Tiny N.D. Town Fights White Supremacist Takeover

Doug Stanglin, USA Today, September 19, 2013

A town council member in the tiny North Dakota community of Leith has set up a legal defense fund to fight a proposed takeover of the tiny town by a white supremacist group that has been quietly buying up property for more than a year, The Bismarck Tribune reports.

Councilman Lee Cook says Leith, with a population of 16 located 51 miles southwest of Bismarck, was targeted by 61-year-old Craig Cobb as the site of a white supremacist community that would buy enough land to take over local government.

The Tribune, in a series of articles by reporter Lauren Donovan, says county records show that Cobb has been buying up largely vacant property from absentee owner, for a few hundred dollars per lot.

The Tribune reports that Jeff Schoep, from Detroit, who is leader of the National Socialist Movement, has rented space at city hall for a town hall meeting on Sunday.

The newspaper describes Cobb, a self-described white supremacist, as a “man wanted in Canada for hate crimes” because of 2010 federal charges for allegedly promoting hate material online while in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Grant County records show that Cobb, who has purchased 13 lots, has since transferred ownership of two lots: one to Tom Metzger, a former grand dragon of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in California, which founded the White Aryan Resistance, and another to Alex Linder, originator of the Vanguard News Network, a white supremacist website, according to the civil rights group Southern Poverty Law Center.


Cobb said he has “been waiting quite a few months to spring this.” He boasted the advantages of the town, including cheap utilities and “a surfeit of very good paying jobs in two different cities within normal commutable distances.”


The AP quotes Cobb as saying he hopes to build a park and maybe a swimming pool dedicated to a neo-Nazi or white supremacist activist. “They would have to be approved by the town council, of course,” Cobb told the news agency.

Cook, the councilman, says he has not received any support from county or state officials for his attempts to block Cobb.

For his part, Cook says one group, called UnityND, has formed to fight the proposed takeover, and that he has established a website to try to rally the town.

“We cannot accept this racist hatred they are bringing here. Leith is in a crisis and is crying out for help,” Kelly said. “We need to show the Nazis that they are absolutely not wanted there.”

The AP says the town council, caught by surprise, is considering whether to dissolve and turn over power to the county to prevent a political takeover by the white supremacists.


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  • White people moving to North Dakota, media enraged.

    Meanwhile, Aaron Alexis is being stuffed down the media rabbit hole as we speak.

    • Why does a town of 24 people have a town council?

  • FormerlyEdNY

    I really don’t understand the stupidity of some White people. I guess they would prefer some Section 8 blacks relocated from Detroit or New Orleans. As South Buffalo Native has said, “some Whites need to be exposed to blacks to become race realists” or something to that effect.

    • So CAL Snowman

      They just fear being “roped in” with the White supremacists. They care more about how they are perceived by people they will never meet, than about what is good or normal. In many ways these White people are a LOT like blacks in that image is more important to them than substance.

      • Fr. John+

        Most of those folks in ND, are probably Nordic Scandinavians, who long ago were brainwashed by the liberal Evangelical Lutheran ‘Church’ in America, to believe that ‘diversity is our savior.” Funny…. last time I checked, I thought Lutherans believed Jesus Christ, a racially pure, covenantally obedient, Messiah of only ONE group (‘his people’- Matt. 1:21) which he said he had come only to ‘the lost sheep of the House of ISRAEL’ for….. Yup. Preachin’ another Gospel, those ND folks are… both sides of ’em.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          You can’t isolate Christianity or Jesus with one lone line from the NT, Christianity was created for all the people of the world, that is undeniable. The real irony of the NT is that while Jesus was a Jew, Paul himself a Jew, and Christianity was made anti-Jewish when it became Romanized. But this faith is probably the most ridiculous that has ever been invented and anyone can make anything out of it that they wish to (and have for centuries).

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

        This is also true as it is true for most whites that are too cowardly to say what they really think, let alone act on it.

    • Jefferson

      Whites in Oakland and Chicago for example have been exposed to a huge does of TNB in their city. Has this resulted in more Oakland and Chicago Whites becoming racially aware right wingers ? I don’t think so.

    • Thehardway

      Thats actually a great idea Ed. How about white nationalists start buying up realty in small towns like this and when a fuss is kicked up they could just ship in herds of blacks.

      If they want diversity, give it to them.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      The problem I find in the Old Northwest is two-fold (I have relatives there. First is that they are overwhelmingly influenced by both Lutheranism and Socialism, the Scandinavian style. It became ingrained before it fell to the modern stubbornness that will not admit that darkies destroy everything they are and think they are. Second is that they have lived remote from regions with traditional racial turbulence that they have a deep seated naivete caused by eons of isolation. It is so great that they cannot see or admit the obvious. As for modern motives, they are moved mostly by personal interest when it comes to social/economic issues, the state workers employee union issues being a prime example of this. I don’t know how else it will correct until enough of them are violated personally to see the truth of things.

  • MekongDelta69

    Maybe the ‘good citizens’ of Leith, North Dakota need…
    wait for it…
    wait for it…
    “Chokwe Lumumba, an attorney with a long record of black radical activism, took office as mayor of Jackson, Miss.”
    to wake them the hell up…

    • LesBaer1911

      Maybe the good citizens of Leith, ND need to spend some time in MN.

  • D.B. Cooper

    Leith needs a diversity enema.
    I will support funding to turn that place into a Somalian refugee dumping ground.
    They most certainly deserve it.

    • Puggg

      If Leith becomes vibrant, then there will be white flight to Heil, Carson, New Leipzig and Flasher. Count on it.

  • Spartacus

    “The AP says the town council, caught by surprise, is considering whether
    to dissolve and turn over power to the county to prevent a political
    takeover by the white supremacists.”


    Democracy – only acceptable if the candidate you vote for is jew-approved .

  • TheCogitator

    If Craig Cobb was serious about setting up a white community, I think he should have gotten enough people without tipping his hand as to what he was up to.

    But if Leith does dissolve, he should give the places to some ghetto Bantus to let the good people of Leith learn why some people want to live away from Negros.

    • HJ11

      Well, this was his deal and his way of doing it. At least he did something.

      Sure, many of us might have done it a different way–but we didn’t. Most of us (me too) just sit here in front of our computers. So, I give him a lot of credit.

      Now, just to complete the thought on this, the way I would have done it would have been to buy up the homes, not mention any of my views and quietly invite others with similar views to move there. After all, it’s no one’s business what we believe.

      Then, I would have run folks for the town council and continued in that manner.

      Leith looks like it’s in the middle of nowhere, so I would never expect a huge population to move there. I’d concentrate on breeders of our kind and build it from within.

      Again, none of this is criticism of Cobb. He did and I didn’t. He is due all respect.

  • HJ11

    I might buy some property in Leith, myself.

    • joesolargenius

      In response to HJ11 comment (I might buy some property up there) Would you please give me a ride up there with you as I have lots of oilfield experience and I can build small buildings as well. I am sick of North Carolina as it is way too corrupt. I am fixing to sell my car and use the money to finish paying for medicine to heal a brain tumor , this is the wrong place to receive medical treatment.

      • ncpride

        Just curious, but have you tried the Chronic Disease Fund? They help people pay for medication that is beyond their reach otherwise. I’d be happy to pass along their number. Couldn’t hurt to try, huh?

        • joesolargenius

          Please send that number because I am slowly going broke and my part time job only earns me three hundred every two weeks. I figured out that I would be unable to pay for it anymore by Halloween

          • ncpride

            No problem! 1- 972- 608-7141. I found out about them because a relative of mine is fighting cancer, and his insurance would not pay for the total (outrageous) expense of the drug he required, and would have left him having to pay thousands for it, which he could not afford. Give them a call and see if they can help! I wish you the best of luck, my friend.

  • bigone4u

    Someone ALWAYS trots out the word “Nazi” to describe a white person who seeks to enjoy the company of other whites and make clear to blacks, muzzies, and Mesicans that they are not welcome. Until the gas chambers are built in Leith, we should vigorously reject the Nazi label and embrace Mr. Cobb as a race realist.

    • Spartacus

      Oh God, not the “gas chambers” thing again…

    • Spartacus

      No one died in gas chambers… There was never a single corpse found that had those chemical residues that would indicate they were gassed. Not a single one.

      • JohnEngelman

        Holocaust deniers make assertions that are impossible to prove or disprove without extensive research.

        I have talked to Jews who survived the Nazi death camps and to military veterans who liberated them. If the Holocaust did not happen, they were lying about what they told me. Moreover, everyone else who survived a camp and everyone who liberated one conspired to lie too about what was happening in the camps.

        • Spartacus

          Then research it. It’s not impossible. In one of the chapters of his book “My Awakening”, David Duke refutes most of the Holocaust tales, and he does it using mainly jewish sources . Give that a read, it might help you get it.

        • Rhialto

          The deleted comment above makes a point, but even Holocost advocates now assert that killing by poison gas was unusual. Most deaths were by shooting (Einsatzgruppe), starvation, or other maltreatment.

          • “Hitler’s Willing Executioners” (ISBN 0 349 10786 6) covers the shooting squads you mention in extensive detail.

  • Rhialto

    The reaction of the Lethians shows the great success of Liberal indoctrination.

  • guess that even in deep Red states like ND, there are very libtard people living there. I think they need some “diversity’ to wake them up.

  • Spartacus

    Let’s compare the amount of time the MSM has given to this case to the time they gave to Channon Christian’s gang-rape/torture/murder . Oh, wait…

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    It’s two guys daydreaming about setting up a whitetopia and the lefty media treats it like the invasion of Poland.

    • Lewis33

      They only covered half of that as well. Shows how long the well has been poisoned.

  • Jenkem Huffington

    I’ll just leave this here.

    • Spartacus

      The contrast is beautiful…

      • Not only that, the people on the left don’t feel the need to hide their faces.

        • ms_anthro

          Probably because they aren’t criminals with multiple warrants each.

    • newscomments70

      I was never into neo-nazism. I assumed it was dominated by thuggish types. When i read in drudge report that they were the only ones protecting whites in Sanford, Fl during the Trayvon incident, I changed my mind.

    • Jefferson

      I would not want to have either one of those people as my next door neighbors, but if I had to choose one I will obviously go with the crew that look like American History X over the group that looks like Boyz N The Hood.

      But preferably I prefer my White next door neighbors to look like the families that you see on “The Wonder Years” and “The Brady Bunch” instead of the Whites that you see on “American History X”. The reason for this is because a lot of skin heads are crystal meth addicts, alcoholics, wife beaters, etc basically White trash that can bring down the property value in a neighborhood.

      • Martel

        No need to use anti-white terminology. Poor whites would do better under a regime which wouldn’t discriminate against them.

  • joesolargenius

    I spent six months in Idaho in 2007 and can tell you that they have been so protected from the horrors of racial harassment that they don’t have a clue. Plus the Homosexuals have started moving up to Boise and getting State government jobs and are trying to convince the locals to think liberal. Also some realy nice church group brought 150 Africans over to settle there whom all promptly went on welfare and started panhandling at the stores.

  • OhWow

    If it were a pack of blacks buying land they would say good for them! Just taking what their ancestors were due!

  • My thoughts exactly. All they would have to do is establish enough of a presence for a quorum under the city’s incorporation charter and then call for elections to a new city council.

  • Bobbala

    If black people are against racism, why do they cling to it so tightly? There are plenty of purely black enclaves (towns, cities, … up to continents) that are virtually racism free …

    Yet, there is no greater damnation for a black child than to be condemned to a life without white people that “hate” him???? Not too many, of course.

  • Luca

    How does buying real estate equate to taking over government ? They should be happy to collect the tax revenue.

    Furthermore, these groups should reorganize themselves into religious organizations and tell everyone to take a hike.

    • ms_anthro

      That didn’t help the Branch Davidians, sadly.

  • HJ11

    Right. We often hear conscious Whites say they’re waiting for Whites to wake up.

    Well, that’s not the way it works. And, why do they want other Whites to wake up? Do they just want to hide in the crowd? Anyone who is awake should work for his and his family’s benefit and for those who easily come to our views. Forget about the masses of Whites waking up.

    This not waking up isn’t new. All revolutions have started with a few people and when things seemed safe, others joined because then they could hide in the crowd and pretend they had balls.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      I want these self-righteous idiots who look upon white nationalists with disdain to be awoken when our enemies show their true violent intentions. It seems only pain, very intense pain will wake them up. Let them endure the suffering that will be partially of their own making, it seems that is the only way to break the brainwashing and get them to both see things as they really are and to start acting like white men and women. Cowardice does nothing but get more of us killed, raped, maimed, or infected daily.

    • joesolargenius

      Unfortunately this is the truth ,I am often called a racist bigot by many White people just because I stood up to a black bigot whom was verbally or physically harming one of us. These blacks whom being used to getting away with abusing or threatening members of our Race immediately start crying racism whenever I prevent them from harming someone whom they are prejudiced against. Then Afterwards some of the sheepish white men will approach me and shake my hand after thanking me for standing up, I have stopped asking them why they didn’t also stand up.

  • Talltrees

    “We cannot accept this racist hatred they are bringing here.”

    Appears evident Councilman Cook has a mighty serious racism problem, himself.

  • LesBaer1911

    I don’t see a problem. Maybe this will take off. Pretty sick of hearing about

    Somalia’s taking over predominately White towns with their forceful, greedy,
    violent attitudes. Meek and humble, and appreciative they’re not.

  • RacialLove

    Cobb is not a good representative for us.

    • Juan Outtamany

      There is a HUGE difference in terminology
      Realism isn’t racist
      Separate isn’t segregated

  • Mentious

    I saw an article about ‘Craig Cobb’s village’ that contains nobody but him. Craig Cobb has never acquired even one loyal assistant, sideman, or deputy much less a crew or following. There is a reason for that: He is just as alienating toward other whites as he is to the masses of potential pro-whites who are steadily turned off by his approach. Cobb does more harm than good to our interests.

  • bilderbuster

    Lots for a few hundred dollars each?
    That’s within my “go to hell budget”.
    I may buy a few & put in a dirt road & name it MLK Blvd.
    Throw in a few old tornado bait mobile homes & call my new hood Treyvon Estates & then say to the locals “How do you like me now”?

  • NorthSea

    I’m curious as to what constitutes “hate material”. Pretty broad and undefined category. And the word “Nazi” certainly features frequently in the piece.

  • WASP

    It’s always people like these two, Cook and Kelly, who never live anywhere near Blacks and other diversity, then cry out against “racism.” They’re fools.

  • Jenkem Huffington

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m opposed to SOCIALISM in any flavor (including Hitler’s) and believe people who think that the Nazi party was a good time are ignoring quite a bit of history.
    My point being, move in 1000 Detroit denizens into this little town and within a year they’d be begging for the whites of any sort.

  • John

    The entire tone of this article is that the reader is 1) in agreement and 2) also feels that something like this is a “bad thing”. Not so. They probably selectively quoted community members, only the ones that would parrot their agenda. This guy has broken no laws and is doing nothing illegal. If you disagree with his political philosophy, fine. He still has (supposedly) Constitutional rights that trump all those with hurt feeling that are “offended”. Get a few hundred or thousand more like this Cobb guy and you’d be surprised how many would be right there with him.

  • DiversityIsDeath

    Good. I hope racially aware Whites buy up all the land they can. Godspeed.

  • Stentorian_Commentator

    A good point to keep in mind. That goes for many pro-white actions.

  • Ella

    Mexicans take over small Midwest towns often buying out cheap properties and revitalizing the towns into small Mexican communities. The local city governments suffer because they have increased crime and serious budget shortfalls as they attempt to accommodate their growing needs: education, interpreters, medical, legal and so on. That’s okay????

    • Yes.

      Because…Mexicans are cool, right wing native born whites aren’t cool. Mexicans vote Democrat, that’s all that matters.

      And also…Mexicans are the New Italians. Don’t you read the New York Times? Think of all the restaurants.

  • Ella

    I think there is a good number of Polish and Russian skinheads now. Most skins just drink too much and a few do beat their girlfriends or wives unfortunately. They come from mostly working class homes.

    • There are lots and lots of skins in Russia.

      • Spartacus

        More than half of all skin-heads in the World are in Russia.

  • Can you contact me via my webpage – www paradisegone com?
    I am interested but in an different employment field than they see to be hiring.

  • IstvanIN

    There is a Jewish man, can not remember his name right now, who is constantly going around filing hate speech complaints against Canadians. It can be big business.

  • knuckledragger

    …stupid White people with their “laws” and “order” and “progress”. What we need here is some good old fashioned colored leadership! Make sure our frin’s get tooken care of without all the hassle of worryin’ bout consequences an’ such!

    • John

      Dood, you need to work on your ebonics more. “an’ such” should be “‘n sheet”. Nawwhu-uh-meen?

  • WR_the_realist

    Compare and contrast: In Leith, North Dakota whites have conniption fits over the purely imaginary possibility of white nationalists coming into power. Meanwhile, in Jackson, Mississippi, blacks applaud the election of a genuine black nationalist mayor.

    You get no prize for guessing which of these two stories gets the most attention from the American mass media.

  • Greg Thomas

    White people who want to be left alone and live amongst themselves will face the full wrath of the government and diversity lovers. 22 million White hating, illegal mexicans invade our country and our government fights to keep them here.

  • Have you tried complaining to your local zoning enforcement authorities?

  • I don’t need my property protected, but I have an easy time telling which group would leave me alone.

  • CorpGovMedia is of course casting these white people as “supremacists” and The Ultimate Evil.


    It has to do with corporate profits.

    Corporations increase profits by decreasing wages.

    One way they decrease wages is by increasing the supply of labor,
    especially cheap labor. Nonwhite labor, especially nonwhite immigrant
    labor, is cheap labor.

    White ethnic solidarity stands in the way of corporate profits.

    Therefore CorpGovMedia demonizes those who support white pride, white ethnic awareness etc.

  • HJ11

    Right. We need to start thinking of ourselves as a legitimate subculture within the White masses and go our own way,not caring what the White masses think of us. We’re linked by our awareness of our essential Whiteness. Let the masses of Whites continue trying to be aracial. Of course, any Whites who feel as we do can join us. It’s just a matter of believing and living as we do.

  • Pax Romana

    Where was the Liberal outrage when a racist black mayor told an applauding and cheering crowd of fellow black racists that he would do everything his power to keep New Orleans a “Chocolate City”??

    Where is the outrage from Liberals and their MSM when the black voters in Jackson Mississippi overwhelmingly voted for and elected the Black Supremacist/Black Revolutionary, Chokwe Lumumba, Mayor?? Mayor Chokwe Lumumba……”Then Lumumba smiled and raised his right hand halfway, just a little above the podium, briefly showing the clenched fist of a Black Power salute. “And I want to say, free the land!”

    Applause rang out, bells chimed, wooden staffs rose up and people shouted back, “Free the land!” That’s the motto of the Republic of New Afrika (RNA), the movement formed in 1968 that sought to turn the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina into an independent black nation.

    Jackson’s new mayor is a former vice president of the RNA and a co-founder of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement (MXGM), a national group born in 1993 that seeks self-determination for African-Americans — whom it calls New Afrikans — “by any means necessary.” Like many shaped by the Black Power era, Lumumba long shunned formal politics, until a successful run for City Council in 2009. Now, as mayor, he is seeking to apply the tenets of the black radical tradition to the duties of running a city.” -Aljazeera America

  • Jefferson

    Not a lot of Bantus in North Dakota, but I am sure Hussein Obama and Eric My People Holder would love to change that by importing Black Section 8 housing residents from Saint Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota into ND.

  • Jefferson

    White poverty in America is overwhelmingly concentrated in rural areas and not the suburbs and the big cities.

    So how are most poor Whites in America living in “vibrantly diverse” areas ? i didn’t know there were so many Blacks and Mexicans living in rural Kentucky and West Virgina for example.

  • HJ11

    I hope AMREN keeps this thread open or starts another one. The principles behind what is going on in Leith give us the high moral ground. More of need to speak out iand write about this in the right ways–and not just here, but also in the MSM (I am doing this).

    For example: We should ask: Are Jews allowed in Leith, or will people tell them that they’re not allowed there? How about Mormons? Muslims? Libertarians? Are they acceptable to the anti-White bigots who are protesting a White guy (who knows he’s White) buying property there? What about the Amish? Are they okay with the tiny minded anti-White bigots? Is there a list posted someplace where the town fathers of Leith list who is accepteable and who isn’t? And, does the list also show which religions and political and social views are acceptable and which aren’t?

    We can live anyplace we want in this country and we can take part as citizens in the political affairs of each and every town and city where we choose to live. We can also declare our Whiteness and our desire to stop the genocide of our people or we can remain silent. The choice is ours. We are a free people.

  • There exists the means to take political power back – blue collar white males. BCWM do not vote. They see no difference in either party – neither will end affiramtive action or the other race laws that doom them to sit in the back of the bus. These men and their wives represent appx 40 million votes!! Tap that group, get them engaged politically, and a monumental, permanent, political shift will occur.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    It’s remarkable what a hate machine the left has become. Just reading some of the links like the one from USA today. This guys crimes appear to be for having a scraggly beard and a penchant for sitting on a park bench using Wi-Fi.

    Do these lefties hear themselves.

    And then to hear Tuchman from CNN using the same tired Alinsky template of putting words like “hate” and “angry” in the guys mouth. The anti-white bias the media has is so over-the-top.

    It would be funny if it wasn’t so disturbing.

  • Spartacus

    The accused couldn’t deny it because they had been tortured into confessing it.

  • Gilbert Jacobi

    This tactic, the buying up of lots by a few pioneers in hopes of attracting like minded people in future, is precisely the one used by early 20th century Zionists, only on the sly and much more effectively, in Palestine. Since much Palestinian land was held by the Ottoman government and absentee Turkish rentiers, it was easy for Jewish organizations to obtain “title” to a large part of Palestine under the radar. SPLC, ACLU, etc., will of course make no mention of this as they condemn whites for doing the same thing.

  • Gilbert Jacobi

    No, he’s showing that when a people’s culture is infiltrated by evil and hateful enemies, their history denied and denigrated, their safe places forcibly penetrated by dangerous animals, their resort to law and the democratic process used to persecute and impoverish them, the incidence of dysfunction is bound to rise.

  • A Freespeechzone

    Now if this was a group of muslims or…minorities; there would be the same outrage…

    Oh, wait, I’m wrong…look at muslim Dearborn, MI & black ruled places like Jackson, MS…that crowd out Christians & Whites by intimidation are OK.

    The idea of a White enclave in N. Dakota doesn’t seem unreasonable….