White People Love Hiking. Minorities Don’t. Here’s Why.

Ryan Kearney, New Republic, September 6, 2013

White people simply love to spend their free time walking up and down mountains and sleeping in the forest. Search “hiking” in Google Images and see how far you have to scroll to find a nonwhite person. Ditto rock climbingkayakingcanoeing, and so on. That white people love the outdoors is so widely accepted as fact that it’s become a running joke. The website Stuff White People Like has no less than three entries on the subject: “Making you feel bad about not going outside” (#9), “Outdoor Performance Clothes” (#87), and “Camping” (#128). The latter entry reads, “If you find yourself trapped in the middle of the woods without electricity, running water, or a car you would likely describe that situation as a ‘nightmare’ or ‘a worse case scenario like after plane crash or something.’ White people refer to it as ‘camping.'”

That quote is almost certainly how most blacks, Latinos, and other minorities view hiking and camping. The Outdoor Industry Association—the top outdoor-recreation lobby in America (and based in Boulder, naturally)—insists that outdoor enthusiasts “are all genders, ages, shapes, sizes, ethnicities and income levels,” but research by their own nonprofit organization, The Outdoor Foundation, shows underwhelming diversity. Its 2013 outdoor participation report notes that last year, 70 percent of participants were white. “As minority groups make up a larger share of the population and are predicted to become the majority by 2040, engaging diverse populations in outdoor recreation has never been more critical,” the report reads. “Unfortunately, minorities still lag behind in outdoor participation.”



As Stuff White People Like says, “In theory camping should be a very inexpensive activity since you are literally sleeping on the ground. But as with everything in white culture, the more simple it appears the more expensive it actually is.” You may need to fly to your destination; otherwise, you’ll need a car and a full tank of gas. A backpack, tent, and the necessary gear will run you at least $1,000. And then you need some free time—which, if you work two jobs, you probably don’t have. That may explain why 40 percent of outdoor participants come from households with incomes of $75,000 or more, according to the Outdoor Foundation’s report.


{snip} Yes, there are economic barriers, but the cultural ramifications of those economic barriers are more devastating, as they ripple across generations. Say you’re a black teenager in Washington, D.C., or a Hispanic teenager in Denver. Statistically, there’s a good chance you have never been to Shenandoah National Park or Rocky Mountain National Park, respectively, because your parents had neither the means nor the interest. Then you grow up, get a good job, and enter a higher income bracket. Why on Earth would you use your hard-earned vacation time to spend a week eating freeze-dried food in the woods—rather than, say, reclining at a seaside hotel on Miami Beach, frozen margarita in hand?

Even I can’t answer that question—not without embodying the parody of a white man, anyway.


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  • Daniel Schmuhl

    Income inequality is the leftist explanation for every social ill these days. Take a social science class at any university and you will see.

    • sbuffalonative

      They could run an experiment. Give money to low income groups and see if one of their first actions is to go camping. I doubt, even with the money, camping would rank in the top 100.

      • Daniel Schmuhl

        They would go out and buy a Chrysler 300 and some sneakers.

        • NorthSea

          That’s silly. They’d call their brokers.

          • Steven Bannister

            Naaah…. they’d give it to charity of course!

          • E.F. Hutton?

      • 1stworlder

        does sleeping in an alley behind a strip club count as camping?

        • Whitetrashgang

          Yes it does ,with the boy scouts you now get 2 badges and the directions to the nearest Hooters.

        • capnmorgan5150

          We could re-classify the homeless as outdoor enthusiasts!

          • Whitetrashgang

            Yes we must ,also we could re-classify apes as negroes, and negroes as apes. Works for me. Shrug shoulders.

      • zanegray

        Certain activities have low status in non European eyes.

        Anything that implies ‘low caste’ say someone who lives in the open is a no no for high caste Indians for example.

        People who have crawled their way up from the bush see no kudos in going back to nature. That rules out most Africans.

        Many non whites view whites as distinctly odd in fact.

        Our obsession with ‘human’ rights is regarded as perverse and hypocritical by Africans and Asians.

        Their self interest is paramount in all they do.

    • Erasmus

      White people (some) also listen to NPR, and, as a rule, colored people…er, “people of color”…don’t. Maybe NPR can wedge in a story about that, somewhere its update on lesbian shepherdesses of the Andes and the one how coprolith earrings are all the rage in large cities across North Africa.

  • NorthSea

    Not enough gang-bangers in the woods. Dang.

    • sbuffalonative

      Basically, not enough urban excitement and urban stimulation.

      Whites think, ‘what can I get from the world?’ Blacks think, ‘what can the world give me?’

      Outdoor activities are something you do for yourself. They’re not something that is provided to you.

      • NorthSea

        If they hit the trees it’d be a target-rich environment for them: Us.

  • T_Losan

    These articles are a bit like the game Mad Libs. Take any bad thing happening to any non-white group of people, sprinkle in some buzzwords and adjectives and hey presto, an editorial. Only the conclusion never changes: whites are fundamentally bad.

    We won’t be browbeaten for eternity. Sooner or later something is going to have to give.

    • Bo_Sears

      You just defined the anti-white narrative which is usually a deliberate media focus on white crimes (and hoaxes blamed on white Americans) published over many months, and a deliberate suppression of mentions on crimes committed against white Americans.

    • John Ulfsson

      “Systematic racism oppression historic racism white privilege”

      • T_Losan

        entitlement legacy of discrimination downtrodden disenfranchised peoples

  • pcmustgo

    Camping is actually a very cheap vacation. I always see plenty of Mexicans at state parks when I go camping… anywhere…

    • Jefferson

      You live in the state of New York. How the hell are you seeing so many Mexicans at your state’s parks and not Dominicans and Puerto Ricans ?

      Mexicans are nowhere close being the majority of the Hispanic population in New York.

      • pcmustgo

        I’ve been to parks in California, CT, NY, and NJ… The ones I saw in CT seemed Mexican or Mexican like and the other states… amer-ind/white mixes, no black features… not at all PRs or DRS… So some kind of Central American, which I will just used the generalized term “Mexican” for. Idk, not as dark as Equadorians either. They did have like 40 family members there, stereotypical Latin style.

        I actually did see some (ghetto) Blacks with their fat white wives and mulatto children last time I went camping in NJ…

    • capnmorgan5150

      Yeah, but they’re there to tend to the outdoor marijuana farm.

      • NorthSea

        Oh, well, at least they’re working outdoors and having a nice time 🙂

    • Lewis33

      I was thinking the same thing about cheap vacation. When I was little we would always camp on our way to some destination. If it was storming and we had to stay in a hotel for the night, something had to be cut from the budget further down the line.

  • Greg S

    My one pleasure in life, hiking the Appalachian Trail. The first time since 6th grade in Durham that I am not forced to be around them. I am pretty sure it will remain that way since this requires a level of fortitude they don’t have. No free phones or WIC at the end of the trail, nor mud sharks on the mountain top.

    • The Final Solution

      No watermelon and purple drink to cool down with.

  • D.B. Cooper

    What a load of used horse manure!
    I live in Houston, the 4th largest city in America, and it is too diverse for my tastes. For the price of ONE tank of gas, you can be at dozens of campsites in the heavy woods in all four cardinal directions, and the four ordinal directions (Oh, snap!! I learned those terms from…wait for it…camping!).
    Get up off your lazy….

    • [Guest]

      >>>Get up off your lazy….

      No, don’t! I enjoy hiking and am glad that blacks and browns stay in their hoods and away from the woods.

  • kjh64

    “As minority groups make up a larger share of the population and are predicted to become the majority by 2040, engaging diverse populations in outdoor recreation has never been more critical,” the report reads. ”

    Yes, well if it comes to pass in 2040 that minorities become the majority, you can kiss the national parks goodbye. Most minorities just aren’t interested in them and what little money the new 3rd world USA has will be fought over by the various racial tribes.

    • bigone4u

      You can also kiss endangered species goodbye. Minorities have no appreciation for bald eagles, bighorn sheep, or any of the rest of our rarely seen animals who need protection.

      • capnmorgan5150

        Because they ARE animals.

      • NorthSea

        There’s another endangered species that could use protection: Europeanus Americanus.

  • bigone4u

    What a steaming pile of excrement this article is, even by MSM standards. Blacks prefer cities, with hip hop all around; Mexicans prefer barbeques, with salsa music blaring. None of them prefers the peace and quiet of the woods. None of them much appreciates natural beauty, prefering to socialize in that unique minority way. Bird watching to a Mexican male involves hassling some blonde chick with wolf whistles and nasty comments.

    • NorthSea

      Or putting two of them into a pit to make them fight.

    • newscomments70

      you’re wrong about the Mexicans. They are everywhere in California wilderness parks. Some are relatively nice, some throw trash everywhere and play loud music. To be fair, I have seen white yuppies drop burning cigarette butts in Seqouia park. I heard Yosemite is like a violent ghetto in the summer time…full of minorities, gangs and rap music. Mexicans love to camp and have barbeques. They love to fish as well. They do not like to hike, typically.

      • Non Humans

        “They do not like to hike, typically.”

        Could have fooled me, given the vast amounts of squat- monsters hiking across our southern border.

        • newscomments70

          Some are looking for work, some are looking for welfare…often both. They would not hike simply to look at trees and mountains. There would have to be a monetary purpose.

      • pcmustgo

        Yes, LATINOS love barbeques! Then again, so do Blacks, but Latinos will be more open to doing the barbequing in natural settings.

    • pcmustgo

      I beg to differ… Mexican, Equadorians and other Amer-ind types seem to love camping and swimming in rivers. They are not like blacks. They will bring all 40 of their relatives with them though and be a bit loud… I grew up near a gorgeous river in NY. Equadorians loved, loved , loved to swim there in huge groups.

  • APaige

    You know how I go to the ‘outdoors’? I walk…its cheap and easy. If you really want blacks to go outdoors tell them its free…they will run.

  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

    Those who love nature, the fine arts and antiques will always be virtually all white and I see no problem at all with that. These are the things I love.

  • exlib93

    How about the White family who actually saved for their vacation? They didn’t throw away their money on gold teeth, fancy wheel rims, loud stereos, and hair weaves. Blacks resent us no matter what we do.

  • Northerner

    So… Mr Kearney wants more minorities to go hiking and camping? You can’t have it both ways (i.e., making them feel bad about not being outdoors enough, and then complaining when they do).

  • IstvanIN

    McDonalds wrappers, soda bottles and who knows what else will be all over the trails.

  • Midge

    I’m white and I’d rather go to a nice hotel at a beach. Eat all meals in restaurants.

    • pcmustgo

      I like to do both… well, cheap motels and camping.

  • Diversity Awareness Brigade

    Why didn’t wealth disparities between the voodoo bantu mau mau darkest Diversity and Channon Christian, Eve Carson, Brittny Watts, Jonathan Foster, and Chris Lane make a difference and save lives?

  • Easyrhino1

    Took my family camping near the CA redwoods last month, the lack of diversity was fantastic as well as safe!

  • dd121

    They also don’t do a lot of other inexpensive activities in which whites participate. You see few at the zoos, botanical garden, theater, symphony, baseball, basketball spectators, and a thousand other things. I say, Great! It makes those activities more enjoyable and safer for me.

    • They go to every event in downtown Chicago – whether or not they go in.

      Its called “Apple Picking”.

      • dd121

        Going to downtown Chicago is not an actual organized event. I’d call it a pre-riot assembly. I definitely avoid those.

      • NM156

        Downtown’s population looked like that of Norway’s during Tall Ships at Navy Pier last month…

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Search “hiking” in Google Images and see how far you have to scroll to find a nonwhite person.

    Also Search “volunteers” in Google Images and see how far you have to scroll to find a black person, unless they’re the ones being helped.

    • Sue

      Union Beach, NJ was particularly hard hit by Sandy last October. People came from all over bringing food, water, and whatever they could spare for those poor people. All volunteers where white, all!

      • exlib93

        Of course they were white…blacks only think about what they can get, not give.

      • Tarczan

        Oh come on, surely the TV crew imported a few darkies so they could film them volunteering.

  • Spartacus

    “And then you need some free time—which, if you work two jobs, you probably don’t have.”


    Yeah, their two jobs – collecting welfare checks and stealing TVs – take up so much of their time, they can’t find any left…

    • Whitetrashgang

      I think their second job for most blacks is selling drugs, third job is stealing, No your right its stealing sorry.

  • willbest

    1) My parents camp gear might be worth $2,000 ($4k if you include the fishing gear) but that was accumulated over 20 years. You don’t need that though and can get started in camping for $200-300

    2) Odds are hispanic and black teenagers don’t have parents …err mothers that have camp gear they could borrow, because their mother doesn’t think camping is worthwhile

    3) Asians seem to be doing outdoor activities in a larger % of their population than whites.

    • Sick of it

      The only outdoor activities I’ve known Asians to do were golf and fishing. But I’ve only known city folk from that demographic.

    • pcmustgo

      $300? No, I got a 6 person tent at Target for $60… I got a backpack for free recently… Sneakers do just fine, you don’t need hiking boots.

      • willbest

        I suppose it depends what you are doing. I was thinking. cooler, bag, tent, mat, backpack, coleman stove, cheap cookware, hatchet, pocket knife, and misc. stuff like rope/twine, flashlight, first aid kit, etc.

  • Puggg

    Something white people like to do that minorities don’t do enough of — I’m surprised this isn’t in NPR.

    • danallison

      They’ll pick it up pronto, be assured.

  • WASP

    “Its 2013 outdoor participation report notes that last year, 70 percent of participants were white.”
    Besides my love of nature, the fact that minorities doesn’t care for the outdoors is just another reason I enjoy hiking into rural places and wilderness where I don’t see minorities nor have to interact with them. Blacks/Browns have no appreciation of the natural world as Whites do. I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts.

    • pcmustgo

      Also, 70% of Americans are white, so whatever.

  • shawnmer

    “As minority groups make up a larger share of the population and are predicted to become the majority by 2040, engaging diverse populations in outdoor recreation has never been more critical,” the report reads.

    “Critical?” Why is it “critical??” Just because the population is shifting, doesn’t mean you start wasting your advertising and/or lobbying budget trying to chase down and beg a market with a demonstrated propensity to not like your product to buy it. This would be considered an absolutely foolish use of your marketing dollars in almost any other context, but somehow it’s like a moral necessity to have nonwhites like you!

    • bubo

      The only people this stuff is critical to are the sellout corporations like Columbia and North Face that sell people overpriced Chinese made crap for their campouts.

      Yeah, they should be sweating a bit since if white people are evidently finished then so is their business.

  • Erasmus

    Once again with regard to the wealth disparity as a cause for minorities to shun nature, all I have to say is, “Barbra Streisand!”

    A day trip to the woods or a state park is one of the cheapest (and healthiest) forms of recreation around, but it takes intelligence above a certain level to appreciate the quiet, subtle splendor of nature.

    People whose idea of recreation is based on the loud, vulgar, glitzy and often outright-dysfunctional will probably never appreciate the subtle of patterns of morning dew on a spider web or the gentle sound of wind rising through the trees. Let them have their nail parlors, bars, beauty salons, boutiques and strip-mall churches to hang out in.

    Leave nature unspoiled. Leave it to people with IQs over 100, who see animals as more than objects of target practice and a creek or stream as more than a place to dump the trash or defecate in.

  • joesolargenius

    I am now working only twenty miles away from the Uwharrie National Forest and have been there multiple times this summer and often notice that when the illegal alien families leave ,there is still plenty of trash on the ground where they spent the day .

    • itdoesnotmatter

      I’ve never met a black or brown on California’s Pacific Crest Trail.

  • Truthseeker

    White people have historically been intrepid explorers who sought to forge new trails and discover new land. Obviously, there’s not a whole lot of untrod ground these days, but “roughing it” is something that allows whites to indulge their nature a bit.

  • Libs are We Todd Ed

    Blacks are ~13% of the population, ~4.5% of black males are wards of the state at any given time.
    Blacks are 11% of the participants according to the chart which would be a fair representation of the demographic, that is not incarcerated.

    Seems to be proportionally distributed to me.

    • If I am outside and see a group of young black males walking down the sidewalk …… Time to cross the street.

      • Major

        Wait till you see a half dozen of them behind a tree wanting to Tent-jack you and take all your bacon and eggs. That’s why we can carry in National Parks now…it’s not the bears…it’s the occasional Bantu threat.

  • Boris McGuffin

    I once went hiking with all of the Victoria’s Secret models. It was boring. The whole time they never let me out of the tent.

    And then I woke up.

  • A thousand dollars for camping gear? That’s just silly, unless one buys everything new at REI, which is also just silly.

  • [Guest]

    The derisive, mocking, sneering attitude toward white people in this article is just sickening … as it’s intended to be.

    There’s a war on, and people such as Ryan Kearney have declared us the enemy.

  • MBlanc46

    This is a gratuitous attack on white people.

  • Evette Coutier

    Hiking doesn’t involve violence. It is a peaceful and calm activity. Even in small groups, it tends towards personal time, individualism, and solitude. Other ethnic groups are too group think by nature and to group identity oriented to enjoy it as whites do. It’s not in their genetics.

  • CourtneyfromAlabama

    Mountains are racist.

    • With all the flooding here, I’m sure happy we live on a rather steep hill. Perhaps some ding-dong liberal will write an op-ed piece about how “institutional racism” denies blacks and browns steep, rocky hills on which to live.

      Eric Attorney Shoe-Shine Boy General Holder will demand access for “his people” to high ground. When they whine about driving on steep roads in icy conditions, he will announce that mountains and hills are racist.

      I have used many words instead of your own few, but I have proved you completely correct.

      • Ella

        People of colour will set up tent at the bottom of the hill and then, ask for FEMA compensation. LOL

  • gemjunior

    “But I have encountered not one black, never in the deep woods.”
    At least there’s somewhere we know we can get away from them. Thank God for forests and woods.

  • gemjunior

    and littering don’t forget….

  • gemjunior

    “The concept of wilderness is a western European idea”
    Yes, I suppose it would be. Trees to use for building and for fuel. Fields to plough for farming, and everything necessary to progress from there. I suppose that type of working is frowned on by people whose favorite thing to do is put their feet up.

  • bubo

    It must be damn easy to be a spokesman for the cathedral of diversity. Just type the acceptable ideas of the day, which is “white bad”, “brown good” over and over and you have it made.

    Does anyone think the fool that wrote this could formulate an actual thought with some substance to it?

    I’m still trying to understand his point, besides whites being racist of course. Does he advocate that browns be re-educated to enjoy nature or is he advocating economic reorganization since it’s evidently too expensive for brown to camp.

  • I wish I’d seen that!

  • NM156

    …and establish terraced, well-irrigated, and well-managed commercial marijuana farms on a large scale.

  • NM156

    ‘”As minority groups make up a larger share of the population and are predicted to become the majority by 2040, engaging diverse populations in outdoor recreation has never been more critical,” the report reads. “Unfortunately, minorities still lag behind in outdoor participation”‘ Now it’s 2040? I thought it was 2050. The Boomer auto-fellators who founded companies such as Patagonia and North Face must fully support the surrender of whites to minority immigrants. They cannot die off fast enough.

  • Pimphand is Strong



    Just more hatred aimed at all things Whitey! If it’s white, or something whites do, it’s BAD!

  • Alexandra1973

    My parents weren’t exactly wealthy but when I was a child we went camping every year. Groveland Oaks County Park, in northern Oakland County, Michigan. Had a camper, took the bikes, had fun for a week or two.

  • Xerxes22

    “An idea not necessarily shared by non- white Europeans”. That must be a misprint. There are no non-White Euopeans.

  • Japanese like mountain-climbing quite a lot. With the rugged country they wound up with, I guess that figures.

    • CourtneyfromAlabama

      But they weren’t the first to venture to the highest peaks in the world.

      • No. There are things only white guys are arrogant enough to try, like Yuri Gagarin and Alan Shepard.

        • CourtneyfromAlabama

          I am the exact same way, except when it comes to the artillery etc….

  • MikeofAges

    Not true. The North American homeland of the American black is the Southeast quadrant, aka Dixie. The same region also is the North American homeland of the white Southerner. Both will live on. Very slowly, blacks are withdrawing from the North. Those who return to the South simply are not replaced. Blacks in Oakland and the East Bay in Northern California have the oldest median age of blacks anywhere in the United States. The black population of the Los Angeles area apparently is declining. Wish the process would speed up a little. It would be the best for all involved, really. The South will never go back to a regime of Jim Crow, segregated public accommodations and no political rights. There’s just no sentiment for it there.

  • Ella

    Amen! I feel serene.

  • Ella

    You know where this is heading. The Feds and public schools will now have to fund outdoor wilderness programs for inner-city, underprivileged children of colour. EBT card holders already have free days at the zoo.

  • Ella

    Is Mackinac Island child friendly? I know they use bicycles for transportation instead of cars. I thought about vacationing there when I visit some relatives. Kids love the outdoors and to explore.

  • Tarczan

    Young Lady, have you never heard of the Old Negro Space program? Look it up on Youtube.

  • pcmustgo

    Yeah and saying gear , a back pack, tent , etc cost $1000 is bs! I got a tent for $20, a 6 person tent for $60… at walmart and target no less. Backpack? Lol! You can spend tons on camping gear but you don’t have to. State park fees run $20 a night.

  • pcmustgo

    The suburbs of NYC have TONS of Equadorians.

  • pcmustgo

    Black women also almost all “perm”/straighten their hair and sweating, washing it, or swimming ruin it…

  • Funruffian

    The only people I have never seen camping are Blacks. I am beginning to see more Asians out hiking than all the other non-White ethnicities. I have even seen a few Hispanics out hiking or camping. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Black voluntarily go on a hike or camping expedition.

  • “Wherever a Mexican goes, there is Mexico.”

    — Vincente Fox