Posted on August 8, 2013

Flying Chairs, Exposed Bodies, Foul Language: Victim Says She’s ‘Humiliated’ by Video of Graphic Diner Fight

Liz Klimas, The Blaze, August 7, 2013

It was in the early morning hours on Friday when a fight involving scantily clad women, a couple men and flying furniture broke out in a New Jersey diner.

Footage of the scene uploaded to YouTube is graphic enough to merit an age restriction by the video-sharing site for strong language that is issued and the clothing on some women becoming misplaced in the brawl, exposing them — not to mention the violence.

The footage doesn’t show how the fight began, but launches straight into several women kicking and punching each other, screaming obscenities. {snip}

A man picks up a table and throws it, legs side down, onto a woman. Glass can be heard breaking in the chaos of the scene.

Later, as the fight seems to be simmering down and the group is beginning to head toward the exit, other patrons of the restaurant appear stunned in place. Police arrived on the scene at this point.


According to the Trentonian, the Ewing police showed up to the restaurant at 3:30 a.m., arresting 32-year-old Amon Baldwin who was charged with simple assault for punching an unidentified 26-year-old woman — in front of one of the police officers.


Although unnamed, the Trentonian reported speaking with the victim who claims she’s the one in the leopard top (she appears to be the one wearing a hot-pink fringed black skirt):

“I’m the one who is getting beat down,” she said in a phone call Tuesday. “Before you write that story, I wanted to have a press conference because the reaction times and things. Somebody dropped the ball here and when the police arrived and why certain folks weren’t arrested and a whole lot of things were going on.”

The woman said she asked YouTube to remove the video.

“I’m being humiliated in this manner on a national network and they won’t respect the fact that I request that it comes down and they still allow it to be uploaded,” she said.

“The people are acting like animals,” Peter Gromitsaris, the owner Two Peters diner, said. “Even animals don’t act that way.”


But somewhat surprisingly, Gromitsaris said some of the women from same group showed up at the diner a day later expecting to be serviced. But they were refused.

Gromitsaris said he was insulted by the women’s reasoning as for why he wouldn’t serve them.

“Their response was, ‘Because we’re black,’” he said to the local newspaper, noting that the “black community helps me a lot and I help back with the black community.”