won’t get through high school or college due to genetic, cultural, psychological or home life issues. Why should we care about their race? if they can’t make it, let’s move on to the ones who can.

    These administrators just keep making more phony work for themselves to justify their existence and maintain job security.

  • Spartacus

    “…sought to find underlying causes of the achievement gap between white and minority students at the high school.”


    • Jefferson

      Does Romania have KFC ?

      • Spartacus

        Erm… we have a gazillion of them.

        • Jefferson

          At least the KFC’s in Romania are not filled with Mexicans and Bantus like here in the U.S.

  • White Mom in WDC

    I am so over these dumb studies. They want to sell us crap but say its roses. Look, most Latinos truly don’t give a damn about school. Many Latinas drop out and get Preggo in their teens. Groids just want ‘wile out’. This study is so trite.

    Maybe Blacks and Latrinos are just racist against white-established institutions? How’s that for institutional racism.

    • 1proactive2

      Blacks and browns know they don’t have to try because of the legions of liberals in power who continually displace responsibility for their sloth and crime, and then provide taxpayer-paid set-asides, money, and preferences in hiring and college admissions. All either group members have to do is just show up and have someone fill out college or job applications for them. They’re in. After that, they don’t even have to show up.

      • White Mom in WDC

        I worked at an alternative school in DC where most of the students were black males. There was a chartered bus provided by Kwame Brown for free to take black seniors to a college fair in NC where they were guaranteed on site admission to done colleges in NC. No one showed up for the trip

        • 1proactive2

          I worked in three of my state’s prisons, and my office was located in the school building where the mandatory GED classes were located.

          Blacks, some in their forties, made the most adolescent excuses not to attend classes to include “my head hurts”. The teaches gave the absolute best reason they believed blacks resisted learning, and it was because learning something outside of their little fantasy world about how intelligent they believed they were was immediately dis- proven by their chronic failure with simple lessons.

          Black felons believe they are very bright, beyond anyone’s imagination. Their inability to learn even basic knowledge shatters their fantasy so they turn to their proven value system that has governed them prior to prison: regress to pre-adolescent thinking and behaviors, i.e., “my head hurts”. This includes some hilarious facial expressions as they feign intense pain.

        • Erasmus


          BTW, what does “Kwame” translate as? Joe? Tom? (Probably Leroy.) It appears to be one of the most popular faux-African names now in use.

  • Brian

    Never trust a theory or hypothesis where the result was decided before hand and evidence was then sifted to support the desired outcome. I learned that in middle school science. Guess the progressives had a white privilege seminar that day.

  • So CAL Snowman

    ““If the idea continues that black children can’t learn, that Latino
    children can’t learn, that poor white kids can’t learn, nothing
    changes,” he said.”

    Marxist Liberals DOMINATE every aspect of public education in this country. So who exactly is promoting the idea that black and latino children can’t learn? Conservatives have absolutely no voice in the media, so it would seem that the liberal media is saying that blacks and latinos can’t learn, and the marxists with their boots on the ground say it’s because of institutional racism. But if the institutions are all run by liberals how is there still racism? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills here!

    ““The key to that is personal transformation, dealing with our beliefs,
    assumptions and world views,” he said. “That takes time, at least two

    Alright we will check back with your school in two years and the blacks and latinos will be dominating the AP science and math classes right?

  • So CAL Snowman

    I can just see it now, the biology class of the future :

    Q : Why do a White mommy and a White daddy produce a White baby?

    A: Institutional Racism

    • leftists are delusional


  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

    It’s institutional low IQ that holds blacks down and that is in no way the fault of whites.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Loyola University Chicago – a Jesuit nest. Authors of Black Liberation Theology.

  • IKantunderstand

    There is no cure for stupid. Unless, of course, all the minorities who are about to overwhelm the White founding stock are somehow going to turn into geniuses, and discover a cure for stupidity, even though they were incapable of solving any of the problems of their low achieving countries of birth, because everybody there is stupid, and starving to death so they had to sneak into my country and stick me and my fellow Whites with their low I.Q.s, but somehow, because diversity is our “strength” , these idiots are going to be able to take over America, and it will be BETTER than it has ever been, because it is now diverse. HUH!!!!! We all know that this is malarkey. So, why are ALL White countries being turned into third world cesspools? Do the Greenies look forward to the ENTIRE world being trashed by savages? These hordes from other lands that now infest our countries, don’t give a rip about ecology, or, anything else. So, why is it that all the so-called progressives, who have been shoving “save the Earth” campaigns down our throats, have no problem with alien populations moving in and destroying our country? Hmmm, I wonder why.

  • leftists are delusional

    “If the idea continues that black children can’t learn, that Latino children can’t learn, that poor white kids can’t learn, nothing changes,” he said.

    Except for the fact that poor White kids out perform affluent black kids you might have a point.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    “The study was supposed to take place over three years at a cost of about $330,000.”

    Yes, surely this is the best way the tuition dollars paid by the university students could be spent.

    Universities get more ridiculous by the day. They’ve long since passed the realm of sanity and are now in the realm of stark raving lunacy.

  • Whitetrashgang

    Someone should gently suggest IQ tests for a better understanding of this problem, and here comes the race card in 1,2,3, seconds.

  • bigone4u

    “You can’t fix stupid.”–Ron White, comedian

    “Think about how stupid the average black is, then realize that half of them are stupider than that.”–George Carlin, comedian, slightly modified by bigone (replaced American with black).

  • negrolocaust

    almost all blacks abuse massive amounts of drugs and alcohol from a very young age and that is how they are raised and that makes learning even harder for them. by the time they reach 18 their brains have been so ravaged by drug and alcohol many of them cannot even tell you their name. by 40 they are mostly a vegetable. the drugs also make them extremely violent and crazy which is why i urge everyone i know to avoid them. it is very very sad.

  • 1proactive2

    I hope there weren’t any Asians in the school.

    • Northerner

      Education officials avoid the subject of Asians. Asians annoy both the Right (old school racists) and the Left (minorities as helpless) simultaneously. In most cases, they’re either excluded from surveys or grouped with Whites.

  • 1proactive2

    I tell ya, folks, it’s that racist math. That keeps the blacks and browns down.

    • chuck_2012

      yes 2 + 2 = 4, how racist is that?


    “If the idea continues that black children can’t learn, that Latino children can’t learn, that poor white kids < WTF ) can’t learn, nothing changes,” he said".

    So, just when exactly did the "poor white kids" get lumped into the same cognitively challenged bracket as the slow Hispanic kids, and down right retarded black kids? Last time I checked even the poorest white kids out performed the affluent black kids.

    • libertarian1234

      By including minorities and “poor white kids” blacks can hide their group in with everybody else and, at the same time, carry on with the myth that they fail miserably because of economic reasons and not low I.Q. Their premise is that it is poverty and not race that determines school performance. They had to include whites to perpetuate that myth, even though it is a bald face lie.

      The last thing they want to do is acknowledge that poor white kids outperform wealthy blacks.

      Too, by lumping themselves in with “people of color” they hide the fact that all people of color outperform them also. In group I.Q. average, blacks at 85 are behind everybody. Even the kids of color who are below average for their group seem to do better.

  • Bill

    The study conducted in Ohio (recently posted on AmRen) stated that poor white kids did better than most affluent blacks.

  • Bill

    It sounds like the kybosh was put on the study because the results weren’t going to end up like they wanted.

  • Stan D Mute

    The reason they need black teachers to eliminate the gap is that the black teachers will eliminate the gap if you follow my meaning..

    If, for some reason, subtlety isn’t working yet this fine Saturday morning, look to how black teachers have eliminated the gap in schools in Philly, Atlanta, and Chicongo.

    In other words, black teachers eliminate the gap in the same way black poll workers “ensure fairness” in elections.

  • Stan D Mute

    I posted something along these lines yesterday in the thread on Jeffrey Sachs’ attempts to civilize Africa. Maybe this is indeed insanity we are seeing. We’ve all seen or heard the cliche, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing in the same way over and over while expecting a different result each time.” And this is *exactly* what the “no such thing as race” crowd does. They haven’t had a genuinely new idea in 50 years. Nothing works. Yet they insist it will work next time.

    And isn’t insanity a big part of the political left overall? Homosexuality is pretty obviously a form of mental illness as is the belief that men and women have exactly the same abilities. Outside the blacks and Latinos lobbying for more free stuff, or the die-hard unionists lobbying for a bigger piece of the pie, isn’t all the rest just insanity of one form or another?

    How much of this is directly the result of amorality? That’s another good question I think. Only by scuttling moral values can one claim “all cultures are equal” or “pederasty is a valid lifestyle choice just like heterosexual monogamy.” It is only by denying or ignoring moral hazard that we can have a welfare state at all. And this too leads back to insanity as amorality is a symptom of psychopathy.

    Is the political left, reduced to its base, nothing more than a coalition of lazy minorities wanting something for nothing, greedy unionists believing they’re entitled to more than the market rate, the corrupt and criminal, and the insane?

  • Stan D Mute



    A sign at a Tea Party gathering read something like, “It
    Doesn’t Matter What This Sign Says, You’ll Still Say It’s Racist.”

  • WR_the_realist

    Of course the teachers are suffering from “occupational depression”. Imagine that you’re a white female teacher going into a classroom every day and the black students there talk casually about raping you. Imagine that no matter how hard you try the black students keep screwing up. You are always told it isn’t the student’s fault. It isn’t their parents’ fault either. It’s your fault, for being white. It’s hard to imagine that any teacher wouldn’t be depressed under such circumstances.

  • Viking_61

    What Mr.Taylor would never delve into thanks to his good nature is that this Loyola study was probably co-authored and peer edited by a bunch of red diaper babies with names like Feldman, Horowitz and Breshevsky.

    • Catholic universities employing a Feldman, Horowitz, and Breshevsky.

      Hilarious, but probably true.

  • blacks used to be able to fly.

    Do they not do it anymore because they are not encouraged?

  • “James said the school system will never be able to close the gap until it increases the number of minority teachers…”

    In other words, the solution to stupid, unmotivated black students is stupid, unmotivated black teachers. He has accidentally made an excellent case for segregated schools!

  • TheAntidote

    “At the heart of the egalitarian left is the pathological belief there is no structure of reality; that all the world is a tabula rasa that can be changed at any moment in any desired direction by the mere existence of human will.” -M. Rothbard

    This is how we arrived at “gay is as good as straight”, “men and women are the same”, and “race is just a soshul construck”

  • Basketeddie

    Well, they do have a point. Just take a look at Detroit schools where the majority of teachers are black and the students are overwhelmingly black and see how they outperform academically,

  • Erasmus

    Intelligence is a white thing.

    Expecting people to know 2+2 = 4, basic English orthography or even that we drive on the right side of the street in this country is just more institutional racism.

  • I’m going to guess he’d pick “institutional racism”, the Easter Bunny, guns, bigfoot, or some combination of these.

  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

    Moral sense is part of your IQ. Intelligence manifests itself through behavior.

  • Andy

    I’ll explain that one: the “college-ready” standard has dropped significantly.