Muslim Rally Vastly Outnumbered by Bikers, Counterprotesters

Meredith Somers, Washington Times, September 11, 2013

A few dozen demonstrators attending a rally on the Mall once billed as the Million Muslim March were vastly outnumbered Wednesday by a Christian group objecting to their event and a counterprotest consisting of motorcycle riders honoring Sept. 11 victims.

The noon rally, called the Million American March Against Fear took place between 13th and 14th streets in Northwest and was sponsored by the American Muslim Political Action Committee.

Speakers—among them author and Princeton University professor Cornel West—struck mainstream themes, calling for social justice for Muslims while promoting peace and condemning violence. Attendees also held a moment of silence to honor Sept. 11 victims.


But other speakers addressed fringe topics, condemning what they called the use of U.S. tax dollars to kill innocent people in the Middle East and advancing conspiracy theories around the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Christian counterdemonstrators heckled the group, with some holding signs that read “One nation under God” or disparaging the Muslim prophet Muhammad.

“You picked the wrong day,” counterdemonstrators shouted at times.


In the background, staggered clusters of motorcycles could be heard riding in the vicinity, but road closures kept the bikers from the immediate area of the rally. The motorcycles were part of the 2 Million Bikers to DC ride held, which drew thousands of bikers from around the country to a hastily arranged event honoring Sept. 11 victims and protesting the Muslim rally.

Isa Hodge, chief of operations for the political action committee behind the Muslim rally, complained that one cluster of riders drove by and revved their engines, disrupting the moment of silence for Sept. 11 victims.


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  • The soccer hooligan just might save England, and the biker just might save America, or at least enough of it.

    • AutomaticSlim

      Don’t bet on it.

      A criminal gang is a criminal gang, White or not.
      I have known more than one female who has had terrible things done to them by Hells Angels. They are nothing but thugs.

      • Martel

        No they are not. Most of them are patriots and have a subconscious understanding of racial identity. Only a small portion of them where angels and only a small portion of angels are the heartless criminals you talk about.

        • AutomaticSlim

          Yes, of course I know that most Motorcycle owners are not criminals.
          Q.D. used Soccer Hooligans as an analogy, so the natural association with “Biker” would be the gangs.

          But I do strongly disagree with your assertion that only a small portion of the gangs are heartless criminals. Cut one in off in traffic, BY ACCIDENT, and see how your idea holds up.

          • Martel

            I never had a problem with hooligans,they deal some drugs and beat eachother up but I have no issue with it. The bikers here can be ruthless but most of them don’t cause any harm outside of their criminal purlieus. I do believe that only a small portion are criminal, but I am not personally familiar with the situation in the US. I am bothered by the fact that they tend to harm whites, there are plenty of brown and black competitors they could be focussing on.

          • dukem1

            I’ll take the Aryan Brotherhood. You can have the crips and bloods.

          • AutomaticSlim

            Who said anything about the blacks and there gangs???
            Of course they are horrible, and any sane person, and I consider myself quite sane, would have nothing to do with them and avoid them like the plague.

            But does that mean that all Whites are beyond reproach?
            What do you think about those two upstanding gentlemen that raped and murdered that doctor’s family in Connecticut a couple of years ago?

          • kjh64

            No, of course not all Whites are beyond reproach and nobody is saying that they are. Yes, there are horrible and evil Whites who are criminals. As to the two that did what they did to that doctor’s family, they should be promptly hung in my opinion..

          • me

            White criminals get their comeuppance. You are talking about one isolated incident that happened years ago. How about these type of atrocities that happen every HOUR by some Bantu, Muslim, or Squat Monster? Bikers are AWESOME, and 90% of them are law-abiding patriots that are pro-White. May I also add that keyboard warriors like yourself would NEVER put yourself out there to defend what you believe in. So, LAY OFF the White bikers!

          • Caledwych

            I think that the point Question Diversity was making is that the white “riff-raff” are going to be the saviors if it ever came to shove in the late great US of A.Bikers,outlaws,hoboes,off-gridders,rebel libertarians,etc. have less gumption to tow the PC line and will be quicker to firm action than the flabby yuppie living in his McMansion.If a civil war came to this land,the rednecks and rebels will be out DOING something while the yuppie will sit in his gated enclave spewing the standard DWL rhetoric up until they burn his mancave to the ground.
            Yeah,it’s apparent….I loathe disingenuous white suburbanites:)

          • The point QD is trying to make is that we might well be in a situation soon where the skill set of the biker will be far more valuable than the skill set of white collar hacks like yours truly.

          • Caledwych

            I think you and I are in the same boat,QD.If nothing else,we acknowledge our need to be a little more scrappy and practical in the coming years.Without trying to get autobiographical,I feel my situation is a lot like many other white men—-while we were scaling the educational/career ladder and becoming more “cultured”,we lost our “inner berserker” and got soft.Sad part for me is that before I went off to college back in the day I was a pretty hardcore dude—shooting,martial arts fighting.etc. I just recently started picking it all back up.
            The riffraff?The “white trash” that the leftists love to denigrate(and mea culpa,myself for a long time as well)?They may be lowbrow but they have skills.I may be considered “booksmart” and can ramble off historical dates and Jungian metaphysics,but my hillbilly neighbor down the road has probably never picked up a book in his life but can make ANY machine run and can feed the whole town with his 30.06 and fishing line…plus,he’s meaner than a rattlesnake when provoked.Jim Goad proclaimed—“embrace the redneck”. Myself,I’ve come to admire my neighbor a helluva lot more than nerdy bookworms like myself.

          • Here’s where my mind is running.

            Guys on bikes actually did something. Meanwhile, I’m here in our state’s capital being paid to lobby for a piece of legislation that I really don’t care about, watching our General Assembly try to overturn one vetoed bill after another, some they have some they haven’t, and whatever they wind up overriding and passing into law really won’t do us a damned bit of good.

            I used to have dreams, but they drowned in a spreadsheet.

          • Caledwych

            Have you had time to read the Post Disgrace?Some real doozies that are immersed in racial issues but the editors don’t present it that way,of course.
            Item 1—-teacher in the SLPS quits after 6 days citing “lack of mentoring and resources,etc.” Reading it real world AmRen style,we basically had some heretofore clueless liberal white chick working as a teacher’s aide in the middle class white Kirkwood district,transfers to an all-black kindergarten class in da hood,and realizes that these little animals are uncontrollable therefore unteachable.They give the usual excuses–“poor kids that weren’t able to obtain social skills due to lack of pre-school”but I garuantee that every white St. Lousian knew what really happened.
            Attention dim-witted “idealistic” white girl teacher!—-welcome to the real world…the one acknowledged at AmRen.

          • A black kindergartner in St. Louis City is more likely than a white KGer in Kirkwood and Ladue to have gone through headstart.

            And also, making racial excuses is what the P-D does. You should be used to that by now.

          • Talltrees

            I hope some of these bikers are around my neighborhood when our country collapses. They may be the only ones coming to our rescue.

          • me

            Hear, hear!

      • D.B. Cooper

        Yeah, yeah, I saw Born Losers too. I prefer the much better, more famous sequel.

        • AutomaticSlim

          The guy from Billy Jack?

          • D.B. Cooper

            That IS Billy Jack!! Billy Jack is a sequel to Born Losers.

          • AutomaticSlim

            Never heard of “Born Losers”.
            Agree on Mad Max and Road Warrior (a GREAT film).
            They both blow “Thunderdome” away.
            BTW, just looked up Tom Laughlin on google. He’s 82!

      • My best friend in federal prison was a bike gang member – “Bandito’s” with a patch, and he was a complete dear. We watched out for each other. My file says I taught him to read, but it isn’t true; I merely brought him from a “Tip & Mitten” reading level to “Aviation Week & Space Technology”. He was a Bandito.

        One of the only people at the halfway house who tried bullying me was a Sons of Silence member. I didn’t dislike him, but his intimidation BS didn’t work on me, and after that, we were OK.

      • Evette Coutier

        None of those boys were outlaw bikers. They were all weekend warriors who work as doctors, lawyers, and accounts during the week, and go for rides to state parks on weekends.

        • Sick of it

          Don’t forget dentists.

      • OlderWoman

        It’s the black bikers who are thugs.

    • White Mom in WDC

      Bikers are truly American in the sense that they believe in freedom. Their whole life on the road and individualism while functioning within a cohesive group reflects what America was and could be if the race traitors and race hustlers would stop stirring the pot. They are people who just want to be left alone- how much more American can you get? Funny how they have always been painted as baddies, probably because they represent and embody rugged individualism.

      • CoweringCoward

        “Hells Angels” were started by returning WWII bomber crews, I always thought of bikers as patriots.

  • D.B. Cooper

    Over here in Houston, when that 63 year old shot and killed those burglarizing punks (both had long criminal records) next door, Black Panther leader Quanell X tried to hold a rally, but the bikers kept revving their engines, drowning out Quanell’s voice.
    On a positive note, everywhere I read about the Muslim rally, nearly all commenters approved of the bikers’ actions.

    • OlderWoman

      Great video. The blacks were intimidated and I love seeing blacks get their comeuppance.

  • Diversity Awareness Brigade

    This will be MSM spun as “Racist White Supremacist Biker Gangs Use Harsh Islamophobia to Undermine Muslim Free Speech in Nation’s Capitol.”

    Muslims will soon replace Gays as the new favorite victimized minority. Sorry blacks, you better all convert to Islam if you want any more sympathy and gibs me dat free handouts.

    • 1stworlder

      They already have replaced gays. Gay ambassador Stevens stopped drinking the kool aid a month before he died and asked for better security than the anti-gay, anti- white, pro- jihad muslim security he had to endure.

      • Romulus

        Stevens was gay???!!! Say it isn’t so!!! I retract any and all positive statements for him. May he eternally reside with ol’ split foot!!
        As I’ve posted before, the filth peddling tribe and sexual deviants will all attempt to move to the right as whites become the minority (the white ones anyway). I wouldn’t give a hill of beans if they all burned in the metaphorical lake of fire. The moral sewer that America has become can be traced almost completely to the left and it’s group agitators. Considering the damage Borne of the filth revolution, we don’t need them, IMO. That is one topic that I’m in complete agreement with the SUPER conservatives.

        • me

          When they live quietly and discreetly, when they quit being ‘leftist’ tyrants, when they don’t scream obscenities at the ‘breeders’, when they quit being nasty to straight people at work, when they keep their sexuality out of EVERY conversation, when they don’t promote PEDOPHILIA, when they stay out of public school ‘sex education’ of grade schoolers, when they don’t demand ‘special rights’ because of a sexual preference, if they stop screaming ‘discrimination’ falsely– like the Bantus, if they leave Christians alone, if they leave people alone that don’t agree with their ‘lifestyle’, if they quit having pornographic ‘parades’ on Main Street USA, if they quit shoving the LGBT agenda as THE most important issue in politics–while our country falls apart, if they quit promoting biracial coupling, if they quit pushing for unisex bathrooms, if they quit ‘effeminizing’ our military, if they quit having sex when infected with AIDS, and demanding that they be allowed to donate blood, HIV positive or not– THEN maybe they’d be welcome around me. They, as a whole, are very talented and bright, but very militant and disturbed. I won’t hold my breath.

          • I don’t think pedophilia is exclusively a gay phenomenon. My old house sitter molested both little boys and little girls. I doubt he found them physically appealing; judging by his other personality flaws, he probably liked them because they were as emotionally immature as he was. He was actually given a deferral after he pleaded guilty, so he kept his TSA passenger screener job for a whole additional year (all through 2005). He even screwed that up by being caught with drugs, guns and cash at a drug house in an October 2006 vice squad raid. Now he’s almost seven years into a three-to-life sentence. Politicized homosexuals have done everything they can to make us detest them, but I think blaming them exclusively for pedophilia is using too broad a brush.

          • me

            Well, I respectfully disagree with the pedophilia argument. I would sooner have my young children watched by a cat than a gay person.

          • I dislike most gays because they’re messed up in other ways, and being gay is only somewhat connected to their other emotional baggage. One gay dude I worked with was a secretary when I was working for Dr. Clark as a gadget-builder for his research group. He was a complete screw-up as far as organization went, and that’s the last thing one wants in a secretary. He was sick all the time, and nobody knew why. The reason was that he had HIV, and was the first person in Boulder to dive of related complications. He was bitten by a tick on Thursday, was very ill on Friday, and dead on Saturday. It wasn’t Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, but just tick fever. That doesn’t kill people, unless their autoimmune system has been destroyed.

            He was a nice enough sort, but a bit “off”. I wouldn’t trust someone like him to watch Ariadne, but not because I think he would molest or deliberately hurt her. I just think most of them are extremely irresponsible.

          • Romulus

            Thank you for that ME. You illustrated perfectly nearly every component that makes their agenda spectacular insanity. The evolutionary angle and the fact that embracing sexual deviancy has crashed every society that has exhibited it, only supports our position of opposition. ( Rhyme was coincidental)

    • Caledwych

      what about gay black muslims?Damn,they hit the jackpot…wait a second,the prescription for homosexuality in Islam is…..death.Oh,and it’s highly frowned upon in the black community(arguably the most “homophobic” in America).This might explain the “down low” syndrome in black America…..
      oh,never mind!!

  • sbuffalonative

    Does no one see the in-your-face symbolism of holding this event on 9-11?

    “…one cluster of riders drove by and revved their engines, disrupting the moment of silence for Sept. 11 victims”

    Was that moment of silence meant for the victims or to honor Muslim martyrs?

    • Martel

      If this was at the Muslim event I agree with the disruption, their moment of silence was disingenuous and purely for political reasons.

  • William Krapek

    I’m proud to be American today. We stood tall! Of course JUST LIKE IN EUROPE our leaders want us to shut the hell up.

    Screw them.

  • AutomaticSlim

    Of course. I agree.
    Once again, it was the Soccer Hooligan analogy that put me in mind of the gangs.

  • Spartacus

    “Speakers—among them author and Princeton University professor Cornel West—struck mainstream themes, calling for social justice for Muslims while promoting peace and condemning violence.”


    Reason # 4836486 to NOT send your kids to college .

    • A Freespeechzone

      The ONLY violence I am aware of comes from radical muslims and thug blacks who have been embolden by governments and self-loathing liberals.

      It’s refreshing to see Patriots taking a stand against this tyranny in a non-violent, yet strong enough to remind them intimidation & violence won’t stand without a response event.

      The ONLY thing thugs and radical muslims understand is STRENGTH and POWER; they saw that today–maybe they need to rethink their behavior towards the majority.

      No Apologies.

    • Bossman

      I did not watch any of that stuff, however this professor West holds a degree in the Christian faith. He’s just another hopelessly naive person.

      • Spartacus

        Well according to Google, he’s black, so it’s not so much a question of naivety as much as the typical idiocy one sees in groids .

        • Brian

          Cornell West is not stupid in the traditional sense. In fact he’s intelligent enough to fool a lot of whites who should know better, and he’s made quite a career for himself, making the right gestures and noises, but his purely academic credentials are thin on the ground.

          • Caledwych

            He also made a “rap” record a few years back…even a lot of the music “critics” said that it is rivaled only by Yoko Ono as being the most unlistenable in modern music history.Of course,he decried “racism”(shocker!!!)because a lot of the critics were white.

  • AutomaticSlim

    I was not commenting on the event in any way.
    As far as the event goes, I think it was great.

    I was merely replying to QD’s comment.

    • Can you believe that some commenters on some of our other favorite websites are trashing the bikers? And do you want to hazard a guess why? I’ll give you a hint: All roads lead to a word that starts with the letter J.

      • AutomaticSlim

        Would’t surprise me.

      • CourtneyfromAlabama

        Yep, and some of them are making an appearance on this website. Makes me sick. Heaven forbid we ever criticize Muslims for anything. These traitors among us are sick in the head.

  • Talltrees

    “thousands of bikers from around the country”

    DC police said over eight hundred thousand. Projected, over a million. God Bless and thanks to all the bikers who participated. They deserve our respect coming from all over the country to counter the muslim rally, take our country back, honor those who died on 911, and our troops.

    They are real Patriots.

  • LudwigvonDrake

    In our nation’s Capitol, home to the Supreme Court building where the four words EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW are carved in stone over the main entrance, it is fascinating to see leftist academy types used by their totalitarian kindred spirit Muslim brethren (and vice versa) to promote “mainstream themes” like “social justice”. Read that as promoting mainstream media themes like state-justice, the kind that sees members of certain identity groups as more equal than others, most especially than the hated European white man.

    The overwhelming numbers of the bikers vs. the puny turnout of demonstrators is an appropriate representation of the many millions of Americans who have HAD IT with these miserable SOBs and their whole stinking load of horse hockey.

  • Talltrees

    “which drew thousands of bikers”

    Police estimate over 800,000. Projected over a million.
    These White patriotic bikers deserve our utmost respect. Coming from all over the country to counter the muslim rally, take our country back, honor those who lost their lives on 911, and our military.

    This was coordinated in one month!

    They truly are Patriots. God Bless and thank you to every one of them.

  • Korean guy

    I am very happy to hear that. While I do want all tensions to be peacefully resolved, I have been raised by Christian parents and I am more devout than my own parents. However, I always see Christians who are more devout than me.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    DC Denies Permit To 9-11 Bikers But Approved Muslim March

    D.C. throws up roadblock for patriotic bikers

    http://www dot wnd dot com/2013/09/d-c-throws-up-roadblock-for-patriotic-bikers/?cat_orig=us

    It is an obscenity that Muzzies chose that day for their march.

    Hope those bikes were LOUD and sounded like a swarm of B-17s!!

    Let’s Roll!!

    Ride, Baby Ride!!


    Ride ON!!

    Wish I were there with the V-Star…


  • Boris McGuffin

    Someone should’ve rigged up a few dozen of those recreational remote controlled hover copters to fly over the muslims and spray them all with pigs blood.

    • Unfortunately, that would end up being prosecuted as “assault with medically infectious waste” with a nifty “hate” enhancement. You had me smiling, but that sort of case isn’t something a decent man needs.

  • Franklin_Ryckaert

    I’m afraid none of those 800,000 bikers really knows who did 9/11. They all still believe in the official conspiracy theory that “the Muslims” did it. Therefore they protested against “the Muslims”. This is a testimony of the stupidity of great parts of the American people : naive faith in the MSM and ever ready for aggression on instruction of the criminal government. Perfect zombie material!

    • Spartacus

      I agree that 9/11 was probably done by the usual suspects, but we shouldn’t rule out any possibility :

    • Martel

      These conspiracies mostly exist due to political correctness, luckily Islam is hardly mentioned as a culprit of 9/11, what is the last time the word Islam was uttered during an official 9/11 memorial service?

      Fortunately the masterminds of 9/11 where unable to convince the public Islam is anything other then a religion of peace.

      Got to be kidding me. I even had idiots telling me Mumbai, London, Madrid and basically all other 20.000+ attacks since 9/11 have been organized by the minuscule Mossad and Bush Jr.

      • Franklin_Ryckaert

        Mossad + CIA + MI6 = real “axis of evil”. Islamic terrorism is at most a local phenomenon, either to fight for freedom from foreign occupation or to install an Islamic republic. “International Islamic terrorism” doesn’t exist but is a fiction of above mentioned axis of evil. Al-Qa’ida was a creation of the CIA in Afghanistan. Since then they it has done a lot of jobs for the axis of evil. At present it is working to destroy Syria after having wrecked Libya. And yes all major “terrorist attacks” after 9/11 were false flags just like 9/11 itself. You can search the web for further info yourself. If you have an IQ above that of the average biker, you will understand. If not, report immediately to the nearest army recruiting office and enlist to “fight terrorism” for the axis of evil.

        • Martel

          You have been duped. Won’t try to save you, arguments can’t beat years of leftist indoctrination. The same left which claimed the Soviet Union was innocent and McCarthy was evil is pulling the same stunt again.

          The majority of 9/11 conspiracy nuts even believe Islam is a peaceful religion, victimized by the evil West. Which isn’t strange, the mainstream media basically supports all these false assumptions.

          “And yes all major “terrorist attacks” after 9/11 were false flags just like 9/11 itself”

          I’m sure we owe Abu Hamza, Abu Qatada and the countless other Imams involved with the London terrorists an apology. Nearly every month new terrorists plots are foiled in the UK alone, according to you, that doesn’t say anything about Islam, Mossad is just having a bad day.

          Thanks for informing me early on in the discussion, that you are insane. I hate it when mental issues pop up later on in the discussion.

          • Franklin_Ryckaert

            First of all I’m no leftist and no admirer of Islam, my judgements are not based on preferences but on facts. Assuming that you are a Briton go toThe Truth about London 7-7 Bombings for information, or watch on YouTube Ripple Effect 2. At least your suspicion should be raised if you know that a “security drill” was held at exact the same time and places where the bombs went off. The chance of that happening is : one on 715,592,613,265,750,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. Passengers on the trains saw no Muslims with backpacks. See for yourself and then judge whether I am really so “insane” as not to believe the MSM. Obviously you never heard about the concept of the “false flag”.

        • Talltrees

          “If you have an IQ above that of the average biker”
          To all the intelligentsia here on AmRen, snubbing our noses at Whites with lower IQ’s is prejudicial. We need them. As we play armchair critiques and do nothings, the bikers did something phenomenal.
          I might buy a bike and ride next year.
          By the way, engineers (NASA), nurses and other professionals rode their bikes to DC yesterday.

          • Franklin_Ryckaert

            And all those “intellectual” bikers still have not figured out what 9/11 really was and still blindly believe the lying MSM? What is the average IQ of bikers again?

          • Talltrees

            The bikers were there for several reasons.

            To make a statement to our government they are fed up, that their freedoms are taken away, want their country back, the Constitution upheld.

            To honor those who lost their lives on 9/11.

            To support our military.

            To counter the Muslim rally. (See last paragraph)

            As far as I know, who they thought was responsible for 9/11 was not made known. Probably, there are differing opinions.

            Many wanted to know who the bikers were. One biker answered:

            BIKERS, WHO ARE THEY?

            “We are Policeman, Fire Fighters, Veterans, Soldiers and Civilians.

            We have a common core value. God, Family, Country.

            We are as unique as the bikes we ride. Bikers will never pass up someone in need. We are the first to reach out our hand to help others. Be it toys for a child at Christmas, or a hand rebuilding a town after a disaster or to protect the privacy or a family laying a soldier to rest, we are there. We love our freedom and live life to its fullest as God intended. If you’re going to put a label on us, let it be American Patriot.”

            Not everyone searches the internet for who caused 9/11. Why would they? What would cause them to be suspicious? Muslims were flying the planes. Osama bin Laden admitted to it on a video made public. Was he lying? I don’t know. Did Isaelis do it? Our government? Again, I don’t know. Both sides are rather convincing. I keep an open mind.

            Regardless of whether Muslims were responsible or not, Islam is a threat to our country. They were brazen to protest THEIR FREEDOM on such an important day to all of us.

          • Franklin_Ryckaert

            That “confession” tape of Bin Laden was clearly a fake. Conveniently found “by coincidence” in an empty house in Afghanistan by American troops, the man on that tape has a darker skin, broader nose and shorter face than the real Bin Laden, and he eats and writes with his right hand while Bin Laden was lefthanded. Bin Laden denied any involvement with 9/11 in an interview with an Islamic paper. For further info, see YouYube : The Bin Laden Confession Tape, and : Ascertain the truth : New Bin Laden “Confession” Tape : fake like the rest? The Muslim pilot who allegedly flew that big plane with an impossible maneuver into the Pentagon couldn’t even fly a Cessna.

          • Talltrees

            Will view the YouTube videos you suggest.

            Even if it wasn’t Muslims who did it, we still need to honor those who died on 9/11. And, we need Muslims out of our country.

          • Franklin_Ryckaert

            “Ascertain the truth” is not a YouTube video but a website. For the rest I agree with what you say. Good luck.

          • Talltrees

            Here is something written by another biker who was in DC everyone here will find intersting. Sorry about all caps. It’s the way he typed it.



            TODAY WE COME TO YOU
            ONLY in PEACE
            to HONOR 9/11/2001
            to REMEMBER THE VICTIM
            to RESPECT THE HEROES
            to PAY TRIBUTE to the DEAD
            to VIEW THE MEMORIALS
            to PLEASANTLY RIDE

            TODAY WE DO NOT COME
            to argue with any
            to fight, against any
            to protest any lawful assembly
            to prohibit HUMAN RIGHTS
            to violate any of your laws

            WE COME …THIS DAY…
            TOTALLY IN PEACE

            So that YOU know we will come again, MANY STRONG

            With a second wave – and, a third – many more – the roars never been heard by ANY before.

            THAT DAY – FEAR US

            We will bring ALL THE PEOPLE
            WHO FILL HER LABOR
            HER HARBORS
            HER FACTORIES
            HER COLLEGES
            AND TRED HER LANDS

            AS OUR WEAPONS
            AND OUR MIGHT
            AGAINST YOU!

            AND THEY WILL COME
            THEY WILL STAND
            THEY WILL SHOUT
            YOUR walls of indifference,
            WILL CRACK and CRUMBLE

            THEY WILL JOIN US
            THEY WILL VOTE
            you will be THROWN OUT
            LIKE the GARBAGE you have become to those who trusted
            from your IVORY PALACES
            SOLE DUTY TO US

            FEAR US NOT TODAY

            FEAR OUR RETURN

            WE ARE THE PEOPLE
            BILL BROWN

      • CourtneyfromAlabama

        What? Why do we care if Muslims are treated unfairly? Some of these posts are making me sick. Religion of peace? Ever read history? Whether Muslims were behind 911 or not, they aren’t our friends.

        • Martel

          No problem, I should have been more clear. I despise Islam with every fibre of my being. Unlike Jews, they also pose a irreversible demographic threat and they seem to be unable to stop raping European women.

    • CourtneyfromAlabama

      Who cares? If the bikers were rallying against Mormons or Catholics, I could understand posts like this. What are Muslims doing having protests and demonstrations in OUR capital, regardless of who was behind 911? That aside, I have watched most of the Truther videos and I find them very hard to believe. Sure, maybe we knew about it in advance, and I also agree that it was due to our policies over there that this was provoked. But people lose me when they start denying that Muslims hijacked airplanes. There is simply no evidence for that. Tired of all the Muslim sympathizers in this movement.

      • kjh64

        “”and I also agree that it was due to our policies over there that this was provoked. ”

        I don’t. Muslims cause problems and acts of terrorism wherever they exist in large numbers in just about any country. Muslim radicals hate and want to subjugate those whom they consider the “infidel” and attack them just like the Koran says. Their ultimate goal is to wage war on the infidel and have the world under Islamic control. Of course the apologists for Muslims will wrongly blame “US policy”. Well, every nation has policies and every nation has others that disagree with their policies. I don’t expect or care if Muslim radicals don’t like or agree with our policies over there, I don’t agree with theirs over here either. You can’t base your policies on what a terrorist approves of. I too hate Muslim sympathizers.

        • Martel

          Its disturbing how many apologists for Islam you find amongst white nationalists. Islam is the problem, it always has been. From the 7th century onwards, they have tried to destroy our freedoms, and from then until now, there have always been whites siding with this enemy.

          • Disturbing, yes. Inexplicable, no.

            You see, we shouldn’t hate Muslims, because the Jews are stirring us up into a fit of rage and hate against Muslims, and in essence giving us permission to hate Muslims when they won’t give us permission to hate blacks or Hispanics or Jews.

            Except “The Jews” (read: ADL, etc.) have not “given us permission” to “hate Muslims.” Go to the ADL’s website and do the search term “Islamophobia.”

          • Martel

            There is no one stirring up hatred against Muslims but Islam itself. The Muslim lobby is much stronger then the Jewish lobby these days, despite the fact that Jews own the vast majority of the media, you will rarely see any positive message regarding to Isreal. I have personally never seen one such message in the mainstream media.In Europe most media is exceptionally biased against Israel, politicians are active against Israeli interests(even banning Israeli mayors)and those opposing Islam are persecuted. I have encountered countless positive messages about Islam and the “freedom fighters” in the Arab invaded parts of Israel. There is not one university where pro-Israel supporters are not met with extreme hostility, that is simply the case. People who are aware that jewish power exists, often make the mistake of perceiving them all powerful(those days are long gone). Thanks to cultural marxism, we now live in a world where multiple ethnicities vie for power which we are so willing to give away.

        • Franklin_Ryckaert

          Good, the evil Muslims want to “conquer the world” but the US has only a “foreign policy”. Pray tell me why the US has military bases all over the world and is constantly engaged in wars and interventions all over the world. Only a “foreign policy” or Empire Building?

          • For our commerce, which involves importing oil and selling wheat, soybeans, corn, beef, motor vehicles, airplanes and such. The business of America is business.

      • Franklin_Ryckaert

        If those Muslims are legal immigrants then Washington is also THEIR capital, and they have the right to demonstrate there. The official 9/11 conspiracy theory if full of physical impossibilities and improbabilities. Most people don’t believe things based on facts but based on their overall world view, if a theory doesn’t fit into their world view then they will reject it, no matter how many hard facts are presented. Can you accept the fact that your government is full of criminals ready to kill their own citizens yes or no?

        • Martel

          Its not their capital, and it never will be. Statements by some of the most established muslim leaders in the USA alone clarify that are hostile towards the USA and its constitutional rights, no different then in Europe or any other place this infection exists.

  • Rex

    I applaud this huge demonstration by our proud Bikers against the Muslim infiltrators of our Christian society. None of those Muslims belongs here. Our founding fathers never would have allowed immigration of such sub-animals into our Great European Built Christian Country.

    • Franklin_Ryckaert

      I think none of those Muslims came as “infiltrators” but simply as legal immigrants. There is however a demographic that has “infiltrated” all seats of power in the US and it is they who have among other things made possible Muslim immigration. Have you already figured out who those REAL infiltrators are?

      • Guest

        Wow, your true colors keep coming out. Not only are you part of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” mentality, but you also seem to support non-European immigration to Western countries. What are you about exactly?

        • Martel

          Re: what I said earlier. You find too many islam-apologists amongst white nationalists. These tend to be national-socialists, who just like Adolf Hitler and other top nazis, have some sick admiration for this enemy of the European people.

          I even had a “white nationalist” laughing at me once when I told him about how many girls and women are raped and harassed by Muslims over here.

        • Franklin_Ryckaert

          I don’t support non-European immigration into Western countries at all, I only say that the whole socalled “Global War On Terror” is based on fraud and false flags. Whether Muslim extremism exists or not, that doesn’t make them automatically guilty of every false flag Mossad-CIA-MI6 commits. You don’t think in facts, you think in preferences, like the majority.

          • Martel

            And in what “preferences” do they think?

      • CourtneyfromAlabama

        What is wrong with what Rex just said? What are Muslims doing having demonstrations at our capital? We could also make the argument that it is not the fault of Mexicans that they immigrate here, but that doesn’t mean we excuse their animalistic behavior in OUR country.

        • OlderWoman

          Muslims are playing the victim card, just like blacks do.

        • Franklin_Ryckaert

          Demonstrating by Muslims is “animalistic behavior”?

    • Bossman

      Yeah, the Founders were a special breed of men. Being very smart and well-read, they had nothing but a benign contempt for all religions.

      • Martel

        The Founding Fathers clearly didn’t have contempt for Christianity, that is leftist mythology.

  • jackryanvb

    White bikers are great. I am one. Get to know local White biker clubs in your area -“implicit White nationalists”.

    Get to know them personally, employ tem, do business with them. With some of the rough things, illegal things they do, tweak them a bit, but not too much. Resisting BRA is all but illegal, we aren’t going to fight a revolution with choir boys who’ve never smoked, drank or told a cop to #%^€ off.

  • WASP

    Motto of the Muslim Brotherhood: Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. Qur’an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.
    The war to save White western civilization and the White race has only begun.

    • Franklin_Ryckaert

      You are like a stupid bull fighting the red rag of the matador. Have you not yet figured out who the matador is?

      • CourtneyfromAlabama

        What is wrong with him saying something negative about Islam? Are we allowed to do that, or are we supposed to act like there is nothing wrong with Muslims only because their enemy is our enemy also?

        • Franklin_Ryckaert

          You may say anything negative about Islam you like, and I would probably agree with most of it, but again, if you don’t like Muslim immigrants in your country, ask yourself WHO were behind the change in immigration policy in 1965?

      • WASP

        I know our government is full of traitors intent on a NWO with them at the top, but muslims are not our friends and I don’t want them or their mosques here.

      • OlderWoman

        Sooner or later you’ve got to face the fact that Islam is a devilish, murderous ideology and that there is no such thing as a peace-loving Muslim. Their holy book, the koran, is an ugly book.

        • It’s worse than that. Unlike many, I have actually read the Koran. If that foulness was the truth, I would rather go to Hell.

        • Franklin_Ryckaert

          Have you read the Old Testament also?

  • CourtneyfromAlabama

    Yes, and the sad thing is that we have some among us on this website who would probably be standing with the Muslims instead of the bikers. They are part of the “enemy of my enemy is my friend” disciples.


    I’ll take the HAMC over the NFL any day, less criminal activity

  • Caledwych

    A lot of the gay men I know practically quote from AmRen!For the PC-left gays,ask them if they would rather be in this “Intolerant,homophobic”western society or under sharia law.
    I notice that a lot of white GLs also tend to avoid black communities as well…could be my imagination though.

  • kjh64

    This is true. There are many decent people who are into biking and are rugged individualists. The outlaw motorcycle gangs on the other hand are criminals.

  • Franklin_Ryckaert

    At that time cell phone calls from an airplane to the ground were technically impossible. All those calls were faked by voice morphing. Obviously you only know the official (totally ridiculous) conspiracy theory from the MSM, which you still trust. I can recommend the site How 9/11 was done. There is also a chapter on voice morphing. Take the trouble to read that before you judge.

  • For every decent, well-behaved gay, there are probably many more like the one who shrieked at my wife and me the last time we were in downtown Denver to shop at the Pacific Mercantile. I don’t go beating up gays; I leave them alone, but all I had to do was look at the creep to set him off. The only thing that registered about him at first was that he was stationary, and not on his way somewhere. I have the situational awareness of someone who’s been shot at, so when something doesn’t fit, I’m aware.

  • Talltrees

    As far as I am concerned, Hell’s Angels, who were present in DC, were supporting the cause. All behaved in a professional patriotic manner. They were there. Were you?

    A few baddies ruin the reputation for all groups.

  • Talltrees

    Most did have very nice, expensive looking bikes.

  • Talltrees

    Hell’s Angels were there.

  • benvad

    Wish the rode their bikes over the muslims.

  • Franklin_Ryckaert

    About your “heroes” on that plane, Google : “Hello Mom, this is Mark Binhgham..” Nuff said.

    • Franklin_Ryckaert

      Correction : should be Bingham.

  • I didn’t like the way he addressed my wife and me. We didn’t harm that twink. He was out of line.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    The bikers that were at this rally were probably one of the Christian biker groups that have chapters all around the country. The only problem I have with them and this story is that holding up a sign that says, “One nation under God,” is basically trading one wish for theocracy for another. Up to the 20th century and beyond, Christians killed Christians over inter-religious strife or the continuance of Christian civil wars as in Northern Ireland. That slogan was added in 1954 during the infamous and ill-directed McCarthy driven Red Scare. Posters here know that I am anti-communist, but I don’t and wouldn’t want to live in a dictatorial theocracy, either. When Muslims and Christians face off, I feel like I’m being dragged into a medieval contest between equally ignorant parties.

    The Founding Fathers intended that Americans would have freedom of conscious, not membership in a ever-warring theocracy. (Founding Faith, Steven Waldman)

    • RoyBaty

      My friend, the Founders were mostly strong Christians as were most early Americans. There is a difference in between wanting One Nation Under God (as I do) and a theocracy. As for a Red Scare, I have a question for you: Was Alger Hist, Paul Robson, Frank Marshall Davis and others, members of the International Communist Party?