Posted on September 10, 2013

Mexican Smuggler’s Wild Ride: Dragged Passenger, Rammed Border Patrol, Crashed in Ditch

Brandon Darby, Breitbart, September 10, 2013

An illegal immigrant from Mexico has been sentenced to 98 months in federal U.S. prison for assaulting U.S. Border Patrol in the commission of other crimes — and his escape attempt is one for the books.

Jose Alberto Izquierdo-Gonzalez, who has previous convictions for smuggling immigrants in the U.S., was seen loading illegal immigrants into the bed of a truck near the U.S./Mexico border in Laredo, Texas. When the man saw Border Patrol agents, he then decided to abandon all regard.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s office, the man “sped away from the riverbanks with aliens in the cab and some in the bed of the truck. One alien who hung onto the truck’s rear bumper was dragged for some distance.” He did not stop there, according to official documents: “After a short pursuit through a residential area involving the truck traveling on residential sidewalks and knocking down a stop sign, he eventually lost control and stopped, facing the agents’ vehicles.”

Izquierdo-Gonzalez went even further, says the U.S. Attorney’s office: “With persons still in the bed of the pickup truck, Izquierdo rammed the BP vehicles, injuring one of the agents. He then sped away until he lost control again and crashed into a nearby ditch.”