How Many Immigrants Should Canada Allow in 2014?

Andy Radia, Yahoo! News, August 29, 2013

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) wants your help in determining 2014 immigration levels.

They really do! At least that’s what their website says:

We are seeking your feedback on immigration to Canada, specifically on the total number of new permanent residents Canada should welcome and how this overall total should be distributed among immigration categories. The consultation will explore a number of issues related to three main questions:

– What is the appropriate level of immigration for Canada, this year and beyond?

– What is the best ratio – or mix – between the number of economic immigrants, family class immigrants and the refugee/humanitarian class?

– Economic immigration is a key immigration goal for Canada’s long-term economic growth. What role can immigration play to support Canada’s economy?

You can add your voice to the discussion, here. The online consultations end on August 31.

Regardless of whether CIC is serious about canvassing public opinion, the debate about immigration seems to be heating up.

On Thursday, the Fraser Institute added fuel to the proverbial fire, publishing a paper that concludes recent immigrants “impose a fiscal burden on Canadian taxpayers” of approximately $20 billion a year.

“This paper proposes that immigration of parents and grandparents be stopped completely,” the report, written by economist and former Reform Party MP Herb Grubel, states.


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  • MekongDelta69

    How about… NONE

    • Puggg

      No non-whites ones, anyway. White Africans would be okay.

      • Manaphy

        White Africans should stay in Africa, but they should also chase out and overthrow the corrupt parasitic Zulus and their “governments”.

        • Galt

          “White Africans should stay in Africa.”

          In their current situation, a death sentence to be sure.

        • Spartacus

          No. Whites there should get out of that s***-hole as fast as they can, and we should be helping them however we can .

    • seapeaMP

      “How about… NONE…”
      “ZERO” would also have been an acceptable answer.


      • cecilhenry

        Great picture, I’m going to use it when sending out letters to M.P.’s

        They love pictures!!!

    • Anglokraut

      Ouch, that’s a little harsh for people like me, who have a Canadian boyfriend. I said I would only move there if I could get there on my own merit, but I’ve found out that I score 69 points on their immigration test. That’s enough to get my application evaluated, but not strong enough to get an approval. I know I could just ask my boyfriend to sponsor me, but I’m not comfortable with doing that…not yet anyway.

      • cancerous bananna

        You’re the wrong colour.
        I knew a British air traffic controller who came hereto marry a friend of mine.

        He told me it was one of the hardest things he had to prove/do in his life. It really angered him how stringent the process was, and yet he walked by fast-tracked useless Somalis forming a gang in his building everyday on his way to work.

        • Anglokraut

          I suspect that I am the wrong color AND the wrong sexuality. If I were a Russian lesbian with alcoholism and a raging heroin habit, there still would be no problem at all.

          I’ll still try for the student visa, because the University of Alberta has a pretty good history department. University of Calgary is pretty good too, but it’s a tech-heavy school to train the computer scientists, network designers, geologists, chemists, engineers that the oil industry needs.

  • Don’t you know the game by now? They will ask you, but ultimately, they will ignore you.
    Asian and African immigrants are on their way. You Canadians could use a few million next year.

  • kjh64

    Why does Canada need any immigrants? Don’t they have enough already? I was there recently and I saw plenty of immigrants. No country needs constant immigration or immigration in large numbers. It’s ridiculous.

    • Stentorian_Commentator

      The Japs seem to do nicely with next to no immigration. The rest of us should give them a good look.

      • Spartacus

        But think about all the wonderful cultural enrichment the Japs are missing. I’m sure they’d envy countries like Canada if only they were aware of the benefits :

        • Jesse James

          This is why crew served weapons were invented.

    • Galt

      We do have enough. We have A LOT.

      Toronto is now about 45% white European (all European heritages combined). A single heritage is now a minority. I don’t know the statistics on Vancouver, but they are quickly heading that way soon.

      In my city, things have changed so rapidly. The only places where whites hold majorities are out in the counties, suburbs, rural areas, or recently developed smaller municipalities mostly catering to the rich whites. You’ll find plenty of rich Indian and Asian families there, but not as many. There’s no crime there regardless of the presence of those two groups.

      I suspect that the former colonies of the Commonwealth will decline even faster than the United States because of two factors:

      1) White guilt
      2) Colonial-era holdings that give citizens of the rest of the former empire the right to move there immediately, which is the same as in Britain

      As well, facts on immigration here in this country are not spoken of often, which makes it seem more like the rug is being pulled right from underneath Canadians without us noticing.

      The fact that rich whites gated themselves in those wealthier communities, hold jobs promoting our decline in city neighbourhoods, and could care less about our proximity to the crime committing, drug dealing, and violent underclass fills me with anger sometimes.

      Whites have sold out their own kind. That is, if you have that line of thinking. Nobody owes anyone anything in reality. As we’ve seen in the last 50 years or so, this individualistic line of thinking, which has produced some of the most efficient economies and societies in the West, is actively tearing our communities apart.

      “No one speaks for me, but I speak for myself!” only works when a whole nation (of whites) thinks like that. I have no problem with that line of thinking, but introducing very nepotistic, ethnocentric cultures and peoples should put an end to that thinking IMMEDIATELY so we can regroup and tactically plan out our survival in the face of imminent demographic replacement.

      Very few want to switch back to a more collectivist mode of survival until the danger has been mitigated so that we can switch back to individualism because it’s safe to do so.

      Until then, we will continue to decline, be attacked, victimized, and lose.

      • Spartacus

        “Very few want to switch back to a more collectivist mode of survival
        until the danger has been mitigated so that we can switch back to
        individualism because it’s safe to do so.”


        Gather those few who do and go for it. Pool your money, buy a large chunk of land fit for agriculture, near a water source, and on high ground, and focus only on breeding children, growing food and military training . When SHTF, you’ll be in a good, solid position from which you can extend influence to the outside world and slowly take your whole country back again.

        • Romulus

          Precisely. That is exactly what the tribe, rich liberal whites and rich rainbow people have been doing to the former new England states,colorado,Iowa, Minnesota and so on. When the shtf, they will be trying to intersperse themselves into rural America to escape the chaos of the gigantic urban centers. Problem is,they’re bringing their blue state BS with them and reconfiguring the states they move to.

          • Jesse James

            Don’t think all those rural people will forgive and forget if things really go down the tubes. Some of those rich liberals may find their welcome a bit chilly…if they are lucky.

          • Romulus

            As your namesake implies, many will become the heroes outlaws of American lore. Im itching for things to get going. The longer the inevitable is delayed, the worse it will be.

        • Whitetrashgang

          You have to also invest in science and technology, The Whitemans real God. Electric cars and windmills would be a start

          • Spartacus

            You have to start small first – food, family, guns . They’ll figure the rest out by themselves .

      • Jesse James

        It seems to me that Vancouver may well be on its way to becoming an Asian city state along the lines of Singapore or Hong Kong, as a Canadian do you have any thoughts about how these demographic changes will effect Canadian sovereignty?

        • Galt

          That’s a good question and not easy to answer and that’s mostly because I don’t know much about what current demographic trends will do to Canada in the future. The only white minority nation most people are familiar with is South Africa and it doesn’t look to good for the Afrikaners living there right now.

          However, I think that whites belonging to the lower classes, middle classes, some of the upper classes, and the rare few in the upper class (diversity has a trickle down effect I think), will continue to be negatively impacted here with each passing year. As with the Americans, there is AA, there are quotas, ethnic enclaves, neighbourhoods to avoid, violent minority groups committing most of the crime, and much more.

          As there will be more Asians and Indians primarily, parliament will look radically different 50 or 60 years from now when whites will be a minority. Some people I spoke with suspect that Native Canadian reparations will be slowly taken away when the new majority groups realize they have no historical ties to these aggrieved parties since they recently immigrated. However, those reparations might remain because the Canadian government “symbolically” owes them money and not those ethnic groups even though I disagree with all of these money transfers to begin with. All it does is create animosity, an unfair playing field, and more favouritism. It’s long past the time of these religious schools that treated Natives unfavourably. But, that will never happen for the same reason that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will never get off their soapbox. The grievance industry is a multi-million dollar one and it won’t go away.

          As far as our military and projection power go, that won’t matter because we’ve never had a strong military and the U.S pulls all the weight. We just follow.

          As far as ethnic tensions, disturbances, and problems go, there will be plenty of problems there, especially when there is a rapidly growing Muslim population that will seek to enforce its own morals and legal framework based on religious principles. As research has shown, and Charles Murray wrote about in his book “Coming Apart”, multicultural societies have lower social trust, more crime, and less community involvement than homogeneous societies do. That’s why I think big government has grown even larger and the once “voluntary” society of the U.S is reducing.

          I think it has more to do with the growing factions and decreasing white majority in the United States, but most people I’ve spoken with seemed to assume growing government just appears out of the dreams of millions of liberals’ dreams like Freddy Kruger or something. It has much to do with rapidly growing cultural divides. It makes more people sit at home and watch TV rather than willing volunteer and give back to the community primarily because they are no longer giving back to a community they trust or are familiar with.

          All of this will happen to Canada undoubtedly. Add to this the idea that whites have low marriage rates here, low birthrates, high rates of secularism (contributes to the first two), and are becoming the victims of crime more often.

          On top of that, ethnic cultures buy up the small businesses in their local area, hire family and relatives, and block whites from being employed. Massive retail chains and multinational corporations are, oddly enough, young white people’s saving grace when it comes to employment.

          White males will be blocked from universities more often across Canada (males collectively already represent 30-40% of students across all universities across Canada), which will force them go to into the trades. Growth in ethnic communities will result in municipal police forces taking minorities in more often as officers in order to engage in their own communities better because they know the language. So, white males will be exempt from that. Law schools are clearly a no-go as of late as well.

          The alternative to all of this is the Western Canadian oil fields of Alberta, which employs many white Canadian males annually, but corporations there hire foreigners relatively quickly because of 1) wages and 2) apparently they can’t hire native Canadian whites fast enough so they need to go all over the world to hire more people to meet deadlines.

          Economically, we are in a bad situation right now. 7-8% unemployment nationally. 25% or more of youth are unemployed (18-24 age bracket), immigration continues to increase the supply of labour despite the dangers of an already existing excess supply of labour, the social welfare state continues to break down because of how many immigrants require welfare to even get a start in this country. If economic malaise is effecting whites, then how did politicians ever think that newly arrived peoples can ever get a quick and easy start without benefits to give them a boost? That part infuriates me. Social security is basically bankrupt and Canadian boomers are relatively screwed over because they now have to work until they are 70 at least. The next generations are even worse off because they won’t have much to retire with.

          Overall, diversity did not add any real benefit from what I’ve seen so far. It’s created a lot of crime though – drug smuggling, gangs, shootings in the GTA, etc. The only “economic” benefit that is constantly touted is this: immigrants come in, GDP grows because they spend money on consumer products, and more jobs are added because businesses boom. But, it’s money that’s printed or borrowed, debt continues to rise, and things get worse. It also doesn’t negate the effect of the benefits needed to sustain them in the first place, which is actually a net drain on the economy. When debts rise, people lose their homes and livelihoods, they engage in crime just to make ends meet, and things get worse.

          Sovereignty is just a small aspect of what demographic changes will do to the domestic situation in Canada.

          Plain and simple:

          Instead of one community, there will be dozens. When things get worse, they’ll simply look after their own communities as has been done. There will be a Sikh or Hindu organization of Canada, a Muslim one, an Asian one, a Native one, and so on. They all want a bigger piece of the pie for themselves.

          We also give AA and quotas to blacks for the purposes of disparate impact even though we never had a history of slavery or oppression here (they came here from the underground railroad for crying out loud), which is generally the (false) argument used by liberals to justify it. They need a head start now because of how long they’ve been kept back. They have yet to explain why they need it here in a nation that has fostered their development for a long time.

          The excuse is, which seems indestructible, “because we whites treat them bad anyway. It’s just what we do.” It’s as automatic as breathing according to them I guess.

          I hope that answered your question.

          • cancerous bananna

            In Nova Scotia, there became an encampment of underground railroaders called Africville. It was a dirty mess of improvised shacks, much like mud-huts. It was dirty. And in the 50’s or 60’s government tried to clean up the area by putting a dump next to the encampment. When they refused to leave or clean the encampment the city decided to bulldoze it and put in a freeway.

            The encampment dispersed to hollis and south park and a few other areas mainly in Dartmouth. And in general, accross Canada, I have never met as many race-realists as I have in NS.
            It honestly makes me wonder why they are still here clinging when they’d be better excepted in a cesspool like toronto.

            The problem won’t go away. Once they get a grip on a place they won’t let go..

            The hrm is still paying reparations to those who were displaced.. and they still have an annual Africville festival to celebrate the dump they made.

          • Galt

            Thanks for the perspective from the Maritimes.

            I’ve read before about the black minority in the Maritimes, especially from Nova Scotia, in a National Post article. It was about having a black representative on a seat in the local government or school board – I can’t remember which – simply because he or she was black in order to represent the black community of the region as opposed to being appointed for meritocratic reasons.

            Either that or it was outrage about a white NDP member being chosen to represent them and there was “outrage” because the NDP member was of the wrong skin colour.

            You may remember things better than I can about this.

            Honestly, I think “diversity” and multiculturalism takes a whole lot of work and effort, but mostly from the white majority that accepts every culture from around the globe. Whites mostly run the governance and organizations required to help them achieve since they all seemingly learn and improve in various ways, they need to be shuttled into neighbourhoods and housing complexes, they need to learn our customs and language, they need to be taught in our schools, and so much more. But, they require different institutions that specifically cater to them. That was all too costly and now we see the resurgence of things like religious and language schools for separate groups.

            At the end of the day, I see so many tired and weary faces on whites stemming from this. The further away cultures are to white people’s own culture and heritage, the harder it will be for them to integrate. The stress, the pushing, and the pulling from so many different directions makes us all very fed up.

            As many have said on here, we live at the expense of everyone else’s ability to enjoy the fruits of the multicultural society.

          • cancerous bananna

            I meant to say accepted in toronto, not excepted. Forgive me. I don’t check before I send.

            You speak of the heritage minister, Percy Paris who was forced to resign after getting into a fistfight outside a washroom in the legislature with another mp. I believe it was over comments made about a certain school for coloured children.

            Anyways he was arrested for assault. Now they want the other minister to drop the charges.

            Typical blacks in NS. But we don’t pretend otherwise.

          • kjh64

            “they still have an annual Africville festival to celebrate the dump they made.”

            That is the key, the dump “they made”. The harsh reality is that Blacks in large numbers utterly destroy any school, neighborhood, city or country they inhabit, turning them into dirty, crime ridden, unlivable dumps. Here in the USA, the so-called “ghettos” were ALL once decent, working- class White neighborhoods. After Whites fled the crime and dysfunction, the Blacks turned them into ghettos, then they along with their White leftist enablers will lament the “Blacks in the ghettos” and how horrible it is. Well, the Blacks created those ghettos. Of course American Whites are endlessly taxed to help the “Blacks in the ghettos” but no amount of money ever changes anything because the problem with Blacks can’t be solved by money, it’s their behavior. Of course there are good Blacks who are not like what I described above and there are lousy Whites. I’m talking about a law of averages.

          • Jesse James

            Excellent assessment thank you for your reply in detail. It seems like we are all on the same track, some differences in scale but we share the same problems.

          • kjh64

            “We also give AA and quotas to blacks for the purposes of disparate impact even though we never had a history of slavery or oppression here (they came here from the underground railroad for crying out loud), which is generally the (false) argument used by liberals to justify it.”

            There will always be a leftist excuse for Black failure, always.. Here in the USA, of course, they play the “slavery card” or the “Jim Crow segregation” card constantly. The ridiculous excuses are endless. They have so many out-of-wedlock kids and absentee fathers because of the “legacy of slavery” . Huh? How does slavery, something that ended the century before last, have any effect on what Blacks do today? They had segregation in past history, they had 400 years of oppression, they haven’t caught up yet, the nonsense excuses go on and on. I’m sorry but I don’t know of any 400 year old Blacks. Blacks keep American Whites on an endless guilt trip over slavery and segregation and use that along with accusations of racism to keep guilt ridden American Whites catering to them and it has worked very well. However, more and more people are getting fed up.

            Of course any excuse will do. In Canada or somewhere else Blacks are, they will blame colonization, racism, ” institutional racism”. If a nation doesn’t have a history of colonization, slavery etc., it doesn’t matter, just being White will still make you guilty of slavery etc.

      • proudwhitegirl

        White guilt is going to kill us all.

    • Alexandra1973

      Last time I was in Toronto, well over 12 years ago, I saw plenty of Orientals.

  • Spartacus



  • NorthernWind

    I filled out their survey. Most of the questions pertained to economic needs and not to racial or cultural factors. This isn’t at all surprising. The sad thing is that even if this survey finds that Canadians want less immigration we will still get them.

    • cancerous bananna

      I filled the survey as well.
      My comment:
      ” In a struggling economy you do not bring in third world people to compete and downgrade your existing workforce.. you should instead take those billions spent trying to integrate foreigners and invest it in your own country before going outside your country.. anything else is a backward inefficient, make-work program sponsored by the host taxpayer to downgrade the host taxpayer.”

      Not like anyone but a public service immigrant might accidentally read that comment anyhow.

  • cecilhenry

    Send in your comments and mention white Genocide and the ethnic displacement of whites by a deliberate invasion of the country.

    This is the key issues of immigration and those doing it must be held accountable.

    Canada is not a business, and Canada are not just labour for the business cycle.

  • joesolargenius

    Back in the sixties Canada was offering a large portion of free land to American immigrants as they are the worlds third largest Country and have half of the worlds fresh water supply but only thirty million people.

    • Bossman

      In the sixties, Canada appeared to have been an exceedingly naive country. Anybody from anywhere could go there to visit and decide to stay. If they were young, spoke English or French and had a high school education, they would automatically get 50% out of a hundred points.

      • joesolargenius

        I begged my Father to please move to Canada or Alaska and then tried to convince him to move to Australia ,anything to get out of living next to the Black Quarters in a Southern city during the mid sixties .

  • me

    How about some Boer South Africans, European Americans, White Europeans, and displaced Whites from around the globe? We can make Canada our new country, and absolutely refuse to let any non-Whites in. One can dream….

    • Galt

      That sounds like a great dream.

      This land is beautiful and would be a great homeland if that were so. I’d be at the front of the homecoming party welcoming you all in.

      The tired, poor, diversity-weary, and constantly assaulted white Europeans would be welcomed with open arms.


      Well, if you’ll excuse me, I must get back to watching CNBC, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, NBC, and ABC. I need to let them tell me what to think.

    • NorthSea

      Year or so ago I filled out an on-line application form for emigration to Canada. Judged un-acceptable. I was a bit confused. Retired military officer. Independent income. European descent. Oh, I think I just got it.

      • Romulus

        Im pretty sure the tribe controls Canada as well.

      • cancerous bananna

        You got it alright.. did they ask you for some $$ to look at your form?
        Canada; especially Toronto is the worlds dumping-off ground.

        • NorthSea

          No, I never even got that far. It was some preliminary form of application, but boy that disapproval came flying back before I even logged off. Oddly, I still get e-mail talking about immigration. There was a good article on Alt-Right a couple of weeks ago, Taylor interviewed a fellow who heads Federation des Quebecois de Souche, out of Quebec. It’s a growing organization of Quebecois who are battling third world immigration. I have Quebecois roots and a working knowledge of French, thought that’d be a bonus. Sigh. Probably for the best. I have family here, and I’d feel like one of those guys on the Titanic who jumped into the lifeboats ahead of the women and children.

  • David Ashton

    How many? Choose any number between 10 and 50 million?

  • Extropico

    They may not be sincere in asking; but at least they go through the motions of caring what the citizens desire. Jimmy Carter was right about democracy being dead in Amerika… and save the pedantic republic clarification. This is supposed to be a representative republic instead of an international corporate kleptocracy.

  • mgs166

    Ah yes, the illusion of choice.

    • Spartacus

      You can choose between “we need a lot of them” and “we need a lot of them” . Choose wisely…

      • It’s almost as if you had a modern American Presidential ballot in front of you.

  • Romulus

    I would offer sanction to all 600,000 dutch boer from SA.

    • Spartacus

      You do realize there’s a couple of million of them, right ?

      • Romulus

        I saw a piece here that said 600K lived in squatter houses. Thank you for the correction. I didn’t know there was that many of Dutch descent.

        • Spartacus

          Well, Whites in South Africa are over 5 million, and I believe the Afrikaaner are around 60-70% of them .

          • Romulus

            Right! How bereft of me. How could I have missed that? Afrikaners are the more German of the two, right? In any case, if resources permitted, I’d import every last one to the US. Excepting any Jews, of course. We have entirely too many wrecking havoc on us already.

          • Spartacus

            Afrikaaner=Boer . They’re primarily descended from Dutch colonists, but also have some Huguenot and German blood .

          • Romulus

            Before joining amren, I only had a nominal education of the current plight of the white south Afrikaans. I had been primarily concentrating my efforts here in America. I donate my time to protecting the bill of rights and a historical group. It is primarily because of amren and regular posters, such as yourself, that my knowledge has been upgraded. I thank you for your contributions.
            I look forward each day of the week to the daily news articles and commentary.

          • Spartacus

            Bookmark this site , Censorbugbear :


            Has all the gritty details we need to know…

  • bigone4u

    The above question should be asked after cutting legal immigration to zero and after jailing illegal immigrants.

  • Spartacus

    I don’t care about saving the damn Africans. Quite the contrary…

  • Greg Thomas

    Is zero a choice?

    • Nick A Siggers

      -X, where X is the number of non-European immigrants in the last fifty years plus their progeny.

  • Bossman

    I can’t tell the Canadians what to do but they should know that all of China and India have their eyes fixed on them. For many around the world, Canada is a place near the real promise land: the USA.

    • kjh64

      Not really. The US economy isn’t good.

  • Hans Schneider

    very few but whitem young, healthy and skilled which is the exact opposite of what we got for the last 40 years.

  • RyanP

    So True! I remember my first trip to Brampton about 6 years ago. I have never been so outnumbered by non whites anywhere inside of Canada.

  • Magician

    “Canada’s refugee acceptance levels are the world’s highest” That honor belongs to Sweden!

  • John Smith

    I say this many: 0

    • ShermanTMcCoy

      I say this many: -3,000,000

  • Spartacus

    Read it a long time ago.

    I just saw on TV that monkey Nelson Mandela just died. Now the violence against Whites in SA is gonna explode…

  • Hans Schneider

    they ask how many, but are afraid to ask which kind .Canadians would of course immediately state that Canada must stop to import more third world people as there are too many now. You cannot run a modern first world country with a third world population.

  • IstvanIN

    The UN can not force/b> any nation to take in refuge. Our traitorous politicians go along with it.

  • IstvanIN

    Canada should only accept whites from Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

    • Magician

      No love for whites from USA?

      • Alexandra1973

        Yeah, I’m getting sick of seeing Mexicans in my part of Ohio, wouldn’t mind heading near London, Ontario. My great-great-grandparents moved from Ontario to Michigan.

        Interesting note: There’s a Woodhull Road in the area, and a Kilbourne Road. My 5th-great-grandparents, who lived in the area, were a Woodhull (wife) and a Kilbourne (husband).

        I feel special…. 🙂

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    None, that is how many they should allow into their nation that are non-white, and non Christian anyway.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    With all due respect, Mexicans are enemies of whites, they are openly calling for the murder of every last one of them in the U.S. Here is a case in point. Recently the crew of a Mexican ship attacked women on a beach in Poland, stabbed a man then found themselves under attack by hordes of angry Polish men. Of course the police showed up and arrested them, not the Poles who defended their women from rape or being raped than murdered at the hands of knife wielding Mexican rapists. If they can act this way towards whites in Eastern Europe, do you really think they have any place in the U.S.? As far as I am concerned, they belong at the bottom of mass graves, or in Mexico, not the U.S.

  • Jane