Smart Enough to Know Better: Intelligence Is Not a Remedy for Racism

Science Daily, August 11, 2013

Smart people are just as racist as their less intelligent peers–they’re just better at concealing their prejudice, according to a University of Michigan study.

“High-ability whites are less likely to report prejudiced attitudes and more likely to say they support racial integration in principle,” said Geoffrey Wodtke, a doctoral candidate in sociology. “But they are no more likely than lower-ability whites to support open housing laws and are less likely to support school busing and affirmative action programs.”

Wodtke will present his findings at the 108th Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association. The National Science Foundation and the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, part of the National Institutes of Health, supported his research.

He analyzed data on the racial attitudes of more than 20,000 white respondents from the nationally representative General Social Survey. He examined how their cognitive ability, as measured by a widely used test of verbal intelligence, was linked with their attitudes about African-Americans, and about different policies designed to redress racial segregation and discrimination.


Among Wodtke’s findings:

–High-ability whites were more likely than low-ability whites to reject residential segregation and to support school integration in principle, and they were more likely to acknowledge racial discrimination in the workplace. But there were only trivial differences across cognitive ability levels in support for policies designed to realize racial equality in practice.

–In some cases, more intelligent whites were actually less likely to support remedial policies for racial inequality. For example, about 27 percent of the least intelligent whites supported school busing programs, compared with 23 percent of the most intelligent whites.

“The principle-policy paradox is much more pronounced among high-ability whites than among low-ability whites,” said Wodtke, who is also affiliated with the Population Studies Center at the U-M Institute for Social Research. “There’s a disconnect between the attitudes intelligent whites support in principle and their attitudes toward policies designed to realize racial equality in practice.

“Intelligent whites give more enlightened responses than less intelligent whites to questions about their attitudes, but their responses to questions about actual policies aimed at redressing racial discrimination are far less enlightened. For example, although nearly all whites with advanced cognitive abilities say that ‘whites have no right to segregate their neighborhoods,’ nearly half of this group remains content to allow prejudicial real estate practices to continue unencumbered by open housing laws.”

According to Wodtke, the broader implication of this study is that racism and prejudice don’t simply come about as a result of low mental capacities or deficiencies in socialization. Rather, they result from the need of dominant groups to legitimize and protect their privileged social position within an intergroup conflict over resources.


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  • Chris

    Mr. Wodtke is a low ability white.

    • NorthernWind

      Judging by how poor his paper is, I’d have to agree! The fact that riffraff like him are doctoral candidates is evidence of how low the stardards of modern sociology are. All you need to do is babble about “social justice” and attack White people and you’re half way to a doctorate. Pfft.

    • Romulus

      Is he a low ability white “tribe” member. If so, that would explain his anti-white bias.

      • Sick of it

        Seems to be a common tribe name.

    • dukem1

      Sounds to me like one of those studies that overstate the obvious.
      Sure these folks wish things were better .
      But they’re smart, so they know better.

      • sbuffalonative

        I know how violent and dangerous blacks can be so I do everything I can to avoid them.

        Blacks, on the other hand, say whites are the ones who are violent and dangerous but they do everything to be around whites.

        Which one of us is more intellectually honest?

        One of the fundamental differences between liberals and conservatives is that liberals either don’t see reality as it is or they believe reality can be changed.

        Black failure is universal. Whether it’s a neighborhood in American or a nation anywhere in the world. Just think of Haiti, Zimbabwe, Detroit, St. Louis.

        An intelligent person can see the common patterns (just like IQ measures the ability to reason and see patterns).

        An intelligent ‘progressive’ liberal denies reality and substitutes it with theories.

        There is reality and there are theories.

        A truly smart person knows the difference and knows what can be changed and what can’t.

    • Here’s your boy right here. Email him, as they say at Vdare: [email protected]

      About him: My research is in the areas of neighborhood effects and urban poverty, group conflict and racial attitudes, class structure and income inequality, and methods of causal inference in observational research. My dissertation examines the link between class structure, defined in terms of property and authority relations in production, and growing aggregate income inequality in America since the early 1980s. I’m also currently working on several projects dealing with the impact of neighborhood poverty on child development and the association between education, cognitive ability, and racial attitudes.

      Does he think they’re going to hire a WHITE guy with those views? His dream job has already been set aside for one of his minority classmates.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        It’s all so sunk in ideology. One faulty assumption based on another based on another until we get to the base flawed assumption upon which the rest of the structure is built…

        We are all created equal.

        Maybe this traitor is an oil driller?

      • Steven Bannister

        Look on the bright side everyone – Wodtke’s OWN STUDY concludes that he’s a white racist!

        • Erasmus

          We’ll probably read his obit within the next ten years: Killed while trying to befriend a pack of youfs in Detroit or Chicongo.

      • Nathanwartooth

        Nice job. I made sure to send him an email explaining how he wasted his life on false premises.

    • Erasmus

      He’s a sociology major. Yes, he’s a low-ability white.

  • Puggg

    “Dumb” whites tell the truth. “Smart” whites lie but then work in disparate impact sort of escape hatches for themselves.

  • dulouz

    Sociology is the department you go to when you can’t do hard math.

    • dukem1

      I always thought it was something to do with the statistics left over from the really hard stuff.

  • John R

    So, more intelligent White people are just as “racist” against blacks as the less intelligent ones, but are just more careful in how they express it? Uhhh….do I even NEED to comment on this??????? (Actually, I think I just did….I was just more ‘careful in how I expressed it’ like an intelligent White person should be!)

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    “…racism and prejudice don’t simply come about as a result of low mental
    capacities or deficiencies in socialization. Rather, they result from
    the need of dominant groups to legitimize and protect their privileged
    social position within an intergroup conflict over resources.”

    And from the need of non-dominant groups to dispossess the dominant group so as to raise their own social positions in the intergroup competition for scarce resources. That’s what “immigration reform” is all about for the National Council of La Raza and allied ethnocentric groups.

    • Romulus

      Racism itself is a consequences of race itself. Nothing more. Blacks are every but as racist as whites.

      • Sick of it

        Much more so, on average.

      • ShermanTMcCoy

        Not that there is anything wrong with that.

      • sbuffalonative

        Blacks and their ‘progressive’ liberal apologists have co-opted the idea that white racism is an irrational and unjustified fear while black racism is justified by the historic treatment of blacks by whites.

        That’s the argument we face and need to counter.

        Unfortunately, when we point out black crime statistics to justify our racial beliefs, our facts are deemed racism.

    • Anonymous White

      “Deficiencies in socialization”? I guess these anti-Whites are paranoid that we’re not all getting enough indoctrination.

  • How about patting down 2000 males entering office buildings in Manhattan on a daily basis? Would they object if they knew it was being done to remove disparity yet protect them? I know that all exchanges have officers present. NYSE might go for this, NYMEX I doubt would – I am told half the oil traders carry guns.

    But if you think about it, many whites are stop and frisked anyway when they go into certain high profile buildings. Metal detectors, bags through x-ray machines, usually with a off duty cop over-seeing. Get creative NYPD, write those up as stops.

  • bigone4u

    Note that the scholar’s definition of “racist” includes opposition to school busing, forced integration, and other social engineering. He predefines common sense and self-interest as racist. Smart people can see through your trickery pal. Take your “study” and …

    • din_do_nuffins

      School busing and affirmative action are more sacred to anti racists than the bread and wine are to true Christians.

      • Romulus

        There is an enemy newspaper published near me called the Philip. Tribune. In last Fridays edition there was an article that demonstrates that forced busing has begun already. Nearly 475 students being forced on whites.

        • Erasmus

          I finally had it with a low IQ white, (a female whigger), I’ve been trying to help learn algebra when she complained how Asians are so much smarter because Amercan school systems have always been so bad. I’m 10 years older and pointedly responded that, no, once upon a time there were many very good American schools and that bussing destroyed them.

          I see a new market growing for good private teachers who can contract out to parents of home-schoolers.

          • Romulus

            I beginning to wonder about intelligence claims nowadays. As a consequences of the educational curricula,PC garbage, and media, I feel hard pressed to find any signs of intelligent life in our youth of today. Often im completely frustrated talking with the general public at large. Excepting amrenners, close friends and and patriots, the % overall really needs to come up. It’s going to be a long battle. It could also be, that in my niche of America, that im only running into the zombies.(metaphorically speaking)

    • exLibtard

      That’s the power of the concept of “racism”. It’s something that all “right”-thinking people are violently opposed to. Define “racism” the right way, and it becomes impossible for your opponent to openly defy you: “You’re only opposed to our social engineer…, uh, our program for equality because you’re racist!”

      • BonusGift

        This is a common psychological method/trick used by con men and shysters of all stripes: First begin by focusing on what you want the person to do (e.g., buy a certain ‘lemon’ used car, forced school busing, buying an overpriced mortgage, etc.). Second try to flatter but if that doesn’t work insult, name call,threaten, etc. the target (e.g., call them ‘racist’, stupid, gutless, etc.) and/or shame them into doing what you want them to do (I.e., make them feel the outsider if they do not) do what you want. Third and finally close the deal by assuring them that “‘everybody’ is doing it” (or everyone wants to do it, etc.) and if you don’t you are ‘racist’, crazy, fill in the blank … If that doesn’t work throw them in jail and take away any vestige of rights that they might still have. Of course, the tribe has a tried and true solution if all else fails (and even if it doesn’t) kill them for being a ‘racist’ (Trotsky’s term BTW), counter evolutionary, Kulak, wrecker, etc. etcetera …

      • Erasmus

        Thats’ why the Kenyan’s insinuating his skinny butt into trying to railroad George Zimmerman is such a gift. That entire episode shows how racist the left now is. Obama, Al $harpton, Je$$e Jackson, Eric Holder and now even Oprah Winfrey, racists all.

        What else do you call someone who sides with the violent thug because you share the same skin color over the intended victim because you don’t? Their racism was exposed in ways to a degree not even their most ardent supporters can now deny.

        • exLibtard

          That is the positive thing to take away from these racial incidents that become national stories – it motivates the blacks and liberals to show their true colors (pun intended).

    • ncpride

      Don’t forget ‘racist’ also includes not actively fighting our mythical ‘White Privilege’ to put every race before our own interests in order to destroy ourselves.

    • Enar_Larsson

      Oh, don’t you watch or listen to the news? Republican and racist both begin with “r”.

  • din_do_nuffins

    In other words, Racism is when the White community tries to keep what little hasn’t yet been stolen form them yet.

    Since Racism is the Greatest Evil in the History of the Universe, and since Whites are really good at hiding it, we must “do more” to eradicate Racism by eradicating White privilege, and do so before they start all their Racist Rants about Eve Carson, Channon Christian and Brittny Watts.

    White self-defense will not be tolerated.

    • Erasmus

      Don’t forget Autumn Pasquale, and what was the name of that little 1-1/2 year old white baby shot at point blank range by those two youfs in Georgia?

      • Spartacus

        Ever heard of Genelle Conway-Allen ?

        • newscomments70

          I hope you email this to that worthless, sissy liberal who wrote the posted article.

          • Spartacus

            Where can I get his e-mail address ?

          • newscomments70

            According to DB cooper’s post: [email protected]

          • Spartacus

            Gonna mail him a link to this site, I suggest you do the same :


          • newscomments70

            Did you receive a response from him?

          • Spartacus

            Of course I didn’t . Such an “esteemed” scholar cannot possibly exchange words with an evilnaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews like me . It would be beneath him…

          • newscomments70

            I tried offering another suggestion, but I was moderated. Is there any way I could email you?

          • Spartacus

            I got your message , Tim Wise on Amazon. Don’t think you can communicate directly via Disqus .

  • Skip Wellington

    My degrees in Diversity & Ethnic studies place me quite high above the fray.

  • dulouz

    This looks like a boot lick peace to get favor for some kind of DC job.

    • ShermanTMcCoy

      Well then, he should just offer to suck Barry’s **** and get it over with.

  • exLibtard

    The results aren’t surprising. The higher one’s IQ, the higher up on the socioeconomic ladder one occupies. There’s more to lose by failing to exhibit normative views on race. This is why, high IQ White liberals say they harbor no “prejudice” (postjudice, if we’re honest) against black people, yet they have no problem living in overwhelmingly White enclaves in otherwise racially diverse cities.

  • Mark Hillyard

    I had a little fun at my sister’s expense the other day on the phone. She was talking about getting taken by a person of Chinese extract, or something like that, I said, “Oh you mean a c—nk ripped you?” She stuttered and said, “You mean like your brothers wives?” (Two of my brothers married Chinese women) “Yeah, like them.”
    Any way everyone is so politically correct down there on the SF Bay Area. They all came up here to the mountains where I live and had a family reunion and you could cut the PC crap with a knife. I kept my big mouth shut for safety’s sake. I’ve been attempting to watch what comes out of my mouth because I was raised up to be polite, but not Politically Correct.

    • IstvanIN

      My daughter has grabbed me aside and warned me about things I might comment on inappropriately, although I am pretty good most of the time. I will usually just go outside with the kids, although PC situations are rare in my family.

    • dulouz

      I admire your patience.

    • Romulus

      I call BS on political correctness no matter where I am. I have one sister who wants to jump on the PC bandwagon. I won’t embarrass her in public, but I will rail at her in private.

      • ms_anthro

        I embarrass anti-Whites in public. We need to devise social consequences for this genocidal mania. Liberals hate shaming because it works.

  • Daniel Schmuhl

    A lot of higher IQ people go to college where they’re indoctrinated by liberal bullshit. The stuff i learned though didn’t do any lasting damage to me because I read lots of politically incorrect stuff in my own spare time.

    It is the case though that race realism is pretty common in very high IQ 130+ groups.
    Quite a large number of rationalists are race realists even if they dont publically admit it, i know this because I have friends that belong to sites like LessWrong and some libertarian forums groups.

  • Enar_Larsson

    So intelligence testing is cool again and actually does predict things like how much money you’ll make and where you’ll live?

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Actually, this study unwittingly lends credence to race realism, and it dispels the myth that “racists” are merely backwoods hicks and low-grade morons. After all, if even highly intelligent people can be “racist,” then perhaps there is something to this “racism” after all! Otherwise, how could highly intelligent people believe in it?

  • shawnmer

    It uses tests of ‘cognitive ability??’. Why are any REAL “scientists” reading any further into this ‘discredited’ tripe? This ‘pseudo-science?’. Everyone KNOWS these tests are meaningless and are only siezed upon by ‘racists!’

    Oh, it doesn’t work that way when we’re using it to attack whites rather than make factual observations about non-whites? Didn’t think so.

  • cecilhenry

    All this ‘racism’ means is that white people value their race and its survival.

    That requires protecting it and discriminating to promote your racial interests.

    These people imagine and hope that racism will be gone once white people are gone or no longer defend their racial interests (same thing as genocide).

    This ‘racism’ complaint just wants to destroy race.

    Remember, race has value, its should be respected…. so start demanding white people’s interests be respected.

    Anti-racist is just a codeword for anti-white.

  • Luca

    This study is “Racist” on its face, he only interviewed whites. I realize it would have been more difficult to find “high ability” blacks but he could have at least attempted.

    He started out on an expedition that was already a foregone conclusion in his mind, namely that all whites are racist but lets see if smart whites are more racist than dumb whites.

    The liberal onslaught continues unabated, in academia, politics, and the media.

  • Sick of it

    Smart people don’t like folks taking advantage of them apparently.

  • me

    Wodtke, that low-ability non-goy, has pulled this information out of his kosher butt. Who the hell believes any of this nonsensical propaganda anymore?

  • IKantunderstand

    So, what exactly is an “enlightened ” White? The five or six Whites who managed to squeek into each of the Ivies? You know, past the Jews, the Asians, the affirmative action Blacks and Browns. You remember White people don’t you? You know, the people who actually built and paid for the Ivies to begin with? Conceived and constructed them? Based them on the principles of White Western Civilization? (As a side note, do Whites get any credit at all for Western Civilization? I know you Marxist Red Sea Pedestrians like to rewrite history to be more “inclusive”, and by “inclusive” I mean fabricating bull sh$t crap about how the Chinese were behind Copernicus, I mean literally, they were standing in the room behind him, giving him all the ideas he required.) By the time the Red Sea Pedestrians get done with us, we won’t even be able to claim the expression “Western Civilization”; we won’t want to, because after they get done with us, “Western Civilization” will have become synonymous with “Anti-Humanity, Anti-Earth, Anti-Peace, Anti-Love, Anti-Civilization for all”. But, I digress. “Enlightened ” Whites, I believe, are those stupid limo liberals like Matt Damon, Nancy Pelosi, all the Kennedys blah, blah, who parrot the “correct, enlightened answers” but have no intention in hell of ever,ever, ever, allowing their children to go to school, or have any contact whatsoever with the Trayvon Martins of the world. So, we were right all along. The liberal limo dems, (sorry about being redundant), and the Red Sea Pedestrians aren’t being “racist”, oh, no, they are just “legitimizing and protecting their privileged social position”. Meanwhile, those of us who are middle class Whites aren’t worried about protecting our “privileged social position”, oh, hell no, we are worried about living in safe, clean communities with excellent safe schools. We worry about whether our Muslim next door neighbor is going to kill our dog. We worry about whether the Chinese neighbor on the other side is going to eat our dog. And, we worry whether the smell of curry from our across the street neighbor is going to permeate the wet clothes we hung up on the clothesline to dry so we can be more eco friendly, even though we are the only people in the neighborhood who puts out their recycling boxes. Wait, when can I expect my “White” privilege to kick in? Was I supposed to have filled out an application form?

  • Hal K

    This double-talk makes me sick. They are fine with discussion of IQ provided it is to bash whites.

  • humura

    Government agencies supported his research. Would they have supported it if he had come to different conclusions? He is playing the tune that his sponsors want to hear. The research is worthless.

  • KenelmDigby

    The incontrovertible FACTS with regard to criminality, IQ and other evidence gathered by such authorities as Prof. Rushton fly in the face of the nonsense Wodtke is trying peddle.
    Likewise Jensen, Lynn and Vanhanen also produce unchallengeable evidence regarding racial differences. Why doesn’t Wodtke try to challenge actual measured facts rather than throwing cheap slurs around?

    • ms_anthro

      Because his job is to promote The Narrative, nothing more. There is very little real academic study in academia anymore. Our schools have become nothing more than indoctrination centers and propaganda mills.

      • MBlanc46

        There’s a lot of interesting work being produced in academia. It’s just not the stuff that you see discussed in the popular media. And it’s almost never the work on gender and race.

  • Spartacus

    There’s no such thing as an intelligent person that isn’t a racist.

    • ShermanTMcCoy

      Again, short, succinct, and right on the money.

    • sbuffalonative

      A smart person sees reality. A dumb person either doesn’t see reality, denies, reality, makes excuses for reality, or comes up with a theory of reality.

      Imagine our evolutionary past. A smart person would recognize a bear as dangerous. A less than intelligent person wouldn’t have the smarts to be aware of and take appropriate measures to protect himself against danger. One dumb slip up and he’s removed his genes from the pool.

      Modern society shields too many people from the realities of danger all around them. Hence, we’re practicing dysgenics.

  • Dr.Wodtke needs to do a study on anti-Whitism and why people with apparently high intelligence use it to justify the disempowerment and destruction of their own race.

  • JohnEngelman

    “High-ability whites are less likely to report prejudiced attitudes and more likely to say they support racial integration in principle,” said Geoffrey Wodtke, a doctoral candidate in sociology. “But they are no more likely than lower-ability whites to support open housing laws and are less likely to support school busing and affirmative action programs.”

    – Science Daily, August 11, 2013

    That’s probably because they are so smart.

  • Ed_NY

    It’s the same old garbage the left has been spewing for years. Whites are racist. Even Whites who act like they are not racist are racist. The smarter Whites hide their racism better then Whites with a lower IQ. I guess the attacks on Whites will never stop, even if from other Whites.

    • Luca

      Cheer up, some new media articles will be coming out shortly such as: “Is there Racism After Death?”; “Is Your Unborn Child a Racist?”; Do You Have Obsessive Compulsive Racist Disorder?”; “Are Tornadoes Racist?”; Is There Racism on Other Planets?”, “How to Overcome and Get in Touch with Your Inner-Racist”; “I Was a Racist Spy” etc. etc. ad nauseum.

      It will never end so long as blacks can be so easily manipulated with taxpayers’ money. Race sells, just ask Al and Jesse. Racial politics pays huge dividends, just ask the Democratic party and telling the truth will only get you hammered with the insult that will condemn you for all time, just ask Paula Deen.

      Bottom line: Race is big business.

  • MBlanc46

    Hey, maybe it’s not prejudice. Maybe intelligent white people know what they’re talking about.

  • pablo

    Oh, here we go again with the superiority claim of the liberals.

    This article talks of who is “enlightened” meaning who agrees with our holier than thou special anointed lefty think and who does not.
    You will find this superiority claim in every liberal discussion when they are losing. The liberals will end the discussion with ” if you were more worldly” or ” you should open your eyes” or ” those who are enlightened” . Yes, all condescending, patronizing phrases. After all, the liberals are “enlightened”, they just stay lighted from a very long distance from their pet group.

    Notice how this writer sees opposing viewpoints as “attitude” rather than just someone who disagrees with liberal ways. This whole article is slanted in disparaging terms for those who disagrees with the author. Because only those who are flawed intellectually could possibly disagree with the holier than thou , keepers of all wisdom lefties.

  • MekongDelta69

    a doctoral candidate in sociology

    Hey – thanks for the warning.

    Next article…

  • Dunnyveg

    Science Daily is supposed to be–well–a science publication. But it is obvious that they place politics ahead of science. This proves that Political Correctness is to liberalism what Lysenkoism was to communism.

  • blindsticks

    These ‘least intelligent’ whites are probably still far practically wiser than the so-called middle class high ability whites. I rather think it’s about time we started researching the researchers.

  • newscomments70

    Well Bill O’Reilly explained to us yesterday that most blacks do not want to attack whites. It only happens in isolated situations. I feel better now.

    • Spartacus

      You mean they just can’t help themselves ?

  • NeanderthalDNA

    “According to Wodtke, the broader implication of this study is that racism and prejudice don’t simply come about as a result of low mental capacities or deficiencies in socialization. Rather, they result from the need of dominant groups to legitimize and protect their privileged social position within an intergroup conflict over resources.”
    Proof? Actually this study seems to indicate that “racism” is the result of higher intelligence. What does that indicate? That smarter Whites realize they are being systematically genocided? That seems the most obvious answer but in that the job of the liblefty apologist is to ever and always direct his sophism toward ideological inversion of reality…
    Yeah. Socialist science is all ate up with it.

  • Tacitus1

    Many self professed “intelligent ” kinds voted for Obama…just look at all the college professors. This only proves that intelligence cannot be determined by a sheet of paper.
    Being book smart gives none common sense.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Well, this is certainly the easy way to a Masters in Sociology…

  • jeffaral

    What sociology has to do with Sciences?