Racist Taunts at Obama Should Worry Us All

Matthew C. Whitaker, CNN, August 8, 2013

The political culture in Arizona, my home state, is often coarse, racialized and divisive. President Barack Obama’s visit there Tuesday gave the world another opportunity to see it. At times it seems as though the most bigoted individuals in America’s 48th state save their most raucous and prejudiced behavior for the 44th president.

The Arizona Republic reported that hundreds of dissenters chose to model their insulting and extremist behavior before some of Phoenix’s youngest residents. Assembled outside Desert Vista High School, they mocked Obama’s race, singing “Bye Bye Black Sheep” in spirited synchronization. One “patriot” went so far as to deprecate our commander in chief by pronouncing him “47 percent Negro,” while another, Deanne Bartram, held a sign that read, “Impeach the Half-White Muslim!”

Obama chose Desert Vista, home to some of Phoenix’s best and brightest students, to present his ideas for repairing America’s ailing mortgage finance apparatus. Some activists assembled to plead with the president to take more aggressive steps to combat climate change, such as renouncing the Keystone XL oil pipeline. Nevertheless, the overwhelming disposition of the angry horde was openly reminiscent of the Jim Crow South.

One of the most disturbing aspects of the anti-Obama protest was the inclination of some participants to fault the president for increased racial tensions. “We have gone back so many years,” Judy Burris told the Republic, insisting that Obama’s presence and policies have engendered a racist backlash. “He’s divided all the races. I hate him for that.”

This mind-bending perspective has become one of the leitmotifs of the racialized anti-Obama movement, which laments regressive race relations, but which attributes increased racial tensions in Obama’s “disruptive” and “exotic” presence, rather than their own racial stereotypes, hateful rhetoric and divisive behavior. {snip}


However, nearly five years into Obama’s presidency, the politics of hope, optimism and racial equality that his campaign and election inspired have bumped into a new political reality marked by economic challenges, political acrimony and disillusionment. The resulting political backlash has triggered rancorous and racially charged clashes.


As brazen as those in the Desert Vista crowd were, they are merely the most belligerent and public face of a legion of racist anti-Obama persons. These more discreet individuals are smart enough to cloak their racialized opposition in obstructionist maneuvering and public policy that does more damage to the lives of people of color than prejudiced banter. Still, the Desert Vista protest should give everyone pause and put us on high alert. The racist rhetoric heard there reflects inner beliefs and fears that have tremendous potential to do great harm.

Arizona leaders would be remiss in dismissing it as “fringe.” As civil rights activist Pauli Murray once cautioned, “Racism is like a deadly snake coiled and ready to strike, and one only avoids its dangers by never-ending watchfulness.”

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  • Puggg

    Arizona needs to beef up SB 1070 a bit, if they let goofballs like “Matthew Whittaker” in.

  • sbuffalonative

    Have they identified the culprits and proven they not provocateurs?

    Google: “Crash the Tea Party” to see how these people operate.

    I also found this post on Democratic Underground com:

    Help Me Crash the Tea Party

    • Puggg

      Is that the same one you posted about on the James Edwards blog today? That fool says that he has gotten disgruntled with “social conservatives,” which implies that he, as a “progressive,” somehow ever liked them. He says he also relies on ObamaCare, and ObamaCare hasn’t even started yet!

    • me

      It’s Marxist tactics all the way….

  • So CAL Snowman

    A million bucks says that these were agent provocateurs similar to the ones found at the Occupy Wall Street Protests and the G8 summit.

    • White Mom in WDC

      Yep. As a true racist and race realist, I wouldn’t be yelling things like ‘he 47% black’ or ‘impeach the half white Muslim’. Those phrases seem rather dry and manufactured to me. I’d probably be yelling more vibrant things like ‘impeach King Turd’.

      Not very good plants. No authenticity. They obviously have no clue about their enemy.

      • Wethepeople

        To point, how does one become ‘47%’ of a race, doesn’t it go 50, 25, 12.5, 6.25 etc? Not only do they have no clue about us, they have no clue about basic arithmetic. Gotta be Marxists.

  • Extropico

    Whites are being hunted down and minoritized, town by town, enduring a unilateral flow of immigrants to which Africa, Asia and Israel are not being subjected. They are the victims of interracial crime, particularly interracial rape, in a highly disproportionate manner. That is the salient racism that should have a real Westerner worried.

    • DocLawyer

      You are incorrect, in part, sir. Israel is being inundated with muslims and urged by every nation on earth to turn over more and more of its tiny country to muslim maniacs. I am sure you would love to see little Israel destroyed in order to fulfill the aims of your suicidal austrian “leader” (you know who!).


      But that doesn’t count as having any racial significance, you see, for your victimization to matter you have to be black, or Hispanic, or Arab, or Native Ameri,,, ugh, n, no, you know what, you just have to be something other than white. And if you’re wondering, there’s apparently nothing racist about that at all.

  • Know your freaking enemy, boys and girls. This is whowrote this article, and I don’t seen any type of counter argument from our so-called leaders

    If you know someone who attends Arizona State University, then here is a list of some classes taught by this Affirmative action minority quota hire who would lose a debate against me, a holder of a lowly B.S.

    Professor Matthew C. Whitaker’s undergraduate and graduate courses include:
    HST 110: U.S. History Since 1865
    HST 204: The Vietnam Experience (Learning Community/Team Taught)
    HST 300: Urban Rebellion
    HST 306/AAAS 394: The Civil Rights Movement
    HST 333/AAAS 363: African American History to 1865
    HST 334/AAAS 364: African American History Since 1865
    HST 498: Playing for Keeps: Sports, Inequality and the “American Dream”
    HST 598: African Americans and Indians in the Southwest (with Peter Iverson)
    HST 598: Privilege, Power and Protest in the 20th Century U.S.
    HST 598: Race, Nation and Ethnicity in American History
    HST 598: Modern Black America
    HST 598: Black Men in Modern America.

    • The last 5 courses all have the same course number?

      HST 300: Urban Rebellion aka “Burning Down Our Neighborhood”
      HST 333/AAAS 363: African American History to 1865 aka “We Was Slaves”.

      • There might be a number missing to abbreviate them. At my college, all of the classes were four digits. The first number indicated the minimum year you could take the class (1-5), the second number indicated how many credits you would earn in that class, and the final two identified the class itself.

      • Buck Roeser

        Many courses, especially upper division and graduate courses, alternate “topics” each semester. I had an AA “professor” who always taught the african american lit course (go figure). So, she taught English 780 pretty much every semester, but if you checked the catalog there would be four or five different course descriptions for the same numbered course.

    • tech

      Thanks for that info, I borrowed it!

    • baldowl

      Thank you for using the word enemy. We should all be using it, considering what’s at stake.



    • Caucasoid88

      I thought his writing sounded a bit … black.

      • Viking_61

        I smelled the same stench real quick. You could tell this retarded sob story came from an 85-IQ overgrown child who managed to pass high school English.

    • Lagerstrom

      Sheesh! No wonder he’s smiling; he’s making a ‘living’ by doing nothing! This man is livin’ the dream. Now all of you real people; get back to work, the gub’mnnt needs your tax dollars.

    • me

      Affirmative Action, self-pitying Bantu. Yuk.

    • Yale2001

      Thanks for the research. This is indoctrination at it’s finest. My college degree included physics, chemistry, physical chemistry, statistics, immunology, etc…. I guess this is what the new “college educated” means.

  • This professor is so clueless, that he probably does not even grasp that nearly all of those “bigoted individuals” are good friends of the infamous Renee Vaughan. I would say that these liberal democrats pretending to be Amren readers are the ones who defaced the Jackie Robinson statue, but I think a black did that.

    Remember her?

    • Yes, I do. She was a leftist plant. And that’s the problem.

      The problem is that none of the legitimate protesters there agreed with her. The problem is that none of them thought to come with a sign like that. Lamer cons would rather die a death of a million knife cuts than be thought of as “racist” much less embrace racism.

    • me

      What an ugly, ugly beeotch.

  • Rhialto

    This Black prof defends his race’s interests; give him credit for that much. Contrast this with Whites in positions of power, who do nothing (Conservatives), or attack other Whites (Liberals) for trying to defend themselves .

    • BonusGift

      Hardly to be admired as he profits and is rewarded in other ways for his support of white genocide. As for whites who support their genocide, yes they are to be despised.

  • Shorter Matthew Whittaker: “Look, someone disagrees with GOD (aka Barack Obama)! Let’s necklace him or turn him into missionary stew.”

    • Puggg

      I notice that someone keeps vandalizing God’s Wikipedia page by adding “(born Barack Hussein Obama II, August 4, 1961, Nairobi, Kenya).” Is that you?

  • Spartacus

    “Racism is like a deadly snake coiled and ready to strike, and one only avoids its dangers by never-ending watchfulness.”



    • Lagerstrom

      Looking at a snake won’t stop it from striking!

      • Spartacus

        Well said .

    • me

      I think they’re talking about the feral Bantu…

  • Allan477

    If I call Obama a pompous, self-righteous popinjay, is that racist?

    • Lagerstrom


    • NeanderthalDNA

      No, but “up-jumped AA zip-coon”, that would be racist.
      And true.

    • me

      No. But it will be seen as such through Marxist-tinted glasses.

  • [Guest]

    >>>The political culture in Arizona, my home state, is often coarse, racialized and divisive.

    I don’t need to read beyond that. The “political culture” of the United States is boldly, aggressively anti-white.

  • IKantunderstand

    Dang, I certainly hope Pauli Murray is correct in it’s assessment of racism: “Racism is like a deadly snake coiled and ready to strike”… I wish……….

    • Johnny Squire

      It is in the “community”.

  • Sick of it

    Considering they are usually Marxist extremists, you’d better believe it!

  • Truthseeker

    Oh, horrors! Racists! They could be anywhere, just waiting to destroy us all with their poisonous thoughts! We have to be on guard at all times to eradicate the racist plague, lest the entire world become infected!

    This thing we call “racism” isn’t something that developed naturally as an adaptive survival trait, or something that gets reinforced by bad experiences with people from different groups. No, no, it’s a mental disease with no rational basis. If you get too close to a racist you might catch it too (at least, if you’re white), and unless you get immediate correction, you’ll be lynching, murdering, burning churches and even saying “the n-word” before you know it!

    These racists must be stopped by any means necessary. If it means taking away freedom of association, freedom of speech, or even banishment, it’s the price that must be paid. Our diverse society has proven to be nothing but a blessing, and we can’t risk throwing it all away because some racists decided they had some sort of right to be themselves.

  • WR_the_realist

    With the appointment of Eric Holder and his advocacy for Treyvon Martin Obama has in fact worsened race relations in this country. That said, the Desert Vista people don’t seem the be the most intelligent advocates for our side. Where did they get 47% Negro from? Obama is by universal agreement 50% Negro. While he was educated as a Muslim school I see no evidence Obama is a Muslim. In fact I’d guess he’s more likely an atheist or agnostic. But no politician gets elected in America by admitting to having skepticism about there being a deity, so Obama keeps silent about his religious beliefs. Legitimate reasons to oppose Obama are legion, and the points could be made without throwing more red meat to Rachel Maddow. How about:

    Obama’s foreign policy would get a 95% approval rating from George W. Bush. He’s a war monger. He should have been impeached for jumping into the civil war in Libya without any congressional authorization. On both Syria and Eric Snowden I find myself in agreement with Putin rather than Obama.

    Obama favors the most disastrous immigration law since the 1965 Immigration Act.

    Obama is pushing banks to again make E-Z term mortgages to minorities who can’t afford to pay them. What could possibly go wrong?

    Obama doesn’t even try to cut the deficit. He makes the pathetic attempts by the Republicans look heroic.

    Obama, the “constitutional lawyer”, has made no attempt to restore the 4th Amendment taken away by the TSA and the NSA.

    Obama wants more racial quotas.

    Then, there’s Eric Holder. Again.

    Of course the mass media insists that all opposition to Obama is motivated by racism. As if I’d be happy with a president with the same polices who was white.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    1. Whitaker, the author, is black.

    2. Get used to it, Whitaker. We evil pasties are waking up finally. This is just the beginning. I wish you all the worst, you upjumped AA farce.

    Keep hurting and disrespecting my people. Threatening. Just wakes up more and more and more. Reckoning coming. Looks like Arizona, buddy.

  • Focal Joker

    When I was a close minded aggressive leftist, I remember seeing some of the first broadcasted Tea Party protests and saying to my then girlfriend, “We should get racist signs and pretend we’re part of that group”. She responded by saying, “I bet they already do that”.

    We laughed about it that night, but then I had some deep thinking overnight and realized that maybe the Tea Party wasn’t racist like the media told us, if I had this idea and she confirmed it. That began my slow change to the light of truth, reason and realism.

    It’s strange how I couldn’t see it myself when I thought to sabotage them, it was only her reaffirming the idea may already be out there. So I went from pretending to be a racist to actually understanding why it exists in the first place. And now when I look at it, the Tea Party appears to be filled mostly with disingenuous whites and conservatism inc supporters afraid to state the truth about the black undertow. What a long strange trip it’s been…

    • The first TPM functions were in 2009, and it’s now 2013. You sure went through a quick metamorphosis — Going from unhinged libkook hating the TPM for the reasons unhinged libkooks do in 2009 to bemoaning their lack of racial mindedness, in four years.

      The TPM is mostly warmed over Reaganism with a hard baked right-libertarian edge. Nothing in that implies racial awareness. I’m amused at accusations thrown around in all our favorite website, sometimes in here, that some mysterious neo-con cigar munchers that work on the top floors of skyscrapers one day swooped down from on high like an eagle and compromised/ruined the TPM. That’s because there’s a much easier, more rational and more accurate explanation: The TPM came to the game flawed because its players started out flawed.

  • IstvanIN

    “Racism is like a deadly snake coiled and ready to strike, and one only avoids its dangers by never-ending watchfulness.”

    I agree, avoiding blacks and their murderous, violent prejudices is the only way to go.

  • cablegirls

    I’ll bet anyone that no student has to take any of those courses to graduate.

    (And I doubt I’d take any of them, FWIW.)

  • ms_anthro

    It’s CNN. Assume everything they write and broadcast is a boldfaced lie until proven otherwise by multiple more credible sources.

  • cablegirls

    I read the Arizona Republic article; this guy Whitaker is full of it. He’s suggesting that hundreds gathered to shout racist slurs — that’s not at all what the newspaper reported. The AR said the anti-Obama crowd was outnumbered by the Obama crowd and that they came to protest a wide range of issues. It was hardly a coordinated assembly of hundreds of racists.

    Whitaker says the notion that Obama has worsened race relations is “disturbing” and “mind-bending.” So Whitaker thinks it brings the races together to issue his own Zimmerman verdict before the guy is even tried, to okay his attorney general’s sending taxpayer-paid Sharpton-supporting activists to Sanford, and to double down after the trial to suggest the verdict was wrong while scolding whites for being racist to lock their car doors.

    Not very convincing at all, Whitaker.

  • When I was an undergrad at UCSC, a nonwhite studies requirement was added. The n*****s immediately threw a fit, saying that whites would just pick Asian history classes. Guess what? We did in droves.

    I later used history classes to dilute out an otherwise hard-core chemistry curriculum, and then did more in astronomy. Stellar Evolution was my favorite.

  • The TPM started after Rick Santelli’s CNBC rant in February 2009, a month after Obama was immaculated. However, I think it was born of frustration from Bush moving further and further left; he became a de facto Democrat after Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid took over the House and Senate in 2006.

    Unfortunately, as Hunter Wallace pointed out yesterday, all the TPM has accomplished is installing the surrender monkey open borders caucus of Boehner/Cantor/McCarthy/Paul Ryan/etc. in the House leadership, and if it was able to flip control of the Senate either the last cycle or the cycle before that, open borders Mitch McConnell would be Majority Leader (he voted against the Gang Bangers of Eight bill, but did absolutely nothing to organize opposition to it, indicating that he was really for it). Other TPM “success stories” have been Marco Rubio and Rand Paul, both open borders through-and-through.

  • Obama using the IRS to harass potential dissident groups is NOT extremist

    Would you believe that I’ve read comments on blogs with political biases similar to AR and written by people who think like us that the TPM deserved that IRS scrutiny because they advocate for lower taxes?

    The only really valid criticism of the TPM that people like us should direct at them is their aracialism and pandering to non-whites.

  • Viking_61

    Screw this horse nostril “puhfessah”…

  • Viking_61

    It will be a cold day in hell before the Old Tribe relinquishes its grasp on the media. They would probably turn over everything else, including the Fed, Goldman Sachs, all their professional sports teams, etc. before they let go of their media mouthpiece.

  • din_do_nuffins

    “Eve Carson, Channon Christian, Brittny Watts should worry us all.”

  • Fr. John+

    “At times it seems as though the most bigoted individuals in America’s 48th state save their most raucous and prejudiced behavior for the 44th president.”

    You say this, like it’s a bad thing. He’s an interloper, he’s not an American, he’s not White, and he’s not Christian. What more reasons do we need to call him the names he deserves? “He’s not MY President,” to quote others.

    That adage goes both ways, doesn’t it? Or are some PIGS more ‘equal’ than others?