Racist Motive in Murder of 13 Year Old?

Jim Forsyth, WOAI (San Antonio), September 16, 2013

Police say there may have been a possible racist motive to the murder of a 13 year old on the city’s east side early Sunday, 1200 WOAI news reports.

Police say three African American men drove up to the home in the 300 block of Palfrey, which is near Goliad Road and Pecan Valley.

A police report says one of the men yelled ‘F*** Mexicans!’ and then opened fire.

Witnesses said they heard four shots fired, and Gabriel Martinez, 13, was shot in the chest and was pronounced dead at the scene.


Relatives of Martinez said they had not been involved in any confrontations and have ‘no idea’ why assailants would want to shoot the boy, or anybody in the home.  {snip}

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  • CoweringCoward

    Couldn’t be racism, no white was involved. Oh wait maybe this was another “white Hispanic”, and the turrible legacy ob da slabbery made them have to do it.
    And we all know the act of having DNA that is “disrespectful” of blacks is a capitol offense.

  • Spartacus

    Another case of cannibalism amongst the oppressed ? They always make me giggle .

  • 1gravity

    Something about this incident, as reported, does not add up. Drive By Shootings are intraracial events; is someone trying to jump start a race war? I hope some member(s) of the Press can free up to ask questons [and not get killed in the process].

    • negrolocaust

      it is simply blacks trying to intimidate mexicans from their drug turf. blacks and mexicans fight over drug turf and try to drive each other out by drive by shootings especially in california and areas near mexico. if you happen to wander into either ones drug turf they will beat or kill you even if you are not black or mexican.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    This is just a hint that would happen globally if all whites disappeared. They would be at each other’s throats, with the Asians coming out on top.

  • Diversity Awareness Brigade

    Next time you hear “Diversity is our greatest strength,” you will be charged with hate crimes against integration and civil rights if you say, “But what about Ayvani?”

  • Germanacus

    There is no love loss between the mexicalis and the afronians. Diversity at work.

    • Winston Merryweather

      The afronians had better start treating Latinos with a measure of respect as they are set to be the new majority in the country. I doubt they will put up with blacks the way whites have.

      • exlib93

        As long as they have a Hispanic name, and not a German one, they will get away with it too.

  • Could this be Trayvon revenge, on the part of some blacks who know that GZ is Hispanic?

    • libertarian1234

      You could be right.

      I don’t remember where it was, but I read a couple of accounts where Mexicans were slurred and Martin’s name was brought up, although neither one resulted in a killing.

  • Luca

    “Police say there may have been a possible racist motive..” Really? Ya think?

    They could have a video of the negroes screaming: “Kill all Mexicans, I hate Mexicans, this is a random, racial hate crime, I’m killing you because of the color of your skin and solely on racist motives.”

    And the media would report it as a robbery gone wrong.

    • Magician

      wrong place at the wrong time

    • Greg Thomas

      Or another “random act of violence.” They love that one.

  • M&S

    The car is what will tell the tale. If it’s stolen, that indicates planning.
    If it’s the likely perps own vehicle, that indicates stupid thrill-kill or startup gangstas making virgin mistakes.
    The weapon may help too if they can recover bullets with taggable rifling. Six shooters and low magazine count pistols are amateur hour stuff. Hits are done with signature weapons that make a lot of noise so that it’s clearly _not_ ‘random’ as well as to compensate for moving vehicles.
    Shotguns, SKS and easy-mod autopistols like the Tec-9 are very popular with an increasing percentage of weapons coming -up- from Mexico as a function of foreign purchases (you won’t find many Norinco assault rifles sold here).
    Mexicans are notorious for playing their cards close to the chest so you can’t believe a single thing that the parents say, if they even know. While they typically keep them out of the hard stuff, if only because they aren’t mentally competent to do it well, Mexicans have no problem with using children as runners, carriers and other low-level gangland actions.
    If the parents are clean, check the kid for tats, clothes or weapons as well as new behaviors and friends.
    If he has unaccounted bruises he has been jumped or lined in. If he has skills or toys that are wanted he may have been courted. If he was just looking to make his bones on a point system basis of entry, he will have done anything from vandalizing a gang insignia, house or car to active ‘crimes’ against an opposed gang (Kings, Crips, MS13, Bandidos, they are all there apparently) like beating the child or sibling of an active member.
    If he has a sister, they may want her to ‘roll the dice’ and be coming at her through him, in any case, other children in the house will know before the parent’s do.
    San Antonio had 690 gangs in 2007, with over 8,000 known members and a lot of associates. There are -pages- of gangland YT videos and a dedicated SAPD gangland website.
    Drivebys say gangland to me.

  • Mike Conrad

    In America’s MSM circa 2013, it’s what you say and think, not what you do, which matters most. If you can prove you’re not racist, it’s probably okay to kill as many people as you want…

  • Kathy M

    San Antonio used to be a fairly safe town. Diversity is changing all that.

    • Spartacus

      Diversity is our greatest strength. 2+2=5

  • Juan Outtamany

    At least the Mexican are able to use the tried & true revenge. Hopefully this will start a war.

  • alex

    Zimmerman isn’t Mexican. He has some Peruvian heritage.

  • You don’t get anything by protesting anything done by blacks. You can, however, get what you want by protesting anything done by Whites.

    Mexicans do, however, kill blacks all the time and ethnically cleanse neighbourhoods. Blacks, however, don’t protest it much because you can’t get anything by protesting anything done by Mexicans.