Immigration Reform Would Boost Value of Homes, Obama Tells Phoenix Crowd

Justin Sink, The Hill, August 6, 2013

President Obama on Tuesday argued that enactment of the Senate’s immigration reform bill would boost home values across the country.

“It’s pretty simple: when more people buy homes, and play by the rules, home values go up for everybody,” Obama said during a speech on home ownership in Phoenix.

Obama conceded that immigration was “something you don’t always hear about when it comes to the housing market,” but he said the two things go hand in hand.

“According to one recent study, the average homeowner has already seen the value of their home boosted by thousands of dollars, just because of immigration,” the president said.

Cecilia Munoz, the director of the White House Domestic Policy council, tweeted during Obama’s speech that it was a “fact” that immigration reform “will substantially increase home values.”

According to data provided by the White House, immigrants accounted for almost 40 percent of new homeowners between 2000 and 2010. In California, immigrants accounted for more than 80 percent of the growth in homeowners, while in New York, more than two-thirds of new buyers were immigrants.

In Southern states like Georgia and North Carolina, immigrants made up more than a quarter of new homeowners, according to the White House.


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  • Sure, when I think of America and all its problems, the #1 problem that comes to mind is that houses aren’t expensive enough.

    Actually, before driving home prices up, what it will do first and most acutely is drive apartment rental rates up.

    • Stentorian_Commentator

      Slumlords rejoice! You can charge a lot, demand cash, given them bad conditions, and they can’t complain. That’s one reason why I think that one of the main lobbies for immigration is the high rent/high home price lobby.

      • The slumlords can charge a lot because of the Hispanics’ propensity to cram jam people into dwellings. That means more than one, and in fact more than two, incomes from either under the table jobs or welfare checks can contribute to the rent. Which means the more Hispanics that can do this in more houses, the higher rents go.

    • Erasmus

      And the Kenyan wonders why so many people detest him. Go figure.

      Celebrate Diversity!

    • 48224

      African imigration to Detroit via the southern US did WONDERS for Detroit, Cleveland, East St Louis!!! BHO MUST be right, he has a law degree.

  • sbuffalonative

    I believe it would raise housing values but with a cost.

    Minorities will move into cities and first-ring suburbs. This will drive out whites who will buy and build houses further out.

    The banks and mortgage brokers make money when houses are sold (just think of the closing costs). If people just stay where they are, banks aren’t going to generate new revenue.

    This is the new ‘block busting’ but on a national scale.

  • JohnEngelman

    A rising population has an inflationary effect on homes, rents, and prices. It has a deflationary effect on wages. As a result it raises profits.

    Immigration is a major reason for the growing income gap.

    • The quality of the immigrants is also a factor in the income gap; these alien invaders arrive with very few marketable skills. The resulting glut of unskilled workers keeps unskilled wages down.

      • JohnEngelman

        The influx of Orientals and people from India keeps high tech salaries down too. The only American citizens who benefit are employers and landlords. They can lower wages, and salaries, while raising rents. I certainly observed the process in the San Francisco Bay area.

        On Stormfront they call this “Jewish capitalism.” That is nonsense, but it is not the American free enterprise system I read about as an adolescent in Readers’ Digest. It is the direction the U.S. economy is moving in with the acquiescence of both major political parties.

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    I recently lived in Phoenix for two years and you would be hard-pressed to find a White person who likes Obama and the leftist minions who work for him in the government. Most people in Phoenix are tired of the Mexican theft (Phoenix is an impossible place to live and not get robbed be it your residence or the catalytic converters on your car), murder, gang violence and increasing “no-go” areas for White people.

    If you ever want to really hear the state of the union just have a conversation with a Phoenix area police officer who doesn’t mind speaking off the record… they will tell you the cartels and Mexican nationals are responsible for the majority of the crime and that eventually, if no drastic measures are taken the city will no longer function and will become much like Juarez. People there see it, there aren’t really any libtards there like in California and that is why Governor Brewer is so popular and why Arizona is such a defiant state. They know Arizona must protect herself as not only is the federal government unwilling to do anything but even worse Washington DC is basically working with the Mexican federal government, the Mexican cartels and the Mexican pheasant class to help destroy Arizona.

    When Obama was speaking to the “people” of Phoenix it wasn’t us, the citizens… it was the invaders, the irredentists and traitors he was addressing… to him this is their land, their country, it is time for “change”… time for White genocide.

    Long live the White man’s guns and bullets in Arizona!

    • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

      Dude, perhaps you could supply some insight into this question: How did the state that passed SB 1070 and Prop 200 also send John McCain and Jeff Flake to the US Senate where they comprise 25 percent of the membership of the treasonous Gang of Eight?

      • DudeWheresMyCountry?

        Seriously it is a good question because if you ask people about McCain in Arizona they near unanimously hate him. I think many Republicans vote straight ticket regardless and have just been fooled into voting for him. near everyone hates him not only for his politics but for his many shady business dealings that have negatively affected jobs in Arizona.

        I believe he can and will be disposed of in the next round of elections. His time is up, almost nobody in AZ is buying this traitor’s verbal manure any longer.

        • Sick of it

          Primary him, primary him, primary him and kick his family out of the state…

        • Romulus

          His kids marriage to a Boog has his principles compromised.

      • McCain: Incumbents are hard to beat.

        Flake: AFAIK, he had really no credible opposition in the Republican primary.

        In the general sense of your question, the open borders EL CHEAPO labor lobby might be treasonous, but they’re also not stupid. They know what we also know, that one sitting U.S. Senator is 1/100th of the power of the upper chamber of the legislative power of the American Federal government. If you’re part of the plutocratic class, it is a more economical use of your treasonous daddy warbucks war chest to spend a dollar to influence the outcome of a U.S. Senate election than it would be to try to defeat state-level legislation which would be seriously crippled if not outright killed in the Federal courts anyway.

        Applied to Arizona, the state’s EL CHEAPO labor lobby spent its blood money where it counted and did the most good for them, i.e. the most damage for us, in guaranteeing that any person elected Senator from Arizona is an open borders traitor. This is why they really don’t much care who is the Governor of Arizona, why they really didn’t open the war chest to ruin Jan Brewer. Because on immigration matters, the Federal government is pretty much all powerful.

    • kjh64

      “I recently lived in Phoenix for two years and you would be hard-pressed to find a White person who likes Obama and the leftist minions who work for him in the government. ”

      Yet in Arizona along with Texas(where I live) the Mexicans have been allowed to pour in. As Whites become more and more outnumbered, it won’t matter what Whites think or how they feel. The Browns will dictate everything.

      • DudeWheresMyCountry?

        But they can’t run anything. They can’t sustain America. The fact is The US will simply fragment and we will lose territory to non-Whites.

        I and my family going back to the 1840s is from Texas and there are so many good Americans down there but I’m also amazed how many libtards there are, especially in southeast Texas. The UT (University of Texas) system did a wonderful job brainwashing the last few generations of students no doubt. Look at Austin.

        Low IQ browns will never rule over us but they will destroy our first world nation and we will then gain the will to separate and start over.

        • sbuffalonative

          As white numbers diminish, I expect to see the non-whites openly destroy every monument erected before the civil rights movement.

          Watch for the civil rights movement to be declared the true founding of America.

          • DudeWheresMyCountry?

            Yes you already see this all over the Southwest. Defaming any landmark in the US that celebrates the history of White people must be vandalized.

            A few weeks ago I was up in the Paiute Mountains in Central California east of Lake Isabella at Walker Pass, an important break in the mountains that allows travel between Bakersfield and The Mojave Desert that was discovered by a man named Joseph Walker in 1834. It is in the middle of nowhere but the Mexican “disrespect” graffiti is sprayed all over it. And the illiterate gangsta etchings on the smooth surfaces. They especially like to destroy images or words, as if they are destroying a history by covering the information.

            A few miles away at the base of the mountains where the desert starts there is another monument that talks about the Mexican outlaw and bandit Vasquez and how that spot was one of his hijacking locales. The Mexicans even vandalized that monument, stupid Brownies can’t even read!

            A few months ago I was talking to an old liberal White woman who was repeating the “open borders are a human right” filth and I shocked her when I told her, “when the Mexicans control this area they will dig up your White grave at the White cemetery and your White families’ bodies will be incinerated, your headstones used for a new wall and nobody will be there to stop it and believe it or not your fighting for them right now.”

            She had a bewildered look on her face and walked away quickly without saying a word.

          • saxonsun

            Here in NYC someone defaced a Jackie Robinson statue; it’s being investigated as a hate crime. Yet white kids get killed by blacks and that’s NOT a hate crime. So this is what we’ve come to. A piece of stone has more value than a white child because it depicts a black.

          • Romulus

            There was talk of removing the Southern generals statues in Richmond and we’ve already read about them trying to rename parks in Tennessee.

          • dukem1

            That’s something I never thought about…but it seems right on…
            We are doomed.

      • saxonsun

        The Mexican infestation has hit beautiful Long Island–they’re everywhere, including the designer outlet malls. They take up the entire width of the sidewalk and it’s obviously deliberate. It forces everyone else to go around them. The blacks do the same thing. They’re making the statement that they own this country–and they’re right.

    • Greg Thomas

      And Juan McCain also speaks for the illegal invaders.

  • din_do_nuffins

    Whites may be allowed to run, but what they run from will be FedGov HUD forced back onto them no matter where they go. Wiping our White privilege requires wiping out home equity in the White community. Personal White wealth is an indicator of racist Inequality, so it must be eliminated. The elites will still have nice neighborhoods, but how much more must they spend on insurance and security? Our responsibility is to boomerang our miseries back onto those who did this to us, non violently, but definitely through Forced Change.

  • “It’s pretty simple: when more people buy homes, and play by the rules, home values go up for everybody,” Obama said during a speech on home ownership in Phoenix.

    Now it is to the point of pathetic.
    It is cheaper to buy if you don’t intend to upkeep the home.
    A mortgage is 30 years in almost all case.
    They will walk away from that home when ever they want, they don’t play by the rules.
    Bank left holding rundown hovel.

    Anyone that believes this crap Obama is spewing is an idiot.

    • Erasmus

      You vote for an affirmative-action Marxist as president, you get the country run with Marxist policies.

  • Spartacus

    “Cecilia Munoz, the director of the White House Domestic Policy council,
    tweeted during Obama’s speech that it was a “fact” that immigration
    reform “will substantially increase home values.”


    She’s absolutely right. For example, a few decades ago, a lot of blacks immigrated to Detroit, and the prices of homes sky-rocketed, and everyone who owned even a tiny bit of land became an instant billionaire . Or am I remembering things wrong ?

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    Steve Sailer at Vdare invented a most useful concept for understanding why the Democrats are always pushing for more immigration and (real) Republicans balk. The concept? “Affordable Family Formation.” Quoting:

    The key reason why some states vote Republican, I’ve found, can be summed up in the three-word phrase:

    Affordable Family Formation.

    In parts of the country where it is economical to buy a house with a yard in a neighborhood with a decent public school, you’ll generally find more Republicans.

    You’ll find less in regions where it’s expensive.

    It’s a stereotype that a mortgage, marriage, and babies tend to make people more conservative.

    But it’s a true stereotype.

    That’s why it’s in the GOP’s self-interest to pursue policies that keep demand for housing down (such as limiting immigration) and thequality of public schooling up (such as, well, limiting

    The culture wars between Red States and Blue States (i.e Conservative and Liberal, in the perverse contemporary parlance) are driven in large part by objective differences in how family-friendly they are, financially speaking.

    Places that are terribly costly in which to raise children, such as Manhattan and San Francisco, unsurprisingly possess less family-friendly cultures than more reasonably priced locales, such as Nashville and Provo.

    According to Google, nobody in the history of the Web has ever uttered the phrase “Affordable Family Formation.”

    So I utter it now:

    Affordable Family Formation.

    SOURCE: “Affordable Family Formation”—The Neglected Key To GOP’s Future By Steve Sailer on May 8, 2005

    • These are the same articles where Sailer showed the almost 0.9 regression coefficient between the combined factors of (TFR per white woman / average number of years a white woman is married from ages 18 to 45) in a given state and the percent Republican vote for President. in that state, for the last four Presidential election cycles. What that means is that on the Presidential level, the Republican Party is the party of white adults involved in traditional nuclear families, while the Democrat Party is the party of everyone else. Where there are a lot of white nuclear families, there is also affordable housing, which is why those nuclear families are there and why they were able to form to begin with.

      It is not an accident that Obama wants more expensive housing. Because he doesn’t want white people to be able to afford to start traditional nuclear families, because he wants to make Republican voters extinct. Open borders would amount to a one-two punch against the Republican Party by not only importing more future Democrats, but also by creating economic conditions which hinder the ability of white people to form nuclear families, thereby depressing the future number of future adults that vote Republican.

      The reason white liberals big liberal cities love expensive housing values is because it guards against two threats to white liberal hegemony over big cities: One, the NAM undertow, (the fewer NAMs, the less crime, and the safer SWPLs are in their cities), and white traditional nuclear families (if they’re not there, there are no Republican votes in the ballot boxes, which guarantees Democrat Party control over those cities).

      I’ve read it here on AR on any number of occasions, from the multiracial individuals and bottom-of-the-lakers among us that the Republican Party should try to appeal to doctrinaire white social liberals. Far easier than that, and yielding far better results over a longer term, will be for the Republican Party to make it easier for white people to form traditional nuclear families, i.e. their only voters. Instead of trying to steal the other side’s voters, create a set of circumstances that eventually creates more of its own kind of voters. The three pillars of the future white American (or Southern) nationalist movement are affordable family formation, immigration patriotism and restriction, and combating the black undertow & dismantling B.R.A. Just about everything we do should fit into at least one of those three categories, and these pillars build on one another to achieve a common goal of maximizing white prosperity and power and making the United States of America (or parts thereof, if it comes to that) an ethnostate.

  • Luca

    Well Obama I hate to burst your uninformed leftist bubble but, you forgot the other side of the coin. I’ve seen it here in So Cal, let me give you some personal insight.

    When your immigrant friends buy houses, it is not uncommon for them to stuff, 3 generations, cousins and in-laws into one house. Four bedrooms? No problem, five families will work out just fine. They can convert the garage into living quarters, put a stove on the back patio, partition the living room into two dining rooms, grow corn on the front lawn and raise chickens in the back. They can park cars and work on them on the front lawn. They will be very considerate and drop off the shopping carts at the end of the block. On Friday and Saturday nights they can have BBQ’s, blast mariachi music and drink beer all night long into the wee hours. When the neighbors complain they can just say “No hablo ingles, amigo”. The cops are usually too busy to show up for hours anyway. The list goes on and on.

    Now tell me again about those real estate values Obama.

    • I have seen it here in Chicago.

    • Erasmus

      Please excuse Barack. ‘groids will be ‘groids.

  • Puggg

    You’d have an expensive house, but the house would be in a fifth world hovel.

    Easy choice for me.

    • David Ashton

      In boring old Britain, more and more immigrants mean more and more houses on more and more green spaces, and more immigrants to build them, an eternal ponzi scheme.

      • DudeWheresMyCountry?

        Hey why have a lush, historic English countryside when you can have a few thousand Pakistanis in a Sharia Law community you can help pay for?

        If the once mighty English people ever decide to remove all non-Whites from Britannia I’ll be booking my flight to assist. Long live England!

      • kjh64

        As we know, eventually all ponzi schemes implode upon themselves.

  • dmxinc

    Let’s permanently ruin our country for temporary home price increases.

    How stupid are the American people?

    • DudeWheresMyCountry?

      Well, the last three Presidents have been complete and utter jokes. If America was a stock it’s value would have dropped by 90% just because of the character and performance of Bill, George and Barry.

      Which brings me back to a point I often ponder; who was our last good President? Reagan killed his place with the 1986 amnesty. Obviously Nixon went out really badly with Watergate but otherwise had some good points. Kennedy wasn’t President long enough to really say what history would have thought of him had he served his presumed two terms. Bush uno was forgettable, best remembered for playing “RISK” with Saddam in the Persian Gulf. Carter and Johnson were simply awful.

      I used to jump on Eisenhower but he introduced the Civil Rights legislation that got that ball of joy rolling so I can’t endorse him either.

      Truman. He was the last President that was actually looking out for us.

      • Evette Coutier

        Truman that flaming rectum established the PPRC, desegregated the military military and the federal work force with executive order 9980. He was the bozo responsible for the first civil rights movement after WWll.

        • DudeWheresMyCountry?

          See that’s what I mean, they have all been bad for us, one way or another the entire 20th century practically. Roosevelt and Wilson were bad ultimately now that we have seen what their platforms would result in over the long term.

          Truman could have sent 100,000 American soldiers to their deaths conquering the main Japanese islands but he did the right thing and dropped Fat Man and Little Boy instead. I give him points for that.

          • dmxinc

            Our services actually predicted that we would suffer 1,000,000 casualties if we invaded mainland Japan.

          • JDInSanDiego

            And they also predicted 20 million Japanese dead along with almost total destruction in virtually every city. Instead, they lost a half million and we lost a few prisoners of war. Hiroshima was chosen because it was headquarters of the Jap army. Nagasaki because it contained Mitsubishi aircraft plants, not because we were targeting civilians.

            The Japanese are responsible for all the deaths caused by themselves and the US in WW II and this includes over 25 million Chinese.

            These are important numbers to quote when someone whines about the injustice of using the bomb.

            Ending the Pacific war quickly, before the Russians could join, also kept the Russians from grabbing half of Japan for 50 or 60 years.

          • The Russians wanted Hokkaido anyway, but Douglas MacArthur wasn’t having any of that. The Russians had to settle for looting all the factory equipment out of Manchuria and northern Korea instead.

          • Luca

            They already had the Purple Hearts ready to go. Because he dropped those two A-bombs, the PH’s went into storage and were issued throughout Korea and Viet Nam. If you got a Purple Heart in the Nam chances are it was manufactured in the 1940’s; just like those lousy C-rations.

          • DudeWheresMyCountry?

            Interesting, I had not heard that. I had a good Japanese friend in college who grew up in Tokyo and I asked him once about Pearl Harbor, Nagasaki / Hiroshima and how they teach that history in High School. He told me without even a shred of blame or resentment whatsoever to sum it up it is taught that, “Japan started it and The US ended it.” I always thought that was a legit and respectable answer.

          • My wife is from a famous navy family, and she just shrugs and says “I didn’t do it.” Since she was born in 1981, this seems reasonable.

            If I had been Tojo, I would never have signed the Tripartite Pact, and instead would have renewed the old alliance with Britain. This would likely have kept Italy out of the war. The global conflagration would have been averted.

            Few statesmen grasp the concept that greatness can sometimes be achieved by doing absolutely nothing. Dwight Eisenhower and Otto von Bismarck knew. Benito Mussolini and Kaiser Wilhelm II did not.

          • There were other ways the left likes to pretend the Pacific War Could have been ended. One alternative was a blockade of the Japanese home islands. Japan was (and is) heavily dependent on imported food, and most of their merchant shipping had been sunk by 1945. Food rationing was instituted there well before the war. Most of their coal also came from Manchuria. A prolonged blockade would have killed about a million Japanese in the winter of 1945-46.

      • dmxinc

        Truman got us in the Korean War, then fired MacArthur because MacArthur insisted on winning it and to this day, we still are having to deal with Truman’s unfinished business – North Korea.

        Looks like you’ll have to go back further.

      • Since this thread is about immigration, I’m going to answer your question based on the immigration issue, and that alone. That said, I have opinions of Presidents based on the other issues.

        The last President to take immigration enforcement seriously was Eisenhower (Operation Wetback). The last President whose hand signed legislation to reduce legal immigration was Calvin Coolidge.

  • willbest

    Except HUD just announced its plan to locate and find my town, and force it to build section 8 housing to accommodate all this vibrancy. It probably won’t have the stated affect on my home value.

    • DudeWheresMyCountry?

      And you can’t have a gun. Oh, and you can’t defend yourself from non-Whites attacking you since that would violate their civil rights.

  • willbest

    Also, when these policies gut the middle class, I won’t have anybody to sell my house to.

    • DudeWheresMyCountry?

      I’ve heard older Americans joke about that. They say, with the way this country is going and the lack of wealth the newer generations have who is going to buy my house when I’m ready to retire? They joke, but they are serious too.

  • Sick of it

    Again it has been shown that every single thing said by Barack Obama is a blatant lie.

    • DudeWheresMyCountry?

      Except that he is a Black man. Nothing more.

      • Luca

        Even that is only half true.

        • DudeWheresMyCountry?

          That’s funny but if you have a Black African daddy as your sperm donor you are Black in my book, you aren’t a part of any tribe I belong to!

          • Sick of it

            It should also be noted that, despite his dialogue, he’s not an American black…not an African American in the truest sense.

  • RisingReich

    Obozo is either incredibly, INCREDIBLY stupid, or is a puppet for evil.
    Hard for me to believe anyone can be this stupid, so I have to posit he’s the devil’s puppet.

    • DudeWheresMyCountry?

      He most definitely is an evil man. I don’t believe he will live to see his golden years, or to see his “dream” realized.

      • Why do you think he plans on moving to Hawaii when he is out of office?
        He knows he is hated and getting in and out of Hawaii without leaving a trail is nearly impossible. It is the only state with a “natural” immigration policy.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Yeah, nothing boosts real estate prices like having 20 people living in a three-bedroom house next door — with two more families in the garage, broken-down cars on blocks sitting on an unkempt, weedy lawn in front, men loitering around outside drinking beer and leering whistling and cat-calling to your daughters…

    President Obama on Tuesday argued that enactment of the Senate’s immigration reform bill would boost home values across the country.

    Sure home values will “boost” across the country — just like they did in Detroit!!

    “HUD Launches Scheme To Racially Diversify Suburbs”

    In what may be the most ambitious social-engineering project undertaken by the federal government, the administration is mapping every neighborhood in America by race. The stated purpose is to use the data to compel local officials to loosen zoning laws and build more public housing, thereby offering more poor inner-city minorities better opportunities for housing and education.

    Well, If obama said it, I know it’s a lie.


    • bigone4u

      An Hispanic acquaintence of mine wants us to go into business together rehabbing houses so we can put three Mexican families in the same house and collect some nice rent money. You are not exaggerating. I have seen it myself. This chance to profit is one reason some white real estate investors want more immigrants. Society craters while they profit.

    • Erasmus

      And when your school district is over run with baby cholos, forget about your bright kid taking those AP calculus or chemistry classes. They’re going to need the money to pay for remedial English, math and basic hygiene classes for all the little Panchos and Luisas.

      After a time you’ll learn to just be glad when your little girls don’t come home pregnant and your boys with more than one tooth knocked out.

      Celebrate Diversity!

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        My district is already over-run with baby cholos. The costs of remedial English and math are staggering and many of the girls DO get pregnant– easier to go on the “mommy track” if one is failing out of school, now you have a purpose — and a guaranteed government income and housing in perpetuity.

        However, there is a huge push to offer AP classes at even the most wretched, lowest-scoring, inner city schools — you see, it’s racist and bigoted not to. In fact, MORE AP classes are going to be offered at these types of schools and more of “the best”, though unprepared students will be pushed into them; the better behaved ones are considered “the best” even though they may not be able to read or write.

        The students pushed into AP at these school may be struggling and lack basic skills and the knowledge base needed to tackle AP classes but they aren’t going to assault you or make your life a living hell like regular students are. That’s why I mentioned that classes sizes run to 8-10 at most in these classes — that’s all the counselors can scrape together to shove into these classes.

        Jaime “Stand and Deliver” Escalante cherry picked his calculus students from a student body of about 4,000; they were in no way random or regular students.


  • bigone4u

    Obama is the Bull****er-in-Chief and this lie makes me especially mad because it’s unsound economics. First, housing is already too expensive for whites who have to keep running from one new expensive suburb to another to see that their kids and family are safe and can get a decent education. Second, putting section 8 persons into $300,000 houses spreads the misery around, lowers property values, and causes whites more moving expenses. Third, property taxes will go up to pay for the immigrant sprog’s educations. That will drive property values down since higher property taxes lower property values by reducing the number who can afford to pay those taxes. Obama BSes us again. Does anybody pay attention to anything this loser says?

  • Evette Coutier

    Right, just like in Detroit. Home values will skyrocket. At this point I question Obama’s emotional stability. If he actually believes what he is saying, he has no connection to reality at all. If he doesn’t believe it, then he is a pathological liar.

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    I live in the San Fernando Valley in LA. Mexican infested neighborhoods are still cheap, despite the rebound in prices (caused by the injection of funny money and no other reason). If you want a house in Pacoima where you run the risk of being shot and you need to nail down anything you don’t want stolen, prices are nearly as low as they were during the crash. If you want to live in Sherman Oaks among the elderly Whites and members of the tribe, be prepared to pay. Those prices never went down, not even during the crash.

    • DudeWheresMyCountry?

      Yes, the farther you get from Ventura Blvd. the less White and safe and prosperous it gets. I wonder why. It breaks my heart because there are areas of SFV like Reseda, Van Nuys, Mission Hills to name a few that 20 years ago were pretty nice middle class neighborhoods. Now they look like Tijuana.

      90% of these “newcomers” are garbage and are turning our homeland into a landfill.

      • Luca

        I use to work in Van Nuys. It was basically TJ.

        • DudeWheresMyCountry?

          Yes parts have been bad since the 1980s but there were still neighborhoods in north / west Van Nuys that were relatively good areas. Now all of it isn’t even what I would call the USA anymore.

    • SFLBIB

      An Asian employee once told me about a Chinese superstition that involved a shaman known as [roughly translated] “geography man”. Some “geography man” declare Diamond Bar [a suburb east of LA] to be the “head of the dragon”. Dragons are a very lucky symbol in Chinese culture, according to my Asian acquaintance. After that, housing prices soared in Diamond Bar. My aunt and uncle live in Monterey Park which is adjacent to the declared “head of the dragon” and they had Chinese folks come to their door offering to buy their house for top dollar.

  • JDInSanDiego

    I like how he added “and play by the rules” as if the rest of our rules don’t matter.

    Guess what else goes up when immigration goes up? Murder, rape, theft, gang banging, drop out rates, teen pregnancy, prison overcrowding, welfare roles, hospital closures, insurance costs…

  • Romulus

    Somebody tell this idiot to put down the blunt before he opens his mouth.
    Squatters raising home values. Clearly he hasn’t taken a trip down to vibrant San Antonios barrio. Any where third world trash moves to brings DOWN home values as they continue to default on loans that the sub prime lenders knew they couldn’t pay anyway. Fast forward to the bailout to float these peoples mortgages. So,here we go round two of the housing debacle.

  • Hal K

    I think anti-whites are driven by instinct. They look at any situation and ask themselves subconsciously whether it benefits nonwhites at the expense of whites. If it does, they are for it. Then they come up with logical cover stories, like saying that it will make houses more valuable.

  • Spartacus

    “Is the president on drugs?”


    Is that a rhetorical question ?

  • Hunter Morrow

    Oh, of course it would. Everybody knows how great it is for your property value to have non-White people moving into the neighborhood.

  • Thor Bonham

    According to data provided by the White House, immigrants accounted for
    almost 40 percent of new homeowners between 2000 and 2010.
    Yeah ? And how many immigrants lost those houses during the same years ?
    You can’t make this stuff up, you just have to listen to this fool ..

  • SoCal88

    Typical Obama lie. The numbers are for LEGAL immigrants coming mostly from Asian countries, NOT from illegals from south of the border. Sheesh, this guy is shameless!!

  • Greasers don’t buy homes. They pool together 20 at a time and rent them, and then park decrepit cars all over the neighborhood. What does this groid imagine their behavior really does to neighborhood home values.

    Next in the news, President Orangutan thinks “No Limit Niggas” raise property values.

    • E. Newton

      They already believe it. They think this huge underclass of negroes will be the source of great improvements, they just need to be “educated”. HUD will begin moving them into your neighbor’s house just to get that education started.

  • WR_the_realist

    In other worlds, immigration reform will make housing less affordable. Thanks Obama,


    “Isn’t the assumption that Third World people raise property values what triggered the 2008 credit collapse?”

    Only indirectly. The assumption that was made was the “American Dream” of home ownership was something everyone wanted, and that there should be no concern over ability to repay. The results had nothing to do with race but the law of supply and demand: increase demand faster than
    supply, and prices go up. Those who didn’t meet the traditional credit ratings were given loans anyway [since credit ratings were racist anyway] , and their attitude was that prices were going up so fast that if they couldn’t make the payments, they could just sell and pocket a tidy profit [tax free]. There is a good write up about it: “A ‘perfect storm’ of housing and lending events”floppingaces[dot]net/2008/09/22/us-economy-a-perfect-storm-of-housing-and-lending-events/#comment-115460

  • E. Newton

    What happened to this country? Sometime, maybe during the Clinton administration, the speed of the change began to accelerate. It has all just been at warp speed since about that time. Particularly this unrelenting wave of legal and illegal immigration has just been growing every year.

  • Ella

    What White government had EVER liked their own people over the last 800 years???? You had Jefferson to extensively study and write on creation of small governments for a reason. The elite (royalty) generally holds contempt toward their own ethnic group. Maybe one day Americans will throw our GMO, tasteless produce at the politicians, lol.

  • Ella

    Our neighbourhood will collapse in about 10 years as the elderly people relocate or pass on; I can already see the immigrant wave coming to us at local shops and apts. Yes, we plan to move and save every penny to find peace once again. I guess it becomes an expense game for the Middle Class.

  • David Ashton

    Not if the likes of Polly Toynbee (see The Guardian, August 9), and the campaign to make the current hamfisted Home Office attempts to remove a few illegals itself “illegal”, can help it. But we shall see.

    For what it is worth UKIP opinion-poll support outstrips that of the pro-immgration party in government coalition.