Unusual Bone Tools Found at Neanderthal Site in Europe

Newsmax, August 12, 2013

Sophisticated leather-working tools found in a cave in France offer the first evidence that Neanderthals may have had more advanced bone tools than early modern humans, researchers said Monday.

The four fragments of hide-softening bone tools known as lissoirs, or smoothers, were found at two neighboring sites in southern France, according to the study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Radiocarbon dating shows that the tools are about 50,000 years old, said scientists.

That would make the bone tools the oldest known in Europe, having been made and used well before modern humans replaced the Neanderthals some 40,000 years ago, researchers said.


Perhaps the Neanderthals came up with the idea on their own, said lead author Shannon McPherron of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany.

“For now the bone tools from these two sites are one of the better pieces of evidence we have for Neanderthals developing on their own a technology previously associated only with modern humans,” he said.

Researchers cannot rule out the possibility that modern humans entered Europe earlier than thought and passed on this technology to Neanderthals.

Still, the artifacts were uncovered in places that show no evidence of any other cultures.

“If Neanderthals developed this type of bone tool on their own, it is possible that modern humans then acquired this technology from Neanderthals,” said co-author Marie Soressi of Leiden University in The Netherlands.

“Modern humans seem to have entered Europe with pointed bone tools only, and soon after started to make lissoirs. This is the first possible evidence for transmission from Neanderthals to our direct ancestors.”


The bone lissoir, shaped from deer ribs, is run back and forth against a hide to render it more supple, shiny and water-resistant.

In fact, the researchers said similar instruments are still being used by leather workers today.

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    • CoweringCoward

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      • din_do_nuffins

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        • Triarius

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          • Frans

            That’s the problem. Always blaming something else.

      • MarcB1969

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        There is actually quite a bit of evidence to back up that claim, but I do agree that the collective persecution complex of blacks shapes their entire world view.

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  • Skip Wellington

    Remember: All inventions are relative.
    One person’s “tool” is another bantu’s bone through the nostrils.

    • CoweringCoward

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  • How do we know these were “hide rubbing tools”? After 50,000 years, were there still hide fragments sticking to the bones? This is all hypothesis.

    • CoweringCoward

      I couldn’t agree more. Forensic anything is beginning to fill me with nothing but doubt. I watch a lot of crime shows and more often than not, I can in seconds come up with other explanations for “evidence” that’s claimed to “prove” someone’s guilt.

    • joesolargenius

      Many Anthropologist spend a lifetime searching for something that will declare them successful in their field , so when opportunity knocks , plus it keeps the grant money coming in. A bone is still a bone even by another name , only now it is a famous bone and by default so is the procurer.

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