Godfrey Bloom Says He’s Promised Nigel Farage Not to Say ‘Bongo Bongo Land’

Peter Dominiczak, Telegraph (London), August 7, 2013

The UK Independence Party MEP who referred to “bongo bongo land” has promised not to use the phrase again after being rebuked by Nigel Farage.

Godfrey Bloom refused to say that he regretted using the term but said that he has told the Ukip leader that he will not say it again.

Mr Bloom’s comments were described as “objectionable” after he said in a speech said that people who receive UK aid money spend the money on “Ray-Ban sunglasses, apartments in Paris, Ferraris and all the rest of it”.

The video, obtained by the Guardian, also shows Mr Bloom railing against the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) for ruling that full life sentences could not be handed down.

However, it was his reference to “bongo bongo land” that caused the most controversy.

“My boss Nigel Farage has asked me not to use it again and I’ve promised him that I won’t and if it upsets my boss, obviously I don’t want to do it and I don’t intend to use the term again,” Mr Bloom told Sky News.

“But what is good, what is good now, I’ve turned this into a national debate on where £1billion of our money goes every month and if I’ve achieved that I think I’ve done my country some good.”

Earlier, Mr Bloom had responded to claims that his remarks were offensive by repeating his original remarks and claiming he is prepared to apologise to the ambassador of the fictional country.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Mr Bloom was unrepentant and when asked what he would do if he was criticised by the Ukip leadership he said: “I’d say righto, sorry, sorry everybody. If I’ve offended anybody in bongo bongo land I shall write to the ambassador at the Court of St James and apologise to him personally.”

After laughing Mr Bloom added: “My job is to upset the Guardian and the BBC. I love it. I love it.”

Today presenter James Naughtie replied: “You’re not upsetting anyone here. It’s quite entertaining in fact.”

In the footage of his July speech at the meeting in Wordsley, near Stourbridge, Mr Bloom says: “How we can possibly be giving a billion pounds a month when we’re in this sort of debt to bongo bongo land is completely beyond me.”

He claimed aid was being squandered on luxury items, and said that while Britain is in need of new planes, it is Pakistan which gets a squadron of F18s where we send taxpayer’s money.

Later in the speech, but in the same video, he says in that because of an ECHR ruling “you can torture people to death but you jolly well can’t give them a full life sentence because that’s against their human rights.

“We can’t hang them because we’re now a member of the European Union and it’s embedded in the treaty of Rome. It’s a personal thing, but I’d hang the ——- myself.

“Especially for some of these, especially for the guy who hacked the soldier to death. I do hope they would ask me to throw the rope over the beam because I’d be delighted to do so.”

Mr Bloom, who pointed out he has a Polish wife and Kashmiri staff, said that his comments were not racist.

Asked by the BBC where “bongo bongo” land is, Mr Bloom referred to “Ruritania” – a fictional country in Europe that formed the setting for three novels by Anthony Hope.

“Well I don’t know,” Mr Bloom said. “The BBC and the Guardian have got themselves in quite a state about it. I don’t know where Ruritania is either – there is no such place of course is there? Like the third world. Where is the third world?”

He added: “When a country has a trillion pounds of debt and we’re cutting our hospitals, our police force and we’re destroying our defence services, that the money should stay at home and people who want to give money to worthwhile charities…what I would argue is that is for the individual citizens. It’s not for the likes of David Cameron to pick our pockets and send money to charities of his choice.”

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  • Spartacus

    “How we can possibly be giving a billion pounds a month when we’re in
    this sort of debt to bongo bongo land is completely beyond me.”


    Declare war on bongo bongo land !

    • BarnyL

      I watched the news last night in which Godfrey Bloom asked the interviewer did he want to talk about the one billion per month given as foreign aid. He just shook his head and said “no”.

      They aren’t interested that the British people are being swindled. He just just following his brief to get Godfrey Bloom.

      The media have their own political agenda, they don’t care. Nor do their friends in parliament. Just damage UKIP.

  • NeanderthalDNA


  • JohnEngelman

    “Asked by the BBC where ‘bongo bongo’ land is…”

    My guess is that Bongo Bongo Land is close to Congo Congo Land. Am I close?

    • David Ashton

      This expression achieved notoriety when previously used by a Minister in Mrs Thatcher’s government, who also once said that when two political ideas were combined they had been unbeatable, nationalism and socialism – just thought you, especially, would like to know that. He was also personally notorious by having “sex” in a railway compartment with young lady and also her mother.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        The bobbies didn’t come politely arrest this evil Whitey Limey and hold him at the station for hate speech?

        Where are the People’s Thought Militia of the Liblefty Antifa when you need them? Have they called out their reliable and easily coordinated anarchist shock troops?

        Oh the injustice of it!

        • David Ashton

          Apparently there is a real Bongoland in the southern Sudan, and “bongo” means “men” in Bongo. Bloom says that if their tribal chief requests an apology, he will apologise “wholeheartedly”.

          Meanwhile, England is known as Bingloland after the attachment of its middle-aged white women to social gambling in old cinema buildings. The callers who shout the lotto numbers still name No 1 as “Kelly’s Eye” (racism) and No 88 as “Two Fat Ladies” (body fascism), so we can look forward to future prosecutions among our island’s primitive native population.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            You know…a little would have gone a long way…

            An erudite Rajah here, a magical saxophone tooting or crooning bongo bongo there…a smattering of the circus panoply of loyal imperial darkies and exotics in Jolly ol Evilland…Like less than 5% well picked ones and liblefty totalitarian democratic notions would have survived intact with the civilization to support such sweet, polite lies.

            Was it the perfect tan you guys had somewhere in the back of your heads? Import a few, maybe future generations won’t be so pasty? Because white is bad and evil and all?

            As an American White the pollution of the homelands stings worse than any abomination we subject ourselves to here. Lambs to a slaughter you overly civilized evil Limeys became. Done in by yer moral/intellectual betters, the self hating liblefty know-it-alls.

            You are English, right? I am almost half, genetically, by the way, lol…

          • David Ashton

            Yes, I am English, born and bred, not I hope “evil” or “overly” civilized. Put your cursor on my name and you should be able to read some of my views on this site, including miscegenation, and why our “happy breed” has been saddled with such fatality.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            I was once overly civilized. Overly civilized to deal with those I was thrown in with. Most Whites forced to live with our darker cousins are too civilized for the process. Having fought my way through 80% project black “schools” let me assure you – even barbaric colonials like me are too civilized for such.

            Whites once lived like them. Took all sorts of blood, sweat, and tears of generations to get where we are, to become so civilized. Thrown away…

            Hey, hang in there hold fast. Stiff upper lip and all. You guys might still have some hope.

            Bongo bongo!

  • din_do_nuffins

    Who knew that saying Bongo Bongo Land would help keep out teeth white?

  • kjh64

    “He added: “When a country has a trillion pounds of debt and we’re cutting our hospitals, our police force and we’re destroying our defence services, that the money should stay at home and people who want to give money to worthwhile charities…what I would argue is that is for the individual citizens. It’s not for the likes of David Cameron to pick our pockets and send money to charities of his choice.””

    This comment pertains to the USA also. It’s ridiculous that we are spending money on foreign aid to ungrateful countries, most of whom hate America, while here at home, we have seniors who can’t afford medicine and people that can’t afford healthcare, we’re cutting medicare, our military staff can’t get the help they need, our roads need repair, we’re making cuts here and there, and we’re heavily in debt.. Time to stop “foreign aid”. Charity begins at home, if politicians want to send money to Pakistan, Egypt or Africa, let them spend their own personal monies, not pick our pockets and send the money to the charities of their choice.

    • Sick of it

      We’re giving welfare to foreign citizens no less! And I mean here at home.

      • White Mom in WDC

        Yeah. It truly is a mind boggling bongo bongo cluster boink government Obongo is running.

        • Sick of it

          Sadly this is a multi-decade situation. Everything started really going downhill after the Immigration Act of 1965 (Another lovely thing from LBJ, just like the “Great Society”).

    • Jackryanvb

      You’re too old Right wing. Foreign aid is a drop in the bucket compared to the US National Defense budget that does everything except defend our nation/people.

  • bigone4u

    Don’t let Obama know about Bongo Bongo Land or he’ll dole out a few billion in aid to a fictional country, while claiming NOT to have been born there. I wonder what would happen if a black guy in flowing African robes showed up at the White House speaking jibberish and claiming to be Bongo Bongo Land’s Ambassador to the US? Probably get a hero’s welcome.

    • JackKrak

      Or spend a couple of hours with Obama trying to figure out how to avoid being deported after living in Boston for 20 years.

    • White Mom in WDC

      Maybe the city of Detroit could secede and designate itself as Bongo Bobgo land in need of aid from the US?

  • One friend used to call it “Bongostan”.

  • Nathanwartooth

    I love how he doesn’t apologize or gravel. He instead tells them a joke and to basically go away. It’s pretty awesome.

    • David Ashton

      It makes a change, certainly. A fluttering in the dovecotes.

      Someone should bring out a hilarious booklet (samizdat?) of “Godfrey’s ‘Goofs'”, e.g. of Uganda-born Archbishop of York John Sentamu’s complaint of “racism” in the “Church” (?) of “England”, he joked: “The fact that he was made archbishop with a face as black as Newgate’s knocker would belie that.”


    The Guardian and the BBC show more anger at a white man daring to say that the British people’s hard earned tax money is being sent to “Bongo Bongo Land”. Than they did when one of “Bongo Bongo Land’s” emigrated citizen’s slaughtered and damn near beheaded a British soldier right in the heart of Britain’s occupied capital. Which is currently known as “Little Bong, ugh, n, no, no wait, I’m sorry I’m being told that spelling is incorrect, it’s actually spelled as “Lil Bongo Bongo Land”, but rumor has it it was formerly known as London!

  • Sick of it

    Ahh but what about those bast*rds from Lancashire?

  • David Ashton

    There is a reasonable defence of Godfrey Bloom (who once called the recently re-elected Robert Mugabe a “homicidal baboon”) on “foreign aid” by Stephen Glover in the Daily Mail, August 8, which you may care to republish here.

  • It really is a mad-house in Britain today. The whole place has lost its marbles.

    We are paying for foreigners to come here and reduce us to a minority, stumping up the backing of their loans to by new housing as part of the Chancellors plans for “recovery”, concreting over the countryside, jumping through hoops to put ourselves at the bottom of the pile, paying extortionate rates for everything, then being asked to pay twice on matters of parking or the NHS to “cope” with the demand fuelled by the same influxes of foreigners we don’t need. Foreign companies own almost everything in our infrastructure, or so it often seems.

    BBC News reports today bellow out proudly about “baby booms” and “maternity units working overtime” in unprecedented numbers, driven by “net migration”. Three major cities in England are already none white majority, with two more to follow in less than five years.

    There are increases in beatings, murder, drugs, alcohol abuse, road rage, like rats living in a rat cage of ever worsening conditions.

    Yet, with all these thousands of insane things going on, the “librerati” chattering Guardian reading fellowship are displaying their “fascist” tendencies by making a huge brouhaha over one old man’s choice of words in a party meeting with like-minded members, by saying “bongo bongo land”.

    It is all part of the plan to prevent the clique being disrupted by UKIP and part of their fear that such attitudes are on the resurgence. But UKIP are like a bunch of wet lettuces, who although having the balls to defend their positions, choose to parade their “non-racist” credentials at every opportunity.

    That this extremely small matter can make the headline news in the UK – or rather, it is CHOSEN to be headline news – is a sign of psychosis or pathology, particularly by the “left” who are like spoilt children demanding “you cannot say that!” at every opportunity.

    That “Bongo Bongo Land” was automatically deemed to be racist by these people is surely a sign that they know exactly what is meant by the description, in which, the English language has served its purpose.

    If he had picked on a country name, he would have to speak specifically about that country, and oh boy would he have faced the wrath too if he had made a mistake over some of the truthful accusations being made about foreign aid.

    • sbuffalonative

      I can’t make any sense of this Nigel Farage. Does he have a political past? He seems to have appeared out of nowhere. From what I see (and I may be very wrong) he and UKIP seems like provocateurs working to undermine the BNP.

      • watling

        UKIP are trying to be the acceptable face of the anti-EU faction. Any hint of racism – as alleged in the Bongo Bongo Land comments – attracts negative media interest and, as the public have been brainwashed into believing that racism is a crime almost similar in magnitude to murder, no political party with serious aspirations can afford to have the media against them.

        The BNP only ever receives negative publicity. As the public are mostly gullible simpletons who believe all they read in the newspapers, the BNP cannot ever hope to be serious challengers for power.

        Farage has been around for a while as an elected MEP. He was UKIP party leader, then wasn’t for a while and now he is again.

        • David Ashton

          The general public do not think “racism” is a crime so much as having ingrained politeness on one hand and sensing the need to avoid the chekist knock on the other.

    • Jackryanvb

      The collapse of Britain, especially Merry Old England is a cruel nightmare that simply will not end.

      Why Brits put up with that traitorous, senile queen is beyond belief.

      • watling

        The queen simply rubber stamps government legislation. She could in theory have vetoed the decision to sign the EUSSR Lisbon Treaty, for example, but of course did not.

      • David Ashton

        Not “senile”.

  • ViktorNN

    Can’t say I know much about UKIP and whether they’re worth backing, but “bongo bongo land” is hilarious. Just saying it makes me chuckle. I plan on using it. We all should use it.

  • BarnyL

    Strange how the pc multicult who get upset, apparently, at this sort of statement, aren’t in the least fussed when they hear whitey, neanderthal, caveman, ghost, honky, White trash, ape man etc etc…Well if the pc fascists can remain silent when they hear those derogatory statements, they can do the same now. Remain silent.

  • David Ashton

    “Public supports ‘bongo bongo’ UKIP politician, says Tory MP” (Times, August 8).
    “Only one Briton in 10 has a close friend of dfferent race” (Independent, August 8).

    The division of patriots into competing political sects is a handicap, and national tragedy given the infrequency, expense and limitations of general elections. The “extreme” left are also split into small (unpopular) groups, but have sympathisers in The Guardian, The Independent, the BBC, the Liberal Democrats, various unions, the race-relations industry, &c &c.