Poor White Children Fall Further Behind: Benefits Culture Is Blamed for Failures at School

Steve Doughty, Daily Mail (London), September 3, 2013

Pupils from poor white families are falling further behind boys and girls from ethnic minorities in their schooling, a think tank claimed yesterday.

It said the performance of white British boys from the poorest families–already the lowest achievers–has slipped further over the past five years.

They are now half as likely as boys from impoverished Chinese or Indian families to get good qualifications and far less likely to succeed than boys from the worst-off black Caribbean or African families.

White girls from worse-off families are also far adrift of their contemporaries in ethnic and cultural minorities, the analysis by the  Centre for Social Justice said.

The CSJ blamed the low aspirations of poor white families, benefit dependency and the failure of schools to encourage white  children in the same way they have tried to help minority children.

The report, from the pressure group founded by Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith, called for further and faster education reform to reverse the educational decline among poor white British children.

Alongside the downward spiral among white pupils, the paper said four-year-old children are arriving at schools still in nappies and unable to speak and that at the age of five nearly one in eight children cannot write their own names.

Christian Guy, director of the CSJ, said: ‘These figures are sobering. They suggest that despite much money and effort white working-class boys are in danger of becoming an educational underclass.

‘We need to take a close look at the reasons behind this growing inequality and re-assess the measures we are taking to close the performance gap.’

The deepening failure of white boys in school was first noticed a decade ago and the widening gap is set out in figures for those on free school meals and who gain five A* to C GCSE grades, including English and maths.

Only 26 per cent of white boys on free school meals reached the benchmark last year, compared to 40 per cent of black boys.

Skills minister Matthew Hancock said: ‘This report highlights the shameful legacy of an education system that has failed too many children for too long.

‘Our radical reforms to drive up standards, in schools and on technical courses, are motivated by the need to help every child reach their potential. This evidence shows just how important those reforms are.’

Among all pupils who have free school meals, 36 per cent achieve good GCSE grades. More than two thirds of Chinese pupils from poor families hit the target mark and more than half of those from Indian or Bangladeshi families.

Non-British whites from poor families, including boys whose parents come from Eastern Europe, have similar levels of achievement to black boys. Despite efforts under two governments to improve the performance, the gap has widened rather than narrowed.

White boys are 0.5 per cent down on their 2007 levels, while black boys are up by 3.9 per cent.

Girls from poor white British families are doing marginally better, with 35 per cent hitting the GCSE target, compared to 41 per cent of all girls from poor backgrounds.

Only Roma gypsy and Irish traveller children do worse than poor white British children.

The report said that traditionally white working class families put a low value on education because high qualifications were not necessary to get jobs in industry.

Their attitudes have lagged behind as the economy has been transformed.

Worklessness in regions that were once heartlands of heavy industry has also taken its toll.

The CSJ quoted a Midlands headteacher saying: ‘Families where generations of parents have been on benefits have created dependency and a lack of aspiration and ambition.’

The report also pointed to Ofsted findings that some schools had effective programmes for helping minority children but little for white British pupils in trouble.

The report was drawn up by a group headed by Sir Robin Bosher, a former primary school head who now leads the Harris Federation of academy schools.

He said: ‘Educational failure is too common in our current system. It affects disadvantaged children and makes reform urgent’,

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  • Puggg

    Maybe underprivileged white boys don’t want to sit in a room all day and learn about Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, slavery and how evil white people are.

    This equality and multi-racial business hurts poor whites the worst. Perhaps intentionally.

    • Spartacus

      Well, all those White boys and girls do all day in school is get insulted, that would certainly affect their grades.

    • willbest

      I doubt they teach about MLK and Malcolm X over in the UK. Though I also doubt they take pride in the British single handedly ending slavery in 2/3rds of the world.

      • Iron Helm

        I probably did us much on MLK as you did in America.

    • blindsticks

      Blacks get extra time, extra help, mentoring, told they invented traffic lights and peanut butter; and yet they still fall behind the sorriest white.Seriously,this is an old , old story and it wasn’t true ten years ago and it isn’t true now.

  • amourpropre

    Must be “white privilege.”

  • Spartacus

    I can’t help but wonder if these results, or the statistics that they’re supposedly based on, are manipulated to make Whites look bad.

    • Kronolog

      Very unlikely; Those western whites who are materially poor today are also – almost without exception – also culturally and morally poor, and this is likely the chief cause of the bad grades. The children of immigrants may well be materially poor, but they often retain a better work ethic and sense of duty compared to poor whites of the same age (although morals of course varies between different immigrant groups).

      • Spartacus

        “The children of immigrants may well be materially poor, but they often retain a better work ethic and sense of duty…”


        How can they “retain” something most of them don’t have to begin with ?

        • Kronolog

          That’s a fairly ignorant statement; All peoples who come from societies where you have to work to survive – that is, more or less all societies excluding those in Europe and the Anglo sphere – will often retain a basic sense of work ethic after they have settled in a new country, and their children will often inherit this to a large degree. Later in life, when the influence of their parents weakens, these morals might well disappear in second generation of immigrants.

          • Spartacus

            The article included blacks, and I seriously doubt they are capable of any kind of ethic at all, unless it’s the “whack head, steal” kind of ethic .

  • pcmustgo

    Caribbean and African Blacks are much harder working, motivated and intelligent than American Blacks… but they can still hate white people, so whatever.

    • blindsticks

      Caribbean and African Blacks are much harder working, motivated and intelligent than American Blacks…

      Lol, the women – maybe. But the men are pretty much the same.

      • pcmustgo

        I agree. And they also devolve after a generation or two here in PC hate-whites America. They pick up that afro-centrism and racialism- they learn to blame whites.

  • bigone4u

    Put the poor white boys in an all white school and watch them soar like eagles. I have a doctoral degree but if I had been forced to sit smelling the stench of blackness all around me as a youngster, I could not have learned. If I had been forced to endure the physicality of black youths and have my ears assaulted by their jibber-jabber I could not have learned. If my teachers were blacks, who hated my guts, I could not have learned.

    We will never be told the real reasons for poor whites falling behind because the real reasons don’t fit the liberal narrative of the rainbow.

    • 48224

      I don’t believe that poor whites are doing worse than ANY blacks. I think the data is flawed, or tampered with. British blacks are not different than blacks in the US.

      Case and point. Look at any test data comparing ACT or SAT scores by state and or school district. Poor whites in Applachia do FAR better than blacks in Detroit who have 20% MORE money spent educating them.

      2010 Spending Per Student………………………………………….. SAT score

      spending per student (poor black) $11,896 15

      Grosse Pointe (rich
      white suburb) $11,239

      Sterling Heights
      spending per pupil (well off white burb) $10,430

      (lower middle class 86% white lower middle cls $9,444

      Hale High MI (country, poor white) $9,215

      Clay Co. KY Poor white
      $9,941 19.5

      Detroit median household income in 2010 $34,841

      Detroit $ per student (poor/middle cls 99% black) $11,896

      ACT composite score for district 15

      Clay Co. Kentucky Household
      Income 2010 $16,271

      Clay Co. KY $ per student (Poor
      94% white $9,941

      ACT composite score
      for district (2008, 2010 N/A) 19.6
      So, poor whites in Kentucky with an average household income HALF that of blacks and the poor whites have 20%LESS money spent on educating them have a composite ACT score of 19.6. Blacks in Detroit have a score of 15. I think that is 2-3 standard deviations difference. That is HUGE. All this data is real, I did not make anything up. check for your self.

      • bigone4u

        Good research. Thanks for sharing. One thing I used to teach in economics was that if the data don’t make sense, something is wrong. You are wise to be suspicious of the data. However, if the Brit white boys are being dumped on by blacks, it could bring be bringing them down. Hopefully, Obama won’t be dumping a group of ghetto blacks into Clay Co. Ky. to test my theory.

    • blindsticks

      Poor whites are nearly always the first casualties of the black influence. You have ten black boys in a multicultural classroom and half as many poor white/English boys, and those poor white boys become every bit as black in attitude and manners.

  • Diversity Awareness Brigade

    White children instinctively know that putting forth the effort to get ahead and then be ruled by commies and muzzies just isn’t worth it.

    The White collapse is prophetic. The less we do, the less they can take from us.

    But we must do what is moral and fundamentally ethical- prepare for the day of reckoning when we deliver the reckoning.

  • sbuffalonative

    The CSJ blamed the low aspirations of poor white families, benefit dependency and the failure of schools to encourage white children in the same way they have tried to help minority children.

    The British government is in a bind of their own making. By their own standards, to raise the self-esteem of whites is to encourage and promote racism and white supremacy.

  • White Mom in WDC

    This is what the white elite of England and the Royals wanted. The merchant class whites and the poor whites were doing okay in the 50s and 60’s. These former serfs actually had rights and dignity at work and at home. Well the greedy white elite couldn’t deal with the fact that working class whites were well adjusted and not licking the bottom of the well heeled elite’s shoes, so in comes snivel rights and mass immigration to keep the white trash ingrates in their place.

    Screw the Royals.

    Third world invasion is a way to keep the lower class whites from advancing. The new diversity will get smacked down in time too.

    There is a global agenda to subjugate white middle and working classes. Whites in these socioeconomic strata must flee their countries and bum rush a region. Just take it over.

    • Northerner

      As you can see, white anger here isn’t directed at the Royals (or other white “elites”); it goes against minorities instead.

    • ViktorNN

      Well put. There’s a multinational elite that has no national loyalty in their quest to raise profits at the expense of the white working class. They’re content to see us fall down to third world standards of living and get mixed out of existence thanks to the miscegenist propaganda they promote through their toxic corporate media.

  • Swanny Feather

    England could really use a homeschool movement. Without a doubt the parents and grandparents of the poor white boys could do a much better job of educating them. All of the homeschooled poor kids of parents who were high school dropouts out performed their public school counterparts in America.

  • ViktorNN

    Whatever the truth of the explanation about “benefit culture” reflects, I think what you’re really seeing here is what happens to a defeated, demoralized people in the process of being displaced in their own land.

    Shame on the Labour Party. They are an utter travesty of their name. White marxists in academia and Westminster have utterly betrayed their white working class countrymen.

    • I agree. These poor people are a result of over 60 years worth of societal destruction. This not only includes smashing of their jobs, their roles in life, their community ties and immigration, but 60 years worth of poor schooling and demoralisation.

      People say home schooling is the way forward, and on the main society I would tend to agree considering the other British headline added above this article on Amren (schools so full of foreigners and languages they cannot cope) – but the tragedy is in many cases it will be the blind leading the blind. The parents are products of the system and I doubt in many cases they could adequately teach subjects authoritatively to their children.

      I have no doubts in my mind that almost all White children could excel in schools and education, if provided with the right settings in terms of both family life, community life and teaching settings. It is heartbreaking to see this country deteriorate and our own people being shoved to the back of abilities and ‘standing’ within society.

      Only a renewed and refreshed proud, white, secure and determined white society can turn this tide. Continuing with the current system of operation is going to be a disaster for our people, especially the poor.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    This was long in planning. But can the remaining British public really tolerate this?

  • 48224

    And the poor whites value education less than the poor blacks?…..you sir are full of it. Show me the data.

  • blindsticks

    Trust me black boys in Britain are going nowhere just as fast.

  • Stentorian_Commentator

    I don’t know about you, but I need me some of that white privilege.